every second of this mv deserves to be giffed

anonymous asked:

Can I ask you for some Chen Spam? Maybe some abs idk thanks! I love your blog btw! - CL @kpopthirstaddicted 💕

Oh hooooo you’re in for a treat @kpopthirstaddicted​!!!

WARNING: ultra loooooong post ahead!
Let’s begin!

Well let’s start from the beginning where EXO was always asked to show off their superpowers… Here we have jongdae and his slightly embarrassing lightning power:

He got the name ‘Chensing machine’ from his fans
You gotta admit he’s living up to that name these days

Aside from his dancing, his vocals are top!!!

Not forgetting rocker!dae because we need more of that

He’s a total fish sauce magnet

And an occasional resident troll in EXO

His visuals are A++++

He’s our favourite OST king

His photoshoots are always on point

And he looks so good in every single MV released
even if he only appears for a couple of seconds 

His acting deserves a grammy award

Also, his amazing taste in fashion?!

His ability to pull off all kinds of hairstyles…

And how he’s always looking out and having fun with his members

Not forgetting his unending love for his fans too…

Then there’s the occasional teasing and rudeness

And some dae abs as requested

Also the occasional appearance of the cheeseball that he is

But in actual fact he’s actually a weird ball of sunshine

Was this too long? I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.. I think there are over 50 gifs here out of my collection of over 500  I hope you like this! ♡