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Small Bump in the Road- Elijah Mikaelson

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*A lot of times I like to put off good things off because I believe the antici..pation makes them all the better. But with many interesting ideas not yet coming to words, I decided to finally write this one down. This one is sorta sad and isn’t necessarily resolved by the end. xoxo*

Your love and devotion for Elijah was undeniable. You had fallen in love with him when you were in the middle of your youth and you guess he had felt the same taking in consideration that he pleaded that you let him turn you, allowing you two to be together for the rest of eternity.

You had been together for thousands of year, yet the passion remained burning. Through daggerings and trials, you both ended up back in eachother’s arms. The love never faded, only grew, and to this day, you still found yourself getting lost with him just how you did at 19.

Though every once in awhile, your happiness faltered at a want you could never have: a baby. Initially, you had not realized this was something you wanted. You were young and still quite reckless. Love had yet to include family. But after about two centuries, you had become more aware of the families around you. Other couples you would cross had the same look of adoration in their eyes for one another, but that love would be shared and reborn with a small child now accounted for.

You wanted this, desired it, more than anything else. Although you had never let Elijah know. It would sometimes eat you up inside since you rarely ever hid anything from Eli, but you knew the guilt that would fill him because of the problem he could not fix. Neither of you were capable of creating new life and the idea of adoption sadly was not something you wanted to take into consideration. This is the one secret you would take to your grave, or at least you thought.

“Y/N?” Elijah called for you from across the cafe table. You sat across from him reading Jane Eyre, one of your favorite novels of all time, even having your edition signed by Bronte herself.

You looked toward him, his attention transferring from the newspaper to you “What is it?” You asked.

“It seems that you have caught the attention a young man.” You brows furrowed as you turned around to look in the direction of Elijah’s teasing eyes. Just one table behind you sat an infant boy, no older than 8 months. He had rosy red cheeks and short blonde hair, and he was staring directly at you, a innocent smile spreading across his face as he realized he caught your attention.

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My daughter sent me this and it is all of the truths. 

People ask me why I “spoil” my daughter by not making her pay half of everything and it frustrates me so much. 

1. She took on her entire college education, and has never asked for my help. She is down to owing $30k.
2. When I wanted to get her a new car, she instead only let me pay the down payment and makes that payment every month. 
3. Being a recent graduate with no experience she gets paid a VERY low salary for the job she works her ass off at, and every SINGLE TIME she gets a raise she takes on another bill.
4. She does all of this while battling bipolar, anxiety, and ADHD, and fucking rocks at it.

Why do people think putting your kids through more stress than they need is the best way to “help them grow up”????

I love my beautiful hard working mess of a millennial, and if I want to fucking “spoil” her it’s my choice, because I can! 

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Why don't you do starter calls?

ooc:: Honestly? Because there would be too much interest. Too much effort put into all those replies with little to no pay off. Starter calls are a blessing and a curse. They make people feel emboldened to interact buuuuut people also are less inclined to reply to things if it’s not what they want. I use to do starter calls but people would just never reply to stuff I wrote. And it irked me so I sorta stopped.

 I’m much more likely to do a plotting call than anything these days. I like to plan things out ( threads, dynamics, relationships etc. ) - flesh them out a bit and then just dive into stuff that is more than just a blind shot in the dark. It’s also much more fun to get over the terse, stale and repetitive initial greeting stuff if I’m honest. 

The other reason - every time I do make a starter call I get so much response that I actually get overwhelmed and just don’t end up doing stuff. So I think it just makes everyone feel less enh if I don’t do ‘em at all. Just come at me and talk shop if you wanna write, my dudes.


Chloe gave Lucifer a look that was cross between not believing him and actually taking his word into account and that he wasn’t lying. Chloe was not a fan of heights but Lucifer wanted to go skiing with her on a mountain for their Christmas vacation in the mountains.

“If you’re sure….” Chloe trailed off, holding onto her poles with her mittens on hand while Lucifer looked every bit of a model in a winter magazine.

Lucifer looked at her and lifted an eyebrow when she said ‘if you’re sure’. “One, have I ever been unsure of anything?” he asked, lifting an eyebrow. “And two, I would never put you in any kind of recreational danger.” He put her in work danger more times than he wanted, but that was the job. He tilted his head to the side, giving her a small smile, “Trust me, Detective,” He said quietly. “And afterward I promise there will be a warm fire and some tea or….hot chocolate if you so desire.”

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How do you think Heinz acted in the time period between his divorce and Perry being assigned as his nemesis? I imagine he was thinking of trying to take over the Tri-State Area, but the ideas never took off because there was nobody to properly challenge him. His main focus was on Vanessa, even though he only has custody every other weekend. What if he felt guilty because he wanted Vanessa to have the life he never had with a loving, complete family and blames himself for ruining it?

Oh, interesting!! I imagine that the period between the divorce and Perry’s assignment was probably a mix of depressive episodes, scheming (but with no real intention of putting those schemes into action for the most part), and of course, thinking about what the divorce has done to Vanessa

((Warning, this is about to take kind of a dark turn))

I feel like he probably felt incredibly guilty of ruining up Vanessa’s life. Not only did he end up making Charlene divorce him, he’d become so messed up over it afterwards that Vanessa may not have even wanted to go stay with him anymore. He was probably scheming day and night, so wrapped up in past memories because it was the only way he could distract himself from the problems of the present. He didn’t eat or sleep much. It scared Vanessa, and even though she didn’t see the full extent of it, it probably scared Charlene. He was obsessive about overthrowing Roger. He hardly paid attention to anything else, even his own daughter, unless he was having one of the rare days when he seemed almost normal again. On those days, he’d spoil her like he did before the divorce, with “father-daughter days” that made her feel like she had a dad again. Then he’d go right back to scheming. Scheming and drinking and pacing around the apartment for hours on end.

Then came the day that he decided to actually go through with a scheme of his. Probably something simple and easy, something that he thought would go off without a hitch. And that’s when Perry showed up and thwarted him for the first time. And that’s when he suddenly had a purpose: beat the platypus and take over the tri-state area.

((Note: this may be the product of a week-long depressive episode so like… it’s probably not very in-line with the actual canon of the show, it’s just me being angsty))

ok so @angelyoons tagged me in this and I'm so happy I love being tagged in stuff!!!

Rules: Put your music on shuffle, list the first 9 songs and your favorite lyrics from each. Then, tag 9 other people to participate!

Superlove - Charli XCX

“I think your hair looks much better pushed over to one side, how do you feel about me?”

Roman Holiday - Halsey

“I know that we’re headstrong, and our heart’s gone, and the timing’s never right”

Dug My Heart - Børns

“You dug my heart a grave, I watched you illustrate the expression of another lonely girl”

No. 1 Party Anthem - Arctic Monkeys

“It’s not like i’m falling in love i just want you to do me no good, you look like you could”

Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off - Panic! At The Disco

“I’ve got more wit, a better kiss, a hotter touch, a better fuck than any boy you’ll ever meet, sweetie you had me” 

505 - Arctic Monkeys

“I crumble completely when you cry, it seems like once again you’ve had to greet me with goodbye”

Coming Down - Halsey

“I found a martyr, he told me that I’d never with his educated eyes, and his head between my thighs”

Airplanes - 5 Seconds Of Summer

“love lost and buried here, it comes to life. make believe worlds make us all feel alive”

Even In My Dreams, I Can’t Win - Bad Suns

“My bed is spun by web, cool breeze of night air, a silky nightmare”

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“I think this is where you have to choose.”

“You have to decide whether I’m worth your time, your effort, your Sunday afternoons and your Monday mornings. You have to decide if you want me.”

Her voices drops to a whisper.

“You have to decide if you want all of me. The moments when I’m all over you and trace kisses across your jawline and the moments when I refuse to lift my head off the pillow or take off my headphones.”

“Because I’m done with answering the door only to have you slam it back in my face. I’m done with picking up the phone and listening to you fumble your way through half-hearted apologies and promises that you’ll break as soon as I put the phone down and I’m done with trying to remember what your voice sounded like when lies didn’t lace your every second word.”

“Don’t say that if I loved you I wouldn’t make you choose,” she cries when he opens his mouth to argue. “Don’t you ever dare tell me that I don’t love you.”

“Because the love I’m offering is the most complete thing left in my body. But I refuse to let you take it from me and break it without a second thought or glance in my direction.”

“So you have to choose, you have to decide, if this love is worth it.”

—  This is something called self-preservation, 03/06/2015
Another True Experience

A long time ago I had a girlfriend that every once in a while would indulge me in my love of diapers, this is one such night.

We were just hanging out one night having some drinks and watching movies. I got her to diaper me. She put me in two Attends, the good old school ones with plastic backing.

I let her know when I started wetting. She told me to take my shorts off, because she said she needed to be able to see how full my diapers were getting. So I took my shorts off and was sitting there in just my diapers and a tee shirt.

As the night went on, my diapers were getting full. I asked her to change me. She said no, not until they leak!! I was nervous as I have never let my diapers leak in front of her. She told me that she didn’t want me to leak onto the couch or carpet. So she had me stand in the kitchen where she could see me.

My diapers were full!! But the diapers were on tight and Attends held strong. I told her that I really needed changed and that I did not know if I could get them to leak. She said, “Too bad, you’re not getting changed or leaving the tile until you leak.”

I started to push on my diapers with my hands. She then told me that I was not allowed to use my hands. So there I was, standing and trying to get my diapers to leak by squeezing my legs together! She laughed and laughed.

Finally I was able to get the diapers to leak. Humiliating standing in leaking diapers with puddles around my feet. She saw they leaked. “Good” she said, “now clean up the puddles.” I did as I was told. Hoping to get changed right afterwards.

She left the room and I heard the bathtub filling. She called me in and said that since I leaked I needed a bath. She actually bathed me. Washing my hair and body!

When my bath was over I was drying off and I told her I needed to pee. She left the bathroom and came back with a child’s potty chair. She said, “Since you’re still in diapers you must need this, now squat down.” I did, super humiliating!! She said she got it at a garage sale. After I went potty she double diapered me again.

Before bed she had me use a huge penis shaped vibrator on her. She came like five times. She kisses my forehead and said “nighty nighty.”

The next night we went to the bar. She had me put on a diaper. While at the bar her best friend came in. She proceeded to tell her friend about the night before and that she had me in a diaper that night as well.

Her friend laughed, squeezed my butt to feel my diaper and then told my girlfriend, “Good for you, that is awesome!”

I long for situations like this now, but don’t have anyone to diaper me. Maybe one day it will happen again!

I saw you walking in the aisle, catching every eye, smiling on people who’s jaw dropped. You smiled at me, I waved back, at that moment, my time stopped, even skipped a heart beat. Now it’s clear, all I can see is you, walking towards me, you never put down that sweetest smile I’ve ever seen. Those lips, as pink as primrose, the dress you wear complement on your braided hair. But you never want a braid that way, so you insisted to lose off, your long scented hair; now pulling a messy bun so it’ll show your pretty face. I’m memorizing your move, on a second you snapped me to ask how am I, on the minute you stood up to get a drink, you’re so beautiful for those actions you take. Can I just stop this time to stare at the beautiful creation ever made? You sing with my friends, my only focus was on you, you danced with my parents, and honestly I can’t stop looking at you. On that moment, a blissful moment alike of a dream, I began to frown, for this is the last time I’m going to see you like this.

My love, the Queen of my heart, I remember falling for you, and I still feel the same. I still remember the very first time you dragged an eye towards me, the time you introduced yourself, I got intimidated so I just shrug it off. I remember calling you at your room just to say hi. I remember it all. The time that I meet your parents, the time I’ve fallen in love, the time I first held your hands and face, the time I kissed your lips but still lingers between mine. The time I saw you cry, then knocking off a cigarette stick. I remember it all. For that three-minute song, I remember every thing from the very first time we met.

I couldn’t shed a tear, but I insisted to embrace the whole of you before you leave this crowded place. The moment I never wanted to end. And now for the very last time, you let me. You let me love you for my last stay. After that, I unchained my arms, I bit my lip, staring at you, holding your hands, a minute of blank gaze, no talking, a shut mouth with sweet smiles. Then I let go… I let go, the girl of my dreams.

I will, and will always say this. I love you so much. That now I’m letting you love whoever your heart says. I’m thankful for the times you let me feel what true love is. You’re the best person I’ve ever met on my whole existence in this teenage years. You’re a roller-coaster that up to now I still feel my belly tickle a bit. You’re still the reason why these butterflies are widely awake. You’re still the reason why I’m looking forward to love someone new. But not until that I finally met her, I’ll say this to you, I love you, and you still have all of my heart.

why is it that people with long hair are consistently the worst customers? actually I know the answer to this. it’s because they’re so protective of their length and never cut their damn hair. so when they come into you and ask for you to take off the dead ends, you see the bottom 3 or 4 inches are completely fried and you show them how much of the ends have to come off (and they nod like “you would know better than me”) & trim them. and then they get mad?

also they’ll say things like “blow dry my hair so it has volume” AND I WILL TELL THEM that because of the weight of longer hair it’s really difficult to put volume into it without back combing it or doing a roller or thermal set or a chemical texturizing service (extra $), and that if they want volume in their hair then the best thing for them is to get a long layered cut. and they turn it down every time and get nippy when their hair doesn’t have a lot of volume it in. im sorry! I’m a beautician, not a magician

I know a lot of us are super pumped and want to get into Loft 89 (me included since I’ve never met her), but please please PLEASE don’t make this tour entirely about meeting her.

Taylor worked her BUTT off planning this massive tour that she is so proud of, and making it all about Loft 89 takes away from that work she has put in. Be excited for the show, be excited to sing all of your favorite songs in a stadium filled with thousands of other fans, and be excited to have the time of your life! Don’t get hung up on the Loft when the chances are slim to begin with.

It is okay to be hopeful and want to meet her, just don’t let that delegate your experience. Only 30 people out of THOUSANDS meet her every night, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t meet her. It will all be okay. She loves you regardless of whether she met you or not.

Cosplay Advice

I have been pretty quiet over the weekend because of just taking some time off and relaxing after back to back convention weekends. But there was something that I wanted to quickly bring up that I have noticed a lot when I have been meeting people at conventions and getting the chance to talk to them. A lot of cosplayers who are just starting out will always say the same thing to me. “I love your work. I could never make anything like that.” And do you know what I tell them?

“Of course you can.”

If you put limitations on yourselves, then you will never know your true ability and potential. I came from a no sewing background and I pushed and pushed myself to get better. I never studied with anyone and I had to learn things on my own. And you know what? Every time I make something, after all the blood, sweat, tears, and long nights, I can look at myself in the mirror and say: “I made this. And I made this for me. I made this to make me happy. And that’s all that matters.”

There is something so truly rewarding about working hard and learning new techniques. Heck, when I tried on my full La Muerte for the first time, I will openly admit that I cried. Because I made her for me. And that’s what matters in this hobby. Make it for you. Not for the likes on a page or to get photographers attention. Or not even to be the center of attention. Make something that really means the world to you. For all the time, effort, and money you put into these costumes, it should be something for you.

Make something from the heart. Because no matter the outcome, it will mean so much more to you than anything else. And never say you can’t. Always say: “Someday….I’ll get there.”