every party needs a pooper and that's why we invited you

TFS: DBZ Abridged Quotes Starter Sentences

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  • “So do you just ignore all of your problems?”
  • “I don’t know what a ’[Name]’ is but it sounds disappointing”
  • “….How do you function?”
  • “When you fall off the horse, you get right back up, and you Eat. That. Horse. Come eat that horse with me.”
  • “Your FACE is forbidden!” 
  • “Oh sorry, it’s a, little hobby of mine. I hear these heroic speeches so wearily often. So I started making a mental list of how many times I’ve heard certain lines.” 
  • “Every party needs a pooper thats why we invited you. Party pooper, party pooper…” 
  • “You know what the difference between you and I is? You can punch a board and it will break in half. I can punch a board and wipe out it’s entire race.”
  • “You’re NOT meditating you’re NAPPING, I know the difference!” 
  • “[Name]! Stop making out with your boyfriend! I can here it from here! It sounds like… -disgusting tongue sounds- “
  • “Ah crap I find the only other living thing for miles and he’s so broken he can’t even talk right”
  • “Hi there, my name is [Name], and we’re a traveling improv group. Here let me give you a demonstration. My men will play a bunch of drunken sailors, and you’re a bunch of baby seals…”
  • “Thank you sir may I have another?”
  • “Call me that again and I’ll snap your neck.”
  • “Hey [Name]? What’s the opposite of Christopher Walkins? CHRISTOPHER  REEVES!!”
  • “If you’re ever going to listen to anything I ever say, do it now.” 
  • “I think he’s looking for you.”
  • “Do NOT tell him I’m here.”
  • “Last time I did this he found five corpses. He laughed when I said five…”
  • “That’s just [Name]. If you ignore it, it’ll go away.”
  • “Oh wow, I’m just fucking with you, my god who doesn’t know what marriage is?”
  • “Listen I don’t know where you come from who you are, I will not put up with such disrespect-”
  • “I’m about to misuse my hand upside your head!”
  • “Pretty big talk coming from a bipedal slug”
  • “Pretty big talk coming from a bipedal bitch”
  • “So, for the first century I’ll go easy on them, lull them into a false sense of security. And then when they think I’m not so bad- bam! I’ll go full tyrant on them in the second century. After that I’ll disappear for a millennia and make them wonder if I ever existed to begin with. Just to come back and kill them all.”
  • “All these squares make a circle, all these squares make a circle, all these squares make a circle, all these squares make a circle, all these squares make a circle….”