every swede


WSH vs ARI 03.25.2017

André Burakovsky and his new friends on ice 

My neighbour from @oldgermanicsuggestions  village

calls Thor “Donar”

not valid. Thor can be called Þórr, Tor, Thor

NOT Donar

the germanic and norse divide is growing in my village


Ja, men Sonja sa at han har vært manisk hele tida. Hvem er Sonja? – Eksen hans.
Yeah, but Sonja said that he’s been manic the whole time. Who’s Sonja? – His ex.

“Pewdiepie didn’t know how horrible that word is, he’s swedish”

So am I dude and I can tell you about every swede knows the weight of that word, we are taught about it and why it’s bad and are always told we shouldn’t be used so yeah, he knows and he’s got no excuse.

anonymous asked:

ooh swede! were you born in ikea?

Yes ofc! Every swede is born inside IKEA, that’s why they have these huge children section so babies get right into a safe environment to play in. Then after three years in there when we are fully trained to put together every furniture from the IKEA catalog, our parents will come and take us home.

pldubrahs  asked:

all you really need to know about my lost son, william karlsson: his first name is really lars, william is his middle name; he wanted his nickname to be "krazy karl" but no one would call him that so he hasnt been able to lose wild bill/just bill; he has (had?) no pots or pans, despite having been in columbus for 3 years and being 24 years old

why is every swede secretly named lars (yes i’m looking at you, Lars Nicklas Backstrom)

but why is it “wild” bill. how did he get that moniker

even i, a college student who loathes cooking, have a few pots and pans

i want you to know that i’ve adopted vgk as a secondary team, and i will take care of wild bill for you. i know it’s not the same as him being back in columbus, but like you can’t deny that he’s tearing it up. and i’m appreciating him.


every swede that has ever seen naruto has also seen this