every purchase matters


Recently some people have asked me about buying my stuff online, so I’ve decided to actually open my RedBubble store. So from now on, if you want to get any of the things shown above or maybe something else featuring my art… You can simply go HERE https://www.redbubble.com/people/kaageshi?asc=u and buy it! I’ll be gratefull for every purchase, no matter whether it’s something expensive or not ^^
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Happy Leap Day!

Since you have an extra 24 hrs, take a couple minutes today to tell at least one person why they should buy Fair Trade.

Every Day Matters!


“The American consumer is the most powerful force for good in history. If we all voted with our dollars we could change the world.” - Paul Rice

Thanks for supporting Fair Trade and for using your purchasing power for good!


Ben & Jerry’s is committed to using Fair Trade ingredients in their delicious treats. Watch this video to see how their commitment is improving lives in Uganda.

Every Purchase Matters.