every time

  • popular tumblr user: *does something shitty that hurts people*
  • someone: hey don't do that
  • popular tumblr user's followers: omg why do u hate mentally ill ppl???? they've got x, you fucking neurotypical/tumblr buzzword of the week
  • Me: (sees some competition thing on German Eldarya )
  • Me: (starts reading the rules )
  • Me: Sounds fun, I will join!
  • Rule X: Have at least 50 posts on the site
  • Me: ...Not today
  • Inner me: Time to find a reason other than extra work
  • Conclusion: The titles ain't that great >.>
  • Real reason: Am too lazy

Me: *Forgets who Azealia Banks is and enjoys that her continued existence no longer burdens my mind*

Yall, seeking to destroy the peace I’ve made for myself: She’s doing things again. Here’s a screenshot and a link.

  • person: so what kind of music do you listen to
  • me: *tying tie*
  • me: *taking a seat*
  • me: *clasping hands*
  • me: are you sure you're ready for this conversation