every single pic of him


boyfriend taehyung // a day in the city


i just thought i’d remind everyone that these pictures exist


goD my heart is doing stuff because of these pics he’s actually so beautiful it hurts


Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Well I’m 25 now so I quite like the idea I might be embarking on a family at that stage. Although apparently you need a partner and I don’t have one of them just yet!

I feel personally attacked by Ignis Scientia

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I only just. got into btob literally like two weeks ago & im so upset @ the lack of appreciation on Tumblr esp bc I need to talk 2 someone abt Best Boy Eunkwang and U seem to understand this dilemma so......i can't fathom why he is the goodest good boy of all good boys. Whys he so pretti and gentle ://// consider my hort #Snatched i wanna scoop him up nd put him in m'pocket??

i know right who decided to make this website so btob-free but the mellos that are active on here are lovely and great in every way

also you came to the right place to talk to someone about seo goodboy eunkwang name me one gooder boy than silver light himself ill wait…


I recently found out that I had 900+ pictures of Mark on my phone. In a attempt to have more space and to manage my obssession I will be posting every single pic of him that I have (and POSSIBLY delete it right after). Here is part 1 of many others. Enjoy.


Sports anime crushes {6/?} - Miyuki Kazuya

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Fav pic of ABEL ? And a pic of him when he was younger

literally every single picture of Abel is my favorite picture but atm it’s 

 when he was younger just bc he’s the cutest baby ever 

Someone (probably Nat) finds this derpy looking eagle plushie somewhere.

It becomes a friendly game to see who can eagle Steve without him knowing. His friends slip it into his arms while he’s sleeping. Sam passes it into his hands while he gets “on your left”-ed and cracks up when he sees Steve sputter confusedly and nearly trip. It’s Sam and Nat and increasingly Bucky who do it, though anyone else who stops by the apartment is free to try.

And then it becomes a game to see who can get the best Steagle the Eagle picture. They have an Instagram for it. At first it’s mostly stuff like Steve napping on the couch with the eagle cuddled up to him, but over time it generally becomes Steve glaring at the camera, Steve getting hit in the face by a surprise spring-loaded cupboard eagle, Steve chasing whoever just eagled him, etc.

Tony gleefully retweets every single pic.

They have millions of followers.