every time i watched them like in an instant my mood would light up

All His - Part 4 (A Kyungsoo Series)

The words in his text message jumped out at you and you couldn’t stop reading them over and over again.

’Come play with me.’

No matter how much you thought about it, absolutely no part of that phrase sounded innocent.

You knew the man found you amusing and you had practically been his source of nonstop entertainment for the past month or more, but to outright request your presence merely because he was bored?

What did he mean by play? You half expected him to be holding a deck of cards in his hands, shuffling them over and over looking for someone to play Go Fish with.

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☆Pregnancy Series☆ Yoongi


How you tell him/happens:

After several years of dating and a few married, Yoongi and you had decided to try to have children. Yoongi, at first, wasn’t sure about having children, for the simple fact that his work occupies a large part of his life, and he was scared of not being able to spend time with his future child.
The real problem came when you tried to get pregnant. 6 months had passed, and no matter how hard you two tried, you couldn’t get pregnant. Yoongi remembered with overwhelm, how every night he hugged you tightly against his chest, knowing that in your head you wondered what were you doing wrong, and you blamed yourself. What if you weren’t able to give children to the person you love so much?

You started to distance yourself a little from Yoongi and the boys, feeling guilty. But all that ended quickly, since one night Yoongi sat next to you on that black couch that was placed in your living room. “If we can’t have children of our own…that won’t stop me from loving you. We can adopt, I don’t care, I just want to live the experience of being a father, and I want to live it with you.” That night you collapsed in his arms, sobbing, and Yoongi, who had never seen you that way, shed some tears for your suffering.

Still, you kept trying. And it wasn’t until you got a big surprise…

Jungkook, being just as kind as ever to you, offered to accompany you to the doctor to do a blood test, because even if Yoongi wanted to go with you, it was impossible for him to take a day off. When you arrived at the hospital and did the tests, they realized that there was something strange, and decided to do more tests, including a urine one.

“Miss Min.” The doctor looked at some papers on her desk. “There is nothing wrong with your health, it seems that the dizziness you feel is due to your pregnancy.” The doctor, who tried to help you get pregnant a few months ago, smiled.

Your eyes widened. Jungkook, who was sitting next to you, offered you his arms. “You two did it.” He whispered, smiling into your hair.

In the car, on the way to Big Hit, no one could take away the smile that was on your face. Neither Jungkook’s smile, who already thought of being the best uncle in the world, Taehyung and Jimin wouldn’t beat him.

The definitive moment arrived, Yoongi was in his studio, along with Namjoon and Hoseok. You went in quickly, and the three boys turned to see what was happening. Yoongi couldn’t help but smile when he saw you, but he also wondered what were you doing there. "What are you doing…” His words were interrupted.

“I’m pregnant, Yoongi.” You ran your hands through your hair, smiling. “Fuck Yoongi, we are going to be parents.”

Your husband was totally paralyzed. At that moment, Jungkook, who was still at your side, looked at Yoongi and smiled at him. “She’s pregnant, Hyung.”

The arms of the person you loved most ended up around your waist, his face hidden in your neck. His right hand on your back, rubbing it lovingly, and his left hand on the back of your neck, drawing you closer to him. “We’ve done it…Damn, we’ve made it.” No one could stop smiling at the news. You looked around, and you realized that your future child was going to grow up surrounded by a mother and a father who would love him/her with all their strength, and 6 uncles who would always be there.

When he knows the gender (3 months of pregnancy):

Yoongi drove with his left hand, while the right hand grabbed yours, resting in your lap. A Hip-Hop melody played in the background, with a soothing softness. Yoongi stared ahead as he drove, but his mind thinking about today, today you would find out if you would have a little girl or a little boy. A smile appeared on his face, although, he tried to hide it by shaking his head or coughing.
“Are you excited?” Your voice sounded sweet, a smile on your face too. Yoongi, waiting for the traffic light to turn green, turned his head to look at you, smiled and released your hand to caress your belly. “I think I’ve never been so much.”

You lying on a hospital bed, Yoongi sitting next to you in a chair, grabbing your hand, when you laughed at the feel of that cold gel on your belly. The doctor, passed that machine on your stomach and showed you your future child. “Oh Oppa! It’s your nose!” You pointed to the screen and the doctor smiled. “Aish, we still can’t know.” Although he tried to deny it, Yoongi knew that it was his nose, and he couldn’t help but smile and think what it would be like.

“Congratulations, it’s a girl.” The doctor congratulated you two, cleaning your belly and with Yoongi’s help, they helped you down from the bed.

After a dinner with Yoongi’s parents and his brother telling them that it was going to be a girl, calling the boys to give them the good news…You fell asleep in your bed. Your eyes closed, your breathing slow and quiet, some strands of your hair were on top of the pillow, while others in your face. You slept on your back, one of your hands in your belly, unconsciously. Yoongi came out of the bathroom that was in your shared bedroom, and smiled when he saw you resting. He lay down beside you, turning off the light so you could sleep.

But Yoongi seemed unable to do so, he moved in bed until his head was resting on your belly. He began to remember the conversation he had with Namjoon, in which he told him that babies were able to listen even though they were in their mother’s stomach. Yoongi kissed your belly sweetly, and rested his ear on your belly. “I’m your father.” He said abruptly. “Probably I will do a lot of bad things and I probably have to learn a lot of things. But I’m going to learn little by little, and I’m going to be a sympathetic father, a father who loves you. I’ll take care of you, and of course, of your mother.” Yoongi swallowed, putting his hand too on your tummy. “I already know that from the instant I lay my eyes on you, I will adore you. Whoever you grow up to be, you will always be my little girl, in pigtails, holding my hand, crying for me to hug you. You will always be my little girl, and everyday of my life I will feel like a little boy opening presents when I’m with you.”

A tear fell down your eye, listening to that beautiful and touching one-sided conversation.

Things he does for you:

  • He would read books about pregnancy and childbirth to be prepared, but he will get scared of the childbirth, hoping that nothing bad happens to his two babies.
  • Even if he is busy, he would try to go to all the medical appointments with you.
  • He tell you a million times to not overwork yourself.
  • He would massage your ankles when he saw they were swelling.
  • Would pat your hair every night to help you sleep.
  • He would try to be patient with your mood changes, and try to talk calmly.
  • When he sees you looking at yourself in the mirror, he would back hug you and tell you, you were still beautiful and sexy.
  • Help you through morning sickness. Going to the bathroom with you and giving you cold water.

And even tho he puts a serious face and tries to not show he is helping you, he would be helping you.

What he enjoy about pregnancy:

  • Thinking about how his little girl will be, and how you and him made that little girl.
  • He would love to design his little girl’s bedroom with the help of his members.
  • He would love to buy Kumamon plushies and 3 onesies of Kumamon, thinking that it was cheesy, but cute.
  • He would absolutely love to buy the champoo and gel for his little girl, choosing one with a baby scent but with a little of fruits scent.
  • Caressing your tummy.
  • Talking to your tummy.
  • Walking on the street grabbing your hand, letting people see how beautiful his wife was and what a beautiful family they will be.
  • Thinking about his little girl having a possibility of liking the same things at him, but he won’t pressure his little girl. Yoongi will be happy with anything she wants to be or like.

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The day of the birth:

You walked with Yoongi’s mother down the streets of Daegu, a cup of water in your hand, while Yoongi’s mother told you one of Yoongi’s famous stories. For example, when he was two years old, he went to the park with his brother to play. Then, he saw a dog doing his needs against a tree, Yoongi decided that he wanted to try and pulled down his pants and diaper, lifting his right leg and peeing against a tree.

You couldn’t stop laughing, like Yoongi’s mother. "Yah, what are you laughing at?” You turned your head to see your husband, walking behind you along with his father and brother. “Nothing sweetheart.” You smiled. Yoongi smiled, not believing anything, but he kept talking with his father about how he was saving money in a separate account for a future project.

“Are we looking for a restaurant? I’m hungry.” Yoongi’s brother let himself be heard, and Yoongi laughed, since a few seconds ago he had eaten an ice cream.

“Oh yes, I’m hungry too.” You added looking at Yoongi.

Yoongi laughed and hit his brother’s stomach. “Hyung, are you pregnant too?” Yoongi’s older brother hit him in the head, while everyone laughed.

You noticed a small pain in the lower part of your belly. And of course, a liquid ran down your leg. You looked down to see that your jeans were wet, then, you lifted your head slowly, to see that Yoongi was watching you, his eyes wide open. “My waters broke.” You swallowed nervously.
Yoongi grabbed your elbows, helping you to walk, and thanked himself for coming here in car. He helped you to sit down and told his parents which hospital you were going to go to.

Yoongi arrived at the hospital before his parents, he helped you get out of the car and grabbed the backpack with all the things you had prepared for the hospital for when your child was born.

At that moment everything began, the doctors trying to reassure you, Yoongi grabbing your hand all the time and asking if your contractions still hurt, Yoongi counting how many minutes the contractions occurred, Yoongi calling your parents and the boys, Yoongi trying to calm you when in reality he was totally frightened…And after a few hours, pushes, sweat and nerves, your beautiful girl was born. Her crying was the only thing that sounded in that room. 

When you had her in your arms you couldn’t help crying, Yoongi couldn’t help it either. “Can I have her?” He asked shyly, whipping a tear. You smiled. “Of course you can, it’s your daughter.”

His daughter, that sounded good to him, really good.

Yoongi sat own on a chair next to you, opening his shirt to put his little girl’s head against his heart, which was really soothing for newborns babies. Yoongi noticed that you fell asleep, and he grabbed your hand kissing it and smiling at you. Then, he looked at that little creation where he contributed.  

And let me tell you, Yoongi didn’t want nobody taking his little girl away from him, it was really difficult to give her for a few moments to the boys, who had come to see their little niece. 

It was a beautiful night. Yoongi woke up at 2:30 a.m because he heard her crying, but he didn’t mind. He soothed her to sleep, singing softly So Far Away.

BTS - Having a foreign girlfriend who has to return home.

Request: Hi can I request a reaction of bts having a foreigner girlfriend and finding out their girlfriend is leaving back to America forever? Would bts after them? How would they react? Please happy ending. Thank you sooo muchThank you so much for the request!

A/N: So this may of turned out longer than I expected, I wrote two version before this a lot shorter, but tumblr crashed both times, but I’m even more happy with how this turned out :)

Kim Namjoon

You knew that it was all about timing when it came to telling Namjoon that you had to go back home, but this time it wasn’t only for a few days or for a week, it was quite possibly for good and you wasn’t  quite sure on when you would return, or if you’d ever have enough money to giving the money struggles your family were having back home. When you started this relationship, you both accepted the fact that you wouldn’t be able to stay there forever, but when you tried to drop hints recently Namjoon either completely blanked you or changed the subject completely.

The both of you were sat on the couch, cuddled up watching a movie in the comfort of your apartment that you were temporarily renting while you stayed there.

“Namjoon, I have something I need to tell you” you mumbled as you buried your face into his chest. 

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Family — Wonho AU | Part Three

A/N: ahhh I’m so sorry for how late this is. I was sick and then all these weird work schedules were taking up my time. But I wanted to get this out to you all before the weekend so here it is! Thank you all so much for the patience and your interest in this story~ I’m planning for maybe two more parts so please continue to look forward to it. Also I’m so sorry for mistakes and if this seemed rushed, especially the more emotional part, like I suck at mushy talk haha

Characters: Single Father Wonho, Reader, Female OC

Length: 4270 words

Parts: Prologue | Part One | Part Two | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six

It was a rare day off and you had promised to watch Mari after school while Wonho worked. The two of you were at the zoo enjoying a rare dare of sun. You let Mari do the leading, but as the afternoon wore on you were starting to regret it. You were still young but had nowhere near the same energy levels as the young girl.

As you were eating a snack you noticed her energy slowly dwindling and you knew it was time to head home. Gathering your things, you took her hand and started to lead her towards the exit.

“Y/N…” Mari trailed off. “I really like being with you.”

“I really like being with you too.”

“Please don’t leave.”

You stop and look down at her. “Mari, why would I leave?”

“I don’t know. But I don’t want you to.”

With a soft sigh you continue to walk. “Listen to me, I won’t ever leave you. Besides who else am I going to buy sugar cereal for?”

Mari giggles and you know you’ve done the right thing in lightening the mood.

The drive towards Wonho’s place was quiet. You played Mari’s favorite radio station at a low level but when you didn’t hear much noise coming from her, you looked back at her and found her asleep. Turning off the radio, you continued the drive in silence. As you drove around the corner, you felt your car slow on its own. Frowning you look at the meters on the dashboard start to drop. You press your hazard lights and carefully pull over before shutting off the vehicle. Quickly, you peek behind you and find Mari still peacefully napping in the back. You quietly climb out of the car and walk to the hood. Propping it up you study the multiple parts and pipes and end up staring blankly at the engine.

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Guys, I’ve reached 100

So as a slept my follower count crept up to 100. To celebrate I wrote a little (but I actually mean quite long) thing for you. I just want to say THANK YOU so much for all your likes, reblogs and comments. I see them all and they make smile so much. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

I started writing because I needed a creative outlet. I’m a creative person by nature I couldn’t find the time or space to do big projects so I started writing in my free time just to do something. It just makes me so much happier that you all love it too.

So I hope you enjoy this Moriel piece I’ve had rattling around for a while because I essentially live in a Moriel trashcan.

The Queen and the Shadow Prince

Mor’s pillow was soft and the blanket was cosy as she tucked it in close. She was comfortable and warm and she sighed as her eyes began to close as she drifted off. And then, it started again. She allowed the blanket to swallow her groan so she didn’t wake up the male sleeping next to her. The only sound in the room was Azriel’s even breathing, he had fallen asleep almost immediately once they had gone to bed. Unfortunately for Mor sleep had been evading her for the better part of two hours because every time she was about to succumb to her exhaustion the baby would start kicking. And kicking hard.

The baby was alternating between kicking her ribs and pounding against her stomach as it rested on the bed and it was constant and hard enough that Mor couldn’t relax enough to fall asleep. She was getting frustrated, today the had pregnancy taken its toll on Mor and she just wanted to rest. All day the baby had been moving keeping her on edge, then there had been the mood swings and the off again on again appetite. Mor was spent.

Mor took a shuddering breath as tears began to prick her eyes and she rubbed her stomach in hopes of calming down the baby, all she was met with was a few good kicks against her palm. The sound she made in response was somewhere between a huffing laugh and a sob. That was enough to wake Azriel and Mor felt his arm snake around her as he pulled himself closer.

“Mor,” Azriel said, his voice still heavy from sleep, “you alright?”

“Yeah Az, I’m fine,” she gave his hand that had come to rest on her a reassuring pat. “Go back to sleep.”

Azriel had been so busy these last few days, he had been in and out of meeting with Rhys and taken do doing some of Mor’s work as well. He was exhausted and Mor wanted him to sleep.

“You’re lying Morrigan,” Azriel whispered into her ear. Mor hadn’t realised how close he had gotten and almost jumped at the sound. “What is it?”

Mor swallowed, willing some strength into her voice, “Its just…” Her voice cracked and Azriel was immediately propped up next to her so he could see her face, his eyes scanning every inch of her. “The baby won’t sleep Az.”

Mor was crying now, she couldn’t help it. She was so tired and her resolve was dissipating by the second. As her tears began to fall, Azriel wiped them away with a soft gentleness that he so rarely showed to anyone but Mor. Then we he lent down and kissed her cheek and smoothed back her hair, each action calming her. Azriel continued to smooth her hair while the other hand moved soothing up and down her side. Mor began to relax and closed her eyes.

Then they sprung open as Mor received a particularly sharp jab to the ribs.

Mor didn’t hold back her groan this time and she heard Azriel chuckle. She sent him a searing look from where he hovered above her and any amusement was wiped from his face in an instant.

“Sorry,” he said as he pecked a quick kiss to her cheek. “Get as comfortable as you can.”

So Mor did. She rearranged her pillows, fluffed out the blanket and snuggled a little into Azriel. Azriel was sitting up a little more now and he had one of his wings stretched out over them. Once Mor was where she wanted to be Azriel placed a hand on her stomach.

“Now, I’m going to tell you a story,” Azriel said.

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the art of seduction (Loki x Reader)

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Requested by  anhartcuteneon <3
Prompt:  Hello! Could you do an imagine of Loki trying to seduce you for information?
A/N: terribly sorry for the wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Warnings: T 
Words: 1579


You knew this was going to happen eventually. You just knew it. You stuck your nose where it didn’t belong and now were a part of a secret one trickster was practically dying to know. He had been eyeing you for a while now – ever since he found out you knew of what he desired – which made you both highly uncomfortable and somewhat excited. After all, his divine attention was to be proud of. All of your female co-workers were fuming with jealousy. But to be honest you just wanted to continue your boring day to day job without a hitch. And for a while you were still able to do that.

Until Loki showed up at your doorstep, that is.

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Austin Nights Part 2

Pairing: Single!Jensen × Reader

Word Count: 3070

Summary: The reader lives in Austin and unknowingly runs into Jensen at a bonfire and sparks fly. Part 1 After abruptly leaving the party, the reader hopes to run into Jay again.

Obviously I intend no hate or ill wishes to him or his family. This is purely just for writing and wasting my time.

This is purely for a hobby and my enjoyment. Maybe some of you will enjoy it too. I am by no means a writer so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or grammatical/spelling errors.


Saturdays were your favorite days. No school, no kids, and you especially appreciated no alarm clocks. You woke up a bit later than usual considering you had not been able to fall asleep easily as you replayed the rush of last night over and over again in your head. The sun peaked through the blinds and you stretched in bed. You could hear Angie in the other room dealing with what sounded like a pretty awful hangover.

As your feet hit the floor, a sense of urgency hit you. You wanted to see him again and the only way to do that would be to scale the streets of Austin. No. You tried to repress the feeling. One, there is no way he would even remember you. Two, he probably found some other chick as there as probably a line of willing subjects after you ditched the fire. Three, even if he did remember you, there was no way you were just going to run into him by chance. But it would be nice to get out and do something anyways you compromised as an excuse.

After you got ready fairly quickly, you went to find Angie who seemed to be recovering just fine.

“Hey.” You chirped. “Up for bloody marys and brunch?”

“Um, yes! That’s the best idea you ever had.” She instantly jumped up and grabbed her purse.

At brunch, Angie gushed over Jared and how unbelievably nice he was. You tired to play it cool but threw in a question every now and then about how to find them or if she knew anything about how long they would be here. She was just as clueless as you. The two of you walked up and down SoCo window shopping and trying to get ideas of how to redecorate the apartment. You couldn’t help but feel you were only half involved in the process as you kept scanning the crowds for a glimpse of someone familiar.

Angie tired out quickly and abandoned you to take a nap in preparation for her plans tonight which you knew meant she wanted to do something but had no idea what. You headed downtown and picked up some records at Waterloo and settled down at BookPeople. You wasted a couple of hours browsing through books and worked a bit on creating a few therapy based activities for some of the children at the school.

When you finally made it back home you couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed but tried to remind yourself of what you had concluded earlier. Angie was lounging about.

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Ignis is undergoing psychological training to further prepare him for the role of chief analyst and right hand to future King Noctis. This is very different from anything I’ve shared with you all! I honestly don’t know where it came from, I was reading another fic (who I’ll tag in a moment) stopped mid sentence- and feverishly began writing this. I hope you enjoy….? *gulps


 TW: Mental torture (?) Thriller. 

 Today he was in his parents’ house. The house where he’d grown up in Insomnia. His mother and father were both aging beautifully, and they welcomed him with open arms, beaming with pride at their son. 

“I’m making your favorite, my dear!”, his mom said in her usual chipper tone. “Mother,” Ignis began to protest, yet knowing all the wiser. “All these years of making me things, why not let me make you something for a change, hm?” “Where do you think you got the love of cooking from young man” she playfully retorted.

 “Yeah, let the woman alone!” his father chimed in, cracking a smile. 

 His parents. The only people he’d humor enough to let take care of him even for an instant. He did it mostly out of respect. He wouldn’t dare put up a real fight with his mother (she’d raised him better than that). 

“Father”, he nodded, finally being able to greet him while his mother was in the kitchen, humming to herself as she prepped the kitchen. 

“Come sit with me, my boy”. He gestured to the seat next to him on the couch, his words, full of warmth. Ignis joined him, his chest tightening, swelling with love for the man he hoped to be half as great as one day. His father took his hand, simply beaming at his boy, and the man he’d become. It was softer than Ignis had remembered, his grasp lightened with age. 

“Ignis, i’m so very prou- 


 Ignis’ heart shot out of his chest, the following scream he heard could only be that of his mother. He whipped his head around to reveal that she was trapped under part of the roof that’d come crashing down in the explosion. Shots rang out from overhead, and flying Niflheim tanks littered the sky. 

“We’re under attack!!” Ignis ran towards his mother who lay on the ground, oven mitt still on her hand. Another shot rung out crashing through the living room when he heard his father shout in agony. He was hit, and was bleeding from the gut. 

 “Ignis, sweetheart!” he heard his mom pleaded with him to help her. 

“I-ignis…” his father managed to mumble, blood spurting from his lips. After a moment’s hesitation, the cinematics slowed around him, waiting for him, allowing him time to make his choice. 

“I- I…” he looked down at his mother cradled in his arms. 

“STASIS”, he yelled. A wreck, and shaking. His mother disintegrated in his arms, and the room reset to it’s default of sickly white, with slightly flickering fluorescent lights that only added to the abysmal mood of the room. 

 “Mission objective: f a i l e d”, rang through the room. A different tri-tone voice came over the loud speaker, preceded only by the sound of a button being pressed, followed by a faint crackling silence. 

 “You’ve now exhausted your hault stasis for the month, Mr. Scientia.” 

“I know”, he said. Slumped on the ground where the image of his mother lay dying before him was, not only a minute prior. “I know”, he repeated. This time, defeat hung on his words. Anger building where fear had been, he began to kick himself internally for being too weak, too indecisive, and too slow to complete the mission. That was the third time he’d been unable to complete his Rapid Deduction test. He knew he needed work in this area. Hostage Negotiations VR had been relatively smooth, and gone without a hitch. Same goes for Strategic Planning VR, but his Rapid Deduction reasoning brought him to his knees every time. 

How was he to know which life he should save? His mother or his father. Who thinks about that kind of thing? Except, he knew the answer. It was him. He was expected to think of these things, to test him, and his mind. To make life changing decisions at a moment’s notice. 

 “That’s…enough, for one day” he finally said, bringing himself up to his feet. He heard the sssshhhhss sound of the air tight lock release on the sliding doors, and he left the virtual reality room without a second glance back. Tomorrow would be another day. Who knows what the scenario would be, but tomorrow, he’d be ready. 

Sometimes he wished his strength lie in the physical realm like Gladio. He has it so much easier. Physical labor- he’d take that any day, over his plot. Lift 1,000 lbs total, a day? Sure. Anything to escape an instant of the mental torture he’s put through. Similar to physical strength, he knows mental strength builds over time. “It’ll come”, he whispers to himself, walking to his car getting ready to drive home. “But i’m going to have to increase my stamina, and to do that i’ll need to be alert, awake, and at pique functioning capacity”.

 The next morning, he set out for his usual coffee place. “Ah, Mr. Scientia! Room for cream and sugar? Same as always?” chirped the cute barrister, brown ponytail bobbing.

 He paused, deep in thought.

 “Just black- thank you”

 “Ohh, something new today, I see?” she giggled. “Alright-one ebony it is! You betchya- coming right up sir” and she bounced away to prepare his cup to go.


 The tri-tone voice came over the intercom again (if he ever found out which of the Kingsguard was behind the two way glass..he’d..he’d…. )

He was never able to really finish the thought, seeing as he couldn’t really do anything to the Kingsguard, but if he could..it woulda been something bad.

 “Shall we begin again, Mr. Scientia” the familiar tri-tone voice rung out through the intercom, filling the VR room. Ignis met the voice with silence.


 “Shall we begin again, Mr. Scientia.”

A bead of sweat dripped from his forehead, and landed on the ground. How long had he been watching his loved ones die at this point. Three? Four? Five hours? 


 The press of the button filled the room, followed by the predictable crackling white noise, and the tri tone voice once more.

“Shall we begin again Mr. Scientia.” Ignis exhaled sharply through his nose, his hair clinging to his forehead, matted with sweat. His shirt, soaked through, revealing the muscles of his lean torso, and his heaving chest.


Noctis had been knocked unconscious. Gladio’s pelvis had been crushed by the red giant and he was now bleeding out from the massive wound. If Ignis could just get him the high elixer in time…but Prompto can’t survive against the giant foe for long on his own. He’s wasted too much time in thought. 

“Mission: F A I L E D”

 There had to be a way to save them both. There had to be. What was he missing, what clue was he missing. He knows he needs to move faster. No- think faster. Each time he tries to save them both he’s met with the same outcome. 

 “Mission: F A I L E D”

 Hot tears begin to cloud his vision, his eyes, feral, darting from one friend to the other. Wetness leaves his eyes having to watch his friends cry out for his aid and die over, and over. This simulation…it was becoming too much for him. He felt his mind begin to seer, and bubble underneath his skull.

 “I CAN’T”, his eyes going wild behind his glasses. “You bastards. I know you can hear me!”, demanding that someone from behind the double glass, covered by the running simulation have mercy on him.

 “Someone” he pleads. 

 Click. The tri-tone voice came over the intercom. 


 Mustering all the composure he had, and speaking through gritted teeth, eyes fixed on the floor “If…I could only have a glass of wat-”

 “Shall we begin again, Mr.Scientia” the tri- tone voice rang out once more. He wished desperately he’d not used all his halt stasis for the month. Gods, did he need them now. A soft “yes” managed to escape his lips. The words heavy with defeat did not carry far, and were almost immediately lost to the vast space of the room. 

Click. “Shall we begin agai-” 

“YES!!” his fists slammed into his legs in a hot fury. “YES. For Gods sake, yes.” Click. “Composure, Mr Scientia” the trill tone voice rings out, monotonously. 

Ignis, takes his glasses off and rubs the bridge of his nose, clenching his jaw together. He unbuttons his shirt, sweat pooling in the nook of his collar bones. “Proceed” he says sternly. A newfound determination, forming within him. He could save Gladio, but would he be happy without his lower body? Would he be able to find new meaning in life, no longer being able to live up to his father’s legacy? His entire family’s legacy? No. Ignis decided, you just can’t be sure. You can’t make decisions by what people might do. To save Gladio would mean leaving Prompto, who was basically a civilian. Not just any civilian. He just so happened to be Noctis’ closest friend. Ignis thought back, his mind racing, deducing, cycling through possibilities and probable outcomes of his actions in his mind’s eye. When Prompto had joined them in training for fun, he’d needed help on ¾ of the missions. That’s a 75% chance that he can’t survive without the assistance of at least one other person. Ignis’ eyes were darting around from Prompto, to Gladio who was in desperate need of that high elixr, back to Prompto, who couldn’t last much longer on his own. How would the King survive without the company if the one person who keeps him grounded? Prompto’s friendship is paramount to Noctis’ mental stability. Amicitia is of nobility though. His family, and his purpose practically bred into his DNA to protect the king, to train him, make him stronger. Gladio is an indispensable resource just with knowledge of combat alone, Ignis thinks. Noctis needs Gladio’s knowledge to be able to protect himself. 

Friends come second to the will of what the burden of the throne commands. 

 “Iggy, man! Prompto’s needs help! Ngh-” Gladio’s eyes rolled back in pain. Ignis turned away from Prompto. 

“I-Iggy? Iggy, buddy! Iggy!” Prom screamed, desperately trying to bring his friend back to his aid. Ignis’ choice marked the point of no return. He could feel his heart, ripping in two while he administered the high elixr to Gladio, only to be met with, “What in the Gods name is wrong with you! I could have handled this pain! Prompto! Ignis-” Gladio yells through his tears, “Prompto is dying!”

Red Giant still at large, Prompto laid on the ground, having suffered a final rib crushing blow to the chest. His eyes glassed over, a vacant expression on his face, mouth slightly parted, a tear falling over his star dusted cheeks and Ignis broke.

 “Objective: c o m p l e t e” rang through the room as it reset to its standard sickly white walls, and flickering fluorescent lights. He’d watched the look of betrayal color his friend’s eyes as they died by his actions a thousand times. A thousand times he’d have to choose what life to save, and when. Calculating who survives and who doesn’t if the time came down to it, and weighing one against the other. 

 Regis or Luna.

 Luna or Noctis.

 Prompto or Luna.

 Gladio or Iris.

 Iris or Prompto.

Time after time he’s met with incomprehensible combinations of loved ones. His heart shredding apart with each simulation. He learned not to show emotional weakness, and keep up his prim and proper image in the presence of others. If he couldn’t keep himself in check, how would he ever be able to keep the affairs of a king in order? Before long, he’s mastering almost any scenario, achieving the best possible outcomes, despite seemingly insurmountable odds. His training served him well throughout his journey with Noctis, Prompto, and Gladio on their way to the wedding in Lestallum. Ignis managed to keep the group alive, through otherwise fatal encounters. “Iggy!”, the prince would say, having exhausted all his resources. “I’ve got just the thing!” he’d reply, coming up with the perfect remedy in the heat of battle to defeat whatever foe blocked their path. During the fall of Leviathian, he’d been tasked with evacuating the citizens as quickly as possible. In the stampede of people rushing through the flood gates, a mother and her three children were making their hasty escape, her arms already already tied with two infants, her 5 year old had no choice but to run by her side. However, the influx of people managed to separate her from her oldest child. What’s worse, is that Niff soldiers were descending on the crowd, and the child found himself face to face with a Magitek trooper in the chaos.

 Ignis protested against his automatic thoughts, that were saying self preservation over the lives of a civilian. No. This is wrong. He thought. This is wrong. He managed to force one leg in front of the other, bursting into a sprint, his nerves on fire in rebellion against his conditioning. Mission failed rang through his mind at a maddening pace growing louder in his mind the closer he got to the child, when soon his mind’s voice was screaming MISSION FAILED. He didn’t care, this wasn’t a VR mission. This was real life. 

He pushed through his thoughts as he pulled the child to safety, he felt the slice of white hot iron to eyes. He’d been struck. 

 “Thank you! Thank the gods for you!” the mother managed through her sobs, clinging to her child. “Thank the gods for you! Thank the gods for you!” she said to Ignis, while littering her son’s face with kisses. His knees gave way, and he was taken under by the searing pain as his body met the blackness of the asphalt. 

His final thought before succumbing to the pain- objective complete.

illustriya  asked:

Kate, that second part for Ignis/royal servant was incredibly well-written! I've read it over and over and it still hits me so hard in the feels, lol. I would absolutely love a sequel to that. Not sure if you have something of your own planned, but if you're taking requests for it: maybe she's rushed to a hospital in Insomnia, she's unconscious for a few weeks and the boys comfort Iggy who spends the majority of his time at her bedside, but endless fluff when she wakes up? Thanks so much! :D

Illustriya, you flatter me.🤗 

Knowing that I was able to get some emotion out of you is a job well done in my books - especially because this angst + fluff hybrid feels a bit foreign to me.

Thanks so much for the wonderful request!

I can’t express how happy I am to be able to continue what has become the Ignis x Servant series. I’m having a lot of fun exploring their relationship.

I hope you enjoy my take on the prompt you suggested.

If you’re new click HERE for part 1 and HERE for part 2.


Note: Due to the fact that this chapter is meant to cover a long stretch of time, I have implemented the use of 3 large dots to signify an unknown amount of time, whether it be seconds, minutes, or hours. It is purposefully left that way to create a sense of ambiguity about the rate at which these events are occurring, and reflect the haziness and blurry nature of the flow of time for Ignis at his lover’s side as well as the s/o in her coma.

*Line breaks still cut off clean for places in time! Emboldened text will let you know where you are at that specific moment.


As always, I strongly recommend listening to this song on loop while you read. Especially in the case of this chapter, I think the addition of music will deepen the effects of the words being said and allow you to drift away into this alternate reality }

🌜Song: “Space Song” by Beach House🌛 

“Is he asleep?”

Gladio huffed, shaking his head.

“When have closed eyelids ever meant somebody’s awake? I swear, I don’t know how you managed to graduate high school.”

Prompto crossed his arms over his chest in defense.

“Hey – some people just take longer to blink, is all!”

“I’ll make it so your eyes blink permenantly if you keep raising your voice like that. Gods forbid we let Iggy get a moment to rest”

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Joe Sugg Imagine - Roommate (SMUT)

A little over four months ago, you had moved to London after finishing your Translation degree down in Spain. After four years or partying and a few hook ups -and studying, of course-, you were ready to finally settle down on your own. And what a better place to do it than London itself.

At first, your plans had been to move in with your brothers Conor and Jack in the apartment they shared with your beloved friend Josh. However, a month before you were supposed to move in, they decided there wasn’t enough space to hold another roommate. Just when you thought your London dream was over, as it was impossible to find a good and fairly cheap place to stay and ready to move in in the short space of three weeks, Joe spoke up, “She can move in with me if she wants, at least until she finds somewhere else to stay”

Joe Sugg was one of your brothers’ closest friends there in London. You had met in a couple of occasions when you had gone visiting, but you certainly didn’t expect him to let you stay at his place. Not only to stay, but to bloody move in.

You would be lying if you said the idea didn’t excite you. Joe was a handsome man, there was no denying. He was fun to be around, and you knew he was someone you could trust, as your own, very protective older brothers, were letting you stay with him. By the time four months had passed, Joe was like a third brother to you, only he was a brother you wouldn’t mind banging.

It was difficult not to look at him. Now that you had built confident with one another, he didn’t mind getting out of the shower with just a towel on, and walk around the house doing whatever he needed to do before getting dressed. It sure killed you internally. You loved how he’d always volunteer to prepare the food, although you enjoyed cooking and were a good chef yourself. You found it complicated not to stare for life when he was getting ready to go out, the white shirt that fit him so well half unbuttoned, leaving his muscular chest in sight. Did that guy have an obsession with walking around the house half naked?

But you weren’t the only one who stared. Joe couldn’t help but watch you as you did little things such as cleaning the apartment or putting the groceries in the cupboards. Neither could he keep his eyes off you as you walked around the house with little clothes on, or with quite the revealing shorts. He knew it was wrong, as you were his best friends’ little sister, but he kept staring.

Joe feared Jack the most. When Conor joked about Joe hooking up with you -he was pretty chill about it-, Jack was always found scoffing. You could tell the idea didn’t amuse him at all. Joe knew he wouldn’t punch him if he did something to you, because he was his friend…or would he? Either way, he didn’t want to find out.

“Hey, Y/N” you heard Joe calling you. You were finishing off some yogurt on the kitchen counter while he was sitting down on the sofa, finishing a video up. It was fairly late, but you didn’t like going to bed before he did. It was a habit you both had grown into.

You looked in his direction and nodded for him to continue “The video is up” he said, as you put the empty yogurt packing on the bin “Do you want to watch some Netflix or do you wanna go to bed already?” He asked you.

“Netflix is okay” you said, walking towards Joe in the couch. He put his laptop on the little table in front of you, then spread his arms for you to get inside the blanket with him. Cuddling was something you did quite frequently, and neither of you minded it at all. Joe was so warm and comfortable to be lying next to, it made you feel incredibly empty when he had to travel and wasn’t around.

As whatever film he had chosen rolled the opening credits, his hand went to your head to stroke your hair as he always did. You found it relaxing, yet it drove you crazy every time. Whenever Joe laid a hand on you, or touched you the slightest, your hormones had a wild party. It was his touch, that you craved, and you couldn’t take it any longer.

After a few seconds, the hand that had previously stroked your hair, slowly travelled its way down to the small section of your stomach that wasn’t covered because your shirt had lifted up by itself. Goosebumps made an appearance on your skin as he traced circles on your stomach with his fingers, making sure he didn’t put too much pressure on them.

You were at the very verge of exploding. There was nothing more than you wanted than for him to pin you up against a wall and make you scream so loud you wouldn’t be able to talk the following day. But then you thought about your brothers, and how they’d flip their shit if they found out. They didn’t have to, though.

You glanced up at his face, and he immediately returned the look. The dim light of the living room still allowed you to see the flirty smile on his lips. You decided you had had enough. Enough of waiting and physically suffering for that boy. You slowly closed the gap between your mouths, and as he didn’t back up, you smashed your lips against his. What had started as a shy kissing session, with your hands on his chest and his never leaving your stomach, escalated rather quickly.

Soon you were straddling his lap, your impatient hands tangled on his soft hair. His hands were grabbing your butt and squeezing it every now and then, to which you responded by a hungry bite on his delicious lower lip. Your hands soon travelled down his t-shirt, and touched the muscular chest you had admired so many times, but had had no chance to lay your hands on. His shirt went flying to the opposite side of the room as he grabbed your legs and put them around his waist, only to stand up and walk towards the bedroom, his hands still grabbing your bottom roughly.

“Joe” you let out a small moan as he hit that soft spot with his lips on your neck. Seeing the effect it had on you, he did it again. That fucking tease. Your legs wrapped around his lower body even tighter than before. You needed him inside you, and you needed him now.

He carefully put you down on your bed, and started undressing you. You admired every movement, and watched as your clothes went flying around the bedroom, leaving you on your underwear.

“Jack will a hundred percent kill me for this” Joe mumbled, letting out a nervous laugh. You sat on the bed, grabbing him by the neck, and pulling his face closer to you.

“I really need you right now, Joe” you whispered, getting an instant reply from the lowest part of his torso “Do you want me to tell my brother that his friend left me all alone and horny when I needed him the most?” You asked in the best innocent voice you could make. He immediately smashed his lips to yours, his tongue fighting for dominance against yours.

He grabbed your legs again, only to play with the hem of your panties, and slowly pulled them down until they were sharing the floor with the rest of your clothes. His lusty eyes looked at yours for the last time before you felt a great ball of pressure between your thighs, followed by the sound of your rather loud moans.

Joe’s mouth worked their way inside you as your hands went to his hair, to push him deeper. You bucked your hips against his mouth. Your back was arched, and you were a total screaming mess. You had wanted that for so long, you couldn’t even imagine Joe was so good with his mouth.

As you were about to reach your high, his mouth left your clit, and you rested your body weight on your elbows to look at him “I don’t want you to cum with my mouth, love” he said, and pulled himself up before kissing you on the lips again. Your hands went quickly to the hem of his boxers to pull them down, leaving his full erection out there for you to admire. You had imagined Joe was big, but now you weren’t sure his length would fit you completely.

Before you could return the favor, he pushed you down on the bed again, holding both sides of your hips with his strong hands. Your legs wrapped around his waist, waiting impatiently for him to finally fill you.

“Are you sure about this?” He asked, as polite as always. But now you weren’t in the mood for manners.

“For fuck’s sake, Joe, just fuck me already” you begged as his tip teased you at your entrance. With one swift move, he entered you completely, making you scream of both pain and pleasure. Your hands wrapped around the white sheets of the bed, as you felt yourself losing control of your own body.

He thrusted in and out quickly but steadily, hitting the right stop every.fucking.time “Scream for me, baby” he groaned as he let out a moan himself, but you didn’t need him to tell you. You had had great sex before, or at least you thought it was good enough. Now, as you screamed to the top of your lungs, purely out of pleasure, not even thinking of faking it because it wasn’t necessary, you wondered where had Joe been all your life.

Your legs wrapped tighter around his body. He was thrusting deeper now “Fuck, Joe” you moaned, as he not only was now pressing his middle finger against your clit and rubbing it quickly, but his mouth had travelled to your bare chest and was nipping at your nipples. You thought you were going to faint.

“I-I’m…c-coming, Joe” he let out a rather loud whimper, and you knew he was almost there was well. His finger was so rapidly touching you, his erection going in and out of your body. Your walls clenched and you let out the highest pitched scream you had ever heard as your first orgasm ever hit you, a wave of pleasure going through your body.

Joe came a few seconds later, groaning loudly as he hit your G-spot one last time. His hands were supporting his weight at your sides now, as his hair fell in front of his eyes. You lifted a hand to push it back, as he leaned in and planted a soft, love kiss on your lips. He slowly slid out of you, his hand not leaving your waist, as he plopped down next to you.

You were so sweaty, and out of breath, and the bed was full of liquids that once belonged to the inside of your bodies. But you couldn’t care less. You kissed his cheek “That was amazing, Joe” you said, your hand that was now on his chest moving up and down with the rhythm of his breathing.

“Let me just take you out on a date” he said, out of nowhere. You lifted yourself to get a better view of his face “Let me take you out for dinner. I don’t care what Jack says, I…I like you a lot, Y/N”

You smiled, your stomach doing that weird thing again “I like you too, Joe” you said, pushing another piece of his soft hair back “I don’t think my brothers would have anything against you taking me out, really” you said, speaking more for Conor than for Jack. But the last thing you wanted was for him to get even more worried.

“I’ll talk to Jack” he said “I know I can treat you way better than whatever kid you decide to hook up with at a club”

You leaned down to kiss him again, because it was true. You had had a few boyfriends back when you were at University, yet none of them made you feel at home like Joe did. He pressed your foreheads together, admiring those eyes he had fallen for since the first time he saw them “I’ll take care of you, I promise”


Summary: Ayato and Yomo have a short conversation as they wait for Touka to return. Yomo’s thoughts about the Kirishimas mainly. (3k words)

A/N: This was suggested by an anon a few days ago, who asked me to write one fic from every member of the family and since I love the Kirishimas/Yomos more than anything else in TG, I decided to adopt it (thanks nonny for the suggestion!). All the stories are not necessarily linked and can be read independently of each other. They don’t involve every single member of the family as well (eg. the siblings’ stories are about themselves rather than their parents). 
Read the others here: Touka | Ayato (to be updated for the others) 

Hope is in Yomo’s perspective and so I referred to him as Renji in this story! I struggled a lot with characterization in this fic because I honestly found myself at a loss over how these two would ever hold a conversation. So I apologize for anything that might seem OOC. Also spare my grammar and typos. I suck. Please do reblog if you enjoyed this fic! 


“She always worries about you.”

Ayato shudders a little and he shakes his head. He’s trying to hide his reactions but isn’t really doing a good job of it. Watching him feels a little nostalgic. Renji can somehow understand why Ayato did certain things and why he acts in a certain way. Sure Ayato went to whole different levels, but looking at his nephew always feels like looking back into past.

“She keeps a close eye on the news. She never liked hearing about what other ghouls did and how humans present our kind, but whenever it came to Aogiri’s news, she was all ears,” Renji continues. “Everytime you’re mentioned–”

“– she changed the channel?” Ayato suggests meekly, cutting into his words. Renji fixes a glare at him and he quietens, shrinking back a little and murmuring a soft apology. He probably doesn’t want to hear what Renji was about to say– he probably already knows.

“It’s a source of relief for her. It’s the only way she has to know that you’re still alive,” Renji says anyway.

“I didn’t… I…” Ayato grimaces at his words, stammering as he tries to come up with some excuse. It’s hopeless. There’s nothing he can say to really justify what he did, not unless he’s willing to be honest. He still tries anyway and Renji mentally credits him for it.

“I just wanted to get stronger,” he admits, though there’s no hint of the strength he desired in his voice– no confidence, no hope.

His obsession with strength had rubbed Renji off wrongly from the very beginning, bringing up memories of a certain person he’d rather not think of.

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First Dates [are the Worst Anyway] (a Leonard McCoy x Reader Fanfiction)

WHY DO MY SHORT FICS ALWAYS TURN INTO LONG ONES?! SERIOUSLY. Planning this one out in my head I was thinking, “oh, this will be relatively simple and short. It should be a great one to just write out while I’m sick and get out to everyone!” NOT. That’s my own fault though, I just love writing Leonard fics, he’s my big sweety.
Prompt: I wish you would write a fic where bones x reader’s day goes along pretty normal and then it all goes to pot. Probably because Jim did something. - @yourtropegirl
What else is in a normal day for the Enterprise crew except for Jim doing something reckless and crazy?! I bet something like this happens a lot, so when I got the idea in my head for this specific prompt I immediately chuckled and started writing it down. SO without further ado, here it is!
Word count: 2234
Rating: All ages
Warnings: some depiction of injury after violence

Originally posted by dcrthvxder

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Selfish [Sing]

So I kinda threw this together because I’ve been eager to write something with these two. I really wish we saw more of Buster and Eddie’s relationship in the movie. I’m still trying to decide on what to call them. Buddie? Edster? Noodlemoon? ????

Anywho…enjoy the angst.

Rating: K+

Disclaimer: “Sing” and its characters are property of Illumination Entertainment. I make no profit from these writings.


Eddie slowly cracked one eye open as an odd sound roused him from his already somewhat restless sleep. He clumsily fumbled for his phone to check the time before glancing over his shoulder. Just a few feet away, he could make out a small lump curled up on the floor, which he knew to be Buster. He quickly distinguished the sound to be quiet sobs, and he sighed as he finally sat up, tossing the covers aside. “Buster?” he called to his friend quietly. Immediately the crying ceased, and the room became silent for several moments. “Buster, c'mon…I know you’re awake,” Eddie called to him again as he finally rose and shuffled his way towards the small makeshift bed on the floor.

“Sorry,” a hoarse voice finally replied. “I thought I was being quiet.”

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So it begins...

Why the hell did I write this?  I DON’T LIKE CRACK SHIPS! Edit:Apparently, I like this one..bwhahahaha.

I’m pretty certain y’all are heathens.  

@kunoichi-ume @padlocked-quintus  (our paths haven’t crossed yet)

Here’s some Madakaka because I like time travel and Kakashi.  This is right when the village is formed and Kakashi spends most of his time hiding from Madara.

There are probably errors galore.  I had to spend an embarrassing amount of time googling how to spell things.

Madara was used to a certain amount of attention.  It was to be expected as leader of the Uchiha clan.  Hashirama had sought his attention as a child and now they were creating a village together.  Clans deferred to him, standing at attention when they were in the presence of Madara. The only exception nowadays was from the thief.  The man walked around with one of the clan’s prized dojutsu without a care in the world and barely gave Madara a glance.  Kakashi looked perpetually half-asleep and Madara did not know what to make of it. Madara did not give two fucks about Tobirama, but at least the Senju respected him enough to watch him like a hawk when they were in a near each other.  

Hashirama demanded an evaluation of the Uchiha clan by Kakashi in order to fully understand everyone’s skill level.  Madara had balked and argued; he was clan head after all, he could evaluate everyone perfectly fine for himself.   But there were many more clans in their fledging village than either of them had anticipated. They needed quick evaluations to determine how strong the village was.   Madara had finally relented, if anything, to prove Hashirama wrong.

His stomach soured as he watched his entire clan line up like cattle and performed in front of the thief.  Never had Madara felt regret so instant.  He watched young Kagami step forward and perform a perfect series of katas and finalized his show of skill with an unusually large Great Fireball.  Kakashi had only hummed in response.

Madara did not care if he lived to be a hundred years old; he was never forgiving Hashirama for this.

“I do not like him,” said Izuna when it was over.  They watched the thief depart with lazy wave, completely at ease with leaving his back open to an attack.  

Madara agreed as he fantasized setting Kakashi on fire with Amaterasu.  The space between Kakashi’s defined shoulder blades made for perfect target. If only he had the Mangekyo Sharingan.

The clan heads gathered the following week to hear the results of the evaluations. Madara had been warned ahead of time that it would be a long meeting.  The thief showed up late, of course.

“I apologize,” Kakashi said as he tousled his hair so it looked even more windswept.  “I had to look over some of my notes.”  

The head of the Shimura clan grunted as he glared at Kakashi’s empty hands.   Madara imagined using Tsukuyomi to pluck the stolen eye out of the thief’s head a few thousand times.  Hashirama sighed and gave Kakashi the room.

The thief gave a dangerous smile and Madara was transported to the first time they had met on the battlefield, the smell of ozone and crackle of electricity. He had a premonition that having Kakashi’s full attention was not something one wanted to invite.  Then he watched it come true as Hatake Kakashi systematically expose every one of the weaknesses he had discovered.

It was brutal.  He talked for hours, never relenting even when his audience tried to respond.  He criticized the clan heads that were blind to their weaknesses.  He listed hypothetical teams and those who needed to take a more passive role as village support. Madara saw Shimura’s face turn red when the clan was assessed for roles in administration.

It might have been the most beautiful thing Madara had ever seen.

He shivered when Kakashi turned towards him, unexpectedly eager for the attention. Madara’s jaw dropped open at the first sentence and only he remembered to shut it when Kakashi teased him.  

“It’s not polite to leave your mouth open like that, Madara-san.”

When the entire assessment was over, it was well past supper time.  Hashirama thought it best to reconvene the following day so everyone could go over the information.  Kakashi, all too aware of the room’s mood, made a hasty exit.  Madara had expected the retreat and had activated his Sharingan in anticipation.  As soon as he saw Kakashi form the first hand sign for shunshin, Madara had followed suit.

“How did you do it?” Madara demanded as took advantage of Kakashi’s surprise to slam him against a tree.

“What do you mean?” Kakashi’s half-lidded eye peered at him.

“It is my clan!  I have watched and lived with them for years! You watched them for five hours!” Madara let go of the vest and took a step back.  “I agree with everything you said.  For instance, Kagami overuse of chakra on his ninjutsu.  I am in the middle of rectifying that poor habit.  Your assessment was correct because you know how much chakra is needed and were able to see the waste. I am aware that you know how to perform the Great Fireball technique.  Yet, you were able to make an assessment with every clan.”

“I know many jutsus,” Kakashi said evasively.  Madara narrowed his eyes.

“How many?”

“Eh?”  Kakashi raised a hand to his chin.  “Truthfully, I don’t know.”

“I find that difficult to believe.”  Madara crossed his arms.  “You may like to play the fool, but I have seen too much evidence to the contrary.”

“Maa.  It’s not like that.  I stopped counting once the number was over a thousand.”  

“Impossible.” The word fell from Madara’s lips automatically.  

“Oh?”  Kakashi tapped a finger to the headband the covered the Sharingan.  “I would think you would have more faith your clans’ dojutsu.”

“I have complete faith in the Sharingan,” Madara ground out.  “I simply don’t believe there are thousand jutsu existing.  The average clan member has twenty hidden techniques; a skilled member may have invented one or two on their own.  To have a thousand, you would have had to travel all over the world.  Not to mention expand into other elements beyond lightning and fire.”

“Well, yes.  I mastered all five elements.  I try to avoid using wind as it uses too much chakra.” Kakashi said, amusement tinting his words.

“Show me.”  Madara demanded.  He knew Hashirama was able to use all five elements, but his friend had the advantage of being born with a kekkei genkai.

Kakakshi cocked his head to the side.  “Very well.”

Madara watched with the Sharingan as Kakashi performed an Earth jutsu and a wall sprung up from the ground in front of them.  It was promptly destroyed by a fireball that was the size of an expanded Akimichi.   Kakashi spared no glance to see Madara’s reaction; his eyes were focused in front of him as began another jutsu. His fingers were light and nimble as they raced through the hand signs.  Kakashi’s muscle memory was able to create torrents with barely a thought, a clear sign of relentless training. A gust of wind tore a tree out by its roots and Madara felt of rush of excitement at its destruction.  Kakashi turned to Madara his hands pressed together in the ox formation.

Madara responded to Kakashi’s silent question with a shake of his head.  Kakashi had split a lightning bolt in two during their first meeting, his blue chakra casting a ghostly pallor on the battlefield. There was no need to see that last element performed.

“I stand corrected.”   Madara deactivated his Sharingan. 

“It happens to the best, Madara-san.”  Something uncoiled in Kakashi’s body and he went back to looking like the disinterested person who had vexed Madara so much.  “I’ll see you tomorrow.”  

‘One thousand jutsu’, Madara mused as he drank tea later on that evening.  He had no idea his fledgling village had two who could wield all five elements.  What a carefully guarded secret!

He was going to have to pay closer attention to Hatake Kakashi.

V/ Jihyun Kim Wedding Dance: One Shot

Hello everyone c: there was originally suppose to be only two winners for the wedding dance one shot: Saeran Choi & Jumin Han  but I made a open debate for either Seven or V :) Reading the arguments I decided to side with V :)  Its been amazing writing this little series and I hope I can do future polls :) Now lets enjoy the ending of this series. The song of the wedding dance is: Like I’m Going To Lose You, by Meghan Trainor ft John Legend 

“The one word in the English language, fuck it, in any language, is the word almost. That one small six-letter word has the power to change your mood drastically. It has the power to make you feel happiness and yet it can be the reason for the death of the old you. Almost is one hell of a word” - Mod Saeran

I don’t believe people know the real meaning of almost. The power that “almost” has is very terrifying because I almost died because of Rika. I almost sacrificed my life for her simply because I was in love with her. I looked into the mirror and all I could see was was blur, the eye surgery I had months ago was a success but they did say it would be slow process. How pathetic am I for being a baggage for (y/n). I could see some things but the rest of my life was one huge blur. I left the bathroom and I saw Jumin, my best man, and the rest of the RFA who are my groomsmen. I walked closer to them and fell on my knees letting the demons take over “ I DON’T FUCKING DESERVE HER! SHES BEEN IN LOVE WITH ME FROM THE BEGINNING AND ONLY RECENTLY I LOVED HER BACK” I cried out shaking from reality. Jumin kneeled on the floor with me and pulled me into a hug “Jihyun I known you for a long time, you are practically my brother, please don’t be hard on yourself. I am truly sorry you have to go through this but just know we are your family and we will be here for you” he hugged me even tighter and I opened my eyes and I saw my family. They all helped me freshen up because they were afraid something might happen to me. Damn, I’m a baggage to everyone in the whole RFA. I blinked quickly a few times and I noticed I looked quite decent. I smiled and was ready to meet my bride.


I grabbed her hand and brought her closer to me. The whiff of her perfume brought me to so many memories that it made it seem like I was watching a movie in my head. I brought her closer to me and then reality hit me, Im actually married. However, she isn’t the one I want. I don’t love her…. my heart belongs to someone else. I grabbed her face and made her look into my hazy eyes “ Im sorry, I only married you because of the baby but, my heart belongs to someone else, enjoy the party” I kissed her forehead and went to look for Jumin. I accidentally bumped into Saeran and he knew what my crazy ass was thinking. He gathered the whole RFA and they knew where I needed to go, where I needed to be. 


I kneeled down and looked into your eyes. My god, I am thankful that my vision gives me enough strength to stare at your angelic face. “My precious (y/n) how thankful I am that we were born in the same century because I was graced with your angelic beauty. You showed me the reality of love, the cold hard truth of it. That love isn’t about the good but also the bad. I’m sorry that I didn’t return your love till later, but please understand I only married Rika because she is carrying my child. You are my true love and I just wish I realized what love really is before it was to late” I grabbed my phone and played the song that I am going to dedicate to you.

I found myself dreaming In silver and gold Like a scene from a movie That every broken heart knows we were walking on moonlight And you pulled me close Split second and you disappeared and then I was all alone

I gave a heavy sigh and looked into your soul “You came into my life out of nowhere. Whenever I chatted with you briefly in the RFA messenger, my heart skipped a beat and I always looked forward to talking to you, even if it was once in a blue moon. When I noticed you weren’t active in the messenger as you use to be, I visited the apartment and noticed you were ill. It was an honor taking care of you because you could of simply refused but you didn’t. You didn’t even ask me about my sunglasses but I told you either way. When you got better, I still visited because you were a bright light that kept pulling me towards you. I always thought to myself, ‘Why does (y/n) have a strong hold on me if I haven’t even looked into her eyes’ because looking into a persons eyes you can tell what kind of soul they had. That night that we saw each others soul, we made love that night. Neither of us didn’t plan it but the moment we looked into each others eyes, our souls gave that little ‘hah I finally found you’ type of feelingI was opening my heart to you and I wasn't afraid because you needed to know….

In the blink of an eye, Just a whisper of smoke, You could lose everything The truth is you never know, So I’ll kiss you longer baby, Any chance that I get I’ll make the most of the minutes and love with no regrets

I wiped my tears away gently trying not to worsen my vision because I needed to look into your eyes while confessing my truth to you “The few months that we spent together was honestly the best time of my life. Who cares how cliche it sounds but its my reality. You were my personal oasis and I will be forever grateful that you provided a heaven for me while I was stuck in hell. I didn’t tell you the truth of my situation because I knew Rika will kill you off in a instant and that was the last thing I wanted to happen. I told you one night that I couldn’t come back and visit because I needed to take care of business and all you did was kiss me and we made the most passionate love that night. It was our souls and bodies melting together into one. You made me breakfast and you kissed me with so much tenderness and you looked at me with those eyes and simply said ‘ We will find our way back to each other don’t worry baby. We will always find our way back cause our souls loved each other for so long that nothing will tear us apart’ and I kissed you not knowing what life would bring us. Oh how I wish you were wrong my love”

I’m gonna love you, Like I’m gonna lose you, I’m gonna hold you, Like I’m saying goodbye wherever we’re standing, I won’t take you for granted ‘cause we’ll never know when, When we’ll run out of time so I’m gonna love you, Like I’m gonna lose you ,I’m gonna love you like I’m gonna lose you

“ You walked in that night and I saw you, Saeyoung, and Saeran caught in the trap of my ex lovers web. Emotions were high because everyone was finding out the cold hard truth of my ex lover. That she was the reason for everyones pain and suffering but it was worse because I knew what was going on. I notice Saeran pointing his gun at Rika and old habits die hard that I was getting ready to take the hit. What I didn’t know that you were going to jump in front of me and take the bullet yourself.” I wiped the tears from my eyes and finally had a clear picture of your face that was on your tombstone. Your tombstone. It still hurts to admit it. You died for me. You risked your own life for me while I was risking my life for another. Your last words to me was the one that dragged my heart and soul with you to the after life. I closed my eyes and remembered your final moments: “Thank you for giving me forever in just a short span of a couple of months. Please do not feel guilty because its an honor dying in your arms Jihyun Kim.” I remember you coughing out blood while my hand was firmly placed on your wound hoping the bleeding stopped. You looked at me and your soul was leaving your body “We will always find our way back to each other, I love you Jihyun, Ill see you in our next life” You eyes were slowly closing but I kept screaming for someone to do something. Three minutes later you died in my arms. I witnessed your final breathe and from that moment, I died as well. 

I got up and digged a little hole next to your tombstone and buried the ring that was wrapped with a red ribbon with the wedding vowels I had attached to it.

I breathed in while placing the dirt to cover the rings “Here are my vows to you. I promise when we meet again, I will cherish you and love you till the end of my life time. With this ring that I am placing next to you, I promise to always walk by your side till the end of time. You are the owner of my heart, body, mind and soul and it doesn’t matter if we couldn’t spend this life together because I know our next one will be beautiful. You don’t understand how much I miss you when I wake up and you aren’t next to me. I don’t know what I ever did to deserve such a precious soul like yours but I thank God every moment that we were together for blessing me with you. I vow to found you in our next life and I vow to make sure that our forever will be longer”

 I did a small prayer for you and looked at your picture again and sighed “ I love you (f/n) (l/n) and I cant wait to spend forever with you again in our next life. Thank you for teaching me what love really is and I hope in our next life we can have a family of our own. I love you. Im glad we almost had our happy ending.” and I walked toward Jumins limo where the rest of the members were waiting. Jumin gave me a reassured hug and the other members were giving me warm smiles, while Saeran looked into my eyes and I saw his soul was taken from him as well. Before I lost sight of your tombstone I breathed in heavily and exhaled “ Goodbye (y/n) see you soon” and closed my eyes. 

Confined Space


Hii~~ I really love yours scenarios. Can you do one smut where wonho (monsta X) and I get stuck in a car?! ;) Love u 😘


Thank you so much for your request (: Without further ado, I present to you what it would be like to be “trapped” in a car with Wonho. I hope it suits your taste! Enjoy ^^= 


Genre: Smut | One Shot

“Let’s meet up again soon okay? Don’t be a stranger!” Elise hollered as she walked away, hand in hand with her new found boy toy. You sighed in relief. “I’m guessing you are glad that dinner is over?” Wonho asked jokingly, hoping to lighten up the mood. “This is the third one this month and it is also the third time we are eating here. Not only is this place expensive but it has an annoying dress code that we have to follow,” you complained. Wonho wrapped his arm around your waist. “But I like you in a mini dress. Especially when it hugs onto your body so tightly,” he whispered as you both made your way towards his car. “Well I’m glad one of us likes it. It’s hard having to pretend that I’m not hungry to make sure my stomach doesn’t bulge out of the dress,” you sassed, causing him to laugh in return. “Well sorry to have to break it to you but you’ll have to be in that dress for a while. We have an hour drive back home, and that’s assuming there is no traffic." 

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Fic: Limitations

Title: Limitations

Rating: T (for language)

Prompt: “Mephisto leaving gifts and flowers for Talia on her doorstep (anonymously)”  for princessetalia

Length: 4619 words

Summary: It would only be one time. He didn’t know how it happened, or when he fell for her, let alone why. He was in so deep and wanted nothing more than to have her smile. It disgusted him, but he couldn’t help himself. One time would fix it. He’d be satisfied with that…


It was just going to be a one time thing. She wouldn’t know it was him either. That was something he would make sure of himself. The less she knew, the less pressure and embarrassment, and that kept Praxina out of the picture. His devious sister had the startling capability of sniffing out embarrassment faster than anyone, and if she found out…dear God, he’d be a goner. In more ways than one. He could only shiver at the thought of Gramorr discovering his secret. A secret he had hidden well.

He hadn’t the faintest idea when it began, or why it happened. But one day, it just happened. Maybe it was the ferocity in her eyes, or the cute way her nose scrunched up in disgust at the very sight of him, or better yet, the intensity of her power. Every witty and sharp remark pierced his heart with an arrow, and he found himself pursuing her more often on the battlefield. His eye would wander in her direction and any mention of her name sent sweet trembles through his body. He had never thought of her as gorgeous. Or rather, he never paid her beauty any mind. It was her quick tongue and intellect that startled him. Her passion for everything she took part in and how much he relished in her disdain. He has started to fall.

He found himself watching her and her friends more often than she should, and on occasion, when Praxina was in one of her moods, or he was bored, he’d find himself thinking of her. He wondered what kind of foods she liked, and if her hair smelled of candies. He wondered what she liked to read, what she was like on dates, and if she liked movies. He wondered what she looked like in love.

He scowled, sitting on the rooftop across from her new found earthly home. Resting his chin on his palm, he closed his dark eyes, deep in thought. He had seen her quite smitten before, with that boy around town. Tsk. He wasn’t good enough for her though. No one was. The boy had barely known her anyways! Who gives a girl a gift and falls in love within one day of meeting someone?

He smirked in triumph. It was no matter. She had soon grown tired of the summer romance and had opted to take more time for training and learning new spells, eager to learn more than she had already impressed him with. She had him hooked too. Soon he has found himself glancing over things he thought might catch her fancy. A bracelet here, a necklace there. A couple pretty books with golden crests, an elegant ruby gown in a magazine he totally was not reading in his spare time, a shiny new guitar.

He opted to spend weeks attempting to demolish his self confidence. She could never like you! You’re on the wrong side! Wait, when did it become the wrong side? He cursed his feelings, but he couldn’t wish anything upon her other than to be spared a glance in his direction. But surely a smile would end his restraint in an instant. He couldn’t possibly risk it….

And yet here he was.

He eyed the box beside him, wrapped in a deep navy blue and tied with a silky pine ribbon. He blushed as he quickly caught note of the tag, scribbled with such sugary language it was sure to give her cavities. Maybe he should have gone with a more sultry approach…

Shaking his head he picked it up, caressing the corners with a shaking gloved hand. Gulping, he stood, deciding on taking flight as his legs would sooner give out before he could make it to the door. He must look weak. He growled at the thought. The great Mephisto, cowering, a nervous, lovestruck wreck, attempting to shower his enemy with presents! How humiliating! Swallowing the lump in his throat, he sat the gift on the front step gingerly before knocking.  When there was little response, he slapped at his forehead. He forgot earthlings slept at 4:53 in the morning….Biting at his lip, he rang the doorbell, quickly teleporting back to the rooftop as the lights began to dance across the house as the residents woke.

His lip quirked into a frown as a few minutes passed before the door opened. He was grinning ear to ear as she glowed from the moonlight, the light from the entryway creating a golden halo behind her.

“What’s going on? Who’s there?”

He frowned as her friends came into view. Auriana was a mess, with her ponytail crooked and tangled, a half awake as she carried Amaru against her. Iris rubbed at her eyes, her golden locks tied into a loosening ponytail. Her face was flushed with exhaustion.

“It looks like…a present?” The brunette between them gave a confused look at the box. Her golden eyes were alert as she glanced around the street, and he quickly hid himself.

“Oh! I just love gifts!” Auriana squealed, squeezing her furry companion.

“Who’s it from, Talia?” Iris questioned, tilting her head like a lost puppy. Curious, he peered over the edge.

“And who is it for?” He gulped as Talia inspected it. He smiled in amusement as she glared at the box, and opted to take it the young woman. Poised and attentive, she turned the box over, and he flushed as he watched the chocolate locks fall from her delicate shoulders. He was definitely thankful she had a thing for tanks and shorts. Giving up, she sighed, “Well, it doesn’t look or sound like a weapon.”

“Oh lookie! There’s a note!”

He cringed as the redheaded princess snatched up his romantic letter.

“What does it say?” Iris grinned, leaning over Talia, who eyed the note curiously as well.

“It says it’s addressed to Talia!” Arianna shouted in excitement.

He blushed as the blonde joined in a mutual ‘Ooo-ing’ at the brunette, who gaped in embarrassment.

“What?! Lemme see that!” Talia reached for the parchment, but the Voltan woman was much too quick. Iris joined her as she began to read the letter.

“'My loveliest Princess Talia, I have watched you at length, and can hide my feelings no longer! But I can’t approach you! Rejection sucks, and I don’t do well with things that suck.’” Auriana giggled as Iris took the note.

“You mean like this letter?” Talia rolled her eyes in annoyance.

“'But anyways,’” Iris continued, “'I cannot reveal myself. But I dare say, your beauty is startling, and has created  a distraction in my life. Not that that’s a bad thing, I mean. I can’t seem to think of you negatively. But um…I think you’re cute and smart and stuff. I like your hair. Because it’s shiny. Really shiny. And I like your eyes too. I hope that one day, maybe, you could smile my way. And not in that condescending, die-by-fire-you-moron kind of way you do. I really want to see you happy. That’s all. Hope you like the thing…’”

By then Iris was barely managing to conceal her giggles as Auriana vocalized how sweet it was. Talia groaned in response.

“Aw come on, Talia, it was sweet!” Iris smiled playfully.

“I wonder who sent it!” Auriana questioned, peering over Iris’s shoulder.

“It just says Anonymous…well, at least I think it does, its spelled wrong.” Iris grinned as Talia looked a bit crestfallen.

Despite feigning disinterest, the young magica was certainly curious. The note was awkward and poorly written at best, but in a way it was real and she was a bit flattered at how flustered the thought of her had made the writer. Someone out there thought she was lovely and smart, which she wasn’t told very often. For the most part, it was usually Iris and Auriana that struck up dates, though with Iris dating Nathaniel, it seemed only Auriana sparked anyone’s interest.

“So what’s in the box?” Auriana bounced her way to the other side of the dark skinned princess, “Aren’t ‘cha gonna pop it open?”

Talia bit at her lip and he shivered in anticipation. Her thin fingers pulled at the ribbon as she kneeled down, pulling the ribbon loose. She caressed the corner before lifting the lid, and she let out a small gasp at the item.

His breath caught in his throat as she lifted the crimson gown from the neat fold he had put it in. Tendrils of sparking chiffon flowed from the silk and the intricate golden trimming glistened against the fabric. Her eyes danced in amazement as her teammates complimented her gift, and as she stood he froze. Her lips curled into a soft smile, and a rosy hue had taken up her cheeks. Her half lidded gaze causes his heart to pound within him and he squeezed at the concrete in his hands as she held it against her, sliding her hands across the dress.

“Wow! Your secret admirer sure has nice taste! I wonder who it is!” Auriana smiled, gushing as she eyed the look on Talia’s face.

Iris sent Auriana a knowing smile, leading the redhead indoors, “ How about we sleep on it. I’m beat!”

As the group began to disappear, he stood, taking his leave. She smiled! Really smiled! Getting her to think of him with positivity was awesome! Though granted, she would never know. Shaking his head, he clenched his fists in victory; he felt ecstatic, and how he looked forward to next time! Oh, definitely next time would be even better!


Girls liked pretty things, right? Flowers were pretty! He rubbed at his chin, deep in thought. He wanted to do better than the dress. He wanted something more romantic. Something more intimate. His mind drifted loosely to the lingerie in the catalog he had found the gown in, but he mentally slapped himself. She would slaughter him. Flowers it is.

He eyed the flower shop warily before entering, the shop owner greeting him with gusto.

“Hello there, lad! What can I do for ya?” the rounded elder gentleman smiled up at him and Mephisto swallowed hard.

“I, uh, I’m looking for a gift. For a friend. My, uh, sister. Yeah, sister’s birthday!” He grinned as the older man eyed him over his glasses, the glint in his eye and tilt of his lip making Mephisto uneasy.

The man chuckled, “So a girl, eh?”

“I-I never said that!” A deep red creeped up his cheeks and his ears.

“You don’t have to. I’ve heard it all before. What kind of flower are you lookin’ for? Something fancy, something for a date? A girlfriend? Anniversary?”

“Uh….what do you have for unrequited love that she doesn’t know exists in the first place?” The violet haired boy gave a sheepish smile as the man shook his head.

“I see, I see. You’re too scared to tell her, huh?” The man grinned, taking a seat and resting a large, hairy arm over his knee.

Mephisto nodded, “We’re…kind of enemies. She hates me. And she has every reason too. We fight every time we see each other, and I egg her on. Not that I mind being a bad boy, its pretty thrilling, but…”

“You don’t like the feeling of it.”

Rich green eyes met blue as the teen stared in shock. He was right. He relished in his devious deeds and took joy in destruction and their mind games, but deep down, the idea of Talia despising him twisted his stomach and left a sour taste in his mouth. The brunette beauty tolerated him at best, and he thought it would be enough.

“I…I don’t know much about this love thing by the way…” The boy blushed, scratching at his head as he sat on the stool across from the shop owner.

“Yeah, no kidding.” The man chuckled, crossing his arms, “C'mon, kid, let’s learn somethin’.”

Confused, Mephisto followed in amusement. The man knew his heart better than he did. Or maybe he was being too obvious. It was so much easier to fake it in battle, but take away his magic, flair, and dark lord and sister breathing down his neck every freakin’ second and you were left with a cocky, awkward kid with a budding romance. 'Budding my ass.’ he groaned, rolling his eyes.

“Alright, kid. First, we’ll start with these,” the shopkeeper held up a group of thick, bushy flowers with thin, golden petals stacked into a fluffy center, “These are chrysanthemums. The yellow reminds her that you’re her secret admirer. Something tells me you’re not ready for her to know yet.”

Mephisto nodded enthusiastically, quickly taking up a notepad and pen from the nearby table, jotting down the information.

“Tell me about this girl; what’s she like? What attracts you to her? What do you know about her?”

“Hmm…well, for one she’s a magical princess.” Mephisto tapped as his chin thoughtfully.

“A what?” The old florist looked at him with confusion.

Mephisto let out an awkward laugh, rubbing at the back of his head, “You know what I mean. She’s into princesses and uh, magic, and stuff.”

“Ah, I see. The fairytale type. What else?” The man nodded, tugging at his greying beard.

“Uhhh…she likes to read and teach stuff, and she likes music too. She gets really fired up! She’s in a band!” He gushed, smiling brightly.

“Ya don’t say.” The old man nodded, deep in thought.

“And she’s tall and slender! Gorgeous! And I do know gorgeous, I mean look at me! But anyways, she’s really passionate, though she can be a bit shy.” He raises a hand to his mouth, whispering, “She’s in denial but she’s no social butterfly.”

The man barked in good humor, tossing his head back as he laughed. Mephisto was a bit started by it, but he felt his nervousness fade at the owner’s  good nature. It was kind of nice to have a male figurehead that wasn’t menacing and threatening to kill you.

“Alright, kid, how about this. We’ll add in jasmine, seems like your girl fits that bill in both beauty and grace.” He trimmed at the sweet scented white flowers, wrapping them with care, “And how 'bout some White Tulips. I can’t guarantee she’ll forgive you, but they’re great for apologies and a you have a better chance at it.” He nodded with a huff, trimming down the stems that disappeared into long, wide, creamy petals.

“Okay, mmhmm, sounds good! What else? Oh! What about my love for her? She has to know!” Mephisto grinned eagerly, leaning over on his seat. The man laughed at his antics, roaring even louder as the young sorcerer fell to the floor.

“Alright, alright. We’ll throw in some yellow tulips and red roses. The first is for being hopelessly in love. You’re in love and you’re also hopeless.”

Mephisto frowned, “Yeah, okay, true.”

“The rose signifies passionate love. You got that too, kid.” The man grinned as he finished wrapped the flowers, tying it with a light green ribbon.

“It looks perfect!” Mephisto clutched his fist.

“Haha it should, I made it! Go on now!” He smirked, handing the bouquet to the dark magician.

“You’re just giving it to me?”

The man nodded, “Yep. Now none of these folk 'round here can say I never done nothin’ nice. Plus, I like your style kid. Come around anytime, I’ll teach ya all about it.”

“Gee, thanks, Mister…!”  


Mephisto nodded, giving him a thumbs up before heading out. He smiled excitedly, electing to ignore Farley telling him to change out of his 'ridiculous costume’ and how he liked the cape though. Nodding, he made his way towards the studio. If he timed it right, they’d be in the middle of practice.

He waltzed his way in, startling the young blonde at the front desk.

“Yo, lady. I need you to make sure this gets to Talia. The mean looking brunette with the blonde and redhead that always come here.” He extended a pistoled finger, winking at her.

She giggled, “Would you like to leave a name, sir? They’ll be done soon?”

“No!” He yelped, causing her to flinch. “Uh, no. Don’t even let them know I was here.”

“Won’t it be obvious considering you’re leaving flowers?” She gave him a cautious squint and he responded with a glare of his own.

Sparking up some dark energy, he grinned as her eyes widened in terror, “You’re not to tell them anything about me, unless you’d prefer your name and picture on the back of a milk carton…”

The young woman nodded quickly, tears pooling in her lavender eyes as she cringed. Smiling in satisfaction, he took his leave. He paused, realizing his mistake. He had said thank you to someone! He gagged. He was growing soft, and he be damned if anyone caught on. He was better than this. He was running around town, buying flowers and getting romantic advice for fucks sake! He’s suppose to be menacing! Blood thirsty! A prince of darkness. Huffing, he crossed his arms over his chest. This would be it. He’d reached his limit. This was the last damn time.

He glanced over the ledge to see the trio walking out. She was smiling softly down at the anonymous note he left describing the context of each plant, a deep blush ticking her nose. She hugged the flowers in her arms, rolling her eyes as Auriana teased her, causing Iris to giggle in response. Talia made a comment and began to walk ahead of them, embarrassment and annoyance clear upon her features. She glanced at the card again, and as a smile played on her lips, his heart skipped a beat.


He wasn’t sure what he had done to deserve this. He was surely blessed when Praxina took off after Iris with the monster. Ya know, for a girl destined to save her kingdom, she marked him as quite the opposite. If you can’t keep hold of your pendant, how can you manage a kingdom, let alone an army. Auriana has taken off after the freckled princess, worried over Iris’s habit of throwing herself in harm’s way without her magic to protect her.

That left Talia to him.

He grinned as he dodged her crystals, creating a blade for himself. He ran towards her as she summoned her staff, their weapons colliding. All was going well. Then he fucked up.

He had mocked her team, teasing her about having her mind elsewhere. She responded back with determination and anger, and he found himself lost in pools of gold. He stumbled back, and she toppled over him, face planting into his chest. Growing, she glared at him with new found aggravation, and his heart pounded against his rib cage and echoed through his ears. His face was flushed in an instant, his eyes wandered to her lips.

She looked at him in confusion before gasping, blushing and pulling off of him, stumbling back. She looked at him wide eyed. He cursed himself.

“Tongue tied, I see. I tend to have that effect on women.” He grinned, hoping to flare up her fury. The color drained from his face as she scrutinized him, her heavy gave making it hard to swallow. No. No! He had been careful every time! It had been a month or so now of him playing as her admirer, and he had been expertly careful. He never left evidence behind. Had he?

His concentration was broken by her making her way over to him, a glare on her face, “It was you, wasn’t it?”


“The dress, the flowers, the candies and books, all those stupid notes and trinkets! It was all you? You’re my secret admirer?!”

He gulped as her staff dug into his chest.

“I-I-I don’t know what you’re talking about! Crazy much? Come on, let’s get back to the fighting so I can go home!” His voice was strained, and a bit squeaky. He winced as she pressed harder.

“Do you think this is some silly little game? Messing with my life for your own amusement? I get that you’re evil, that’s your thing, but I will fight you! I have to!”

“T-Talia, I–” he stopped and his eyes went wide, “Wait. What do you mean?”

She flinched, heat rising to her cheeks, her grip loosening.

“You know exactly what I mean! I won’t let you get to me! Not again!” She growled, stepping away.

Oh. Oh.

He smirked, “You don’t mean to say you actually enjoyed it did you?”

He smirked, arrogance pushing down his fear as she gaped at him, and he let out a laugh, “Were you, dare I say it, falling in love with an admirer? And here I thought you were different from the other two. What, Kyle wasn’t good enough for you?”

She glared, crossing her arms, “At least he knows how to spell. 'Anonymous’ is not spelled with an 'i’ and it definitely doesn’t have an 'e’ in it.”

“Wait, does the 'e’ go in the middle instead of at the end or….” He scratched at his head in confusion.

“Gotcha, you bastard!” She growled, clenching her fist.

He winced, “Now Talia, hear me out!”

“As if! You embarrassed me! What am I supposed to tell Auriana and Iris! That it was all one big joke? Do you have any idea how awful that is?” Her voice faltered, “What it’s like to love someone and have it thrown in your face that they don’t like you?”

“Yeah, you put me through it on a daily basis.” Mephisto muttered, crossing his arms and rolling his eyes. She stared at him, her body slack and her mouth hanging open.


“Not that I…'cause…'cause I don’t!” He stammered, averting his eyes. Anywhere but her would do, but she had already caught onto him. His tone had been too defensive, his choice of words betraying  his pain. He scolded himself at his stupidity and his mind rambled in a search for a backup approach.  

“Shut up.”

He gulped as she walked her way over to him, a twisted expression of distaste  on her face. He knew it. She really was going to kill him.

He squeezed his eyes shut, bracing for impact. He peaked out, his eyes widening as she eyed him with a glare. Started he stood up straight, facing her with what little dignity he had left. She bit at her bottom lip, chewing it over as she battled her inner turmoil.

“Uh, Talia? Yoo hoo!”

Her eyes snapped open and she eyed him curiously before stepping closer to him. His mouth went dry, and he trembled as her eyes fell to his lips for a split second. Her eyes met his and she gave a daring smirk, the curve of her lips shocking him with revelation. He eyed her warily, his mind screeching at the danger of the situation. He glanced at her lips then back to those glowing eyes, carrying a newfound mischief he had yet to see in her. Stepping towards her, their chests collided and warmth emanated from their touch. He suppressed a desperate groan as she slowly rose to the tip of her toes, tilting her head a bit, her eyes lingering on his lips before he cautiously leaned down to meet her.   

He could feel the heat rising in his face and the sweet smell of jasmine and cinnamon flowed through the air. Her lips were soft and warm, the light pressure of her lips making his toes curl. His gloved hands came up to catch her by the waist, light and tender to the touch.

She pulled away, settling back onto her heels, her eyes closed and she let out a shaky breath. He wanted to scream. He had just kissed Talia, Princess of Xeris! And from the way her eyes fluttered open, she hadn’t mind all that much.

He should be helping Praxina with the other two, but Talia had risen once more. It was just one more time. He’d be satisfied.

She tugged at his cape this time, pressing harder. His hands found their way around her, and he held her tighter. Her body melted into his, and his pulse raced in pleasure.

He should be attacking her. She should be trying to get away from him. As they parted, she let out a light gasp. Her eyes had glazed over and her breath was shaky. This was wrong. He needed to end this. Gramorr would have his head if Praxina didn’t beat him to it, but those delicate fingers of hers were threading their way through his hair, and he held her tightly as his body ached with a tingling flow of enjoyment. The way the tips of her gloved fingers caressed his scalp relaxed his nerves and the flirtatious nibbling at his bottom lip elicited a pleading moan. He blushed, embarrassed at his own sensitivity, but she grinned like she had conquered a newfound spell.

Breathing became ragged as they fought for dominance, and he was certain she had won as he had never kissed a girl before, let alone made out with one. He was too drunk on the taste of berries and tea, a concoction he had found her to be quite fond of in his secret pursuit.

She pulled away abruptly as the ground shook beneath them, and out of instinct his embrace tightened over her. She seemed startled by it, a deep red dancing across her cheeks.

“Did you mean it?”

“What?” He was lost, still recovering from the delicious kisses she had bestowed upon him.

“The white tulips…and everything, I guess…” The bluenette looked down at her boots, but he didn’t miss the way her grip on his cape tightened.  

He nodded, “I can’t leave though. I can’t leave my sister and if Gramorr found out…”

He cringed and she pulled away, grabbing onto her staff.

“We should rejoin the others and go on with our mission.” She looked towards where the commotion erupted.

“Oh. Right.” He laughed, his voice strained as he attempted to sound more casual. Apparently he had been right at it only being one time. He supposed he never expected her to be comfortable with his position under Gramorr, but he had already lost too much. Leaving Gramorr was not only dangerous, but it would draw a line between the twins. He couldn’t leave Praxina, they were the only ones left. He promised to stay by her side no matter what; both had to be willing.

His eyes widened as he felt a small hand grip his own. .

“You go ahead, make it look like I struggled. I’ll take a bit longer.” She smiled up at him, giving his hand a tiny squeeze.

He didn’t know if she understood, but he nodded in understanding, taking to the sky. He paused as she held on, eyes glowing in rebellion.

“Auriana and Iris are pulling double dates this Thursday…I’ll be at the library on the second floor…”

He smirked, giving her a thumbs up before she smiled and took off towards the battle. Silently cheering and congratulating himself, he teleported to battle.

“Took you long enough!” Praxina growled, dodging one of Auriana’s crystals.

“My dearest sister, where would you be without me?” He grinned as she rolled her eyes before joining him in a spell. It was show time. He had done so too many times to count, and if he was lucky, he’d see their Xerisian friend even more.

He wasn’t one for limitations anyways.

Broken Loser - Vernon Christmas Scenario (mAJOR FLUFF)

Prompt from this list again. 

Again, If you have any requests please drop them in an ask! Could be anything except from smut lol k

I almost killed myself while writing this so good luck with reading and I hope u don’t die xo 

I live on the floor below you and was watching the snow fall outside when I saw you fall out your window, why would you put up lights like that?


You poured the hot water in your mug, the water mixing with the instant hot chocolate powder immediately. Time to treat myself, you thought while putting some whipped cream on top of it. You sat down on the couch in your small apartment, scrolling through your facebook timeline. The stuff some people posted on facebook though, why? You got a notification saying that you’ve had some memories on facebook. It showed you stuff you posted exactly one year ago. You scrolled past it and put a surprised look on your face when you saw that you moved into this place already a year ago. You moved from another country to Seoul, now living in an apartment complex. Since you weren’t fluent in Korean yet, you could only speak English. This sometimes was a struggle to communicate with people. There was a boy living above you who made you feel like home since the first day you arrived. He spoke English fluently and when he found out you only spoke English, he made sure to always say hi and ask you how your day was when he saw you. The conversations never went deeper than that, unfortunately. Vernon was a very friendly guy and he wasn’t too bad looking either.

Snapping out of your thoughts, you looked outside. To your surprise, it was snowing. The first snow of the year. This immediately made you happy. You quickly slid into your shoes and put on a light jacket, since you were already wearing a very warm, oversized sweater. You stepped outsite onto your balcony and you looked at the snow in awe. You’ve always liked winter, especially when it snowed and when you had some time off. The christmas lights on your balcony shining brightly. You got the familiar fuzzy feeling inside of you, which you always got around christmas time. You were quietly admiring the snow when you suddenly saw something fall and heard screaming. You raised an eyebrow and looked down, over the edge of your balcony and let out a shocked squeal when you saw it was Vernon. You immediately ran back inside, only to then ran out of your apartment, quickly down the stairs and outside. You kneeled down beside Vernon. ‘Vernon what the fuck are you doing? Are you okay?’ You asked seriously concerned. ‘I was just trying to put up my christmas lights and-‘ He groaned when he tried to move. ‘It didn’t go as planned.’ You sighed. ‘Why the fuck would you put up lights like that?’ You asked, grabbing your phone. ‘What are you doing?’ Vernon said, almost groaned. ‘Calling an ambulance you fucking idiot.’

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Always. (pt 3)

Originally posted by fictionalred

pairing: Jimin x Reader

genre: hogwarts!au, fluff (rather angst in this part)

words: 2,231

summary: “there will be a time where we have to choose between what is easy and what is right.”

part 3/?

part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4

Just as you were making your way to Snape’s office someone was calling out for you.

“Y/N!” their voice said.

You shook your head. “Buisy. Damned to detent-“

You stopped mid-sentence as you recognized the voice.


You abruptly stopped walking, stopping Jungkook and Taehyung with you. They didn’t seem to have noticed Jimin yet – by the sound of it he was at the other end of the corridor, but you could hear his footsteps coming your direction.

Y/N, calm down, this isn’t anything difficult. It’s a normal situation, so calm down. You took a deep breath as you were about to turn around and face him when Taehyung caught your attention by tapping on your shoulder.

When you looked at Taehyung again his facial expression was expectant. You guessed he had asked you something but you had been distracted by Jimin. You met his gaze once again and managed to get out a real smile thanks to the way Taehyung looked at you from above.

“Sorry, what did you say?”

Taehyung still didn’t seem to notice Jimin who was standing right behind you now as Tae was rolling his eyes at you, a light smile on his face.

“I was asking if you’d go to the ball with me.”

You were startled at first, you really hadn’t expected that. You had thought he already had a date, and this was why your jaw dropped slightly, your eyes wide open. You bet almost the whole grade had desired their date for the ball to be Taehyung, so seeing him now right in front of you, asking you out, was quite surprising. Gather yourself, you must look pretty dense and Jimin’s standing right behind you.

“Just as friends, don’t worry.” You relaxed, yet swallowed before you answered.

“Uh, yeah, sure.”, you said, relieved that you wouldn’t have to worry about your date anymore since you found someone you were comfortable with, someone you knew good; you were fine. Smiling, you turned around, looking right into Jimins eyes.

“I have to hurry.”, you said, still a bit smiling, “What’s the matter?”

You didn’t stop smiling until you realized what he said next.

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