every time i wear these socks someone makes a bear joke

Love and Kindness {S.M}

non-requested// imagine where you and Shawn went to high school together and he wasn’t so nice to you, but you run into one another and things are different

author’s note// sorry i haven’t posted in like seventeen million years but i hope you guys like this one!! 


You were bullied your senior year of high school. Freshman through junior year were fine, since you lived in Texas, and you had friends and you were actually kind of popular and super good at volleyball. 

Then you moved to Canada for your senior year because your dad got some transfer in his job and you had to move to some stupid town in Canada. 

And jeez, those stereotypes about Canadians being nice isn’t all that true. 

There was a group of kids who just really hated you. Like for some reason, they hated every little thing you did. It started when you asked one of them who was in your Current Issues class, who looked pretty decent and kinda looked like one of the girls on your volleyball team back in Texas, when volleyball tryouts were. Turns out she was most certainly not the type to play volleyball, cause when the word came out of your mouth, she cackled and the other two girls who heard started laughing as well, as if you had just dropped the most hysterical line in all of history. Ever since then, they decided to make your life a living hell, especially that Lauren girl who you talked to that first day of school and her boyfriend Shawn. 

Shawn was simply the worst. Shawn was on the hockey team, and you could tell that the one you went to, which you were harassed at, he was extremely good. When you first saw him, he seemed like a nice guy. You thought you’d strike up a conversation with him during AP Humanities. Didn’t work out well. He made fun of your accent, which you didn’t really think existed and the fact that you were wearing a Beatles shirt. It still didn’t make any sense whatsoever, but it happened. And he also made your life a living hell, but it was whatever. It only lasted for one year, and as soon as you walked on that stage and got your diploma (Shawn and Lauren’s posse booed you, and they got shushed but it didn’t change the fact that you were legitimately booed at your own freaking high school graduation) you were out of there. You packed your things, and you were on your way to Stanford. 

Since you didn’t really have any friends and your rec volleyball team you joined was absolute trash, you had more than plenty of time to ace your SAT’s and keep a 4.5 GPA (cause of the honors and AP classes) so you got into Stanford. You were so happy to leave, in fact, you were ten times more than happy. You moved out before summer was even over, cause you couldn’t bear ever see these wretched people ever again. Your parents understood. Your parents loved you and missed you after you left, but they sure understood why you never wanted to come back to that town. 

And you usually didn’t. Stanford was great, the people there were great, there was a pretty good volleyball team, and you were getting your degree in Criminal Law. Like, life was pretty great. You went back “home” every holiday, and for some birthdays and surprise visits, but it wasn’t often. You managed to not run into any of them, for the most part. You saw Lauren once, but she didn’t see you and you saw Ian at Home Depot and he waved at you, a wave you didn’t return. And you saw Shawn all of the time, since he had kind of become a world famous pop star. So you saw his face a lot of places, but it didn’t bug you. You didn’t have to deal with him harassing you. For the most part. 

Your hands gripped the wheel of your car as you drove down the highway. You had just landed back in Canada, and rented a car. Your knuckles turned a bright shade of white as you clutched the steering wheel. You were back in town for your Dad’s birthday, you hadn’t been able to make his birthday last year due to some pretty important exams. And your Dad meant the world to you, so you made a big effort to be here this year, even though he wanted to go out to eat at the place that everyone always goes to for any and every event, so you’d for sure see someone you knew. Somehow. You were ten miles away from the restaurant, and your heart was beating a million miles a minute. You were nervous just to be back in the country. You were nervous you were going to see them again. You were nervous they were going to make fun of your Stanford hoodie, or the fact that you wore tall fuzzy socks over your leggings, or the fact that you breathe. Because those thinks aren’t above them two years ago, you don’t think they’d be above it now. You felt the air in your car getting thicker, and you couldn’t breathe. You felt all the words rush back. 

This hadn’t happened in a year. This hadn’t happened in a year, even when you came back just two months ago for Christmas, you hadn’t felt this way. Heck, last time you were here you saw Lauren, and this didn’t happen. Your vision started to get blurry, and you knew you needed to pull over. You saw the sign of a 7/11 and somehow managed to pull in and park without running someone over or hitting a lamp post by some stroke of luck. You quickly removed your seat belt at the speed of light and hopped out of your rental car, praying you didn’t throw up before you got out, so you didn’t have to pay to get it cleaned. By yet another stroke of luck, you make it out of the car before you threw up. All over the concrete. You threw up because you were nervous about the off chance of seeing some people you didn’t particularly care for. You heaved, trying to catch your breath and make your head stop spinning. The words they had said throughout that year started to fade from yells into whispers and you could again see the pattern of the birds on your shoes. 

“Y/n? Is that you?” You heard a voice call, and you knew that voice so well. You felt like you were going to throw up again. 

You looked up, your long hair flipping up, and pulling it back behind your shoulders and wiping your mouth as you looked in his direction. His arms were crossed over his chest, as he leaned back on his black jeep. His lips were turned up in a teasing smirk as he saw your face, white as a ghost. He was wearing all black, which you had noticed he had adopted after he became famous, because you never remembered him wearing black skinny jeans once. 

“Shawn?” You questioned, knowing damn well that it was him. He let out a chuckle as he pushed himself up from his car, talking long strikes towards you. You winced with every step that he took. You wondered what he would say. You wondered what he would make fun of you for. Would he remind you of something you did in high school that no one else would ever remember but him?

“You okay?” He put his hand on your back, not seeming so disgusted by the puke pooling at your feet. You craned your neck so that you could face him. You furrowed your eyebrows and gave him the most confused look you could muster. 

“Is this some kind of joke?” You laughed, shrugging his hand from your shoulder. He sucked in a breath, obviously not expecting that one, but he didn’t get angry or try and defend himself. 

“No.” He answered simply. He looked down at his hands. He started to mess with his fingers. He seemed almost… nervous? 

“Am I on some television show? Is your manager around?” You kept going, probably going a little further than you needed to. But he went a little further than he needed to all of high school. 

“No, I promise.” He let out a little chuckle. He was about to put his hand on your shoulder but he caught himself rather quickly. 

“Well, I’m gonna go! I wish I could say it was good seeing you!” You started for your car door, but his hand grabs onto your wrist. You felt your pores seethe, but not necessarily with anger. 

“Y/n, come on.” You looked up, and you looked into his eyes, accidentally of course. 

Okay maybe not. 

“I’m sorry.” He started. His eyes bore into your soul, and you couldn’t tell if he was as good an actor as he is a singer. You looked down at his hand on your wrist, but you didn’t pull away. You stood there, his large hand wrapped around wrist, both of your eyes locked on your skin touching his skin. 

“That’s nice to hear.” You managed to get out before you shook your wrist away. Yanking it away seemed a bit extra. 

“Hey, how about I drive you to wherever it is you’re going, and I can bring you back afterwards. You’re sick, I don’t want you driving.” Was this Shawn? Was this the kid that joked around that for Halloween he was going to dress as you, but he may traumatize some kids. 

“Um.. I don’t know.” Your hand slid onto your car door handle, starting to open it. 

“It isn’t a trap or whatever. Like, I’m just worried about you.” He looked down at his hands again, this time very obviously nervous. 

“I’m going to dinner with my parents…” Your hand stayed on the silver handle, but didn’t open it. 

“I can go with you, or wait in the car, or go somewhere else. Please, I can make it up to you, since I was a little mean to you senior year.” He muttered. You let out a sharp scoff. 

“A little mean?” He looked up at you, wincing just like you were only moments ago when he was walking towards you. “You harassed me, Shawn.” He nodded. 

“I was. I’m sorry. Please, let me make it up to you. We can catch up?” He suggested. You contemplated for a moment. Why would you get into a car with this dude? He will probably lock the doors and start roasting you within three or four minutes. Once a jerk always a jerk. 

“Yeah sure.”

What the hell? Did you actually just agree to get in a car with a guy who caused you to go to therapy for two years? Honestly? What is wrong with you?

But his eyes lit up, and he took your hand, and laced his fingers with his. You were about to pull away but your skin started to crawl, but the feeling wasn’t disgust. If you didn’t know any better, you would’ve said that feeling was sparks. 

You made your way to Shawn’s car, your fingers still laced together, your entire body feeling alive. It was so weird. He even opened the door for you? Two years ago he would’ve probably slammed a door right on your face, breaking your nose. You got in, and he ran around to the other side, jumping in and turning on the car. 

“So, where are you going?” He asked, backing out of the parking spot. 

“Alo.” You looked out the window, trying to push that nausea back down your throat. But it felt a little more like butterflies than it did nausea. 

“Oh, wow. I used to love that place. I think Hannah works there, or maybe Lauren?” He looked off a little, thinking. “I don’t really remember. I don’t really talk to any of them except for Ian.” He shrugged. 

“Yeah I don’t really talk to any of them either.” You scoffed, looking away from Shawn quickly, in case he looked over. So he wouldn’t know you were looking at him. 

“Yeah, I mean, I’d understand why.” He laughed, trying not to make it awkward, but it was already too late. “So um.. How’ve ya been?” He didn’t look in your direction, which was good because you looked at him and it would’ve been extremely awkward if you made eye contact. 

“Good. Stanford is nice.” You stated simply, not going too into detail. He didn’t deserve to know all about your personal life. But you ached to tell him more. 

“Wow, Stanford? That’s amazing!” This time he did look in your direction, and when his eyes met yours, it wasn’t all that awkward. In fact, you could’ve sworn you saw him blush. But maybe it was just a trick of the light. 

“Yeah. Had plenty of time to study since I didn’t have any friends whatsoever!” You laughed, killing whatever mood it was that was there only seconds before. 

“Oh..” He trailed off a little. “I mean, you have friends at Stanford though, right?” He looked over for just a second, and then averted his gaze back to the road. 

“Yeah, plenty. Some of them asked me if I knew you, actually. There’s a few big fans of yours in my dorm. After I told them what high school I went to, I’m surprised they didn’t go into cardiac arrest.” Shawn let out a laugh, which surprised you. He had only ever laughed at you when he was making fun of you or making a joke at your expense. 

“You’re funny, you know that? God, why was I so mean to you?” He glanced at you again, and this time you were absolutely certain he was blushing. “I mean you’re actually not bad. Better than not bad. I mean you’re absolutely stunning. You’re funny. God, Y/n, I’m sorry.” He let out a breath. You weren’t sure if he was faking it. 

Did he just call you stunning?

“Oh wow..” You sputtered, trying hard just to get words out. “Thank you. I mean, not thank you, but I appreciate the apologies and the… t-the compliments” You scooted closer to the window, trying to move away. But it was a car, and it was actually kind of hard to scoot away from someone in the car. 

“It isn’t a problem. I mean, saying nice things and driving you. It’s the least I can do.” He chuckles, turning into the restaurant parking lot. “What do you say tomorrow I drive you to a restaurant again, but this time, I will actually go and eat with you instead of waiting in the parking lot to take you home?” He had parked and was looking right into your eyes, and this time, you were the one blushing. 

“Wait, you want to go on a date with me?” You probably shouldn’t have asked that. 

“More or less.” He smiled, and looked down. “It’s only the least I can do.” He looks back up and the smile is gone, and only a look utmost sincerity was plastered across his face. You felt so many things wash over your body, and you couldn’t quite control your words or emotions. So all you could manage to get past your lips was;


The look of sincerity was overtaken with a look of pure excitement, that was obvious he was trying his hardest to suppress it.  

“Well okay. That’s great. So um..” He looked down again. He kept doing that. “I’ll wait here. You go eat with your family. And when you get back, we can make plans for tomorrow, eh?” You only nodded in agreement, quickly hopping out of the car and scurrying into the restaurant. 

You started to feel nauseous again.

Wait no, that’s butterflies

Yeah for sure, butterflies. 

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Peter Maximoff head canons

These are my head canons for Peter Maximoff from X-men, if you don’t agree with them thats okay everyone has there own, just please don’t shout at me;;

Also feel free to use these in fics or head canon posts too if you believe/ like them!! I have no problem with that these are just my thought! If you do use these could you tag me, not because I’m mean i just love to see what people create about Peter! I may also do some For Warren too?

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This isn't a joke

Youtuber: crabstickz

Words: 1,199

You wake up at the sound of your ear blazing alarm and instantly gain a rush of regret for the day ahead. This was one of Chris’s - your boyfriend- favourite holidays. April Fools.

You peel the sheets off your back rubbing your eyes and notice your nudity from last night’s romantic dinner with Chris. You and Chris we’re always known as the couple who’d bring a smile to everyone’s face when-ever you were together. You would always make an effort to make each other laugh but today, today was just an excuse of a holiday for people to send your fake texts or prank calls, endure awkward phone calls with family relatives who claim to be millionaires, not to mention Chris’s classic; the sugar and salt swap, which you always seem to fall for. It changes every year and starts to become a burden in your relationship with him. You wrap the remains of the sheets that you carelessly tossed onto the floor last night, and make your way out of your shared bedroom and down stairs.

“Chris?” You yell down the set of stairs.

“In the kitchen” Chris yelled half-heartedly. “I’m making breakfast”

You reach the bottom of the stairs when you feel a sudden impulse of pain at the pit of your stomach followed by a stale, sour taste at the back of your mouth. The side of your mouth starts to water and you could feel a hot fluid bubble up your throat as you stumble into the kitchen and back to the bathroom.

“ Are you alright?” Chris shouted from the other side of the closed door, knocking franticly.”

You couldn’t reply as you we’re throwing up last night’s dinner. Your hair sprawled down your cheeks and over your forehead as the never ended languid fluids forced its way down your throat. You wiped your sour mouth.  A cluster of sock struck you as you considered the possible reasons as to why you we’re this sick. You thought  ‘I must have eaten something bad at the restaurant last night.’ Or ‘I haven’t eaten anything this morning’. You stop and pause to get your grip onto the sink, having the distasteful sight of your mattered hair and slob of a face. The nausia was starting to ware off as your splashed your face with cold water.

“I can’t be…” you trail off “It’s not possible”. You reach into the nearest cabinet above your head and pull out a rectangular box that was given to you as a gift from your mother; A pregnancy test.  Your hands were trembling as you quickly read the instructions and start the procedure. You waited and waited as you held the stick in your shaking fragile hands and a faint pink line appeared. You just stood there as a statue, like a monument frozen for eternity. 

“This is bad" 

“Love, speak to me” Chris shouted again, startling you.

“I’m fine” Your voice shook badly as you turned the door handle opening the bathroom door. Chris stood with his arm resting on the door frame wearing a baking apron, his right hand grasped onto a spatula. His eyes drifted to you still wrapped into a bed sheet.

“You look terrible, what happened? What’s wrong”
You pulled the pregnancy test away from your back and handed it to him. Chris steadied himself pulling his arm off the door frame.

“What’s this?” He took the slim plastic capsule into his hands. “What does this mean? What does the pink cros mean?” His voice started to rise.

“I’m pregnant Chris, with your baby.” 

You bitt the insides of your cheeks hard enough so you could taste the metal tang of your blood. An immense burst of silence occurred.  A slight whimper came out from Chris’s mouth but you couldn’t bring yourself to look at his face. Another whimper travelled from his mouth again and another until you heard a small giggle emerge. Your eyes flicker up to Chris’s, which was filled with amusement.

“You think this is funny?” Your voice came out a little harsher than you hoped.
“I’m sorry I just….you made such a great effort” He chucked again, with the pregnancy test clutched to his chest. You shot him a confused look. “I mean, the fake throwing up, the fake pregnancy test, wow you really got me this time.”

“What are you talking about Chris? What do you mean by this time?” Chris tapped the pregnancy test on your nose and handed it back to you.

“I know what day it is, stop faking, I admit… you got me this time”

A flicker of hate sprung in your chest as it tightened. You inhaled preparing to yell down Chris’s throat for being insensitive and hurtful. He obviously doesn’t believe you, all for a stupid April fool’s prank? You tone came out softer, calmer as you stared in his eyes.

“This isn’t a stupid prank; I am telling you the truth. Now can you stop being such a inconsiderate prick and understand what im trying to say-”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah whatever you say love.” Chris stopped you mid sentence, planted a kiss on your forehead and twirled back into the kitchen. “Sit down; I’m nearly done with your breakfast.”

You gasped repulsed at him and stormed your way upstairs into your shared bedroom. How could he not believe you? He knew how much you hated cruel jokes and this one was certainly something you wouldn’t enjoy making fun off. Maybe he couldn’t face the truth. You pulled out your small backpack from the shelf off your wardrobe and began to pack your belongings. You needed to tell someone and the only person who could possibly believe you was your best friend. You love Chris, you really do but he didn’t believe you and you couldn’t bear the thought, Even if that meant spending the night away from him for him to clear his mind. You pull shirts off hangers with agression not caring whether you’ve ruined the fabric with such force or not. You brushed through your drawers, half of which was Chris’s stuff anyway, and pulled enough clothes for a week. You didnt bother taking any essentuals like make up, tooth brushes or hair brushes, it’ll all be there when you get to (y/f/n)’s house. 

“Goodbye Chris” You murmur scurrying past the kitchen collecting your last essential belongings. 

“Wait, where are you going?” Chris mumbled with half a mouth full of food and dropped his fork onto the plate. “STOP Where are you going?”

Chris grabbed hold of your arm as you reached for your jacket.
“I’m going to stay with a friend for a day or two” You nudge off his grasp and take you jacket of the hook and grab your keys.

“But you can’t just… is this because of your stupid joke earlier?” Chris let out a awkward giggle with his arms sprung up at his sides. “Because I’ll let you have the satisfaction and tell you that I did believe you. Congrats, you tricked the trickster now will you please-“

“Good bye Chris” You left Chris at the apartment and slammed the door not taking another look back.

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100 Reasons To Be Happy
  1. Puppies
  2. Kitties
  3. Boobs
  4. Dolphins
  5. Snuggly body pillows
  6. Music
  7. Tumblr
  8. Teddy bears
  9. Flowers
  10. Beaches
  11. Sunshine
  12. Cute lil animal figurines
  13. Glitter
  14. Harry Styles’ tweets
  15. 5SOS videos
  16. Fetus celebrities and their online statuses
  17. Blanket forts
  18. Disney movies
  19. Old cartoons/shows from childhood that play at night/early morning
  20. Stickers!
  21. YouTube/ers
  22. Trees
  23. Playgrounds
  24. Balloons
  25. Song parodys
  26. Sunrises
  27. Sunsets
  28. Snow
  29. Rain
  30. Photo books
  31. Cameras
  32. Warm towels/clothes after a shower in the winter
  33. Bubble baths
  34. Hearing your favourite song on the radio
  35. Mason jars
  36. Not wearing pants at home
  37. Fluffy clouds
  38. Dandelions
  39. Hula hoops
  40. Play dough
  41. The smell of baking cookies
  42. Chocolate
  43. Pizza
  44. Friends
  45. Laughing at jokes you and your friends make
  46. Looking back at stupid and funny things you’ve done with you friends
  47. Body soap with various scents
  48. Fanfiction
  49. Preferences
  50. Au memes
  51. Getting shipped with your fav
  52. Giggling babies
  53. Giggling Ashton
  54. Hugs
  55. Being with friends/family
  56. Christmas/Hannukah!
  57. Thanksgiving!
  59. Fuzzy socks
  60. Fun socks
  61. Band tees!
  62. Finding an awesome theme for your tumblr and being proud bc YOU did that (personally one of my favourite things)
  63. Finishing an essay/your homework
  64. Completing a v hard test
  66. The weekend
  67. Colourful gel pens
  68. Having class with your friends
  69. Hitting the right pitch
  70. Getting your dance move/painting/drawing right after a long time of practice
  71. Perfect weather
  72. S’mores
  73. Bonfires
  74. Fireflies
  75. When bunnies twitch their noses
  76. Bubbles
  77. Tiny Chinese umbrellas in your drink
  78. Fucking ripe ass yummy fruit
  79. Full moons
  80. Stars
  81. Birds singing
  82. Cardinals/Blue birds (they say it’s a loved one visiting you)
  83. Gorgeous selfies (aka every one you take you beautiful person you)
  84. Someone reblogging/liking your post
  85. Books you can’t put down
  86. Movies that make you feel good
  87. Sparklers
  88. Pretty coloured fireworks
  89. Cute lil river waterfalls w/ a calming sound
  90. Getting the right answer in class (even if you were completely not paying any attention)
  91. Netflix
  92. A song that makes you feel so damn amazing like you’re on cloud 9
  93. Art
  94. The music of ice cream trucks
  95. Knowing a big and uncommon word and surprising others with your intelligence
  96. Adorable little piggies like in Charlotte’s Web
  97. Baggy sweaters
  98. Photo booths!
  99. Mini foods (like baby carrots, pigs-in-a-blanket, etc.)
  100. Knowing that life is the best gift you could ever recieve and I fucking promise you $8000000 it WILL get better and I’m ALWAYS open for you<3