every player from every team

what i want to know is why people feel like it’s acceptable to criticize & belittle people for liking the teams they do.  i get rivalries & that’s not at all what i’m talking about.  i’m talking about people who say shit like:

  • ‘how could someone like you like a team like team x?’, as though the fans must fit into certain stereotypical moulds; 
  • ‘how dare you support team x and team y?’, as though someone who likes multiple teams is somehow a lesser form of fan, or that liking different playing styles or philosophies is somehow a problem or something, ignoring the fact that there are loads of players, coaches, & people behind the scenes who openly and loudly support more than one team;
  • ‘you’re not a real fan of team x bc you’re not even from there’ because we all know where you were born solely determines your interests, preferences, and ability to enjoy things;
  • ‘you’re not a real fan of team x bc you’ve only supported them for [insert arbitrary temporal measurement here]’, because only fans who’ve supported a team since conception are true fans, don’t you know;
  • ‘if you’re a fan of team x, you’re not allowed to like player y’; because the only real fans are the ones who hate and despise every player from every other team, at all times and because there’s no room at all for appreciating or even admiring any player who plays somewhere else
  • ‘you’re not a real fan of team x if you don’t also support [insert random ass contingency here]’, because we all know supporters are one giant mindless unit who all agree on everything and there’s never ever any differences of opinion amongst them

get off your high horses.  random fuckmooks (especially the ones lurking on the internet) do not dictate who is & who isn’t a ‘real fan’, they don’t get to decide that a person can’t support two teams, and they don’t get to decide if someone else doesn’t meet the criteria for being a fan.  and if you’re one of the random fuckmooks who sends shit like that, knock it off.  it’s not cute, it’s not funny.  it’s not even annoying.  it’s sheer entitlement & it’s not necessary & it needs to stop.

  • me: *watches clock anxiously*
  • clock: February 29, 2016, 2:59 pm ET
  • me: whew, ok. there's no way anyone will make a trade at this point.
  • NHL app: every player from every team has been swapped out. sidney crosby has quit hockey. alex ovechkin was traded for a soggy piece of bread.