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“Your legs don’t work.” So what?

In high school, I was told by a babysitter, I mean paraeducator that my legs don’t work and that it wasn’t a  big deal because people had bigger problems (insert big sigh and an eye roll)  That really hurt me because it was and still is a big deal that my legs don’t work. CP has its pros and cons but devaluing the cons in one sentence was damaging to me as a teenager. Every other problem, no matter the size was seen as more important than my problems as a teen girl with CP.

High school  is hard for anyone but add in a wheelchair and having an adult with you all day, every day and it’s more akin to a disaster than “hard.” The bullying (which barely got acknowledged by school personnel,) the lack of independence (except for once when I should have been dependent) the having a third wheel when hanging out with friends (haha). Everything my peers experienced was amped up or nonexistent for me and I hazard to assume teens like me currently, all because “our legs don’t work right.” I have a funny aka excruciatingly mortifying antidote to share. I was at lunch one day my sophomore year eating and talking with a friend then HE comes in my line of vision. HE being the uber-cute senior football player I (QUITE literally sometimes LOL!) drooled over appeared across the cafeteria. Since my disability can be a little asshole when it wants to be I spazzed (hey, it’s not my fault my body got tight and I squealed at the sight of him) and THENNN the fun part happened: a para cut me a look and said and I quote “He’s not a movie star, why are you freaking out. I was embarassed to put it lightly. I stuttered and looked away. THIS IS WHY MY LEGS NOT WORKING MATTERS!It changes your perspective on everything.

  • Speaker: "So teenagers should be getting at least 8 hours of sleep at night"
  • Literally Every Kid in my Class: *laughs sadly*
  • Speaker: "Guys you really need this sleep"
  • Me: Yeah, but y'all start school at 7-9, our buses get there an hour or so earlier than that. We need an hour or so to get ready, and most kids get home from school like 2-5. Some of us have jobs, we got your homework, and we need a few hours to chill. When the fuck do you think we can sleep??
While watching a series...
  • Series: *Introduces new character that seems nice*
  • Series: *Makes character do funny/cute/smart remarks*
  • Me: YES OMG
  • Series: *Gives the chacarcter a love interest that is also nice*
  • Series: *If possible, makes that character have a family or develop mayor life plots*
  • Series: *Kills/Hurts horribly that chacarter in a cold hearted way*
  • Me: OKAY, I'M DONE
  • Me: *Prints pictures of the character*
  • Me: *Turns the internet off*
  • Me: *Hides in bed*
  • Me: *Cries over previously printed pictures*
Perplexing Pine Pranks (And a side of Ice Cream)

Gravity Falls AU fanfic based off of the transcendence au.

Synopsis: Cassie is having a sleepover with some friends and asks for a favor from Alcor. Let’s just say that ‘she puts the Wheee! In Ouija Board’

“What ice cream flavor do you have this time?”

Cassie chuckled, holding out a tub of vanilla bean ice cream to the floating demon in front of her. Alcor tipped his head at the flavor.

“That’s it? Just vanilla? No caramel, no sprinkles, nothing?” He complained.

The girl shook her head as her grin began to widen. “I didn’t think an almighty, powerful, math genius like yourself would ever want sprinkles on their ice cream. Here,” she produced a bottle of hot fudge from her jacket. “I figured you’d want something extra.”

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Toby will Change?

Prepare yourselves Toby lovers.

In this scene you see Spencer and Toby arguing. You see that as Spencer is yelling at him, Toby explodes and he grabs her wrist. I mean look at how shocked she is. She didn’t expect Toby to have this physical mean side to him. So after watching this scene i thought..

Is Toby going to become physically abusive with Spencer? 

Do I want this to happen? No. Do I think this would provide a lot more plot lines and make their relationship become a lot more interesting? Yes.

We all know PLL likes to challenge problems every teenager goes to. Whether it’s Hefty Hanna, Gay Emily or Socially awkward Aria, we’ve all been there.

Domestic violence is also a very serious topic so…

So yes, tell me what you guys think. Were you guys shocked by this scene too? I never thought Toby was capable of this.