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I love your blog so freaking much. I live vicariously though each photo and text post. Your blog makes me so happy every single day and I want to thank you for that. I really want a dog, but I know for a fact that I can't put in the time and care for one because of my life style. So you're my go to to leave on a happy note. Thank you!

Oh wow thank you so much! I’m always happy to hear that the woofs are still successful in spreading joy, especially to those that for whatever reason can’t have a woof in their life right now 🐶

“Women without children are deficient. Their lives are incomplete.”

Thanks to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for sending this one in. 

Bitch, I’m a human. Human as any man. I’m not a shell. 

I’m not a husk that might someday contain a real person. I’m already a real person.

And my life is fucking awesome. This house is mine; that car outside in the drive is mine. All the things in both of them are mine. All the food in the fridge is mine. Every single minute in every hour of my day is mine. And you think the missing part of all this is a freaking baby?

No. No. 

Here’s what a baby looks like to me.

A baby looks like a chain. A baby is a set of shackles, locking me into dependency on someone, making me rely on him for everything that I could otherwise… just buy for myself.

Fact: most women in this world are only one man away from total and utter destruction. 

One douchebag who promises you that if you become his property, you’ll be treasured property. One guy who says don’t worry about looking after yourself, sweetie - let him do it. Raise his kids for him and he’ll buy you the prettiest white fence in the neighbourhood.

No. Don’t do it.

You are complete. 

You are sufficient. 

Your body and your mind contain everything that you will ever need to have a happy life, a good life. 

You know what makes me feel complete? Knowing that the only person I need to rely on for my house, my food, my happiness, is me. And she’ll keep me totally and perfectly safe. 

I have a husband I adore, who has never made me feel anything less than complete. I’m proud to be a sufficient person, equal in partnership with another sufficient person. I love him but I don’t need him to be whole. And I certainly don’t need to bear him children before I’m allowed to believe I am complete as a person.

And as for this presidential Turkish shitlark? 

When I listen to his comments, all I hear is some ageing douchebag revealing for all to see his greatest, most petrifying fear - that him and his kind are increasingly no longer needed. 

There are men out there who need women to be dependent because it makes them feel powerful and safe. There are men out there who can’t handle the thought that some women would rather have their job than a bloody baby.

Women of the world: it is your sacred duty not to give these hysterical douches so much as a moment of your precious, valuable time.

Let alone give them a freaking baby.

Save it for someone who adores you just as you are - whole and complete.

And if you ever feel incomplete, and you’re the reckless type who doesn’t like herself very much, sure. Give it a go. Try shackling yourself to some puffed-up prick like this guy and produce children for him. 

You will swiftly discover how perfectly self-sufficient you were.

Part of me seriously would love to move to a bigger town. We’re in a small town with very little to do. Finding jobs that pay decently is rather difficult. K would much rather find a job in the computer field and there is nothing here. Nadda. Hell, even dispatch in this area is severely underpaid compared to the rest of the field.

However, I HATE the idea of leaving my family. 90% of my family lives in this area and having them around makes life so so much easier. If we did move, there is only ONE town I’m willing to go to because I have an aunt that lives there and she is amazing. AND if K can get a job that pays well enough, I can stay home with Emma which would be freaking amazing.

I do know that if we moved, we would make an effort to visit frequently and I’d have to talk to mom like every single day. She’s absolutely smitten with Em to and I don’t want to take her away.

I wish I could just pack her up and take her with me. Her and my stepdad and sister. It would make life so much better.

Can someone please tell me or point me in the direction of whatever the fuck I’ve done in my life to deserve being in pain EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY

No matter what I do, how hard I try, here comes a fucking migraine. Now I’m freaking out because I can’t get my meds refilled until next Tuesday (a week from tomorrow) and I have 3 pills left. THREE. FOR 8 FUCKING DAYS.

Anyways I’m sure no one cares so just ignore this but I’m just so frustrated. I don’t know what to do anymore.

Hi Becky aka Taylor !! I am Melis and I live in Turkey .. Please come to Turkey !! Turkish Swifties love you so much … I really want to see you in real life !!@!@!@ You changed my life and You teached how to be fearless … I freaking love you so much … You are freaking pretty !!!! Thank you for everything !! And Thank you for following me .. And also Thank you for killing me every single day -Melis taylorswift


hey taylorswift!!
it’s been one crazy year and I have never been more proud of you! You have accomplished so many things and I feel like a proud mom. This year has also been in my favor, I’ve never been happier!! I found myself the absolute BEST friends and just life in general has been a very smooth ride. One of the best things that happened is that I met you!! On night 2 in Philly I met you in Loft89 and that was the happiest and best night of my life. I was surrounded by every single person that means the absolute world to me (including you).

So you might be wondering what this long post is about (or not)..but 2 days from today, August 17, I will be turning 15! I know..I’m a youngster. I’m also going to be a sophomore in high school which kind of freaks me out. I was just wondering if you could wish me a Happy Birthday to make my day even better than it will be. I will never be able to express in words how much you mean to me. All I can tell you is you mean A LOT to me. You know exactly how to speak to me without even trying. You always know what to say at the right time.

I just wanted to pop in and say hey because I miss you and hope everything is well. Can’t wait for my birthday, one year closer to getting behind the wheel!! Alright, that’s it for now! Love you to absolute pieces and I hope your day has been fab!! 
Rachel 💛💛💛💛
 P.S: Yes, my hair is purple.

Thank you all SO SO much for helping me reach 100k subscribers. This is such a huge milestone for me and I never could have done it without your help. The amount of support I’ve seen in the past few days was insane and I appreciate every single tweet, photo, video - everything. I love you guys so freaking much and I feel so blessed to have such a loving fandom. This means the absolute world to me, and to address a concern I want to promise you guys I will n e v e r change. I love talking to you guys as much as possible, liking posts, having chill times on YouNow… Nothing makes me happier. I would be nothing without you all! You’ve changed my life forever in the greatest way. That little emo kid that started his channel in 2013 never thought this would happen. Thank you from the bottom of my meme-filled heart.