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Trying to talk to normal people about a tv show like
  • Me: who is your otp? I NEED to know that
  • Person: ...
  • Person: my what??? What is an otp?
  • Me: you know, when you ship two people and-
  • Person: when you what??
  • Me: URGHH

‘how will i be remembered?’ TW GIRLS

to make this edit i really tried to think about main weapon or conflict with themselves. for lydia her mind is her weapon, allison she struggled with not being strong enough and her weapon of choice was a bow and arrow, kira she was kind but was also a badass when she wanted to be and malia was purely good although she was weighed down by her excessive guilt. this is something that i’ve been wanting to do for ages and it made me realise how much i love every teen wolf badass girl on the show. keep it up girls! 

but when is jeff davis going to confirm that stiles is bisexual like i’m still waiting

madseason replied to your posttbh I’m very :/ about the whole ‘except rap or…

I’ve found that most of the time when people say they “don’t like rap or country”, it’s because they just haven’t heard enough of that type of music. Same when people say they don’t like classical music. Although the dislike of both rap and country is also tied into a feeling of superiority over the types of people who typically listen to those genres, IMO

it ABSOLUTELY is a superiority thing, considering the former is associated with black culture & the latter is associated with rednecks (that is, folks thought of as poor/uneducated). the classical music sort of goes the other way in my experience, where it’s sort of like… a reflexive backlash against something seen as elitist. kinda like art museums. if you go with friends and laugh about art you find silly, it’s a good experience. if you’re forced to find someone else’s meaning in some super deep allegorical whatever then it’s just tedious. gotta stop seeing opera as dramatic and start seeing it as melodramatic. check that Hot Gossip

literaryreference replied to your posttbh I’m very :/ about the whole ‘except rap or…

This speaks to me so deeply. I don’t think there are any genres of music I categorically dislike, which might be because the entire idea of trying to determine what genre something is confuses and upsets me. “What kind of music do you like?” is high on my list of Least Favorite Questions.

genres have always been weird arbitrary lines that are thin as a gnat’s wing & tends to wiggle all over the place, esp considering there’s a lot of artists who go out of their way to mess with genres and a lot of artists that don’t really confine themselves to specific styles. I’m still, like, confused about. pop. I don’t understand it.

  • So what if the next Deadpool movie started like every white teen movie?
  • *valley girl voice* hi, My name's Wade.... And I'm not like those other girls, oh no. I'm not a cheerleader, or emo, or a nerd. I'm just Wade. *pan over to Spider-Man". That's Peter. He is soooo hot. He's like if Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield had a baby. *pans back to him* but me? I'm just Wade. And this is my story * Dirty Little Secret plays*
What if Hamilton began like every white teen movie?

*valley girl voice* hi, My name’s Alexander.  I’m not like those other revolutionaries, oh no. I’m not an American, or stupid, or protective of my own life whatsoever. I’m just…Alexander. *Aaron Burr enters* That’s Aaron Burr. He is soooo smart and sooooo rich. He’s like if the Schuyler family and George Washington had a baby. *Alexander takes center stage* but me? I’m just…Alexander. And this is my story *Dirty Little Secret plays*


cruel intentions romantic love scene

This was basically every ‘90s teen girl version of the Rhett/Scarlett kiss from Gone with the Wind. 

“I’m impressed.”

“Well, I’m in love.”

Not even kidding, every girl at my sleepover swooned at that point. 

We were 15. 

me, reading HoO3: leo valdez is definitely gay and i dont understand how riordan hasnt seemed to have figured that out yet

some post on tumblr: HoO plays the shipping game really hard literally everyone gets paired off its kind of annoying

me, at the conclusion of HoO3, at which point everyone we care about has been paired off, except leo and nico: …….i am ok with this development


I clipped together every american black girl teen movie I could think of and made this.

  • Me: *Is off Tumblr for 24 hours*
  • Tumblr: *Explodes because of new TV promos/trailers, season premieres, and revivals of certain TV shows*
  • Me: *Returns to Tumblr*
  • Me: *Sees the CHAOS everyone is going through*
  • What they say: prepare for an epic and exciting episode!
  • What they mean: prepare yourself, there shall be sorrow there shall be angst, there shall be pain! Prepare yourself because we will rip out your heart, tear it with a chainsaw, stomp all over it and then leave you to repair the damage.

Okay, I’ve seen a whole bunch of “oh man, this movie is awful but go see it, it’s great” posts about Jupiter Ascending, and I’ve got to disagree.

This movie is great and you should go see it because you will love it.

Yes, it’s cheesy scifi with a space wolf and there are weird plot points about bees and it’s got more world-building than they could possibly fit into a single movie. It’s rushed and it feels like it was adapted from a novel that you haven’t read, which is weird because it’s not adapted from anything. Yes, it’s about a space princess and it’s an old plot and yes, it can be predictable and cheesy as fuck.

It’s also a girl movie. As in, it is what every girl fantasized about when she was a teenager. I’ve heard people saying that it’s the novel that every girl wrote at fourteen, down to the fact that her space werewolf love interest has pretty angel wings at the end. What I would like to know is why that’s a problem.

This movie is the Chosen One plot—the ordinary orphan child finds out they are Special and is thrown into a new world that they have to save from the Big Bad. She even decides to make a heroic sacrifice! It’s also a Disney princess movie—the ordinary girl who dreams of something more finds adventure and love along the way. It’s a coming of age movie, in which the main character tries to find themself and their place in the world. It’s everything that girls should have in countless stories the way boys do… and it’s more than that, too.

It’s a movie that explores ideas about destiny and fate and choice—and it does so while confronting the very real problem girls have about people’s expectations of her. Each of the film’s characters want to control Jupiter—from her cousin twisting her arm into donating her eggs to the Abrasax brothers manipulating her to gain the wealth she has inherited. The Abrasax children want her to be their mother, her mother wants to protect her by keeping her from dreaming. Everyone wants to force something on her… and in the end, she chooses to remain in her old life. In the end, she chooses who she wants to be, choosing to defy Balem, choosing to return to the life she once hated– and being happy in it, knowing that it was her choice.

It’s noteworthy that her defiance comes in these words: “I am not your mother.” Kalique said that she wanted another chance at a good relationship with her mother. Titus claimed he knew he could trust her, because he knew his mother so well, he knew her, too. Balem… well, Balem has a whole host of mommy issues, but in the end, it seemed almost as though he wanted her forgiveness—his mother’s forgiveness. Each of the children tried to force her to be what they expected, to be the woman they knew as their mother.

There are a whole host of interesting themes they could have chosen to explore. I wish they had the time to explore them, to be honest—but I am glad that the one they went with was about finding yourself in the face of everyone’s expectations of you. It’s a movie I needed, it’s a movie so many girls need.

So please, for the love of god, stop focusing on the problems it has. Go see this movie because you’ll enjoy it—if nothing else, enjoy the costume and scenery porn and the very pretty cast, several of whom end up naked or shirtless. Enjoy the pretty wolf boy and his fluffy angel wings. Enjoy Balem being over the top. Enjoy the ridiculous action sequences. Don’t make excuses about enjoying a terrible movie, don’t pretend you can only love it ironically. Go, see the movie, and let yourself enjoy it sincerely.