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Oh look it's episode 22 of an odd number season! Time to ask Captain Cold for help!" "But he's dead..." "Time to ask Captain Cold for help!"

omg you’re right 

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i hope this becomes a theme for every odd-numbered season’s episode 22

To me, it was like a blink of an eye

Magnus Bane, part 1: Episode 1x01

A while ago, before season 2 started, I just couldn’t resist drawing all the looks we had seen Magnus wearing in the s2 promos up to that point. But let’s face it, I love every outfit he wears in season 1 too, so… let’s start from the beginning: Pandemonium!

Thank you to the lovely @darquebane for the moral support <3

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 |

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I have this feeling that this much Bellamy/Clarke together and growing together is to set us up for them having to be separated. The whole thing of having to be on the list together? That just screams to me that WON'T happen like that. But I can handle the separation if we know (in show canon) that they've progressed as a relationship, knowing that they'll fight to return to each other.

That’s honestly what I am thinking too. I think we’re going to get a replay of season 1, Bellamy on one side of the door and Clarke on the other. But this time, they will be fighting to get back to EACH OTHER. Even if it takes a long time. And there will be a reason that they come back together and that is because they are canon and together by the end of the season. 

What happens in the interim I don’t know. But with all this speculation about the separation and the time jump, it just makes me more sure that they’re going all the way with romantic bellarke. THIS SEASON. They’ve set it up. But yeah, to give it to us as a happily ever after thing is antithetical to this show. So that makes a separation or other horror pretty likely. 

Also, it would be likely to have Clarke start out next season alone/in solitary as she has started out EVERY SINGLE SEASON, except season 4. Isolation in season 1. Decontamination in season 2. Exile in season 3. 

I do have a couple of different theories for that though. If we look back at season 1 as a parallel, Bellamy couldn’t make it to the dropship, so Finn ran out after him and that meant they were both out in the cold together. Separated from the delinquents (but saved from MW.)  Also, when the dropship closed, Anya snuck in right before it shut. Changing her fate.

I could see this separation of Clarke from the group to, last minute, have Bellamy joining her. So rather than Clarke being alone on a barren apocalyptic world, it would be Clarke and Bellamy being alone together. This actually would make sense with the way they are revisiting some of the failures and experiences of the past, but using what they learned from the failures to change the outcomes of the replay. She doesn’t leave alone. He doesn’t get separated. They stick together. Together. And so manage to make it through the apocalypse intact. It could happen. I think it’s good to consider multiple possibilities to a speculation or narrative path, and not get stuck on the end that you are either afraid of or desire. Yes. We have a long history of separation with Clarke and Bellamy, but we also have a very “together” couple by the time we get to season 4, and two people who refuse to let the other sacrifice themselves, not even for the good of the people. So… it makes me think about the commonly accepted speculation of a separation.

This puts me to mind of Kane’s ideas of season 1. About taking them back to the cosmic Adam and Eve. Are Bellamy and Clarke the csomic Adam and Eve?

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Word Count: 1184

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: Written for @jessica-bones-winchester ‘s Dating Dean Challenge. My prompts were Wearing only one of his plaid shirts to bed  and Nights cuddled together watching DVD’s. 

This is yet another crapfest of epic proportions which I feel the need to apologize for. I had plans for this when I signed up but I lost ‘em and ran out of time and forgot how to write if I even ever knew how in the first place and this is what came out of it. 

Thanks to @bringmesomepie56 for the beta. 

Reader’s POV

“We should’ve gone with Sam.” I sighed, pulling the blanket tighter around myself. “He could use the backup.”

“No can do, sweetheart. Sam has Garth for backup.” Dean sat down on the couch next to me with his arms full of snacks and drinks. “You heard the doctor. You’re lucky you didn’t break your back in that last hunt. No hunting for you for awhile.” He opened up the snacks and laid everything out on the coffee table he’d set up in the living area for me then leaned back, opening his arms up and motioning for me to lay against him. I rolled my eyes and shook my head, crawling between his legs and wrapping my arms around him, resting against his chest.

“Technically, he never said no hunting.” I reminded Dean who scoffed.

“Semantics, Y/N.” Dean growled. “He said no strenuous activity. If we told him you were a hunter, you’d be in the psych ward. We all would be.”

“Fine.” I sighed in exasperation. “What movies did you pick?”

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convincing people to start watching rvb is the most difficult thing ever like:

“how long is it?”

“13 seasons”

“what? I’m not watching that it’s going to take forever!”

“nononono they have super short episode every season is like movie length”

“ok…what the hell is this format is it some kind of video game? the quality is kinda shitty”

“it’s machinima and yes it’s a bit shitty but that’s because it’s old it get’s better I promise”

“so I watched the first few episode and this show is really stupid”

“no look it starts out like a dumb comedy but it gains plot and actual story arcs later and it’s going to be totally worth it I promise”

“idk I just don’t see how this could go for 13 seasons and still be interesting.”

and then I have to restrain myself from showing them clips from newer seasons in hopes that it’ll convince them and then I cry forever.

Goodbye PLL

*cue the sappy PLL post* 

I know I’m not the first, and in no way will be the last to talk about how much I actually am going to miss this show, but for some reason it actually felt wrong to not say goodbye to something that I’ve obsessed, cried, screamed and yelled over for the past seven years. Troian was right when she said it was more like a death than a breakup…  

My journey with PLL is pretty much the same as every other person. I started watching seven years ago, season 1, while procrastinating writing a paper in college. And now, seven years later, I’m still here bitches… and I’m way too old to still be watching a “teen drama” with as much obsession as I do, but I could never bring myself to let it go. The stories, characters, cast members and fellow fans grabbed hold of my heart and kept it locked up as tight as the secrets of Rosewood. 

Even when it pissed me off, made me scream and throw things across my room, this show was still like nothing else. The cast are some of my favorite people in the world, and there are days I have to remind myself I don’t actually know them personally. They brought us along with them every step of the way, opening their world and the world of their characters to us, and making Rosewood our second home. I truly hope they remain the close knit group they are, and I look forward to seeing all their future projects. 

*sigh* Oh man, I still don’t think it’s hit me that tonight is it. The last episode, the last live blog, the last time laughing at other people’s posts, crying over GIF’s, hitting reblog as fast as I can. No more analyzing cast’s social media accounts, going nuts over promotional photos, guessing at plot twists, screaming when we were right… and for that I have to thank my fellow fans. This has been a ride and a half, with more -A suspects, decoys, text messages and masks than Marlene King can even remember, but we rode it together. I adored laughing til I cried during live blogs, seeing people with more talent than I could ever dream of make the most beautiful GIF’s and stories, nodding furiously when someone put the emotions I was feeling into words, and just feeling so connected to people I’ve never even met. 

So with that, I say Goodnight Pretty Little Liars. You have truly been an amazing show, one I know I will come back to again and again… and that… 

…is immortality my darlings. XOXO

Calling All Supernatural Fans!

If you’re a fan of SPN and L O V E fanfiction read below- if not then well…this is awkward…


I have made a blog for a Supernatural Series Fanfiction. Basically what that is, is I’m going to write fanfiction from every episode, such as season 1 I’ll start with getting Sam from Stanford. So it’s basically just the show in writing with my plot and my twists!

There are TWO ways this can go….

Option 1) This is a fanfiction where Sam is a girl, therefore Dean’s sister…

Option 2) This is a fanfiction where they have a sister that’s younger than Dean but older than Sam

I am letting you guys choose the fate of this blog! It can either be Sam as a girl, or a completely new character overall! (If you so choose it can be reader insert but make sure to comment that)

You guys will also be responsible for some big twists and turn in this story. That’s right, you guys can choose what happens! For example if I have a place where a tough decision would be made such as is “Scarecrow” when Sam left. Then you guys could give me your input by commenting on the recent episode/chapter OR sending it to my inbox!

I know this has been done before from @youreinsupernatural (mostly where I got inspired from) and others! That’s why I’m adding twists! (If you want to be tagged in chapters DM me or comment)

THIS IS YOUR FIRST DECISION YOU’LL MAKE! Option 1? Or 2? If you want to add any special tweaks (such as reader insert on option 2) make sure to add it when you comment!

Have A Great Day/Evening/Night! Hope to see you in the comments

Highlights from the Eion Bailey, Sinqua Walls, and Robbie Kay Panel (Lee Arenberg moderating) at Creation NJ

  • Question for Robbie:  Was it hard to take yourself seriously playing Robert Carlyle’s dad?  “Yeah it was a constant struggle to try to take that seriously.  They didn’t actually tell me I was 250 years old in the show and Rumplestiltskin’s father until about three episodes in.  About three episodes into filming they were like ‘oh by the way this is happening now and you are part of the ever growing family tree….’ and I was like thanks for telling me now.  But yeah it was kind of weird to wrap my head around.  We got used to it.  But Robert Carlyle is good to be around and he is a professional while we’re working so that made it very easy.”
  • Question to the Group:  Favorite scene:  
    • Sinqua: the first one for his character.  The entire first episode with Snow and Charming in 2.03.
    • Robbie: the end of 3.01 when Pan reveals himself to Henry.
    • Eion: showing up into town on the motorcycle in 1.09.
  • A general conversation about the difference between acting in film and tv where you know the entire arc of a character versus being cast and you may not even know who you are playing.
  • Sinqua:  About his casting:  “When I went into do it I read for a totally different character.  I said I think you made a mistake.  No you read for the right character they just never told you the name.  It was very covert.”
  • Lee Arenberg: Now a days they’ll just give you a scene from something to see what you do that isn’t what you are going to play.
  • Sinqua:  “Or they’ll give you a scene from something that doesn’t even exist.  They’ll give you something that says like… Rescue Rangers… I don’t know how I’m going to play this but I’ll be the best chipmunk I can be.”  Eion: “Did you say chipmunk?”  Lee:  “I think he said Rescue Rangers.”
  • Question to the Group:  If you could put one episode of Once Upon a Time and put it in a time capsule what would it be:  
    • Robbie:  The pilot.
    • Eion:  “I’ll say, when Mars is colonized, you take the box set and send it out on the discovery mission to Mars and it gets planted in that red dirt…  When earth is no longer… plants have risen and taken over Manhattan… a new form of dinosaur is roaming the planet… over on Mars some Mars-o-naunt is going to be like terraforming some hydroponic tomatoes or something there is going to be Once Upon a Time the entire series and people are going to be like that’s what it was like there and they’re going to think earth was like Once Upon a Time!”
    • Sinqua:  “I can not… I can not… he goes to Mars-o-nauts …”
    • Lee:  “You are going to play a Mars-o-naut as a chipmunk…”
    • Sinqua:  “I say chipmunk and everyone’s crazy but he goes Mars-o-naut and everything is cool?”
  • Question to the Group:  You all have pretty established fairy tale or legendary characters.  How did you go about makign the part your own?
    • Robbie:  Found it freeing to take a character who was generally considered nice and put an entirely new spin on it.
    • Lee:  Complimenting Robbie on the charm to his evil.  And on his acting chops.
    • Eion:  When he found out he was playing Pinocchio he had to think “what does Pinocchio want?  He wants to be a real boy.  So I could translate that to wanting to be authentic and true and the desire to be authentic and true and finding yourself not.  We all desire to be more something than we are because there is some aspect of our selves that we respect and appreciate to further and nurture.  And that one was something that I could understand too.  Like I sometimes catch myself being inauthentic at times when meeting someone and afterwords I think ‘fuck why was I not more real?  My true self?  Why was I politicking… or presenting an idea that is not truly myself?’  Once I find as an actor that core element is very much like the character and the characters aspirations than it’s a simpler process.”
    • Lee:  “Did you know you were Pinocchio early on?”
    • Eion:  “No.”
    • Lee:  “That was a great mystery on the show even those of us working on the show.”
    • Eion:  “I was reading a scene where I was in the diner talking to Emma telling her a story about having been on these travels in Nepal and in Nepal there is ruins of a monastery and around the monastery there were jumping these lemurs.  And I knew lemurs don’t live in Nepal they live in Madagascar.  So I wrote to Adam and Eddy.. like could they really have not known that?  And I wrote the two writers and said ‘you probably know this but lemurs don’t live in Nepal just thought I’d let you know.’  And they wrote back ‘no, you are not being truthful.’  And there I knew.” [Editor’s note:  He’s told this story several times before and he is mismembering, it’s Ruby and it’s the scene at the beginning of 1.15]
    • Sinqua:  “I had the biggest cheat sheet.”  Because there were so many people who have played Lancelot he could look at all of these performances.
  • Question for Robbie:  How did you like playing a villain, isn’t it a twist on Peter Pan?  “I loved it!  I can’t say that enough.  I had such a good time shooting Once.  Such a good time playing it.  You know it’s cool getting to be the hero and being the good guy but being able to walk on set every day and act along side people who just looked like they wanted to kill you all the time.  That was an element of satisfaction in that.  Having said that it was nice having a respite in the episode when I switch rolls with Henry and actually got to play a role where people didn’t look they wanted to kill me.  That was nice too.  The cast were all wonderful and I had such a good time shooting the show.”
  • Question for Robbie:  What would have happened if Pan, Felix and Henry united in the underworld?  “That’s a good question  Where was Felix?  Why wasn’t he with me?  The fucker.”  He said it would have been interesting and to expand what was happening between when Pan died and when we meet him running the Underbrooke pawn shop.
  • Question for the Group:  Favorite costume:  
    • Sinqua:  “I was fortunate that the armor was not as uncomfortable as it looked.  They found a good little compromise for how to make this metal, chain metal, plastic concoction not completely feel like I was dressed uncomfortably all the time.  I could go to the bathroom really easily.  I was amazed how quickly I could take the belt off go to the bathroom and put it back on. […] I really loved all of my costumes.”
    • Eion:  “It’s always funny to go into that costume shop because there is Eduardo who comes out in a cape or something and all these people are bent over these tables sewing machines and they look up like… like some sort of sweet shop.”
    • Robbie:  “Like he comes out of a warden’s office… ‘BACK TO WORK YOU… how are you?’  And you are like ‘Are you okay?  You get paid right?’
    • Robbie:  One of his favorite costumes was the pied piper costume from 3.04 because it was different from the green Pan costume.
    • Eion:  “All I ever wore was a black leather jacket.”  At some point Bailey bought a black leather jacket because he doesn’t want to look like August in the world.
    • Robbie:  “I have the same issue with my costume when I wear it out in the world.”
  • Question for Robbie:  Who in the acting business did you piss off that you keep dying?  “I’ll give you a list.”
    • Eion:  “That’s an amazing question.  Very bold.”
    • Robbie:  “I came back before maybe I’ll come back again.”
    • Lee:  “I actually think it’s the opposite.  Instead of pissing someone off it means they’re really investing in your death it means you are really radical.”  That deaths are great moments we remember.  “Like Sean’s death on our show.”
    • Audience:  “TOO SOON!”
  • Question for the Group:  Eion speaks a made up langauge he talks to his son.  Robbie speaks some french.  Sinqua just starts giggling and speaks really bad Spanglish.  
  • Question for the Group:  Who would you want to be on the show.
    • Robbie: Rumplestiltskin.
    • Sinqua: Rumplestiltskin.
    • Both praise Robert Carlyle.
    • Eion:  “Back to language for just a moment….”  Eion tells people to try and make an effort to learn a little of a language when traveling.
  • Question for the Group:  Favorite fairy tales:
    • Robbie:  My own.
    • Eion:  “Ditto”
    • Sinqua:  “My favorite fair tale has always been Beauty and the Beast.”
  • Question for Eion:  How did you film the nose torture scene from 4.15?  “It’s done after the fact.  There is nothing practical there… well what they did do is they made a wooden nose in three different lengths so I could see what they were going to do….”  and to set up focal lengths.  “It’s just straight up acting like my nose is growing and it’s painful…”
  • Question for Robbie:  Were you nervous to play Peter Pan?  “It’s a little daunting to go into a role that is so iconic.  Better not mess this up.”
  • Question for the Group (which only Robbie answered):  Most memorable moment:
    • Robbie:  “Trying to go to the loo.  There were plenty of wonderful moments for me.  Being able to work with a fantastic ensemble cast.”  Always laughing.  The crew and the cast.  “They are very Canadian in their political correctness.”
  • Question for the Group:  Favorite person to work with:
    • Sinqua:  Everyone he worked with on the show.  “I can honestly say that Once Upon a Time goes down as my favorite filming experience.  The producer are great, the cast is phenomenal, shooting in the city of Vancouver is amazing.  Every aspect of it …  I didn’t have a favorite because I loved every aspect of the process.”
    • Eion:  After season 1 started airing seeing the 150 or more fans who came from all over the world filming and it turned it into doing live theater.
  • At this point Sinqua discovered his baggage claim ticket stuck to his jacket.  There were a lot of jokes about how he traveled in the luggage compartment.
    • Sinqua had a traumatic experience going through TSA because he had been doing push ups in grass the day before at a bbq and the fertilizer set off the TSA bomb detection equipment.
    • Eion:  “Word to the wise about TSA.  And someone is going to be glad I said this.  I went though security just recently and there was something found like a bottle of water and I was like yeah get rid of that and then they swabbed it and they said you are going to have to go further checking.  And after they finished with my back I asked what the red flag was and they said the ‘a substance, a residue of something came up in your bag.’  And I was like what are you talking about?  And then I realized oh I keep herb in here in this bag.  And there it was the tiniest little crystals of green I realized I better not…  they patted me down my angles my arm pits my everything.  And I realized right there that either I need to get a whole new set of bags or not travel with these.  If there are any stoners in the room…”
    • At this point Robbie Key looked like he wanted to find somewhere else to be…
  • Question for Eion:  Where has August been?  “He left Storybrooke and moved to Japan.  But he has a special place in his heart for Storybrooke, you never know he might go back at some point.  But it’s another realm he crossed that barrier.  He crossed the town line… but if the town folks asked him to come back he might just come back…”
  • Question for Eion:  Who would you be shipped with?  “I don’t know if you know this but I was always working a little side angle, it was never in the writing, giving a kind of wink to Granny.  You know August likes those older ladies.  There is so much wisdom in an older woman.”  Audience suggests Old Leather as a ship name.
  • At this point Eion asks the audience to explain shipping.  The audience goes crazy.  
    • Robbie:  “Don’t ask don’t ask don’t ask…  Didn’t you hear the way they responded to that word?”  Robbie looks at the audience “Ship” *makes an arms in the air motion* *audience screams* “It’s like if you just mention Lana Parrilla out of the blue.”  *audience screams even louder*
    • Eion:  “So there are certain key words that just evoke pandemonium.”
    • Audience shouts a bunch including ship names.
    • Robbie:  “See what you’ve done?”
    • Eion:  “Swan Queen there is another.”  
    • Audience cheers, other ship names are shouted.
    • Eion:  “Old leather is the best.  I kind of have a crush on Beverly Elliott.  Is she here?”
  • Question for the Group:  If you could be on another show who would you want to play:
    • Robbie:  “I’d love to play someone like Jon Snow.  I love that show.  It’s one of my favorite shows on tv right now.  I just need to grow my hair out a little bit.”
    • Eion:  Confused Highlander and Outlander.  Mostly apparently wants to wear a kilt and fight the English.
    • Sinqua:  “Cast me on Shameless.”


Queen Bebe Zahara Benet can turn it OUT! We’re watching every episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race EVER! Season 1 starts tonight at 7/6c

Here’s the T on when each season starts during Runway to 100 (times in EST):
S1: Tonight at 7p
S2: Friday, March 4 at 3:40a
S3: Friday, March 4 at 3:10p
S4: Saturday, March 5 at 7:20a
All-Stars: Saturday, March 5 at 9:10p
S5: Sunday, March 6 at 2:50a
S6: Sunday, March 6 at 4:45p
S7: Monday, March 7 at 7a

The 100th episode and the premiere of S8 is Monday, 3/7 at 9p!

Game of Thrones Prediction
  • HBO: We HAVE to cut some storylines, and simplify them, and then combine some storylines! In order to make it easier to the watchers!
  • Watchers: So what the hell is happening?

Good things about every season of RPDR:

Season 1: It was the start of an era

Season 2: Fierce and talented queens

Season 3: Rigorous competition and challenges, with immensely creative, hardworking, and talented queens

Season 4: Willam Belli, Chad Michaels, Latrice Mothafuckin Royale, and Sharon Needles


Season 6: Fierce top 3, super talented bunch, season of the catchphrases

Season 7: …Katya?

I am screaming, shitting, shrieking, crying: the Official Degrassi Youtube is going to be uploading every single season on YouTube and has just started with Season 1! Bitch!
Half a year you say?!

More like… Two season’s worth of watching.

Think about it.

I’ve counted, and there’s 27 weeks until the next presumed season (January 6) from today (June 26).

So if we just start watching rtte season 1 and 2 one episode every Saturday, starting July 2, we will swiftly roll towards season 4 without knowing xD we will have one week left before realease, where we can binge the 3rd season and freak out about the clips released for season 4 xD

At least I’m going to do that to keep me sanity at bay xD