every single pic of him


boyfriend taehyung // a day in the city


Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Well I’m 25 now so I quite like the idea I might be embarking on a family at that stage. Although apparently you need a partner and I don’t have one of them just yet!


I recently found out that I had 900+ pictures of Mark on my phone. In a attempt to have more space and to manage my obssession I will be posting every single pic of him that I have (and POSSIBLY delete it right after). Here is part 1 of many others. Enjoy.

anyway i dont think that paper-mario-wiki is putting the blame on kids at all thats literally a message rejecting kids like y'all r sayin hes supposed to

saying “don’t hit on adults” is a rejection… “it makes me uncomfortable” is a rejection… he can’t control kids sending things into his inbox so he’s doing a blanket rejection straight up i don’t see the problem with this

where did this idea come from that rejecting advances by saying “don’t hit on me/adults, it’s uncomfortable and wrong” is placing the blame on kids


Sports anime crushes {6/?} - Miyuki Kazuya

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All the boys are meeting stalkers or met stalkers this year, I don't understand why there's so much "drama" now that Harry also met the NYC ones lol. He has the London stalkers breathing down his neck every single day. Even when they don't take pics they follow him everywhere.

I guess because it’s Harry and he hasn’t done that in a while? but he was bound to come more into the public and fandom eye eventually lol.

Honestly the London stalkers are creepy as hell, I will never forget the LSC