every peal of laughter from the people he loves so much

You Are My Heaven Pt 1 (Steve Rogers Fic)

Characters: reader, Steve, Sam, Natasha, Tony (mentioned), Clint (mentioned) Maria Hill

Summary: Falling for a good man, who happened to be her training partner, was unavoidable. Does the reader have the courage to find out if he feels the same way? What if he doesn’t? Life rarely unfolds the way we hope it would. (Events take place after CATWS)

Warnings: lil fluff, lotta angst. Heartbreak. I’m sorry. 

Word Count: 2.8k

Song Inspiration: A Drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope

Tags are at the bottom

A/N: This one hurt. Once again, I drew from my own personal experiences, so it took a lot out of me to write. I hope you enjoy it? Part 2 will be out in a few days, I promise! It’s already written and will be the last, with a possible epilogue. Please let me know your thoughts! Special thanks to @buckyywiththegoodhair for reading this over! You’re a darling! 

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Stupid heart.

Stupid feelings.

Stupid brain for putting you in this situation.

Stupid gorgeous, muscled Super Soldier who just had to be working out right in front of you with his God-like physique and sweat glistening on his handsome brow.

At this point, you had no choice in the matter. You were too far gone. Resistance was futile.

“You know, you could just tell him,” muttered the red-headed former assassin beside you.

You scoffed, “Who? About what? I mean, I don’t…what’re you…”

Unimpressed by your less-than-convincing response, Natasha caught your eye and raised an eyebrow. She knew.

Huffing out a frustrated sigh, you conceded. “I can’t do that.”

“Why not?”

A snort of laughter escaped you, “Why? Because he’s Steve Rogers! Captain Freaking America. It’s not gonna happen.”

She shrugged, “You never know unless you try.”

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Of Books and Dirty Cash pt 17


Yoongi x Reader

Before you moved to live on campus for college, you had never heard of a librarian who had a reputation for yelling. But not only does Min Yoongi yell, he’s also dangerous, and part of something much, much darker. When curiosity gets the better of you, you end up involved in much more than you bargained for.

You can also read part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

Warning: This chapter has guns and violence, if you are concerned that it might bother you, please message me! I’d be happy to give you more details or a summary of what happens <3 

You could hear sirens outside. The florescent lights were blinding in the building, especially after being outside. A police officer walked over to you, kneeling down so he was level to where you sat. He was young, a little unsure. He was also the first person to take you seriously. 

“My name’s Jay.” He said. “I just looked over the form you handed in. It says you have hard evidence?”

You nodded. When you walked in, you had tried to talk to the lady sitting behind the counter, and she had handed you a piece of paper to fill out.

“Fill it out and bring it back up. We’ll take it from there.” 

You had tried to tell her it was important, and she had given you a blank stare until you took the clipboard. 

“You’ve been through a lot, haven’t you?” Jay looked sympathetic, and you nodded again. “Look, I’m going to take you into the back and ask you some questions–”

“I want full immunity.” You interrupted, and Jay gave you a small smile.

“You’re not in any trouble. Reporting a crime isn’t committing one.”

You shrugged. “Some of the things I tell you might be incriminating, I don’t know. I want full immunity.”

Jay sighed. “Okay. Wait here, I have to talk to my supervisor.”

It wasn’t long before you found yourself in a room with a one-way mirror, sitting at a table across from Jay and another officer. The women looked bored as she looked at you, the files you brought in with you sitting in the middle of the table.

“I’m sure you understand, we need a recording of what you tell us for the court—“ Jay started, and the women rolled her eyes.

“Quiet, new kid.” She snapped at Jay. “Now you,” She said, looking you dead in the eyes. “You better have a good reason to be here. It’s a felony to report a false crime.”

You fidgeted nervously, hands clasping and unclasping. “Before you look at the files, I want to explain myself.”

“That’s fine.” Jay said, giving you an encouraging smile as he ignored the glare his supervisor gave him.

“I never meant to get involved with any of this. Not gangs, or mafias, or whatever it is that I’ve recently found myself in the middle of.”

“Get to the point.”

You cleared your throat. “I wouldn’t have done this if I thought there was any way around it, so I’m hoping you won’t make me regret that decision. This should count as probable cause to arrest them.” You pushed the files towards the two officers. “I just want to be left alone. I want to know that the people I care about aren’t in danger because of me.” Your thoughts were going a mile a minute, and the silence of the room felt deafening. Would Yoongi forgive you for this? Would he understand that you didn’t have a choice? No, probably not.

Jay opened the file on top and his eyes widened. “How did you get all of this?” He asked. His supervisor finally looked mildly interested and took the paper from him.

“It’s a long story, but I don’t think you need to know that to arrest them.”

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Not Today


You’re good at irritating Jungkook, but he’s just as good at revenge

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“But Cullen, see here-“

“Did I stutter?”

“Anyone would think you didn’t want to share them.”

“Not with the nobility of Orlais, I do not.”

“I think you are being rash. This is an excellent reason for a peaceful, joyful gathering, as well as winning ourselves some influence with the nobility. Recently, things have been tricky to say the least. An evening reception could be the turning point for this.”

They are not bargaining chips.

“But they attract much attention-”


“The children of the Herald of Andraste and the Commander of the Inquisition. Surely you understand the interest that garners; the people are curious.”

“They can stay curious, and preferably several miles away from Skyhold.”

Josephine let out an indignant huff, pointing her quill at him from across the war table. “You are being insufferable, and pig-headedly stubborn about this.”


“Cullen, it will be a fine evening!”

“They are children! One of them barely an infant, three months old!” Cullen’s lip curled as he snarled his response. “They will have no idea what is happening, other than being peered at and patted and prodded, on display for your politicking. I won’t agree to it.” He folded his arms firmly, glowering across the room at her, fully intending that the conversation be over.

“That’s a pity, because the Inquisitor already has.”



“I’d like to voice, once again, that I am entirely against this entire idea. Maker knows why you ever agreed to it.” Cullen’s scowl was fixed as the procession of caravans and trailers made their way into the courtyard of Skyhold, mingling with the welcoming party, the sounds of laughter and conversation rising in the air. Their daughter sat in his arms, young eyes watching the arriving banners and colours with fascination from the safety of the parapets.

“Is that why we have more guard on duty than the entirety of Val Royeaux?”

The displeasure on his face was evident. “Inviting half of Orlais in to our home, even just for the evening, is asking for trouble. Andraste preserve me, I will have lost my patience by the time the end of this debacle comes around.”

Elicia rolled her eyes, moving to stand at his side, gently leaning into him. The infant tucked in the crook of her arm squeaked at the movement, but continued to slumber on. “Cullen, love. You are overthinking this.”

She felt the soft scratch of stubble as he kissed the side of her head, free arm linking around her waist, pulling her in close, chest heaving with a sigh. “It makes me nervous.” The stark confession came as his previous stoicism slipped. “It is too easy, too open and exposed. It is bad enough having to agree to place you on a pedestal for all to see, to leave you so exposed, that I cannot control. But for them too…I know I cannot hide them here forever, but…To wish for some normality for them, to be safe in this uneasy world…”

“I cannot think of any way they will ever be safer. Skyhold is their home.” She let the silence hang for a moment before continuing. “We need to appease these families and win some favour for ourselves. I know you understand it well enough, and I know that underneath you distain for our ambassador’s posturing, you recognise the reality we face. This is difficult, but our duty to the Inquisition must also be a consideration. It is one evening.”

The sigh that began his reply told her he understood fine well. “They will be safe, because I have stationed guards at every possible problematic area within Skyhold, and will have all on high alert for any issues. I will not allow anything other than a trouble-free evening.”

“They will be safe,” Elicia countered, turning her gaze upwards to meet his, “because their father will be less than a breath away at all times. No would-be trouble maker would dare to do anything with that particular threat hanging over them.”

She allowed herself a coy grin as she felt his chest rise and fill with pride, the low chuckle that fell from his lips more relaxed. “At least we are in agreement about something.”

Any further response he had was interrupted by an excited cry from the toddler in his arms.

“Daddy, look! Flags!”


As it happened, the reception was undisturbed and typically boring. The nobles fawned over the new arrival (yes, he repeatedly answered, he had taken his eyes and hair from his father), whispered hushed remarks about the blessed second infant of the Herald (Connor, he did have a name, sweet Maker!)  and marvelled at how alike their young girl was to her mother (Maker’s breath, was that really a surprise?). Frankly, the events of the day did little to change his opinion on the uselessness of pomp and circumstance of nobility, and only further served to reinforce his belief that a few good soldiers was better than any damn party. He was polite, however, Josephine’s warning eyes often finding him, and he spent the early evening fielding questions with ease, and sheltering a shy Imogen in his arms from the squealing noble women attempting to pinch her cheeks.

But when she began to whine, and rub at her eyes, and the baby grew restless, even with a full stomach, Cullen merrily volunteered to commandeer the bed time effort. Elicia had thanked him as she had passed the boy, the look they shared telling him there would be an admittance later on that perhaps he had been right about inviting so many people at once. But it was gone in a flash, and she was drawn into another conversation with another masked noble. Cullen slipped from the Great Hall with ease, leaving instructions with the guard should his presence be required, before disappearing into the quiet of Skyhold and the safety of their personal quarters, the warmth of the embers from the fire glowing in the dark of the evening.

As the door closed, he felt the invisible burden slip from him. Complete. He could relax, now that privacy was once more theirs, that the peering eyes and sickly-sweet voices had disappeared. Elicia was capable, more than capable, of handling an evening reception full of finery and indulgence. She was, after all, noble blooded, born into that world, far more attune with it and less noticeably irritated; Cullen, despite valiant attempt, had yet to ever find the patience, and often fought to control the sarcasm that awaited on his tongue. For all that the Inquisition was, and had, the Ferelden farm boy at his core still yearned for the most peaceful life he could muster.

He kicked off the leather boots that so pained his feet, setting the baby down amongst the covers on the bed before shedding the heavy dress jacket and waistcoat, and loosing the collar of his shirt. He set about changing Imogen from the ridiculously ruffled dress she had been subjected to, cladding her in fresh nightclothes and freeing her ever-growing hair from the confines of the plait Elicia had so carefully put in place.

“Come now, how about some peace from all that madness, hm? You have done a fine job as our newest ambassador. You look a little more like yourself now though, little one, and I fear I shall always prefer you to do so.” The soft giggle from her as he tickled under her chin made his heart swell, and he planted several kisses on her cheeks, peals of light laughter ringing out in response. Bundling both her and her brother back into his arms, he settled amongst the pillows on the bed, Imogen curling under one arm, the baby, with his golden tufts and rosy fat cheeks, nuzzling into his chest, breathing settling as calm descended. Cullen’s eyes closed almost automatically, the peaceful bliss addictive, and the content feeling of having both close, safe and quiet.

“So little, so new here, but so loved. Endless possibility, wrapped with hopes and dreams. Must protect, too innocent, too much evil in this world for them. How such little people have such hold over a heart.”

The sudden voice made him jump, eyes snapping open; even now, the Hedge mage could catch him by surprise. “Cole.” It was a rather obvious statement, and the boy, perched on the chair opposite, tilted his head.

“I was not aware you were sleeping. Did I frighten you?”

“I wasn’t, I…never mind.” He sighed, raising an eyebrow. “What do you want?”

“The Inquisitor asked me to check you had escaped in safety. She is trapped within conversation, mask after mask, words, words, words. It is so busy, but nobody notices Cole. I slipped up here very easily for her. She was worried it was too much.”

“Did she now?” He relaxed, returning to gently patting his son’s back, lulling him into a peaceful slumber with the quietest of sniffles. “Well, you can tell her that all is well, and she is free to continue with her evening. Although, I doubt I will be rejoining her, so please pass on my apologies.”

“Warm arms, broad chest, hands that guide, eyes that adore. Safe from all here, with my father, my favourite place in his embrace.”

Cullen’s eyes snapped up once more, following Cole’s gaze to his sleeping daughter, a dainty hand curled amongst his shirt, dark curls splayed as she found sleep, peace on her face, cheek resting at the arch of his shoulder. The creeping familiarity of fierce love wove into his chest as he watched her sleep, Cole’s words ringing in his ear, and a soft chuckle escaped him as he closed his eyes, knowing the spirit would be gone, leaving them in blissful peace once more.

The Power of Prongs

One-shot. 4,512 words.

Lily uses all the Marauder nicknames casually, except for James’s. He’s rather upset about it…until she tells him the reason why.

Based on headcanon.



“Interesting good, or interesting my girlfriend is going to be a crank all morning?”

Kissing her temple, her boyfriend breaks the news, “Love, you’re already a crank this morning.”

Although he deserves a sharp elbow for that cheek, resorting to physical violence, Lily knows, would only prove his point. Besides, even she can admit that she’s nobody’s idea of a morning person.

They’d come down half an hour before, breakfasting rather earlier than usual. She’d normally protest this, loudly and obnoxiously, but as it had been her idea, however, it would be bad form. She’d spent the first ten or so minutes staring, trance like, into her cup of warm tea, willing the steam to wake her up. 

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Scripted Part Two

Since the first chapter was an astounding success, we’re back for more bay beeeeee! Also major thanks to my smut genius, @alexispoo for her amazing help with this chapter!

Warnings - Major Angst. Feels. Major major feels.

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Your name: submit What is this?

“Fucking hell…” you groaned, trying not to ogle Dean’s body but you found yourself fighting a losing battle and you both knew it. Dean seemed especially smug judging from that all knowing smirk he was putting on. Those dark sweats he wore were dangerously low on his hips and you quickly tore your eyes away to stare at your Chuck Taylor’s.

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Raining Cats and Dogs

In which, Thor and you have recently moved in together and someone tells Thor that it is of good fortune to adopt pets in order to have a happy, long life with your partner. This is pure silliness, don’t take this seriously.

Word Count: 1,130

Warnings: None. 

A/N: Hope you enjoy it, my dear! @it-takes-courage-to-be-you 

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Moving in with Thor was an adventure. Every day it was something new. Thor was quick to understand everything around him, but it was still amusing to watch him be surprised at how technology worked and often remarking how differently things were done in Asgard. You had grown accustomed to teasing him and often imitated his deep, proper voice, to which Thor responded with a chuckle before lunging at you, his arms wrapping around your waist as you squealed. He’d throw you onto the couch and pin you against his, your laughs turning to breathless gasps as he pressed lips against your own.

Even though you lived in the Avengers Tower, the floor Tony gave the two of you was private. Only a certain amount of people had the code to enter and even then, they called either you or Thor to let you know they were dropping by. It gave you both freedom and privacy to do whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted.

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“I don’t get jealous.”

Request: could you do one where someone from the gale is trying to flirt with you but newt (your boyfriend) sees and he comes over to you and just starts acting all cutesy and boyfriendy (are those even words lol?) in front of the guy and can it be really fluffy? Sorry if thats a little confusing or complicated aha

A/N: inspiration for this came from this cute ass gif. I hope you like it anon, I’m sorry it took me ten million years, but aye better late than never am i right? Any who, I’m slowly catching up to all my requests now, so if you’ve requested it will be up relatively soon! :) 

*3rd person POV*

“Alright, Greenie,” Newt says, greeting the stocky boy at his hammock “Now that you’ve settled in a little, are ya ready for the tour?”

The Greenie stands and looks up the older boy, “Yeah, I guess so.”

“That’s what I’m talking about,” Newt says, clapping him on the back, “Now what’s the name again? Lawrence?”

“Uh no,” The boy shuffles uncomfortably, “It’s Liam.”

“Ah right, sorry Greenie, I got too many bloody names floatin’ around in this head of mine. Let’s get on with it shall we?”

Newt towered a good 6 inches over the boy, but what he lacked in height he made up for in his muscle. Newt was tall and slender, while Liam was shorter and bulkier. He seemed to be about a year or so younger than Newt, and his dark hair and piercing bright blue eyes were a stark contrast to Newt’s blonde hair and dark brown eyes.  

The more he took him around the Glade, the more Liam seemed to come out of his shell, which gave Newt a good feeling about him – most Greenies were still scared out of their wits at the tour. It was a good thing Alby wasn’t giving it because the kid asked lots of questions and he would’ve bit the poor kid’s head off.

“Okay, Greenbean, we’re back at the Box, I think that about sums up the tour for now.” Newt says. “Your training with the first keeper starts tomorrow at the Wake-Up. For now, why don’t you go get some food and maybe watch people work, get an idea of where you might want to fit in here.”

“Wait,” Liam says, clearly not getting a word of what Newt had just said, “Who is that?

Newt doesn’t need to look up to know who he’s talking about, though he does anyway and a small smile finds its way on his lips. Liam’s finger is pointing to a girl eating with Thomas in Fry’s kitchen, the delightful peals of her laughter easily heard from where the two stood.  

“That would be (Y/N),” Newt says, “She’s the only girl here. Nobody knows why she’s different, but she’s here and she’s one of us now. Bloody tougher than you are, that’s for sure.” Newt punches him in the arm.

The kid wouldn’t take his eyes off of her, “She’s super hot. Does she have a boyfriend?”

Newt internally groans, “Yeah, in fact, she does.”

“Damn,” Liam mutters, “Who is it?”

“Me,” Newt says, crossing his arms with a smirk on his face.

“Oh, I’m sorry, dude. I didn’t mean to–”

Newt cuts him off with a laugh, “Don’t worry about it. As long as you don’t try anything, there won’t be any problems. I don’t get jealous, she’s the only girl surround by at least sixty guys. If I got jealous every time someone looked at her, I’d go out of my buggin’ skull.”

“Yeah, yeah, dude, of course. I understand.”

However, the Greenie’s inability to take his eyes off of her, even as he said those words, left Newt with a feeling of unease.


*Your POV*

“Hey . . hey Thomas,” Minho says, trying to stifle a laugh, “Does my hair look pretty?”

You were sitting with Thomas and Minho at the greenie bonfire, a choice you were seriously starting to regret right about now. Hanging out with them was always fun until it passed a certain point in the night – when they had both consumed far too many cups of Gally’s recipe.

“Dude your hair amazes me half the time …”

“Okay, you’re both too drunk, that’s my cue.” You stand and brush the dirt off of your pants, tuning out the rest of Thomas’s speech about the state of Minho’s quiff. Your eyes search the ring of Gladers for your favorite blonde boy, and you spot him perched on a log next to Alby, the leader with a genuine smile on his face as he spoke to him. Newt was one of the few people who could still make Alby smile – he had a way of making people feel at ease.

They both smile at you as you approach, and you sit down on the log next to Newt.

“Hey, love,” He says, putting an arm around your shoulders and pulling you in to place a kiss on your temple. “Tommy and Minho get too out of control?”

You laugh and nod, “Minho started asking Thomas about his hair, I had to get out of there.”

He laughs too, “Well it’s safe over here, want me to get you a drink?”

“Sure,” You smile, “anything but Gally’s recipe, someone here needs to be sober in the morning.”

“You’re right,” Alby says, “I think I better head off to bed, sleep these shuck drinks off so I can function tomorrow.”

Alby heads off to sleep, and Newt to get your drink, so you patiently sit and wait for his return as you nonchalantly pick at your nails. However, after five minutes of waiting, he still hadn’t returned, and you stand to go figure out what was holding him up. You hardly get three steps away before the Greenie steps in.

“Hey, (Y/N), right? I’m Liam.”

Ironically, the party was dedicated to him, yet you hadn’t expected to talk to him. Usually Greenies were too shy to talk to anyone at this point – especially you, being the only girl.  

“Yeah, I’m (Y/N). Nice to meet you.” You smile.

He hands you a cup, “I noticed you were sitting alone, so I thought I’d bring you a drink.”

“Thank you, that was nice!” You say, a bit taken aback, “You didn’t have to do that, my boyfriend went off to get me one, but I don’t know where he ran off to.”  

He seemed to ignore your subtle hint, “No it’s okay, I wanted to.”

Seeing no other option, you take a small sip of the drink and have try your best not to spit it out and gag. Gally’s recipe. The only thing you didn’t want to drink. You just force a smile onto your face and lower the drink from your mouth.

“So, is it weird being the only girl here?” he asks after an awkward pause.

“I think everyone has gotten used to it by now. I’d say I fit in here just as much as the rest of them.”

“Yeah, but don’t you get hit on a lot?”

Man, you think to yourself. He really doesn’t beat around the bush.

You decided to do the same, “Never actually. The Gladers respect me and they respect Newt.” You’re hoping to get across the message that you weren’t interested. “Plus they know he would kick their ass if they tried anything.” You add as an afterthought.

He reaches out and brushes a strand of your hair behind your ear, “Well, I hope he knows what a catch he’s got.”

You stiffen and have to try hard not to flinch. You wanted nothing more than to get out of this uncomfortable conversation. You have no idea how to respond, and luckily you don’t have to. You can see Newt striding powerfully towards the two of you, an expression of fury etched onto his features.

“Excuse me,” Newt says, roughly pushing Liam out of the way and grabbing you in his arms. He leans down and kisses you hard and passionately, making a point to slowly slide his hands down your back and pull you in closer. You smile into the kiss, enjoying this aggressive side of Newt, and you drop the drink as your hands make their way around his neck, trailing up and into his hair.

When Newt finally breaks the kiss, you look around for the Greenie, but he has disappeared.

“That’ll show the buggin’ twat,” Newt says gruffly, “If he has any sense he won’t show his face to me for awhile. I’ll give him a bloody earful.” You smile up at him, a smirk playing at your lips. “What?” He asks innocently.

As cuddly and sweet as Newt was when you were alone, he was not one for PDA – especially in front of Greenies. Aside from the occasional peck or handhold, he wanted to keep his public image as clean and professional as possible. This was part of the reason the Gladers respected him so much.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were jealous,” You tease.

“Of course not, you know I don’t get jealous!”

You raise your eyebrows, “Newt,”

He sighs, “You should’ve heard the way he talked about you this morning and the way he wouldn’t stop looking at you and he’s got blue eyes and–”

You put your hands on his cheeks so he would look at you and listen, “And you should hear the way I’m sure every other Glader talks about me when we’re not around. Or looks at me when they think we won’t notice. It means nothing.” You say. “And I love your adorable brown eyes,” You add with a laugh.

“I guess so, but–”

“And you should hear the way you talk about me and see the way you look at me. It’s the only way I want someone to look at me. Like I’m not just some pretty face, like I’m a person that you love and care about. It’s the same way I look at you. And you’re the only one in here who I will ever look at like that.”

He smiles, accepting defeat “You’re right, as usual. I love you.”

“I love you too,” You smile, getting on your tiptoes and pecking him on the lips once more, “So can I get my drink now?”

He laughs and grabs your hand, “Yeah, yeah, of course, let’s go.”

anonymous asked:

I saw you did an ask for someone else, so I hope this isn't rude but... I really like your dad!Cullen/Cullen-family stuff you write. I'm an adoribull fan and wondered if you would do a fic or drabble with them babysitting the babies? Only if you want to!

(Thanks for this, Nonny! Love a little Adoribull on my dash!)


The echoed shouts seemed to bounce from the walls, and Dorian stood at the door to the bathing room, an unimpressed curl of his lip emerging at the sight that greeted him. “Yes, because turning the flooring into one large puddle is such a good idea.”

“Aw, come on, kadan. We were just causing-“

“Mayhem.” Bull’s grin was less than apologetic. “I believe even the guard on the furthest battlement now knows that to be fact.”

“But Uncle Dowian!” Conner lisped, wet curls plastered back against his head, grinning up at him from amongst the towering bubbles that only Bull could have assumed necessary, “what’s baf’time without maaaaayhem!” The young boy thrashed in the water, drenching the front of Dorian’s robe and causing Bull to snort with laughter, the mage raising an eyebrow as he stared the boy down.

“Must you splash so ferociously, Connor?”

“It’s not mayhem if you do it sensitively, now is it?” Bull splashed the boy back, causing peals of laughter and Dorian rolled his eyes as he turned from the bathtub.

Festis bei umo canavarum.” They had agreed to mind the children for a night while the Inquisitor and Commander dealt with a matter outside of Skyhold; Dorian had no qualms in suspecting this suddenly arising issue was simply a night alone minus the small people he was now in custody of. Even he would admit that a night alone with his love in a tent would be considered romantic compared to wrestling two wriggling cherubs into the bath.  “Come, Imogen, that hair of yours will take hours to dry. Join me in sweet, dry sanity.”

The eldest Rutherford glanced over, dressed already in fresh pyjamas, fighting with the wet tangle of blonde that covered her head and followed him wordlessly out into their parents’ private quarters. They found a spot before the fire, and Dorian found himself wondering how on earth one human being could have so much hair as he dried it with the flannel towel. He focused as he worked, enough magic flowing into the thick comb to warm it as he brushed, separating thick blonde curls with care. She nestled into him, humming along with him as he combed, and the warmth of the fireplace filled the room, the glow of the hot embers cloaking it in peace.

He had never considered himself particularly paternal (Maker knows the brats he usually encountered irked him enough to consider investing his efforts into finding a method of reproduction that entirely skipped this phase of life), and he was usually thankful children were most certainly not included on the path he found himself walking. His own experience as a child left a lot to be desired, to say the least. But the little girl currently occupying his lap had been different, as had her brother. Sure, he had gingerly agreed to hold them both as newborns as the Inquisitor had thrust them at him, regardless of the matter that babies were most definitely not his thing. But as time had passed, they had begun to speak through the crystal of their own vocation, to add notes and drawings to the letters their mother had sent north. They were no longer wailing infants needing napkins changed - they were people. Inquisitive, cheerful, entertaining little people, and their charm was compelling. He loved to listen to them play, to marvel at the ingenuity of their endless imagination, and he found himself leaving their company a little lighter in his step. Not to mention threatening to turn them all ‘Tevinter’, and watching Elicia’s amusement and Cullen’s profuse panic, had become his newest hobby.

“Uncle Dorian?”


“Will you teach me more about magic tomorrow? I want to learn more about the fire.”

He chuckled as he began to plait her hair, fingers working through long tresses. “I fear your father will banish me from Skyhold if I teach you anymore, lest you burn a hole in the curtains. He can be ferocious when he is angry.”

“Daddy?” She laughed, tucking her feet together and shuffling in place. “Daddy isn’t scary. Daddy is…well, Daddy. He’s funny and he tells good stories, and he makes my favourite cocoa and he plays chess with me…” She paused, twiddling her fingers as her face fell. “ He gives good cuddles, especially when I have nightmares. I don’t think I could ever be scared if Daddy is there.”

Dorian supposed many years ago he would have been jealous, even admittedly of this little girl, for something so very natural and normal. For boasting of having a father so involved that he could calm fear with a mere hug, for wanting to spend time with a child he loved. For being the towering, strong, wise, fearless figure of a father he supposed was written into Varic’s best tales. His father had certainly never approached even mediocre, and he wondered how differently his life may have lead had he had a father that too made cocoa and wiped tear-stained cheeks. That, however, was the past and he had no reservations that Cullen was every bit the adoring father to these children out of the same devotion that he suspected the man lived most of his life with, rather than through any desire to see bloodlines preserved or familial honour. And him? Well, he played the adoring uncle, aloof enough to avoid embroiling himself in petty things such as discipline, but involved enough to receive the latest artistic master pieces by raven.

“Well, I am glad he is good at something. He is terrible at chess, and I suppose it runs in the family.”

“Hey, I beat you twice today!” Imogen reached a hand back to prod at him before she sighed, curling a blonde strand around her finger as she straightened up again. “I like having you and Bull here.”

“Well, I suppose I rather like being here too. I have many happy memories at Skyhold.”

“Can’t you stay then? And we could have tea parties each Friday, and you could read me more of the books in the library and…and…it’d be great!

Oh, and the thought was delightful, not only for the company of his de-facto niece and nephew. A library of his own to complete, to study and to research at his leisure. Bull nearby, at his beck and call when at home, with friends aplenty and the splendours of Skyhold to behold each day. But the cruel reality of duty pulled him back from imaging such pleasures - they were not his to dream of. He completed the plait with a tut, tying the end with a simple bow and tucking it over her shoulder before replying.

“As much as I may wish it, I must return to Tevinter. I am rather important, you see. However would the Magisterium cope without me? It would be so dull, so uninspiring, and so very bland.”

Imogen leant back into him, obvious disappointment in the scowl plastering across her face as she raised her eyes, meeting his gaze as she folded her arms. “What’s so good about Tevinter? What’s it like anyway?”

“Simply breathtaking. Wide landscape, dramatic scenery, the high spires of the city…It is rather brilliant.”

“It can’t be that brilliant. I’m not there.”

“No,” he admitted with a chuckle, patting her cheek with a tender smile. “You are not, little one. I suppose Tevinter shall always be missing that.”

“We could come and visit!” The moment was broken by the arrival of Connor, perched precariously on Bull’s horns, beaming broadly from underneath a thatch of golden curls that bounced with each large step.

“Suggest that one to your father and write me with his decision, Master Rutherford.”

Bull snorted once more, lifting the boy from his shoulders and placing him down on the awaiting bedsheets. “I’d pay silver to see Cullen’s face at the idea of a family vacation to Minrathous.”

Dorian managed to hold back the mirthful sneer that threatened, only for fear of having to explain the inner politics of Thedas this side of midnight to two easily excitable youngsters. He chivvied Imogen gently from his lap, straightening the robe he wore as he stood. “I am going to fetch our bedtime refreshments from the kitchen. I will leave you in charge of the story-telling, amatus.”

“Okay, okay. Settle down, c’mon, because this story kicks a…I mean…butt. Alright…once upon a time, there was a dragon. A biiiiiig dragon. And you know what dragons mean?”

The echo of mayhem followed Dorian down the stone stairs, and he could not help but quench the bittersweet taste in his mouth with the most exasperated, yet content, of laughs.

BTS reaction to their GF asking them to buy pads

how would bts react when you (gf) asked them to buy pads for you?


I think Jungkook would refuse to go straight away. He is still very young, and I think we all know how most teenage boys react to things like these. Now I’m not saying he is immature, or mean, but I just think it would be too awkward and embarrassing for him to buy pads. If you really really needed them, he would eventually sigh and give in, not without asking one of his hyungs to go with him to help him out, and decrease some of the embarrassment. No matter how bad it would be for him, if you needed him, he wouldn’t want to let you down, but he would probably ask you to keep a stash of pads and tampons around just to avoid this situation in the future.

Originally posted by bgtnsnydn


I don’t think Jin would be too bothered by this, I mean I think it would be embarrassing for him if he came across some fans who gave him odd looks while he was out buying you pads, but overall he wouldn’t really care. He’s a very sweet guy, and if you needed him to do something for you, he wouldn’t hesitate. While he was out buying the pads, he would probably buy you some chocolate, and a couple of movies to watch together, along with your favorite blend of tea (or coffee if you are a coffee person), to prepare for you when he got back. You were his precious little princess after all.

Originally posted by mintokkies


I think Yoongi would complain a little when you asked him to buy pads for you, telling you guys just don’t buy pads, that it’s not a thing.

“But please Yoongi, I really need them” You’d beg him from the other side of the bathroom door.

“But it’s so uncool Y/N.” He would tell you, and you would almost laugh, the word swag crossing your mind.

“Please…” You’d beg one last time, and he would sigh, walking towards the door. Once at the store, he would probably send you pictures of all the different options, asking which one you need, to avoid bringing back the wrong one, and having to go again.

When he got home, after you had changed, you’d run out of the bathroom and wrap your arms around his neck, peppering his face with kisses, thanking him over and over again.

“Just for this, I would go every time” He thought to himself, showing you his precious gummy smile.

Originally posted by gaeku

Rap Monster:

He, like Jin, would not mind going to buy pads for you, he wouldn’t make a big deal out of it. It’s just pads for goodness sake! As soon as you shyly asked him to go buy you pads, he would be putting his shoes on and walking through the door. Secretly, I think he would like doing these things for you, because it gave him the chance to not only show off the fact that he has a girlfriend to buy these things for, but also because it made you, and the people who saw him buying these hygienic products, notice how good of a boyfriend he was, forever your knight in shining armor, the man you can always count on, your superman.

Originally posted by yoonkooks


“But Taehyung please! I can’t go myself, I need you to do it!” You’d tell him, your voice raising a pitch higher than usual.

“I don’t want to go!” He would respond, crossing his arms.

“Why not?!” You’d exclaim, frustrated.

“What if everyone thinks I’m a girl?” He asked, his eyes wide, and you couldn’t help bursting out into peals of laughter.

“No one is going to think you are a girl Tae” You told him, still laughing, holding your side because of the ache that started invading you.


“No Tae, you are quite clearly a man. MY man. No one is going to think you are a girl because you are buying pads. At most they will just think you have a forgetful girlfriend.” You assured him, kissing the tip of his nose. He seemed to relax, as he kissed your lips, trapping your bottom lip between his teeth.

“Fine, I’ll go” He’d sigh, giving you one last kiss before heading out the door.

Originally posted by bangtan-juseyo


J-Hope is one of the eldest members of BTS so I think he too would be a little more mature when it comes to these things, he might whine a little bit at first, probably because he didn’t feel like going to the store that morning, wanting to just lounge about.

“Can it not wait?” He would ask, but you’d shake your head, looking at him with begging eyes.

“AH MY HEART!” He would joke, covering your eyes with his hand, making you giggle. His heart would flutter at the sound of your laugh.

“Fine, fine, I’ll go now” He would tell you, getting up from the bed, giving you a kiss on the forehead.

“Thank you so much Hoseok, I’m sorry to ask you for this.” You’d apologize, playing with your hair nervously.

“It’s okay, I’ll do anything for my queen.” He’d tell you with a wink, before disappearing behind the door, only to come back a few minutes later, with your pads, and a bag full of all sorts of snacks and drinks for you to spend the day eating, and lounging about watching all your favorite movies.

Originally posted by jiminb


“I just don’t understand what the problem is.” You’d ask him calmly, trying to understand why he looked so uncomfortable at the prospect of having to go buy some feminine hygiene products for you.

“It’s just awkward. What if people look at me weird?” He’d ask, nervously shuffling from foot to foot, right in front of your front door, keys in hand.

“Who is going to look at you weird? The pads are clearly not for you. Anyone with basic anatomy knowledge would know that” you told him, trying to reason with him.

“If you look at it that way… I guess you are right, it’s not really a big deal. You said it was the blue ones with a heart on them right? Okay. I’ll be 15 minutes” He told you, before kissing your lips deeply, and rushing out the door. You sighed, feeling quite content with yourself for having won that battle. Your eyes however, darted to the big clock on the wall, counting each second that passed, as you waited for the love of your life to return back home. He had been gone a full 10 seconds, and you missed him already.

Originally posted by jung-koook

A/N: None of these gifs are mine. Credit goes to their owners. Also, anyone care to explain why the hell some guys are embarassed to buy pads? Does anyone know? I just don’t get it.

Sensitive: a Mark Request

Originally posted by spockjinyoung

AN: I love this request because I’ve been wanting to write for the other boys (you guys know I will because I’m greedy as hell and stan all of them), but definitely something more lighthearted than Gilded Butterfly and less gritty like Dangerous Woman. So here we go, hope I didn’t disappoint! Also, really wish you weren’t anon because you’re just the cutest, but it’s okay!

“You’re my favorite,” he murmured, grinning lazily. “You know that?”

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No More Fear

Promptscould you please write a dance scene between reader and lafayette???????? thanksss xoxoxo and can you do a sequel to je promets? maybe lafayette coming back? (Part One)

Word Count: 2,308

To freedom!

You were brought out of your of thoughts in a rush, as if you had just burst out from underneath the sea of notions that had flooded your head. It was quickly brought to your attention that an old man who had already imbibed too much liquor for someone his age was standing on top of a table, and that the affluent men in the ballroom were following him in raising their glasses. You politely clapped and smiled along with the women as they drank, and met Eliza’s gaze. She gave you a small smile, but her gaze was distracted; you knew that she was in the same absentminded state as you were.

The news of the British surrender in Yorktown had spread like a wildfire across the land, and the moment that it had reached New York there had been non-stop celebration. With your ears still ringing from the shouting in the streets, you had visited Eliza at her house and had sobbed in happiness with her in the parlor room. After so many anxiety-ridden months your husbands were coming home and the constant thought of death looming above your heads could disappear.

Lafayette and Alexander, as commanders, still had so much to do before they could actually come home, and the waiting was killing the two of you inside. You could not exactly celebrate with well-to-do elders who had paid people off to fight in the war in place of their sons before you saw not only your husband, but all of the men who had fought to change America for the better and were able to come back from it.

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Summary: T’Challa breaks things off with you, even though he knows he can’t stop loving you, but he has a country to reign over and responsibilities. But soon discovers that he cannot live without you.

Word Count: 1,803

Warnings: None.

A/N: This is for @it-takes-courage-to-be-you! Hope you all like it. Let me know!

Originally posted by mancandykings

(Dem shoulders tho)

T’Challa’s heart skipped a few beats. He took your wrist, slowly turning your hand and pressing his palm to yours. His breath hitched as you leaned forward a pressed a kiss to his cheek. Tonight was a rare day off, one which he could spend in your company, laughing and talking about everything and anything, mostly what had nothing to do with royal protocols and running a country.

“What’s on your mind?” you murmured, tracing a finger across his furrowed brow before playfully tapping his nose.

A deep chuckle reverberated through his chest and he turned to press his lips against your hand. The softness of them sent a jolt of pleasure through you and you beamed at him.

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Chrobin Masquerade AU for @tactician-roxanne

I hope you like it~(Warning, it’s about 3.3k words, so it’s a long one)

Your name: submit What is this?

“Milord,” Frederick says as he serves Chrom his afternoon tea. Said prince is poring over papers of rather complicated nature, but his biggest worry is the sentence that’s about to come out of the knight’s mouth. “When will you choose a wife?”

“Soon, I have more important work to attend to,” is Chrom’s well-practiced answer. He doesn’t even have to listen to the question to know what Frederick is saying. It’s become all too common to hear, breakfast, lunch, teatime, dinner, and sometimes when Frederick insists on scrubbing Chrom’s back in the bath. Really, he’s been growing weary of it, but how bad can it be? At least he’s not prattling on about some new danger that may take down Chrom, such as the perilous tiles in the bathroom that need changing, lest they take his life before an assassin does. The prince says that he’s greater danger of dying of boredom from one of Frederick’s lectures. That always earns him a rap on the head and the order to enjoy his teacakes.  

“You say that each time, milord.”

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BTS Teacher!AU- Taehyung (part 1)

Part 2

You slid into the auditorium of your school during your lunch break, and double checked to make sure no one had seen you or followed you. You smiled to yourself, before tip toeing your way over to the dressing room behind the stage. Your fingers grazed the door handle, taking in the cold feel of the metal, before gripping it tightly, and turning it.

You grinned, as you turned around, giving your back to the room, as you closed the door ever so carefully, locking it instantly. You felt a pair of hands snake around your face, to cover your eyes, and a body push itself right against yours. You smiled, it was silly of him to do this, even if he didn’t speak, even if you hadn’t known he would be waiting for you there, you would have recognized him, not only by the sweet scent of his cologne, but also by the way your body reacted to his touch. You felt your skin tingle where he touched you.

“Hmm… is this my boyfriend?” You played along, just to watch him smile that gorgeous rectangular smile of his.

“YES!” He whisper-yelled excitedly, before removing his hands from you, and turning you around, to look at you with his gorgeous eyes and beautiful grin.

“Oh! Mr. Kim! What  are you doing here?!” You feigned surprise at the sight of him, your drama teacher, in the changing room. He pouted at you, making you let out a loud peal of laughter.

“Y/N!!!! Call me by my first name!” He whined, cupping your face and staring straight into your eyes.

“Fine, fine Taehyung. I’m glad you could make it here.” You told him, as you wrapped your arms around his neck, and held him tightly. You took in the scent of his cologne and sighed, he always managed to smell so damn good. He smiled at you.

“Yeah, I had to pay Hoseok to take my place at the meeting, but at least I managed to make it. I hate Tuesdays, you don’t have class with me on Tuesdays.” Your boyfriend told you with a pout, and you giggled, before standing on your tip toes, and brushing your lips against his.

His eyes immediately darkened, and he licked his lips. You knew what your touch did to him, and honestly? You loved it. You loved making him feel all flustered, you loved knowing the things you could do to him, especially during class, when you could see him struggling to remain in control of his own hormonal urges.

Dating a teacher was wrong, you knew that, and that made it all the more exciting. Taehyung was irresistible, anyone could tell you that, every girl in school had a massive crush on him, but much to their dismay, he only had eyes for you.

You remembered how it had all happened, first it was the cheeky looks at each other during class, when you thought the other wasn’t looking, then it was the deep eye contact you made, whenever he spoke, which he refused to break. Then it was the physical contact, the way he physically helped you position your body on stage, while you rehearsed, the way he used his hands to show you how to breathe correctly, so that your voice would be heard loud and clear throughout the auditorium. Then it was the accidental hand brushing whenever you handed him an essay or a study, and the way you would blush, and he would lick his lips.

You weren’t quite sure when things sped up, but one day you went backstage to grab a costume you had left behind, during your lunch break, and you watched him walk in straight after you. He walked straight towards you, and without saying a word, cupped your face in his hands and kissed you passionately. You melted into the kiss, your knees almost buckling underneath you, the butterflies in your stomach going crazy, and your heart beating at a hundred miles per hour.

“I can’t resist anymore. Please tell me you feel the same way, please tell me I have not gone insane, and imagined all those looks and touches. Please, because otherwise I will have to leave, I don’t think I can control myself around you anymore, you drive me crazy.” He begged, his breath hot on your lips, as he stared into your eyes with those soul piercing eyes of his.

“I do.” Was all you managed to say, before he crashed his lips onto yours again. And that’s how you came to be. You got used to the whiplash you got every time you met him, cute and adorable at one point, when you were with people, and incredibly hot and passionate when you were alone. You loved every aspect of him.

“What are you thinking of?” He asked, making casual conversation, as he picked you up in his arms, and sat you down on one of the table in the room.

“I was thinking about us, about how we came to be.” You whispered, feeling his hands caressing your body. You rolled your head in pleasure, sighing softly.

“Oh really now…” He whispered, as his lips carefully caressed the skin on your neck. He bit down, hard enough to leave a small mark, but not enough to hurt you. You moaned softly, and you felt him twitch as he pressed against you.

“Mr. Kim? Are you in there?! I think I left my costume in there, could you open up please?” You heard one of your classmates call from outside the door, as he banged on it. You and Taehyung stared at eachother in panic, eyes wide, and bodies shaking.


Never fall in love with the enemy.

01. Sexy

He was the definition of sexy: his dark brown eyes, his ebony black hair, his lip bites, and oh god, those fingers. It was always a wonder to you how he had noticed you, plain old you in this field of attractive looking girls settled in the coffee shop. The coffee shop was located near a university, the same one that you (and him and his friends) attended. He was with his friends, a group of twelve boys (including him) who were inhumanly beautiful and handsome. You turned to start the coffee machine, brewing another fresh cup of coffee as an order. Your first official meeting with said boy was when you had turned to go back to the register, and he was there, in all his glory.

Up close, he wasn’t as perfect as he would seem. His lined eyes were a bit smeared, but otherwise, he was the definition was handsome. His lips were curved into a smile, and his eyes were mischievous-almost as if they knew something that you yourself did not. He had ordered, and while you were making his drink, he had started up a conversation.

“Ah, I forgot to tell you my name. I’m Byun Baekhyun.”

Byun Baekhyun. That name was like a distant memory. You recognized that name, having heard it in a few of your classes on the first days of school. You smiled back, telling him your name, but he simply laughed, head thrown back. The peals of laughter erupting from his mouth were like a well woven symphony. It was something you knew you would die to hear again and again.

“I know who you are,” Baekhyun whispered, winking.

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anonymous asked:

could you do a request for gabriel and an s/o who is also in overwatch? and then when reaper meets the s/o again?


This ended up so long and is split into three parts (all of which are in here mind you) so I really hope you like it and I hope I did Reaper justice and yeah :D

Have some angst nonnie

Word Count: 2474 words. Its long so most of it is under the cut.

Jesse McCree shouted your name from the end of the hall. “Mi jefe wants you!” he said through cupped hands. A hand shot out from the door he stood in front of and smacked the back of his head hard enough to send the cowboy hat flying.

Idiota don’t shout down the hall!” Reyes snapped. You walked down the hall, watching as the man stepped out of his office with a scowl. “Don’t you have a mission to get to, McCree?” he growled. McCree scooped up his hat and stalked off with a swear.

You crossed your arms. “You needed to see me, jefe?” you mused. A grin spread across your face when Gabriel turned his glare to you.

“Don’t you start, too,” he huffed. He motioned for you to walk into his office. You shuffled past him with a muffled giggle.

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anonymous asked:

prompt: dan walks in on phil looking at the video of someone having a nose-job and comforts him and says he doesn't need one etc pleaaaaaase!!

I am ill so if this is shit, that is why. or I’ll use that as my excuse anyway

Title: The Only Phil For Me

Word Count: 1000+ (typing this out blindly on the answer bit)

This is so fluffy I am outdoing myself.


Too lumpy. Too crooked. Too wide. 

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An Important Mission

Summary: For the first time since starting their family, Hinata leaves Konoha on a long-term mission, leaving Naruto to look after the kids. Naruhina.

Word count: 2,200-ish.


“Make sure you wake Boruto up at seven to get ready for the Academy, otherwise he just sleeps in. Shino-kun’s been saying that lately he hasn’t been coming to class on time. There’s some leftovers in the fridge that should last until I’m back, so please don’t just eat ramen every night. Remind Boruto and Himawari to practice their Juuken every day as well, and take the-.”

“Hinata,” Naruto said, grasping his wife gently by the shoulders with a chuckle. Hinata fell silent at the gesture, blinking up at him in surprise. Even in the all the time he’d known her and with how much she had grown, it still struck Naruto as amusing to see her speak so freely and with such confidence.

It was in her nature, he supposed. She’d always been nurturing and caring, so attentive to the needs of others. Willing even to lay down her own life for those she loved; much like his own parents before him. It really shouldn’t have surprised him that she would slip into the role of mother so seamlessly.

“Don’t worry about us ‘ttebayo. We’ll be fine.” Naruto said, kissing her softly. His hand cupped her face caressing her cheek, as his gaze held hers earnestly. “I’ll make sure of it.”

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anonymous asked:

Do you mind writing a VHope drabble that's like AU? Taehyung doesn't know how to read (due to circumstances idk) and by chance he meets hoseok and hoseok teaches him how to read and it's like his whole world opens up for him idk I just want something gushy ):

thanks to tokyun and hoseokjung for being wonderful betas <3 
i did a loose amount of research on dyslexia so pls take with a grain of salt T^T 

rated t for trusting in someone to trust in you
word count: 1,415

Fact: Kim Taehyung is dyslexic.

False assumption: Kim Taehyung cannot read.

Fairer assumption: Kim Taehyung is not the best at reading.

Fact: Kim Taehyung doesn’t mind it one, single bit.

Reason: Because Jung Hoseok is a great reader and Taehyung can get lost in the way his lips form over the syllables, in his smile when he speaks, in the warm, thick chocolate of his eyes as they move along the words on the page, making them dance to the cadence of his voice.

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