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What???? Did first-fusion Flash have a sick undercut????

ayup he did very much have a mohawk/undercut!
you can’t go straight to a pompadour, u gotta earn it lmao.

both his hair and his pauldrons have gained power since that fateful day;

This shot alone makes me so emotional. Any one else? Such a good season of Starmyu though! I loved the addition of the Ancients They definitely filled the void of not seeing the Kao council as much. Which I personally didn’t mind. Overall season two in my opinion was better than season one. But that’s just my opinion. Thank you Starmyu for such a great roller coaster of an emotional season!!! 

I found a digital drawing I did exactly a year ago, back when I didn’t have a graphic tablet and drew on my iPad mini, and I feel simultaneously flabbergasted by how BAD it is and kinda proud of how far I’ve come…

Hey, reblog/like if anyone out there has watched a boot but is still dying to see the show live, it just doesn’t work out financially, geographically, or timewise (it’s already off Broadway/tour). I’m trying to make a fucking point.


Giveaway prize for the lovely @victorialee-93, who requested aged-up Yurabek (Otayuri? Otario? This ship has so many names…) in a pose from this video, with character designs based on adult!ice illustrations by @istehlurvz.