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BTS reaction

Fandom: bts/bangtan boys

Pairing: you and your bias

Request: Can you do a BTS reaction to you (their S/O) being kinda nerdy? Nerdy as in comic books, videogames, lord of the rings, star wars, that sort of thing. Thanks ❤❤

Warnings: none

Authors note: my ask box is open for bts text messages and reactions requests :) imagines will follow soon xx (ps. if you wanna contribute your gifs to these works send me a message ! )

Seokjin / Jin

‘‘Can we stay in tonight and continue playing The Last of Us?’‘, you asked trying your best to make your facial expression look like a puppy’s. But with Jin being super into video games himself, you didn’t need a lot of convincing. ‘‘Sure but wouldn’t it be better to play something with multiplayer?’‘. You violently shook your head, dying to keep on playing your favourite game. So, therefore, you suggested to take turns and even though Jin rolled his eyes at you and sighed, he happily collected tons of food to snack on, silently thanking the universe for you to be so adorable nerdy. 

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