every single one of u say it back

  • listen, this boy is the biggest dork EVER if there were an award for ‘world’s biggest dork’ he’d win it
  • meaning he’d be the silliest boyfriend in the whole entire world
  • but you’d love him for that exact reason
  • seriously you two would be so in love it would be disgusting
  • he would completely change when you two actually start dating he would’ve been so shy when he was crushing on you but after having you say yes to a date with him he’d calm down (mostly)
  • but when you wear his clothes, he’d go back to being that shy little boy again
  • he’d tell you you look so beautiful whilst doing that little smile he does yOU KNOW THE ONE
  • he’d always candid shots of you and some of them would actually be really nice
  • but other ones would be ones of you eating with food all over your face
  • you’d get him back though by screenshotting all his ugly snapchats
  • you’d be each others lockscreens
  • but it wouldn’t be a nice aesthetic photo, it’d be one of those stupid photos he took of you
  • your text conversations can be one of four things: memes, cheesiness, stupid deep conversations or you complaining to him about something he did
  • the meme conversations would be you spamming him with memes of himself and he’d haTE IT (well he’d pretend to but he lowkey saves them in an album)
  • the cheesiness ones are obvious, him getting emotional at 4 in the morning and texting you about how much he adores you and loves you and never wants to lose you
  • you, of course, respond 'you woke me up for this?’
  • the stupid deep conversations would be the same thing, hansol texting you at 4 in the morning about aliens or some new conspiracy theory he read about later in the day
  • you actually don’t mind these texts because you’re both dorks who like to research and talk about conspiracy theories
  • the complaining ones would be when the tables turn and you text him at 4 in the morning asking him why he ate all your snacks
  • 'hansol you were only here for 5 minutes yet my pantry is empty’
  • 'honestly i dont know how i did it either i kinda blacked out and next thing i know all the food is gone’
  • he’d get upset when you say 'ily’ or 'love u’ instead of 'i love you’
  • you’d touch his butt all the time and he’d get so flustered the cutie
  • he’d touch your butt back and giggle
  • arcade dates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • cuddly movie marathon wrapped in blankets dates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • staying in bed all morning snuggling and smooching!!!!!!!
  • as soon as he finds a new song he’d send it to you
  • and every single lovey dovey romance song he finds, he says it reminds him of you and that its “our song”
  • keep in mind he finds about 10 every day that are 'our song’
  • and every time, you remind him that you have about 200 'our songs’ already
  • you love it a lot though because some of the songs are so sweet and basically say how in love with you he is, you won’t admit this or show it though
  • he’d be really bad at trying to be upset with you because he’d just do something silly like throw a blanket over you
  • you’d purposely annoy him even though he doesn’t get annoyed
  • but then when he does it to you you get so annoyed
  • when you’re not together you’d facetime for hours and hours
  • you’d end up falling asleep on facetime together every time no matter what
  • you’d basically just be best friends who are completely inseperable and everyone around you hates it because you’re so cute


Hi there everyone!

This entire week has been a blast, but the time has come for us to close submissions.

We want to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to all the participants! We couldn’t have done this without you. This event became much larger than we could have ever predicted, making it’s way to all corners of the globe, and we know we had tons of fun with it!

Let’s take a look at some submission totals:

Total (tumblr): 341  ||  Total (Ao3): 66  ||  Total (twitter): 106

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As you can see, we had quite a few submissions! Thank you everyone! Before we finish closing up the Week, the Moderator Team wanted to share some personal words.

Nathan/@sachiro: The first thing I’d like to express is how truly grateful I am to everyone who participated. It’s been such a joy each and every day to see people challenging themselves and pushing themselves outside of their comfort zones to create new works. I can’t even express how happy I’ve been at seeing every single submission. I applaud the bravery of every participant, and especially those who have never posted anything NSFW before, for coming out of your shells and allowing us to bask in your skills! And to the mods, this Week has been crazy hectic but I’m so thankful for all of you and the efforts you’ve put into making this event a reality. I couldn’t have done it without all of you. See you all next level!!

Seda/@rinsuokah: NSFW Victuuri Week is officially over. It was an amazing and successful event. I had so much fun (and nosebleeds) during the whole event. I want to thank all participants who were spicing up our event with their amazing fanworks. We’re blessed for having such talented people in our fandom. Hope to meet you all during second edition of NSFW Victuuri Week! Much love for you all~

Vicky/@rinmatsuoka: We’ve made it to the end, and it has been one hell of a ride! We can all extend our thanks in words, but it will never amount to how truly grateful we all are for everything our participants have contributed! It’s always such a blessing to see how excited the fandom is to join in events that celebrate the amazing ship that is, Victor and Yuuri. Thank you to all who participated! Be it in contributing, or supporting those who did contribute, and those who supported us in getting the word out! Every single one of you made this event possible! Stay strong my darlings, we’ll be back before you know it and we look forward to seeing all of you again real soon! ♥️

Nad/@oizumi: Hello! Nad is here. I just wanna say thank you to all of you who participate and thank you for making this event alive 😂 and for mods, I love you guys so much (even tho recently I’m not very active and dont contribute much bc life hit me, I’m so sorry….) you guys are the best mod ever!! Once again, THANK U EVERYONE 💖💖

Ally/@yuurinikiforov: It’s been a wild ride, pun intended, but we’ve reached the end. I’m constantly amazed by this fandom and their love and creativity. Honestly, I expected a very small event, but we got so many people participating. It’s truly moved me. I also had the blessing of running our Twitter and, guys, there was so much love spread. We received a few comments from the Japanese fandom complimenting all of you, both on Twitter and Tumblr. I’m honored to help everyone share their talents. We’ll be back before you know it, I promise. Until NEXT LEVEL, keep being amazing.

The Week was far more successful than we ever could have imagined! We’re grateful to each and every one of you who participated and all of you who showed your support for the entries. Parting is sad, but don’t worry - it’s only temporary!

We’re happy to announce our main event, @victuuri-week 2018 dates! We’ll see you all in the run up to the Winter Olympics, January 31st through February 7th! Follow us there for more announcements in the future!


truth - peter parker

Truth - ((Tom Holland)) Peter Parker x Reader | 3rd Person

Prompt: When (Y/N) can’t complete a dare, Peter must admit a truth. (part one here)

a/n: THIS IS SO LONG OVERDUE!! but i’m back!! thank you for the kind messages!! i feel better and seriously the love on the previous part was amazing. if you’re new, hey, i’m gabriella, i say hell yeah a lot and love you to death. :-)

School had ended and summer began, leaving time for (Y/N) to do whatever she pleased. Instead of being with her friends or having fun, she had decided to work on her dare. She wanted–needed–to find out who Spiderman was. It drove (Y/N) insane, and that was how most people chose to describe her now.

Peter had to sit and watch the mess unfold before his own eyes. He watched as (Y/N)’s sanity diminished and her confidence in dares deplete. What had happened to the fun-loving girl that he knew as his best friend? Peter knew that this was all his fault, but he didn’t do anything about it. He should’ve told her ages ago, but didn’t.

Two weeks later, (Y/N) was camping with her friends. On the trip, Peter tagged along with the large groups of soon-to-be seniors and mainly went to make sure (Y/N) was okay. In truth, she wasn’t. She was so caught up in her own thoughts and feelings that she couldn’t focus on anything.

Peter was worried about her, she would start going on walks alone and straying from the group. Yes, (Y/N) was her own person free to make her own decisions but her judgement was clouded and her mental state was rocky at best. Peter deeply regretted this dare and was about ready to tell (Y/N) the truth.

A few nights later, (Y/N) and Peter were the only two awake. This was Peter’s chance, he could fix everything and help his best friend so much. The two talked and laughed and Peter slowly begun to coax the old (Y/N) out.

She was laughing and smiling and her and Peter were happy. That all changed in a second. Peter had accidentally brought up Spiderman and (Y/N) panicked. Her whole persona changed and she instantly became the driven, Spiderman-obsessed girl she was.Peter frowned as (Y/N) went to bed, he would fix this in the morning.

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anonymous asked:

I have insomnia through genetics (I'm very very tired) but what if Peter ends up with insomnia because of patrol? What if he's too tired in the morning to put his binder on?

-peter really doesn’t get much sleep at all

-he has school, homework, and patrol 5 days a week, homework and patrol on weekends, and academic decathlon once a week too

-plus like,, socialization and being a teenager

-peter’s probably single-handedly keeping redbull and monster in business due to his consumption of their products

-so a few months into school and its really starting to catch up with him

-he usually eats while doing homework but then he’s not focusing as much so he barely has time to catch a meal and his sleep schedule is essentially nonexistent

-its even messing with his healing factor so he’s healing slower than he should

-tony eventually finds out and makes him take 2 nights off patrol a week

-peter tries every night anyway and gets a pretty stern message from karen and tony both

-even with the two nights off though he’s still getting to bed at 3 am most nights and waking up at the ass crack of dawn to get to school on time

-he’s pretty much always exhausted but it’s getting progressively worse

-one night in particular was a really busy crime night and peter didn’t get to go home and sleep

-he was almost late because he had to get home and shower and change

-after he showered he was kinda frantic and still pretty exhausted so without thinking he puts on a sports bra instead of a binder

-he’s already out the door and a few blocks away by the time he realizes

-he can’t have another tardy so he’s just gonna have to deal

-he texts mj and asks if they’ve left and if not, could she bring him a sweatshirt

-a minute later he reads their text that just says “you’ve stolen every single one of them except for my grey one and im not letting your grubby hands snatch that one too”

-he texts a quick “thats fair” then asks ned if he can bring him one

-ned tells him he should have one in his locker that he’s welcome to as long as he gets it back within a week

-”i make no promises”

-”boy if u dont”


-peter and ned meet up and ned gives him the sweatshirt and its really warm and cozy

-he’s pretty self conscious and dysphoric bc he feels really noticeable but 

-its a really nice sweatshirt ok

-the guy in the chair saved peter’s ass once more and peter’s really thankful to have him

-he also flips mj the finger when they pointedly zip up their grey hoodie at lunch which makes them all laugh bc they’re nerds and they love each other a lot

-also peter really has a problem with stealing clothes

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✰ * º ❛ pll season one -a texts ask meme. ❜

( ✉ → text ):  maybe he fools around with students all of the time. a lot of teachers do.
( ✉ → text ):  poor you. always wanting someone else’s boyfriend. but remember: you kiss, i tell.
( ✉ → text ):  be careful. i hear prison food makes you fat.
( ✉ → text ):  it’s gonna take more than a gloss to keep those lips sealed.
( ✉ → text ):  i’m still here, bitch. and i know everything.
( ✉ → text ):  dead girl walking.
( ✉ → text ):  when students kiss teachers, someone gets hurt. that’s a promise i’ll keep.
( ✉ → text ):  that’s a promise i’ll keep.
( ✉ → text ):  did you get a goodnight kiss? here’s one from me. xo
( ✉ → text ):  if only she could see how guilty you look.
( ✉ → text ):  heads up, hon. hefty girls never get the guy.
( ✉ → text ):  it’s open season on liars and i’m hunting.
( ✉ → text ):  ding dong the bitch is dead.
( ✉ → text ):  it won’t be that easy, bitches.
( ✉ → text ):  lucky you! other girls have to do their homework. you get to do the teacher.
( ✉ → text ):  ever wonder what’s going on when your back is turned?
( ✉ → text ):  kiss bye bye to your bff
( ✉ → text ):  lions and tigers and bitches, oh my!
( ✉ → text ):  there’s no place like homecoming. see you there.
( ✉ → text ):  thanks for getting him out of my way.
( ✉ → text ):  there’s only so much you can bury. you’re not done with me yet.
( ✉ → text ):  define “desertion.” seems like you’re about to lose your friend. who’s next?
( ✉ → text ):  you found my bracelet, not come find me.
( ✉ → text ):  she knew too much.
( ✉ → text ):  you’re as in the dark as she is… looking for me in all the wrong places.
( ✉ → text ):  sorry about losing my temper. my bad!  
( ✉ → text ):  like mommy, like daughter.
( ✉ → text ):  can you run from the law on those legs?
( ✉ → text ):  you’ll get your $$$ back if you do what i say.
( ✉ → text ):  sweet dreams.
( ✉ → text ):  don’t say i never gave you anything.
( ✉ → text ):  married for love or an alibi?
( ✉ → text ):  want the money? sit there and eat every single one.
( ✉ → text ):  you know how to get rid of it.
( ✉ → text ):  oink oink.
( ✉ → text ):  watch your backs. i didn’t.
( ✉ → text ):  you have his heart. now rip it out.
( ✉ → text ):  almost got you busted. wanna know how?
( ✉ → text ):  they’re quiet, but how R U gonna shut ME up?
( ✉ → text ):  she’s gonna be soooo pissed.
( ✉ → text ):  rat me out, your blood’s next.
( ✉ → text ):  the LOVER and the SCORNED are now BFFs. scared yet? you will be.
( ✉ → text ):  scared yet? you will be.
( ✉ → text ):  you’re getting colder.
( ✉ → text ):  having any fun yet?
( ✉ → text ):  shut up or i’ll shut you up.
( ✉ → text ):  you definitely have a type: love me, lie for me.
( ✉ → text ):  it’s not over until i say it is. sleep tight while you can, bitch.
( ✉ → text ):  sleep tight while you can, bitch.

Amajiki my boy!! I love him he’s so precious :’) Have y’all read the new chapter yet? I’m so proud of him! Thanks for the request! Also please remember to say please and thank you when requesting! ^u^

This relationship was a slow one. You knew what you were getting into, more or less, when you entered into the relationship with Tamaki Amajiki. The young man was shy, anxious, and overall a huge worrywart, but you loved every single part of him. After two weeks of dating, he felt comfortable enough to hold your hand in public. It was different when you two were alone, though - Tamaki was much more open when it was just you. He loved you, after all!

You two were walking back from a restaurant now, it was dark already and the stars shone in the night sky. “I had a lovely time today,” you glanced up at your boyfriend, and he nodded, “Me, too.” He was walking you home now - he insisted on it, even though his place was in a completely different direction. It was sweet! And, you supposed, he might feel better knowing you were safe at home and not walking there alone in the dark.

When you finally reached your place, the two of you stopped in front of your door. You took out your keys and opened the door, but paused and turned to your boyfriend.

“Can I… kiss you?” You murmured. It was better to ask, you decided, in case this was too much for Tamaki. You didn’t want to pressure him into doing something he wasn’t ready for yet! But, surrounded by naught but the sky and stars, the kiss would be protected by this privacy.

He turned red to the tips of his pointy ears, but nodded. “Y-Yes,” his voice was soft, fragile, but there was a determination to his answer.

You stood up on your tip-toes to reach your boyfriend’s height. A hand cupped his cheek, and as you leaned in, you closed your eyes and connected your lips to Tamaki’s. The kiss was gentle - nothing more than your lips touching his. Tamaki was stiff, unsure of how to react, how to kiss you back. A second later, you pulled away, and despite his uncertain behaviour, you could see his happiness, his pride, reflected in his eyes.

“Good night.”

“Good night.”

henrkzetterberg  asked:

I just wanna say bless u for the sudden influx of all the NHL!Bitty ficlets and drabbles ppl are writing, inspired by your writing. I love every single one and I loveee when they pop on my dash. That's all, I hope you're having a good day/night!

I love that you love them! It’s been really exciting to get back into writing and I’m thrilled that my small contributions are helping prompt others to create art and fic as well <3

thank you all so much :’) i can not believe all you lovely people keep following me and i appreciate it so much ♥ i honestly didn’t think (and still don’t really) that anyone would be interested in my little simming adventures or anything with my zero skills really. i’m so so grateful and i’d like to give something back but i just don’t know what :-) obviously i don’t make cc or anything like that but i still just wanted to take this moment to say a proper thank you to all and every single one of you! love u  ♥

I’m just gonna lay it all out and say that besides day6, I have never liked a band in which I loved every single member. I know theres the whole ‘if you don’t like one member then u don’t lov the group’ all that garbage like SORRY I have a preference. regardless, day6, n I mean every single member has given me joy n filled my heart with lov n hope. I can go back n forth between talking about all the different members for posts after posts but to be FRANK anytime someone asks me who my bias is all I ever say is I like day6 as an entity because I wholeheartedly do. each one of them brings something unique n flavorful to the group whether it be sungjin’s ugly ass dancing, wonpil’s unstyled hair, young.k’s god-like ability to write songs off the top of his head, dowoon’s mosquito hunting or jae saying ‘homie’ they’re all DIFFERENT, but when they come together they’re unstoppable, n nobody does it quite like them. 

Note that in all the SYTYCD Routines I've Watched this season, I DID NOT SEE....

1.) excessive turning
2.) excessive a la secondes, kick spins, or the like
3.) a scorpion or an ariel pulled in every single number
4.) unnecessary twerking
5.) a e i o u facials
6.) weird unique leg tricks pulled in every single direction (nope, not even Tate)
7.) all the contemporary numbers being to slow instrumental music

…. And yet all the routines were still GREAT.


(Add on if you would like)

friend-bear  asked:

i love your account !! i started collecting pokemon cards again a few months ago and i wish i had such good luck with holos as u ! about how many % of the packs u open have a holo card in it?

congrats on getting back into the hobby! it’s a fun one, albeit pretty expensive if you’re determined to collect Every Single Card. lucky for my bank account, i’m only determined to collect every single pikachu card. ✌️

as for your question, i wouldn’t say i have amazing luck, but i definitely don’t have bad luck either! i tend to get way more reverse holos than standard holos, exs, gxs, full arts or secrets. i’m also not too good with averages or percentages unless i’m keeping a written tally, but i’d say every three/four packs or so i get a really nice one.

thanks so much for the compliment, though! ♥ i hope you have better luck with your pulls if they’ve been cruddy!


Chapter 10/??

Relationship: Todoroki Shouto x Reader (Your/Name), (Full/Name)

Summit: It all begin at the Sports Festival when Shouto’s other half met Endevour by mistake. The student never thought to see his partner fight against his father just to show him that he is wrong. It started from that instant, Shouto’s new path started exactly from that moment thanks to his friends and his beloved one.


While the tournament keeps going, at each fight you help Izuku to write every single characteristic of someone you don’t know, and that creepy murmured has invaded the space. Bakugou is back and barely stands those two, especially you. After the prank, he walked for a while before someone made him change pants because were too indecent for a U.A. student. Your predictions about the winner are always right, in a way or another. With Kirishima’s fight is a bit different, when he and his opponent faints, Izuku says that this time you’re wrong, but when they get the second round and Kirishima wins, the satisfaction on your face is saying everything. Unfortunately, the next one, Bakugou versus Uraraka, is obvious who is the winner. As predicted, Bakugou has no mercy with her and the poor girl loses due to fatigue.

<<(Y/N)-chan… Do you think that I can win against Todoroki-kun?>> you accompanied Midoriya in the waiting room because he was too nervous.

<<If he keeps on this mindset, yes, you can. He thinks of you as a rival because All Might-sensei has locked his eyes on you, not because you’re actually a danger.>>

<<……> “Why she keeps saying that I’m a danger? I don’t understand.

<<Hey, in this match don’t use your brain but your heart.>>


<<You think that his behavior is wrong too, right? I’m talking about the way he uses his quirk.>>


<<Then fight with your most powerful weapon. Shouto is sensible and he can understand all of us if we explain it to him. I tried but when his father got in the way and my ways aren’t the right ones, you saw how I react.>>

<<So that’s why you chose me…>>

<<Yes, I think you will be ne next All Might, so I fully trust you and your decisions. I’m putting Shouto’s future in your hands, I need someone who can break the wall that obscure his path. And who is better than you and your heroic quirk?>>

<<I think you can do it too.>> he is almost moved by tears, <<You faced his father with no fear just for him.>>

<<I have only the power to light his path. Both, I and him are standing in front of a huge wall.>> you stand up and go towards the door to leave Midoriya alone for a bit.

She is crying?” <<(Y/N)-chan, do you->>

<<Please be careful, Izuku. If he didn’t come to see me, it means that he doesn’t calm down yet. Yes, I asked you this favor but I don’t want that you to get hurt, so please. I’ll be watching over you. Good luck.>>  

After a few minutes, Midoriya leaves, but during his way he bumps into someone unexpected.

Endevour?! What he is doing here?!” he screams internally, standing in front of a giant man.

<<Oh, there you are.>> the hero faces the student.

He was looking for me?!” <<W-what are you doing here, sir…?>>

<<I watched your fight.>> he replies pointing at the apprentice, <<You have a wonderful quirk. You created so much wind pressure just flicking your fingers. If we’re talking about power alone, yours is comparable with All Might’s.>>

Another one?!” <<W-what are you trying to say?>> Izuku looks down and walks pass the hero, <<I must go.>>

<<It is my Shouto’s duty to surpass All Might.>> those words stop Midoriya’s feet, <<His match with you will be a very instructive test bed. Please don’t disgrace yourself in it.>>

In that instant, Todoroki and (Y/N)’s words rise inside Izuku’s mind and now he understands why (Y/N) is so desperate to help her boyfriend, and why Todoroki doesn’t want to accept his quirk.

<<That was all I wanted to say.>> the voice of the man reigns again, <<I apologize for bothering you before the match.>>

<<I… am not All Might.>> the boy finds the force to speak and to shut up the hero before he could even reply, <<That’s obvious, right? Shouto isn’t you, either.>>

Your classmates are trying to make you sit somewhere, but you lay against a wall to support yourself and see the ring better. When the two fighters step out, you join your hands and keep them in front of your mouth.

(Thanks for waiting, everybody!! The first match of the second round is a big one! On the right, the man who won a huge victory in the first round and literally left the audience frozen, it’s Shouto Todoroki from the hero course! On the left, this guy who barely made it past the first round! What kind of fight he shows us this time? From the hero course, Midoriya Izuku!)

The tension builds up the more the beginning is delayed. When both get ready to fight, Mic shouts again.

(At this festival, both have shown top class performances! It’s like two big rivals fighting against each other! Now, Midoriya versus Todoroki…) Izuku grabs his wrist and stands firm, while Shouto advances his foot a bit and bends on his knees a little to be comfortable to dodge everything will come, (Start!)

Shouto freezes the ground quickly and Izuku uses his Smash to break the ice and push out the bounds the rival, but Todoroki isn’t stupid, he blocks himself with a wall behind him, having the possibility to stay in place. The battle is just started and the tension between them is increasing fast.

The more the fight keeps going, the more the time is slowing down. You can barely see the match, the sense of guilty is brutally crushing you; Midoriya broken all his fingers, his entire arm and still, he doesn’t give up. He reproaches his rival, saying that he can’t win using only half of his powers, and remarks the fact that he couldn’t put a scratch on him. Every word that Izuku is saying is like arrows that hit the target in a perfect way, and in fact, Shouto’s fighting style is changing, he is more anxious, angry and slow.

This is not what you wanted.  

Izuku please stop… How can you move those broken fingers… Please, for the love of god… Mom, protect him, I don’t wanna see my dear friend getting injured because of me…” tears are falling down your cheeks, this is only a torture, how could you do that?

The two are fighting like monsters, one is breaking his own body, while the other is trying everything he has to end the match in the way he wants.

<<Why are you going so far?>> asks Todoroki after took another Smash by short distance.

<<Because I want to live up to everyone’s expectations…>> Izuku drags his broken body to charge again, <<I want to be able to smile… and respond to them… To be a cool hero! That’s what I want to be!>>

<<Gh!!>> Shouto spaced out for a second and the head butt of his rival awakes him.

<<Everyone is giving their all and you…>> the green boy is walking like a zombie, <<You want to become a hero without giving it your all, rejecting completely your father… I think that you need to stop fucking around, right now.>>

<<…..>> a new lay of ice is covering Shouto’s right side.

<<How can’t you see that?>> Midoriya’s voice reign on the arena, he is badly injured and hardly stand up, but he chooses to activate One for All on his good arm left, <<There’s someone who is supporting you, someone who sacrificed something to give you the strength to move forward… If you can’t see that, you can’t surpass me! I will win!>>

I can’t stand this! Izuku stop, we can try another method! Please!” your gasps are audible to your classmates but no one is saying a word about, they understand that in this match there is something big on the line.

While Todoroki is standing up a whispered roar comes out from his lips, <<My old man’s power…>>

<<It’s your power, isn’t it?!>> screams All Might’s successor, <<(Y/N) said to you! You can be who you want to be! You don’t have to be a prisoner of your blood!>>

Shouto’s eyes find your crying figure for a second, memories of his childhood with his mother fill his mind and after that, a huge pile of fire is on the ring, <<Damn it… Trying to save your enemy… Which one of us is fucking around now?>>

How beautiful…” the girl thinks with her gaze locked on her beloved one who finally unlocked his quirk, but Endevour’s voice breaks your astonishment, “Again?!” when Tenya sees your eyes change, he gets up but you shout with all your might, <<Don’t listen to him Shouto!! Fulfill your desire! Move forward on the path you’ve chosen!!>>

<<Wow…>> for a second, Midoriya thought that all his efforts were wasted, “Why are you crying (Y/N)-chan, this is a win-win for me. I helped a friend, I feel heroic now, and I make you smile. There’s nothing to cry about. Wait, where she’s going?

<<Why are you laughing…?>> Todoroki’s voice attires his rival’s attention, <<With those injuries… You’re crazy, but…>> an explosion of ice and fire submerges the ring, obligating Cementos and Midnight to block the attack of both right now or they will be badly injured or even worse, <<Thanks, Midoriya.>>


Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

anonymous asked:

Okay so this may be a sensitive topic but do you ever come across other fans within the fandom trying to talk to you to be your friend? Do u like ever get annoyed?

A fair share of people have reached out to me and I’ve loved every single one of them, but I’ve always struggled with actually keeping up with conversations and I always forget to reply back which is so stupid. I guess I’m just so anxious and I just want to be fun to talk to and then I overthink everything so I end up backing away. It’s not annoying at all when people approach me, it’s kinda the opposite. I get really happy!

And I just wanna say sorry for anyone who’s messaged me and not gotten very far with the convo, I suck :(( but I will do better I swear xxx

hhikarusulu  asked:

top shitty b knight quotes

this was difficult bc i had to stop myself from listing every single thing shitty ever says to jack as chronicled on bittys twitter (DONT GIVE ME THAT ZIMMERMANN DONT KISS DONT TELL BULLSHIT etc) but here u go

  • this one only half counts but “and we would’ve found one for shitty if he wasn’t holding out for lardo” “fuck you guys”
  • how he fucking says “COOL BRO” & then “thanks for trusting me with that moment man” when bitty comes out to him i WEEP & then this is the same convo so its the same bullet point but “BITS. i thought i had a goddam sign taped to my back that said “will affirm all sexual identities.” 
  • “im justa brah tryna tell a brah about his day”
  • “BULLSHIT. you were in town, zimmermann. DWEEB TOWN.”
  • “or you could roll over so i can put my head on your GIANT BUTT” (waves my flag)
  • & a bonus because its technically in huddle & therefore not technically a quote: “trust me brah i’d be saying a helluva lot more if your external obliques weren’t making me forget basic english syntax” shitty’s bi & its fine

anonymous asked:

Im sorry to ask this but i don't understand why people get mad at saying "not all..." Or "all lives matter" i really want to learn cause i think that "not all..." Is true sometimes but it doesnt please the peeps and I don't want to sound bigoted.

1) “not all” ok, everyone know that not every single person in a group acts a certain way, but enough do, and when you say “NOT ALL!!” it pretty much translates into “ok well i dont do that!! so even though you have to deal with racism/homophobia/transphobia/sexism/etc im slightly offended that u say some people who I have similarities with r bad :( so let me invalidate what you have to experience day after day while i go back to not giving this conversation a 2nd thought”

2) “All lives matter” ok, yes, everyone knows that all lives matter but one, when you fight for change you cant say “LETS MAKE EVERY SINGLE THING GOOD” cause thats literally impossible, you cant fix every single problem, so specific movements like #BlackLivesMatters are people fighting specifically for the betterment of the black community and second, when you say all lives matter its basically like “hey these people are really going through hard times and these other people are doing more than fine, and as one of the people who is doing more than fine, I’m mad that youre not saying how much i matter too even though I don’t have to face the majority of the struggles that these people are going through every day of their lives”

PS: thank you for wanting to educate yourself!

anonymous asked:

what program do you use to draw? also, every single one of your is gorgeous. are you sure that whatever program you use isn't actually magic and automatically makes everything perfect??

yeah like i dont even draw at all I just open the program (manga studio debut 4) and its like “oh wow su what do u wanna draw today” and im like “shit son I dont even know you’ll figure it out tho” and the program frowns and says “ ok”

then i just lay back while the program (which is a very shitty version of manga studio btw im not even gonna reccomend it cause i love you people) does its thing its great

im not even really an artist im a tax accountant named jimmy im from south carolina and im 42 years old this is just a hobby of mine

are u fucking stupid saying some club is more successful than real madrid

u are literally in a one horse league in which you’ve never had an actual long lasting rivalry in

we’ve had 12 years of generally shitty (for rm) results and are still beating you in every single aspect

we’re still the biggest and most successful club in the world

and we’ve got you beat in count of every single title

so fuck off back into irrelevance where u belong

moving in with ur boyfriend luke and u two go to ikea together for like 3 pieces of furniture and end up staying for hours bc luke is a child and runs around the store hiding from u in different isles and waiting to jump out and scare you but it doesn’t work bc he’s not scary at all and his big feet make too much noise and you can hear him coming and he keeps messing with everything like turning off all the display lamps and laying in every single bed there is “babe oh my god you have to try this one” and throwing pillows at you saying “fight me” “come on fight me” after each one he throws until you finally start throwing them back just to shut him up and bc he’s so damn cute that u can’t help but join him and then when an employee walks by you both take off running so you dont get kicked out and you end up buying random shit like a lava lamp and a fuzzy rug and bean bags instead of the things you actually needed and u end up having to sleep on the rug u bought bc u didnt get a bed and i want to live with luke