every single occasion

Fred being a third wheel would include...
  • You and George would be sleeping in the same bed (which Molly forbade you two from doing but what she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt right?)
  • and Fred obviously knowing because you’re all in the same room
  • so if he ever wakes up earlier he would so get into bed with the two of you just to be obnoxious
  • like you and George would be all cuddled up facing each other and then Fred would just climb in
  • George would swear/groan,
  • You would laugh most of the time,
  • and Fred would just act as if this was totally justified
  • He wouldn’t just lie next to you either
  • he would full bear-hug you
  • just to get a reaction out of Fred
  • He wouldn’t usually say anything at first to give the impression that this was definitely a normal thing to do
  • But if the two of you would ignore him, that wouldn’t work either.
  • “Good morning beautiful, you too Y/n”
  • “Wowee, good thing this bed is so small so we can all be closer!”
  • “Hope you two weren’t asleep over here haha that would be pretty shit”
  • George: “actually fuck off”
  • Fred would definitely be thrown out of the bed on every single occasion
  • but since you’d be in the middle then that means that you’d get the force too
  • but also this is an excuse for you to push Fred out and blame it on George
  • George genuinely finds it annoying because you two rarely got any alone time together as it was
  • but you saw it as a fair price to pay since the two boys have been practically joint at the hip since birth
  • plus frustrated Georgie would be hilariously cute
witch tip

don’t beat yourself up if you feel like you didn’t do enough for a sabbat/moon phase. one of the coolest parts of witchcraft/paganism is, in my opinion, its cyclical nature. the wheel of the year turns. the moon revolves about the earth. where you are now, you will be again. you don’t have to do a complex ritual, flawlessly decorate your altar, work with deities, cast a spell, and practice divination on every single significant occasion. do what you have time to do, or what you feel called to do, and record what you did. and then, on the next full moon, on next mabon, you’ll be here again, having learned from your experiences the last time you were here, ready to grow.

My cup of tea.

Decided to put these two requests together because it’s of the same idea? tea party + baby batsis so here you go! Thank you for sending in this request and I am not satisfied with how this turned out mostly because the tea parties I have attended have never been interesting enough (other than the fact that I get free food) and the ending is so-so too. But that aside, hope you enjoy! Thank you!

Damian smirks as he tightens the knot of his tie before fixing his collars. He turns away from the mirror to look at his older siblings. “I would say may the best man win but we all know I am going to win this.” He states in a matter-of-factly tone causing Jason to scoff and Tim to roll his eyes. Dick simply smiles – he tends to play along with what Damian says.

“I don’t see any man here.” Jason points out as he straightens his shirt. The things he is willing to do for you…

“Tt.” Damian crosses his arms but before any fight could break out, Dick finally speaks up.

“Alright, let’s just head over to the formal dining room. Y/N is probably already waiting for us. Remember, we are all doing this because she requested it and it’s also another way for us to bond with Y/N. Try to keep the competitive side down to a minimum.” Dick breaks the tension before ushering his brothers out of the room and towards the formal dining room.

You have recently been placed in to Bruce’s care and unlikely the rest of them who came in to Bruce’s care knowing the dangers of the world, you had been protected from it your entire life and the air of innocence around you is something everyone had agreed to keep. You are by far the youngest of the family – younger than Damian by a good five to six months.

You are currently sitting on the chair, happily humming a song you heard from the TV, kicking your feet in the air as you wait patiently for your big brothers. When you had first asked Alfred if they would be willing to come to your tea party, the grandpa-like man had simply smiled and told you everyone would be in attendance and would be in their best suit! Which is why you are currently wearing your princess dress! It’s such a nice colour too and you really love it.

“Hi, Princess!” You grin when you spy Dick walking in to the formal dining room with the rest of your brothers in tow. You giggle when Tim and Damian begin to push each other in their haste to try and get to the seats beside you. Jason simply walks up to you and presses a kiss on your temple, causing you to giggle some more.

“Here you go, flowers for the beautiful Y/N.” Dick somehow manages to make flowers appear in his hands to the annoyance of the rest of his brothers. He had told them before hand to tone down the competitiveness down to a minimum! He sends a smirk along his siblings’ ways.

You giggle as you grab the flowers. They smell weird but nice! And colourful too! “Thank you!” You chirp at Dick before placing the flowers beside you. “Come sit, sit!” You wave the rest of them over and since Jason and Dick had been the first one to reach you, the two of them ended up sitting in the seats Damian and Tim had been fighting over causing the latter to groan. Damian immediately sits beside Dick causing Tim to sit beside Jason. You clap your hands happily.

Alfred walks in after that bringing some sandwiches that are cut nicely. You really love eating Alfred’s sammiches – it’s the yummiest! And no one makes better sammiches than Alfred. “Yay, sammiches.” Your mouth waters at the thought of eating them and when your stomach growls to be fed, you simply pat it a few times. “Wait a few more minutes.” You murmur to your stomach causing Dick to chuckle.

“Y/N, do you want to play Princess after this?” Tim asks. “We can go outside too to play Castle.” He knows just how much you really love playing outside and playing Princess. You have such a very big imagination it’s refreshing to be around with. You nod your head excitedly and Alfred sets out plates of sandwiches in front of everyone.

“I made the Young Miss’s favourite sandwiches.” Alfred informs, the endearing smile on his face present because it’s such a rarity to have everyone sitting around one table without wanting to kill each other. “I will be back to bring the tea as per requested by the Young Miss.” Alfred tells you before excusing himself back to the kitchen.

“So Y/N, what have you been doing for the entire day?” Damian asks as he picks apart the sandwiches. You have very interesting combination – this one looks a whole lot like Peanut Butter with Strawberry Jam. Damian simply picks up that sandwich before eating it – at least, it’s better than the cucumber sandwiches Alfred makes almost all the time for every single occasion.

“I played with Alfred! And Titus chased me around and then we played Knights!” You love playing with your new family – they have always indulged you with everything you want to do and it’s really fun too. You became a hero today while Alfred helped you out! It was just super fun. “It was fun!”

Damian nods his head. Jason chuckles at your excited face before telling you to eat which you agree to do almost immediately because Alfred’s sammiches are the best! You chatter happily about anything you can think of – from why you think the sky is blue to why you think school is fun – as you eat your sandwiches. 

When Alfred comes to bring in the tea, he cannot help but feel tears welling up slightly in his eyes at the sight of everyone having fun with you (when asked, Alfred will simply say he was not crying nor tearing up. There was something in his eyes then).

one of my favourite under-appreciated things about AVPM is the fact that the Langs obviously had no clue which house Quirrell canonically belonged in

(because Pottermore had not been around yet and that information is never given in the books)

so they just gave him traits from all the houses

like, he is ‘the brightest professor here’ and thinks that ‘books are a thrill’, which codes him more as a Ravenclaw

but then he’s brave enough to stand up to the Dark Lord of all people and call him out on his shit on literally every single occasion, and starting fights with Voldemort out of pure spite is definitely a Gryffindor-thing

he also is ambitious and wants to take over the world and has no problems with walking over corpses to achieve his goals, which all screams Slytherin

and then there’s the small feat of him finding Voldemort in the Dark Forest and generally being precious and nice and kind and positive - Hufflepuff

  • Yuu*happily*: "Mika~ Guess what I have for you~"
  • Mika: "A bottle of blood?"
  • Yuu*gasps*: "H-how did you know that?"
  • Mika*sighing*: "Yuu-Chan, it's not that hard to guess if you give me the same thing on every single occasion. And I mean: On. Every. Single. One."
  • Yuu: "Oh, come on, Mika. It can't be that often."
  • Mika: "Hmm, let me think. On my birthday, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, even on your own birthday for some reason, Halloween, Christmas, New Year's Eve, New Year..."
  • Yuu: "...Really that often?"
  • Mika: "Yeah."
  • Yuu: "Man...I guess I should hold back a little bit, huh?"
  • Mika: "It certainly would be best for your body since you nearly faint every time."
  • Yuu: "Okay, from now on, I only give you some of my blood if it's really necessary."
  • Mika: "Alright, then-"
  • Yuu: "And to celebrate that, here's another bottle of blood for you."
  • Mika: "What?!"
  • Yuu: "Haha. Guess you didn't see that coming, huh? I prepared a second one just in case you would guess right. And this time I didn't even-*faints*"
  • Mika*sighing*: "...I give up."

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what are your top 5 namjoon looks,,

um thank you for asking me this bc it gave me an excuse to go look at namjoon pics and find my fave looks which made me happy so here we go:

(Cred. Stand by RM) this is forever gonna be one of my fave looks bc he is so goddamn well-dressed and looks like a mix between a popular college professor and a model going out on a casual outing with his friends……..don’t touch me this is a god-tier look and always has to be appreciated

(EPISODE: BTS ‘Spring Day’ MV Shooting Sketch) HIS CUTE LIL HEART i love this look bc he looks so soft and i love his purple hair so much :((( he’s the cutest grape and his sweater is so big on him he has sweater paws and i’m soft

(Cred. RAPMONSTHURR) one of my fave pink-haired looks and idk what it is about a simple black turtleneck but!!!!!!! he looks amazing, stunning, showstopping, beautiful (and the flower crown matches his hair i’m weeping)

(BBMAs) i had to include this selfie bc my boy KILLED IT at the bbmas, answering all the interviewers’ questions and leading bts and being a goddamn STAR i love him so much and his skin was glowing and he looked simple yet chic and polished and his hair looked so fucking good and he’s like 90% leg……i just wanna give his stylist all my money

(Cred. Love you Too much) ending with this one (even though it was hard to narrow this down to five looks) bc namjoon invented yellow and is the CUTEST sunshine when he wears it – he also pulls off sweater/hoodie looks the best look at him :((( i’m so goddamn fond, he’s so soft and sweet and THE HUGE SWEATER PAWS……..my weakness tbh and i hope he’s warm and happy always

not included: every single occasion namjoon wears wtaps because that’s my fave brand on him, i’m so blessed to love him

Day6: falling for their best friend

Jae:  tbh I don’t think he’d stress too much about this, mostly bc he already knows you and you’re both comfortable around each other that he feels he should approach you when it feels right. He’d still be quite indecisive about it though, not really wanting to ruin your friendship if things go awry. He’d try and keep it simple when telling you, sticking to his gut feelings, and hoping with all his heart that you felt the same.

Sungjin:  he’d be wrecked, man….he really didn’t expect it to happen to him so quickly and out of nowhere. He’d begin to sort of distance himself away from you, just to try and figure out what to do, and if he should really risk telling you. He might go overboard when it came time to confess his feelings, but he only wants you to be sure that he’s being sincere, and plans to try harder than when you two were just friends.

Youngk:  suddenly wants to act even more affectionate and thoughtful, making sure to remember every single occasion and special date that involves you. Brian would make his feelings pretty obvious, to the point of everyone around you thinking you two are a couple. It’s not like you didn’t already act like you’re together, so he’d feel pretty confident about pouring his heart out and wanting to try and be more.

Wonpil:  would take his time and really think about the situation that he’s currently stuck in. He’d think about all the pros and cons of telling you, and might need some encouragement before going ahead and doing something. He’d have to really be sure that you felt the same, otherwise this would hurt and scar him forever, esp bc you’re already so close, and he doesn’t want to lose that kind of friendship.

Dowoon:  he has a very special place for you in his heart, and he’s usually always on the verge of falling in love, without really realizing it. It would make him go out of his mind trying to tell you, bc he doesn’t wanna go ahead and be blunt- he’s gonna give you little hints and leave the rest up to you, since he’d be too scared of risking it all.

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erasermic with 18? more humorous than angsty? thank you!

“Present Mic got hit with an amnesia quirk. He doesn’t remember a lot currently, I’ll tell you that, but I’ve heard that the amnesia quirk only lasts for a certain period of time, but we don’t know for how long.” Recovery Girl rambled off to Shouta, and Shouta tried his best to carefully listen to every word she said.

“I’d like to go see him,” Shouta said, and Recovery Girl frowned at him.

“Are you sure? He might not remember who you are currently.”

The weight of Shouta’s ring on his neck felt heavy all of a sudden, and it was hard to imagine that Hizashi, the one who remembers every person’s birthday and every single anniversary or special occasion, would forget who his own husband was.

“I don’t care. I just need to see him.” Shouta decided. Even if Hizashi had forgotten who he was, Shouta still wanted to make sure he was absolutely safe. Afterall, who cared if he remembered Shouta as long as he was still alive?

When Shouta entered the room, he could hear Hizashi suddenly gasp.

“Oh, hello there. I’m… someone. Can’t really remember my own name right now. Kind of silly, right?” Hizashi laughed. “But enough about me, who are you? It’s not every day a handsome stranger such as yourself comes in here. Although, I haven’t really been here for that long, so I wouldn’t know, but I can tell a nice face when I see one.”

Shouta didn’t miss how flirtatiously that was said. Shouta also didn’t miss the way Hizashi seemed to have even less of a filter than usual. Hizashi must have been one some painkillers.

“I’m married,” Shouta responded, unable to resist teasing Hizashi.

“Oh! Sorry.” Hizashi looked a bit embarrassed. “I didn’t know. Who’s your wife?”

“Husband, actually. You know him pretty well.”

“I do?” Hizashi frowned. “I can’t remember who he is. I assume I was at the wedding if I supposedly know him pretty well.”

“You were at the wedding.” Shouta did his best to keep a straight face. Usually, Hizashi would have called him out by now, but this Hizashi had temporarily lost a lot of his memories, so he didn’t have as good of a grasp on Shouta’s body language and facial movements as he usually did.

“Well, I guessed that.” Hizashi pouted.

“Well, it wouldn’t have been good if the groom didn’t show up to his own wedding,” Shouta said and patiently waited for Hizashi’s reply.

Hizashi’s eyes widened before his face turned red.

“Oh! Um, wow. Okay.” Hizashi pushed up the strands of his hair, which was down for once instead of being styled in its usual vertical position.

“Hizashi, are you okay?” Shouta asked, a bit concerned that Hizashi wasn’t ready to hear that.

“Wait, is that my name?” Hizashi said. “Hizashi… Sounds right. But, yeah, yeah, I’m fine. It’s just, uh, um, you see…”

“Yeah?” Shouta prompted, trying to get Hizashi to just spit out what he wanted to say without being too pushy about it. Afterall, Hizashi had just lost a lot of his memory. He might still kind of be in shock.

“I’m just surprised because you’re so handsome and cute!” Hizashi managed to blurt out, and that just made both him and Shouta turn red. Despite that, Hizashi kept talking. “I don’t know how I got so lucky to get someone who seems as nice as you.”

That just made Shouta turn even more red, if that was possible. Why didn’t Hizashi have a filter?

“Eraserhead, I’m going to need you to leave the room, so I can do a checkup on Present Mic here and give him a rundown of information.” Recovery Girl said.

“I’ll be sure to visit you again,” Shouta said to Hizashi, trying to push down his flustered feelings.

“I’d like that.” Hizashi gave him a blinding smile, and Shouta felt his heart warm just like it did every time he saw Hizashi smile like that. However, the moment was interrupted by Recovery Girl.

“Stop flirting and leave already so I can do my job!”

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Dear Fahye, your writing is breathtaking and creative and sharp and delightful & the fact that you manage to pursue medicine and also write ALL THE THINGS is insanely inspiring. I just graduated from med school and am one week away from my first day of intern year in internal medicine (OH GOD). Do you have any advice for a thrilled / terrified baby doctor (& aspiring writer)? Is there anything you wish you had known / done before you started practicing medicine? Thank you for being amazing.

GOOD LUCK TO YOU, ANON, I hope your career is everything you hope it to be and more :)))

things I wish I had known before I started my intern year:

  • remember to pee
  • remember to eat and drink
  • no matter how smart and confident and level-headed and awesome you are, there are going to be days when you feel like an incompetent fool who should have quit med school after a week and become a florist instead. THIS IS NORMAL. 
  • it’s helpful to talk to dead people when you’re declaring them dead. use their names. be calm and chatty.
    • there are some weirdass sounds going on in someone’s chest when they’ve recently died. it’s not breathing. it’s ok.
    • that said, if a nurse pages you to declare a death on the ward, it’s not urgent. do the other five things on your list first. that way they’ll be cold when you get to them, too, and that tends to remove all smidgen of doubt re: whether this person is Actually Dead.
  • you will ruin at least one pair of shoes with blood. don’t worry about it.
  • similarly: for the love of god keep track of when you’re meant to be in theatres so that you can bring your comfy shoes and not end up having to do a surprise half-day caesarian section list IN HEELS.
    • this may not apply to you, given what you said about internal medicine, and how early the USian system divides you onto specialist tracks, but the ankle swelling and foot pain I had at the end of that day were so memorable that I am passing this lesson on to you regardless.
  • no matter how bad a day you’re having, be nice to nurses. be nice to admin staff. be nice to the pharmacists and the physios and the switchboard staff. this will make your life ten thousand times easier, and also it’s the decent thing to do.
  • ALWAYS be nice to the radiology staff. the day your specialist wants you to get an urgent CT scan at 5pm, you’ll be glad you did.
  • some nurses are dicks. some doctors are dicks. NEVER, EVER BADMOUTH THE OTHER CLINICAL STAFF IN FRONT OF PATIENTS. try not to do it at work in general. do it when you get home. 
    • also, sometimes you will find yourself being a dick
    • this is a stressful job
    • apologise, and move on
  • one of the best skills you can have is the ability to communicate quickly, firmly and concisely over the phone. if you’re waking someone up, they want to know why. do you guys do ISBAR? learn ISBAR. love ISBAR.
  • the camaraderie between junior doctors is intense and life-saving. you’re all in the trenches together. you will lean on one another, and help one another, and debrief about the absurd and gory and downright traumatising things that your job presents to you on a daily basis.
  • however, hold on to your non-medical friends. keep in touch with them. socialise with them. you need them for perspective. otherwise every single social occasion outside work becomes talk ABOUT work, and next thing you know it the waiter is asking you to maybe keep your voices down because the next table doesn’t want to hear that level of detail about bowel resection and urinary catheters when they’re eating.
  • a final word on female urinary catheters:
    • the number of people who have attempted to catheterise a clitoris, myself included, is mind-boggling. the urethral opening is lower.
    • no, lower than that.
    • that’s it.
BTS reaction to s/o having bad sense of direction/time

“Hi! Maybe you could make a reaction for bts when their s/o has a bad sense of time and direction and sometimes am late/get lost because of it? Thank you :)”- Anon

Hey!! Yes I can surely do that reaction :) I am very bad with following directions too. Bad enough to forget my way home lmao.


He would find it funny when you told him you were not good with directions at all. “That is not possible because you are perfect at everything” he lightly kissed your cheek. He was proven wrong when you got lost while finding your way to the dorm “ You really weren’t kidding were you…?”. You turned around and he was standing behind you with a dumbfounded expression on his face.

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 He got to witness how you weren’t good with keeping track of time when you got late on the day of your job interview. You were rushing around, and somehow ended up hitting him on his face. “Remind me why I am with you again ,y/n?” he asked you “ Because you love me….?” you sort of asked/said. “Wrong, I am breaking up with you”. He shook his head at you. 

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Hoseok knew you were bad with directions, but he didn’t know it was so bad you could get lost in the supermarket “ How is that even humanly possible?” he would break out into laughter as soon as he saw you. Every time after that incident he would tease you about that one time you got lost in the supermarket. 

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 He would be the happiest out of all guys when you told him you were always late to everything. He had affinity for breaking things, and you couldn’t for the life of you keep track of time. “I have finally found my soulmate” he would laugh to you. He just wasn’t happy when you bumped into him because you were getting late and he broke his favorite sunglasses “ I really can’t tell if I am at fault or if you are jagiya, for breaking these sunglasses.“ 

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He would worry for you every time you got lost. But he knew you couldn’t remember directions too well. “Jagiya, did you not reach home yet? I was so worried.” When you told him you kind of, sort of maybe took a wrong turn on your way home he would laugh. However he would tell you it was okay as long as you were safe. He would encourage you to go out on your own more, and if anything happened “I am only a phone call away” (ignore the caption in gif)

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Taetae would find your forgetfulness somewhat cute. He would be seriously amused at how often you got late. “Maybe I should gift you a watch for every single occasion” he would tease you. But he would always try his best to remind you if you were getting late. 

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This boy would be like Suga. He would get a little annoyed at times, but lowkey he would find it interesting and intriguing. He wouldn’t for the life of him understand how you could not comprehend directions. When you got lost while trying to find him at the carnival he announced “That’s it! I am buying you a gps that you can have on you at all times.” 

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*Excuse any grammatical/ spelling errors*

There you go hun! I really hope you like it :) Please feel free to request more! Have an amazing day




Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 2.914

Warnings: really I don’t know … maybe feels?

Bucky was still struggling with many things in his life but Steve, Natasha, Sam and the other Avenger’s tried their best to help him. 

Bucky had still nightmares, but he tried to fight against his demons.
Bucky account himself still guilty for everything he did under Hydra’s control, but he worked on that, too.

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Okay this is so important and i have no idea why but who do you think is an Apple person or an Android person and like what kind of phones do they use????

this is important to me too….. this went from apple vs samsung to just straight up phone hc’s, i hope you dont mind the extra stuff 💖

≫ shiro:

✦ apple, but only for the aesthetic

✦ has a new-ish iphone; not the latest model but definitely not one that is completely dead/old

✦ doesnt put protective cases on his phone. everyone gets really anxious just seeing him use it because SHIRO WHAT IF YOU DROP IT AND IT BREAKS WTF???

✦ tries to stop the Apple vs Samsung Discourse but fails

✦ doesnt really use his phone aside from making phone calls or playing sudoku/scrabble tbh

≫ lance:

✦ an Apple Whore™

✦ he has the latest iphone always, he is constantly trading it in every year for the newest one

✦ the person who makes a lot of jabs at how superior apple is compared to samsung (if only to spite keith)

✦ has 50 cases for his phone for every single occasion you could imagine

≫ keith:

✦ tbh he’s a samsung kind of guy

✦ probably has one of the old galaxy models with the dot code on the lockscreen

✦ all of the songs on his phone are illegally downloaded off of youtube

✦ sick of lance’s constant shitting on samsung. will fight him

✦ uses the shitty samsung earbuds even though they always fall out

≫ hunk:

✦ he probably has that windows/microsoft nokia phone ngl (it is yellow)

✦ he thinks it looks cool and is very glad he isnt involved in the Apple vs Samsung Discourse™

✦ mostly games on his phone, along with a couple social media apps

✦ legally bought all of his movies/music

✦ texts lance in just emoji and they can have a full-on deadass convo like that

≫ pidge:

✦ neither. she made her own phone honestly

✦ it is Better than both iphones and galaxies because pidge is amazing like that

✦ has a shit ton of anime phone charms honestly

✦ pokemon go is her life

✦ all pirated movies and music on her phone, she has a load of sketchy VPNs connected to it and a lot of torrenting sites at the ready

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#5 for jimon please

You can also read it here

I’m taking prompts all the time so feel free to send me some !

big shout out to my beta sunjimon!!!


jimon +   “If you loved me, you’d fight for it. If you loved me, you’d show it. If you loved me, you’d fight for me. Do you even know what love is?” from this list

author’s note:

For starters it’s sad and angsty, I’m sorry if it’s not what you wanted.
Also i used a line from “degrassi:next generation”. Its marked with “*”


Simon ran into the Institute with tears in his eyes.

He had been out getting coffee with Maia when Clary had called and said something bad had happened to Jace, asking if he could come. He had ran out of the shop as quick as possible leaving his friend without any answers.

“Where is he?” He ran into Clary and held her by shoulders, not realising how hard he’s holding her fragile figure.

“Simon, it’s okay, relax.” She touched his cheek and squeezed his hand a little bit. “It’s gonna be okay.”

Simon looked at her and his eyes started watering again.

“What happened this time?”

He was sick of it. So fucking sick of Jace risking his life at every single occasion. Jace thought his life didn’t matter. The second he saw danger he threw himself into it, not thinking about every person that loves and cares about him.

“It’s a rare demon’s poison. It’s really obscure and no one knows how to cure it.”

The vampire’s whole body tensed. That’s what he gets. All of it for being a supportive and worrying boyfriend? Does Jace not care about him at all? This fucking idiot could die and he wanted it. He probably would do it again if he could.

“Can I see him?” Simon’s pure anger overcame the sadness.

Clary just pointed a finger at the door on the right. “He’s conscious, but we don’t know for how long. Magnus is working on the cure in the other room.” She smiled sadly at him and walked away.

Simon walked toward the door and became paralysed. He loves Jace so much. He’s never loved anyone with that much passion. They had that amazing bond where they went from hating each other to being best friends, and from this point they’re still best friends but in more intimate relationship. He’s never felt the the cliché butterflies in the stomach with anyone but him. He’s never felt more comfortable with anyone. Jace was his better half.

He walked into the room. Jace was pale and all of his runes looked like they’re burning him. Pain was written all over his face.

“Si…” he weakly smiled at him, and for a second Simon thought about not doing what he was about to do.

He walked further into the room and stood in front of Jace’s bed. He took a deep breath.

“Jace, I can’t be with you anymore. I literally can not stand here and look at you throwing yourself at death every time it comes around. You’re not alone here. Me, Izzy, Clary, Alec, hell even Magnus and your parents, we’re all here and we don’t want to lose you. God why are you so fucking selfish!?” Simon’s whole face is wet from tears and he felt like he’s gonna fall apart.

He had finally said what he was holding in himself for a very long time. He just couldn’t keep it inside anymore.

Jace’s face was still. He showed zero emotion. Just tears streaming down his pale cheeks as he watched love of his life.

“That’s why I think we should take some time apart. I can’t… I don’t want to handle the pain you’re causing me.” He wasn’t looking at Jace. He couldn’t. It was too hard to say it while looking at him.

“Si… please don’t.” he almost choked on his tears. “l love you, I’ll try to be better for you.”

“No, Jace. If you loved me, you’d fight for it. If you loved me, you’d show it. If you loved me, you’d fight for me. Do you even know what love is?!”

Jace remained silent. Simon continued. “You don’t love me. If you’d love me you wouldn’t just be so quick to die and leave me.” He almost whispered, “I’d better go. Get well soon.”

And he left. All muscles in his body tensed but he just couldn’t be here anymore. He couldn’t even look at this place. Everything was just a blur of memories with Jace playing all over again in his head. He could hear Izzy and Clary calling his name. But it just wasn’t the right time.


Simon walked into boat house and immediately curled up in canoe. Now he could let go of being strong. He started crying like a baby and it didn’t stop. He cried what felt like an hours and when he couldn’t anymore he was just laying, staring with blank expression at Jace’s hoodie that he had left here yesterday.

They had been laying in this stupid canoe together and listening to music Jace didn’t even like, but Simon had liked it so the blonde didn’t complain. Simon had shivered and Jace gave him the hoodie and taken him into his arms, squeezing hard. Simon closed his eyes and pushed himself harder into his boyfriend’s side as he kissed his temple.

It all had been so nice and perfect. Everyone kept telling them how lucky they are and how cute they look and how they’re such a good match.

Well now it’s over. Simon still loves him more than anything but it’s just not working. It’s not good. It’s toxic.

Simon tired from crying and didn’t even notice when he drifted into sleep.


Simon woke up few hours later. It was dark. He looked at his phone. 3:45AM and 35 missed calls from Izzy. He jumped out of the canoe and rushed into the institute. He tried calling Izzy and Clary and even Alec but no one picked up.

He never in his life ran faster than now. When he finally walked into the institute he saw everyone gathered outside Jace’s room.

“Whats going on? Is he okay?” At that sentence Izzy made a really loud crying noise.

Clary with swollen eyes slowly walked to him and then he realised.

“Si…im so–,”

“No! Stop, please stop, it can’t be happening!” His scream sounded throughout the silent halls.

He fell onto the ground and started crying. Clary walked to him and closed Simon into the strongest hug ever.

"Clary, please tell me it’s not true.” He sobbed into her ear.

She started rocking him back and forth on the ground whispering quiet “shh” into his ears.

No, no, no it can’t be happening.

“I never got to say goodbye, i yelled at him” he choked on tears”

“Si, its not your fo-”

He pushed Clary away and stood up. Everyone was looking at him.

“*Why didn’t you do something?” he looked at Magnus. “You should have done something, you did NOTHING!” he yelled.

Magnus remained silent which made him even more mad.

“He’s dead! And no one helped him!”

His cheeks were red from anger but all he could feel was pain and emptiness. Something was missing and it was never coming back. The better half of him. The half that made him feel safe and like he could do anything. The part that called him beautiful and made him coffee in the middle of the night. The half that showed up at every single concert he ever played. It was gone.

“Simon, please calm down.” Izzy put her hand on his shoulder but he pushed it off.

“No!” he backed away from everyone. “Just leave me alone…please.”

He looked one last time at everyone and ran out of the institute. He ran and he ran through dark and empty streets on New York. A few people wandering around looked at him as he was running like nothing else mattered.

Nothing matters anymore.

He stopped when he stood at his destination. Roof of the block his mom is living in. All of those people will wake up soon and no one will know Simon is dying inside. He’s all alone now. He sat at the edge and looked into the sky. The sky was still dark with a few stars but soon it would be pink and then blue and life will go on.

Without Jace.

“I’m so fucking sorry. I love you. I know you love me. I was an idiot.” He wiped away tears. “Our first date ended up here.” he laughed through tears. “I wanted to make a big move here next week. You ruined it you moron.”

He took small box out of his pocket and opened it. Inside there was minimalistic but beautiful ring. He loved Jace so much. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with this beautiful and smart man by his side.
Now it would never happen.

He closed the box and put it at the edge of roof. “I already miss you. I’ll never forget you, my love.”

hc; dino

head·ca·non /noun/

-to note a particular belief which has not been used in the universe of whatever program or story they follow, but seems to make sense to that particular individual

chan headcanons-

- the type to ask you how you’re doing every five minutes

- likes late night walks and sitting on old park benches to look at the stars

- lots of giggles from this boy

- always smells fresh and not overbearing

- this boy has jokes for every single occasion, honestly

- likes playing girl group songs really loud in the car to piss everyone off

- likes chocolate a lot

- lives for oversized sweatpants 

- really likes to see you in his clothes, thinks it’s honestly one of the cutest things in the entire world

- king of late nights talks, really just loves whispering to you at 1 in the morning and having peaceful conversations

- needs the room to be pitch black to sleep

- if you guys ever go to an ice cream shop, he’ll honestly just feel like a kid all over again and enjoy it so much and just want to hold your hand the whole time

- has to dance to music. can’t stay still

- likes green apple flavored stuff

- has a stash of lollipops in his boxer drawer. no one will ever find them

- definitely the kid who only read sparknotes and hoped that was enough to pass the test

- constantly in competitions to see who can make their voice the deepest. constantly losing

- really likes holding hands. his fav form of contact

- always smiles rlly cutely when he’s happy and it makes everyone else happy

- doesn’t notify anyone when he redoes his hair. it’s a surprise to all