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Minimalistic school glow up

Glow up for the studyblr minimalist. Tips on how to stay pretty, healthy and on top of your school work while being clutter free!

  • Skin - Glycerin attracts moisture and works as a primer. ACV restores skin ph. Salicilic acid (aspirin) and vitamin c (oranges lol) make your skin glow. Don’t use products with bad alcohol or any kind of fragrances.
  • Teeth - brush teeth with a powdered tooth paste. It’s better for your health (no additives to make it liquid) and better for the environment (more transportable). Add in baking soda or activated charcoal to give a whitening effect.
  • Makeup remover - taking off your makeup with oil is fine. 
  • Nails - Most nail polishes are toxic.
  • Hair - Sleep on a satin pillow case, only wash your hair with shampoo 2 times a week. Don’t brush, detangle with your fingers. Protect the ends of your hair with an oil. For shiny hair, rinse with ACV. 
  • Shaving - first scrub with sugar and olive oil then use coconut oil for shaving. Mens razors are better and cheaper.
  • Sun protection - most sun screens are toxic. Zinc cream doubles as an UVA filter. Products like shea butter have a low SPF, carrot oil has a high SPF and you can actually make it yourself. 

  • Health - Heal your gut. Start with taking probiotics and eating at least 500 grams of (raw) vegetables a day. Like eat a bag of carrots every day.
  • Vitamins - Wake up with the sun and go outside at least half an hour a day to get your vitamin D. Other supplements  you should considerate are vitamin b12, magnesium and zinc. 
  • Exercise - Work out everyday. 
  • Cheap diner ideas - wraps with beans and lettuce; coconut milk, curry paste, vegetables and rice with nuts; zucchini noodles with carrot and (white) beans; chili with tortilla chips. Lots of herbs.
  • Garden - growing your own herbs and vegetables like radish is cheaper and healthier than things from the super market.
  • Frozen - buy frozen food, it’s is cheaper and healthier. 
  • Stationary - All you need for college is a your planner/bullet journal, markers, a pen and one notebook for all your subjects. Just start an index so you have a place where you can find exactly what you need. 
  • Digital - Type up your notes every day on your laptop. 
  • Apps - Use OneNote, pocket and Mendeley. 
  • Desk - only put stuff on your desk you actually need. I have all my stuff in a transportable cart so I can place it near my desk and when I go to sleep I put it next to my bed. 
  • Take five to ten minutes before studying to go through everything on your desk and take off anything that you are not immediately using to study.
  • Don’t keep stuff from previous semesters - you don’t need it! “I should look up that paper from three semesters ago…” said NO ONE EVER.
  • Clothes - 10 t-shirts, 2 jeans, 2 shorts, 2 jumpers, 1 cardigan is enough. Use the time you needed to pick your clothes 
  • Shoes - one pair of boots, one pair of sandles, high heels and sneakers is more than enough. 
  • Socks - buy the same pairs of socks, you don’t have to roll them up. Just toss ‘em in the drawer.  
  • Shopping clothes - don’t buy anything. Only if you love it. And if you love it, buy more of it. Like if you love a t-shirt, buy it in another colour. And whenever you buy a bra, buy more than one piece of panties that match.
  • Shopping in general - don’t buy stuff. Spend your money on experiences like getting drunk, thank me later lol. If you don’t drink just go to the zoo or something like that. 
  • Washing - just wash your clothes by hand they’ll look better in the long run. Also buy one bowl, one glass, one… you name it. 
  • Social media - don’t use it. Don’t browse on your phone. Delete every account you don’t necesserily need, except your tumblr. 
  • Dorm - If you’re moving, get one bed (or just a mattress), a desk, a lamp and a chair and some place to store your clothes. And a plant or two. Everything else is extra. If you want to decorate, just change your wallpaper. 
  • Clutter - makes you stressed. College is already stressful enough. Declutter. Throw away duplicates. 
  • Selfies - clutter your phone. They don’t have any purpose. Take photos of special moments with your friends instead.

Good luck xx


I’ve said this before in other posts but for quite a while I have not believed Sam and Cait to be together (JMO) but that didn’t matter to me, to my ship, it didn’t make me any less of a shipper, I love the idea of them……what I don’t love is them playing with that idea for whatever means they deem necessary. They’ve used it to suit their agendas, whether that be to deflect from real relationships, promote the show, win fan awards and votes, they kept up the narrative of them as a couple for a reason. So I’m going with the latest narrative that is being sold to me at the minute that Sam is with MM because I feel this is what they want their fans to believe, this will prob change coming up to SDCC when they need to amp up promotion & interest again!!

Now riddle me this, you say you don’t live your relationship on SM….fair game….a wise choice IMO…..I would prob do the same BUT I would still live my life because its mine & why should I live it according to how fans/society see fit because that is just impossible to please everyone when the person you should be pleasing is yourself. So IMO having a relationship is a pretty big part of your life, they are your everyday partner, I get it neither Sam or Cait want to post selfies of SO’s probably to protect them and they shouldn’t have too. Now Cait kind of gets to slip easily by because if she is with Tony, he has no SM presence, she’s not as lovey to Sam on SM, still doesn’t excuse her behaviour over the past how many yrs if she is with T?? I’m still giving her major virtual side eye!!

Now Sam meets a girl who has been in the business since childhood, chasing the star dream, she moved quickly on from her ex-husband to boyfriend Billy & she didn’t hide it, they lived their lives posting selfies, having fun around the world and you know what fair fucks to her, she was living her life regardless of judgement from her fans or even Billy’s & they seemed equal, when I look at pics of them I see a partnership, a duo, I see a team, I actually see happiness.

Then she meets a guy who so fiercely wants to keep it off SM, she was sent the memo & she respects that to a degree, she doesn’t post selfies with him not like with the previous one, doesn’t post any pics of him so yeah she’s obeying the rules right?? Nope instead she posts odd one eyed innuendo laden pics geo-tagged to a tee from any place Sam Heughan so happens to be. She didn’t get the memo after all. And now Sam knows what she posts, he follows her, he sees it, he’s ok with it to some degree, he has to be…..maybe he thought ppl wouldn’t put two & two together, he’s being so private….but fans do because they are fans & it’s the digitally era where information is so readily available and well a shit storm erupts on her posts, now if this happened on 1 or 2 posts & then died down fair enough but nope EVERY single post it got worse and worse & even ones that had nothing to do with Sam she got abuse for.

Now you two are in a relationship, you are a team, a partnership, you care for one another, protective of one another….no….am I wrong…..SO’s are meant to give a fuck right….so you sit down TOGETHER as partners, one says you know what I’m not comfortable with putting out a selfie & being photographed together, retweeting your achievements and heaping praise on you & being supportive in public…the other would go fair enough….not gona lie, that would hurt me and sting a lot but whateves his choice…..but then he understands that she wants to post scenery pics and show off her adventures to everyone, live her life…..fine but you should then TOGETHER for the sake of protecting ONE ANOTHER, turn off commenting at the least or if you truly need all those positive fan comments then delete negativity, delete and block the trolls saying shit about you, shit about your man & shit about your man’s best friend/co-star, its disrespectful to yourself, to him & to his best friend. If he wants to intervene like he did before on the Christmas tree pic then fair dues, he should, if that’s his SO, protect her BUT she should do the same in return. It’s not like she is getting thousands of comments, a few hundred from the same accounts being fake and ass kissing to “fans” policing her page to trolls starting an idiotic war. But this should be a team effort, of two ppl who are in a relationship together, one of which is being trolled for it & the other judged for it, have each other’s backs, you are both accountable!!

I said yesterday on another post about Cait’s birthday pic, that I didn’t recognise Sam or Cait in it & so many times when there have been “SO’s” in attendance I haven’t recognised the easy, relaxed, fun loving, flirty duo I have come to know and love but if this is their true happiness with these SO’s, my opinion on the fact will have no impact on them.

I’ve read that Sam has finally started to block ppl, some unfairly but still at least he’s slowly starting to take much needed action in this fandom because he contributed to this shit storm, both he and Cait…… and MM and Shatner and Anti’s and shippers and trolls and unhinged “journalists” and the drivers and certain crew members and so on and on….so many are not blameless, I’m not to a degree, I bought the obsessable campaign, I bought the SamCait dating rumours, I bought into the ship and I own up to that but I won’t apologise for that. I didn’t bully, troll, spread hate, invade, data mine or cross any boundaries other than follow two actors on SM and reblog pics, gifs, quotes & info they put out there…..there’s nothing to apologise for!!

Today I’m a little less of a fan of the both of them than i was yesterday and i’m not sure if i will truly be that same fan again, but i’m tired and over it all, whatever is going on, if these are their SO’s its turned into a shit show, if they are not their SO’s it’s turned into a shit show….either way its a shit show no one can or should be proud of.

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how about rfa member reacting to mc getting in accident with them and going amnesia? sorry i just love angst so much

That’s fucking dark, man. I love it. As RFA member do you mean members? I’m just going to do it towards the RFA gang and hope that’s what you wanted lmao. I’m currently recovering for ruining a hella long headcanon because I accidentally deleted it, so I need to write something else before I facking cry. Sorry if Yoosung’s is odd, but I imagine the little muffin losing his mind (like Rika lmfao)


  • This little muffin would be heartbroken
  • He would lose hope on first hearing about it
  • But for some reason, he’d probably just break
  • Not just break, but lose it
  • He already lost Rika, and now MC?
  • He couldn’t let you go. He wouldn’t let you go.
  • Yoosung was going to make you remember, even if your mind didn’t want to
  • This was selfish, but he couldn’t bare to live without you in his life
  • Yoosung would try everything; pictures, videos, stories about you and him
  • He was with you 24/7 after that, and tried to relentlessly restore your lost memory
  • Even if you were ridden with headaches, and even more confusion, he wouldn’t give up
  • Everyone in the RFA was begging him to just stop, because it had begun getting harmful for your mental health
  • Sometimes he even exhibited odd out-of-character aggressiveness, because he was irritated you couldn’t just remember him
  • He stopped playing LOLOL just to try harder for you
  • “I’m being the person you wanted me to be. Don’t you remember? Don’t you remember?!”
  • He felt betrayed that you had left them like Rika, but didn’t blame you
  • Even if you were scared of him, for being so desperate and unstable, he’d stop at nothing
  • Even if it meant brainwashing you, which must run in the family


  • He was so scared to lose you when he first heard of the accident, and couldn’t believe you had forgotten him
  • After all you had been through?
  • MC’s memory would come back, wouldn’t it?
  • The answer of “maybe” from the doctors just was’t enough for him
  • He would try to revive your memories by singing your favourite songs of his
  • It broke his heart when you fangirled, excited to meet Zen for the first time
  • He could only play along with it for so long, and then he was unable to take it anymore
  • He showed you all the selfies you both took together, in great hope you would find it in you to remember him
  • When you remembered nothing, he just sighed, defeated
  • Even if you didn’t remember him, he would at least be there for you, every step of every day on your road to recovery
  • He couldn’t just force you to remember him, because he knew it wasn’t that easy
  • Zen never stopped loving you, even if you were just friends from then on
  • The only reason why he kept his career going on, was because you still remembered him as your idol, and you were still a fan


  • As soon as he heard of the accident, he immediately regretted letting you go off by yourself
  • He blamed it all on himself, since he had promised himself to preserve you as best as he could, and as long as he could
  • He took MC being around all the time for granted, didn’t he?
  • He took the woman that had actually understood him for granted, didn’t he?
  • Not even precious Elizabeth 3rd could make him feel better
  • Since you were his, he couldn’t possibly just let you go
  • He’ll even rebuild the entire relationship all over again
  • MC doesn’t even have to remember everything from the previous times you two had together, he just needs you as you were before
  • He’d never give up on restoring your memories, or your relationship
  • Jumin would pay for the best medical professionals in the area to help you recover
  • He never surrendered you, because he wasn’t just letting you go that easy
  • Regardless of your gain or loss of memory, he treated you as his prized possession as always
  • He bought you anything just to get you to love him again


  • After hearing about the accident, she stopped work and left mid-shift just to go see you
  • And as soon as she heard that you had no memory of her, she was absolutely broke
  • But, she tried her best to conceal this heartbreak, and tried to calmly explain what had gone wrong, and who she was
  • She would never force you into anything you couldn’t handle
  • Jaehee would be too scared that too much information could only hurt you
  • She couldn’t foucs on work
  • She would try to keep too much grief and emotions in check, in fear you may forget even more, if it was possible
  • Everyone began getting worried, because she seemed a little too fine
  • Jaehee always was “fine”
  • They could see right through her, and consulted her about her deep sadness she felt from your memory loss
  • She only denied that she was heartbroken, and pushed on that she was happy enough that you were okay
  • This worried everyone else even more, since she was bottling things up
  • But it didn’t take too long until something got through and she broke down to you, crying and begging for your memories to return
  • In her fit, she took out pictures and tried to get you to remember
  • But as soon as she realised what she was doing, she apologised for confusing you and went back to playing her role, hoping that one day you would remember the memories you shared


  • He immediately ran to the hospital as soon as someone told him what had happened
  • And when he found out you had no idea who he was, some part of him died a little
  • You both had been through so much, and you helped him become a happier person, the 707 he’s always wanted to be
  • But to have you forget him, your feelings for him, his feelings for you?
  • He was as good as dead
  • He begged for you to remember him, tears and all
  • When you couldn’t recall anything, he simply wiped his tears and apologised for causing so much trouble
  • Then, he left
  • He left you alone for good, thinking that it was better this way in the long run
  • Seven still stalked you online, and hacked around to get any information on you, to make sure you were safe and happy
  • He stopped talking to the rest of the RFA, and everyone was worried for him
  • He just shut everything out and wished he was blessed with amnesia as well, so he could simply forget how his happiness was taken away
  • But, he could never forget you
  • Why couldn’t MC do the same?
Two Roads Meet - Chapter 5

A/N: The gaps between these updates are literally hiatus-worthy wow I need to pay more attention to this fic I’m sorry 

Summary: Phil Lester, a shy, poetic hipster, is talented at a lot of things; social interaction not being one of them. But when his best friend Tom, a popular socialite, wins a competition for a Road Trip, Phil suddenly finds himself meeting a whole new group of friends, including the total stud Dan Howell; a flirt-machine in a leather jacket. But will Phil’s awkwardly interesting personality intrigue Dan, or completely freak him out?

DISCLAIMER: Obviously (and unfortunately) everything I have written is entirely fictional. I am not claiming Phan is real



In the midst of my panic over where I was going to sit without looking like a complete friendless tag-along, I suddenly felt a hand tug onto mine, grabbing my attention. I swivelled round suddenly, to find Dan staring up at me, a friendly glint in his eyes.
“You can sit next to me if you want.” He suggested shyly, flicking a brown strand of fringe out of his eyes.
“Oh.” I responded, mildly surprised. “Sure.” I gave him a little half-smile, although Amelia worried me. She had seen exactly what Dan was doing, and was practically stabbing me with the power of her evilly blue eyes.
“Come on.” He budged up, letting me position myself comfortably on one of the cushioned makeshift seats.
“Thanks.” I laughed shakily, suddenly realizing that it was probably only a polite gesture as he was probably aware of the risk I was at of sitting alone.
Well, whatever it was, it was kind of him.
“We have a good view here.” He nodded over to the giant window we were leaning against. I turned around, to be met with the breathtaking sight of the city we were overlooking, illuminated by the most vibrant, picture perfect stars peppered beautifully across every building our eyes were exposed to.

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a glass heart, and all its parts

Yo I wrote some college au victuuri 

Title: a glass heart, and all its parts

Summary: Katsuki Yuuri comes to study in America with the hope that a change of environment will give his mental health the break he needs to finally write that book he’s always wanted. Viktor Nikiforov is there because he can’t think of anywhere better to be, sitting on a novel draft with zero inspiration to finish it. This is the story of how they struggle with themselves and their stories, and how they maybe find love in the process.

Read on AO3 or below!

Maybe, Yuuri thinks as he drops his last suitcase on the floor of his new bedroom, it’ll be easier this time around. He’s left everything behind to come study in New York, and he’s still not sure if he’s just made the best or worst decision of his life. There’s still an ache in his chest left over from the painful goodbye he’d exchange with his family twenty four hours ago in the airport in Fukuoka, but he feels surprisingly light here in a foreign country where there isn’t a single familiar face. The familiarity of Hasetsu had been as stifling as it had been comforting, full of faces that were just as likely to jeer as they were to offer a smile. Being the chubby gay kid with weird hobbies hadn’t done him much favors in a small town, and there’s a big part of Yuuri that’s excited for the anonymity of a big city.

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Frat!Luke Part Seven (Smut Imagine)

Hey guys! Today in the second part of #2KFollowersFanFicMarathon I have a little bit of smut for you;) Hope you enjoy it:D
I also finally got to make the cover photo (if you want your selfie in it all you have to do is submit it). 

Here are the previous parts and as always I would very much appreciate your feedback. Love you, xx-Z. 


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Incarcerus: Chapter 1

summary: AU. Vampire and bail bondsperson Emma Swan is drawn into a supernatural murder mystery that entangles her with strange forces, dark secrets, a far-too-charming, handsome, and enigmatic fellow vampire named Killian Jones, and the ultimate questions of how to start a blog on Fangd, get a parking spot in Boston, and avert an immortal war. She is confident love is nowhere in the plan.
rating: T
status: WIP
available: FF.net and AO3
notes: I decided to go ahead and post it. This is my new project, and as usual, I would probably not expect the speediest updates on it, but oh well. I can’t stay away from multi-chapters too long, apparently. Alas.

 I am a vampire.

 It’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

 In fact, and you probably saw this pun coming a mile off:

 It usually kind of sucks.

Emma sat staring at the computer screen until her eyes crossed, she leaned back in her chair with an aggravated noise, and deleted the text, only to find nothing more scintillating to take its place. Then she was left performing the frustrated writer’s gaze upon the abyss of blank-white doom, which was even worse, so she typed it back in again, tried to think of synonyms with more syllables, made a louder noise of aggravation, and deleted them for the second time. This was pointless anyway. Nobody was going to read this blog even if she started it, those that did weren’t liable to be happy with her for it, and she had not a single scrap of penetrating or original insight to help anyone who might find themselves thrust unpleasantly into this new situation, which was the reason she’d had this whole godforsaken idea in the first place. They didn’t exactly hand out “So Now You’re a Vampire, How To Not Fuck Up Your Afterlife” how-to guides, and considering the hash she’d made of her previous one, she was probably the least qualified individual to think about offering advice on this one. Still, though. She’d had a moment of believing she could be useful; they came along every so often, long after the last one had died of loneliness. That she could try to build a support group for people who did what sensible people did in this day and age, when their entire life turned upside down and they had no idea how to deal with it: Google that shit and complain about their problems online, just like everyone else. Connect over similar interests. If in this case it happened to be the fact that you were now an immortal blood-drinking unholy creature of night and terror instead of some ordinary hobby like TV shows or collector cars or pictures of cats doing dumb things, not that different. But she’d just been deluding herself. As usual.

After a moment, Emma closed the browser window, then clicked her dash through a refresh. Figuring out what to name a social media site for supernaturals had taken, possibly fittingly, a truly legendary effort. At first it had just been Fangbook, until the werewolves objected that this was discriminatory, and attempted to start Furbook in revenge, which had not worked out for them; it was remembered as the MySpace of the equation, and besides, it sounded like the home of disturbing niche porn. Fangstagram was, for obvious reasons, out, as vampires and cameras generally rendered each other obsolete, and a Twitter full of actual wolves might be even worse than the regular one. Their manifold networking difficulties had finally arrived at a compromise in the form of their current vehicle: Fangd. To avoid a second go-round of the nomenclatorial dilemma, it had been pointed out that both vampires and werewolves had fangs, and besides, it sounded cool. Currently, it was mostly used for chat posts, arranging feeds, perusing heavily filtered photos of buff shirtless werewolves, and the inevitable casual hookups section, as well as worthless shit to buy (all products promising to increase a vampire’s tolerance to sunlight were to be filed in the same category as penis-enhancement-pill spam emails).

As far as Emma had found, admittance to the supernatural set seemed to function along the same rules as your first day at high school: asking for help marked you out as the newbie, and in this case, the cool kids snacking on you might not be at all a figure of speech. So everyone, even if they didn’t, acted like they knew exactly what they were doing. And the high school comparison could be depressingly apt, considering that all-powerful immortals with hundreds of years of age and experience at their disposal could still hold the pettiest of ridiculous grudges. The “blood feud” and “perpetual enemies” things were way overblown, but stuff did happen. Another reason Emma had wanted to start the blog. Immortal did not by any stretch of the imagination mean indestructible, and plenty of clueless newcomers got caught in the crossfire of the power struggles. Then there were the simply stupid ones. You couldn’t be killed by the same things as before, no, but you could still Darwin Award yourself out of the running.

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anonymous asked:

Hi toni, this isn't really a prompt from your list but I was thinking maybe something of zayn and liam taking photos for their first instagram post of them finally being able to hang out in public and every time liam takes the photo zayn is silly in some way. Hope you're doing okay sweet. X

“Well. If you’re not going to take this seriously Malik, I’ll just have to do another run of the mill selfie and you and me will have to carry on pretending that not only do we not wake up next to each other each morning, but that we don’t sit there at the recording studio supporting each other when we can.”  

Liam pauses, he’s facing away from Zayn as he says it and he knows Zayn’s about to say something, quite probably snarky though just like the three previous times Liam’s held the phone up, only to have to delete each pic, well okay put them in folder entitled’ Just for us’, he’ll minimise the effect of the snark by sweeping Liam’s hair that’s grown so much recently away from where it flops onto his forehead.

Liam turns back to face him, lips formed into a pout and adds. “And maybe when we have officially reunited in a few months’ time rather than today,” he says ‘reunited’ complete with air quotes, “I’ll tell all the fans, it was all your fault they had to wait this long cause someone,” he pokes a finger into Zayn’s side, the pout easing a little, and replaced by the beginnings of a smile.  “Wouldn’t stop making kissy faces into the camera.”

Zayn snorts a laugh out. “Never took you for a spoilsport Leeyum, and you’re forgetting the little detail that people would wonder why I was doing kissy faces into the camera and your team and mine would have kittens at the thought of you explaining that without lapsing into fond mode factor 3000,”  

Zayn pauses then and sure enough the hand sweeps gently at Liam’s hair, and Liam pretends not to notice the way Zayn bites at his lips, the way his eyes soften as he does and the way Liam himself wishes they were able to share all this, share how proud they are of each other.

There’s time in the future for that he knows, but there’s always this twinge of regret that sits heavy in his stomach.   

For now he’s glad, so glad and so relieved that after this, they can start to do normal things like tweet each other again and he burns with the excitement of that.  

His thoughts are interrupted by the hand that cups his cheek, and the smile on Zayn’s face.

“Earth to Liam, come on then, let’s do it, sooner we do, the sooner we can turn our phones off for the next twelve years with all the notifications we’ll get.”

The nagging doubt he’d kept to himself these last months, as today got closer returns then, and for once, in this last chance to back off, he voices it.  

“Do you think people will be happy?  I mean, I know it’s what we want, but what if it backfires?”

The hand drops from his cheek, and it’s replaced by a finger on his lips hushing him.

“Stop over thinking babe, we’ll deal with whatever comes though for what it’s worth, I don’t think we’ve too much to worry about.”

Liam knows this really, knows that as much as this is what he and Zayn have wanted all along, but couldn’t deliver, at least they knew, at least their families and their closest friends knew without a doubt all along.

But this, to the eyes of the world, it’s their first step back to how it used to be. After this, if it does go to plan, there’s more not just for them though that reality, that step for just them won’t happen overnight,  there’s the tentative steps planned long ago, for all of them.

They just have to get over today first, school their expressions into something that isn’t filled with love, or at least not the type of love that they possess, post a pic onto Instagram, and get on with their day, get on with their music.

Sounds simple right?  

Twenty minutes later, Liam’s convinced that if Zayn carries on like this, all he’ll be posting is a picture of him smacking Zayn on the head with his mobile phone.


He glances at the clock on the wall in the studio.  

“Come on Zed, if we don’t hurry up, then everyone’ll be back and it’ll be even harder.”

Zayn rolls his eyes. “Okay, but I dunno what was even wrong with the last two pictures anyway.”

“Oh we’ll have a look shall we?” Liam replies, huffing out a breath as he looks down at his phone, finding the last two pictures.

One of which is a legacy no doubt of Zayn and Louis having knocked around together the last week or two even more than usual, while Liam’s been even busier in the studio.

Zayn doing a wet Willy with the little finger of his left hand while he kissed Liam’s forehead. 

It may just be one of Liam’s favourite pictures in recent months, and he can’t stop the grin that creeps onto his face as he stares at it but it damn well isn’t useable.

The other, not so silly.  Zayn side on to the camera, holding up his right hand, the mandala showing while with the other,  blowing a kiss at Liam.

And well, there’s nothing wrong with that one either, there’s too much in it that’s right about it for it ever to be wrong and he’ll send it to his mum later and Zayn’s mum and they won’t shut about it probably ever, but for now,  just no.

The thing is, and he won’t voice it because it sounds daft even as he thinks it, even as he contemplates it, because he’s the man that wore their rings on stage in Cardiff to prove that they’d never be broken.

He’s just nervous, and he knows it’s normal. It just feels ridiculous to have nerves when this is all they’ve wanted for so long and perhaps that’s just it.  It has to be perfect but maybe just like them, there’s nothing more perfect than just relaxing into it, not trying too hard. 

He stares at the carpet of the studio, holds up the phone and mutters. “They’re perfect for us, just not for now.”

There’s a sigh from just across the room, and he hears the creak of the chair as Zayn stands up, crosses the short distance and the phone is taken from him with one hand, while the other pulls Liam up to face him.

“You and me,” Zayn giggles softly before a wry smile takes over his face as he says instead, “or you and I, we’ve done this all wrong, built it up into some big thing, and yes.before you say it, it is big, but it’s just one picture, it’s just us, just proving that the years may have changed us but what we have hasn’t whatever people think that was.”

It’s Liam’s turn to giggle as he pushes gently at Zayn. 

“You make it sound like we’re 84 not a 24 and a 23 year old, you soft sod.”

Zayn shrugs, lowering his eyes before he looks up again,

“Am I wrong though, because the more we stress, the more we worry about the fine detail, the worse it gets, when all we really need to do,”

He stops talking for a moment, pulls Liam alongside him, adjusts their position a bit so the mixing desk can be seen next to them and then he puts his arm round Liam, holds the phone up and finishes his words,

“Is relax, imagine this really is some parallel universe where we haven’t seen each other in too long, and imagine how happy we’d be if that was the case.”

Liam pulls a face. “That’d just make me emotional Zayn, not happy.”

“Okay then,” Zayn pauses for a moment before the mischievous twinkle, the one that’s never far away from his eyes lately, returns. “Just imagine Paddy stark naked if that’s easier, now, ready?”

Liam’s about to say that brings out a whole new kind of emotion, but instead he starts to laugh, and there’s a squeeze on his shoulder that turns his attention to Zayn, and they exchange a glance as the click of the camera comes and goes in an instant. 

Liam hears Zayn say. “That’s perfect that,” and then with a couple of taps of his fingers, he adds “Done.” before he places the phone on the mixing desk where almost immediately the vibration of the notifications on the phone makes it hum on the surface of the desk.  

Somewhere in Liam’s head,  he wonders why he worried when it was easy as that.

Was always going to be okay, and deep down he knew that. 

But then as the sound continues, and soon its accompanied by the text message alerts, he’s caught up in Zayn’s words in his ears,then the lips on his,  he knows.  Resolves to remember for the next time.

Everything’s easy as long as its them. 


For @sodomymcscurvylegs Reasons why he’s problematic and needs to delete (long post btw)  

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