every president wants to be a cat

The different Jensen’s+Dean.

Regular Jensen - Sweet, loves his family/friends, everyone wants him to be gay, Daddy ™ , Gets uncomfortable in large crowds, tries his best, can’t pronounce Meme.

Goatee Ackles - Kinda rude, doesn’t sleep enough, treats kids and animals like they deserve the world, feminist, will fight anyone that thinks Donald Trump should be president, drinks too much coffee. 

Macho - Is in a biker gang, Gay, actual sunshine, kinda sad, bakes a lot, has way too many plants, visits gay clubs on the reg (inconspicuously), say’s he’ll fight anyone but will try to talk it out.

Throwbackles - Sinnamon roll, actual pornstar ™, every moms wet dream, has a big dick but doesn’t brag about it, scared of thunderstorms, has seven cats, actually really sweet like wtf?

Dean-O - Looks like he can kill you (can kill you), Actual sweetheart ™, everyone wants him to be bi, probably is bi, Sad af, loves pie, (S)cinnamon roll, watches daytime tv, loves chick flicks but won’t admit it, deserves the best.

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Relationship status: President of the lonely gay hearts club™
Pets: a cat! (she lives with my Dad tho, so I only get to see her once in a blue moon)
Last song I listened to: Ed Sheeran - How would you feel 
Favourite TV shows: Friends, Sherlock (2010-2016), Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn 99, Agent Carter, sense8 
Hobbies: Reading, writing, daydreaming, watching an unhealthy amount of TV shows and lying on the floor and overthinking every choice I’ve made since I was five 
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