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.... sadly some people in this fandom are batshit crazy. Don't mind them, dear <3 You keep doing your thing, because your art is fantastic and you're a very nice person. All my love!

Every single one of you is worth the trouble.

Those who I haven’t answered as well. Just– thank you so so much.

How They React To You Swallowing During Oral *BJ* (GOT7)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

Feel free to send in requests guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

*Don’t own the gifs yo*

Author: Taebaby

JB: Even though he liked to man-handle you sometimes, he wouldn’t of asked you to swallow it, being totally ok with you spitting it out (or whatever else), so he released his iron grip on your hair to let you pull away. But when you proceeded to swallow every last bit of his *ahem* fluids, it pretty much became one of the best orgasms of his life

JR: He’d be one to like going down on you, so your enthusiasm about pleasuring him in the same way would drive him absolutely crazy. And at the end, when you swallowed every single drop, he could’ve fainted

YOUNGJAE: You would destroy him (but in a good way). Yup, you’d fuck this boy right up. He would already have a hand tugging your hair, his body shaking and squirming under you, so when he finally came and you didn’t hesitate to swallow him, you’d prob also end up swallowing his soul (again, in a good way)

JACKSON: Honestly, he’d be surprised how willing you were to swallow ( i mean, he wouldn’t think you were ‘easy’ or anything) and would feel super damn lucky to have found a girl like you. Would most deffinitely be both impressed and pleased

MARK: Whoop, he’d be the most turnt about it, imo. He’d be super into the moment and just rolling in pleasure and ecstacy that he wouldn’t notice that you swallowed at first, so when he calmed his too turnt ass down, he’d be so appreciative that he’d want to return the favor

BAMBAM: Speaking of destroying someone, not big bam would be absolutely mesmerized and impressed that you swallowed him down with hardly any effort, he’d be speechless and just have this face that would say ‘oh, fuck yes’

YUGYEOM: Oh my sweet child, he prob tastes sweet too (lol idk, never tasted anyone ‘sweet’ in my experience, more so musky). ANYWAYS, yeah, he’d be wild af. Making all kinds of noise and movin all over the place. When you held him down long enough for him to cum, you almost had to fight him to keep him in your mouth. Needless to say, you’d blow him away (dishonor on me, dishonor on my cow

808 SeXXX - Caleb’s Story part 1

Alright I know this wasn’t the continuation of the Lockerroom you were expecting, that’s still in the works, but this story was just too much fun not to post. 

So the other night I was catching up with a friend I hadn’t been in touch with in a looong time and he was telling me about all the crazy adventures he’s had in the past couple of years so I asked him to tell me about what his first time was like.  He wrote it up for me in a series of texts and damn it was such a hot story I told him he should consider writing which was when he said he had given it to me with so much detail so I could write it.  I had done a couple of stories for friends before so I said sure I’d write it up but then he asked if i could post it because “It would be super hot knowing that other guys would be reading and jerking off to my story.” ;)

Hopefully there will be more stories in this series besides his which there are a few we’re going to be working on.  I am kind of thinking that I might want to do this with several friends to keep things interesting so if you want to have yours written then hit me up and let’s collaborate! :)  I still need a good name for this series so if you have ideas for that please let me know also.

Without further ado let me present to you the first chapter in this series featuring the exploits of the always sexy: Caleb!


Holy shit… What was that noise?

Was that him?

No… He’s looking at me with his mouth closed…

Wait… Was that me?

Fuck… I hope no one heard us.

“Ahh… Fuck brah I’m going to cum too…” he moaned.

Oh fuck… His cum is so hot hitting my chest.

All of that went through my head in the few seconds between feeling my balls empty all the cum in my body all over my belly and his.  I must have shot like a dozen times, one of the most intense but still intimate orgasms I’ve ever had.  In my short but eventful sex life, this was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had.  As he reached over and pulled me into a big hug and brought his lips to mine, each of those encounters replayed themselves in my mind as I thought about all the things that had brought me to this moment.   His strong, brown arms pulled me in close as I heard the cum on our bodies squish between us as our bellies slid against each other with its slipperiness. A lock of his hair that escaped the bun he had pulled it up into when we started getting lost in exploring each other’s bodies.  He brushed it back over his ear and gave me a huge grin.

“How was it?” he asked me.

“Amazing…” I whispered as I pulled his forehead against mine and we both took deep breaths before kissing deeply again.

This was the first time I had ever done anything out in the open and the thrill of being out in the park naked and in the arms of this big sexy man was such a rush.  Even though it was really late or early morning whichever way you wanted to think about it, the idea that some stranger could walk up and see us here with our bodies entwined was both scary and a turn on.

Speaking of first times, maybe I should start this story properly and tell you about that instead. It wasn’t very long ago but it seems like it was a lifetime.


Hi… My name’s Caleb it’s nice to meet you.  Well it’s not really Caleb but for the purposes of this story that’s what you can call me.  The names have been changed to protect the guilty and all that.  In case you’re wondering, I’m 23 years old and I’m a big guy. 6’4” and like 350 pounds of beefy goodness yup that’s me.  The story you’re here to read about today is about how I finally managed to lose that pesky label of being a virgin and let me tell you it was quite an adventure.


“We’re going back down for one last gambling session Caleb, you coming?” my aunt asked as she picked up her purse and the keychain with all of her player cards from various casinos on it.

“No I’m good I think,” I told her. “I might go walk around and explore a bit more though.”

“Just make sure you can be up in time to go to the airport if you end up sleeping,” she warned me. “I know you don’t like to wake up when I try.”

“Yeah aunty no worry,” I laughed.

“OK have fun we’ll be down at our usual spot,” she said as the door closed behind her.

As soon as she was gone my phone came out and I opened up and looked through every single one of the dating and hookup apps I had downloaded the second night we were here. Here I was, a couple months past my 21st birthday and I still hadn’t managed to lose my v-card.  It was driving me absolutely crazy… Sure I had done the whole phone sex thing and messed around with some cam to cam stuff before but I desperately wanted to get my hands and mouth and whatever else I could use on a real live man.

Just as I was about to give up and look at some porn so I could take care of myself one of the apps chimed at me.  I’m pretty sure I held my breath as I opened it, hoping against all hope that it was actually someone interesting and not a random shout or spam message.

“What’s up bro how’s it going,” the message read.

“Hey it’s going ok just bored to death waiting on my flight back home,” I replied then I clicked his profile to see who I was talking to.

Wow… This guy is built! His profile pic showed a big muscular black guy with a friendly smile spread wide across his handsome face.

“Oh? Where’s home,” he sent back.

“Hawaii. I’m here with my aunt and her friends for her 50th birthday,” I explained. “They’re all downstairs having one last hurrah.”

“Oh that’s tight man,” he answered. “You think you’d want to come chill here with me then?”

Fuck… What do I do?  My nerves hit me full blast in the face when I realized that he had just asked me to hook up which was totally what I wanted.  But holy shit am I ready for this?  Should I trust him?  What the fuck should I say?

“Um… I’m all the way in downtown I have no idea where you are or how to get to you,” I texted after a few minutes.

“No problem I don’t live that far I can come get you,” he replied almost immediately. “I thought I had scared you off for a second lol.”

“Almost lol…” I sent back. “Just putting it out there… I’m a total virgin…”

“No shit?” his message came back. “Well if you’re down, I’m down to do the honors.”

Oh fuck… Now what? I dropped my phone on the bed and wiped my suddenly sweaty palms on my shorts.  I stared again at his profile pic as I mentally wrestled between the pros and cons of doing this.

“Know that saying ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’?” his next message dinged onto my screen. “Here’s your chance to have that lol.”

“OK I’m in,” I sent after agonizing over the decision for another minute that felt like an eternity. “Let me shower and stuff.  Where do I meet you?”

“Where you staying?” he asked.

I told him which hotel we were at and he gave me instructions on which door to come out of and where to wait.  My heart felt like it would jump out of my chest as I scrubbed myself down in the shower and the reality of what I was doing hit me.  I was freaking out but then I looked down and realized that I was massively rock hard through all of this just at the thought of what was going to be happening.  My resolve strengthened, I finished washing off and dried myself before getting dressed and heading out to meet my late night rendezvous.


“Yo man you’re fucking hot,” he said to me as I jumped into the passenger seat of his SUV.

“Thanks,” I replied nervously as I shook his hand that he offered me.

“My name’s Marc,” he told me.

“Caleb,” I replied robotically as I desperately looked anywhere else but at him as we drove away from the hotel.

“Nice to meet you sexy,” Marc winked.

“Yeah,” I replied sharply and he looked at me and just gave me this big smile and laughed a bit.

We drove for a while and I guess he caught how nervous I was so he turned up his music and we drove quietly up into his neighborhood.  Pulling up to an apartment complex, he pulled into a stall and turned off his engine.

“Well we’re here,” he smiled again at me as he unbuckled his seatbelt and opened his door.

I swallowed dryly as my nerves kicked up another notch but at this point there really wasn’t any turning back so I did the same and got out.  I looked around at the buildings and was pretty surprised at how quiet it was here just outside of the Strip.

“Come on in,” Marc invited as he opened the door to his apartment and entered.

I stepped into his apartment and jumped just a little when the door closed behind me.  Taking a look around, I was pleasantly surprised at how nice of a place he had.  A big comfy looking couch sat against the wall in front of the TV in the corner and a table across the room separated the kitchen from this area.  Things were pretty tidy and there was a gym bag sitting on the counter next to the stacks of protein and supplement bottles which wasn’t surprising given how much effort he obviously put into working out to get into the shape he was in.

“Let’s go lie down and chill,” he grinned as he reached out his hand, waiting for me to give him mine.

I reached out my hand and hesitated, but I think he saw it so he shook his hand at me and gave me another big grin, so I slowly reached towards him and took it.  I have big hands but his was just as, if not a little bit bigger than mine and it felt so warm as he laced his fingers with mine. That huge grin never left his face and it calmed me just a little as he started pulling me along down the hallway. His round ass cheeks bounced along with each step and mesmerized me with their rhythmic dance as we walked towards the open door ahead of us.  

“Lemme turn on the TV maybe that will help you relax a bit,” Marc said as he picked up the remote and pressed power.

He held his hand out again, this time in invitation for me to get on the bed first so I climbed on and laid there frozen in my nervousness which flooded back full force. I swear I jumped when he climbed up next to me and leaned against the pillows.  We sat there in awkward silence for a bit, the news starting up, but they could have been speaking in some foreign language for all I could tell.  

Marc must have decided he would need to be the one to make the first move because he slid his arm up above my head and started gently rubbing my scalp through my hair.  His head moved slowly closer until he kissed the side of my neck and I heard a gasping moan escape my lips.

In that moment I felt the knot in my stomach release as he slid his hand down behind my head and used it to turn me towards him.  His lips came up and met mine and suddenly I was kissing another man in the way I had craved for so long.  It felt as if every fantasy I had seen in porn and imagined happening had suddenly come to life for me.  The warmth of his mouth and tongue, the softness of his juicy lips, the exploring of his tongue as out kisses grew more heated and sloppy.  I wanted this… I needed this… It was finally my moment to experience this myself.  

Marc climbed up on top of me and straddled my thighs with his own as I slid my hands down into the waistband of his mesh shorts and squeezed his bubble butt with both hands. His moan that I could feel resonate in my mouth as he kissed me again made me growl with the lust he had awoken in me.  I tugged at his shorts, trying desperately to get them off of him and he slid them down and then off completely before pulling mine off as well. I could feel his big dick grinding into my thigh and up against my own aching boner as we made out.

After a while, he stopped and had me sit up so he could pull my shirt off of me.  I reached my hands around him, running them up and down his body, beneath his shirt which he pulled off slowly.  I sighed with pleasure as I ran my hands over his massive shoulders and pecs as he leaned back down for even more kisses.

“Turn over…” he whispered into my ear.

My brain took a second to process what he said through the haze of euphoria I was feeling so he gently guided me as I pulled a pillow under my chest and gave him access to my big booty and twitching hole.  He wasted no time as he slapped my right cheek loudly before spreading them with his hands.  I felt him spit on my hole get me wet and the next thing I knew, his long and magical tongue began working its spell on me as he pushed it deep into my ass.  Let me tell you I now understood in great detail why guys loved getting rimjobs as he made me gasp, groan, and cry out at the intense feelings his mouth was giving me. He ate me out like I was his last meal for nearly 15 minutes until I couldn’t resist the desire to have his dick in my mouth any more.  

“Let me suck you…” I begged as I got up and flipped around to face him.  

He was still on his knees on the bed so I leaned down on my elbows and got a good look at his dick for the first time.  It was massive…  At least compared to what I had seen before, at least eight inches long and really thick with a big mushroom head at the tip.  I opened my mouth and he moved forward, slowly slipping his penis between my lips and I savored the first taste of dick I had ever gotten.  I doubted I could do much more get his head into my mouth but to my surprise, I found I had a hidden talent.  His cock slipped right past my gag reflex and into my throat as he slowly fucked my face.  His moans rang in my ears as my throat muscles squeezed his manhood.  Marc was gentle as he thrust his cock in and out of my mouth.

After nearly 10 minutes of sliding his penis in and out of my lips, I was stroking my leaking dick and loving the feeling of pleasuring this big handsome man.  When he pulled it out and moved away I groaned in protest but he but he smiled at me and told me to let him get on the bed. Anxious to see what new experience he wanted to share with me next, I got up quickly and he took my place.

“Come bring that nice ass over here,” Marc grinned. “I want you to ride my face babe.”

“Oh fuck…” I moaned at the thought as I climbed up on the bed with him.

He motioned me to put my knees on either side of his body and lower myself down and backed up onto his eager tongue.  Fuck… His tongue sent shivers throughout my whole body as it penetrated my now loosened up hole.  I moved my hips left to right, up and down, letting him hit new and deeper spots as he made me bite my lip and cry out in pleasure.  The night stand drawer next to his bed sliding shut made my eyes flutter opened as I looked down to see what it was.  When I saw the condom and lube in his hand my whole body shivered in anticipation knowing what would be coming next.

“You gonna put it inside of me daddy?” I asked him. Where the fuck the daddy part came from I have no idea…

“Yeah you want this dick in you?” He asked me in reply.

“Fuck yeah…” I agreed as he tore the condom wrapper open, all the while his tongue still working its magic on me.

I watched him unroll the rubber down his big cock and the uncertainty hit me.  Could I possibly get this thing into my ass?  I had only played with random things around my house as I experimented with myself but damn this thing was huge.  I wanted it so badly though… Getting my ass eaten out was making me so horny for this to happen and I was willing to try if it meant getting fucked for the first time.

“Slide down on it,” Marc instructed me as he poured some lube out into his hand and stroked himself.

“OK,” I complied as I turned around and moved lower down his body.

I felt his hands on my cheeks as he spread them and slid his fingers up and down my crack.  I felt him rub his lube slicked fingers against my hole and then slipped one and then two into me.  His tongue had gotten me loose and hot enough that they slid right in to his second knuckles.  Damn that shit felt good… I whimpered in pleasure at the feeling of his probing as he got me ready to take his dick.  He guided me lower with one hand on my thigh as he used his other to guide the head up to my twitching hole.  

“Relax babe,” He said softly as he reached up and pulled me to him so he could kiss me.

“Oh shit!” I cried out as he slipped his head in and it hurt as it strained my butt beyond where it had ever been before.

Marc kissed me harder and held me in place as I tried to adjust to the sensations of being stretched by his thick mushroom head.  Every time he felt me relax, he pushed in just a little bit farther.  It hurt but his lips and tongue distracting me as we made out made it easier and easier to let him in.  I grunted as he reached the inner ring in my ass and he stopped moving, knowing it was going to be sore as he went past it.  He reached down and kneaded my thighs and as far onto my cheeks as he could get to and then he pulled them apart and pushed me down.

“Ahh fuck!” I gasped as he pushed all the way into me.

“Shh… It’ll be ok babe just relax,” He whispered to me as he ran his hands over my head and shoulders to help me get past it as my ass throbbed in protest around him.

“Oh fuck you’re so big…” I moaned as he kissed me.

“Yeah and I’m all the way inside of you,” he smiled up at me. “How does it feel?”

“Fucking amazing,” I told him as I finally felt my muscles relax and the pain faded into pleasure.

“Shit yeah babe,” Marc exclaimed as he felt me start wiggling around to see how it felt. “Ride that big dick.  Let it make you feel good.”

“Oh fuck yeah…” I whimpered as I raised myself up enough for his dick to start sliding up almost to his head before I pushed back down on it.

My eyes closed as I soaked up all the sensations and I felt myself panting and shaking as I rode this big sexy man.  I felt my ass loosening up more and more and I couldn’t believe how good it felt having something so big inside of me.  I could hear Marc moaning and grunting in his own pleasure as I moved up and down on him.

“Fuck babe…” He sighed. “You’re so fuckin tight.”

“Yeah does it feel good taking my cherry?” I asked him.

“Your ass ain’t virgin anymore,” he laughed and I laughed with him. “Shit though… You’re so tight you gonna make me cum quick.”

“Fuck yeah I wanna make you cum daddy,” I told him as I moved up and down, letting his rock hard cock give me pleasure in a way I never would have thought possible.

“Oh fuck just like that,” he groaned as I rode him faster.

“It feels so fucking good inside of me…” I gasped out as he reached up and pinched my nipples.

“Fuck! I’m gonna cum let me shoot it on you,” he ordered me.

I didn’t want to let him out of me but I did what he asked.  He ripped off the condom and stroked his dick a few times before he cried out in ecstasy.  The first shot of cum hitting my left cheek made me jump.

“Oh fuck your cum is so warm,” I moaned as I leaned in and kissed him again as a seventh and then eighth shot coated my ass and lower back.

“Shit… Your ass felt so good,” he sighed as he let his now softening dick drop from his grip and then raised his head up to kiss me again. “Sit up. I wanna see you bust your nut all over me now.”

I pushed myself back upright again and my breath caught as he reached up and squeezed my rapidly hardening dick.  It was already slick with all the precum he had me leaking so he stoked me from base to tip.  I was already bucking my hips and I could hear whimpering noises escaping my mouth that was wide open as I closed my eyes to savor the feeling.  He reached around my back to get some of his cum that was dripping back down onto his pubes and balls and the extra slipperiness was all it took to get me to the edge of orgasm.

“FUCK!” I yelled as I felt my balls pull up tight and my cock start jumping.

Nothing came out at first except for all the noise I was making and then all of a sudden, cum was flying out of me all the way up to Marc’s chest.  My white cream was making streaks all the way across his stomach and pecs.  One even managed to hit his cheek and if I could have pried my eyes open I would have seen him smile and snake his tongue out to lick what he could get of it.

“Oh fuck that was so fucking good…” I panted as I finally regained enough of my senses to speak.

“Shit yeah babe that was fuckin hot,” he agreed. “Come here and lie down with me”

“I don’t wanna get cum all over your bed though…” I hesitated.

“Fuck it,” Marc laughed. “I’ll wash it tomorrow. Come here and cuddle.”

“Alright,” I joined in his laughing as I forced my wobbly legs to lift me off of him so I could lay down and hold him.

He kissed me again and then pulled me into a big hug and just held me in his big strong arms.  He grinned at me and then kissed me again when I smiled back at him.  We stayed like that for the next half hour or so until we realized what time it was. We kissed a few more times as he found a towel and wiped what cum was left off of me that hadn’t dried up by then.


“I hope that was good for you babe,” Marc said as he pulled up outside my hotel and put his SUV in park.

“Oh it was fricken amazing,” I smiled as he leaned in and gave me another bunch of kisses.

“I’m glad,” he laughed. “Have a good trip back home ok?”

“Thank you so much for that it was so fucking good,” I replied.

As I closed the door and started walking towards the entrance I heard him call out to me through the window he opened.

“Hey Caleb!” he shouted.

“Yeah?” I turned to see what he wanted.

“Remember: What happens in Vegas,” he said.

“Stays in Vegas!” I finished as I pointed at him and grinned.

I heard him laugh as he drove away slowly and I sighed as I soaked in everything that had just happened. My body felt absolutely drained but in the best way I had ever felt.   I breathed in deeply and I could still smell his cologne lingering on me and maybe a whiff of the cum that still clinged to me.  

“Oh shit,” I swore to myself as I glanced at my phone and saw the time and hustled off to room.


“Caleb!?!? Where the hell were you?” my aunt scolded me as I tried to open the door quietly.

“Sorry…” I apologized. “I went walking and lost track of the time and then got a bit lost walking back.”

“How far did you go?” she asked me as the relief that I was ok and we were still on time crept into her voice.

“Pretty far,” I replied knowing that in a way it was pretty true.

“Yeah I can tell you kinda stink,” she wrinkled her nose at me. “Go bathe still get time before we gotta go airport.”
“OK aunty,” I agreed as I hoped she didn’t realize what the smells on me actually were.

I grabbed the set of clothes I had saved to travel home in and went to the bathroom.  I stripped off my clothes and then looked up at myself in the mirror.  Rubbing my belly, I looked up and down at my body.  No longer a virgin, I had finally accomplished what I had been wanting to do for so long now.  If there was ever any doubts that I liked dick, those were all gone now.  I could barely contain the anticipation of what new adventures I could find as soon as I could get back home.  


So what did you think? Did you like my story?  Hopefully you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you.  I have so many more things I could tell you too.  It’s barely been two years since that trip but once I had that first one out of the way I got brave and even more horny.  What should I tell you about next?  A hookup with one of my teachers from high school?  Some sexy tourists that I’ve met?  There was also my second encounter which was a wild birthday party orgy which was so much fun. Maybe I should continue telling you about that encounter with my big local friend in the park huh?  Who knows but you should let me know which you want to hear.

part 2

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omg i know this is late but i've never met ANYONE ELSE who's excited about donald duck and scrooge's love-hate relationship i swear to god my own significant other thinks i am crazy. have you read any don rosa?


i have cried so many tears trying to get every single one of don rosa’s comics, they are so hard to get in austria ;____;

BUT OK; YES(!!) donald and scrooge’s relationship is the thing i love most about these, i wrote fanfiction, i drew fancomics and i can still get obsessed for weeks if i get into it ;O;;;

i just LOVE, no, i ADORE how donald is portrayed in the comics !! he’s a single parent, and he doesn’t have money, his super rich jerk uncle “helps him out” by employing him for 30 cents per hour or less. With don rosa, the things donald has to go through can get so comically tragic, but it also feels so real to the point where you don’t feel sorry for donald (well ok that too) but you also respect him for standing up to that jerk :’D and then you get moments like this:

which brings me to SCROOGE. OMIGOD. people might have liked ducktales, and how it made scrooge into a likeable and kinda badass character, but PLEASE … PLEASE for the love of everything, take one look at a don rosa comic and witness the true badassery that is scrooge mcduck:


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I really liked the one with s/o's baby album. Can you do another reaction of the 2ps when they find s/o's baby album, but every single picture is the s/o giving a murderous and dark look while holding /being near some type of weapon. Its the same pose and look, except in different locations. 😂😂😂

2p America:…well ok then!

2p England: Awwwww they were so adorable!<3<3<3

2p France: Somehow I seem to attract the crazies.

2p Russia:….  S/o, are you related to a man named Kuro Honda by any chance?

2p China: Awwwwww, reminds me of back in the old days when I took care of Kuro!

2p Canada: Humm, well then, I’ll keep my weapons wrapped up tight.

2p Italy: Hummmmm, I could make use of this. Say s/o, would you care for a little job?

2p Germany: Babe, you are like Kuro!

2p Japan: Hehehe, great minds think alike.

2p Romano: Awwwww bella/o, you are so cute! Just like my fratello!<3

2p Prussia: Ummmm, I slightly concerned.

2p Austria: Ohhhhh nice! Those are some interesting weapons!

im just gonna be making a running list of some wild moments that ive witnessed in ghost adventures:

- zak LITERALLY saying he has a “third eye”
- aaron saying he felt a ghost put something up his ass
- at the riviera casino when zak tried to get all of them to reenact the “crazy girls” statue and everyone just going “what the fuck, you weirdo” and leaving him posing against the wall, ass-out
- when they all went to a restaurant and the food was taking long to arrive so zak starts narrating abt how hungry he is in his intense voice, unironically
- when aaron was complaining abt going in a crawlspace and they literally put up a fucking complaint counter on the screen
- every single one of the completely unnecessary theatrical reenactments
- when zak got FUCKING POSSESSED
- every single time zak does something along the lines of “ok aaron you go to the dark basement and talk to a fucking demon and im gonna stay up here and talk to these chill ass ghosts and learn their stories, have fun asshole”

feel free to add more, this show is WILD

My Favorite Stelena Quotes
  • “We met and we talked and it was epic”
  • “She’s the love of my life. I’d go back to her in a heart beat.”
  • “There’s still a connection between you two. Maybe, deep down, you know that he was your one true love and breaking up with him was a big mistake.”
  • “That kind of love, it can change your whole life.”
  • “Silas had his true love, and Stefan has Elena.”
  • “Century after century I watched versions of Stefan and Elena find each other, like magnets, always the same story conquering all falling in love. Destiny has been trying to get the doppelgängers together forever.”
  • “I was coming back for you, Stefan. No matter what happens, it’s the best choice I ever made.”
  • “Now this is fascinating. I’ve never seen this before. The only thing stronger than your craving for blood is your love for this one girl.”
  • “When you and I were together, every single atom in my body told me that it was the right thing. That we were the perfect fit.
  • “Crazy or not, that kind of love never dies”
  • “I love Stefan. It’s always gonna be Stefan.”
  • “I never stopped loving you.”
  • “It’s you and me, Stefan. Always.”
  • “I’ll always love you, Elena.” “I will always love you, too.”
  • “It’s like I knew that he would never stop loving me.”
  • “It’s you and me, ok? We’re in this together, forever.”
  • “If it were my choice, I’d want to be with you forever.”
  • “If it meant that I got to be with her, have children, grow old with her if it meant that we’d die together, be buried together then yes, I’d take the cure."
  • “I love you, Stefan. Hold on to that. Never let that go.”
  • “Yeah, that’s right Stefan. Because you love me. You’ll fight, because after everything we’ve been through, you owe me that!”
  • “Stefan is your soulmate”
The Sex Scene

The script was on her knee. Her shaking knee. They fiddled with her hair and makeup, speaking in hushed tones around her. Looking down, she read the words one last time.“Angry sex”. They knew what she was about to do, and even though it meant nothing to them, it would be the first time for her.

“Miss Deane, are you ready?” Asked a runner, head piece wrapped around his neck as he peered into the dressing room door.

She sighed heavily. A mixture of nerves and excitement. Ever since her audition, she’d known it was coming. Making the move from TV into Film had come unexpectedly. They wanted an unknown face, someone who had intense chemistry with the male lead, and that someone was Ella Deane.

“She’s ready.” Said the makeup girl, spinning her around in her chair.

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Seeing Hamilton Live

Things I Noticed

opening- theatre goes wild! amazing energy everyone is so so happy to be there the whole time waiting for it to start is electric
story of tonight: wow are they going to ever stop hugging? (no) Laf laurens Alex and Mulligan are all hanging all over each other
Schuyler sisters: OMG SQUAD GOALS when they put their hands in the middle THE TURNTABLE Peggy omg omg the enseMBLE BURR IS SO FUNNY he’s trying to keep up with Angelica on the opposite turntables it’s hilarious
helpless: Eliza oh my gooooood beautiful all the liGHTS a literal angel also Lin???? holy shit omg his expressions and body language WOWOW This was so impressive and it’s crazy to see such a huge amount of plot go by in like. 3 minutes and it’s all so easy to follow they’re so good
farmer refuted WOW HES SO CUTE also this was literally so hilarious like mulligan egging ham on omg they’re all cheering for Alex except burr who is at this point already like Kill Me Now
you’ll be back: what the fuck??? this was so funny he barely moved at all but his expressions and tiny little things made it hilarious wow
right hand man: WOW EVERY SINGLE WASH SONG WAS SO POWERFUL AND MOVING AND INCREDIBLE Hamilton is a literal jumpy baby he’s bouncing on his toes aww Chris Jackson is a literal God on earth and there was so much going on in this he was so REAL the struggle of Washington that he showed was so amazing wowowooww
story of tonight reprise: does it get any gayer? who knows. also Anthony does that thing (u know the thing the ‘u got a special someone on the side’ thing) right in Leslie’s ear like he’s almost eating the side of his face it’s so funny also he’s obviously trying to keep Alex from getting into a fight on his wedding night
wait for it: wowowowowowowowowowow leslie what the fuck the amount of emotion and power in this song was so incredible and I cannot believe… the lights in this were particularly stunning
stay alive, ten duel commandments, and meet me inside: I’m crying. I’m literally crying ok the confrontation between ham and wash was so emotional and cool they were all stiff and cold unlike having before where they had been really animated except when Alex goes “well I don’t have your name” and he kinda explodes
and the duel was so gay when Laurens survived Hamilton was crying (he like scrubbed his face) and wOW also the other cast members are always up top? watching what’s going on? and it’s so cool
that would be enough: Eliza is the best 2kforever ok wow holy shit this is so sweet and Lin is practically crying his voice breaks and gah the emotion!!! he doesn’t think he deserves her! wahh
guns and ships: ITS LIT ITS SO LIT DAVEED IS ACTUALLY SO TALENTED HIS ENERGY AND PRESENCE IS UNFATHOMABLE I CANNOT TELL YOU I wanted to watch this over and over because there was so much motion it def captured the chaos of battle
history has its eyes on you: wow ok so Hamilton comes back and he’s so beautiful? like yeah ok also this was so nice in the theatre like.. surrounding u with the music GAH
Yorktown, aka where do I look everything is amazing and this should probably be rated r because this is porn: I can’t even begin to describe this… there was so much going on and everyone was so good and there was this line thing w the ensemble and the bayonets and WOW
(I no lie thought this had to be the end of act 1 it was so powerful)
dear theodosia: the lights???? the emotion??? they’re so cute???? it’s so simple and sweet and I’m in love Burr is sitting in his chair and Alex is behind his and they’re lit in little squares of light and it’s so cool bc for once neither of them are trying to be in the spotlight but they still feel the pressure yessssss
Laurens letter: oh no. oh no oh no oh no Anthony is standing there and he is so proud and sad and angry and Hamilton is devastated like aCTually crushed and then he just INTERNALIZES IT AND GOES “I HAVE SO MUCH WORK TO DO” AND WOW
non-stop: yes? yes yes yes the law scene is so good, when he meets burr Leslie is so done he’s so exasperated this whole song and it’s so good and everything about this was sO GOOD
what’d I miss: I literally cannot tell you how much I love this song like i thought I liked it before? nope wrong daveed diggs is a magician and every movement he made made me laugh even harder and that coAT OH MY GOD gAH every punchline perfectly delivered hhhhhhhhh the whole cast too just adding little eye rolls and flippant gestures it’s perfect
the cabinet battles!!! everyone cheered when Washington was like “for a cabinet meeting, huh?” and it was so fun Lin is such a bouncy puppy also Madison Oak’s total switch is so impressive and?? he keeps wiping his nose with a handkerchief I’m crying
take a break: Angelica and Eliza as best people ever ok they are so kind and they’re so cute together when they’re hugging and trying to get Hamilton to come and ANTHONY HOLY SHIT AS PHILLIP HIS MANNERISMS COMPLETELY CHANGE FROM LAURENS AND AT FIRST HES THIS SHY LITTLE KID SND THEN HE GETS MORE CONFIDENT AND WAAAAAA HAM PLEASE
say no to this: I cannot believe… this was so well done, not even close to weirdly sexual, and it doesn’t portray maria badly at all she’s in love with him it’s so sad ahhhhh and James Reynolds is SO GOOD AND THE LIGHTING AND ITS SO INTIMATE AND WELL DONE WOWOW (also it all happens in a street setting? like there’s street lights it’s really cool because it was the first publicized affair)
the room where it happens: I’m still gay, it was just as good as you would expect, Leslie has so much emotion I can’t tell you
Schuyler defeated: tiny little Laurens. that’s all
one last time: this is actually really sad? wow also Lin does so well, when he goes “teach them how to say goodbye” and it’s like he’s accepted it and GAH CHRIS IS SO SO POWERFUL IN THIS I CANT EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE
I know him & the Adams admin: King George is literally insane and I love him. he sits in for AA and does this funny little dance what the heck I love them all
we know: ok. ok so daveed diggs is amazing ok? ok. the tension is palpable in this scene and it’s so well staged and woW it’s so neat how they’re all on one side of the desk and it’s very formal and aggressive they’re all leaning in and for once Hamilton is not. the one moving an excessive amount which is really cool bc it’s like his whole life freezes at this point and then…
hurricane: I cannot. I cannot do this justice. the lighting, the slow moving hurricane of papers and furniture, the GODDAM TURNTABLE BLESS thIS you have to see live
the Reynolds pamphlet: let’s be clear; this is the actual hurricane and I want to watch it over and over. every single character gets a reaction, including the king and Anthony (sobs) and it’s so crazy, tossing papers everywhere, SO COOL you can feel the beat in your chest it’s incredible
burn: ok. um. cry. just cry now because Eliza didn’t deserve this and also phillipa’s voice is like silk and it’s heartwrenching ok the dynamics are incredible
blow us all away: I love Anthony ok. that’s all. (also the show staging bit is so good George is on the balcony and everyone else watching the show keeps turning around in their seats ahh) and when he goes “your fathers a scoundrel and so it seems are you” he looks him up and down and Phillip is literally just a little boy trying too hard to act cool I’m sorry
the election of 1800: um I’m pretty sure tjeffs dabs when he gets the endorsement which is. pretty much this whole thing plus some really amazing choreography and a fantastic burr yes? he is so much more animated here (“I learned that from you”)
yr. obt. servant: this is so sassy??? so sassy the people sending the letters are so sassy the whole thing is just sass™
best of wives and best of women: oh nooooo those glasses he’s so smol and tired and they are so sweet together wow he just holds her as he’s sitting down
the world was wide enough: ok so the death scene… slow motion bullet, amazing amazing amazing seeing all the other characters, wow this literally couldn’t have been done better
row him across the Hudson is so cool too?? and then he ascends up the stairs to the other dead characters and I’m GAY
wlwdwtys: wow ok so this is like a love ballad to Eliza? and when she sees the audience at the end it’s so sweet I cANT TELL YOU HOW GOOD THIS WAS

Also meeting the cast at the end:
Daveed is so kind and soft I gave him a hug and he was so obviously tired but he was still so happy and grinny and he kept complimenting people he said he liked my jacket!!
Chris was so! nice! he actually stopped and talked with us for like?? a minute and said he would like to visit virginia (mount Vernon) and he was so friendly
AHHH just everyone was so nice this is so long already I’m sorry it was just AAHH these people

I’m going to tag @alexanderhammyton because I told her I’d tell her this but I never got time to so. here u go friend

A PSA on Fanfiction

So I checked up on one of my old fanfics…

It’s 118,000 + words.


Damn, fanfiction was different in those days. It’s been 4 years. Crazy how time passes. 

The Raven’s Darling took me over eight months to write and had a beta reader for every chapter. It’s insane, looking back at it, to think about how much of my life writing fanfiction took. Sometimes, I wonder if the 200 reviews were worth it.


Then I always kick myself. It was through writing Raven’s Darling that I learned how to plot character arcs, how to write battle scenes, and how to WRITE. It was a riff on Raven’s Darling that won me an Honorable Mention in the Writer’s of the Future competition, and now four years later I submitted a very different story (which you can read if you want!). Today, I have a book finished and it’s in the hands of agents while I write (you can also read it!), and I’m starting a new novel in November. I’m 20 and studying literature and interning at a publishing house. 

Writing fanfiction turned me into the writer I am today. Learning how to write on a deadline, how to write for an audience, even how to write like a career. I updated chapters at least every three weeks - that’s crazy considering some of those chapters were 14,000 + words and every single one passed by an editor. 

Now that my fanfiction days are over (except for a few one-shots on stydia-fanfiction - WHICH IS AMAZING OK IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THE STORIES ON THERE GO NOW!), I feel like I can look back at that time in my life and deliver an important PSA: 

Dear Fanfic writers, 

Your writing is important. Even if sometimes it feels like it’s taking too much of your time, even if you aren’t getting any reviews, even if sometimes you question why you even bother, know that the writing that you do now will shape the writing you do in the future. Every word, every turn of phrase, every paragraph, it will make you better. I know a one-shot sex scene between a crack-ship might not seem like it has long term benefits, but even taking the time to write that out and publish it will start you down the path towards developing your taste, your style, and your writer’s grace that makes you unique from anyone else. Whether you’re a prolific writer with many fics, a writer like me with only one insane fanfic, or just beginning with a few one-shots, you are a writer. Embrace that. Reviews seem so important in the moment, but in the end you are writing for you, and someday you will be your greatest critic, but also your greatest champion. 

Dear Fanfic readers, 

Take the time to review fanfics. I just read over the old reviews for Raven’s Darling and it’s amazing how encouraging and wonderful they were, but more importantly it’s eye-opening to see how much I learned from them. Just writing a “great” or a “nice” can show a writer where they are getting it right, where they are getting it wrong, and how to raise the bar where it should be. It’ll only take you a few minutes, but your words will shape that writer for years to come - I know they did in my case. 

Writers writing fanfiction may remain in fanfiction, but still others will move on to write original work, publish short stories, maybe even publish novels. And when those books are on the shelves and create fandoms of their own, you’ll know where it all started - late one night, when a student should have been doing homework but then they had an idea, a spark, a moment in their mind that made them put words to paper. It could have been something silly, something sad, something wonderful, but it started on this website and it created a writer. 

Watch. Read. Write. Repeat. I’ll be looking forward to shipping your characters. 

Peace. Love. *Salutes*. 

-Zane (who was once ladywarlock)

Welcome to the pack.

Request by missbitch69 : Can you do an imagine where you have a crush on stiles but you are really shy and quiet so you never talk to him, but one day you planned to ask him out or something and saw Scott wolf out so throughout everything that happens you kinda figure it all out without them knowing. And like in season 4when the deadpool comes out your name is on it and they confront you and you get really nervous and wind up spilling everything including your crush and stiles thinks it adorable😂love your blog!Thanks💕

A/N: I really liked your idea! I’m glad you like my blog :) and I hope you enjoy you’re imagine! I changed it a little but yeah, enjoy!

Warning: stiles cuteness


Y/N P.O.V.

I walked and saw Stiles and Scott at my class. I was a little nervous. I have a crush on Stiles since I know him and I finally decided to tell him. I don’t know if it’s a good idea, but I can’t keep it to me anymore. He’ll probably laugh at my face.

When the bell finally hangs, I followed him and Scott to the locker room but they didn’t saw me, I stopped when I saw Scott’s eyes turning red. I put my hands in front of my mouth holding my breath.


I closed my locker and bumped in someone.

“Ops, I’m sorry!” I saw Kira.

“Oh, no problem.” I smiled at her.

She looked at me a little confused.

“I think I know you.”

“Me? No. No. I don’t think so.”

“Hm… I must be wrong.” She said. “Well, bye.”

I closed my eyes. God. Little did she know that I was following them all this time.

I discovered everything. But I keep it to myself. I can’t tell anyone. And they don’t know that I know it. It was scary, when Stiles was possessed by the Nogitsune I said to myself that I’ll stop following them; but I didn’t.

After school I went to my house and started doing my homework till I hear something. I went down stairs and opened the door. I jumped in fright when I saw Scott and all of his pack in front of my house.

“Uh… Hm, hello.” I said.

“Y/N right?” Scott smiled.


“Can we come in?” Lydia asked.


They entered and walked to the living room.

“So…” I tried.

“What are you?” Scott asked.


“Are you a werewolf?”

“What? No!”

“Were coyote?” Malia looked at me.

“No! I’m not supernatural!”

“What is she?” Kira asked.

“I don’t know.” Scott said.

“I’m nothing!”

“Wait, you said supernatural?” Stiles asked.

“N-no, I didn’t!”

“Yes, you did.” Malia looked at me.

“Look, it’s better if you tell us what you know.” Scott said.

“I don’t know any…”

“You’re in danger ok? If you want us to protect you, you need to tell us.” Scott said.

“I… well. A while ago I followed you and Stiles to the locker room and I saw you… Hm, I say your eyes turning red. I was so scared but… well; I started following every single one of you. And I kinda discovered everything. Since when Scott got the bite.”

“Cool. We have a crazy girl here.” Derek said.

“Shut up, Derek.” Stiles said.

I smiled.

“So, you know everything?” Scott asked and I nodded.

“We find a list with all of the names of the supernatural creatures on Beacon Hills. And your name is on it.” Lydia explained.

“What? But… I’m not supernatural. I swear that I’m human.”

“Maybe she is something but didn’t discover yet.” Kira said. “We can talk with Deaton.”

“Yeah. Well, I think we’re done here.”

They just started leaving my house.

“What? What will happen when that thing finds me? You’ll leave me here? I don’t want to die!”

Scott looked at me but Derek held his arm.

“C’mon Scott, we can protect everyone.”

I was scared now. Really scared.

“We can’t leave her here.”

Derek rolled his eyes and leaves my house, Stiles came back.

“I missed something.” Scott said. “Why did you follow me and Stiles?”

“I was about to ask that.” Stiles said.

“Hm…. I was actually following Stiles.”

“Me? Why?”

“Because I like you.”

Scott smiled and leaved my house.


“Yeah, I’m in love with you Stiles, for a long time.”

“Why you never told me?”

“Because I’m too shy to admit it. And when I found the courage to say it… well…”

He smiles at me.

“And also because you’ll probably laugh at me, or because you were obsessed with Lydia, or because you didn’t know who I was…”

“Well, you’re wrong.”

I looked at him confused.

“How can I forget the girl who punched me when I was 8?”

“You remember that?”

“Well, it was the first time you talked to me.”

I laughed.

“And you punched me really hard.”

“You stole my doll!”

He shook his head and held my hand.

“Welcome to the pack.”

anonymous asked:

Ok but. How in the world do you know she picked TAHT date BECAUSE it was the anniversary of his mums death? I didn't even know when she had passed away until today that people are bringing it up. If you look in her tag, she is apparently crazy superstitious about the number 13. Has been since the beginning (signed autographs for 13 hours once) And if you add 11/10/2017 1+1+1+0+2+0+1+7=13. It's a crazy reason but all her albums have had weird numbers add up to 13 every single one.

Ok Taylor’s never got over the Kanye moment, literally a journalist who interviewed at one point found out that she had a framed moment of that VMAs in her living room or some shit.
Sorry Swiftys your not convincing me she didn’t do that on purpose. She has a personal vindicated against Kanye.

Ask everyone one in the industry knows about Kanye and his mom’s death. That’s part of the reason he acted out during the VMAs. It was well reported on at the time. Taylor fucking knew about it and she purposefully chose that date.

@Harry_Styles: 4 years. Thank you to everyone who is involved in this. I feel so lucky to be part of it. Everyone who has worked with us thank you..

@Harry_Styles: Thank you to all of you who have supported us. We couldn’t ask for better fans, you are absolutely the best ever. We love you so much .xx

@NiallOfficial: Wow ! Can’t believe it! 4 years ago today we were out together ! Crazy how time flies but it also feels like it was years and years ago !

@NiallOfficial: I can honestly say, thank you all so much, every one of you, from all over the world! Your support is absolutely incredible.

@NiallOfficial: What you have done for us baffles my mind ever day! really appreciate everything ! Thank you , love you! Let’s have more fun now #4YearsOf1D

@NiallOfficial: Thank you lads ,we’ve had a great time so far, you are family to me now , not just band mates ! Love you

@Real_Liam_Payne: Happy four years everyone can’t believe it’s been that long thank you so much everybody crazy how things have turned out I love you

@Louis_Tomlinson: 4 years !! It’s so cliche to say but it simply would not have been possible without every single one of our fans ! You have been incredible!

@Louis_Tomlinson: I hope you all look back on the last 4 years and are proud for what YOU have achieved ! We’re in this together ! Loaaaaaads of love !!!!!!!

Women are so incredibly, fucking beautiful.

Like I mean come on how can you not appreciate women?! They are graceful, they are beautiful, they are all different shapes and sizes, they’re soft and they smell good, they are kind and caring and compassionate. Ok, yes some are slightly psychotic and crazy and bitchy beyond belief, but even them ones I find myself thinking “dam you’re such a bitch and you’re so psychotic that Im slightly afraid for my life, but you’re still so dam attractive to me” Its a problem of mine. So to every single woman out there you’re beautiful beyond belief. much love. <3

Things I want to say to you

I’ve been debating whether I should write this post for some time now. I know that it will bring forth the wrath of some people and frankly I didn’t want to go through that. But things have reached a point where the hate I could be getting is a really small price to pay in order to lay out some truths.

First of all, I want to say that I love this fandom. Really. I’m amazed by all the people coming together from all around the world to enjoy the show. I’ve witnessed some friendships being born and I, myself, have made friends that I adore.

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ok so WOW i hit 10,000 followers today??? a couple of months ago i hit 5,000, and that was already such a milestone for me. now i’m at 10,000 and its just crazy to think about. ive had this blog for almost a year now and i dont regret making it one bit. ive made some really good friends through here and i couldnt be more happier. thank you to every single one of you who follow me and find my blog really nice, some of you have even told me that my blog makes you happy, and im so so happy about that. i love each and every one of you <3 (i spent way too much time on the picture ughwd)

here are some of my favorite people: 

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can you give some make up tips

uuughhhh ok no prob 

baking under your eyes like right under your lower lash line is going to accentuate fine lines and wrinkles every single time bitch .. you’re gonna look 92 years old if you have natural eye folds and crazy amounts of powder can actually make these lines worse in the long run bc it’s very drying….. a light dusting of translucent powder will work better and wont crease as much, translucent powders i.e. the laura one are meant to be used like REALLY sparingly but of course if you’re going in with extreme makeup you need to go in with almost the same amount of powder to make it last but for everyday makeup, half a bucket of pancake mix is not needed. 

if you have dark circles and you go in with a light concealer your under eye area is going to turn grey and look really ashy and dry, you don’t need all these different color correctors to camouflage darkness or sallowness most of the time, go in with a concealer that matches your skin right under your eye and then below that use a lighter concealer from nose to temple in diagonal strokes to highlight the tops of your cheeks drawing attention away from under your eyes and to your cheek bones and then blend it all in you’ll instantly look brighter 

you don’t need a beauty blender especially if you have acne prone skin, those white triangles you can get from basically anywhere work just as well as beauty blenders when you wet them

winged eyeliner is honestly a personal journey and everyone has a different technique but the best most universal one i’ve come across is holding a down by your chest and out a little bit but not too much, keep your chin jutted out and look straight down into the mirror with only your eyes, your eyes will be as closed to closed as they can get with you still being able to see and without the squinting or pulling 

investing in brushes will change your life like you don’t have to spend a lot on makeup especially these days with indie brands and drug store brands catching up but good brushes will make a big difference and you don’t have to go crazy, i’m talking …. real techniques if you don’t mind synthetic bristles… real hair brushes are made by: shaving whatever animal they come from then putting the best hair in a pile and that getting sold off to the highest bidder this hair is the softest hair and gets made into the softest brushes which make them the most expensive… and then the 2nd best pile gets sold to the 2nd best bidder making the 2nd best brushes and then all the way down to the scratchy last pile that gets sold to brands like idk morphe which is actually just crown brushes that got private labeled and they played us all for fools and made millions so i know it’s fucking traumatizing to spend so much money on one single brush but honestly if you take care of your brushes they can last for years and you can have a lot less skin irritation and acne bc guess what scratchy brushes=irritation and irritation=acne …………….my personal motto is invest in your skin, invest in your brushes and fuck around with everything else 

concealer & powder works better than any eyeshadow primer i’ve ever tried 

the bobbi brown blush technique is actually amazing… the gift that keeps on giving from her played out brand it’s when u do a natural blush from apples of your cheeks to your hairline then do a brighter pop of blush right on the apples of your cheeks it looks super natural and pretty yay being pretty ! 

multiple contour colors actually look more natural, that taupe contour color really does look as gray as u see in the mirror girl lmao

kiss lashes are better than ardell yeah i said it ! also PLEASE don’t glue false lashes under your real lashes what the fuck are you doing most EYELINERS aren’t waterline safe like we’re pushin it with that and you wanna put GLUE near your waterline i want to die 

those toothbrush makeup brushes are a real big fraud omg 

nobody does makeup wipes like neutrogena but the clinique and mac ones are close and also their better buys .. neutrogena sells you 25 wipes for like $7.99 clinique gives you 50 for $14 and mac gives you 100 for $29 so you get way more for your money, same with that lumi primer you’re paying 12 bucks for .68 ounces like if they actually made it in a 1.7 ounce bottle like normal primers you’d be paying just as much as you do for higher end products so no it’s not always smarter to go with drugstore brands make sure you look at prices vs weigh/product bc cvs is playing u 

drink water i dont mean to be one of those people bc like i stand on my feet 9 hours a day and consume nothing but coffee and negative energy BUT water will change your skin, eating healthy will change your skin, you’ll look in the mirror and look like u gave yourself the beat down of your life while barefaced 


So today, I’ve reached 263 followers. I don’t know how or why I got to this certain number; but legit, every single one of y'all 263 people make me really, really happy like not even kidding, man. I’m so grateful that y'all didn’t unfollow me when I had a rp-midlife crisis and disappeared for ten days; and that y'all accept me and love me around here even though I’m real crazy and weird. I just- I have no words. I literally have no words because each and every one of you are so amazing and I just love you all ok.


I never really thought I’d end up making some super awesome and wonderful friends around here, tbh. Like, I never pictured myself laughing my ass off in front of Skype/AIM because of y’all messages or, or, even using my Skype/AIM apps regularly on a daily basis. It’s just- idek. It’s surreal and crazy and funny at the same time. I really do love you all and I’m so, so, so lucky I got to meets you. Thank you for sticking by me and being my friend because I just-I’m just so lucky to have y'all ok.

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Dashboard scrolling is super fun because of y'all tbh. I love you all. :’)

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I’m pretty sure I missed a bunch of people and I’m sarreh creys. But legit, this community is awesome and I just love everyone to bits and like, y’all are amazing, sweetie and cutesie pie cupcakes okay. That’s all for now. uwu

Peace & love, Bee.