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Hey Wiishu! I really love your channel and I'm so happy that there's an upload schedule now, so that I'll be ready every Saturday. I love how you always come up with something new to show us or to bring to us. I love the vibes the channel is giving out and I think your art is so amazing. Your last video (Artist FAQ) was extremely helpful, as I'm a struggling digital artist. I can't wait to see more of what you put out on Youtube and what's in store for the future! <3

Thank you so much, that’s incredibly nice of you to say!
I do hope I can continue making videos like this because I am really enjoying it!
Just something that i can have fun with along with you guys, without it being too serious has been really awesome!
I might not be a pro at it but it’s a learning experience, a hard one at that! And I’m more than happy to be challenging myself like this and sharing some of the journey with you!
Hopefully you’ll enjoy it haha :D

living with namjoon

- where is the space to move like 75% of the house is books and the other 25% is furniture 

- him doing cringe worthy aegyo to the point where you do all of the house just so he would stop making your eye balls melt from the horrid-ness

- crying yourself to sleep at night because he has so many Ryan bear dolls that you have no room to sleep and you end up throwing five at him when he tries to cuddle the dolls in between the both of you

- singing all the time because he has a habit of always screaming lyrics to a random song at like 10 pm and the both of you are horribly harmonizing together 

- him always talking to you about the things that are on his mind;; even all those deep dark theories that he comes up with;; and u taking the time to listen to him explain all of them 

- every saturday is cuddle night on the couch with one of his trillion books and listening to his deep voice read to you until you fall asleep

Do you remember what it was like when you first saw the app on you phone? I do. It was magical! That entire night was magical! Though part of it was fed by listening to “We’re a Miracle,” by Xtina.

For the past five months, as I’ve played the game, I written down my “adventure” along with a list of rules to play by. And with the election over I’ve decided to turn my pain into art (thank you Carrier Fisher) and have decided to make a comic of my story.
I will be updating every Thursday and Saturday.
Hope you all enjoy!

Kaeri’s Otayuri Fic Rec List #2

Due to a lot of people requesting for more Otayuri fic recs from me, I have decided to make these rec lists a weekly thing! I’ll probably post one every Saturday with ten fics (maybe more, maybe less, it depends) included. 


They are ALL so good and wonderful, and I feel so blessed that there are so many wonderful writers in this fandom. My rec list is just a compilation of my personal favorites for people who don’t have time to go through the tag regularly! 

I hope you guys enjoy (I know I sure did hohoh…)! <3

Back and Forth (oneshot, sfw) by kiyala (don’t think they have a tumblr) 

THIS FIC KILLED ME. IT JUST UTTERLY WRECKED ME. GOD. There will be one scene in this fic (and you’ll know which one when you get there trust me…) where you will just be UNABLE TO CONTAIN YOUR SHRIEKS OF LAUGHTER AND AMUSEMENT… Be ready for your heart to melt into a puddle of warm, squishy goo. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

what hoodies are made of (oneshot, sfw) by @thepoetsarejust

I already recced this fic on tumblr but I shall rec it again. I am also in the process of drawing fanart for this fic. That’s all I have to say. (No, really, GO AND READ THIS AND DIE FROM THE SHEER HOTNESS AND UST OF IT OKAY, YOU WILL HAVE NO REGRETS I PROMISE).

Stupid Ideas (oneshot, sfw) by JeSuisLePomme (don’t know their tumblr either rip)


In Your Hands, Your Thoughts (oneshot, sfw) by @nooowestayandgetcaught​ (hello Rie! <3)


Resolution (oneshot, sfw) by kiyala

Another masterpiece by kiyala… I’m crying over how fucking ROMANTIC THIS IS. THIS IS MARRIED COUPLE SHIT RIGHT HERE OH MY GOD. I’M DEAD.

A Beginner’s Guide To the Dangers of Making Out with Your Fellow Athletes at Parties (oneshot, sfw) by @ineptshieldmaid

THIS FIC IS A+++ GOLD. I literally could not stop screeching the entire time I read this fic GOD THIS WRITER HAS THE WITTIEST VOICE EVER. I LOVE IT. I love this fic.

play to the fullest (oneshot, sfw) by @rovmustang

Another fic from one of my favorite writers I’m crying??? I love how subtle yet powerful their writing is… Every sentence is one part of an intricate puzzle. Anywho, THERE’S MEDAL KISSING IN THIS FIC…!!! SO GO READ IT!

On Love: Agape (oneshot, sfw) by Kima (don’t know their tumblr ahhhhh)


Sonata in A Major (oneshot, sfw) by @the-teacupshatters

I’m not gonna lie… this fic completely SHATTERED ME. The feels are fucking REAL guys. The writing is also GORGEOUS AND MESMERIZING and just… AHHHHH. I have no words. THE FEELS THO. GROSS SOBS.

Family Ties (oneshot, sfw) by @scripturamortem

This is really, really cute…!!! And freaking HILARIOUS haha it definitely brightened up my day!

Please go and kudos all of these lovely fics! Also, please, PLEASE comment if you can; all these writers deserve so much love, support and praise for their hard work.

A huge thank you to all the writers on this list (and all fanfic writers in general) for sharing their beautiful creations with us! I love and appreciate you guys so much <3

It was a little league football game, it didn't have to end like this.

When I was in 10th grade I got into refereeing football for a little league in town. I got hired by a random booster club mom and she tells me they pay us in cash out of the snack cart money(fancy part of town selling voss and shit) but hey no problem I was 16 getting $120 cash every Saturday sounds nice. So the owner of the league (we’ll call him D from here) was a generally nice guy and had a son on a team. D was the guy living all of his failed childhood through his 9 year old kid. The season was going great except when I had to ref. his games. He would get mad at any call involving his son no matter what happened. If his kid was on the line and went off sides we were expected not to call it, well I like to make things as fair as possible for kids so I would always call it. This would set him off and he would come running from the sidelines yelling at me. I tried to talk to him multiple times but his reply was always the same, “It’s my league so it’s my rules” so I moved on and just kept doing me. The season was winding down and his kids team happened to make it into the championship game.The head coaches get to choose 1 referee each, D chose Doug (Doug’s cool, I like Doug) and the other coach chose me. D calls me mid week telling me there was going to be a NFL rep. there to do the coin toss and evaluating the league for a sponsorship. Annoyed with his mid game disruptions I decided to have some petty revenge and try to piss off D in front of the rep. On the day of the game I show up and act just like always, got everything set up then called out the captains. Out comes D with his son and the other coach and his captain. We get everything started and at 1st I let the little things go. I feel giddy but I know I have to let kid win a bit so he really feels the burn. The score was tied with 4 minutes left when I saw an opportunity to strike. It was 4th down on their own 15, Ds son was at quarterback and instead of taking the snap from center he said “hike” and picked up the ball. Normally I would let this go, but it was Ds kid so I tossed my flag. Expecting a 5-10 yard run you could imagine I was a bit surprised when he took it all the way for an 85 yard TD. Everyone on there sidelines going crazy, including D, when the other coach starts yelling “hold up, flag theres a flag.” I call a meeting in the middle of the field and explain what happened. D wasn’t having it he was staying surprisingly calm and he said I could either declare it a TD or take off my uniform, so fuck it I quit. I’m waiting for the booster lady to pay me when she gets a call and says “D told me not to pay you.” I waited till D was available and had it out with him when he makes it clear that I was paid under the table and that I could basically go get fucked. Time for some serious fucking revenge. I talk to that NFL rep on the way out and tell him what’s going on and he seemed a little pissed off. Then I went ahead and gave a call to the IRS and gave them all the information I had. I forgot about it for a few weeks. Then, I got a call from Doug asking if I was the one that called him in and he explained that D had 6 other businesses that had a lot of under table dealings. He ends the call by saying. “That was pretty fucked up. It was just a little league football game, it didn’t have to end like this.” D had a multi-million dollar house, 2 nice cars, and a loving family and $120 screwed him out of it all.

Fuckin’ Moron

Alright so Enzo fic. Here we go friends. Uh. I usually write the warnings and stuff after I write the story bc… That way I have more details??? I dunno. Thought I’d try something new. Annnnnd it is not working out for me very well so. I will. Try again. After. I write. Some porn. 

Hey so I’m back. After writing this. It’s hecka cute. Got into it. Love Enzo so much, honestly, he needs more love so. WORD. I love this so much. LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I’m taggin’ @janayawashington bc. She requested this. SO YES. Ha. HAHA. Tagging my boo boo, my love, @fuckyeahbulletclub bc I was messaging her while writing this SO YAY MY BOO BOO. And tagging @hardcorewwetrash bc HAVE THIS EARLY THIRST PARTY SATURDAY PRESENT, ILOVEYOUWIFEY. 

Warnings: Sex. Cussing. Sex. JEALOUSY. Uh. Yeah. Yeah. It’s not too too bad, but like. I mean. It’s still NSFW. So. Yes. 


You laughed brightly, running as fast as you could away from the trio. Well, one specific person in said trio. You turned your head, seeing him running after you. You had honestly forgotten sometimes that he actually played football. So not only was he faster than you. He was probably very good at tackling as well.

The second his arms wrapped around you, the running paused as he lifted you in a tight, spinny hug. You giggled loudly, allowing yourself to be spun around. After a few seconds, he set you down, bending his head down a bit, smiling up at you as you placed his hat back on his head.

Carmella and Cass quickly caught up with the two of you, Enzo never taking his arm from around your waist. You smiled up at him, not in a huge rush to move away from his warmth.

“How you doin’?” He spoke, another bit of laughter passing through you. You repeated the same thing back to him, smiling as he raised an eyebrow at you. “Doing just fine now sweet cheeks.” He placed a loud kiss on your cheek, making an obnoxious smacking sound. You pushed him off, laughing as you wiped at your cheek with your sleeve.

“Aww,” Carmella hooked her arm around Cass’ lovingly, staring up at him. “Look how cute they are together.” She winked playfully at you, earning a small glare back. You quickly mouthed ‘shut up,’ to your best friend, and female tag team partner.

“Yeah, she’s a real good buddy,” he spoke, looking down at you. You smiled back up at him, your heart dropping with sadness. Of course he just saw you as a friend. You moved your body away from his, his eyebrows furrowing as you did.

“S-sorry, I gotta run, I have a match in a few,” Lie. They knew it was a lie. Of course they did. Not only had you known all of their match schedules, they had known yours. Carmella looked at you apologetically, to which you nodded off, mouthing a small ‘it’s okay,’ her direction. You turned your back, your steps quickening as you walked down the dimmed hallway. You heard Enzo let out a curse word, and a ‘what tha hell was that for?’ You could assume that Cass had knocked him upside the head. You could just picture the ‘What the hell is wrong wit ya?’ coming from the giant man.


You smiled happily, greeting your friends that sat at the booth. “There’s my girl,” Enzo commented, his arm going around your shoulders as you sat across from Cass and Carm. You greeted him kindly, his eyes crinkling a bit as he smiled back at you. You could see Carmella nudge Cass from the corner of your eye, but you ignored the couple.

“I got ya one of those white brownie things,” Enzo commented, knowing your addiction to the blondie brownies. “The stuff with the mapley shit on top, right?” you gave him a small nod, stealing a sip from his cup. Your face scrunched up as you stuck out your tongue, sliding the drink back to him.

“Oh my god, what is that?” You tried desperately to remove the taste from your lips. He laughed loudly beside you, drinking the rest of it quickly, his lips placed next to the small lipstick stain you had left behind on the glass.

“Knew ya were gonna try and drink all my shit before me,” he smirked at you, as you playfully stuck your tongue out at him. “Got somethin’ I knew ya wouldn’t like.” The waitress came back happily, setting the brownie down in front of you before throwing a wink Enzo’s way. You scoffed a bit as he smiled back at her, withdrawing his arm from around your shoulder.

“Can I get you another drink sweetie,” she giggled at Enzo, as he handed her the glass with a flirty ‘yes please.’ “I’ll get you another glass since yours has a stain on it now.” She scowled down at you, causing your mouth to open. This bitch was gonna catch these hands in a second. You cleared your throat as she scurried off, glaring down at the dessert set in front of you. You stabbed a fork into the dessert in front of you, angrily throwing it into your mouth, before stabbing another bite.

“Easy there killa,” Enzo’s eyes were wide, his spoon moving to steal a bite of the brownie he claimed to not like. “What did tha thing ever do ta ya?” You tried to scowl at him, you really did. But as soon as he wiggled his eyebrows at you, you let out a laugh. God, you had fallen deep. You began to make conversation with Carmella and Cass, ignoring the fake laugh coming from the waitress as she brought Enzo another drink, the checks coming with it. On Enzo’s check, you spotted a huge red heart drawn on the end, a sloppy ‘Call me,’ with the digits scribbled with it. He took your check from you, offering to pay it, causing you to grunt.

“I’ll pay for it myself,” You huffed, throwing a 10 dollar bill down, before excusing yourself from the booth. You didn’t even turn to say goodbye, jealousy and rage becoming the two emotions swirling around inside of you. You heard the three converse behind you.

“What I do?!” Enzo spoke, you could only assume his hands were thrown up in the air, confusion evident on his face. “Ya a fuckin’ moron, that’s what.” Cass spoke as Carmella scoffed in agreement. Your phone dinged as you got to your car. I’ll kill her for you, don’t worry. You let out a small laugh, texting her back quickly. Nah, don’t dirty your hands, she ain’t worth it. You meant that. She wasn’t worth it. You sighed, placing your head against the steering wheel, jumping away as the car let out a loud noise in response. You groaned audibly, rubbing carefully at your eyes before pulling the car out of the parking lot.

God damn were feelings exhausting.


You sprawled yourself on the hotel bed, counting the number of indents left in the ceiling. Could this night get any worse? Your eyes flickered over to your suitcase, remembering that you had a cute set of lingerie tucked away in case you ever got lucky whilst on the road. A very revealing lacy black thong with an equally as revealing bra, partnered with a thin leopard print teddy. Not only had the set looked ravishing on you, you exclusively picked it out to match Enzo. You walked over to the bag cautiously, before grabbing the set and journeying to the bathroom.

You stood in front of the mirror, before pulling your hair out of the messy bun you had tossed it into. You had to admit, you looked good. Too damn good to wait to use it on some guy who only saw you as a friend. You snuck in a few selfies, before opening a new message to said “friend.” Adding 2 of your favorites to the message, you sat on your bed, not taking off the little bit of clothes you had on.

I’ve dreamed of your hands on my breasts, your cock buried deep inside me. The way your lips would feel against mine, the way your tongue would feel. God, the things you do to me. Every night after watching your matches, I come back to my room imagining my fingers are yours as I pleasure myself. I bet you I’m a lot better fuck than that skank at the restaurant. What I would give to have you here, to have you ravish me…

To have you just say you love me back.. I’m an idiot. Why am I even typing this. I’m going to find someone else to see me in this, someone else to peel this off my body and fuck me the way I’ve been craving. I’m going to find someone else because these feelings are one-sided, and you’ll never see me as anything more than a friend. God, I wish you did. This is stupid.

You went to hold down the backspace button, changing your mind to instead send a quick goodnight his way, assuming he was with whatever her name was. Your fingers slipped, pressing the send button. Your eyes went wide, frantically searching for the cancel button, the delete button, whatever the stupid thing was. Your phone dinged at you, signaling the message had been sent. 

Oh. That’s how your night could get worse.

Oh shit. Oh shit. You stood from your place on the bed, frantically searching through your contacts, searching for your best friend. You listened to the phone ring 3 times, before it clicked.

You okay? Were you okay? No, no you were not.

“I-I just did something bad.” You spoke, tears threatening to spill from your eyes.

What? What happened? You go back and kick that bitch’s ass? Shoulda seen tha look on her face when Enzo left without sayin’ a word to her.

“I sent Enzo a picture and it’s in lingerie and I also sent him a very long message not only confessing my love to him, but also telling him the details of what I want him to do to me.” You rambled quickly, pacing back and forth in your room, tugging on the bottom of the teddy.

Holy shit. You did what? Was it, like how in detail was it?

“Very,” you groaned. “Tell me how to fix it, what do I do?” A knock interrupted your thoughts, causing you to let out a squeak and drop to the floor.

What was that? Did you just fall? She chuckled into the phone, your voice becoming a whisper.

“He’s here, Mel, shit, he’s here.” You whispered, before speaking up to the guest at the door. “Uh, me no speak ze english, please go away.” You heard another round of laughter from the phone, as you quickly shushed her.

“I know ya in there, open the door.” You groaned loudly, standing up slowly, making your way to the door.

“I gotta go,” you whispered into the phone.

Wait, no don’t hang up, I wanna know what happens don’t you da-

You clicked the phone off, taking a deep breath in before cracking the door a bit, poking your head out.

“Need something Zo?” You spoke, your voice cracking a bit as you tried your hardest to act casual. His face became stoic as he held his phone up, moving it around a bit in the air. You groaned, shutting the door, wrapping a blanket around yourself quickly, before unlocking the door and pulling it open slowly. You moved back to your spot on the bed as he sat in one of the stiff, ugly orange hotel chairs. You held your head in your hands as you waited for him to say something, anything.

“You meant that?” He spoke, his voice quieter than usual. You nodded against your head, feeling his eyes piercing into you. Your phone vibrated next to you, knowing it was Carmella, you ignored it. The silence was dreadful. You raised your head slowly, looking at his face, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“Listen, we can just pretend like it never even happene-” He cut you off, his gaze digging into yours.

“I’m not going to pretend like it never happened.” His voice was rough, deep. You bit your bottom lip gently, nodding down at the ground, tears threatening to fall from your eyes.

“O-okay. I’m sorry, I didn’t want our relationship to change, I didn’t mean to send it.” You played with your fingers, trying to find some way to distract yourself from the way your heart was breaking. He stood from his seat, you listened to his feet moving against the floor, refusing to even look at him.

“Too late, it’s changed,” Your heart stopped as he said that. You fucked up, god how could you do this to yourself. To him? To Carmella and Cass? The grip you had on the blanket tightened, your breath hitching. You nodded, knowing the second you spoke, the dam inside you was going to crack.

“I love ya,” he spoke, your head immediately snapping up to look at him, your eyes growing wide as a tear fell from one.

“W-what?” You watched as he came closer, his hands taking hold of your chin as he forced you to look him in the eyes.

I love ya.” His lips latched onto yours, pulling you into a breathtaking kiss. You released your hold on the blanket, your arms immediately wrapping around his neck to pull him closer. He pulled his lips away from yours, using this time to catch your breath. He groaned as he looked down at you, one hand dropping down to grip your thigh. “Ya know how many times I’ve had to stop myself from kissin’ ya? How many times I’ve gone back to my room, nothin’ but this exact moment in my head. Better than any image I put togetha in my head,” you whimpered as his hand began to dance up your thigh, rubbing your clit through the small thong. “I’ve thought about this too many times to count doll. The sound of your moans, the way your lips felt, this pussy wrapped around my cock,” he groaned as you started placing kisses against his throat. “Coulda had ya all this time. Fuckin’ moron.” You tugged the bottom of his shirt, which he immediately tugged off, another groan leaving his lips as you began to palm him through his pants.

“Ya little tease.” He grunted as you pulled his pants completely off, before shaking them off the rest of the way. You made yourself comfortable on the bed, making a ‘come hither,’ motion with your fingers as you rested upon the pillows. He cursed out before climbing up, one hand holding up his body weight as he hovered over you, while the other gently caressed your face.

You moaned quietly as he tug on your bottom lip, before releasing and dipping his head to place small hickies on your neck. Your eyes screwed shut, your head leaning against the pillows. They shot open when you heard something tear, looking down to see your teddy ripped in half. Your mouth hung agape as he ignored you, his kisses and bites being placed on your breasts.

You went to speak, you had been saving this stupid thing for a long time, and not to have it ripped in half. “I’ll buy you a new one,” he mumbled, pulling the small bra you had on further down, biting and kisses the rest of the way down. You groaned loudly, your fingers tangling in Enzo’s hair, pulling it out of the usual ponytail it was in, your fingers running through it. You moved your hands down, pulling on the small bow on the front of your bra.

“That’s all you had to do,” you mumbled, as he stared awe struck. His hands massaged your breasts as his lips drifted back up to yours, mumbling, ‘you’re a freakin’ goddess,’ against them as his kisses became more passionate, his tongue snaking into your mouth, dominating you. You moaned against his lips as one hand traced it’s way down into your panties, rubbing circles into your dripping core.

You pushed your hips into his fingers, his eyes burning into yours as he watched your face contort into one of pleasure. He groaned, sitting up and pulling your panties down, before shoving his own boxers down.

You grinned wildly, moving to sit up, before pushing his back against the headboard. He quickly sat into a sitting position before you hovered your core over his hardened cock. You slowly rested your body down, biting your lip slightly. He wasn’t your first, but shit, it had been a while. He held tightly to your hips, rubbing gentle circles there, his gentle kisses to your throat being mixed with the word relax. His dick filled you, stretching your walls. You let out a whimper as your movements paused, completely sheathed inside you. His kisses moved to your lips, his eyes boring into yours as he mouthed ‘are you okay?’ You nodded, moving your hips as a sort of test run. He groaned, his head burying into the crook of your neck. Your hips moved faster against his, pleasure filling every nerve of your body. He moved one hand from your hips, moving his fingers to rub circles into your clit.

“Enzo, shit!”  You moaned, his hips thrusting up into yours as you started to slow a bit. He flipped you quickly, burying his hips into you with deep, rough thrusts. You hands gripped on his biceps, your head falling back into the pillows. A pleasure begun to build itself up, bubble of pleasure. You moved your hips, trying to match his thrusts. He let out a small chuckle, his lips finding your collarbone. His thrusts became erratic, his kisses becoming sloppier. You chanted his name as the bubble that had been building up finally burst.

He groaned as he bottomed out, his cum filling you with warmth. You pulled his face from it’s place on your chest, placing a deep kiss to his lips as you finished milking him. As he pulled out, a spastic knocking filled the room. He groaned audibly, placing a deep kiss under your chin, before tugging his boxers on, making his way to the door.

“I’m comin’, hold ya horses,” you pulled the covers up over your chest as you stared at the door. The second the door was opened, in flew Carmella, Cass trailing behind her. She squealed happily, finding a place on the bed beside you, and pulling you in for a hug. You laughed awkwardly, not because you were butt naked and hugging Carmella, but because your thighs were still stick with Enzo’s cum. You looked over to wear Enzo and Cass were standing, mouthing a small, ‘help me,’ as Carmella’s hug grew tighter. You watched as Cass and Enzo hugged a bit, Cass being used to seeing a butt naked Enzo running around.

“Mel, come on,” Cass spoke, his voice laced with nothing but love. She leaned back, smiling down at you before gasping, looking at Enzo.

“Did you really have to mark her up like that?!” She screeched a bit, standing up to smack Enzo upside the head. You groaned, your head falling against the pillows. You didn’t even want to know how many he had left on you, trying to recollect every kiss he had placed against your skin. “Alright, alright we’re leaving. Details over breakfast tomorrow?” You nodded to her, laughing, throwing her a loud ‘I love you,’ as the door slammed behind the couple. You looked towards Enzo, his face lighting up with an almost amused smirk. You knew that smirk.

“Oh no, don’t you dare,” you growled, watching as his steps became slow, as he moved towards the bed. “Enzo, I swear to god, don’t-” he jumped onto the bed, pulling you under him as his fingers worked around your sides, tickling you. His lips began to place loud, obnoxious kisses to both sides of your face, your laughter filling the room. His fingers slowed, as his kisses did, finally finding their place to your lips.

“Say ya love me,” he spoke, his voice filled with the amusement from his earlier onslaught. “Come on, say it or I’ll do it again,” his hands rubbing up and down your sides. You let out a small giggle, placing a light kiss to his lips.

“I love yo-,” his kissed you again, pulling away quickly.

“Say it again,” you playfully glared at him, as you went to say it again, another playful kiss being placed to your lips before you could finish saying it. Laughter filled the air as it became a competition of trying to confess your love to him before his kisses could interrupt you.

“I gotta pee,” you whispered, finally sneaking out from under him to the bathroom. The second you entered the bathroom, the sight in the mirror showed your neck, chest, collarbone, hell, most of your body was covered in small bruises. “Enzo!” You groaned loudly, trying to put together how in the world you were going to cover all of these in the morning.

“Oops,” Yeah oops. Fuckin’ moron


Payley Center Event with Leslie Jones, Emma Stone, Jennifer Aniston, and the great Debette Goldry.

because SNL didn’t upload it fast enough

Dating Percival Graves includes:

finally got to write some Graves head canons, since they were requested so much! ~ *:・゚✧

warnings: NSFW

activities/small moments:

-Graves loves to invite you to dinner and he takes you out every Saturday. He doesn’t care how busy he is with work; Saturday is your day.

-He has a lot of well-educated and highly regarded friends, so you felt a bit anxious when Graves arranged a dinner party to meet them. But that feeling vanished in a matter of second because they were all so welcoming and only speak glowingly of you since day one.

-Graves is not to fond of PDA since he has to keep his imagine as the serious businessman up in public. However, when he sees another guy talking a tad bit too nice with you he knows how to show them that you are his.

-As much of a stern man he is from the outside, you know Graves fluffy side. He will excitedly talk about his favourite books and music with you, hours on end.

-Percival never lets a chance fly by without complementing you. ‘God, you look so good!’ and ‘You are the most gorgeous human being I’ve ever seen!’ are probably the most common sentences you hear from him. However, he doesn’t only complement you on your good looks. He can be really sweet and tells you how smart you are and how he doesn’t deserve you.

all thingy touchy:

-You would have never thought that Graves is such a cuddler when you two first started dating. He always wants to touch you in some sort of way. He even demands that you sit on his lap, whenever he has to do stuff for work.

-Like mentioned before, Graves doesn’t show a lot of public affection but he always puts his hand around your waist, whenever you two are out.

-You’ve literally never kissed him without it turning into a heated make out session and his favourite thing to do is biting your lips.

-LOTS AND LOTS OF SEX! ALL KINDS OF SEX! From casual to bondage, he doesn’t care! Your boyfriend loves to be in control so he always throws a bit spanking in there. If he’s in a good mood or if you behaved bratty that day, he doesn’t hesitate to get his ropes out.
However, he also loves to treat his little one right and let’s just say; he is the best at eating out!

-A lot of aftercare after rougher sessions! Lots of blankets, hot chocolate and butterfly kisses, of course!

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Thank you Jon.

@roysyesterdayjam Is magic, and let me tell you why.

Me and my mother had a falling out. I had been depressed and it got worse with every one of our fights. My dad was no help, either, only siding with whichever argument benefitted him.

One day, I decided to “rebel.” Instead of letting them binge watch another show on netflix, I snagged our ps3 remote and put on YouTube and ALL of on the spot.

By time we got to the new-er seasons of OTS with the new set, me and my mom were already in tears laughing, my dad was laughing, and it was just all around an amazing, happy, memorable moment.

To this day, every Saturday that On The Spot gets posted to youtube, we watch it together. We also got into other rooster teeth shows, like Ten (and soon to be 11) Little Roosters, Camp Camp (we have matching message tones for each other of Neil yelling “You shut your whore mouth Harrison) and Social Disorder, along with tons of the one-off shorts and Achievement Hunter shows like Play Pals, any Genital Jousting episode, even the GTA Heists!

But it all started, with Jon Motherfuckin’ Risinger.

So thank you Jon. Thank you for OTS. Thank you for being yourself. Thank you for existing.

My Story:

I don’t remember the first time I thought of myself as fat, but I’ve always struggled with my weight. I got my period in 6th grade, I was the first of my friends to get it. In jr. high I thought of myself as “chubby” because I was the only one with boobs and curves. In high school I showed too much cleavage as a way of combatting how insecure I was about my body. The summer between sophomore and junior year my mom invested in a nutritionist. We went together every Saturday. We’d sit down with the Dr. and talk about our eating habits and exercise. I truly truly thank my mom for investing in our health that summer because now I really know the difference between what’s good for my body and what isn’t. I lost about 20 pounds that summer. When the school year started a boy told me I was too skinny and had no ass so I abandoned all the hard work I had put into losing weight and gained it all back. After that it was a constant struggle. I was really active in high school, cheer, tennis, and swim, so going off to college and becoming inactive was terrible for me. I gained the “freshmen 15” and then some. Right after Christmas my freshmen year, I got mono and lost 20 pounds. I was so excited. Of course I gained it all back pretty quickly. Sophomore year I joined the Alpha Chi Omega sorority. The picture to the left was me at our Pizza Pie with Alpha Chi philanthropy. I was 190 pounds, my heaviest and I hated myself. My confidence was at an all time low. When I look at that picture I don’t even see myself, I see a fat slob. Over Christmas break my sophomore year of college I got engaged. Of course I made it my mission to lose weight before I got married, every girl wants to look her best on her wedding day. My now husband and I decided to get married a year and a half from when we got engaged so I had some time to really get healthy. Being the procrastinator I am, I floated between 180-185 for the next 16 months, but I gained an eating disorder. Binge eating is no joke. When there was food in front of me, I’d eat it. If I was bored, I’d eat anything and everything I could get my hands on. It was bad, my portion sizes were pretty much how ever much of that food I had within arms reach. I crept back up to 190 in May of 2016. That next month, June, I came home for the summer and began my weight loss sprint to the finish line. Our wedding date was set for Aug. 6th so I had about 6 weeks (give or take a couple days). I invested in a personal trainer (Sweatprettyco, look her up on Instagram, she’s amazing), cut out dairy, sugar, and all unnatural carbs. By unnatural carbs I mean I didn’t eat bread or pasta or crap, I still ate the carbs from fruit and veggies. I also went to see a Dr. and was prescribed 2 months of phentermine. Phentermine gave me a lot of energy and took away my hunger. At the beginning it was hard to eat at all. I’d work out in the morning (I’ve never been a breakfast person) go to work right after, get home at 4 or 5pm and realize I hadn’t had a single bite to eat all day. It wasn’t until 6 or 7pm that I’d start to get a headache from not eating all day. It only took about half a week for me to figure out how to fit small, healthy meals into my schedule. Once I figured out how to balance everything I started dropping weight fast. My stomach shrank so small portion sizes actually filled me up. I then realized that I had had an eating disorder. It actually took being proscribed a weight loss medication for me to figure out that I needed help. Just to clarify, phentermine isn’t a weight loss magical pill. It supported my weight loss, but I still had to put in the work to get where I wanted to be. I went out two separate times before my wedding (one being my bachelorette party) and ate and drank without holding back. I honestly had a great summer. My fiancé and I were apart most of the summer so I got to really focus on myself, my friendships, my family, planning my wedding, and just being me. I lost about 15 pounds that summer but gained back a couple pounds of muscle. I was 175 on my wedding day and I was more confident then I’ve ever been in my life. I truly felt beautiful and wanted. I came to terms with myself. The picture to the right was me at my bridal party, the weekend before my wedding. After the wedding, Adam and I went back to school to begin our senior year of college. It’s winter break now and I’ve kept off the weight. I’ve been seeing a personal trainer but my body hasn’t changed much because I’m not watching what I’m eating. I’m doing just enough to stay the same, still eating absolute crap. You see, living with a boy is hard. Adam is tall and muscular. He can eat whatever he wants and not gain a pound. He’s in the fire/paramedic academy so he’s very physical. He gets home at night and we go out to eat. Every night. It’s bad, really really bad. But I feel like I’m using all that as an excuse! I have no self control! I need to figure it out! I did so good this summer, I just need to get back into that frame of mind. I’m going to keep seeing my personal trainer next semester, but I’m also really going to focus on my eating. I’m student teaching from January 9th, 2017 to the beginning of May and I think since I’ll be on such a strict schedule with teaching and work, I can really plan out my meals and snacks for the day. If I can just stay ahead of the game and eat right, I will drop weight quickly. I know I will because I’ll be doing everything right! I’d really like to get a Facebook group together to motivate each other. A small group of girls from anywhere in the world, just motivating each other and keeping each other accountable. I want a group of girls that will actually be disappointed in me if I fall off the wagon. If this sounds good to you send me a message. I’m kind of reaching out to the fitblr/fitspo/fitfam community. I need you guys. If my story sounds familiar or motivates you, maybe motivates is the wrong word… If my story does anything for you, let me know! I’ve honestly never written it out before like this, so it might sound choppy or confusing, but it’s real, it’s me and I need all the help I can get this semester. So let’s do this together, starting January 1st, new year new me right? Let’s start 2017 off with the right eating habits, working out 4-5 times a week, and being the best versions of ourselves. Sound like a plan?