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Some of you might have noticed something kind of funny about people.

Almost none of them like Treasure Planet.

And, considering I joined this fandom well over three years ago by now, this comes as absolutely no surprise to me – and chances are, if you’ve known about this film for longer than, say, a day, it fails to surprise you, too. I mean, we’ve all heard the reasons, haven’t we – valid though they are, it’s depressing to hear them, the millions upon millions upon millions of them. 

  • “Sorry, the sci-fi just wasn’t my thing.”
  •  “I liked it okay, but I can’t see myself ever watching it again.”
  •  “The animation was good, but I didn’t really like the rest of it.”
  •  “It was…sort of weird to me.”
  •  “It doesn’t measure up to Treasure Island.”
  •  “It just wasn’t my cup of tea.”

Or - and here’s the one that gets to me: 

  • “I just really didn’t like the main kid.” 

The words come across as pretty innocent - it’s just a matter of preference, it’s just their opinion, live and let live, nothing wrong with disagreeing…and there’s not. There’s really, really not. You can hate Jim Hawkins as much as you want. But you can look me in the eye and can you tell me why you hate him? Can you tell me why, exactly, that’s the argument I’ve heard the most out of any of them? Can you tell me why, in my 3+ years in this wonderful fandom, in the thousands of days I’ve now spent promoting the shit out of this film every chance I get, can you tell me why that argument is the one I find myself dealing with the most? Can you look at me and can you tell me why you hate Jim Hawkins? Can you do that? 

Because here’s the thing - I can tell you why I love him. And I got shit to back up me up. 

Let’s get down to business. Let me tell you why I love Jim Hawkins - every habit, every quirk, every mannerism, every virtue, and every flaw. Let’s plunge right in.

  • He’s kind.

Sure, you can roll your eyes if you want to, but honestly? Being really, truly, simply, genuinely nice is such a rare quality in the world, and Jim has - and displays - this quality in abundance. I mean, for one thing, bringing Billy Bones to the Benbow when he seems ninety percent sure the guy’s just crazy? Yet he takes a chance anyway, because the sailor’s sick, the sailor’s injured, it’s raining really hard, he shouldn’t be out in this in his state, here, give me your arm, let me help you, you can come in out of the rain and stay in my house for a bit.

And what about the time he met that half-mad robot on Treasure Planet and, despite the fact that BEN blatantly oversteps his boundaries a good ten times (”Will you let go of me?/Stop touching me!”/Will you quit hugging me?”) or so within the first five minutes of their introduction, despite the fact that he is very obviously unhinged from all that time alone, despite the fact that BEN is loud and attention-drawing and the word stealthy isn’t in his vocabulary, despite the fact that he’s putting the captain and the doctor and himself in peril by doing so, Jim allows BEN to come with him - all he needs is to hear about the robot’s century of solitude, his loneliness, his desolation, and he just drops everything and says, “If you’re gonna come along…”  

And don’t even get me started on the deleted scenes - such as the one where he offers to fix this child’s scooter, even though he and this kid have never met before, never even spoken to one another, and yet he offers to fix this scooter because aww the kid’s sad let me fix it for you.

 Because, beneath that black jacket and that dark scowl of his, Jim has a huge, huge heart and it’s there and it’s evident for anyone willing to look. Because Jim just legitimately cares about other people, and there’s no ulterior motive, he doesn’t ask for compensation, he doesn’t expect anything in return, he just genuinely likes helping others. 

(And as I don’t happen to have an image on hand for the child’s scooter bit mentioned above, have a few bonus pictures of times when Jim was nice) 

Comforting a frightened Morph despite the fact that his life is in the most immediate and intense danger

And how about the time he lets a pirate - the leader of a mutiny in which he was supposed to be killed - walk the fuck away from him because he believes there’s good in Silver

Don’t get me started on this kid and his kindness. Don’t. Get me started.

  • And he’s smart.

I don’t mean passing-his-finals-with-flying-colors oh-haha-that-was-a-total-seat-of-my-pants-test can’t-believe-I-pulled-through-with-a-B I-was-pulling-answers-out-of-my-ass kind of smart.

I mean completely, incredibly, off-the-charts, blow-your-mind brilliant. He might be failing his high school classes, but it’s certainly not due to the challenge; he doesn’t put any effort into his work because he just doesn’t care. I mean, we even hear Sarah state that he built his first solar surfer when he was eight. So let’s let that sink in for a second.

This kid 

was no older than that when he built one of these

Just let that sit a minute. He built one of those gizmos 

when he was eight fucking years old. Hell, I’m not one hundred percent sure I understand them now, and he was eight and he understood them so well he could make them. (Sure, he ultimately uses it to cause trouble and ride straight into restricted areas, but it still makes him pretty brainy.) 

And not to mention, when Silver tries to teach him how to steer a skiff, he doesn’t even let the guy finish his sentence before he starts powering it up. Despite the other’s best attempts to stop him, Jim ignites the engine and sends them whirling straight into a comet. He fucking steers a boat - with limited knowledge, considering Silver didn’t get a chance to teach him everything - he steers a boat into a comet, and rides that comet to its end and does it without ever missing a beat, without ever throwing himself or his companion out of the boat, without ever messing up or getting hurt or hurting Silver or anything, just gets the hang of it right off the bat.

And at the end of it, all Silver says is, “If I could maneuver a skiff like that when I was your age, they’d be bowing in the streets when I walked by today!” 

Oh, and did I mention he powers up a century-old crashed boat in sixty seconds? No? Well, he did that, too.

Oh, and he also made another solar surfer, this time at fifteen, out of the useless parts of their failing ship while the planet explodes around them.

And, when said surfer begins failing, threatening to send him plummeting to his death in a raging river of lava bubbling and frothing beneath him, he keeps it going - literally rams it into the wall, striking it against the metal surface until enough friction occurs to power the thrusters again, and he does this all in the space of thirty seconds.

Oh, and he figured out where Flint’s trove was hidden before anyone else, just based on the fragmented bits and pieces he’d picked up from other people

And did I mention yet that he was the only one who could open the map leading to the planet? 

There were people thirty and forty years his senior trying to figure it out

and he figures it out in seconds

  • And he’s brave

Remember when he casually faced down a whole crew of pirates three and four times over, all in the space of twenty-four hours? 

And how about the fact that he refuses, at great risk to himself, to open the map for the pirates - until Silver threatens the captain and the doctor? 

Or when he’s fixing that hundred-year-old boat we discussed earlier, and tells BEN to leave without him if he can’t get away in the next five minutes? 

Oh, and when the star Pellucid goes supernova on their voyage and the hands are sent to secure the solar sails, not only does Jim immediately ascend, no hesitation

he also spots Silver, who followed him there, fall from his perch, and literally fucking throws himself down onto the wood and hauls the cook - who, to be honest, has a good hundred pounds on Jim and probably almost took the kid down with him, and definitely dragged the kid closer to the edge than would be advised - back up to safety. 

And later in the film, he receives an order from the captain to scout ahead and find them a better place to hide - and even though the pirates were spotted seconds earlier, circling the skies in a longboat, Jim expresses no hesitation, simply obeys.

And, oh, uh, you remember that solar surfer we talked about earlier, the one he constructed as the planet bursts into flames and burns down around him? 

Yeah, here he is riding it through the fires and eruptions and random debris, here he is casually risking his life to save everyone else, most of them being pirates who would have loved to see him dead.

Yep, don’t mind him, he’s just saving everyone else. He might die doing it, but damn, he’s doing it anyway.

But wait. I did promise to discuss his flaws as well, and, so far, I haven’t been making good on that promise, have I? 

Fear not, for Jim Hawkins is far from perfect and it’s time for us to explore the reasons why.

  • He’s impulsive

While most readily refer to this as a “Mary Sue trait” and “not really a flaw” , I can’t help but disagree; if we consider it an undesirable trait in a real person, why on earth would we think it little more than a cute quirk in a fictional character? Believe me when I say, Jim’s consistent failure to think before he acts is not a charming little thing - it’s a flaw, plain and simple. 

For all Jim’s kindness, for all his bravery and unfailing ability to think fast on his feet, he is impulsive as all hell.

Like when he, in his first meeting with Silver, throws out several thinly-veiled accusations - showing his cards, playing his whole hand right off the bat on the off chance that his opponent might show his, too. 

Unsurprisingly, of course, Silver does not rise to the bait - meaning Jim revealed everything to the man who will later become his enemy, in a sense losing the only advantage he really held, whereas Silver lost nothing and now has additional information to help him on his way. And all this could have been avoided had Jim just kept his mouth shut. 

And that time when he attempted to eavesdrop on a couple of the other hands cause he thought they were acting suspicious 

But it’s not long before they notice him and immediately shut up - meaning Jim has now given his suspicions away to four different people, four people whom he suspects. (Five, if you count Oxy and Moron as two.)

Or how about when they find that map we talked about earlier, and when he opens it up and realizes it leads to Treasure Planet, his first thought is to follow it? Like, this could be anything. A trap, a red herring, a fool’s errand, and Jim just throws himself headlong into it because look there’s a slim chance it could be treasure let’s go right now! 

I mean, there’s just no room for doubt: Jim is super impulsive, and that’s not a good quality to have. Sure, it gets shit done, but cautious people get shit done too, and they probably get it done better because they’re not making snap decisions every 2.5 seconds.

  • And Jim is selfish

Sure, we all love him. Well, some of you hate him, and some of you love to hate him, but the sentiment stands; we all love Jim, but you can’t love somebody for too long without noticing his flaws. And Jim has his flaws. 

And it’s especially obvious in scenes like this 

where we see that Jim was just out on a joyride while his mother visibly struggles to run the inn by herself. 

It’s obvious he uses that solar surfing hobby to escape, to distract him from his problems after a tough day, but this, in turn, suggests that he feels his problems at the moment are more important than Sarah’s, and so puts himself before his mother.

And he makes things harder on her than probably anyone else in her life, going out and getting in trouble all the time and bringing the police to her door 

Not only is this probably really bad for business, it’s also likely embarrassing and obviously upsetting for poor Sarah - yet Jim offers no apology, offers almost nothing beyond the words, “Mom, it’s no big deal!”  

And when they open the map and realize where it leads, Jim jumps on the chance to leave Sarah

Not just their lonely little planet, but Sarah, he wants to leave her. And though his intentions here are honorable (”We could rebuild the Benbow a hundred times over!” / “I’ll make you proud!”) it still fails to completely sugarcoat the fact that he left her there, lured away by the promise of adventure. 

Because Jim is selfish. 

  • He’s touchy, and defiant as all hell.

Sure, this is a flaw. Sure, it’s not a great quality to have. Sure, it holds him back more than anything, and it probably gets him in more trouble than it’s worth - but I still tip my hat to Disney for introducing this flaw at all. It has been proven in the past that children with absentee parents - particularly boys with neglectful fathers -  tend to become obstinate teens with no regard for authority, and I’m just so proud of them for doing their research on that one. 

Admittedly, however, this quality does cause him more trouble than it’s worth. I mean, he makes himself an enemy out of the scariest alien aboard in the first five minutes, all because he has to have the last word.

As a matter of fact, when I think about it, Jim has single-handedly gotten on the bad side of every one of these pirates on board this ship, with the obvious exception of Silver, and he does it all because he is just that feisty.

On the other hand, however, his pluck is the first thing Silver notices - and likes - about him. It’s obvious that while the pirate captain plans to work the spunk out of him, he can’t help but respect it, too.

Like, for instance, on Treasure Planet, when Jim refuses to allow Silver to leave without him 

there’s an instant where Silver looks like he’s about to argue 

and he could, he could just hold the captain, the doctor, or even BEN at gunpoint, and chances are, Jim would likely obey just to spare those he cares for. Despite the fact that Silver is clearly the one in power here, he gives into Jim’s demands - because, even if he doesn’t like it, Jim’s defiance is something he can respect. They may be enemies now, but Silver recognizes and respects that Jim makes a worthy enemy.

  • And let’s not forget that he’s stubborn.

Seriously, once he’s found something to fight for, he’ll fight for that, and he’ll get it, no matter what it takes, and there’s nobody in the world that can change his mind. If he gets it in his head that he wants to do something, if he gets it in his head that he should do something, he’ll do it, no matter what. 

And in some cases, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It means he has a strong sense of right and wrong and knows the difference between the two, and will do what he believes to be right, regardless of what other people say. He has a moral code, and a strong one, at that, and he rarely deviates from it. And this is actually a good thing when, say, there’s a treasure-hunting pirate captain attempting to bribe him into betraying the captain and the doctor and handing over the map. 

And, when this fails and Silver resorts to trying to frighten him into submission, the kid doesn’t even blink. He can’t be bought, and he sure as hell can’t be intimidated. 

Of course, this isn’t always a good quality to have; while it does make him more resistant to tactics such as temptation, it also makes him inflexible and, in some cases, extremely resistant to change, even when that change would be for the better. 

But that iron will has another advantage. 

  • It makes him hardworking.

Whether it’s as trivial as swabbing the deck, or as enormous as seeking out a legendary treasure trove, if Jim sees the point in a task - if he sees, for himself, why it’s worthy of his time - he will put his all into it, no questions asked. So though most would call him a delinquent, and while the robo-cops on Montressor outright tell him that he is a loser

Jim is actually extremely industrious and capable - he just doesn’t always show it. But it’s there, if you know how to look.

Like when Silver leaves him with this huge pile of dishes in the galley

and he just picks up his brush and keeps right on going 

and in fact, is so determined to finish up that damn stack that he ends up falling asleep in the galley, head resting on the pot in his hand

but the dishes around him are gleaming.

Or how about when he was failing at school at the beginning of the film, and by the end, he has graduated from the prestigious Interstellar Academy? 

Can you imagine how much work it must have taken to get himself into that Academy? I mean, how long did it take for him to pull those grades up, to convince others he was really serious about this, and can you imagine how much work it took to get through the Academy once he got there? But Jim got there anyway, and he did graduate, and he did do all that amazing stuff, and he did it because he works hard. 

Oh and remember

  • He was lost

Though by the end of the film Jim is high-spirited and confident, we know from the beginning that it wasn’t always so. His father’s absence left a hole in him, a hole he felt it was too big to fill - a hole that left him feeling worthless and rejected, it left him feeling angry and defeated, and it left him thinking he wasn’t good enough. It left him with a strong, deep-seated fear of abandonment, and more than that, it left him searching - searching and searching and never quite finding the missing piece he so desperately needed. 

Jim felt he had no future; Jim felt he wasn’t worth a future; Jim didn’t really know where he was going, and that’s the kind of relatability I’ve come to expect from Dreamworks. I don’t go into a Disney film expecting to find real characters, so this came as a pleasant surprise.

And something else I’ll probably never get over

  • Jim is sensitive 

So, this one actually sounds funny. I mean, I just said earlier how selfish Jim is, right? How he’s always putting himself before Sarah? Yeah. That whole argument still stands. It’s just that Jim isn’t all selfish, all the time. Can he be selfish? Yes. Extremely. Is he selfish? Sometimes. But he’s also, as mentioned before, a genuinely nice person. A person with honest empathy. His instances of self-absorption don’t cancel that out.

Now, while most define a sensitive person as “one who understands and feels for others” - and while Jim certainly does that, too - we’ve already tackled that. We’ve talked about Jim as a compassionate and thoughtful individual, and I’m not here to talk about it again, though I could.

No, there are drawbacks to feeling for others, and I’m here to talk about them.

I mean, Jim cares about other people - Jim feels deeply for people, deeply enough to welcome complete strangers into his house and offer lonely individuals a place at his side, Jim just feels for people even if he’s never experienced their hardships for himself. And if he can feel so strongly for strangers, if he can look upon a person he hardly knows and want to help ease their pain, if his heart squeezes upon seeing others’ suffering, how much do you think it hurts when he experiences his own? 

His father, for example. An indifferent, neglectful parent, the heartache they cause, it would sting even the most impervious - but for somebody as thin-skinned and tender-hearted as Jim, it absolutely devastates him. And when the man finally gives up on his family, leaving behind his wife and their eight-year-old, it just tears the kid apart.

As a matter of fact, it hurts Jim so deeply that it takes him seven years just to realize that it wasn’t his fault, or anyone’s; his father’s rejection caused him so much pain that he is well into his adolescence before he can even begin to accept that he’s gone.

But this isn’t just one instance; it’s not merely a festering childhood wound, no. Jim takes the slightest slip-up straight to heart - and upon believing he caused Mr. Arrow’s death, he spends what appears to be hours beating himself up for this perceived failure. 

And ultimately, he might have continued indefinitely had Silver not intervened and comforted him.

And of course, less than twenty-four hours later, Silver tells his bloodthirsty crew - and, unwittingly, an eavesdropping Jim - that his attentions were all for show, that he had to be nice to the kid to keep him from suspecting the crew of anything shady, he had to win the lad’s trust or risk his suspicion…and Jim really believes it, and, in fact, is so hurt, that he appears to take a moment to swallow back tears. 

Jim is just so easy to hurt. 

And to be honest, it’s great; it makes his empathy for others more believable - after all, if his own wounds have left such obvious marks, who’s to say another’s tribulations won’t win over his sensitive heart? 

And, hey, hey, don’t forget

  • He’s just a kid

I mean, he’s doing all this awesome shit, he’s building solar surfers

 and saving lives

and working his ass off and being super kind and impulsive and defiant and selfish and everything, he’s doing all this, and he’s only fifteen years old. Like. He’s fifteen. He’s not even an adult yet. He’s not even of legal age. He’s just casually amazing at fifteen, but what do you think he’ll be like in five years, ten years, twenty?

As Silver says, he really is going to rattle the stars.

Now let’s review before we go: 

  • Jim is kind.
  • Jim is smart.
  • Jim is brave.
  • Jim is impulsive
  • Jim is selfish
  • Jim is touchy and defiant as all hell.
  • Jim is stubborn
  • Jim is hardworking.
  • Jim was lost.
  • Jim is sensitive
  • Jim is just a kid

Just please, for the love of all that is good and holy, don’t ever forget Jim Hawkins.


Word Count: 2.5k

Summary: You and Tom are just friends, but your new boyfriend isn’t sure if he agrees.

Warnings: A fight that gets a lil intense, no hitting or anything, but just some yelling and taking steps towards people. Maybe two or three swear words? Some real bad writing that I lowkey will regret, and quite a few kisses.

Note: Wow I’m finally back! This is the second to last part of the Ed Sheeran series and holy cow it is looooong. Also, I want to thank you guys so much for all the support that I’ve gotten this past week, it really does make a difference. Ok, enough of my rambling, enjoy the story!

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

It was now Spring. The snow on the ground had long melted, and now the buds on the trees littered London with their pink hues. You were heading to Tom’s flat, a movie night had been decided on between the two of you.

You grabbed your jacket, pulling it on over your shoulders and slipping on your boots afterwards. Just as your were about to leave, two hands grabbed your waist and turned you around. You smiled up at Noah, placing your hands on his shoulders.

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Why her...? - Bruce Wayne x Batmom!Reader

Anon - I have a request. Bare with me this is my first time asking a request.. Batman x Reader. Can you make it sad and have us in tears?? Don’t really care what you write about just make it sad. Please and thank you.

So this consists of a lot of flashbacks, so flashbacks will be in italics, lyrics will be in bold and now time is normal. hopefully this isn’t confusing. I don’t know if this is capable of making anyone cry but please give feedback if I should do more like this! :)

Song this is based off of is old but its the best one that fits well I think - SONG

Warnings - Death, Cancer victim, crying, flashbacks, sadness.

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Not Your Type

(A/N): I love Scarlett with my life…

Pairings: Scarlett Johansson x Reader

Request: Since i love your Scarlett imagines so much I’d like to request one as well! Could you write something with jealous and possessive Scarlett?

Warnings: Slight suggestive themes

Tags: @sxph-t @iamwarrenspeace

Originally posted by silent-infernos

Scarlett didn’t show when she becomes jealous because of her quiet, calm composure and she trusted you wouldn’t run off with someone else but every once in a while, you could feel her intense gaze when someone was flirting with you. It was subtle but you had a gift of knowing when Scarlett was staring. She trusted you but it didn’t mean she liked when people flirted with you and it would lead up to her confronting whoever it was that you two were dating. 

You always teased Scarlett, it should you being jealous of people flirting with her but she constantly assured you were hers forever and nothing would change that. Of course, you couldn’t find yourself to argue, you were so in love with her you would believe anything that came out of her mouth and you always told her you would never leave her before kissing her passionately. 

Scarlett was invited to a big party and of course she was taking you as her plus one. You both fluidly maneuver around each other as you two get ready, soft music filling the air. She slips on a beautiful red dress, leaving you breathless before she wanders out the bedroom to find her purse.

You slip on your outfit, checking yourself in the mirror one last time before stepping out to find Scarlett. You find her in the kitchen, checking her phone when she hears your footsteps. She glances up before an award-winning smile spreads across her face. 

“What?” You question with a chuckle and she places her phone on the counter, walking towards you, her hips swaying with each step. 

She wraps her arms around your torso, pulling you close and you wrap your arms around her neck, her smile still in place. “You look stunning.” Scarlett says as she takes a second glance down at your outfit causing you to smile.

“Well, you look beautiful… as always. Red is your color.” You smile out and a light blush paints her cheeks before she leans over, placing a small kiss to your lips.

“Shall we be on our way, my dear?” Scarlett questions, pulling back put interlocking your fingers.

You chuckle, pulling her over to her purse and she grabs it before you gesture to the door before giving a small bow. “After you.” 

Scarlett chuckles, giving you a light smack. “You’re such a dork.” She states, gently pulling you out the door.

The party was crowded with people dressed to the nines but you stayed close to Scarlett as you moved between everyone. Parties were never your thing, Scarlett knew this so she always made sure you were always near her. She wasn’t much of a partier herself but it didn’t hurt going out every once in a while. 

It had been maybe an hour, Scarlett was talking with some people she knew when filming a while back and you listened before getting a bit bored. Not wanting to pull her away from her conversation, you poked her side and gestured to the bar. 

“I’ll be over there.” You tell her and she sends a worried look. You playfully roll your eyes, giving her a small smile. “I’m fine, don’t worry. I just need a drink.”  

“Okay, I won’t take too long.” Scarlett says not wanting to leave you alone, after all she was the one to drag you here.

You send small nod before turning towards the bar. The bartender comes up and you tell him what you want before he runs off to make it. You sit patiently, leaning against the cool wood of the bar when a man appears next to you before ordering a drink. 

He looks at you, giving a smirk. “First party?”

You send a polite smile. “Oh no, I’m just not the party type.” You respond as the bartender brings you both your drinks. 

He chuckles, nodding his head before taking a sip. “I can agree with you on that one. I really like your outfit, it looks good on you.” He compliments, taking a step towards you and you emit a nervous chuckle.

“Oh, thank you. You don’t look bad yourself.” You return, gesturing to his black suit and he shakes his head with a devilish smirk. 

“No, you look way better.” He pauses a moment, scooting a little closer than you’d like before leaning close to your ear. “But I think it would look better off.”  

He places a hand on your thigh and you tense at the touch as you turn the brightest red possible. You send a nervous smile, gently sliding off the stool you were sitting on. “That’s okay… I think I should go.”

His smirk falls. “Come on we just started talking. What’s the problem am I not your type?”

Before you can answer, you feel hands grabbing your shoulders, turning you as lips crash into yours. Your eyes widen in surprise before you recognize Scarlett in front of you and you immediately melt into the kiss. You instinctively tangle your hands in her hair as she continues to take your breath away, her tongue exploring your mouth. 

Scarlett pulls back when you both run out of breath, her green eyes blown and full of lust as her chest heaves. She stares at you with that damn smirk before wrapping an arm around you, pulling you close. The man eyes are huge at a loss for words realizing who you were dating which only causes Scarlett’s smirk to grow. “I don’t think they’re your type at all and they’re a bit taken anyways.”

He quickly nods, uttering a string of apologizing before disappearing into the crowd of people. You give a relieved sigh, looking at Scarlett. “Thank you…” You breathe out, still trying to catch your breath and Scarlett hums.

“You’re mine. Only I can touch you like that.” Scarlett declares in a low voice, full of jealousy as she places another kiss to your lips. You moan into the kiss and whimper when she pulls back causing her to smirking at your needy state. “I think we should leave early. I know something that’s more… exciting.” 

You can only nod and Scarlett smiles before grabbing your hand and pulling you towards the exit of the party not bothering to say goodbye to anyone. You knew tonight would be night to remember. Maybe you should make Scarlett jealous more often…


A/N: Sad to say there’s little to none of pervy Ben in this chapter but we do get a rather fluffy Ben who’s too cute for his own good along with a third wheel Hux….which sounds funny but whatever, here’s the new CB! Enjoy and thank you for reading! Feed back is welcomed :)

Warning: None

Word Count: 4K+

“Thanks for joining me today.” Taking a sip of your drink from the straw, you gave Ben a smile. “I mean, I don’t mind going alone but since I went a little wild on shopping I at least had you to hold my bags.” Shrugging, Ben’s eyebrows raised as he let out a small gasp.

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Celebrity Crush -- A Chris Evans Fanfic

Chapter One - Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Read it on AO3


When Friday finally rolls around, you wake up with a smile on your face.

Tonight is your date with Chris.

You still can’t believe you’d managed to get this far, but you were determined to have a good time and try to make a real connection with him.

Sitting up in bed, you reach over to your nightstand to grab your cell phone. The screen lights up with various notifications, some texts, and one missed call. You swipe through all the new content before you land on a text from your publicist, which contains nothing but a link. You click it, raising your eyebrows in surprise when you see where it leads.

The headline is simple, “WILL THEY OR WON’T THEY?” but the photos just beneath it are of you and Chris, which makes your stomach knot up. You scroll down the page to the article.

Unless you live under a rock, you must be familiar with The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, a late-night staple among many people in the US. If you were watching last week, you might’ve caught an appearance by actress (Your Name) (Your Last Name) in which she admitted to having a crush on superhero actor and all-around dreamboat Chris Evans. Not only that, but Fallon then surprised (Your Last Name) by bringing Evans out from backstage, where he then proceeded to ask (Your Last Name) on a date. So, our question now is: will they or won’t they? Was it all for show? Will there actually be a date this Friday night? We don’t know the answers, but here’s one thing that’s a given: they’d make an awfully cute couple.

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Look, I’m in a bit of a Mood today so, apologies.  And this is a side-issue, I openly admit that fact.

But can we please stop calling Scott part-time. The guy films 20 out of 25 episodes.  20 EPISODES.

The guy spends MONTHS filming. He flies home to his partner and kid every few weeks, flies back and forth, back and forth.  I’m not saying he’s some impoverished plumber struggling to get by.  I’m not saying this is some massive injustice.  But the dude works hard, he’s in twenty goddam episodes of 25 episode seasons, which are a chaotic shoot and aired on a (POS) major network.

So can we please stop acting like he rolls into Hawaii for one weekend, films his annual scene, and then he’s done.  

Part-time.  Barely there - bullshit.

All The Glitters | Part One | ao3 Link

An UnReal/The Bachelor deancas au

Dean’s ass was numb. There was a shooting pain in his back and he was seriously sure that there was glitter stuck in his eye. That was sadly nothing new. That was just his life. His phone had been buzzing nonstop for the past fifteen minutes but from the position he was lying in, there was no way of reaching it.

Most twenty-seven-year-old men wouldn’t spend an evening lying on the floor of a limo while talking to a bunch of single, probably desperate, women. Dean, however, was used to it. He’d done it for so many years now that it was like second nature to him. It was more natural to him than breathing.

“Dean? Hey, Dean? Is the limo going to be stopping anytime soon? I really need to go to the bathroom.”

Dean lifted his head to see which one of the girls had spoken. Amelia. A tall, composed woman with ‘wife material’ practically stamped across her forehead. Dean could see why Josie selected her for the show.

“Can you hold it? We’re five minutes out.” Dean said from his position on the floor of the limo.

“Dean, this dress cost me $375. I do not want to pee on it.” Amelia said in a near whine. Dean wasn’t surprised that she needed to pee. They had been stuck in the fucking limo for over an hour already.

“If I distract you with who the suitor is will you hold it in?” Dean asked. Amelia sighed but nodded her head. With a flourish Dean held up a headshot of the current suitor for the show. “Castiel Collins, son of Dmitri Collins and heir to the entire family fortune. They’re the fifth richest family in America. If Daddy’s latest business deal goes through they’ll probably become the third richest.” The girls all squealed or made impressed sounds.

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a day in december: christmas lights

on ao3

my friend buff asked for djwifi so here i am!!! really though this ship deserves more love, i love them so much

i finished at exactly midnight. why am i like this. also i start school again tomorrow so we’re going to see how this goes yikes

(unfortunately, nino is no longer considering the coconut)


Nino checks up and down the street, checking to make sure there’s no raging akuma headed his way before he crosses quickly and ducks inside the small café. He closes the door quickly before the icy air can blow inside and tugs his beanie down over his ears. He spots Alya sitting alone in the corner.

“Hey,” he says as he drops down into the seat across from her.

She looks up from her phone with a smile. “Hey! You found me.”

Nino snorts. “Wasn’t hard. This is your favorite post-attack hangout, after all.”

“You know me so well,” she teases. “It’s almost like you’re dating me. But it’s not post-attack for once.”

“Get sick of the cold?” Nino asks. He steals her drink and takes a sip, making a face at how bitter her coffee is. “Ew.”

Alya rolls her eyes. “Sorry I don’t like hot sugary milk. But yeah. The fight is long and cold and it’s getting too dark for it to actually be worth filming.” She sighs and rests her chin in her hand. “No point in videotaping mostly darkness.”

“Man, I’m sorry, Al.” He pushes her drink back toward her. “I’m sure whatever footage you got is great though. And if it makes you feel better, I can buy you a pastry.”

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I experience it as an extra luxury to be allowed to play in a series with my best friend. We agreed together that Supernatural comes first over any films or anything we get offered, just like Jensen and I sat down and agreed back in season two that we would get paid equally every single episode no matter who had more screen time. But it should be possible to film a movie next to that. Like how Jensen was in My Bloody Valentine and I was in Friday the 13th. But again, until Supernatural ends, we always make those decisions together and in accordance to what we think is best for the show and our rolls on it as well as our families and time spent outside of the show.

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Modern AU: Eren is a vlogger and is vlogging in a shop where Levi sees him and talks to him! Thanks!

Here you go! Hope you like it! :D 

“Levi, I swear to god just pick a fabric.” Hanji incessantly tapped her foot as Levi held swatches in his hand.

“Shut up, four-eyes. You agreed to come with me.”

She groaned. “I’m waiting in Starbucks. Just get me when you finish.”

Levi put one of the swatches down and surveyed the remaining four. “You can’t go. What if I need a second opinion?” Hanji slumped against the back wall of the shop and slid to the floor. The bell attached to the front door rang.

“Oh, someone else is here. Maybe they’re working on their final project, too.”

“For the last time, it’s not just a project,” Levi snapped. “It’s my senior thesis and Zackley’s looking to bring one student’s collection to fashion week. So, either help me, or quit complaining.”

“Every idea I had, you shot down, so I’ll just do nothing.”


The store owner burst through the back door and scurried to the front of the store. Levi and Hanji could her excited, indiscernible chatter.

“What’s going on up there?”

“Something stupid, I’m sure.” Levi glanced up the aisle and saw two guys talking with the owner. “Wait a second.” He took a couple steps forward. “I know that kid.” He looked on as the brown-haired boy scratched at his beanie barely hanging onto his head. He had the sleeves on his flannel shirt rolled up to his elbows with torn skinny jeans tucked into brown combat boots. The blond guy with him said something that made him laugh. “Oh my god, it’s that fashion vlogger.”

“Huh?” Hanji pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose and squinted down the aisle.

“Don’t stare!” he hissed, pulling her back. “His videos get millions of hits and he’s gotten into a ton of high-end events and he’s only, like, twenty. What the hell is he doing here?”

“Why don’t you go ask him yourself?”

Levi scoffed. “You’re joking, right? I’m just a student and he’s been all over. Last week, he did a video talking about how he’d be at fashion week. Shit, could you imagine if he interviewed me?”

“What’s his name?” Hanji whispered, thumbing through Levi’s discarded swatches.

“I don’t know.”

“What do you mean you don’t know? Don’t you watch him all the time?”

“I mean,” Levi growled, “he doesn’t use his real name in his vlog. He just goes by his username.” The blond guy took out a camera and started filming. “They’re doing a video here?” he gaped. “Fuck it, I’m going.”

“Wait what about the swatches?”

“Good idea.” Levi snatched them from Hanji and brought them with him to the front of the store. His own boots’ heels click-clacked against the tile floor and, as he approached the three mid-interview, he felt them turn to cement. “Oh god, I can’t do this.” His palms grew sweaty and he swallowed hard.

“Why not?”

“Just look at him. Those green eyes and that smile, shit, he’s too pretty. I can’t.” Levi pushed his hair back and scratched at the shaved underside.

“Oh, suck it up,” Hanji sighed before shoving him forward.

“Hey, you’re in the shot!” the blond exclaimed. “Cut!” He pressed a button on the camera and lowered his arm.

“W-What are you doing?” the owner stuttered, horrified. Levi remained in place with four sets of eyes staring at him.

He glanced back at a smug Hanji. “You’re dead,” he snarled.

“Who’re you?” the brown-haired kid asked, approaching Levi. His green eyes were trained on his face and Levi felt his cheeks grow warm. Damn, he’s hot in person. “I’m Levi. Levi Ackerman,” he said, attempting to regain his composure. “I just wanted to say I’m a huge fan of your show.” He wrung the fabric in his hands.

“Eren Jaeger,” the green-eyed kid replied, glancing down at Levi’s hands. “Are you a designer?” 

Levi swallowed hard after hearing the vlogger’s real name. “Yeah, I’m working on my thesis. I was wondering if-if maybe you had some suggestions?” He offered the swatches to him. The Eren’s eyes didn’t leave Levi’s face.

“You know,” he began, “I don’t usually have impromptu interviews but for you I’d make an exception.”

“How forward.”

“What can I say? It’s not often that this happens.”

“That what happens?”

“A gorgeous designer makes an appearance.”

“Well, it’s not every day a wildly popular and cute fashion vlogger shows up in my fabric shop.”

Eren smirked and leaned against the counter, inching closer to Levi. Levi remained still and raised his eyebrow. “So,” Eren began, “maybe we get coffee after this and you tell me about your work?”

“Maybe.” Levi felt his stomach flip.

“Guys,” the blond interrupted. “We’re filming an episode, not porn. Is this gonna be an interview or not?”

“Y-Yeah,” Eren answered. “Yeah, start rolling, Armin.” He turned back to Levi. “You don’t mind, do you?”

“Hell no, I don’t.” He crossed his arms and leaned his back against the counter.

Eren joined Armin behind the camera and adjusted the shot. “You look good on camera,” he said.

“Thanks.” Levi’s cheeks went pink.

“Maybe I should make you a regular.”

Levi scoffed again. “Please. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.”

“That’d imply that I don’t keep promises.”

Armin toggled a button on the camera and said, “Rolling.”

Without any hesitation, Eren hopped over to Levi and coolly began, “So, now it’s time for a little designer spotlight. I have here the one and only Levi Ackerman.” Eren looked over to Levi. “He’s an up-and-coming designer whose talent and striking good looks are bound to take the fashion world by storm.”


Scripts And Stars - Part 6

Summary: AU: Dan is an actor, auditioning for a new role in a film written by a revolutionary young writer by the name of Phil Lester.

Words: 1.5k (done per chapter)

Warnings: none it’s literally just fluff

A/N: fluff fluff fluff (enjoy it whilst it lasts…..*dramatic music*)



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anonymous asked:

I know you usually don't answer this kind of questions, but what would be your no. 1 advice to keep the faith in analog photography? Good job, btw.

Wow. Interesting question. Being that Im sitting her scanning you’ve got my full attention so lets see if I can answer this….

I would say that for me it comes down to the magic of film. Sure I could use a digital camera take a picture, drop it into lightroom and edit it to a perfect curve, then throw on some filters to get a nice grain, throw in some contract and you get a close proximity to a film shoot.

But theres no magic in that for me.

The idea that I can only take a limited amount of shots per roll makes me take a few milliseconds more to compose the shot. It makes every shot I take better and its the magic between the film and light that creates the image. 

The image is captured by a interaction of light and chemistry and I love that. 

Then finally there is nothing better than finally getting images back from the lab. Its 36 frames of Christmas every time I get a roll.

Sure I pay more for film, sure I am limited by it, sure its more work, but all of it is worth it for the magic.