every team on the planet

Evolution of Pokemon villain teams

Team Rocket: Organized crime, gambling, Pokemon theft & trafficking. Basically mafia.

Team Aqua/Magma: Attempted to cause massive changes to climate & sea levels, which would have resulted in an ecological disaster the likes of which the world has never seen before.

Team Galactic: Attempted to manipulate space and time itself and rewrite reality.

Team Plasma: Under the guise of Pokemon rights activism, attempted to
get everybody except for them to give up their Pokemon, so that they can take over the world.

Team Flare: Attempted to kill every last living being on the planet except for them.

Team Skull: Attempted to steal a bus stop sign.

I have a klance related username so I am legally obligated to post klance sorry I don’t make the rules.

Anyway I just want to see their relationship develop? Like we’ve already seen them at odds and hating each other, so now BRING ON THE TRUST. 

I want to see the trope where Keith is fighting off a bunch of bad guys and when he’s done he turns around to talk to Lance, only to see Lance aiming his gun at him. Before Keith can react, Lance fires- and a droid just about to strike Keith from behind falls. “Thanks,” Keith says a little breathlessly, and Lance gives him a cocky thumbs-up.

I want the team to be brainstorming up a plan right before a mission, when Lance offers his own suggestion. The others are hesitant. “Lance, no offense, but your plans can be pretty bad,” Pidge points out. Before Lance can respond, Keith steps up to his side and places a hand on his shoulder. “I trust Lance’s plan,” Keith tells the group, and that’s that.

I want to see these silly boys messing around with each other, starting prank wars that are lighthearted and so, so different from the tense arguments at the beginning. I want them to make an alliance just so they can successfully prank the others. I want them to run away from a furious Coran together, laughing and genuinely enjoying each other’s company.

I want to see Lance and Keith caught in an earthquake on some alien planet and separated by a widening gulch. The side of the gap Lance is on is unstable, and he’s struggling to keep his footing. From his side Keith leans out as far as he dares and stretches out a hand. 

“Jump!” Keith shouts over the sound of ground tearing apart. “I’ll catch you!” 

“And if you don’t?” Lance retorts out of habit, distracted by the ground falling around him.

“C’mon, don’t you trust me?” Keith asks, a mix of sarcasm and desperation, just as the ground underneath Lance gives out. For a single moment the other boy disappears from sight, and Keith’s heart stops. And then he’s nearly pulled off balance as Lance grabs his hand and dangles over a one hundred foot drop.

It’s close, but Keith manages to pull Lance up and they roll to more stable ground. For a moment neither speaks, both winded and surprised they managed to survive. Eventually Lance rolls onto his side to look at Keith and says, “Obviously.”

Keith frowns over at Lance, confused. “What?”

“Of course I trust you. What kind of question is that?”

Oh. Something warm nestles in Keith’s chest. He should probably have Allura check that.

“Obviously,” Keith echoes, and Lance slides a little closer before lying back down. For a moment, the two just bask in the sun on this alien planet light years away from Earth. Their hands find each other.

Life is good. They’re good.

trying to be enthusiastic re: andromeda but honestly, after how dirty they did their gay male players in the original trilogy, and after everyone having nearly equal amount of options in inquisition, seeing them drop the ball like this is… not encouraging, to say the least.

like, i don’t even play as a dude but gay dudes get literally zero squadmate romances? and straight dudes get like… every single girl on the team and several others on off planets? huge step backwards.

Tobin and Allie get a ton more minutes than the others too.  I think that’s a factor.  

I mean…just like every soccer team on the planet they blast the shit out of a really cool play or goal and Tobin is often involved in those.  So I mean, yeah there’s a lot of gifs of her breaking ankles, but there’s also a lot of Nadia/Sinc/Allie goals. 

With Google, what is concealed beneath the exterior of an innocent interface and a very effective search engine, is an explicitly political project. An enterprise that maps the planet Earth, sending its teams into every street of every one of its towns, cannot have purely commercial aims. One never maps a territory that one doesn’t contemplate appropriating. “Don’t be evil.” = “Leave everything to us”.
—  To Our Friends - The Invisible Committee