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Fighting the Power Rangers

Trini Kwan: if you choose to fight this tinie, she will surprise you and manage to thoroughly kick your ass. don’t be fooled by her height, she’s a funsized ass whooping. 

Jason Scott: i mean you could fight him, but honestly why would you? he’s such a good guy?? doesn’t mean he’ll hesitate to defend himself, though. 

Kimberly Hart: just as badass as her girlfriend; will end you and punch your tooth out just ask the kid that got his put back. 

Zack Taylor: do it. fight him. no one will stop you. in fact, trini and jason would probably laugh on the sidelines, especially if you can get a few good hits in. 

Billy Cranston: do not fight him. it’s in your best interest. if you do, jason will come for you. as well as kimberly. you’ll in fact personally offend and make an enemy of every single power ranger this way and ultimately be destroyed

Holy fucking shit

Every single ranger in power rangers was a different race. They included an LGBT character. They included an autistic character. They included a sexy fucking Asian male character. They included a FUCKING INDIAN RANGER.

sorry y'all but fuck everyone else pulling whitewashing and white ass casts. THIS 👏 IS 👏 HOW 👏 YOU 👏 DO 👏 REPRESENTATION 👏 RIGHT 👏

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Angst where something happens to Trini when Rita attacked Ervin her house and Kim finds out OR since Trini wasn't seen much in the final battle beside the megazord something happens to her and Kim is worried

Over a thousand words, oops? Anyway, enjoy!

At first, Kimberly didn’t think anything was wrong. Sure, she understood that after being attacked in your own home by a psychopath like Rita must’ve been traumatic but Trini didn’t seem like she was that shook by it.

After a week, though, the signs came.

First, it was the bags under her eyes. Trini would come to school, exhausted, with bags under her eyes the colour of coal. It was like Trini wasn’t sleeping…at all. It worried Kim but she hoped that Trini would come to her—them, the team—when she was ready.

Except, that didn’t happen. Instead, things got worse.

Suddenly, Trini seemed even more withdrawn than before. Before the Power Rangers formed, people still knew who Trini was. Now, though, nobody could tell you where she was at any given moment. The two weeks they trained, Trini and Kim—Trini and the team—had gotten closer, they’d bonded.

Now? Well, now it was like Trini was a ghost. She spoke to no one more than absolutely necessary, shied away from Kim’s touch, she simply…removed herself from attachments.

That should’ve been enough of a hint as to what was going on but, nonetheless, it got worse. Except this was the point Kim realized, something was definitely wrong. She just didn’t know what.

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Promo image for the Shattered Grid story arc event of the Power Rangers comic. Lord Drakkon is planning his revenge after a humiliating defeat, if he succeeds….all Power Rangers across time and space will die or cease to exist! 

Humanity needs the power on their side to stop this threat… and LOTS OF IT.

Kyle Higgins has said that this will be his magnum opus for writing the series before his departure from the book. (He’s said he has plans for the series until August) 

While it won’t have every single Power Ranger in it, Kyle promises that he will try to fit in as many Rangers as he feels can support the story. (Makes sense, don’t want the book to be too crowded with characters) 

The arc is a multi-issue crossover between the main book and Go Go Power rangers, so expect some time travel! 

Power Rangers Diamond (Seventeen!Power Rangers AU) Season Finale

Characters: Seungcheol, Joshua, Mingyu, Jeonghan, Jun, Minghao, Vernon, Woozi, Seungkwan, Wonwoo

Rating: PG-13 (Language,violence. TW for suicide… I guess?)

Word Count:3952

Summary: The Rangers infiltrate Woozi’s ship and have their final standoff with him and the Black Ranger

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honestly I'm going to try and follow every single power rangers blog and it's going to be The Best my dash will be ALWAYS POWER RANGERS


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SEVEN Random Facts~

I was tagged by the lovely @ladynevrakis: she did five facts but I hate the number five so here’s seven facts for you #bonus

1. I have seen almost every single Power Rangers series, and it was one of the first few fandoms I wrote fic for. 

2. I have been playing World of Warcraft since 2006, and The SIms for a little longer than that. 

3. I have loved Greek mythology since I was a little kid–I literally borrowed the same mythology book from my school library constantly to the point that my librarian bought me a copy for Christmas–so I was a classics minor in college and took Classical Greek. 

4. I’m Puerto Rican, born and raised (and my fiancé is Irish af). 

5. I used to cross-stitch as a kid (I was cool as hell, obviously) and still enjoy needlework to this day. 

6. I teach HS English and I am going to grad school for my PhD in education. 

7. I converted to Judaism in 2013! 

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guess what when i met u i was scared to talk to u bc i thought you were too cool. you ARE too cool, i was right. but ur not scary. sorry. its the kamen rider. it makes you less scary. you need to STOP making me want to watch every single power ranger adjacent thing. I CANT DO IT. but you make me want to. also yellow is just the best color. ALSO you’re funny and sweet and i love you sm youre just so good. i still dont know what ctq6 means though  

Then Gandalf the Grey,
And Gandalf the White,
And Monty Python and the Holy Grail’s Black Knight,
And Benito Mussolini,
And the Blue Meanie,
And Cowboy Curtis,
And Jambi the Genie,
The Terminator,
Captain Kirk,
And Darth Vader,
Lo Pan,
Every single Power Ranger,
Bill S. Preston,
And Theodore Logan,
The Rock,
Doc Ock,
And Hulk Hogan.
All came out of nowhere lightning fast,
And they kicked Chuck Norris in his cowboy ass
—  Mad bars you’ll never come close to spittin