every time i watch this show it reminds me of how i want to live near a creek

AsylumTale Relapse: Chapter 2

(5060 words)

Okay, so I had a burst of creative juices pound into my head and I finally finished this! I also, because of how the chapter turns out, decided to make this a three chapter thing. I hope you like it!


Okay, first of all, forgive me for reading it this late, there were some personal issues and had no time to get over the story.

Secondly: I must read the first part again, cause I not remember what happened earlier XP

And finally the big part. This story was AMAZING!!! Okay it had some tiny teeny grammar issues, but pffff I don’t mind, thanks to the way you built up the events. I really loved how you showed Asy’s agony and how much he hated the fact his condition got worse. (the ‘I wish I was dead’ segments were a bit harsh tho. He can be super depressed, but never wish for death) The way you portrayed his struggle, his fear and desperation was overall awesome. Seriously I felt sorry for him, my poor baby. I could point out every single scene and why they were great, but I don’t want to spoiler XP

So let me tell you, dear that you did an excelent job on this ‘short’ story and I’m eager to see the finale. Thank you so much for sharing me this marvelous idea!!! 

(you can read the story under the cut)

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‘Flower Stories’ (SNK; JeanMarco)

So this morning, I saw this beautiful post full of traditional art by thechosenchu and felt incredibly inspired, so here is a short drabble series based on those works. 

This is the story of Jean and Marco as childhood friends that grow into lovers and stay that way forever. (So if that’s not your cup of fluffy tea, feel free to scroll on by!) 

Enjoy the flower-themed fluff! (And as always, if tumblr eats my formatting, I apologize!)

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