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the way i play me:a
  • someone on the nexus, probably: Did Ryder just...land, look around, get back on the ship, and fly back out to space?
  • docking bay manager: oh, yes, probably forgot to check her email before landing. don't worry, she'll be back in like five minutes.

I have a klance related username so I am legally obligated to post klance sorry I don’t make the rules.

Anyway I just want to see their relationship develop? Like we’ve already seen them at odds and hating each other, so now BRING ON THE TRUST. 

I want to see the trope where Keith is fighting off a bunch of bad guys and when he’s done he turns around to talk to Lance, only to see Lance aiming his gun at him. Before Keith can react, Lance fires- and a droid just about to strike Keith from behind falls. “Thanks,” Keith says a little breathlessly, and Lance gives him a cocky thumbs-up.

I want the team to be brainstorming up a plan right before a mission, when Lance offers his own suggestion. The others are hesitant. “Lance, no offense, but your plans can be pretty bad,” Pidge points out. Before Lance can respond, Keith steps up to his side and places a hand on his shoulder. “I trust Lance’s plan,” Keith tells the group, and that’s that.

I want to see these silly boys messing around with each other, starting prank wars that are lighthearted and so, so different from the tense arguments at the beginning. I want them to make an alliance just so they can successfully prank the others. I want them to run away from a furious Coran together, laughing and genuinely enjoying each other’s company.

I want to see Lance and Keith caught in an earthquake on some alien planet and separated by a widening gulch. The side of the gap Lance is on is unstable, and he’s struggling to keep his footing. From his side Keith leans out as far as he dares and stretches out a hand. 

“Jump!” Keith shouts over the sound of ground tearing apart. “I’ll catch you!” 

“And if you don’t?” Lance retorts out of habit, distracted by the ground falling around him.

“C’mon, don’t you trust me?” Keith asks, a mix of sarcasm and desperation, just as the ground underneath Lance gives out. For a single moment the other boy disappears from sight, and Keith’s heart stops. And then he’s nearly pulled off balance as Lance grabs his hand and dangles over a one hundred foot drop.

It’s close, but Keith manages to pull Lance up and they roll to more stable ground. For a moment neither speaks, both winded and surprised they managed to survive. Eventually Lance rolls onto his side to look at Keith and says, “Obviously.”

Keith frowns over at Lance, confused. “What?”

“Of course I trust you. What kind of question is that?”

Oh. Something warm nestles in Keith’s chest. He should probably have Allura check that.

“Obviously,” Keith echoes, and Lance slides a little closer before lying back down. For a moment, the two just bask in the sun on this alien planet light years away from Earth. Their hands find each other.

Life is good. They’re good.

Here are some random headcanons for kallura positivity day !!

  • Since Allura isn’t really allowed to leave the castle often (due to her being, like, the most vital person to the team), Keith tries to collect her little trinkets from every planet. Usually (since most planets have already been completely plundered by the galra empire) it’s just a little shiny stone he finds on the ground. Needless to say she loves them and keeps them in her bedside drawer.
  • One time, after saving a particular planet, Keith wanders off to the market to find Allura a gift. Literally every alien is just … staring in awe at him because “ohmygod that’s one of the paladins of voltron who saved our lives.” 
  • Keith walks up to one little stand (which, the alien who runs it is completely starstruck) and looks through the items. He stumbles upon a hairpin, that’s a little dented but it still has a good shine to it. At this point, the alien is already rambling about how Keith can have everything he owns for free and all that. Keith smiles, declines the generous offer, and pays for the hairpin.
  • (Allura loves it of course and she wears it all the time.)
  • Keith would be the one to say “I love you” and Allura would be the one to smirk and reply “I know”
  • They like to challenge one another to video games on Pidge’s console. Allura always wins. (Does Keith let her win? The world will never know)
  • Either way, whenever they play video games they sit super close and sort of casually play footsie with one another. 
  • Back when Allura was growing up, she’d frequently attend balls in the castle. She wasn’t the most graceful dancer, and her dancing partner never really took getting his toes stepped on too well. Even though she was a bit stubborn about attending them, she misses them dearly.
  • Coran–who was the best dancer on Altea–becomes her dancing instructor. Keith enlists as her partner. (Which, is encouraging to her, since Keith is just as terrible as she is.)
  • They learn the Altean dances together–Allura revisiting them, Keith learning them for the first time. (Also they rope the entire team into learning to dance. Allura feels she hadn’t laughed and smiled like that in a long time.)
  • Keith and Allura casually dance throughout the day, without even realizing it. Allura passing by Keith to get to her station? He holds out his arms above her, and she takes his hand, doing a little twirl under it.
  • Keith really loves Allura’s hands. Sometimes they are a little rough–after a battle, she sometimes gets blisters from her staff–but he doesn’t mind. He loves to plant kisses on them, and rub the pad of his thumb across her fingers. 
  • Allura likes to wrap her arms around Keith, and just collapse on the nearest sofa or bed. Keith is always like, “Aren’t I like … crushing you?” and Allura just shakes her head and continues to squeeze him. Eventually he always rolls to her side, and she snuggles up to him.
  • They aren’t really touchy at all around the other paladins, though. The most they’ll do is a pat on the back, and occasionally Keith’s hand will rest at the small of her back. Sometimes they’ll flirt by sneaking little touches.
  • Keith always accompanies Allura when she makes diplomatic visits. He loves to watch her talk, because she’s so charismatic and kind.
  • Sometimes Keith can be a bit distant, because he gets discouraged and feels as though he doesn’t deserve Allura. (He did go from being a lonely dropout to being the lover of a princess) But he always gets over it, because he sees Allura’s bright smile and realizes that he doesn’t care if he doesn’t deserve her, he’s going to make sure she is the happiest girl in the universe

As great as it is to be with all of these fans here, I want everybody to know that Team ℃-ute extends to every fan across the planet!

Whether you’ve seen them live countless times or if you’re only a casual fan; we are all Team ℃-ute.

I’m sure our 5 favorite idols are so proud and thankful to have us as their fans!

Thank you all for being on this journey with me!

I’ll write back after the concert!

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I had a thought: what if, instead of languages, Pidge is versed in mythologies? She just sits with a circle of aliens around her and regales them with the stories of how three goddesses fought over an apple and caused a war, or how a trickster god gave birth to a horse, or how a goddess gambled for moonlight to create more days for the year.

This is a nice idea!

Pidge collecting stories from every planet and every race the team meets and preserving these bits of culture on her computers to keep them safe from Zarkon

With Google, what is concealed beneath the exterior of an innocent interface and a very effective search engine, is an explicitly political project. An enterprise that maps the planet Earth, sending its teams into every street of every one of its towns, cannot have purely commercial aims. One never maps a territory that one doesn’t contemplate appropriating. “Don’t be evil.” = “Leave everything to us”.
—  To Our Friends - The Invisible Committee 

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here we go lol

  • When Keith and Lance finally start dating, they realize that they can’t suddenly stop being assholes to each other because the shock to their system might actually kill them. 
  • So they compromise and keep the rivalry going strong, but now there’s a new undercurrent of… fondness? to all of their interactions. 
    • “Lol this idiot really thinks he can beat me at eating Coran’s food? He’s lucky he’s so cute.” 
      “Haha I can’t wait to rub my win in his face, his pout is so adorable- just like the rest of him.”
  • And to the dismay of everyone else, they become even MORE unbearable to be around once they’re a couple. Like before they started dating, they used the rivalry as a way of flirting. And it was always very obvious and the rest of the team hated Keith and Lance for making them bear witness to the weirdest pissing match/mating ritual ever, but the team was managing.
    • But NOW as a couple, every now and then Keith and Lance will be acting as normal when they’ll catch each other’s eyes and then… The team doesn’t really know how to describe what happens, but there’s definitely a shift in the atmosphere. The corners of Lance’s eyes crinkle, the line of Keith’s shoulders relax. Their hands seem to gravitate to each other.
    • And they just?? Stand there for a moment? And smile at each other? This’ll happen at breakfast, in the middle of the hallway, during a mission briefing- basically everywhere all over the Castle, except for during training. 
      • They stopped being all lovey-dovey in the training room after they once got so distracted while flirting that a training bot managed to shoot Lance in the ass. Lance has never forgotten, mainly because no one else will let it go, so now PDA has been strictly outlawed from the training room (Thank god).
  • Outside of the Castle, Lance and Keith are very professional about their relationship. There is still flirting; if Lance didn’t flirt at least once a day, he would probably die. But there’s no excessive touching or PDA; Keith is a pretty private person, and he and Lance both agreed that what’s between them is special and the rest of the world doesn’t need to see it.
    • Bless their hearts for trying, pretty much every third planet Team Voltron visits notices the carefully maintained three inches of space between Keith and Lance and then asks “When’s the wedding?” They tried.
  • In the Castle though, it’s a whole different story. At first, both boys were painfully shy about being seen doing anything couple-y. If they held hands, it was under the table or behind the back or beneath a blanket/clothes. 
  • After like a month of this, Keith kind of got tired of putting in all this effort to hide something that everyone already knew about so. He went ‘fuck it’ and from then on no one in the Castle has known a moment of peace.
    • Later on, Keith and Lance both agree it was silly to try and be so private about their relationship, especially since everyone has already seen Lance naked at least three times. (It’s because he likes to change with the door open ‘to let the air current pass through.’ Keith despairs of his boyfriend.)
TIME asks: Should the word 'feminist' be banned in 2015?

For the last three years, TIME magazine has held a “word banishment poll” asking readers what popular word from the year should be banned the year after. Leading the poll with 39% of the votes is the word “feminist.”

For starters, much of this list holds some problematic racist and sexist undertones. Words like “bae” and “basic” are at the top of the list, for example. Other colloquialisms like “literally” and “I can’t even” are up there, and some of them (“disrupt,” “influencer”) are mockeries of the jumbled ways we talk about business, politics and social movements.

But here’s why TIME says “feminist” made the list:

feminist: You have nothing against feminism itself, but when did it become a thing that every celebrity had to state their position on whether this word applies to them, like some politician declaring a party? Let’s stick to the issues and quit throwing this label around like ticker tape at a Susan B. Anthony parade.

It became a thing when reproductive rights became the political targets of almost every Republican on the planet, when college after sports team after employer swept instances of domestic violence under the rug, and when women had to carry mattresses across their college campuses to get anyone talking about rape. 

Jesus, TIME. What were you thinking? 

Please go make your thoughts heard at the poll. Literally, I can’t even. 

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Props to the writing team for the finale and special shout out to the fight choreography folks and Maria A. because Octavia Blake's double-jump-kill tonight was THE MURDER OF THE SEASON.

Thanks! We really do have the best team of artists on the dang planet. Every department knocks it out of the park every episode.

And I love the idea of the “Murder of the Season.” 

What’s your pick for Season 1?

Sci-Fi AU where Jean is an intergalactic miner and Marco is some sort of a technical engineer. Perhaps a biological engineer that helps cultivate food in deep space.
They both live on a huge space station that acts as a small city.
Every time Jean and his team come back from mining other planets, meteors, asteroids, what have you, Marco eagerly awaits for him in the public docks and dotes on him expressing his worry and what not.

Essentially I’ve had this concept swirling around in my head with a half baked plot and needed to express it. Ugh I also came up with another AU yesterday and don’t know what to do with it.