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BTS REACTION: Your hands being shaky at a fan meeting*

It isn’t often that BTS comes to your area, if they do it’s for concerts. So when you heard of the fan signing you just had to go, no matter what. However, the excitement of getting your Wings album signed didn’t out weigh your anxiety in the slightest. You can’t stop how badly your hands are shaking as you hand over the album to the first BTS member seated…

Y O O N G I:

He sees the way you keep your Wings album close to your chest as you maneuver through the crowd to take your seat before the signing starts. He also notices that you always seem to say sorry and excuse me with your head down. He keeps an eye on you from then on. As someone who has social anxiety it’s really easy for him to figure out when other people do. He’s worried for you, it’s overwhelming being on stage but being in a crowd can be just as bad. When you hand him the album with shaking hands he knows that its too much for you to handle, but you have an adoring smile on your face that tells him, ‘For you it’s worth it.’

“I’m Y/N L/N. The career I’m studying for also…also involves being a public figure and talking to thousands of people. Journalism is what I want to do, writing and hearing people’s stories is something I enjoy. Though on most days I doubt myself on…on whe…on whether I will really be able to do it. But ever since the release of your mixtape, you’ve been a big inspiration for me. So…um…Tha..Thank you.” You finish off without looking at him in the eyes once.

Yoongi takes your album from you, and has to fight himself to not smile at your words or the way your ears turn red from embarrassment. It doesn’t bother you that he says nothing back to you, you just wanted to express to him that his song “The Last” helps a lot of people. The fact that he listened to you is enough.

He gives you back your album and you quickly move on to the next member. It isn’t until you get home that you see the messages they left along with their autographs:

(ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ I’ll be looking out for you, Y/N!


 Make sure you take care of yourself while you study hard!


College can be difficult but always remember it will bring you one step closer to your dreams.

-Rap Monster

Don’t forget to have fun during your college days too! (;´Д`)


Remember us when you are successful!


(*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ Take dance breaks and smile often!


Genius Yoongi believes in you, Y/N. Don’t let me down.


They’ve returned to your area twice since that day, both times for a concert. So he wouldn’t have be able to see you if you did go. He doubts you went. He concludes that you wouldn’t have been able to afford tickets to them as you implied you were still a college student. Even though it’s been three years you cross Yoongi’s mind often, he hopes that you are still a fan of theirs. He hopes that he’s still a guiding light for you in your dark moments.

His thoughts are interrupted when he sees a twitter notification on his phone. He groans when he’s reminded that he does have to get up some time soon.

Even they don’t know who they are being interviewed by, according to their manager the company is known for having very likeable reporters. To the point that they even have fans.

BTS first heard about the company from Jackson. GOT7 did an interview and the Chinese member gushed to BTS’s leader about how cool the reporter was over the phone. Namjoon had put Jackson on speaker so that all the members could get an idea of what to expect.

“If a question seemed like it was too personal for their liking they made sure to let us know we didn’t have to answer it if we didn’t want to. It’s obvious they are a fan of ours, they even know how to pronounce Bambam’s given name! But they didn’t talk to us like a reporter or a fan, they talked to us as if we were friends they were making conversation with.”

“Jaebum is usually pretty tense during interviews, he’s always afraid we are going to say something that will make us look bad, but they made sure we said what we meant by asking us to clarify. He was the most relaxed I have ever seen during an interview. They even got him to do aegyo! Not what he passes off as aegyo but ACTUAL aegyo!“

“Yugyeom blushed so hard when they introduced him as ‘Hit the Stage’ instead of GOT7’s maknae. They did ‘Hip Hop’ together, at the same time. I swear it wasn’t scripted!”

“They almost got in a fight with Youngjae over who’s Maltese was cuter. By the time the fight was over they had already arranged three play dates for their dogs.”

“Jinyoung high-fived them when they threw shade at Bambam. He smiled when they told him that his V lives are enjoyable and not at all boring.”

“Mark laughed forever when they made a really lame pun. From then on they took EVERY SINGLE opportunity to make one.”

“Bambam hugged them when they dabbed with him. Like you don’t understand, he literally picked them up and yelled dabmate.”

“We had a whole conversation about how amazing Kendrick Lamar is. Which led to us squealing over how good Jooheon is as a rapper.“

Jackson’s recounting of GOT7’s interview causes BTS to look forward to theirs.

“Too bad we won’t be able to see it yet. Our manager requested for International Music Feed to not release it until after our next album is released, for promotion of course. They do a good job on keeping it mysterious when they want to. I can tell you about what happened during the interview but I can’t legally tell you the reporter’s name, it’s almost as if they are the mysterious guest instead of us! I can only tell you that they are going to be your interviewer too.” The GOT7 member laughed.

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Yoongi and the rest of BTS are heading to the studio where their interview is being held. They walk into the room and there you are with a big smile, ready to greet them.

You are standing straight with confidence, and your hand is perfectly still when you reach out to Namjoon for a handshake. “Hello. I am your interviewer today, L/N Y/N,” you say in fluent Korean so that all the members can understand you.

They should have expected it. International Music Feed is made for international fans so their reporters have to be fluent in Korean for them to be able to talk to all KPOP idols equally, and according to Jackson you did talk to all of them. But they didn’t, they thought it would be similar to the BBMAs where Namjoon answered all the questions and the rest stood awkwardly behind, frustrated that they couldn’t understand anything.

When you extend your hand to Suga you look at him straight in the eyes, and he is captivated by the color of them. He didn’t get a good look at them the last time you met. “I remember you,” he says with a bit of a smirk and interest in his eyes

He wants to know your story.

-Admin Goddessmoony

Edited: July 20, 2017



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I get the excitement over the new single. And I even understand people lobbying for their favorite to be the next single. What I honestly DON’T understand are the people saying they “won’t accept” anything else or they will “unstan” if it’s a particular song. I honestly hope you’re all just using hyperbole to make your point.

Every single song on the album is amazing, and I will play whatever the new single is on repeat until it makes it to #1. Harry deserves no less from me.

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Hey! Do you think paramore will make any more music videos from the album? And if so which songs? Every time I listen to the album I see what each songs music video could be, I think it'd be awesome if pool was partly shot underwater!!

Heyy! Wow that pool video would be amazing, anon! I hope you’re right and they make it that way!

And well, we have this big hint. I’m talking about this sticker on the album.

So yeah, I think we can expect, at least, 2 more singles/videos. And honestly, those two songs are some of my favorites off AL so I’m SOOOO excited!!

Paul McCartney: 75 at 75 (Spotify playlist)

Paul McCartney: 75 at 75 


A playlist with 75 songs celebrating Paul McCartney as an artist, composer, performer, vocalist, instrumentalist and experimentalist. From The Quarrymen’s ’In Spite Of All The Danger’ (1958) to Kanye West’s ‘All Day’ (2015) and everything in between.

This isn’t by any means an attempt to make a definitive list of his output. It isn’t necessarily a top 75, it’s not a greatest hits, nor the ultimate best of, and not even my absolute personal favourites. The goal was to make a diverse playlist by chronologically showcasing how incredibly versatile his musical output has been and remains to be to this very day. It includes his pop/rock catalogue, his experimental work, his live performances, his collaborations with other artists, his ambient work, his classical work, his rock and roll covers, songs he wrote for others, and everything else.

Unfortunately I couldn’t include some unreleased material, single variations and B-sides, since I was restricted to Spotify’s catalogue. No Hamburg tapes, no ‘Goodbye’ demo, no 7” mix of ‘Pretty Little Head’, no ‘Mama’s Little Girl’, no proper version of ‘Suicide’, no vintage mix for ‘A Love For You’, no ‘Girls’ School’, no ‘Comfort Of Love’, no ‘Waterspout’, no ‘My Old Friend’ with Carl Perkins, no ‘Scared’ as separate track instead of hidden track, no ‘On The Wings Of A Nightingale’ if you don’t wanna add Jan Keizer to a playlist like this, no ‘Abbey Road’-climax as a whole, and on, and so on. Nonetheless I think I succeeded pretty well in this playlist as celebration of Paul McCartney’s musical career.  

Enjoy, and happy 75th, Sir James Paul McCartney, CH, MBE!


Paul McCartney: 75 at 75

In Spite Of All The Danger (The Quarrymen demo, 1958)
Like Dreamers Do (The Beatles Decca audition, 1962)
All My Loving (from ‘With The Beatles’, 1963)
And I Love Her (from ‘A Hard Day’s Night’, 1964)
Can’t Buy Me Love (from ‘A Hard Day’s Night’, 1964)
I’ve Just Seen A Face (from ‘Help!’, 1965)
Yesterday (from ‘Help!’, 1965)
Day Tripper (single, 1965)
Eleanor Rigby (from ‘Revolver’, 1966)
Here, There And Everywhere (from ‘Revolver’, 1966)
For No One (from ‘Revolver’, 1966)
Penny Lane (single, 1967)
Getting Better (from ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’, 1967)
She’s Leaving Home (from ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’, 1967)
I Will [Take 1] (from ‘The White Album’ sessions, 1968)
Martha My Dear (from ‘The White Album’, 1968)
Blackbird (from ‘The White Album’, 1968)
Helter Skelter (from ‘The White Album’, 1968)
Come And Get It (solo demo for Badfinger, 1969)
Golden Slumbers (from ‘Abbey Road’, 1969)

Every Night (from ‘McCartney,’ 1970)
Maybe I’m Amazed (from ‘McCartney’, 1970)
Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey (from ‘Ram’, 1971)
Monkberry Moon Delight (from ‘Ram’, 1971)
The Back Seat Of My Car (from ‘Ram’, 1971)
Some People Never Know (from ‘Wild Life’, 1971)
Band On The Run (from ‘Band On The Run’, 1973)
Jet (from ‘Band On The Run’, 1973)
Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five (from ‘Band On The Run’, 1973)
Little Lamb Dragonfly (from ‘Red Rose Speedway’, 1973)
Walking In The Park With Eloise (single, as The Country Hams, written by James McCartney, 1974)
Junior’s Farm (single, 1974)
Let’s Love (written/produced for and performed by Peggy Lee, from ‘Let’s Love’, 1974)
Love In Song (from ‘Venus & Mars’, 1975)
Listen To What The Man Said (from ‘Venus & Mars’, 1975)
Silly Love Songs (from ‘Wings At The Speed Of Sound’, 1976)
Beware My Love (from ‘Wings At The Speed Of Sound’, 1976)
Soily (from ‘Wings Over America’, 1976)
Ram On (as Percy “Thrills” Thrillington, from ‘Thrillington’, 1977)
London Town (from ‘London Town’, 1978)
Arrow Through Me (from ‘Back To The Egg’, 1979)
Goodnight Tonight (single, 1979)
Daytime Nighttime Suffering (B-side, 1979)

Coming Up (from ‘McCartney II’, 1980)
Secret Friend (B-side, 1980)
Take It Away (from ’Tug Of War’, 1982)
Wanderlust (from ’Tug Of War’, 1982)
Through Our Love (from ‘Pipes Of Peace’, 1983)
Say Say Say (with Michael Jackson, from ‘Pipes Of Peace’, 1983)
No More Lonely Nights (ballad version, from the ‘Give My Regards To Broad Street’ soundtrack, 1984)
We All Stand Together (single, 1984)
Once Upon A Long Ago (single, 1987)
My Brave Face (from ‘Flowers In The Dirt’, 1989)
Hope Of Deliverance (from ‘Off The Ground’, 1993)
Young Boy (from ‘Flaming Pie’, 1997)
Calico Skies (from ‘Flaming Pie’, 1997)
Celebration (Andante) (from ‘Standing Stone’, 1997)
Watercolour Guitars (as The Fireman, from ‘Rushes’, 1998)
Somedays (by The London Symphony Orchestra, from ‘Working Classical’, 1999)

Free Now (featuring The Beatles and Super Furry Animals, from ‘Liverpool Sound Collage’, 2000)
Rinse The Raindrops (Twin Freaks remix, from ‘Twin Freaks’, 2005)
Darkroom (Twin Freaks remix, from ‘Twin Freaks’, 2005)
How Kind Of You (from ‘Chaos And Creation In The Backyard’, 2005)
Friends To Go (from ‘Chaos And Creation In The Backyard’, 2005)
Riding To Vanity Fair (from ‘Chaos And Creation In The Backyard’, 2005)
Ever Present Past (from ‘Memory Almost Full’, 2007)
House Of Wax (from ‘Memory Almost Full’, 2007)
Sun Is Shining (as The Fireman, from ‘Electric Arguments’, 2008)
Best Love (written by and performed for Steve Martin, from ‘Rare Bird Alert’, 2011)
More I Cannot Wish You (written by Frank Loesser, from ‘Kisses On The Bottom’, 2012)
My Valentine (from ‘Kisses On The Bottom’, 2012)
Out Of Sight (by The Bloody Beetroots, from ‘Hide’, 2013)
Alligator (from ‘New’, 2013)
New (from ‘New’, 2013)
All Day (by Kanye West, single, 2015)


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the blurryface era was when i got into them (i was too young before then) and honestly its hard for me to like every single song i hear from an artist so twenty one pilots is super special because i freakin love (and relate to) every song by them and im honestly appreciative of all the amazing art inspired by the whole concept of tyler's black paint, blurryface, the red/black/white color scheme i just seriously adore symbolism

I LOVE when artists built a color palette for their album because 

  • It’s easy to remember each era with a certain color (I don’t know the word in english but It’s more ‘permanent’) 
  • gifs and graphics are way much cooler lmao 
  • color is such a strong complement to music, sometimes it describes even more than the actual song. When I first saw the Blurryface album cover I knew is was going to be a dark, strong and tough album. Whenever I see an artist building their album concept around a color scheme I die because it gives to the whole thing much more sense. 

I hope the next era is yellow cause listen, if that happens, I’ll spend every single coin I own in merch.

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The perfect playlist is absolutely essential when going on a road trip. Great songs make the time go faster, and make being in the car for hours way more fun than it should be. Every one seems to think that the “perfect road trip playlist” has to consist of songs that have something to do with driving, going somewhere, etc. But if you’re looking for “punny road-trippy song titles about driving” songs, that’s not what you’ll get here. So sit back, relax, roll down your windows, and press play!

“Taking My Uzi to the Gym” by The Front Bottoms

Taking My Uzi to the Gym was the first song I ever heard by The Front Bottoms. The subpar basement-recording quality mixed with Brian’s imperfect voice was so different than the other stuff I’d been listening to at the time, and it was honestly a breath of fresh air to come across this song (and band). I always blast this song so loud in my car with the windows down and sing it at the top of my lungs with my hair blowing in the wind. I understand that the quality and his voice take some getting used to for a lot of people, and it may be impossible for someone to enjoy this song as much as I do. But for me, it’s such a great, fun song which makes for the perfect first song on my road trip playlist.

“Super Rich Kids” by Frank Ocean

Channel Orange is the most nostalgic album for me to this day. It brings back a flood of memories from the summer before my senior year of high school, hanging out and driving around with my friends every single night. Super Rich Kids specifically brings back memories of driving around after work with my friend Selina waiting for plans to be made. You have Frank Ocean’s amazing voice, then you have it broken up in such a perfect way by Earl Sweatshirt’s rapping. It’s such a chilled out, laid back song that you can easily sing along to in the car on a summer night.

“I’m Writing a Novel” by Father John Misty

There is absolutely no way for me to be in a bad mood while listening to this song. Whenever I drive to work, I put this song on to put me in a good mood and prepare me for the long day ahead. My sister actually introduced this song to me while we were driving in her car and I’ve loved it so much ever since. The part that officially got me hooked is when he says, “the dog ran out and said ‘you can’t turn nothing into nothingness with me no more!’ Well I’m no doctor, but that monkey might be right.” What the heck is he saying?! That’s what makes this song so fun for me. Songs that put you in a good mood are perfect for a road trip, and this is definitely one of them. 

“The Spins” by Mac Miller

Ooooh, ooooh, OOOOH, honey I need you!!! A diverse playlist for a long car ride is a must. “The Spins” is different than what I usually listen to (mainly because of the lyrics) but it was my guilty pleasure throughout high school. This song samples “Half Mast” by Empire of the Sun, and the beat alone is enough to have you dancing in your seat. I can’t help but let this song play every time it comes up on my iPod. The catchy beat and lyrics of “The Spins” are sure to be stuck in your head for days after listening. 

“Crystal Baller” by Third Eye Blind

Oh, the memories this song brings back…sitting in the back of my mom’s car with my sister, screaming the lyrics and thinking the words “crystal baller” were so funny. It starts off so slow and mysterious, and then turns into such a fun, upbeat song. About 10 years have gone by since this song has come out and to this day my sister and I still sing it the same way every single time. This song always lands a spot on my road trip playlist because of the great memories it brings back.

“Going to California” by Led Zeppelin

This song is one of the very few that manages to give me the chills every single time I hear it. It’s so slow and sweet, and another great sing along. The title being a perfect road trip title is always a plus, too. There are so many great Led Zeppelin songs to listen to on a road trip, but this song has such a calming, gentle feeling. If I were stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on a road trip, this is the song that would make me feel at ease.

“Love Me” by The 1975

**unfortunately there are no videos made for the song yet because it’s so new, so the video in the link is just the preview video**

This song was just released a few days ago, and after a couple hours of my boyfriend telling me to listen to it, I did. It was more than worth it. “Love Me” is already at 37 plays on my iPod…it’s such a fun, upbeat song. The awesome guitar riff and beat, mixed Matty Healy’s screamy (amazing) voice makes for the perfect song to end your road trip. Ever since it came out, every time I’m in the car (or in the shower…or doing homework…or going to class…) I play this song AT LEAST twice. A lot of people were surprised that I like this song considering it’s not “emo or goth” as my friends say my music typically is (ha ha ha..), but how could anyone NOT like it? It’s such a catchy tune that’ll definitely be stuck in your head after you listen.

Whether you’re driving somewhere two hours away or across the entire country, a great playlist is essential in making that car ride bearable. No one enjoys being in a car for longer than ten minutes, but with the perfect playlist and good friends, it can be the best time of your life!

Woc Series: His Light

Hey guys!! This a requested imagine that involves Harry and Y/N meeting at the Brits and Harry being smitten.  Like always, ask questions, give feedback, comment, but most of all enjoy!! Xoxo


You had never seen lights so bright before.

They seemed to outshine even the grand lights of London that sparkled and glittered from miles away. Eclipsing the starlight, the lights radiated warmth onto your bare back and caught every subtle brush of your dress against your legs as the night’s breeze whisked around you.

The bright lights made you look radiant, your beauty letting off an effervescent glow that was captured with every flash of the cameras that stayed trained on you: the U.K.’s newest star.

It was your first appearance at the famed award show and your stylists had gone above and beyond their pay-grade.  You felt like you had stepped out of a fairytale.  Your backless golden dress was silky against you, glittering against your brown skin when it caught the light, and the sultry slit that ran the length of the gown exposed the smooth skin of your leg and the designer shoes that adorned your feet.  You were a sight to behold and it seemed as if everyone’s eyes were trained on you.

As you gradually made your way down the carpet—which was redder than you had expected—you occasionally stopped to give insider interviews, blushing amidst smiles as you received endless praise for your first studio album being nominated.

It hadn’t fully hit you yet that you were at the Brits.  You were just a girl from a small town in the U.K. with big dreams and a voice.  And you were rendered breathless as you looked around you; just a couple of years ago you were singing covers to the songs of artists that you were now rubbing elbows with.  Your life had been flipped in the most absurd and beautiful way and you were grateful.


A flash went off and you turned over your shoulder to see an eager interviewer beckoning you over with hurried hands, her corresponding camera already on you.  You walked over carefully as not to trip in your heels.

“Hi,” you smiled before leaning in to kiss the interviewer’s cheeks sweetly.

“Y/N, love!  How are you feeling?”  The woman gushed excitedly.

“Nervous,” you chuckled as you twisted a gold ring around your thumb with your other finger, still not used to all of the attention.

“Well you look stunning, darling!  Who are you wearing if I might ask?”

“Vera Wang,” you smiled as you opened up your body to showcase the beautiful gown; it caught one of the many bright lights and began to glitter, causing the spritely interviewer to ooh and ahh.

“Looking to find a husband, perhaps?  Wearing Vera Wang?”  She giggled as you awkwardly coughed, not sure how to answer.

“No, no,” you assured her lightheartedly, trying your best to ignore the black screen of the camera that was aimed at your face.

“Well are you smitten with any of the dashing lads here tonight?  Do tell!”

You let out a genuine laugh after hearing her question.

“Well, everyone looks so wonderful tonight.  I guess I’m quite smitten with them all,” you appeased her warmly, watching as her face broke into a grin.

“Well, I just had the most fascinating discussion with someone who is quite enamored with you! The poor lad couldn’t stop gushing about how big of a fan he is of you!”

You felt a blush flower across your face and you fought the urge to smile.  Someone enamored with you?  You weren’t even a proper celebrity.

“Really?” You were genuinely puzzled by her statement and quite flattered.

“Oh yes!  In fact he’s looking our way right now!  How about I invite him over!”  The interviewer yelled happily as your eyes widened.

Before you could tell her to stop she had locked eyes with someone behind you and started to wave him over frantically.  You didn’t have time to look over your shoulder before you felt a large, warm hand rest upon the small of your back, causing you to jump slightly.

With quick movements you looked to the tall man standing beside you and nearly lost your breath.

You took in his shorter hair and pointy nose.  He was taller in person and with his fitted tuxedo he looked regal.

And then his green gaze met yours and you were sure your mouth dropped.

Harry Styles.

Your mind suddenly made the connection that this was the man enamored by you, and as you looked up at him, your eyes wide, you were sure that your heart had stopped beating.  He seemed too beautiful to be real, and suddenly you felt your body warm underneath his jade gaze.  His eyes were fixed solely on you and as he fixed you with a soft smile and two dimples popped into his cheeks you felt your heart sputter before regaining a rhythm.

“Hi, I’m Harry,” his voice was like honey, slow and pure, and your breath caught in your throat as you nodded at him.

“Y/N,” you introduced yourself, your name rolling off your tongue awkwardly.   You were more than star-struck, and you were sure he knew it.

“Awww, look at the two of you,” the interviewer gushed, her eyes moving from your form to Harry’s excitedly.

“I let her in on our little secret,” she stage-whispered to Harry and as you glanced up at the handsome man standing next to you, you saw the apples of his cheeks redden.  He hid a soft chuckle as he brought his free hand’s thumb up to scratch the area right beside his mouth before sticking out a pink tongue to wipe at his bottom lip.  You looked away quickly.

“I guess it’s not that much of a secret now,” he chuckled as he rubbed the small of your back.  You felt his metal rings that were cool against your back, and you felt goosebumps erupt across your skin.

The interviewer merely winked at the two of you and with a polite smile your eyes cut to the camera. You saw your reflection in the dark mirror of the camera screen and your heart skipped as you saw Harry’s arm around you and your smaller frame standing next to his.  The two of you looked impressive together; the contrast of your darker skin glowing against his lighter one.  Your dark hair cascaded down your shoulders in soft curls and the tip of your head reached the bottom of his chin.  You fit perfectly together, and you were being broadcasted across the U.K. as such.

You dipped your head down before looking up at Harry’s profile.  His sharp jaw and pointed nose, the slope of his cupid’s bow and a deep dimple that appeared when he felt your heavy gaze on him.

“Oooh, I think there’s a connection!”

The interviewer’s chirpy voice brought you back to reality, and with your cheeks burning you bit the inside of your cheek.

“You saw it too,” Harry jokingly asked with a smirk that caused your cheeks to redden even more. You didn’t know what to say and as every second passed you felt your breaths get shorter and shorter.  You looked up at the interviewer’s eager expression, no doubt waiting for you to join in the witty conversation, but you simply gave a polite smile and nodded nervously.

Before the interviewer could get in another word, Harry hummed before saying, “I think they’re rallying us in now.  If you’ll excuse us,” he said warmly.

“Oh…. Of course! Well, have fun you two and congratulations on both of your nominations!”  She cried out as the both of you turned around. You looked back over your shoulder, finding that the camera had zoomed in on the two of you.  You let out a slight wave before turning back around.

You let Harry guide you to a quieter place on the red carpet and you grew puzzled.

“Isn’t it time to go inside?” You murmured softly, your heart still sputtering behind your ribcage due to the fact that Harry hadn’t removed his hand from your back yet.

“Not until another ten minutes or so..”  A devilish grin appeared across his face as if he knew something you didn’t.  

You looked up at him curiously as he looked down at your expression.  The chatter of the red carpet whirred around you and the light was still as bright as ever and yet as his eyes roved over your face, he was the only thing that you registered.

“I just thought to spare both of us from a bit of embarrassment,” he smiled kindly at you.

“Oh,” you blushed as you looked up into his gentle green eyes.

“It’s always a bit strange to meet someone in front of a camera for the first time,” Harry told you earnestly.  You smiled at him, a genuine one as you realized he practically saved you from humiliating yourself on camera.

“Thank you,” you murmured up to him, smiling politely as the bright lights caught golden flecks in his green eyes.

“I promise I’m not some creep who stalks you.  I just think your work is amazing.  You write your own songs, yea?”  Harry’s voice came out deep and genuine as he asked you, his thumb rubbing circles in your back.  You wondered if he even noticed.

“Yes,” you nodded.  You had written every single piece on your debut album and having Harry acknowledge that caused a deep sated happiness to root deep in your belly.

“We should get in the studio together,” he smiled down at you shyly, as if you would turn him down.

You nodded enthusiastically, smiling to yourself at his sweet demeanor.

“I’m scaring you aren’t I?” Harry’s voice came out tenderly.

“No, it’s not that,” you shook your head at him, feeling your heart drop as his pink lips turned down. “It’s just the lights are so bright and I’ve never been on a red carpet before,” you coughed out honestly.

You looked up to Harry, noticing his pensive expression.  You looked around you and noticed that people were beginning to file into the 02, and somehow you grew sad that your time with Harry was about to end.

“If I find you after the show, will you be willing to spend some time with me?”  Harry quickly asked you as someone walked past and touched his shoulder, no doubt telling him to start to head into the arena.  You raised your eyebrows at his question but nodded quickly.

“Sure,” you blinked as he was pulled away from you by a group of what you assumed to be his friends. Instantly the place where his hand had been felt cool and it seemed as if the glow that had surrounded your world had been turned down a notch; he brought a light with him and now that he was gone the light went with him.

Biting the inside of your cheek, you followed the crowd and into the 02.


True to his promise, Harry found you as the lights came back up and Adele finished her last performance of the night.

With his Brit in hand, he carefully grasped your shoulder in his large, free hand.  


You turned towards him with wide eyes.

“Harry, it’s not properly over yet,” you whispered to him, your eyes excitedly drinking in his form, the way his hair fell forward into his face as he leaned into you and the way in which his green eyes seemed electric.

“No one really stays for the very end..” he smirked, his dimples popping into his cheeks rendering you breathless.

You pinched your eyebrows together as with cautious eyes you looked around at your neighbors.  Leona Lewis was to your side trying her best to ignore the two of you and you awkwardly looked back up at Harry whose face was alight with hope.  Sighing you nodded your head before saying, “ok…”

You didn’t know where Harry was going to take you but as you took his hand you became excited at the possibilities.  You definitely weren’t expecting to end up at the top of a London skyscraper after taking a sleek car back to the city and sweet talking a security guard.

“I probably should have asked if you had a fear of heights…” Harry smiled back at you as you walked slowly after him, your heels clicking in the silent air.

“I’m good,” you chuckled as you looked at the back of his figure.

“I’m not too fond of heights, but I always come by here after the Brits.”  

You watched as he walked into the center of the roof before sitting down with a sigh.

“Why?”  You followed his movements, sitting down carefully when he offered you his hand for stability.

“Thank you,” you murmured as you sat down beside him.

He didn’t answer and you quickly looked over at him, a blush rising across your face as you noticed him watching you, a smile present on his face.

“It puts things in perspectives, yea?  Like, being up here puts me closer to the stars and the universe, and I don’t know,” he shook his head.  “It just makes me feel small which I think is good for me.  I don’t want to get so big that I feel like I’m bigger or better than other things, you know?”

You watched as he looked down at the Brits Award in his hands.  He squeezed the award in his large hands before setting it down between the two of you.

“I understand.  It’s mad because I’ve looked up at the night sky so many times wishing for what I have now.  And then a couple years later the sky hasn’t changed yet where I am has.”  You looked up at the dark expanse of the night sky, at the millions of stars that seemed so far off.

“Life is so crazy…” you murmured, your dark eyes reflecting the starlight.  You heard Harry hum in agreeance and you slowly looked over to him to see his eyes intently trained on you, your face and the way you looked up at the sky with such wonder.

Blushing you pulled at a curl before letting it spring back up near your shoulder.  “Congrats on your award,” you wanted to touch the smooth award and as you looked up at Harry with the question in your eyes he nodded at you.

It was heavier than you had imagined, but it was smooth and you tried to hide your face from expressing the sadness that had rooted itself inside of you.  You had been nominated, but hadn’t won and although you knew you wouldn’t, you couldn’t help but hope.

“Do you want it,” you heard Harry shift as he tucked a long leg underneath him.  You immediately frowned.


“Do you want it?”  You looked over at him, your brows pulled together at his earnest manner.

“Harry, I can’t take this from you…”

“You deserve it,” he shrugged easily, his eyes still on you and your expression.

“If I deserved it then I would have gotten the award,” you murmured as you turned it over in your hands. You heard Harry sigh before you turned to look over at him as he turned his face to the sky, closing his eyes.

“You should take it, Y/N. To get you started,” Harry tried to reason.  At his words, you took a breath and looked over the beautiful award.  At its figure.  You thumbed over the indentations and took a breath.

“I want you to..” you heard Harry’s deep voice urge you.

Suddenly, Harry was right next to you and with wide eyes you watched his eyes take you in.

“You’re talented, and beautiful, and you deserve the award.  I want to give it to you, and once you get your own you can give it back if you choose, but I know that you’ve worked hard and you wrote your own songs, and you’re just beautiful-“

“You said that twice,” you whispered, captured by his words.

Harry looked over at you, a blush making its way across his face and warming his cheeks.  A light breeze whisked through the air and rustled his hair about his head and you wished you could take a picture of him.  He was artwork, and somehow he made you feel very special, and with him so close you could see a hidden emotion present in his eyes.

He looked down, breaking your contact, and you suddenly wanted to reach out to him.

“I’m making a bloody fool of myself…” he shook his head at himself.

“No,” you smiled at him, keeping your voice light.

“The truth is, I’m quite smitten and I don’t know why but I want to gift you with the award, almost like a token of my honor.  I want to help you get started; you have true talent, and I do this thing where I ramble but I’m a slow talker…”

His words prompted your smile to grow and you caressed the award in your hands.

“I’ll accept it.”

You watched as an expression of relief played across Harry’s face before a smile lit up his eyes.

“Thank you.”

You nodded at him before laying back against the cold concrete of the roof, your golden gown splaying around you, glittering in the starlight.  

“Promise to keep it by your bedside,” Harry joked, a smirk appearing between his two dimples.

“I promise,” you laughed.

There was something so kindred about this man that you couldn’t help but feel yourself grow quite smitten with him as well.  And as the lights of London sparkled around you, you found yourself falling for the stars reflecting in his green eyes.  At the beginning of the night you thought you had never seen lights so bright, but laying here with Harry you knew that you had found the brightest light of them all.

I’m on a road trip with my mom and yesterday we listened to every single 1d song in order from start to finish and I was so shook. it’s amazing to see the change from first album to last and how they’ve been given more freedom to create the music they want to create ahhhh I just rly miss them

anonymous asked:

Tan Blake is my favorite Blake, how could he possibly any hotter? It reminds me of the pictures from the 2015 I heart music festival where he was tan and beaming. Looking back at the dates and what we know now, he and Gwen had probably written GAABMH very recently then. He probably hadn't been that happy in a very long time.. the look of love. Would you have any of those pics from the festival?

Heh! Tan is good, and then you see his slim pale legs, and it amuses me all over again. When I was teaching, one of the kids used to tell me (every single time I saw them) I NEEDED to tan my legs because my skin was so ghostly white, bless them…

I LOVE that performance (and his hair that day). So much. My current favourite first. I just took a look and Zimbio literally has an album from that night at the Festival, and there are over 70 AMAZING HQ shots of Blake. To save space, I’ll just link to it instead of posting all the shots individually, lol.


I gotta applaud SM’s PR team. Like really. The whole buildup for this album was amazing. They released solo teasers for every single song before the album even dropped. But the best thing? Those teasers didn’t tell us shit about the songs. Like… I look back at those teasers and my initial reactions to them, and compare that to how the whole song fared and it’s totally different. They didn’t pick the most representative parts of the songs to tease. So when we got this album, we all collectively lost our shit over the songs because they felt so different and new. It’s a great way to keep us on a tether without really spoiling anything. Props. Honestly.


The completely subjective list by me (which means it’s right) of the 10 best records ever

  1. Pink Floyd, The Dark Side of the Moon: every step that Pink Floyd took, from the tragic departure of leader and crazed genius Syd Barret, was aiming towards this, the masterful concept album that dug into the pressures of normal life remains unsurpassed to this day, all killer, no filler, and massively influential since it was released.
  2. The Velvet Underground, The Velvet Underground and Nico: nobody can touch the Velvets legacy, their mastery over about every genre, and their incalculable influence on about everything that’s sounding both in your radio and outside of it, a sui generis band if there was ever one, their debut can well be the most prophetic album ever made, this is the seed that originated the forest, and 40 plus years after the fact, its power is yet to diminish.
  3. Joy Division, Unknown Pleasures: outside of its time and space, alienating, terrifying, bleak and yet fragile in the most human way, Unknown Pleasures is a startling, if slightly unsettling experience, every word uttered by Ian Curtis and empowered by the masterful musicianship of the band is engraved in a legacy that only grows with the passing years. once you’ve heard it, there’s no going back, this is the way, step inside.
  4. The Beatles, Revolver: the fab four, the most successful (if not the best) band in music history, hit their peak at the very same time, after giving signs of maturing on Rubber Soul, this is were they truly stepped in the game, from McCartney’s flawless compositions to Lennon’s wild experiments, everything in Revolver seems to archieve and redefine perfection, and as the Beatles pushed boundaries, music as a whole followed, but even so, few if any dared to make a record such as this one, and believe me when I say, those who tried, failed, and, really, who can blame them?
  5. The Clash, London Calling: Punk’s masterpiece, London Calling is one of the most adventurous albums that graced the earth, embracing ska, reggae and constantly evolving and developing their sound, The Clash trascended the limitations of the genre (effectively killing it) and managed to create the best double album in music’s history, everything, from the rampaging title track to the closer “Train In Vain” is gold, for the punk genre, it was the glorious final act, after London Calling, there was no returning.
  6. David Bowie, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars: a bombastic concept album and glam rock finest offering, David Bowie’s Ziggy persona may raise suspicion and it’s often the victim of a cynic approach, but it’s impossible to deny the power of the songs it contains, some of them rank among the best the White Duke ever put into tape, the concept may be loose, and Ziggy may be a bit pretentious, but give it a spin and see how it plays, it doesn’t get better than this
  7. Nirvana, MTV Unplugged in New York: one of the most harrowing performances ever recorded, the Unplugged show captured Nirvana at the peak of their power, moreover, it gave Cobain the chance to lay his songs bare, show his influences, and, above all, give a final scream for help, the lilies and candles? the morbid setlist? those weren’t coincidences, no hits were played, except for a barebones rendition of “Come As You Are”, it was the 18 of November, the year 1993, on that day Kurt Cobain painted his final self-portrait, nobody saw it coming, and all that’s left is this, one of the most powerful statements of tortured integrity, the rest goes down to history
  8. My Bloody Valentine, Loveless: if London Calling signified Punk’s death, Loveless signified Shoegazers demise, a record never to be topped, Loveless and its multiple layers were created across multiple studios, and worked on by no less than 16 sound engineers, it took three years, nearly bankrupted a label, nearly disintegrated a band, and in the end, it made all the other genre offers seem like a child’s play, Loveless, with its swirling guitars, the unique “needle in the fluff” sound, and its intricate arrangements, is yet to be bettered, perhaps it’ll never be, but that was the whole point, it seems, if not ask Kevin Shields
  9. The Cure, Disintegration: the coronation album of post-punk, Disintegration took everything The Cure ever did and mastered it, it’s lush, expansive arrangements, the impeccable production, and above all, Robert Smith’s songwriting gave the album an edge that blew the competition out of the water, the true culmination of The Cure’s career is an album a thousand times imitated, but never once matched.
  10. Pixies, Surfer Rosa: yes, Doolittle may hold the hits and the best known songs, but Surfer Rosa ignited the revolution and set the template for just about every alternative record that made it big on the early nineties and beyond, now, let’s put this simple, every single band, from Radiohead to Nirvana to The Strokes has Pixies on their dna, and truth is, they never released a record that could match neither Rosa or Doolittle, an alternative dream of ridiculously amazing songs, Surfer Rosa is even bigger than its shadow, and that’s saying something
Showstopper - Baekhyun Imagine

✉ ❝bad boy au with baekhyun where he sees another guy flirting with you (but you don’t notice the flirting) and starts getting jealous?

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Little Mix “Get Weird” for new 80s themed album - Track By Track Review

Since the year 2000, how many pop albums have been branded “retro” for their ‘return to the 80s/90s’ sound? Well I don’t know either but I will take a wild guess and say that out of the probably 100s of albums claiming to do this, not many have done it as successfully as British pop girl group “Little Mix” have done with their third album “Get Weird”, and while there are some missteps along the way, this album is surely one of the most enjoyable pop albums of 2015 (and 1987 if it had’ve existed).

Black Magic

If you’re from Oceania or Australia or are just one of their 101 million youtube viewers, you definitely know this lead single, “Black Magic”. The start to this retro era and the album, the Little Mix girls storm into album with drums pounding, magic spells and a very 80s chorus channeling “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper (1983). At #1 for 3 weeks in the UK, this song is surely a classic that will have your grandkids questioning when exactly you were born while you reminisce on your childhood favorites.

Love Me Like You

The Second song, and second hit single from the album, Love Me Like You continues the group’s 80s theme, with a song that could very easily fit in any quintessential 1980s teen movies prom scene, as their Prom themed music video also suggests. It’s definitely slower than ‘Black Magic’ but still just as fun, and even though the lyrics are mostly about a lost love the girls want to reclaim because no one can “Love Me Like You”, you’ll find yourself dancing and bopping more than you would crying and weeping.

Weird People

Arguably the most 80s (tired of me saying ‘80s’ too?) song on the album, Weird People keeps up the album’s pace and theme, forcing you into a sort of musical time capsule. The song with its funky bass and classic vocoder support vocal, could fit right into the opening or ending credits of any of the decades classic movies (Most likely Ghostbusters due to its “weird people” lyrics). It screams and perfects retro. If only it wasn’t in mp3 quality I’d suggest tricking your parents/grandparents into trying to say they remember it.

Secret Love Song (f/ Jason Derulo)

Unfortunately the 80s party theme is put on hold here for the sake of a ballad collaboration with Jason Derulo. Unlike their previous album “Salute” (2013), Little Mix’s ballads on this album fall short of their standard. This song is pretty, but if you’re gonna interrupt 10 straight minutes of false (most of their demographic weren’t alive for the 80s or even much of the 90s) nostalgia, it better be amazing. Derulo adds a nice touch to the song, and their vocals of Perrie Edwards and him together are great for an album selling award show performance, but does anyone find it weird when a group of already multiple people collaborate with even more people?


And we’re back! Hair, the first promotional single from the album brings us back to the party, but this time we’re lost in the time capsule. While the song isn’t 80s themed, it’s also not current, or 90s or 70s. It’s basically its own sound that you won’t find on the radio or any pop albums today. That what makes it so good, and such a good filler song, a sort of interlude into their best song next: Grown 


Arguably the best pop song of 2015, the girls deny the advances of a guy because they’re “Grown Now” and can “Hold their own”. With lyrics like “Your voice dropped, you thought that you could handle me” (your future instagram selfie quote), amazing harmonies, a horn beat drop (Honestly who else is doing this), and a stripped back vocal bridge, this is pop perfection. The bass is loud enough for this to be everyone’s 2016 “No Scrubs” type of song. The only thing here better than this song is the live version, Edward’s run in the bridge is presented more successfully than the album version, a testament to her and the Mix girls’ vocal abilities. 

I Love You

This is the first effective ballad on the album. While it sounds like it could also fit on Selena Gomez’ Revival, the vocals and harmonies from 4 different girls give the song the extra push above Revival’s ballads. While Selena is the calm, and Demi Lovato is the storm, I Love You by Little Mix is the perfect breezy hour before the two swap out. Vocals are served, falsettos are used, emotions are touched. 


Another theme finally! This song is definitely a mix between 80s pop, late 90s pop, and Britney bitch! The lyrics scream “Oops I Did It Again”: “Oh my god, I did it again” While it is definitely a filler song (seriously girls, please don’t even try to make this a single, there’re many better options) it’s great to have another themed song, and add towards the cohesiveness of the album


Any 2NE1 fan would love this song. It contains the darkest, most current production off the album and reminds you immediately of Come Back Home by the Korean pop girl group with its powerful beat drop. Asian market single? Definitely girls, just stay away from ‘OMG’. In addition to polished production, the girls also serve amazing vocals, both soft and harcore, throughout the entire song as well as a indistinguishable chant during the bridge most likely the girls ending every other group’s career, watch out Fifth Harmony. (Update: the chant is from an ancient 13th century Medieval Latin poem, truly ‘weird’ for a 2015 pop album girls right? but i’m loving it)


When I saw this song on the tracklist I thought, “Well they have a song about Adidas, this can’t be any good”, but actually it turned out to be their most grown up song on the album. The girls explicitly sing about “shh (sex) with you” to an 80s style bassline. With high falsettos and little yelps here and there, as well as its sexually suggestive lyrics, the song can’t be interpreted in any other way, and that’s the best way to transition into adult music. When their next album has a “Parental Advisory” sticker, kids can easily say “Well mom they’ve been singing about the same things for years now”. Good jobs girls

Love Me Or Leave Me

A typical Little Mix ballad, any fan knows the formula. However the vocals from Jade serve a kind of emotion matched by current emoters such as Adele or Demi Lovato, if only this was her song alone she would have you crying, but depending on who you are, the last half of the song may do that on its own.

The End

A small tear appears in my eye, it’s been a wild ride through decades of pop and to different countries and genres and it’s finally the end, but I don’t want it to end (thank god theres 4 extra bonus songs on the deluxe edition, go get it, it has a better cover art too). As cheesy as it sounds, The End is the perfect title to this song, the 80s theme of the album, and the relationship theme of the album. This song was one of my favorites since they sang it live at radio stations across America in July. As a testament to the group’s live vocals and harmonies, the studio version didn’t live up to my expectations. Maybe the fact that Edwards & her ex-fiance Zayn Malik had just broken up gave the live versions an extra push of emotion, or just the fact that their vocal producers were rushing can excuse this. The song is still just as beautiful, but the vocals don’t sound as emotive or cohesive as the numerous A+ live versions. Nonetheless, it works as a great ending to the album, and i’m always here for this group and an acapella. 

Once again I say that this is one of the most enjoyable albums of the year, and while it does show a downgrade from their last album (They were made for R&B inspired music) it remains above the previous attempt at pop, DNA, their debut album. However the best part about this album is that it’s different. While most other girl groups go from generic pop to R&B to grow up, these girls have taken the step in a totally different direction, and while it can be seen as a downgrade, I think it’s better to credit their creativity. I personally am very excited to hear where they go next with their next album (hopefully the 90s/early 2000s).


So I was watching a B.A.P video on YouTube (ha, what else is new) and scrolled down to the comments section (my mistake, should never do that). There, I saw a lengthy comment about why B.A.P isn’t as “successful” as they used to be. I put the word successful in quotes, because I think that the meaning of “successful” is based on individual perspective. 
Anyway, the comment pinpointed B.A.P’s experimentation with music and varying genres as one of the main reasons why they haven’t been able to find much “success” in Korea. Their reasoning being that if B.A.P stuck with their “darker” concepts instead of the “cute” ones, then people may be more attracted to them. I respect the user’s opinion, but what had me shocked was the fact that this comment had quite a number of up votes, meaning people agreed with this statement. I wanted to write this reply to the comment: 
Ever since their debut, B.A.P has never had just one kind of “sound”. Even the first two singles and the first mini album (Warrior, Power, and No Mercy, respectively) were different in genre. This was followed up with Crash and Stop It (those “cute” concepts OP talked about). They did incredibly well in their rookie year, winning several Newcomer of the Year awards at year end ceremonies. They developed a substantial following both domestically and internationally. This following grew with comebacks in 2013 and 2014, accompanied by tracks like One Shot, Badman, and 1004. Keep in mind that despite similarities that one may find in their title tracks (which I happen to disagree with), other songs in the album continued to range widely in genre, lyrics, messages, and style (Coffee Shop vs. Coma vs. Bang x2). 
Another point that would disprove the idea of their music genres being their “downfall”, if you will, is the fact that their first win on a music program was achieved with 1004 (Angel). As Yongguk stated on Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook, ‘1004′ was a track that deviated from all their previous styles. This means that no, it probably wasn’t only their “dark” concepts that gained them love and attention. 
If you really want a reason as to maybe why B.A.P isn’t as recognized anymore (it hurts so much to say it…) it’s most likely because of the hiatus and lawsuit they took against TS Entertainment. And as a BABY, I can say that I’m SO GLAD they put their health first and took that break. They were being overworked and underpaid, and honestly TS is shitty and disgusting for putting them through it by being blinded by the profit the group was bringing in. It was a really hard time for the group and for us fans; unfortunately, many left or got tired of waiting. But for the BABYs that stayed, that comeback in November of 2015 was worth every single day of that hiatus period. They got to come back healthy and happy, and most importantly, they stayed as SIX. 
I appreciate that the comment recognized B.A.P’s talents and their role as the underdog in k-pop, but I don’t think that their musical preferences is what’s keeping them from “succeeding”. Again, I put “succeeding” in quotes, because to me, they’ve achieved so much already. Noir was an amazing album (#ALBUMOFTHEYEAR, no -#ALBUMOFTHECENTURY), and they have yet to disappoint. 


What she says: I’m fine

What she means: I really wish more people would stan up10tion their music is so good and the choreo just kills it and each member is so adorable n has a unique personality and they are so dedicated to what they do and they’re so nice to their fans did I mention their choreo is amazing they’ve only put out two mini albums but every single song is an absolute bop and they’re from the same company as teen top and 100% so they have great seniors and wow did I mention their choreography?? They’re all great pls stan up10tion.

batsybutts  asked:

Hi Fay! You have a really rad music taste so I would like to ask, what are some of your favorite albums? Ty and I hope you're having a great day =D

this is just a random collection of albums that i happened to think of :o

  • modern vampires of the city (vampire weekend) doesn’t necessarily have all their best songs, but it’s definitely the most coherent album of theirs. every song just goes together so well and it’s honestly their masterpiece and i am so proud of my nerd children for this album
  • old world romance (sea wolf) this album is freaking genius and it’s like indie folkish and its perfectly bittersweet and also really relaxing i feel asleep to it for like a month straight good shit
  • seven + mary (rainbow kitten surprise) i just started listening to this band but like so far not a single song has disappointed really interesting, harrowing and sort of folkish vibe
  • voices (phantogram) cool indie electronic vibes, some songs are darker than others, some are faster than others, overall 10/10 would listen on repeat for days
  • i love you. (the neighbourhood) it’s just everything that you love about the neighbourhood in one album and it’s so freaking good perfectly angsty yet lots of fun
  • montibello memories (matrimony) this album is so southern and i love it. it’s like indie folk but it’s basically country and i don’t care every single one of these songs makes me feel alive
  • wildewoman (lucius) everything!! you could want from an album!! really awesome single (telescope) but also lots of good slower/sweeter songs just all around very nice
  • strange trails (lord huron) god i just really really love lord huron ok and louisa changed my life. super sweet and fun indie folk 
  • hozier THIS ALBUM is fucking amazing and literalyl changed me ok the coolest passionate indie folk ever soooo amazing
  • zaba (glass animals) indie sort of electronic-y music, awesome dark intense vibes, for some reason makes me think of gravity falls
  • fleet foxes imo their best, most balanced album, just really super chill and cool indie shit
  • kintsugi (death cab for cutie) i love all of death cab’s shit but this new album is so freaking cool!!! i love the sort of pretty but melancholy sound
  • bon iver for emma, forever ago is really good too honestly it’s just personal preference i tend to listen to the self-titled more often for some reason. v good v relaxing almost ethereal indie folk
  • beyonce need i say more
  • all this bad blood (bastille) genius album, my indie pop shit back in 9th grade
  • this is all yours (alt-j) i love an awesome wave as well but this one is just a little more acoustic i guess? weird indie mess
  • sylvan esso really weird indie mess but every song is very sweet and light and lovely
  • and the war came (shakey graves) super southern again but very good and soulful indie stuff
  • in a tidal wave of mystery (capital cities) awesome indie pop, every song is super solid and works so well together
  • of the blue colour of the sky (ok go) so many! life-changing songs! louisiana land shooting the moon needing/getting white knuckles wtf damn it’s such a good album……..and the extended version has like 40 songs damn

i wanted to add one by the killers but it’s so fucking difficult for me to pick one of their albums because each one of theirs tells a story and honestly they’re best when compared to each other?? i’d probably say battle born tho because i got to go see them on tour for that one :’)

The day I went to Taylor Swift's house.

Today I had the opportunity of a lifetime. Today I got to go to Taylor Swift’s house in Los Angeles with a handful of other diehard fans, and we all got the best surprise ever. We had the privilege of listening to ‘1989’ before it comes out in one month and one week with Taylor sitting in front of us.

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“we make these memories for ourselves.”

slightly altered version of my headcanon for riley

The day they came back from Texas from a weekend that felt like a whole month full of drama that ended up changing everything, Riley was more than exhausted. Once her parents picked her and Maya up, she couldn’t wait to close her bedroom door and sleep for a good twelve hours before having to deal with everything again at school, the next day. But of course, all Maya wanted to do was talk about Texas and whatever happened at the campfire. No matter how many times Riley tells her she did not need to hear about what happened with her and Lucas, she did not stop insisting she needed to tell her. It took almost all of Riley’s strength not to kick Maya out of the bay window and tell her that she didn’t want to hear it anymore; which was a reaction Riley was not familiar with and guilt took over her almost immediately following it. Instead, she told her she was really tired and needed to rest and Maya reluctantly took her bags and climbed out of the window.

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