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I am sorry but this is the best moment in the entire show and no-one can tell me otherwise.


turtle is the cutest one, probably.

It’s god damn gorgeous...

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So I finished Chapter 3 of Tales from the Borderlands, and I just gotta say, that was just the greatest amount of overall fan service I have ever seen a game do for its fans.  I read a lot of people hating the Rhys/Sasha romantic scenes but I gotta say ( as someone who doesnt ship them at all) I don’t think they were bad or forced.  

HOLD UP-!  Don’t scroll away cupcake- keep reading. 

Earlier in the first chapter Rhys spends more moments opening up to Sasha than Fiona and telltale expanded on that. Not to mention, every romantic dialog choice had a response to opt out of from getting too touchy feeley if the player didn’t want to create that mood. They didn’t have to do that at all, and I’m majorly appreciative that they did. 

Also, just about every ship you could want to pair Rhys with got a god damn purple to orange rarity moment of Holy fuckin SHIP-!  that I’ve ever seen.

That amazingly cute bromo moment between Rhys and Vaughn was heart melltingly adorable. SO personal. So much real talk. Such a tender share that they didn’t even give us the option to make Rhys say he DID go into the club without him. Bro. Bro Bro BROH. Hug me.

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Sasha got a full blown romance scene and option, which seems like a lot in comparison to what, say Fiona or Vaughn got, but hey, they gave us a turn down option and there’s still two more chapters to go. Who knows what they could give us next. [And those moments were beautiful. Straight up Avatar romance. Wow. It was so sweet. Rhysie you romantic bae you] 

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Jack-apedia: [Not to mention, even if you didn’t like how “forced” it may have seemed, the rejection options were “let her fall to her doom” and “dont give her a flower and let her get stung by jelly fish things”. More than satisfying rejections I think.  Jack also totally disrespects her entirely later, cock blocking Rhys pretty good down the line. I think both options were very gratifying.] Also lookit that lovey dovey face. NNNN talk about Rhysie expressionism gold. Pickin flowers. Cute lil shit. ] Plus-! The option statistics at the end even say: “Do you get romantic with Sasha or does she not blow your hair back?” Meaning they are letting YOU decide. I don’t see the game forcing it on us at all. Just giving players the option. Hey- go nuts kiddos. 

Jack….ooo we got fucking spoiled by Jack. All the cute behavior and bonding towards Rhys, the multiple compliments to Rhys’s HAIR, hotness and generally reminding Jack of himself….nnnn. 

Not to mention Jack’s rating Vaughn a 7/10 and being obsessed with his abs was hilariously amazing. Also, Jack trying to cock block Rhys in each summary of the two girls Rhys seemed romantically compatible with was killer.  Oh….and the full blown visage of Handsome, fucking, Jack….stripper dancing in our Echo eye for only Rhys to see. God. Damn. Dude. Man I could go on too, I really, really could. 

Uh…anyways. I just wanted to say all that. I see a lot of pairing hate, even inside the tag I ship the most (Rhack for life baby) and I don’t think its necessary or even true.  I think everyone got something amazing out of this chapter and I’m even more in love with Borderlands and Telltale than I was before for giving everyone something to fan over. I’m very impressed. They didn’t need to do any of that, and they did.  I also don’t care who you ship Rhys with. It’s okay to have different opinions or feelings, and it’s very mature to respect that even if you don’t agree. This game leaves everything open to personal interpretation. That’s what makes it so god damn great. Choice. 

Oh and reminder: 

Even fuckin ZER0 got a moment of Rhys love. ZER0. Everybody gets everything. I’m blown out and how well they made every pairing open season. (not in this chapter but ya know….still. damn) 

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Just love each other and love borderlands/telltale. C’mon. What would Gortys say about all that hate? Don’t chu’ make the cutest robot ever upset. 

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