every pic of her is gorgeous

Some non-Love Square ML aus

Because as much as I adore the love square, there are lots of other miraculous ships that deserve more au goodness <3


  • Greaser and Pink Lady au
  • friends with benefits except the benefits are weekly cuddling sessions au
  • college roommates au 
    • requires LOTS of mutual pining


  • handcuffed together after a prank gone wrong au
  • “I’m going to hunt down and slaughter whoever keeps leaving their sweaty towel draped across my favorite treadmi- oh no they’re hot” au
  • forced to take ballet lessons to increase their athletic prowess au


  • “I dont understand half of the words you said but I think you just asked me out???” au
  • kissing practice/ making out for the sake of science au
  • “I just watched you ingest a borderline lethal amount of caffeine so im going to babysit you to make sure you dont die” au

Bonus ot3 (Kim/Alix/Max):

  • paired up to do a semester-long project together au 
  • evil mastermind and his two (bickering) superhero nemesises au
  • “oh would you look at that, the bottle landed in between you two. guess I’ll just have to spend seven minutes in heaven with you both” au


  • we both sit at the same desk in chemistry class and leave each other anonymous notes tucked inside au
  • musician and muse (not-so) au
  • tattooist and flower shop owner au


  • Princess and the Frog au 
    • bonus points if Chloe is the frog
  • met while on vacation au

Chloe/Marinette (most could work for Chloe/Alya too):

  • personal shopper (Marinette) or publicist (Alya) and the client from hell au
  • “every year we get sent to the same summer camp and we’re always camp rivals except wow puberty really hit you hard since last year wtf??!?!?” au
  • Wicked au


  • rival radio hosts whom everyone in Paris ships au
  • Ladynino and Alya Noir au
  • “the optometrist accidentally switched our prescriptions so now I have to hunt you down while basically blind” au


  • underpaid fabric store clerk only keeps her job because of the cute seamstress who comes in every day and overworked seamstress only visits the fabric store every day to see the gorgeous store clerk au
  • fan fic writer and fan artist who everyone in the fandom ships au
  • “hey so I hear our college grants more financial aid to married people… wanna elope?” au


  • deaf!Adrien and musician!Nino au 
    • basically blind spots au but gayer
  • (NSFW) “Accidentally sent a dick pic to the wrong number but got an even better one back” au


  • rich kids playing pranks at society functions au (Alya’s mom is a world-renowned chef dont tell me this isn’t plausible)
  • “we’ve been yelling at each via reddit thread for weeks now and at this point I’ve kinnda forgotten what we were even fighting about wanna go grab coffee?” au
  • pen pals from childhood au


  • “Our families own rival businesses and technically we cant be friends but we still secretly trade macaroons for couscous on the DL” au 
  • street musician and street artist au
  • “I seriously didn’t mean to wander in to the women’s locker room but I heard you singing in the shower and I NEED to record music with you” au

Bonus OT4 (Alya/Adrien/Marinette/Nino):

  • “we’re in a famous band and our fans fight relentlessly over who to ship but jokes on them because we are all dating” au
  • stranded au
    • you could make this “overnight at the mall” or full-blown “shipwrecked on an island” I just wanna see these four snuggle STRUGGLE TOGETHER
  • “this dnd campaign started seriously but now it’s just devolved into us all flirting with one another behind the thin guises of our characters” au

since nobody is writing about how camila is sooooooooo girlfriend material (and im so in love with her), here it is:

•  it all started with you two being good friends, and as friends, you kept getting closer and closer

when she found out that you were into girls she smiled so big for herself 

• bc you were this cute girl that since she looked at you she wanted to get to know better 

• at first you texted a lot, and everytime she saw something funny she sended it to you

• bc she knew it would make you laugh and that would make her really happy

• then you started hanging out everytime that she wasnt filming for riverdale, like in between takes you’d go to where she was and take her to grab lunch or something

• you tried getting spoilers from her but even tho she really trusted you already she couldnt tell anything

• but she loved how you got so frustrated bc you. needed. to. know.

• so she teased you a lil bit, saying things like ”this may or may not happen”

HOW SHE ASKED YOU TO BE HER GIRLFRIEND before that everybody thought you were a couple anyway

• you were sick, like really sick, so she being the caring “friend” that she is showed up at your place w some soup, and why not flowers (something that she learnt from playing veronica) 

• even tho you melted when you saw her with all of that, you didnt want her around  because you were afraid shell get sick too

• but she didnt care, she sat right next to you on the couch and put some movie on netflix

• you were falling asleep with your head on her shoulder and she was looking at you, playing with your fingers

• she probably wanted to ask you to be his girlfriend “properly” like, with a long speech  and give you maybe some chocolate or candy

• but while looking at you the words spilled from her mouth

• “hey do you wanna me like, my girlfriend?”

• “what”

• “what”

• both of you started laughing and oFC YOU SAID YES I MEAN

• so thats how you started dating

• thats when all the fun began hehehe jk

• her phone and yours would be filled with silly photos of you two

• you know that video of her cooking and laughing about it in her ig story? you’d have tons of them doing mostly everything

• like one day, she took your phone while you were showering bc she was bored and her phone didnt have any battery, and going through your camera roll she found this video you took from her while she was watching her favorite movie because you loved how her eyes lighted up whenever her favorite scene was on the screen and how loud she screamed when something “surprising” happened even tho she watched it thousands of times

• she would do the same, because you’d have that kind of relationship

• she comments on every single one of your pics, really short comments like “i love you” “im in love” “mOM” “gorgeous” “mine”

• her mom loves you, and likes to cook for you bc she seems so nice and lovely

• when she is mad over something really silly, she starts speaking portuguese and you just stare at her while she’s screaming walking around the room until she let it all out

• “i was doing it again?” “yup” “im sorry”

• but theres times where you two are cuddling facing eachother and she is putting your hair behind your ear while smiling and shed say “eu tenho tanta sorte“ or “você é tão bonita”

• you wouldnt get anything of what she said (and she probably wouldnt tell you) but youd smile so big because you knew it was something nice and when she speaks in another language is the cutest thing ever

• PDA !!!!! lots of pda

• but not the annoying type like sucking eachother faces in public, but holding hands, long hugs, cheek kisses, forehead kisses !!!

• at least twice a week you go out to eat or have a cute coffee date, talking bout life sitting infront of eachother, holding hands over the table

• she never fails to make you laugh, she’s always doing goofy things or trying to imitate someone (and failing)  just to put a smile on your face

• its 2:34 AM, the lights are gone, the only source of light is coming from your computer screen and you two are dancing in the living room to some random spotify playlist

• you can go from steamy hot makeout session on the couch to sloppy slow kisses filled with love

• she sings to you whenever you ask her 

• she is probably singing 24/7 GOD BLESS HER ANGELIC VOICE

• but if you’re having a rough time or you’re feeling sad, she sings to you in a low tone kinda whispering, while smiling sweetly 

• i dont think she is the jealous type  ? but if anyone is looking at you in a way that they shouldn’t she’d wrap an arm around your waist, not like in a “she’s mine back off” type of way, but in a sweet “i love her dont steal her from me” type of way im crying 

• SHE. IS. A. TEASER. LIL. ****

• you tried cooking together, but you endend up getting too “distracted” and burning the whole thing

• “lets order pizza” “but i dont want pizza” “what do you want?” “you”

• she appreciates you and loves you so much bc if she is dating you she is 100% focused on you so she wouldnt be the annoying cheesy type, but definitely cheesy

• when she is away filming or busy with her work she sends you selfies doing funny faces, or videos at set with the cast, or a pouty selfie with a “cant wait to get home :(” that makes you melt inside who wouldnt

• PET NAMES !!! she probably calls you “love/babe/gorgeous”

• and she is your little nugget, of course

• play nights at your place with her friends (and yours) happen a little too often, because is everything you love and need: wine, charades, friends, and eachother


but it doesnt matter is you win or lose the game at the end of the night, bc she’d wrap her arms around you and say “i win, i have you”

i love her so so so so much okay?????? it ends right here before i start crying she is the most precius lil bean bye

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anonymous asked:

Caitriona Balfe. Supermodel. Victoria Secret Model. Actress who owns every photo shoot she’s ever done, which have been a lot. What does she do to to pose in the pic that kickstarts her campaign? Lays down on the floor. Still owns it. She doesn’t make it fair for other women but I love her anyway!😩😂

omfg rIGHT. literally anyone else would look absolutely horrible from that angle and she somehow still looks gorgeous??? whatever, Caitriona. it’s fine.


Feeling left behind by her more successful, settled friends, Emma Swan moves to Scotland on a whim. Sure, she’s winning at Instagram, but something is still missing from her new life. Fortunately, her friends back home are on it. #FindEmmaSwanAFriend goes viral. Enter Killian Jones, reluctant columnist, who is on the hunt for his newest subject, and may just have found her. CS AU.

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Thanks always to the cool-as-fuck @lenfaz, for her tireless efforts in keeping me motivated.


He could feel it, the regret, welling up in his chest, his vision blurring as he scrolled through page after page of poorly punctuated text.

14,202 responses.

14,202 people who were up for being Emma Swan’s friend, and for some reason Killian Jones had appointed himself their gatekeeper.

14,202 reasons to wish he’d never even heard the name Emma Swan.

The task itself was burdensome enough, a time suck if ever there was one. But it was the sexually aggressive come ons he encountered that really propelled it towards torture. There was no other way of saying it: Men were pigs.

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😻 Dating Emma Hawkins would include 😻

▪ she’s literally the sweetest cinnamon roll ever


▪ making her blush every chance you get

▫ “You look so gorgeous today, Em.” - “Ahh, stop it!” - “Why should I?” - “Because..‘cause, ugh!”

▪ (she tries to hide her face behind her hands, but it’s so not working)


▪ so many puns

▫ being on the same team/band almost every year

▪ comforting her when she’s upset or sad

▫ studying together



▪ (i mean, have you seen her hair??? It looks so so soft and good)

▫ letting her wear your clothes


▫ standing up for her when people think it’s cool to make fun of her

▪ complimenting her so much

▫ and receiving so many, too

▪ she just loves to make you happy



▫ your dates are always so low key

▪ like a simple movie night, or going to the diner

▫ waiting for her at her locker

▪ greeting her with a kiss on the nose

▫ (she’s a bit too sleepy for school and looks a bit too adorable)


▫ & lucky you, you love to tease her

▪ “Can I have a kiss?” - “Of course!” - “…” - “Satisfied?” - “I meant on the lips, not cheek!” - “Ohh, okay!” - “…” - “There!” - “That was my nose.”


▪ (especially when you’re actually trying to study)

▫ which leads to making out

▫ your dad probs clears his throat awkwardly,,,,

“Dear, dinner is ready, so…”


▫ (your dad only has that small smile on his lips)

▪ and when Emma leaves he’ll tease you with terrible puns afterwards


▪ “Put me down!! Everybody looks our way!” - “Let them! Have a bit fun, Em.”

▫ m o r e h u g s

▫ kissing her so much

▪ fore.head.kisses.

▫ listening to her when she rambles

▪ you’re not just her partner but also her best friend

▫ sending her memes at 2 AM

▪ “Shouldn’t you be asleep by now?” - “…. What about you, huh??”

Play it again, Jack III: MFMM fics you love to reread

“I just need to read it one more time, Dot.”

Finally I have cut-and-mixed a new installment of fics about the Miss Fisher world that you love to go back to and read! Again, thank you so much to all who sent me fic recommendations, and people that hasn’t – yes, I have one more post to come, so there is still some room for more!

Earlier posts: 

Play it again, Jack I (letter from @quiltingmom)
Play it again, Jack II (mixed recommendations)
The original ask

mokuyoubi, “The Heart Grows Fonder“. Reread by @rubycaspar

When I first discovered MFMM and felt the need to go through every T-rated and higher fic on AO3 to combat the ridiculous UST of the show, this fic was the one I went searching for again when I was done. There are so many things I love about it – the tension, the playfulness, the dream-like quality of the setup (especially if you read the preceding story, “In-Between Days”, first). And it’s everything that I personally was imagining for a smutty Phrack reunion – quick, passionate, desperate, steamy and loving – and so it was exactly what I wanted to read having just finished the series. I absolutely love it and re-read it all the time.

CollingwoodGirl/ @jeneenp,  “Sweltering”. Reread by @omgimsarahtoo

I love @jeneenp’s stories in general, but this one sticks in my head. I love the pure sensory overload of it – the descriptions of the summer heat wave, and Jack sitting at his desk in his shirtsleeves, and the wild heat that rises up between them… and that’s just in the first chapter! Chapter 2 has sassy Jack and humor and seduction, and chapter 3… well, I’ll just say the heat isn’t only in the temperature. Have your fans ready! This was written before series 3 aired, so it picks up where “Unnatural Habits” and “Murder Under the Mistletoe” leave off, with the aborted kiss (thanks, Aunt P) and "If I lock my door, no one could get in” and all of the tension that has built up between our two detectives. This story takes that tension and ratchets it up even higher, deftly weaving in Phrack’s care and cameraderie even as it brings them to a rather explosive peak. It’s just, in my opinion, divine.

mardia, “a lack of pretense”. Reread by @rithebard

I really like how this ends. I won’t say but Jack is drugged and Phryne finds him and takes him home. You have to read the story to understand.

“500 Words: 60. Caustic” by @firesign23. Reread by @kanste

This is another one that hurts soooo good. The whole fight feels so real and leaves me in tears every single time. If you need a pic up, there are also two fix fics for this one: “Balm” by @edeainfj/deedeeinfj and “Ask me again” by YouKnowMeAsJ.

The dress that needed to come back.

@omgimsarahtoo, “A More Lethal Dress“. Reread by @kanste

I think we all remember that beautiful dress Phryne wears to her first dinner with Lin. Sarah did all Lin not-fans a favour to make her wear it for Jack instead. The result is gorgeous, smutty gold. Like always the Sarah’s smut is wonderful. The seduction atmosphere is spot on and sets you in the mood perfectly. I also love the image of past weeks of their relationship, think dinner with kisses and cuddling.

@scruggzi, “The Long Road to Patagonia”. Reread by @zannadubs23

Crossover fic with Doctor Who. I’ve been a big Doctor Who fan for most of my life, so I probably enjoyed this more than is reasonable. Maybe not. It’s really well done with the two story bases perfectly merged. Scruggzi has a great feel for both universes and her Doctor felt genuine and perfectly suited to traveling with our favorite Lady Detective. 

@firesign23, “A Glass Splinter”. Reread by @bumblemama

A fic I reread semi-regularly is “A Glass Splinter”. Last night I read it again, straight through. It’s such a gorgeous story arc, full of the characters we all know and love but with a different starting point. The AU is fully as compelling; but I think because we all know the cases, there is more scope to explore the relationship. It’s a salient reminder of how much they each hold themselves back in the series. And while we are all wishing they hadn’t, there could be truly sad outcomes if they weren’t so reserved.

@edeainfj/ deedeeinfj , “The Fixed Foot”. Reread by @omgimsarahtoo

This story, when it came out, was controversial – it might still be, but I don’t even care. I love it with unrestrained madness, and I go back to it regularly. In it, Jack has agreed that he is willing to have an open relationship with Phryne, and it opens with her taking advantage of that for the first time. It’s painful as he goes through the terror that she won’t really come back to him, that he isn’t enough for her, that the fact that she wants other men means that she doesn’t love him – but it’s redeemed as he begins to understand what those others do for her and how they aren’t a commentary on how he pleases her or how much she loves him. It’s incredibly affirming of their differences and their relationship, and add to that it’s gorgeously written.

Gingham, “Repentance”. Reread by @whopooh

This story envisions a version of their reunion that is in equal measure beautiful and sad. Phryne comes back to Melbourne, not understanding why Jack never came or wrote her while she was in England, just to find out he’s in a very bad spot after a case that went wrong. It is heartbreaking and hopeful, and in a way that makes me want to go back there now and then. One of my favourite scenes is when Phryne finds out that Jack had in fact bought a ticket to England, and that he still carries it around with him in his pocket.

Modern Phryne. Equally discombobulated Jack.

@aljwritesphryne, “The YACI-verse”. Reread by @kanste

The fic series YACI really made me love modern AU’s and it is another feel good fic for me. I love that Phryne is not only a PI but also a social media personality. The use of Twitter/Facebook is fantastic as is the slow development of Phryne’s and Jack’s relationship. There are so many little add-ons to the main story from @aljwritesphryne that give us glimpses into the Phrack life. She did such a fantastic job with the characterisation! In my opinion this is exactly like those two would be if they would live today.

Xfphiles, “Devil in the Light”. Reread by @rithebard

Jack and Phryne are not talking after the death in the race car episode. Phryne is hunting for a missing heiress and finds a white slavery ring. She gets kidnapped and Jack has only one thought in mind. Find her. He almost loses himself doing it. This story really captured me for so many reasons. The loneliness of both of them missing the other. And what Jack went through and would do for Phryne, because he loved her so much. Beautiful. (I love this whole series.)

LemmingDancer, “Perchance to Dream”. Reread by @rithebard

Once again, Jack and Phryne are not talking after the death in the race car episode. This time Jack kidnapped and this time Phryne is desperately hunting for him and realizing just how much she loves him. This is a top favorite of mine. I go back to it again and again. It really gives you how both Jack and Phryne are feeling throughout the story. How they are both dealing with this situation and you feel like you are with them.

@mercurialbianca, “I Ask No Man Pardon”. Reread by @kanste

This one is not a Phrack story but Rosie’s story with a little bit of Phrack. I love the way Bianca wrote Rosie. I have a soft spot for Rosie in the show and I love that EC didn’t go the "nasty Ex” route. The friendship and later sexual attraction between Rosie and Phryne is very well written. I’m not a writer myself but I can imagine it is difficult to write a threesome and make it sexy and loving at the same time. I love the Phrack relationship Bianca wrote (as usual) but by the end Rosie is my star and I’m rooting for her and her new life. (The smut is very hot too).

Soupsouffle, “The Scent of a Lady (Detective)“. Reread by @kanste

Phryne is out of town with Mac and leaves something for Jack to remember her. This is pure Phrack Porn. If you are cold this will make you hot. Soupsouffle manages to create so many wonderful images of our favourite couple and I never looked at tissues the same way again.

Man just having had an Art Experience.

CollingwoodGirl/ @jeneenp, “The Artist and The Muse”. Reread by @kanste

Phryne finds out that Jack sat down for a painting while she was in England. I love the visuals that CollingwoodGirl creates in this one. The trust they are giving each other is very hot for me.

CollingwoodGirl/ @jeneenp, “The Artist and The Muse”. Reread by @geenee27

The first time I read this story it left me stunned, it was that good. The prose is exquisite – my words would just not do it justice. Suffice it to say, the writer paints (pun intended) such a beautiful, erotic and intimate portrait of every inch of Jack (effing) Robinson I am drawn to this work again and again. I love Phryne’s initial reaction to the whole scenario, her curiosity, her doubt, her little jealousy about this other women. And her reaction when she finally finds out the truth:

“Oh Jack.” Her voice sounds faraway with her hand covering her mouth – like she’s caught up in a dream.

Drinking in the eloquence of the charcoal lines, the finesse of the chalk as it casts a glow over the lithe nude figure, her fingers dart forward. She wants to see him through the eyes of this artist, to trace that familiar landscape in a completely unfamiliar way, to imagine herself as the one who rendered the very essence of him.

And Jack’s feelings concerning all that follows. 

He can’t possibly hope to do anything but grin. This is what he loves most about her, he thinks. That he can surprise her – even shock her – without fear of judgment or the reprisal of stony silence.


He fists his free hand into her hair and kisses her, making silent promises with his mouth. In her open-armed acceptance, he has found freedom.

And if the story wasn’t fantastic enough, Collingwoodgirl gives us the gift of finding the actual picture and it is glorious. 

@missingmissfisher, “Never expected”. Reread by @rithebard

Once again I love so many of @missingmissfisher‘s tales but I chose this one. Phryne and Jack go undercover as a married couple, Fern and Archie Jones. They are in England, Jack is there to see Phryne but also to help a friend from Scotland Yard. This is just such a delightful story. Not only do they have fun of being undercover but they get to finally explore their relationship. Love!

Lenore, “New Mutiny”. Reread by @kanste

After an explosion Jack loses is memory and can’t remember anything that happened after the War. I love how the writer manages to keep the characters and the UST of the series while doing a very believable amnesia.

Lenore, “New Mutiny”. Reread by @rithebard

Jack has amnesia he can’t remember anything since the war. Not where he lives, or what he now does, not Hugh Collins and of course not Phryne Fisher. But because of all the horrors he saw in hospitals during the war he does nothing. Just uses his will to make everyone including Phryne think he is fine. Love this story. This is also a favorite. I go back to it over and over. Just to see how Jack’s mind works, how he figures things out and what he really feels toward Phryne. Beautiful.

Lenore, “New Mutiny” (and the podfic of the same) and @rubycaspar, “And you yourself shall keep the key of it”. Reread by @whopooh

I too adore Lenore’s fic and have gone back to it several times. There is something utterly delicious in Jack trying to figure out his relatonship to this strange woman that seems to commandeer his life. Like here:

She leans in closer. "Jack.”

Maybe this is what they are to each other. Maybe all he needs to do is—he reaches for her before the thought has a chance to fully form. He rests his hand against her cheek, just like in the dream, his thumb stroking along her jaw as he presses their mouths together. She comes easily with a soft pleased sound, her body swaying in toward his. But it’s after just the slightest stutter of surprise. He might not even have noticed that if he weren’t so attuned to her.

He draws back in confusion. “I—” It’s clear now that this isn’t how they are, and he has no notion of how to explain himself, apart from offering a confession he has no intention of making.

I also love @rubycaspar‘s take on the amnesia trope, “And you yourself shall keep the key of it”, and even though it isn’t finished yet, I have already found myself rereading it for the tension of Jack trying to figure things out. It has a much sadder lining, as Phryne is aware of what is happening, and it’s beautiful both in the fun and the sad parts.

That’s all for today. And anyone feeling the urge, I’m happy to receive more recommendations!

Ariel Winter’s 19 Sexiest Social Snaps

Ariel Winter may star in Modern Family, but if she wants to quit her day job, she could definitely be a social media star. To celebrate Ariel’s 19th birthday on Jan. 28, take a look at 19 of her most “confident” Instagram looks.


Ariel Winter knows you can never go wrong with black. The Modern Family star looked gorgeous in this form-fitting lingerie-like number. (Photo: Instagram)

Source: Yahoo Celebrity

Big fan

Shouldn’t every day be Burt Reynolds day? “I have a Burt shirt and you don’t #throwinshade,” Winter captioned this revealing shot. (Photo: Instagram)

Source: Yahoo Celebrity

She’s got legs

No pants, no problem! The actress opted to show off her lace-up shoes and peekaboo shirt in this racy snap. (Photo: Instagram)

Source: Yahoo Celebrity

I’m on a boat

The actress thanked her followers by posting this pic of her driving a boat. “2 million!!!” she exclaimed. “Wow! I can’t believe it…love you guys so much #thankyou #love.” (Photo: Instagram)

Source: Yahoo Celebrity

Come hither

The young star posted this alluring shot while promoting her Instagram chat. (Photo: Instagram)

Source: Yahoo Celebrity

Graduation day

Ariel donned a daring bandage dress for her high school graduation party. (Photo: Instagram)

Source: Yahoo Celebrity

Strike a pose

If you see a rock on the beach, can you really walk by and not hold an impromptu photo shoot? (Photo: Instagram)

Source: Yahoo Celebrity

She wears short shorts

These shorts were made for wearin’! Ariel gave fans a glimpse of her short-shorts before a night out on the town. (Photo: Instagram)

Source: Yahoo Celebrity

Kick them daisies

This girl loves her Daisy Dukes … and a good mirror selfie! “Might ride some [horses] today,” she shared. Wish we could’ve seen that! (Photo: Instagram)

Source: Yahoo Celebrity

Full moon

If you can peel your eyes away from that view — and we don’t mean the water — Ariel would like ya’ll to know “there are stingrays in the water.” (Photo: Instagram)

Source: Yahoo Celebrity

Double trouble

Miss Winter put her assets on display (as usual) at Coachella. (Photo: Instagram)

Source: Yahoo Celebrity


Ariel did her best Kylie Jenner impression in this photo she captioned “SOS.” Indeed … this outfit’s on fire. (Photo: Instagram)

Source: Yahoo Celebrity

Sun your buns

Hey … if you’ve got it, flaunt it. (Photo: Instagram)

Source: Yahoo Celebrity


This is Ariel’s “ready to relax at the spa” look. (Photo: Instagram)

Source: Yahoo Celebrity

Easter best

Ariel popped a prim and proper pose in the photo she shared wishing her followers a happy Easter. (Photo: Instagram) https://www.instagram.com/p/BDdJEFZkxRC/?taken-by=arielwinter

Source: Yahoo Celebrity

Easy A

Naturally, the actress opted for a sexy Halloween costume. (Photo: Instagram)

Source: Yahoo Celebrity

Trick or treat

For another Halloween bash, she dressed as a Playboy bunny. (Photo: Instagram)

Source: Yahoo Celebrity


This girl loves to get cheeky (literally) on the ‘gram. “Will always look back… at this #4thofJuly,” she shared. (Photo: Instagram)

Source: Yahoo Celebrity

Birthday suit

Ariel donned this bedazzled one-piece for her 18th birthday. We can’t wait to see what she wears to celebrate her 19th. (Photo: Instagram)

Source: Yahoo Celebrity

Lena Luthor Appreciation Week, Day 2: Favorite Outfit/Look

I really can’t choose just one, especially when every episode Katie McGrath decides to one-up herself and look even HOTTER but I think her entire aesthetic during Medusa was overall my favorite. Her hair was gorgeous, her dress was awesome and then of course it was appearance #1 of THE COAT, and we all know how the fandom feels about THAT. ;) Plus she broke our heart in her scene with Lillian, stood up to Supergirl, and then fucking fooled EVERYONE and saved the aliens. And she did it all rocking stilettos. When does your fave ever???

[Photo cred to @weinzapfel for top pic and bottom two @swallowedabug you are both amazing thanks for your work]

Im in a dress group on facebook and every so often a transgirl (who doesnt pass v well, muscles, short hair, slight stubble) posts a pic of her in a dress and she gets the most likes and the comments are filled with middle aged housewives saying stuff like “gorgeous girl! xx” and “where did you get that dress? You suit the color!” And stuff and it’s so good and pure i love her

I!! AM!!! SO!!!

not ready for reputation to drop like every single song killed me and brought me back to life just to kill me again and it’s been so good yet so painful and we only got 4/15 songs and there will be paintings and handwritten lyrics and private pics and honestly how can you be ready when the queen of country, pop and alternative miss taylor alison swift is about to release her sixth studio album THIS WEEK

This is why I need feminism. Both of these women are beautiful, but we’ve been conditioned to say that one is better than the other. Jennifer is obviously photoshopped in that image. Not to say that she isn’t gorgeous, but magazines use photoshop. And Kim? She’s not skinny, yeah, but does that make her ugly? No. Stop comparing people. Stop believing that someone can be “perfect”. No one is. And stop putting women down for not being thin, because every body type is different, and as long as you’re healthy, you’re incredible.

David Bowie, rated by the level of dateability

Baby Bowie: Not really hot. Fucks around but is underage. -1/10

Mod Bowie: Has a fashion sense. Looks sharp as fuck. A London Boy. Hair on fleek. Does tinkture though and I’m not into drugs… 4/10

Space Oddity Bowie: A bit of a macho who wants his food on the table when he comes home (says Hermione), the perm… omg noodle no that was a bad decision. Skinny lad. Weird fashion choices. Is pimply and pasty. Not very appealing. 2/10

The Man Who Sold The World: A freak, but a good freak in a dress. Still, the perm isn’t my thing, but I dig the Holy Holy costumes… mmmhhhhhhh 4/10?

Hunky Dory Bowie: A HOT GUY! Really good hair. I am really envious. Let me bathe with him and wash my hair and ahhhhHHHHH!!! Fabulous as FUCK! Also have you seen his Glastonbury Look, the cape, the wide trousers, the cowboy hat? 7/10

Ziggy Stardust Bowie: Okay, I have a thing for redheads. There also is glitter, tight stage suits, has a glittery guitar. That is just super rad. Sexually ambitious, fucks a lot, #monogamy whats dis. Would be a 10/10 but the whole fucking around is kinda a downgrade personally, so 9/10.

Aladdin Sane Bowie: The same as Ziggy Stardust, but more unhappy. Poor baby, I wanna cuddle him, he probably wants to make out with me. 8/10.

Pin Ups Bowie: ???

Diamond Dogs: Like the Gouster, but still healthier, is a lone wolf, bold. Could seem confident, but just fired his band without thinking about his own future, is also a bit of an ass, starts getting into drugs… not really my thing. 5/10

Young Americans/ the Gouster: Gouster Look looks HELLA cute with his loaned clothes, and his transitional haircut, is a poor baby, probably very horny (but unable to get it up or have good sex)… dateable a 0/10

Thin White Duke: The same about the fucking as Gouster, looks like he aged around 10 years and his Gouster’s older stylish Wall Street Brother. Looks cold and unsympathetic. Is he even into dating? He dumped Ava. What about his sex drive? A mystery. Not very appealing but the suits get him a 1/10

Berlin Bowie: Now we’re talking! A dude with a really lowkey haircut, who is an alcoholic but consumes way less coke, he’s quiet, he paints a lot, goes to the museums, sits in the window at his apartment and strums his guitar. Come on once he threw out Iggy I would do the same as Coco (allegedly) and fall for him. Into his bed. Hell, it even got Angie back to sleeping with him again! 8/10

Scary Monsters Bowie: Seems similarly lowkey as Berlin Bowie, has cleaned up his act more. Don’t know much about him, but does a Broadway play and Baal, a very intersting and dateable bloke imo, 8/10

Let’s Dance Bowie: Man I don’t know, the superstardom isn’t really my thing, but for a hot affair I’d definitely be there. Like, roll around with him naked on a beach, sleep with him, travel around the world for six weeks while having a ton of good long mornings, … yes. 5/10 because no long term thing.

Tonight Bowie: Does he even think of dating? No, probably not. He’s very sad, and frustrated, has tons of beautiful women throwing themselves at him, but probably works through his issues in therapy, not yet dateable. Looks sometimes questionable but solid. Mmh 4/10

Never Let Me Down Bowie: Lowest point. So depressed. Alone. Frustrated. Has a gf who is a ballet dancer. Apart from the part where he is 20 years older – better life choices than in the past 5 years. Mullet. Starts getting more dateable. 5/10 because he’s not hot-hot, only personality-starts-to-appeal-hot.

Tin Machine Bowie: runs around in suits. Is probably a sex god when he hits mid-life crisis. Funny bloke – sits around with his underrated yet very relevant buddy Reeves and improvs TV-dialogue while having the volume off. Seems like a really solid guy. Loves music again, isn’t out for commercial success anymore, seems like the guy you could start a life with. Beard though, is sometimes attractive and sometimes not… 7/10

Black Tie White Noise Bowie: Suits. So many suits. And one happy bunny. Man, this man is happy as fuck. Also his wife is gorgeous. Let’s give him a solid 21/10 in dateability. To be precise, 9/10 points this gets is for his body in his engagement pic, the engagement pic itself, and a solid 10 extra bonus points are for his naked wife in their engagement pics. Another 2 points for the way he looks at her in that one photo at their wedding. You know the one. Every one. Can’t overscore, so… 10/10

Buddha of Suburbia Bowie: If I would date one guy besides BTWN from the guys mentioned until now, it would be Buddha of Suburbia Bowie. Why? He has a chill home life. Two weeks per year he records, otherwise he takes you to Bali or someplace, reads a lot, is super chill, clean, happy, makes a lot of sweet love to you. 10/10.

1. Outside Bowie:  THE SEX GOD. 11/10. Idc that you can’t overscore. Facial hair is always a risky move, but it paid off this time. The eyeliner is just everything, plus all the leather, the good humor, the sass, the dirty jokes, man this man got laid. A lot. Perfect husband. 11/10.

Earthling Bowie: Still perfect husband, but doesn’t look as hot as before. Still acts really, really hot. I will give it a 10/10 for every faked orgasm and hip roll and… (faints)

‘hours…’ Bowie: Can go from cuddly to sexy ageless guy in 0.2 seconds, beware. Sometimes has facial hair, which enhances the sexiness. Still the dork side gets prevalent now and his body isn’t that hot anymore, also he doesn’t get naked anymore on stage!!! I object!!! Fathers a child though congratz that gives him extra points, totalling at 8/10

Heathen Bowie: Has the best ass. Let’s be real here. That ass is made for thrusting. Lies about changing dirty diapers though, but reads a lot to your kid, is the best dad™, while being 100% fashionable and adores you to bits, gentle ageing and appreciative man with a side job as internationally acclaimed rockstar. Also bought you a fucking big apartment. 11/10 would bang, then ask for his hair stylist’s address.

Reality Bowie: Runs around like a dad in his free time, which he is. Has a second career-high, goes on his biggest tour ever, only to quit touring and smoking for you and the kid. Responsible and a bundle of love, 10/10. Funny clothes haha.

Gap Years Bowie: THE BEST. THE ABSOLUTE BEST. 9/10 would date/ marry/ go out with. His looks are fading but SO WHAT. The guy is just fucking amazing and chill and will adore you to bits, has his affairs sorted out… ideal.

The Next Day Bowie: He’s also still friggin cool, in case you forgot it. Maybe that’s why he made that album, maybe he was just a bit bored at home. Cool dad, also rockstar upsetting the Catholic Church. 9/10 would date.

Blackstar Bowie:Dr. Cameron from House M.D. would totes date and marry him, but jokes aside, hard to put a number on this one as little is known about his behaviour. Going from rumors he’ll still keep being positive and on valuing you, so I’ll give the whole experience a 5/10, because it still sucks hard.

bhunivelzah  asked:

Hi! Can you post a/your top 10 tumblr blogs with stationery/journal ideas/creations/tutorials/posts/etc? Thank you!

Hi, definitely! I I feel like 10 is not enough because there are so many great people with amazing creations here, but I’ll try to choose! :D

@studypetals Rhianne’s blog is where you should go when you need ideas for your bullet journal. She has lots of resources - doodles, banners, titles,… and her journal is simply amazing.

@studyrose Cheyenne has the most gorgeous bujo ever, like DAMN, her journal was the one that inspired me to start my own.

@studykouffee​ Kou and her journal & notes omg, just go and look at it, it’s awesome. I still cannot comprehend how she does her lettering.

@studywithinspo Brian’s bullet journal and aesthetic are GOALS. He also has a youtube channel where he posts tutorials and flip throughs etc, you should definitely check that.

@emmastudies​ Emma has lots of great advice, and she just made really nice desktop calendars for 2017!

@nag-aaral​ Eris has such a BEAUTIFUL bullet journal, every photo she posts is a piece of art.

@focusign Judy uses simple layouts in her journal, and they look SO amazing and still well decorated!!

@acadaemic Anna has SO PRETTY spreads & her study posts are goals.

@studyplants Adi makes beautiful graphics & helpful masterposts but also gorgeous notes 💕

@studylustre I’ve been stalking Carol on her instagram (because her feed is AWESOME) but she also posts her pics here on tumblr and they’re so amazing

Again, I feel so bad for leaving so many awesome people. Just look through the stuff I reblog, there are many posts and creations I find amazing :)

This New Vegan Cookbook Will Help You Survive the Holidays

Isa Chandra Moskowitz, the best-selling author behind famed vegan cookbooks like Isa Does It and Veganomicon, is at it again with another impressive collection of recipes: The Super Fun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook: Entertaining for Absolutely Every Occasion.

Preparing a dish for friends and family who are skeptical of vegan food can be daunting, so when I found out about this new book, I was beyond thrilled!

I have several cookbooks at home by Ms. Moskowitz, including her amazing Vegan Brunch cookbook (a personal favorite). Literally every recipe that I’ve tried has been beyond my expectations. It’s quality you can depend on.

This brand-new book is chockfull of mouthwatering plant-based recipes (and gorgeous pics) for every occasion, from New Year’s to Passover to Thanksgiving. It’s sure to impress friends and family, and make holiday entertaining a breeze.

Here’s a taste:

Banana Eggnog Pancakes
Makes 8 pancakes
Total: 30 minutes
Active: 30 minutes

2 very ripe medium bananas
1¼ cups eggnog
2 tablespoons canola oil
2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1 cup all-purpose flour
2¼ teaspoons baking powder
½ teaspoon grated fresh nutmeg, plus extra for sprinkling
¼ teaspoon salt
Refined coconut oil, for cooking

For serving:

Banana slices
Fresh or dried cranberries
Pure maple syrup

You are going to want these pancakes around throughout December the same way you are going to want to hang up vintage candy cane lights and listen to indie-rock Xmas playlists and watch Love, Actually over and over again. They’re perfect for Christmas morning, and you won’t be able to live without them. After January 1, though, put them away, let their powers recharge, and do it again next year! I’ve included a little extra nutmeg just to drive home the point that these are eggnog pancakes! If there still isn’t enough of that woodsy perfume for you, shave a little bit more nutmeg over the top of your stack, because yum.

In a medium mixing bowl, mash the bananas with a small masher until they are almost pureed. Add the eggnog, canola oil, vinegar, and vanilla and set aside.

In a separate large mixing bowl, sift together the flour, baking powder, nutmeg, and salt. Make a well in the center and pour in the banana mixture. Use a fork to mix until a thick, lumpy batter forms. That should take about a minute. It doesn’t need to be smooth; just make sure you get all the ingredients incorporated. Let the batter rest for 10 minutes.

Preheat a large nonstick pan (preferably cast iron) over medium-low heat. Lightly coat the pan with coconut oil. Add ⅓ cup of the batter for each pancake and cook until puffy, about 4 minutes. Flip the pancakes, adding a new coat of oil to the pan, and cook until golden brown, another 3 minutes or so.

Transfer the pancakes to a plate tented with aluminum foil while you cook the rest. Serve with sliced bananas, cranberries, and maple syrup.


Since vegan eggnogs vary from brand to brand, your results may vary, but I can’t see anything going drastically wrong from using one brand over another. Some are thinner than others, some are spicier, but you always have to play with pancake batter a little anyway, adding a tablespoon of extra flour or a splash of extra liquid to get the right consistency. Don’t sweat it.

Excerpted from the book THE SUPERFUN TIMES VEGAN HOLIDAY COOKBOOK by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. Copyright © 2016 by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. Reprinted with permission of Little, Brown and Company.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to order your copy today!!