every other heartbreaking ships who never talked to one another ever

I love you, Jughead Jones

 Anon prompt: “can i request something like reader has been bestfriends with jughead forever, reader was there through jellybean and jughead’s mom leaving and every other dramatic thing, and reader falls in love with him but sees that he’s with betty? thanks!”

A/N: Most definitely this is a song based fic, the title is a song by Nevershoutnever
called “I love you more than you will ever know.” From this point on I’ll be writing all future fics in first person. 

I had been friends with Jughead Jones for ten (10) years, three (3) months and twenty-two (22) days. 
We were in the same pre-school class together, we’d shared lunch and talked about our favourite books. 
Our friendship was strong, it was like diamond in some circumstances; nothing could break us. 

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REQUEST:How You Fell

Originally posted by spaicetrek

Pairing: ReaderxKirk

Rating: Teen?

Characters: Jim Kirk, Reader, Bones, Mentions of Sulu and Uhura

Summary: REQUEST can you do a fanfic of kirk x reader where they work together but haven’t admitted they like each-other and how kirk admits it? Or how they meet?

Warnings: UNEDITED MESS, Bad language,

Tags: @yourtropegirl @fridgebiscuit @mishaissocoollike (I DON’T KNOW WHO WANTED TO BE TAGGED IN WHAT I AM SO SORRY IF I MESSED UP GUYS)

Author’s note: This request is months old, so let’s hope that I did okay. By the way, this is crap in my opinion. But I am trying to get things flowing again.

The day that you met Jim Kirk, one of your best friends and the future Captain of the enterprise, was quite embarrassing. You were both in the same class, him much further than you of course. He started a year after you; but you didn’t know this till after you met. When you met, you were at one of your lowest moments. Your ethics professor and you didn’t see eye to eye, matter of fact you were sure he hated you from the very beginning. That day you had discovered that your masterpiece of a midterm paper had been given a failing grade. This paper you worked for days on, the paper that had been revised by some of the greatest professors the Academy had ever seen, received and F! You were fuming, you were livid, you were ready to murder the man that was currently standing across from you.

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Can I just say that H and L’s lyrics fuck me up more than any video or picture proof? This year they have both made it a point to talk about the honesty in their writing. Louis said that the honesty of his lyrics helps fans see a side of him they don’t normally see. Then, Harry with his upcoming album release, has been stressing the fact that these upcoming songs are written about his own life and his experiences. They’ve both expressed and talked about the honesty in their songs, so it really makes you wonder what all these songs are about.
The themes of freedom and forbidden love are so fucking redundant in the songs they’ve written on, it’s hard to be oblivious (but of course antis still manage)
Starting with the most obvious two songs, Home and If I Could Fly:
“So long I’ve been waiting to let go of myself and feel alive. So many nights I thought it over, told myself I kind of liked her, but there was something missing in her eyes.”
One verse in and already hinting at a gay anthem. Louis had a girlfriend before x factor and before Harry. In my head, this verse is talking about when Louis was with her, unsure of himself and scared of what he was feeling, or rather, what he wasn’t feeling. There was a time when he was only just beginning to discover himself, a time of self inflicted hiding. I honestly think this song is about the path of self acceptance after so long of telling/forcing yourself to be something to fit everyone else’s standards. It’s him realizing, hey, maybe I’m not into the gender I was told I’m supposed to like.
It gets more obvious when Louis sings, “I see the smile as it starts to creep in. It was there I saw it in your eyes.” FUck me up with that pronoun change. This song is a literal gay anthem. The fact that Louis sings that part, directly followed by Harry singing, “I was stumbling, looking through the dark, with an empty heart, but you say you feel the same. Could we ever be enough? Baby we could be enough.” This song is such a larrie? I suck at explaining, but just imagine you’ve spent 18 years of your life forcing yourself to be something you’re not, and then you meet this person and everything sort of clicks. This person makes you feel safe, but with all of the outside forces and circumstances, you wonder if its all worth it.
“And it’s alright. Calling out for somebody to hold tonight. When you’re lost, I’ll find a way and I’ll be your light, you will never feel like you’re alone.” The chorus is lead by Harry and finished with Louis singing, “I’ll make this feel like home.” Honestly, the fact that Louis had to leak and promote this song himself says enough.
Harry just had to make it more obvious by writing a response.
“If I could fly, I’d be coming right back home to you. I think I might, give up everything just ask me to.” For someone who has never publicly been in love before (a huge contrast to Louis’ constant het image), he sure does write some heart-wrenching love songs. If his writing style is so terribly honest, where do all of these feelings come from? This song is so vulnerable its hurts to listen to. It’s reassuring and heartbreaking all in one. In the chorus he’s literally saying, if you start to lose yourself and feel like no one is there for you I will give you my love (makes me think of all the stunts and lying Louis has been put through and how he’s starting to forget himself), I am all yours, no one else will ever see how much I love you, you’re my other half, for your eyes only.
Also, real quick, the heart thing, “I can feel your heart inside of mine, I feel it.” Always in my heart?? OKAY MAN.
Then you have Louis’ solo, “I’ve got scars, even though they can’t always be seen, and pain gets hard, but now you’re here and I don’t feel a thing.” Harry is his safety, his sanity, his home. Through all the years of lying, closeting, harsh remarks, and rumors, Louis should have broken down long ago, but Harry has kept him grounded. Thinking of all that Louis has been though makes me tear up, and even when he has seemingly no one, he manages to keep himself standing and strong.
“My hands, your hands, tied up like two ships. Drifting, weightless, waves tries to break it.” Here we go again with the forbidden love, standing together, and holding on. This theme is so constant in their lyrics, it’s almost laughable. The nautical references (Tattoos anyone?) and symbolism stands out clear and loud. Strong is literally just another gay anthem. My mom’s GSA at her school (she’s a teacher) are using this song on their Day of Silence playlist BECAUSE IT’S SO OBVIOUSLY GAY.
The chorus just hits it all the way home, “I’m sorry if I say I need you, but I don’t care, I’m not scared of love. ‘Cause when I’m not with you I’m weaker. Is that so wrong? Is it so wrong? That you make me strong.” The amount of pride in this chorus make me so happy. I can just imagine Louis thinking, “Screw management, screw pr stunts, screw the media, screw homophobia, I love you and I’m not ashamed to say it.” Black and white, clear as day, Louis is deadass saying that he is not ashamed of himself and no amount of forced closeting or homophobic remarks will change that.
“So baby hold on to my heart, oh need you to keep me from falling apart. I’ll always hold on, ‘cause you make me strong.” AND THERE IT IS, hold the fuck on bitch (if it all goes wrong, darling just hold on).
and it’s not just the “hold on” thing that reoccurs. The words “strong” shows up a lot too and Jesus fuck “heart” must be their favorite word because it’s practically in every goddamn song (not surprisingly).
The chorus of Through the Dark just takes the cake, “I will hold you closer, hope your heart is strong enough, when the night is coming down, we will find a way through the dark.” Anyone else get major Home vibes? What the actual fuck man?
But can’t dwell on it too long, this is only the beginning my dear friend, because of course we’re back at it with the forbidden love.
“But I can’t hold you too close now, through the wire, through the wire.” This keeps happening, doesn’t it? Singing about hiding your love and being torn apart (and yet elounor do anything but hide). The bridge (sung by Harry dearest), “Whatever chains are holding you back, holding you back, don’t let them tie you down…tell me you believe in that.” Do I even have to explain at this point? They’re so fucking obvious I wanna scream. Actually, at this point the themes are so redundant, I’m just gonna list some more lyrics and let them speak for themselves:
“I think I’m gonna lose my mind, something deep inside me I can’t give up…I got a feeling deep inside, It’s taking all I got…’cause nobody knows you baby, the way I do (If I Could Fly vibes)…It’s been so long, we must be fireproof, ‘cause nobody saves me the way you do…I think I’m gonna win this time, riding on a wind and I won’t give up, I think I’m gonna win this time, I roll and I roll ‘till I change my luck.” Love wins, always.
“Then there’s me, a sinking boat running out of time. Without you I’ll never make it out alive, but I know, yes I know, we’ll be alright…There’s no way you can change the rolling tide, but I know, yes I know, that I’ll be fine…I don’t want to get lost in the dark of the night…’cause I wanna be free, and I wanna be young, I’ll never look back now I’m ready to run.”
“You say we’ll be together even you’re lost…Is it too much to ask for something great…The script was written and I could not change a thing. I want to rip it all to shreds and start again…You’re all I want, so much it’s hurting.” Okay but ouch :’(
“Used to sing about being free, but now he’s changed his mind.”
Do you get what I’m saying? Do you get why I call it redundant? Because these words and ideas take play in almost every fuckin song they write.
Now, turning to songs Harry has written that aren’t for One Direction: I Love You and Just a Little Bit of Your Heart.
“I fell in love in the morning sun while the hours slipped away. Sometimes when I hear your name, a smile creeps on my face.” Here we have Harry giving major Home vibes yet again.
“And I know that it sounds so wrong and you’ve heard it all before. I didn’t come back and I wasn’t there, I wont trouble you no more…Every time I try to fight it everything just turns out wrong. Maybe if I got my timing right, I wouldn’t end up alone.” I honestly don’t know how to explain these lyrics. I just feel like they have a special meaning and I have to include them. Harry doesn’t say or write anything just for the sake of it. He’s raw and honest and emotional.
“I fell in love with a beautiful boy and you still take my breath away. When you left it was the end of my world ‘cause I never got to say that I love you, more than you think I do.”
Now for a song that brings tears to my eyes and makes my heart heavy:
“I don’t ever ask you where you’ve been, and I don’t feel the need to know who you’re with. I can’t even think straight, but I can tell that you were just with her, and I’ll still be a fool, I’m a fool for you.” I don’t think this song is necessarily about cheating. It’s definitely about loving someone so much, you’re willing to share their heart. In a larrie perspective, this song gives major hints at how Harry feels about the stunting Lou does. He tries to hide the hurt from Louis because he knows its not under their control. Harry is a naturally jealous person presumably, and at one point in time he was incredibly insecure. It only makes sense that seeing Louis going out with beards and holding someone else’s hand would break him, even just a little. “I don’t ever tell you how I feel…and nothing’s ever easy, that’s what they say. I know I’m not your only, but I’ll still be a fool.”
“I know I’m not your only, but at least I’m one. I heard a little love is better than none.”
“Just a little bit of your heart is all I want…Just a little bit is all I’m asking for.”
Fuck pr stunts. Free my babies :’(
And okay, I know Ed wrote 18, but hear me out. “I have loved you since we were eighteen.” (or that one time on stage when Louis sang “I have loved him since we were eighteen.”). And then we have Steal My Girl, “She’s been my queen since we were sixteen.” I mean, Harry and Louis just happened to be sixteen and eighteen when they first met, but hey, that’s none of my business.
Okay, I’m just going to finish this off with Perfect, because if I try and get into Just Hold On or Sign of the Times, I’ll never finish this post. Also, because they fucking wrote it together.
“I might never be your night in shining armour, I might never be the one you take home to mother, and I might never be the one who brings you flowers.” I might not be able to love you publicly, I can’t treat you the way you want me to, I can’t hold you or show public signs of affection or show you to the world, but for now I can promise to love you.
“When I first saw you from across the room.” My mind just keeps bringing up that picture from X factor of L and H looking at each other from across the room through the crowd.
And the bloody chorus, just give me a moment because I’m tired of their asses and their need to reference forbidden love all the goddamn time, “But if you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms, and if you like having secret little rendezvous. If you like to do the things you know that we shouldn’t do, then baby I’m perfect, baby I’m perfect for you.” WHAT HIDDEN LOVE HAVE THESE TWO EXPERIENCED? Their public het love life is anything but hidden. “And if you like midnight driving with the windows down, and if you like going places we can’t even pronounce, if you like to do whatever you’ve been dreaming about, then baby you’re perfect.” Hiding in the comfort of night, running around, traveling the world together. This chorus is deadass the Just Hold On music video. Funny how the one song Harry and Louis wrote together happens to explain their love story perfectly.
“I might never be the hands you put your heart in or the arms that hold you anytime you want them, but that don’t mean that we can’t live here in the moment, ‘cause I can be the one you love from time to time.” Once again, I can’t love you in public, but give me a chance to love you anyways, even if I wont always be there. The message stays standing throughout the song; I can’t promise perfection, but maybe we’re perfect for each other despite all this shit, so give me a chance, even if I can only give you so much.
“And if you like cameras flashing every time we go out, and if you’re looking for someone to write your breakup songs about, baby I’m perfect, baby we’re perfect.” Of course, people turned these lyrics into a Haylor thing (genuinely laughable). I’m just gonna say it, I think there are definitely times where they’ve taken a break from each other. I’m not gonna say broken up, because I strongly believe they’re still together and giving up at this point is the last thing on their minds, but theoretically, they’ve written breakup songs about each other (Where Do Broken Hearts Go, Love You Goodbye, I Love You (sung by Alex and Sierra), Spaces). I mean, Harry and Louis were so adamant to make it known that they had written this song together, they clearly hold this song near and dear to their hearts.
I dont know. This straight up became an essay. This is what happens when you’re a songwriter and a larrie, bye lmao.
love wins. always.
always you.
always in my heart.
yes, of course, always.

Once Upon a Waste of Time - An open Letter to Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis.

Dear Adam and Eddy,

After watching #OnceUponaTime #OUAT & had a chance to process it there are a number of things I’m really not happy or comfortable with and I would really like them addressed.

Why did you deem it perfectly acceptable to use the term “nut house” in the show? Please don’t ever use that term again. It’s stigmatising mental illness & there’s enough of that in the world already. It only endorses name calling being okay to use against those who suffer with mental illnesses.

The Q&A was talking of hope and belief. But when it comes to the marginalised oppressed groups it was pitiful in representation. In fact, the number of POC and LGBTQ characters you had on your show were extremely disproportionate to the real world. Most of your POC characters ended up with terrible fates. Such as Merlin, Stanham (Tin man), Marian, I don’t even remember what happened to Rapunzel… yikes! Only one POC couple Aladdin and Jasmine represented POC with a happy ending. I don’t even recall seeing any others present for happy endings. That’s how disproportionate it was with POC representation.

The one f/f queer pairing you had, which was written by two of your MALE employees in your writing team and therefore had no feminine perspective, was rushed together without development and made it into some stereotype of lesbians meet and fall in love in a day and move in together. That was eye rolling enough, but to top it off, they only got one episode out of six years of your show, and were not even even present for the happy endings moment. Seemingly nobody thought to invite them to the wedding, which even if the actresses couldn’t make, would have taken a moment to write in saying Ruby and Dorothy couldn’t make it, but send their love and congratulations. We didn’t even see them in Oz when Zelena took everyone back to her Emerald City castle.
I hate to break it to you guys but treating a f/f ship differently to that of the heterosexual pairings you have on the show, is not equality. It’s merely ticking a box to say yep we covered LGBTQ, and it is in that inequality that gave it the “I’m not homophobic… but” feel to it. The bottom line is that there shouldn’t be inequality. Even the disproportionate numbers of LGBTQ and POC characters to heterosexual and white characters ratio comes across as sexuality and racial inequality.

Regina being a middle aged Latina woman only got apples and dwarfs showing her acceptance which she has been getting for 4 seasons now. She’s happy with herself, I get that, but why did the Latina queen only ever get heartbreak in love and not even get a romantic love in her life for her happy ending? Are Latina’s destined to be without a lover? Or is it just middle aged women destined to be alone if they haven’t found a lover by a certain point? I understand she would have been grieving Robin, but there wasn’t even a hint of hope that she could be with someone in the future. Not a start of anything. Zelena being older than Regina didn’t have one either. So all the middle aged female fans who are currently alone right now, who watched the show for a bit of hope that maybe they would find love one day, didn’t get that hope as they weren’t validated.

I understand happiness doesn’t always involve having a lover in your life but to the marginalised oppressed groups Latinas, middle aged women, and LGBTQ, you didn’t deliver any substantial hope for them to believe that they too could find happiness because you did not represent them. Didn’t even represent anyone in the trans community at all. So all those people who watched with the hope of a “Modern Fairytale” didn’t take away with them a message of hope and belief as they weren’t accurately represented. They just took home the message that everyone else deserved a happy ending but them.

And the final thing I’m really annoyed with, is that you had the greatest love story with SwanQueen. Every single message on the show about what love is, they demonstrated. SwanQueen in my opinion, was the greatest love story never told. Six years and one kinda uncomfortable looking hug is unrealistic for best friends, especially with the way the actors were directed to play them, and with all the queer-baiting subtext. But to add insult to injury you have the same initial situation of a kid looking for and finding their parent, and have openly stated that Henry and his daughter’s mother who he will meet again will have an epic love story… so basically it’s pretty much SwanQueen but the heterosexual version of it. The SwanQueen story was so good, but just not heteronormative to tell on TV. I want to know, WHY? And please don’t use the excuse “family show” anymore because the sexual content of this show, albeit no sex was actually taking place in it, does not make this family viewing. Nor does violence and murder either.

I’d like some answers around this and not to be ignored or blocked because you don’t like me putting you in front of a mirror to examine yourselves. There was even a time you baited Swen in an obvious way by tweeting a script tease of a SwanQueen scene which you had cut from the show!

Adam, you have stalked Swen accounts and there are multiple cases where there is evidence of you doing that. I want to know why you used us for viewership if your heteronormative love story was something you were so certain of being successful?

You had a little over 12 million viewers at the start of your show. And the latest figures were around 2.8 million if I’m not mistaken. How do you deem this as success? You used Swen to keep you afloat for another season didn’t you? You could at the very least have the decency to be honest and admit that.

You’ve lost a viewer in me, not just with Once Upon a Time, but with all future shows you decide to create, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has made this decision. Once Upon a Time was sold as a “Modern Fairytale” but that was false advertising really. The only thing modern about it was the characters had cell phones and spoke of Hamilton tickets, oh and Snow White held a sword for the first time… 🤦🏼‍♀️ Big whoop! Nothing modern here or even groundbreaking. Same old story of predominantly white, cis gendered, heterosexual couples getting their happy endings and leaving everyone else lacking them. If that’s your idea of a “modern fairytale”, then I’m sure all your future endeavours as writers will be just as same old, same old.

kisses and love for the klonnie fam

it’s been like 4 years and i just wanted to s/o all the folks who’ve made me fall in love with this ship, inspired me to write, and supported me in a variety of ways:

@cheleonrage712: this girl is a BEAST y’all. She’s written cross overs for Bonnie and Klaus with almost every fandom imaginable, from Black Panther to Game of Thrones. Writes some of the most amazing kidfic out there, with kid OC’s that have the most adorable personalities, and is always reblogging and boosting other writers and artists. One time she wrote a drabble about klaus having a tea party with his and Bonnie’s daughter that was so FREAKING CUTE it made me lie down and cry. No joke.

@bonneibennett: my OG! She’s best known as queen of the b*amon fandom and possibly the most perfect cinnamon roll to ever roll, but she’s also a multishipping STAR whose amazing klonnie gifsets and graphics sucked me in. Nisha also has the dubious honor of reccing me my first klonnie fic that forever cemented my love for the ship and ruined my life. Without her encouragement and amazing artwork I would’ve never taken the plunge to writing klonnie. I mean, just look at this talent right here. Enough said.

@darwinquark: another beast of a girl who’s always around when i’m feeling EXTRA SALTY about that one Ship That Must Not Be Named. Her one klonnie fic is so amazing and she herself is so freaking talented. I mean, she gifs, she vids, she edits, she writes, she throws shade like no one’s business. Is there anything this girl can’t do????

@thebennettdiaries: UH-MAZING writer and lovely person. Seriously, this girl is like writing #goals. Wrote one of the hottest klonnie fics TO DATE that I always return to when I need inspiration, incredibly supportive to other writers, always down to talk plot bunnies and headcanons, and consistently fills the klonnie tag with amazing drabbles and chapters. A veteran of the klonnie fandom and one of my all time faves.

@iputaspxllonyou:  runs like one of the most beautiful Bonnie Bennett RP blogs I’ve ever seen, is undiluted 100% klonnie trash, and aside from being a talented writer herself, is always around to help me talk ideas and scenarios and read over scenes I’m having trouble with. One of the wittiest people I know, takes no shit, and writes some of the most heartbreaking and beautiful stuff. She has a drabble about Klaus helping Bonnie babysit the neighbor’s kids that I’m pretty sure made me ovulate spontaneously. 10/10 would recommend.

@thehedgerider: YO this girl always leaves the best reviews, smart as a whip and has a brain that can assemble and disassemble stories at the drop of a hat. She started writing Klonnie fic last summer and her very first fic SOMEHOW managed to take 8 years of shitty shitty canon and weave it into something magnificent that develops Bonnie and Klaus both individually and as a couple. I still don’t know how she managed it. Tbh she may have sold her soul to the devil, cos it was that.freaking.brilliant. Also always around to talk sensibly when I’m freaking out about canon stupidity. Bless your heart girl. Go read her fics!

@lilac17: once upon a time I said a prayer for someone to write a klonnie babyfic where everyone’s in character, the cuteness is balanced with development, the angst is paired with fluff, and Bonnie has agency and Klaus grows as a person, and the fandom gods sent THIS GIRL. She’s also currently writing a soulmate fic that breaks and restores my heart in every chapter, and her mastery of emotional conflict breathes so much intimacy and warmth into her stories it’s almost unbearable. She’s also a sweetheart who supports other fans and always stands up for creativity. Go read her stuff and catch all the feels!

@thefudge: if y’all follow us both then you know we spend an inordinate amount of time up each other’s butts so please excuse this gratuitous affection. But YO, she’s my trash sis for a reason. My evil twin. My road dog. My fellow bride of Dracula. The other raccoon in the dumpster with me. This girl is the Lestat to my Robert Redford. She’s such a gifted writer it’s ridiculous y’all. I mean, go see for yourself. Whether it’s gothic romance or bittersweet indie ventures, I always end up flailing and demanding more. This chick’s writing will keep you up at night, but in like a GOOD, i-didnt-know-i-needed-this-until-now kinda way. Aside from being brilliant, she’s also kind and smart and has helped me get through some of the craziest stuff in my life with her beautiful gifsets, amazing fics, and always rewarding conversation. So much so that I hereby forgive her for hurting me with beautiful Klonnie AUs. (You’re welcome bish)

Additionally, there’s so many more people who fill the tag, who review and reblog fics, who’re part of this classy little ship, and even though I don’t talk to all of you regularly I want you to know I love seeing y’all on my dash, and your artwork and contributions and support helps keep this fandom going. @capesandlace @godiva-duchess @prairienina @aprilgeorge365 @ofdragonsanddreams16 @gray-jedi-scavenger-rey @lilouklonnie @danya1980 @ishipwhateverthefuckiwantto @fortheloveofklonnie @tehzo @bellavida0213

Each and every one of you are responsible for creating a lovely little community in which I’ve felt more inspired, more creative, more welcomed and supported than any other fandom community I’ve been in. Y’all seriously rock, and I can’t wait to keep rocking with this fam <3 Viva la us my loves!

4x04 Personal Highlights

So I know that there has been a lot of negativity surrounding this past episode, but I would like to point out that it was far from being all bad and I would say it was a hell of a lot better than episode four from LAST season (aka. my least favourite episode of this show, ever) there was actually some good shit buried in this episode that I would like to address.

Never too much positivity, right fam?

Okay, I’ll get to it.

1. “Bellamy should be back by now.”

I mean, it’s self-explanatory. Even the C/exa queen is writing us some Bellarke shit .. hmm, I wonder why? Maybe cause she has to? Maybe cause Bellarke is becoming canon? Huh, weird.

2. Monty being a total babe and trying to comfort Clarke

It only serves to make the absence of his name on The List that much more painful, but I love seeing Monty trying to cheer Clarke up. He’s such a beacon of light. @the-ships-to-rule-them-all and @abazethe100 talked on their podcast about how its not just Monty’s brain and skills that make him invaluable, but who he is at his core - a source of optimism and support. He holds people together. I thought it was worth mentioning because @theskyboxpodcast is always good, but I especially loved that bit.

3. Devon’s acting

The writers truly could not have picked a better actor to play Jasper. He kills it, over and over and over again. Devon is the perfect mix of humour and tragedy that makes Jasper so heartbreaking and unique. He brings life to this character in a way that few actors could. That scene in the rain perfectly demonstrates this.

(UNRELATED: I’d love to see how Jaha was managing out on that lake when he heard about the acid fog. The possibilities are never-endingly humourous.)

4. Kane calling out Octavia

This scene was soooo validating because its the first time that Octavia’s actions have TRULY been called out. And it wasn’t just a brief call-out, it was an entire lengthy scene dedicated to why Octavia’s actions are NOT being supported by the narrative and are NOT right or honourable. 

“A warrior knows when not to kill. Lincoln taught you that. You seem to have forgotten.”


And to those of you who were screaming about Octavia never dealing with the consequences of her actions after … what? 4x02? YOU COULDN’T WAIT TWO EPISODES??? WHY DO YOU JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS WHY DO YOU TORTURE YOURSELVES? Short rant concluded. This was a top-knotch scene. 


She is so gorgeous and her voice is so soothing. She makes every episode better just be existing.



7. Jackson being a total babe and helping out Raven this episode/showing compassion and concern

So I’ve seen people shipping it and I am … oddly, not opposed??? I mean, he’s sweet and that banter was nice and he’s a doctor which means he’s probs smart and also can help her out with her pain (kinda) and it will never happen but I CAN DREAM OKAY? 

Also, Jackson is Jackson’s only name. I’m sorry, I don’t make the rules. You will never hear me referring to Jackson by any other name. #dealwithit

8. “Save us all” sounds like “keep us all clean” in Trigadesleng because apparently Grounders know their priorities

I guess this explains why L.exa had that deep conditioned shit last season while Clarke was progressing through her slow but steady evolution into a dirty mop

9. “I’ve never met a line I wouldn’t cross.”

Richard you get the best lines. And you slay them every time.


I’M SO EXCITED. Lindsey and Richard are both a thrill to watch and they’re both so sassy and their history is just … WOW. They haven’t had many scenes together ever since that KILLER scene in the dropship where we learned Murphy’s backstory which is a total crime because THEIR CHEMISTRY SERIOUSLY FLIES THROUGH THE ROOF.

I do think Murphy was trying to get on Raven’s good side when he grabbed her and helped her to safety and it was definitely for his personal motives, but I do also believe that a large part of him wanted to do it as an attempt to make up for fucking up her life so bad as well. It’s such an interesting dynamic to watch.

Just want to clarify that I don’t ship it because … y’all he literally shot her and paralyzed her why do you do this?? But I definitely want to see more of them on my TV screen

11. Dad!Kane cupping his son’s face

Need I say more?

12. “Warriors don’t reveal their secrets.”


13. Ice Nation is SO much more interesting than Trikru


14. “Remember that time we welded your dad’s furniture to the ceiling? Now THAT was a prank.”



15. “You’re not God, Clarke. You don’t get to decide who lives and dies.”

Hmm … that’s an interesting line. Almost like it might be … I don’t know … A major theme of the show or something?

Also A++ delivery Devon. Kudos.

16. This show is SO GOOD with moral dilemmas

They truly do bring their A-Game every season. The List is just one example of these so-called moral dilemmas. There truly is no right choice. Clarke was pragmatic, everything she did made SENSE. But was it moral? Was it humane? That’s another story, and it’s one these writers are not afraid to tell.

17. Monty and Clarke’s interactions are all so on point

“You’re the one going too far and using the same old justification: it’s all for my people.”


Monty is spilling the tea this episode and while I understand Clarke’s mindset and sympathize with her for dealing with the pressure on her shoulders, everything that Monty said in this scene was absolutely 100% true, and it’s going to come into play in Clarke’s character arc this season, I am sure.

18. Raven’s struggle with her leg is so real

Kim perfectly captured the struggles that Raven has to deal with and how her leg, while limits her physical ability, certainly does not limit her determination, her skill, and her brain. 

19. “What if the fight is all we are? We torture, kill, betray. We pretend we’re more than that just to make ourselves feel better, but it’s a lie.”

I love this line so much. This episode encapsulates so many themes and big ideas of the show (and it grapples with morality in hugeeeee ways) and I’m loving it.

20. “You’re not a prisoner, Luna. You have a choice.”

Raven putting her gun down and saying this to Luna is SO important, especially when you think about how Clarke tried to force the flame on her in 3x14. Free will was a major theme last year and I’m glad to see it paying off now.

21. Jaha swooping in and stealing that crowd

Listen. I know that there are many conflicted opinions on Jaha and I know that lot of people hate him. But I have never been more intrigued. His story this season is sooo interesting. I have no idea what to expect from him. I feel as though he is so disconnected from the other characters at this point in the narrative that he’s a complete wild card. Do I trust him or not? Should I? What are his motives? What knowledge does he have that the other characters don’t?

He’s so fascinating to me in that he is completely unpredictable. His story this season could break off in just about any direction. 

This scene was really fun to watch. Clearly, Jaha’s years of being a Chancellor comes in handy with a crowd. He knows what to do, what to say, to sway them. It reminds me of Bellamy, in a way, actually. Say what you will about Jaha, but he has a way with words and he knows how to inspire people. I can’t wait to see how this goes. 

(I totally think that lottery is bullshit and I think that Jaha realizes this, but he’s manipulating the crowd. We’ll see how this blows up in our faces later.)

“The people need to feel like they have a say in their fate.”

Another interesting line that I enjoyed. Just wanted to point it out.

22. “It’s the only choice you gave yourself. If you think you have the best idea, you have to convince people, not lie to them. Or lock them up.”

So choices and free will and truth and morality are all big focusses of this episode. People seem to overlook how much great thematic stuff is in 4x04 but there’s a lot and it’s great.

23. Becca’s lab is bomb AF


25. “Take me home.” 


Weekly Voltron Fic Recs #20

Rules: You can find past rec lists here. This is stuff I like, and I have a huge bias toward Lance, hurt/comfort, and general fluff, in that order. Gen unless otherwise noted. Please comment on the fics if you read and enjoy them!

I’m going to be busy this weekend with friend and family stuff, so I wanted to get this done tonight. I was going to try to make a separate list for the fics with spoilers, but there are just too many of them, so press J to skip this post if you haven’t finished Season 2 yet and don’t want to see major revelations about it.

This is a very long list. It’s been almost two weeks since the last one, and there’s been an explosion of fics with the new season. 

Here Stands a Man by awkwardCerberus
Words: 2,568 (WIP 1 / 4)
Author’s Summary: Following his disappearance after defeating Zarkon, Shiro is found floating through space and picked up by a Galran transport delivering a hold full of prisoners to a construction colony. Back at the Castle, the remains of Team Voltron are doing whatever they can to get Shiro back and trying hard not to fall apart in the process.
My Comments: Heartwrenching Post S2 fic where Shiro gets pulled back into basically his worst nighmare once again. Can’t wait for him to get rescued, please.

A Couple of Ticks by easternCriminal
Words: 1,533 (WIP 1/?)
Author’s Summary: After an unaccounted for variable does their best to assist Voltron during their final battle with Zarkon, Hunk and Lance wake up in the Galaxy Garrison… a few months before Shiro crash landed back on Earth.
My Comments: I am a sucker for time-travel AUs where a character comes back with knowledge of the future and tries to change the past. Plus this is my two faves, so you can understand why I’m excited about it. And they have a psychic connection, which is also fun. I’m really looking forward to more.

pull out your heart by valkyriered
Words: 1,965
Author’s Summary: After two weeks aboard a Galra ship, Shiro is rescued by his team.
My Comments: Really nice hurt/comfort focused on Shiro and Allura. I want Shiro to get all the hugs, please.

Spar Session by theoncomingwolf
Words: 3,025
Author’s Summary: In which Allura takes the training bot’s place as sparring opponent for the day. Set after s2, all paladins present.
My Comments: Really fun action fic in which Allura is a badass, but everyone gets a moment. It’s cool to see her leadership qualities come out and her reflections on the paladins’ skills.

Pause and Wait by the_authors_exploits
Words: 1,319
Author’s Summary: Keith and Shiro are stranded for the night, and Keith watches over Shiro while he gets some much needed rest
My Comments: Season 2 was great, but it sure seemed to skip over a lot of stuff we would have liked to see. This is a nice missing moment from Episode 1.

For Your Actions are Mine by wolfsan11
Words: 1,368
Author’s Summary: The Red Lion has awaited her Paladin for years, but the figure who fights to reach her is neither what she expects nor wants. Yet, after her imprisonment, perhaps this little one is simply what she needs.
My Comments: FANTASTIC Red pov. I love this view of her and her view of Keith. Lovely.

Insomnia by GriffinRose
Words: 15,278
Author’s Summary: They reunite after the Wormhole Incident all in one piece. Mostly. But some scars can’t be seen. Keith can’t sleep, no matter how hard he tries. Luckily he’s got the best team/family ever who are not about to let this go. No, seriously, they won’t let it go.
My Comments: Absolutely wonderful, subtle hurt/comfort and teamy goodness. What was really wrong and how to fix it was obvious to me early on, but it was fun to watch the team slowly figure it out.

Bromances in Space by ptw30
Words: 2,540 (WIP 4/?)
Author’s Summary: Various drabbles for Voltron: Legendary Defender - mainly Keith and Shiro Story One: Hug It Out (Episode Nine - The Belly of Weblum)
Story Two: Castle in the Sky (after Episode Thirteen - Blackout)
Story Three: How Shiro Became a Dad (Domestic AU)
Story Four: Dad Duties (Domestic AU)
My Comments: Each chapter is a separate story. The first two have S2 spoilers, but the others are just fluff. They’re all excellent.

Okay I can’t just go to bed with Season 2 ending like that I mean really… by Rangergirl3 for 4_angsty_zukos, PrincessMnMz, Zenthisoror
Words: 3,590
Author’s Summary: Literally what I thought after binge watching the incredible, fantastic, and all around phenomenal S2.Goes without saying: Spoiler Alert for VLD Season 2 (especially the finale) Hell of a cliffhanger, and I couldn’t rest without writing something for it, because it’s going to be AWHILE before we know what happens. So, here you all are. I had to write this for myself because otherwise, I wasn’t getting to sleep. :-)
My Comments: What it says! I love reading all these fics and seeing the various ideas people have for what that Big Dumb Cliffhanger meant. No two so far that I’ve seen have been alike.

But a Scratch by manunulat
Words: 1,052
Author’s Summary: This is a brief vignette set after s2ep2. Some things can’t be fixed by healing pods.
My Comments: Would you like some Hunk and Lance being funny, loving bros, with just a touch of angst? I always like it. I like this one, too.

for every bird there is a stone by lacking
Words: 15,954 (4/?)
Author’s Summary: Shiro walks away from his confrontation with Haggar injured and shaken. After falling through the corrupted wormhole and finding himself stranded alongside Keith on a solitary planet, Shiro begins doubting his bond with the black lion and his place among the other paladins. As the team is reunited and his health continues to decline, Shiro is forced to confront parts of himself he thought were long buried, and everyone is left questioning just how far he’s willing to go in order to survive.
My Comments: This is excellent. Fantastic characterization and interaction, especially for Shiro and Keith. We can always use more post-wormhole fics when they’re this good.

your sacred stars won’t be guiding you by contagionangel
Words: 3,233
Author’s Summary: In one reality, a major change in long-past history means that, among other things, Shiro never crash-lands on Earth. Hunk still gets attached to the people he’ll end up going to space with. A story of friendship, alien coverup conspiracies, and starting to grow courage without noticing.
My Comments: I ADORE this. I love the Garrison Trio Plus, and all the ways things change and don’t change with their closer, more involved friendship here. And Hunk’s POV is perfect. I really want more, and the author has promised there will be some more. Like, a lot more, eventually. I am waiting with open hands.

The Core of Him by nightwalker for MusicalLuna
Words: 2,072
Author’s Summary: Shiro wasn’t afraid of doing what the Olkari king had done – he knew he’d choke on the words if he even tried.
My Comments: Absolutely amazing Shiro character study, his view of the team and how important they are and what they mean to him. The other paladins are all adorable and well-characterized too, of course. There were a couple of lines in here that made me breathless with their vivid imagery and strong emotion.

White Hallways by Fernandidilly_yo
Words: 3,159
Author’s Summary: (Set right after season 2 episode 13) Keith’s reaction to finding that the black lion it empty, and Shiro is gone.
My Comments: Utterly heartbreaking, but this also feels so necessary. Lance is a good kid.

Entanglement by story_monger
Words: 1,910
Author’s Summary: Pidge has a major revelation about the castle ship’s technology and absolutely has to tell someone about it. In which Hunk and Pidge yell at one another about quantum entanglement and Lance simultaneously is confused by and loves his uber nerdy friends.
My Comments: ADORABLE. The Garrison Trio is so, so good, in both happiness and grief.

Stating the Obvious by nightwalker
Words: 1,947
Author’s Summary: It occurred to Keith like a punch to the gut that they were talking about Allura now, Lance was going to try to talk about this.
My Comments: Another scene I really wanted in the show and didn’t get. Lance is a good kid.

Between by Silverkleptofox
Words: 2,086
Author’s Summary: Between the biggest revelation of his life and his whole world changing, there is no time for Keith to rest and recover. His teammates make sure he does anyway. Tag to Season 2 Episode 8.
My Comments: Almost unnecessarily detailed hurt/comfort based on canon injuries, haha. I love it.

Casserole by genericfanatic
Words: 1,922
Author’s Summary: After Shiro “dies” on the Kerberos mission, Keith is all alone. Some days are harder than others.
My Comments: This author really excels at sharp, almost harsh depictions of pain and grief that are so realistic that you can feel it yourself. So good.

Nought but Grief and Pain (for Promis’d Joy) by Hedgi
Words: 1,353
Author’s Summary: Keith has always been many things. Stupid has never been one of them. Impulsive, sure. Reckless, yes. Intense, quiet, alone—check, check, check. But not stupid. What’s the point in looking for another way, another plan, when all they need is another person on board Zarkon’s ship? Introspection reaction to “The Best laid Plans”
My Comments: Really painful Keith POV on a pivotal moment in the season. I was glad it ended the way it did.

Basic Chemistry by 15Strawberries
Words: 1,211
Author’s Summary: Hunk has some down time in between battles. He tries to make the most of it.
My Comments: The PERFECT Hunk. This is exactly how I see him. Adorable and beautiful.

Water Vaper and Earthquakes by boredomsMuse
Words:  3,445
Author’s Summary: Hunk is generally a chill guy, well not in the matter that he’s never scared or anything but in the sense that Lance has only ever seen the guy angry like once. Until Pidge gets hurt during an ambush, and Lance is really glad this isn’t the first time he’s seen Hunk angry or things might just have been a lot worse for the paladins of Voltron.
My Comments: Really cool magic AU. I’m a big fan of berserker Hunk, and the sense of history with Lance is really fascinating. I would read a lot more of this concept.

Just What You Want by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Words: 3,265 (WIP 2/5)
Author’s Summary: 5 times Shiro got hugged by the team.Written pre-Season 2 but I think we need it more now. Also, nominally takes place in the Spectrum verse, but that only matters in chapter five. Updates Saturday and Wednesday.
My Comments: Yes good. All the hugs for Shiro. Hunk and Pidge so far, and they were both perfect and adorable and genuine and sweet and made me super happy.

The Melting Milky Way by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Words: 1,827
Author’s Summary: Shiro returns, but he has questions. How well did the team manage while he was gone? He doesn’t get the answer he wanted.
My Comments: Perfect Finale tag. Just read it. I don’t want to spoil it.

the currents you create by theoddoodisnude
Words: 18,501
Author’s Summary: Some days, he woke up even more tired than he’d been when he’d gone to sleep, and willing his body to go through the motions was just—tough. Like wading through thigh-high water or running on soft sand that gave under the soles of his feet.
My Comments: Here’s my obligatory Klance hurt/comfort for the week. I think there’s always one. Anyway, this one is very good. Very realistic depiction of depression, and I liked how supportive everyone was, and how hard Lance tried to deal with everything even when he just wanted to give up. Also some wonderful Hunk and Lance and team bonding in there.

Knowledge or Death (And Ignorance is Bliss) by squirenonny
Words: 2,189
Author’s Summary: Keith tells the rest of the team what he learned in the Trials of Marmora. [Season Two spoilers! Set between “The Blade of Marmora” and “The Belly of the Weblum”]
My Comments: PERFECT missing scene from S2 that we really should have gotten, omg. Unless disproven later by canon, this is how it went for me. Headcanon accepted, stamped, cosigned, and engraved in stone.

Lion’s Call by Wolfie_Dragon
Words: 2,948
Author’s Summary: After nearly getting killed during battle, Lance is confined to a healing pod. However, he seems to disagree with the severity of the situation, especially when he senses a cry of pain. And it’s up to Keith to get him back to the infirmary. Angst/Whump oneshot. Written for the Whumpaween exchange on tumblr.
My Comments: Aww, ouch. This is painful and sweet at the same time. Keith is exasperated, but he does his best.

Silence is Golden by VelkynKarma for BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Words: 10,291
Author’s Summary: It’s just a sore throat. It’s really not that big a deal. But the rest of team Voltron doesn’t really see it that way—and Shiro’s taking a day off whether he likes it or not.
My Comments: Aww, everyone tries so hard. What a good team. ::pats them::

Dark Necessities by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions) for VelkynKarma
Words: 9,564
Author’s Summary: Sometimes, the choices are easy. This is not one of those times. Shiro knew what he was agreeing to when he became their leader. It doesn’t make those calls easier.
My Comments: This was a rough read, but it was really well done. Being a leader is hard. I liked the way they talked it out at the end, even if nothing felt fully resolved. It can’t with things like this, sometimes.

Previously Recced Fics That Updated:

Mini Lions by earthstar
Where No One Goes by earthstar
One Week to Say Goodbye by squirenonny
Beautiful Minds by PotatoBender (really gorgeous worldbuilding this chap)
Aid by Haurvatat
Someplace Like Home by squirenonny
Coming Undone by Emerald_Ashes
Light Up the Dark by BajillionKittens
Love and Other Questions by squirenonny
He Sleeps in the Sky of Ice by jadencross (now complete! read read read!)
Engine Won’t Turn by yet_intrepid (now complete! READ READ READ!)
Trials Before the Dead by birdzilla (now complete! ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS)
The Final Act of Mercy by ptw30 (now complete!)
Parasite Knight by VelkynKarma (NOW COMPLETE)
Beast You’ve Made of Me by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions) (now complete)

#4 You are famous: Rumors

You can find the others here

Harry: Harry Styles and (Y/N)? Could Styles have moved on from models?”

With the rumors sparkling a few months ago, when the duo was seeing getting rather friendly in the Brits after-party, the couple has stroked again.

Earlier in the week, (Y/L/N) and Styles were seeing out for coffee. The pair was laughing and seemed to be having a great time, departing from the small coffee shop in different cars hours later.

Styles is said to have a record with dating, only choosing models to be his beau. So what does the actress have that could make Harry change his direction?

(Y/N) (Y/L/N) is an Oscar winning actress for starters, but she is much more. She is humble, funny, kind and caring. Not to say that she is gorgeous. (Y/N) is known between directors and cast fellows to be the nicest person to work with, always winning everyone’s heart and friendship.

‘She is one of the most talented girl I’ve ever worked with.’ Said Meryl Streep in an interview with Ellen.

It’s no surprise that Harry fell for her charms.

She might not be the tall, super skinny, blonde type of girl that Harry normally goes for, but she is definitely a good change.

An insider tell us that Harry seems really happy lately and (Y/N) is definitely the cause of this happiness. ‘They really hit it off on the Brits’ he told us. ‘It didn’t take too long for them to be texting every day and talking on facetime. Both were running on this crazy schedule, but they made time for each other.’ He proceed. ‘They wanted to wait until they were on the same place before taking the next step.’.

We know that (Y/N) is set to stay in LA for at least another week before returning to the shooting of her next movie and while we are not so sure about how long is Styles staying in the city, we sure hope that it’s enough time for them to become a real couple.

If they haven’t already! Their latest pics made it seem like they were on a date, don’t you think?

The fans, like usual, expressed their thought on social media and we were glad to see the most of them were happy:


@Liallbutno: She’s makes me believe that I have a chance with Harry!

However, for every two nice tweets, we found one bad:

@Larry4life: You guys have to stop believing in these rumors. She’s just another attempt of covering Larry up.

What do you think about them? Tweet us with your reaction to the newest couple!

We totally ship it!

 @YourUser: Did you know that they have trailers before the movie on a drive in? I didn’t. #FunnyFace #DateNight

Niall: “From youtube to being friends with the hottest boyband of the moment. Meet Niall Horan’s new love.”

The first thing you need to know about (Y/N) (Y/L/N) is that she deserves everything she has accomplished so far. Starting her youtube channel with only sixteen years old, (Y/N) has come a long way from where she started; now being more of a brand than a youtuber.

With her weekly videos, (Y/N) has over 5 million subscribers and more than 200 videos on her channel. The rising celebrity started with reviews of books and movies, adding tutorials and do it yourself videos over the years. Now, she doesn’t stick with only youtube anymore, being called to interview other celebrities and host red carpets.

Despite this all, (Y/N) had never hit a cover of a gossip magazine; she was known, but not that known that people would want to know about her life. That was until last week.

If staying under the radar and not causing any fuss around the world was (Y/N)’s idea, then she should have chosen her friends better.

Niall Horan is one of the four members of the hottest boyband out there, One Direction. Everyone knows who they are now a days.

What is said around the fandom is that Niall is the chilliest guy out of the four, the last time he was the center of a gossip being when he was photographed with his rumored ex-girlfriend Melissa. Either way, Niall is never one to cause much drama among the fans.

‘He is enjoying life and staying on his lane.’ Said one fan on Twitter.

However, it seems that the One Direction fandom can never catch a break and this time the fault falls only and exclusively on Niall.

(Y/N) was seen leaving their concert a week ago, Niall hot on her trail as the pair climbed on his car and drove away. To where they went? We don’t know, but (Y/N)’s Instagram posts hinted at Nando’s.


A week after the start of the rumor, things seemed to have calmed down and the fans were accepting that maybe they were only friends. Well, they wish.

The pair stroked again, this time in a more couple-like occasion.

Niall took (Y/N) to have cooking classes with no one else than Jamie Oliver. We died at little when we found out about this, I know you did it too.

You already have Niall and now you have private classes with Jamie Oliver? That’s what we called being lucky.

Now all we are left to do is wait and see how things turn out. We can only hope that spotlight shy, (Y/N) (Y/L/N), has everything that she needs to handle being friends, or even girlfriend, with Niall Horan.

Tell us what you think of #shipname! Tweet us your reactions and we will retweet the best ones, maybe Niall will see it and clear this rumor up!

See you!

@YourUser: How sick is this? Cooking lessons with @Jamieoliver and @Niallhoran 

Louis: “Could Louis Tomlinson be the next victim of (Y/N) (Y/L/N)’s songs?”

It’s no secret for us that singer (Y/L) (Y/L/N) likes to write songs that are some what relatable to her life, most singers are like this. And while we don’t want to see her heart broken over anyone and we wish the new couple a happy relationship, we do wonder how good the song would be?

I mean, Louis Tomlinson has proven himself a heartbreaker, after being spotted kissing a girl in the hotel pool just weeks after breaking off with his long-term girlfriend, Eleanor Calder. Imagine if he broke (Y/N)’s heart, we would have a juicy story to tell and a new jam to dance to, maybe even a CD.

‘He likes to pretend he is a bad guy, smoking and drinking while singing…’ I think these would be great lyrics.

But enough with the end, especially when sources are not entirely sure there was a start.

The duo was spotted for the first time more than a month ago, leaving a club together and heading to the same hotel. What went down on the hotel room, we don’t know, but we can get an idea from looking at those photos of Louis getting out of the hotel with a hickey, he failed at cover, showing on his neck.

One encounter was all the it took for both hatter and shippers to appear. However, for those who thought they would engage a relationship right way, things got disappointing.

Fear not, I say, as your ship has sailed once more.

The pair was spotted together, walking through the streets of London, looking rather cozy as they laughed and smiled to each other. They were looking pretty adorable, if I do say so myself.

And just when the fans thought the spotting had been a one-time thing once more, the possible couple was seeing once more together, this time in what it seemed to be a date. I mean, paddling, holding hands and piggy rides? For me, that screams date in every possible form.

I guess we will have to wait until for more news. Hopefully, the two of them won’t stop seeing each other again and if they do, we can only hope we get a song about it.

For now, tell us what you think about this new couple! It’s a yay or a nay?

@YourUser: Don’t let the sun fool you, the water was as cold as it can be. Guess I will have to add ‘Paddling’ at the list of things I can’t do #AmazingDay

Liam: “Liam Payne showing us a side never seen before, singer was seeing rather cozy with writer (Y/N)”

If you thought Liam Payne was going to stay at home moping his last breakup, you thought it wrong.

It’s common knowledge that Liam Payne is a fan of (Y/N) (Y/L/N)’s book. Last month, Liam was spotted at the premiere of the book’s movie, tweeting about later and even mentioning how happy he was he got to me the writer.

Nevertheless, (Y/N) seemed just as happy as him, tweeting him back and a few days later, talking about how she had their latest cd on loop.

Talk about cute.

The new didn’t stop there, however. The speculations that they were a couple only got stronger when the duo was spotted at a coffee shop, laughing and looking like they were having the time of their lives.

“They laughed through the whole time they were there. Liam seemed pretty happy and (Y/N) couldn’t keep the smile off her face. They spent their time talking about books and making jokes. They looked pretty content with one another.” Said a source.

And while a date on coffee shop is suspicious, is not a proof of anything. Two dates in a week, however, might just be.

Following the simple-yet-cute style they both have, which seems to be their second date could not be another place if not on a bookstore. Of course, Liam took a safe choice, considering we think he was the one to choose the place as he got there first, seeing as (Y/N)’s Instagram feed is filled with bookstore pictures, but the intention is what it counts.

The date, however, didn’t last as nearly as it did the first one, but they seemed to have plenty of fun despite this.

“They laughed a lot and there was a lot of touching each other’s arm and in a flirty way. It was definitely a date.” Said a costumer who happened to be there at the same time as the new couple.

Either they are or not dating we don’t know, but it sure looks like it.

The 1D fandom seems to approve her, which is a good sign and might be the green light Liam is waiting before making the next step.

Besides their love for books and movies, they both share a love for Batman and other superheroes. The likes and dislikes are not the only thing they have in common, though. The puppy eyes and adorable expressions in photos and interviews is another thing they share.

So far, they seem perfect for each other.

While we wait for news, tweet us about what you think of the couple. Do you think that in a few years (Y/N) might write a romance book based on them? Wouldn’t that be cute? We can only dream!!


UPDATE: Did you know (Y/N) has written a 1D fanfiction before? Click here to know the details.

@YourUser: Love me some books :)


*I was going to do 2 nice rumors and 2 nasty ones, but in the end all of them came out nice sigh. I know it’s been a while since I updated this series, but honestly this had been on my drafts for song long and I don’t know why I never finished. Anyway hope you liked it :)

anonymous asked:

Wait has anyone done a Richonne timeline like how they were getting to know each other S3, became an open door in 'Clear" became friends, bestfriend, in like with each other, a family, and finally a relationship?? Like I would love for someone to do that because you all are the best ever in life with the breakdowns and analysis of Richonne.. also I would love for someone to ask Andy about it so we can know when Rick felt like yeah we are good friends etc...

My friend, let me see if I can help you out. Here and here are good sources for a very by-the-books analysis of Rick and Michonne’s relationship, starting from the end of 3x06 (when they first met and when a lot of us first started shipping them). It’s a very cut and dry explanation of what happened, being as the links are literally 1) a plot synopsis of each episode showing their progression and 2) a concise but effective summation of their entire relationship, which perfectly displays their evolution from strangers, to friends, to best friends, to parents, to two people in love. (Which, after reading ur ask, is something I think you would be highly interested in, and the video is honestly flawless/one of my favorites, so I highly, highly recommend it.) and also it existed!!! before they were canon!!! their love has always been so obvious!!! yay them!!! yay us!!! validation!!!

I also know there was an actual movie-type video that I saw floating around on Tumblr a while ago which put together literally every scene between Rick and Michonne (and maybe Michonne and Carl?) to show the progression of their relationship, although I don’t know if it’s still around or not. I sadly wasn’t able to find it.

However, if you’re looking for, say, another Richonne blog’s take/in-depth explanation of Rick and Michonne’s character and relationship development in chronological order via important episodes and lines of dialogue and thangs, I know I’ve seen (and liked and reblogged) other people’s posts like that, although I unfortunately haven’t found anything that goes too in-depth (probably because it would take up half a lifetime to complete). Although, now that I think about it, it might be fun to go back and rewatch their seasons together and write about the importance of what’s happening an episode at a time… Hmm… I mean, I’m pretty sure others have done it already. (For example, I know for a fact that Clear has been written extensively about [cuz duh – can u say “copious amounts of sexual tension” or “mother-son bonding time”???], and that I for one received an A+ on a project I did in regards to interracial relationships on TWD. I was going to get into Gleggie at some point, but ran out of time and obvi had enough material with just Richonne. Yeah….that’s literally my life. And, you know, not to brag or anything, but may I just say, I went off.)

AND NOW, IN REGARDS TO ANYONE READING THIS (YES, YOU!!! YOU READING THIS!): if you have any links to anyone’s Richonne posts or videos or vlogs or anything that’s along the lines of what’s been mentioned above, please reblog and add them!!! Make sure to include ur own lovely creations that u worked so hard on!!! I feel like we could all use a masterpost of the evolution of Richonne!! I know anon and I rlly want to read them!!! They’re seriously the best things!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!

Also, about Andy’s thoughts on what Rick thinks about Richonne: fret not, little one, for I believe the longer Richonne is around, and the more Rick and Michonne open up to each other about their thoughts and pasts and hopes and heartbreaks, the more likely it is that either on the show or in an interview they’ll start to discuss when these feelings first emerged, and elaborate on when and how that happened, as well as go a little more in depth on what they both meant when they said things like what appeared in this snippet of an International Business Times article:

“In a behind-the-scenes interview for the upcoming “Walking Dead: The Complete Sixth Season,” Gurira says she thinks her character, Michonne, has been “in love” with Lincoln’s character, Rick, for some time. Lincoln agrees, saying that he thinks it was “natural” for the characters to explore a more intimate connection. “I kept thinking, ‘Of course, it’s been right in front of me all the time.’ […] ‘It felt like a grown-up relationship that was always meant to be.’”

Also, I’d like to quickly address something just while we’re on the subject. After making my post about why I think Rick is a good (more like perfect) fit for Michonne, lots of people came up to me asking me for Andy Lincoln’s thoughts on the whole thing, even though 1) google exists, and I suggest you take full advantage of that and 2) the post itself was clearly not the right place for Andy to be getting involved. It was all about their relationship from Michonne’s perspective, and thus warranted only Danai’s thoughts on their character arcs/progression, not Andrew’s. She is a real, valid character, who is very underappreciated in fandom (if you ask me and a lot of others), and for many people their favorite character on the show - and rightfully so. She is strong, she is smart, she is soft, she is complex, she is a viable love interest. Please try not to make everything about ur fav, because it tends to push away someone else’s. Rick is not the only one involved in their relationship (obviously). Please stop making everything about him. There are already hundreds of thousands of posts/interviews out there just like that if you wanted to read up on them: about how Michonne is good for Rick, what she brings out of him, etc. Trust me, they’re there if you really want to look, but that wasn’t the question I was being asked to answer so it never came up.

That being said, there is a reason why Andy (and his mom) are the best captains a ship could ever ask for. Like honestly, before Richonne became canon (ugh, remember what an angsty, desperate, hellish place the world was back then?), he was the one who got me through it because I knew that beautiful man was never going to let it go. Andrew has repeatedly gone out of his way to bring up Rick and Michonne’s relationship (despite no one even remotely asking him about it), and often through the thinly-veiled excuse of his mom’s shipping of them, before finally getting fed up with everyone’s years of brushing him aside which led to him flat-out stating, just TO BE CLEAR FOR THE THOUSANDTH MILLIONTH TIME, “That’s what I want it to be. I want Michonne and Rick to get together.” Ahhhhhh. God bless him. He wasn’t going to give it up until it went canon. Danai could keep her cool, but Andy…

Just look at him light up every time someone so much as mentions them getting together, or the way he defends the idea at every possible chance he is given, or the way he interjects Danai CONSTANTLY just to talk about her and Rick’s relationship. Guys, he’s so obviously smitten with Richonne.

I mean, when one half of ur otp and THE MAIN CHARACTER OF THE MOST-WATCHED SHOW ON PLANET EARTH wants something to happen, it has a lot of sway over what’s going to happen. And if he saw that it made sense to him, and he thought it was the right place for his character to be, who’s going to tell him otherwise? Guys. He IS Rick. He knows that “he trusts her with his life, and with his children’s lives” and that “[they both have] a deep respect and a deep love for one another.” (ugh, just watch the video, it’ll help you sleep better at night).

SO IN SUMMARY: Andy never shut his mouth up about Richonne, using his privilege and his power to will it into being (cuz rlly, what could they do? fire him???? he had the upper hand and used it to his/all of our advantage), and now look where we are. In canon bliss.

P.S. “Like I would love for someone to do that because you all are the best ever in life with the breakdowns and analysis of Richonne.” I agree, there are so many great tumblrs out there that are always coming through with their interpretations of Richonne scenes and their beautiful second-by-second depictions of Richonne kisses that make me squeal <3 And the fact that I am a part of this “you all” is just… like….. the best thing to ever happen to me??? thank you??? I think I love you???? but it’s whatever

LOK, don't read it if you liked the ending

You know what I getting the most angry about the fact that people don’t seem to know that people break up all the time and can still get back together. I have literally seen this and I also have proof that it works. For example my sister broke up with her boyfriend, they dated for four years because he got jealous and well she started dating another guy and they dated for like two years but she broke up with him because he wanted her to quit studying and marry him and she said no. After that her ex started trying to make her fall in love with him again and he worked his damn butt off and you know what my sister didn’t want him back but he kept trying little by little and he won her back and now they are married and have a beautiful baby boy. Like seriously never say that just because the first time around they don’t make it doesn’t mean they cannot work it out and get back together because it can happen. My parents fight all the time and you know what that doesn’t mean they do not love each other, my mom always tells me she misses him after every fight and they make up and love each other even more. Mako and Korra love each other and have since the beginning, I was one of the people who was pissed with Mako and how he dealt with both relationships. Trust me I wrote a post talking about how much I hated him but you know what he turned into one of my favorite boys because he matured and he became an awesome freaken guy that fights for those he loves and protects them with his life. That breakup was heartbreaking for me but I didn’t lose hope because like I said love can still repair itself. I saw the way that mako and Korra matured after the breakup and when I heard that there hasn’t been a special lady since Korra my god I fangirled because I thought they would be together again. And that flashback episode where he admitted he dealt badly, he knows it and he felt bad. Where was the Korra//Sami? Not really anything all that great because i do every single thing they do with my bestfriend heck I even grab her butt. We call each other girlfriend all the time and you know what? That in no way means i have romantic feelings for her. I would of liked having them up together if there was something romantic about it. Or if they held hands closer together or said I love you (that is not asking to much) I keep seeing comments from people saying that mako and Korra can love each other just as friends or that people can just be friends. You know what the same thing can be said about Korra and Asami because dude you guys romantize their friendship too because like I said before they did nothing that is out of the ordinary of friendship. Korra never had a friend that was a girl because her first friends were Bolin and Mako (that by the way barely interacted this season, like their friendship didn’t matter at all but her friendship with asami means everything ._.) Korra needed that a friend who she could tell everything too and be with but don’t go saying its romantic. Because people are trying to say I am looking at this wrong but practically what I am being told to do is to see romance in every single action and relationship which is bs.
Aside from shipping what the hell happened to Kai? (Seriously he showed up like twice and he talked once! He is a very amazing character and I love him and I needed more!)
What was the point of Tenzin having another son? Was he a bender or not?
What happened to Bopal and Kainora? Did they stay together? Are they happy? Are they having fun?
Did wu become a singer or a hobo? Because dude he cannot sing and I doubt he has money! I loved him because he reminded me of kuzco!
What happened to Bataar jr? Did he make up with his mother? Did he go to jail? What about Kuvira? Did they ever talk?
WHY THE HELL WAS THERE NO TEAM AVATAR? What happened to the meaning and special thing for friendship?
Bolin and Korra barely freaken talked? I thought they were friends?
I know they fought together but where was the team avatar hug and the airbenders family hug?
I needed everyone to hug and talk got that?
Did they rebuild the metal city or did try move to republic city?
What happened to Mako’s grandma and family?
Did the beifongs fix their relationship completely?
What happened to Zuko, Katara and Toph?
What was the point of another spirit portal?
These are some of the reasons why I am angry and I did not like the ending. Some of it has to do with shipping but others just have to do with closure.
By the way if we do not like Korra//Sami it isn’t because we don’t like gay relationships because trust me I have them. It’s because it came out of nowhere because most of what they did was normal best friend behavior and I just don’t see it. Plus I am not a big fan of Asami and I haven’t been since the start. But I saw all three books in like a day or two before book 4 and I know what I saw and I don’t ship them and never will. But don’t make us forget that the story is incomplete and that it needed to be ended in a better way. The only parts I enjoyed were the fighting (THEY WERE ALL BADASSES MY GOD!) and the wedding and I TOTALLY LOVED TAHNO (I love you!) but I hated how most of my favorite characters were tossed to the side like they didn’t matter. I would of preferred a group hug including Naga than that ending.

Fools Gold » Calum Hood

Ship: Calum & Y/N

Word Count: 6000+

Rating: NC-17

A/N: kind of inspired by a few songs and a some poems that i’ve been reading lately about that kind of unhealthy relationship that you keep going back to so trigger warning for that and also don’t fall for assholes ok pls love yourselves over anyone else because i want you all to get your happy endings kwl i really need to learn how to sell my writing better

You didn't want to think he hurt you intentionally. He was sweet, you’d seen that, but he was a guy, so maybe that was it. Maybe he was just blind to your feelings or romantically inept. Maybe he did like you, and was just tempted by all those other girls.

Or maybe he just liked to set fire to your insides and take pleasure in watching you burn.

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The crying karaoke girl

Genre: Fluff 

Member: Jungkook 

Paring: Jungkook X Reader

Summary: Finding yourself in a karaoke room with an unwelcome guest might not be as bad as one might thought. 

Usually when people are sad they either spend their money as if they just won the lottery or they eat away their feelings in a tub of ice cream, all except for you. Instead you like to sing away your sadness or anger at a karaoke bar. When you first step into the karaoke bar you keep your emotions in check, just looking like any customer that came for a few drinks alone. You keep a calm face even when you place your things down to select a song through the millions of artists. It’s not until you choose your song and it starts playing that all your emotions come out.

Today you were singing out of anger, “He’s a cold hearted slayer!” you cried into the mic as Paula Abdul dance on the screen. Knowing English and Korean gave you the advantage to sing even more heartbreak songs. It works out great for you, but for other people who passing by your room not so much. Sometimes you do get the occasional drunks telling you to stop playing sad songs, but today you got a little something that’s never happen before.

Mid-way through your angry lyrics the door opens making you jump up surprised as you see a boy about your age holding on to the door for dear life. As the boy was catching his breath you let out a cough to get the boy’s attention. “Excuse me what are you doing in my room?” you asked in between you trying to catch your breath from the singing and crying. “Sorry, I need to hide please ignore me.” He says bowing as he keeps looking back and forth from you and the window. If you were in the right mind you would have kicked out the boy calling him a pervert, but since your day couldn’t get any worse you just simply nodded your head not really caring at the moment what happens. You paid for an hour and you weren’t going to waste it on arguing with the stranger.

Since he ruined your song you went to the karaoke machine to find the one person that can understand your pain. “Adele?” the boy whispers slowly looking at you as the song starts playing.

“I made up mind don’t need to think it over if I’m wrong I am right.” You sang sadly into the mic as you step to the beat. Adele has had many hits, but Chasing Pavements had a special place in your broken heart. You knew you had to sing your heart out and that you did, hitting every high note and using your emotions to make it sound like you were the one who wrote the song.

“You’re really good you know.” The boy says leaning against the door. It wasn’t until you looked at him closely you realize how good looking he was. The boy had really soft features with the most trust worthy eyes you had ever seen. “Thank you.” You choked out blushing a bit from the complement. “Trust me I know a singer when I see one.” He says smiling at you. “Ow, yeah?” you asked curious as to the boy was now. “Do you want to sing something? I can prove it to you.” He says going to the machine picking out a song. “If you don’t know this song I can try another one.” He says looking back at you as he looks through the artist.

Then the songs melody started playing, and you automatically recognize the song. “Little star?” you said and the boy looked at you surprise. “You know the song?” he asked handing you the mic in delight that you knew the song. “I love AKMU!” You stated standing next to him. You love the song so much that when the lyrics started playing you didn’t even have to look at the screen. What you didn’t know that he also knew the song by heart, and was not lying about him knowing a good singer when he knew one.

The boy had a voice of his own, and from his voice you knew he was way better than you. You couldn’t help but look at him mesmerized by his soothing voice. Then when the two singers played he looked at you and matched his voice to yours to harmonize. By the end of the song you were speechless, “Who are you?” you finally got yourself to spit out and ask. The boy chuckles, “My name is Jungkook. You?” he asked since he was curious to you who you were since he came into the room. “Y/N.” you answered back. “Well Y/N I wish I could stay longer, but maybe we can catch up later today or something.” He says handing you his phone like if it was second nature. “Are you asking me out? I kind of just got out of a-.” but before you could finish he interrupted.

“I’m not asking you. I just want to talk. It’s seems like you need somebody to talk too.” He says handing you his phone. At first you were hesitant to give a total stranger your phone number, but when you look up at him smiling you couldn’t resist. “Not a date right?” you asked handing him his phone, and he texted you immediately so that you could save his number. “Not unless you want it to be!” he says as he winks to you putting on his mask.

Once, you were left in the room with only your thoughts everything just clicks, “Wait…JungKook…BTS!?” you screamed in horror. How did you not notice him until now?! Then your phone started buzzing you look at the text in surprise, “Took you long enough~~. :) – jungkook” You run out your door to get one more glimpse of him, but you only see his backside practically running and then that’s when you hear a bunch of girls running and shrieking so you quickly shut your door. You let out a laugh as you text him back, “Good luck, looks like they are catching up XD”

AHH So cheesy! lol I hope you enjoyed it thought and click here for more imagines :)

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You're annoying (so why are you always on my mind)

Title: You’re annoying (so why are you always on my mind)
Show: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles/Lydia (Stydia)
Summary: martinskifanfiction AU prompt: Stiles is Lydia’s begrudging FBI/spy/detective partner. The more she spends time with him, she learns he’s not so bad after all.

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How to make SQ canon (or: How to convince my mother)

Okay this will probably get long, but whatever…

I know that we all know why we love SQ. We all see the chemistry, we all see their big and meaningful love gestures… but we have to keep in mind that, obviously, a lot of people don’t. I know that many many hetero people ship SQ (because they’re smart!) but I think a lot of hetero people dont see the gay unless its thrown right into their faces (and even then some of them don’t).

Let’s take my mom for example. She’s a passionate OUAT fan and she has a gay daughter (right, thats me) who she really loves and fully accepts. She supports me and my gf and shes all for gay rights and what not… My mom, however, did not even *get* the Mulan scene. She thought the person Mulan was talking about was Phillip… because to her, even though she is confronted with lesbians every day, just doesnt have it in her system, you know? 

My mom doesnt even like Hook or Robin. She constantly says stuff like “Hook is such an idiot, he’s not good enough for Emma. Look at that, Regina has to do all the work again. Leave it to her to save Emma and the rest of the town” aso aso… Would my mother EVER get the idea that Emma and Regina could make a perfect couple? NOPE. Never. Maybe if they suddenly made out in front of her screen, but even then shed be like “OMG HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?”… so yes, in order to make SQ canon, they will have to adress the “general audience” (i.e. my mom) and make it absolutely clear that they are falling in love with each other. So unless they do that (which I hope they will), I dont have much hope that it actually happens.

I was thinking about what would have to happen in order for me to flip out and realize that it IS going to happen. Like, you know, when you come up with scenarios in your head and imagine they are actually happening on your screen… I am of course thankful for any SQ moment, and any SQ moment gives me SOME hope, but in order to make the majority “buy” this ship, they have to make it more clear…

Imagine them spending lots of lots of time together on screen… Like, Emma is sitting outside of Camelot, sad, lost in thought, the Dark One whispering things to her that are so hard to ignore.. she’s had an argument with Hook because he was too pushy again or whatever and she just needs some quiet… and then Regina comes by and they talk and Emma is like “I think youre the only one who understands me… thank you… for being here… for everything… please promise me youll always take good care of Henry, no matter what happens”… and Regina will be like “Of course I will… but I will also make sure that he has his two mothers by his side forever”… and then Emma, like, leans on Reginas shoulder and shes kissing her hair…. and sure, 20% of the audience (including my mom) might still be like “aww look at them, they are such cute besties”, but the other 80% will be like “holy shit are they really going there? fuck yes they are” (which can obvsly be said in a very happy or very desperate way, depending on what you ship ;)).

They will keep having meaningful moments and then, at some point, there will be a moment in which we all KNOW thats its going to happen… sth like Emma talking about her sexuality… because as we already established, some people need this shit to be rubbed into their faces u know? Because many people (like, again, my mom) think theres straight and theres gay and nothing in between. My mom, for instance, would never even consider that a character (or real person for that matter) could be bisexual. She probably knows it exists, but its nothing shes ever been in touch with, so yes, this would need some explanation, if you know what im saying. A moment, for example, in which Emma is, for instance, interacting with another LGBT character that they have introduced and tells him or her that she is bi herself… or a moment in which she talks about a former gf… and seriously, folks. Just imagine it. Imagine youre sitting in front of your tv or laptop or wherever the fuck you watch this goddamn show, IMAGINE that there will be actual PROOF that Emma was bi. (it could also be Regina of course, but Im kinda seeing it with Emma)… if that moment was EVER about to happen, we all would know exactly that it would mean that Swan Queen was on its way. Seriously, if I think of this moment I almost have a heart attack. Because obvsly there would be no other reason to include such an info if not to mentally prepare the audience for whats about to come. Seriously I need a cig just thinking about it.

After that, we could all together focus on Emmas feelings for Regina. Obvious lingering looks and what not. They could just keep doing what theyve been doing since season 1, the only difference would be that the entire audience (and not only Swen) would finally be able to see what it means…

Then, in some heartbreaking moment, Regina will push Emma away because shes scared of true love or whatever, and Emma will go completely dark. And we’ll all be like “OMG THE NEXT HALF OF THE SEASON WILL BE ABOUT THEM GETTING TOGETHER AND REGINA SAVING HER WITH TRUE LOVES KISS” and the entire fucking media will be FULL of it and this show will be the main focus of attention and Lana and Jen will be EVERYWHERE and interviewers will be like “omg we finally get a modern family - will Regina go after Emma in the second part of the season and admit her feelings while freeing her from the dark one’s curse?” and Lana and Jen will be like “hahaha well you will have to find out for yourself, we know nothing yet” but in fact they WILL know, and they will promote the shit out of SQ because they finally can. there will be selfies on twitter and god knows what else and we’ll all be in fucking SQ heaven.

All they have to do is convince my mom. 

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anonymous asked:

do you like the phantom menace?


lemme tell you why The Phantom Menace is a shoddily-wrapped gift to human kind

1) The main protagonist (though, I suppose this term is used loosely, because there are some very strong secondary characters) is a teenage girl.

2) A teenage girl who is a QUEEN OF A PLANET



5) “I will not condone an action that will lead my people to war” hOLLA like what a kid. But you know the best part? She’s a girl who is incredibly brave, incredibly capable, and supremely awesome - but she’s also a teenage girl. She pouts when she doesn’t get her way and is hopelessly naive about some things and makes friends with funny little kids who are nice to her

6) it introduces the “main villain” of the entire franchise as a small, compassionate, loving, enslaved boy. The whole introduction of slavery and all that entails is another point altogether, but the fact that Anakin Skywalker is introduced as a child, not innocent, exactly, but filled with child-like hope and wonder and the ceaseless need to help others - mother love, that was a brilliant move. His character suddenly hold fifty times more depth. It makes the arc that much more heartbreaking and relateable. Because lemme tell you what - if Darth Vader were introduced as the angsty teenager he is in AOTC, it would have added very little to his journey. Sure, you get some more material, and they could have probably done a great job with it, but the fact that Anakin is shown as a child, a clean slate (though he is anything but clean) - it reinforces a thousand fold this Main Theme in star wars that is all about how the potential to do good is there in each and every single being. That idea that Luke clings to, believes in with all his heart? Yeah, reinforced. Everyone’s got that loving child inside of them, still. Even the Baddest of bad guys.

7) SHMI SKYWALKER. We’re almost to the Slavery Point, but Shmi. Lordy Lordy, this woman. She’s the most important character in the whole series, I think. Or one of the most. And you know what? She’s the one that pushes forward the belief that goodness can be found in everyone. She is the one who has undergone years of suffering and hardship and slavery and yet still teaches her son to be kind and hospitable and loving to a fault. She is the one who Anakin gets separated from twice, and both times are a critical juncture to his path and his life.

8) The slavery background. Now, I’m always gonna grump about how they never bring it up again in the next two movies, but the fact that it’s there makes Vader’s entire arc 34095839405x more powerful and heart shattering sorry but I’ll fight anyone who says othersie. Lovingly, of course. But I will fight u.

9) It also diversifies and broadens the SW universe? I mean, in the OT we rarely see the planets themselves, except for Endor. Hoth doesn’t count, becuase it’s all white. But WORLDBUILDING and a whole culture and the fact that yeah, horrible things are happening in the galaxy, just like they do here on earth, and yeah, the good guys don’t know about it and it’s not actually top priority.

10) Sassy Ewan McG in the background I’m sorry this was gold

11) I actually really love QuiGon’s character? I mean, I love that they introduced Obi-Wan as a padawn, actually, and made it clear that he was barely qualified to train Anakin from the beginning (honestly the entire set up of all the relationships was so very well done), but I also love the contrast between Qui Gon and Obi-Wan’s thinking. Obi-Wan is … well, he really believes in the Jedi Order. (long discussion, which I’ll not get into here but YAY beard boy meta). Qui Gon - well, he respects it, and believes in it, but his belief in the council itself is not exactly something to tell stories about? Which is a very interesting way of showing the differences within the Jedi Order itself, and, also, speaking of which, I LOVE the portrayal and introduction of the Old Jedi and how Qui Gon and Obi-Wan are so separate from the council at first. Up until this point, the only Jedi we’ve known really well is Luke (and Obi-Wan and Yoda, but Luke is our guy, he’s the main character, he’s the one we’re adhering to for “oh, this is how a Kedi is supposed to be”) anyway I HOPE THIS MAKES SENSE.


13) Cool colours and ships and planets and people and a sudden influx of LIFE that was never present in the OT, and wow WHAT A BRILLIANT CONTRAST. Of course, this is also present (though slowly dwindling) in the other two movies, but TPM paved the way. It was the first one. It was the one that decided the others.

And now for the shoddy wrapping - yeah, the acting was a bit wooden at times, especially from the kids. Yeah, the plot was difficult to follow, and not particularly character driven, though it did have its moments. Jar Jar was endearing maybe 10% of the time, that last shot of Sheev’s face was the farthest thing from subtle that I have ever in my natural life witnessed, and I don’t even know what was up with that animatronics Yoda. BUT. Consider: beautiful choreography in the fighting, DARTH MAUL, Padme kicking 4309850459% butt, QUEEN AMIDALA’S WARDROBE, the entire theme of politics, which was literally the beginning of ANH like - bruh. Politics is a huge part of Star Wars. The entire Rebellion is essentially a political dispute that’s dragged to all-out war. The fact that the clone wars seemingly start because of politics is ideal, rather than making them into “wow random bad guy swoops in and tries to kill everyone”. THE SOUNDTRACK. Threepio with no plating one. THE INTRODUCTION OF ARTOO, Midichlorians, which is think are the COOLEST THING because wow science? And so many new and bright thoughts and concepts and ideas that were added to the SW universe. It’s not a cinematic masterpiece in acting or storytelling, but thematically? it’s EXCELLENT. And the character choices? ALSO EXCELLENT.

Basically, I can agree that sometimes TPM isn’t the most amazing. Certainly, only three of the six are truly amazing, and even ROTJ has its hangups when you’re not talking intensely character-focused scenes/Luke’s arc. BUT. WHY PEOPLE HATE ON IT. I REALLY DON’T KNOW.

this is probably so incoherent forgive me I tried

anonymous asked:

Why do the lines mostly come from Tony? we never know what Steve is thinking, it felt like Tony cares more than Steve do, while "till the end of line" was said from both side

well not necessarily. the ‘you gave me a home’ arguably tHE most significant line you could use to sum them up comes from steve. the entire quote: 

“mr. stark, when i woke up in this era, i had no one, nothing, you gave me a purpose, somewhere to belong… you gave me a home.”

it’s true that as a general thing tony is more the big long speeches guy but of the three other quotes from that answer, it was in the context of tony mourning steve post-civil war. bc u asked me for something that was ‘equal to’ that quote, and i assumed you meant something tragic and epic. 

and ofc they do have those moments but the thing abt stevetony is that they’re not just tragedy and they’re not just heartbreak. the huge otp-worthy status of them doesn’t just come from one great line or one great speech. they’re about the quiet moments in between, the moments of normalcy and everyday life out of the suits when they’re not fighting aliens or villains or the government. they’re about yeARS of trust and friendship and the profound comfort they found in each other that comes to mean the same for them as ‘home’.

they’re about tony knowing steve’s favorite kind of bagel, and sparring in the training room and steve taking tony’s ‘oh i play lots of tennis’ excuse at face value, they’re about tony walking into the room saying ‘good morning beloved’ and steve not batting an eye. they’re about being referred to as mom and dad of the team to their faces by everyone that knows them. they’re the couple that stands off at the side of the room having an argument where a collection of marvel’s most prominent heroes from the avengers, the x-men and the fantastic four look on, making various comments like ‘they love each other’ and ‘they’re the backbone of the avengers’.

they’re about steve believing in tony, believing in him when he needed him most in his struggle for sobriety, standing by him when he was humiliated in front of the UN for being made to seem drunk. about steve fighting for tony’s reputation when people badmouth him because they don’t know know the real him, and not just the person he pretends to be in front of the cameras. they don’t know as steve does how brave and wonderful and kind this man can be. steve acknowledging tony’s resourcefulness when he tells him he needs tony stark’s genius rather than iron man’s strength at a given moment. steve being eternally grateful to tony for opening his home and his life to the avengers and to steve. and tony who never hesITATEs to jump to do something for steve, whether it’s making him a new shield or giving presents in the form of state-of-the-art everything or just spending time with him and growing to become one of the closest friends he’s ever had. and tony’s undying faith in steve the person, not just the shield and the superhero. tony who hangs around after meetings in their early days as avengers just to talk to steve because he likes spending time with him. who takes him to the smithsonian and shows him the future and tells him how grateful he is to have him in the 21st century. tony who fills the rooms of his houses with things that remind him of steve, whose best example of a hero and a good man will always be steve. 

not to mention the number of times tony has sacrificed himself for steve, stopping his heart, giving him cpr and exposing himself to toxic chemicals to save steve’s life. the number of times both of them have had to watch the other die, once or twice in their arms. but they’re always looking out for each other and always worrying about each other, not just on the battlefield with life-threatening injuries but about normal things, like how their day was, or how their latest relationship is going or how they’re handling the stress of multitasking and juggling their responsibilities on the team or with SHIELD or with tony’s companies.

it’s about the way they balance out each other’s flaws because desPITE what hickman would have you believe these two are capable of reconciling in the middle of their differences and becoming stronger for it. it’s about them constantly being shown standing at each other’s sides, as a deliberate move by writers in every avengers run since the 1960′s. whenever a main team line-up has been announced, it’s these two standing at the forefront of the group. 

and yeah, all of this could be encompassed in those four words ‘you gave me a home’ but it’s also sO mUCH mORE than that. i love otp tags as much as the next person but i’m not really thAT interested in summing them in x words or less (esp for a point of comparison to another ship) because wh y would you want to encompass five decades of history and love and tragedy in a mere handful of words.

What Makes Big Bang Different?

I got asked this by so many anons, primarily about GD. What makes them so unique? I’m assuming it’s because of this nonsensical madness some fandoms had about GD’s answer to this certain question he received. This is coming from the honest heart of a VIP, so you are free to agree or disagree.

Big Bang brought forth a whole different criteria during the 2000s’ era when Kpop was simply anything but original. They are, as quoted by most boy bands, “the big brothers” that instilled a mass genre of musical variety, that knew how to mesh the appreciated style of hip hop in an exceptional way. Their jump to a “fresh” vibe of Kpop was new and unheard-of.

Granted that American boy bands like the respected Boyz II Men, Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, B2K, High 5, New Edition and so many others brought forth a new, killer vibe in the mix of R&B/Hip Hop, Big Bang was one of the newer faces bringing something different to the table as a South Korean boy band with such influences. And of course you have rappers like Tupac, Biggie, and so on that they were influenced by. They showed up with a big bang (no pun intended) in the musical face of Korea as a hip hop group that didn’t come off as handsome to the public eye, yet people couldn’t help but think there was something special about them and their sound. With the respected Tiger JK, being a great pioneer in Hip Hop’s influence in S.K. Big Bang also helped pave the way for underground rappers and such who were wanting to become aspiring artists.

Their “study books” if you will, weren’t the highly paid choreographers, producers, and etc.that are so easy for Idol groups to get today. These boys studied the predecessors before them such as 1TYM, JinuSean, and SE7EN. As the younger start out group, they would ride the subway back with their Sunbae’s fans after performing at a concert. On that note, they also studied Black R&B artists and rappers, as well as the boy bands, which also probably explains a lot of the whole “hip hop cultural clothing” from bandannas to the braids that you see some of them wear (*cough cough* GD lol).They also paid a lot of respect to DBSK, as either Taeyang or GD said something like during in their time of rising, it was all about the bands with the pretty boys that had talent, referring to DBSK. They went through what would have been the hell hole of becoming an idol back then. There wasn’t anyone to really guide them by the hand so they only had each other. Originally it was GD and Taeyang who wanted to be a hip hop duo versus a boy band. They didn’t know much of Daesung and seemed wary of TOP at first lol. But they found a connection with him through rapping. And of course there’s Seungri! Also, before his departure from BB, there was B2ST’s Hyunseung. Talented kid. You can see that in their documentary as trainees. With just the five five of them, it took a while, but they used their dreams and hard work of sweating blood and tears to just do what they love. And the public received them well to their surprise.

This is one of their really good oldies I love that every VIP should know. It opened my eyes to see how fine Taeyang looks with braids lol. Seungri looked so young here! A Fool Of Tears

Another one of their old ones I really loved lol incorporating, hot abs and an underground hip/hop sound that meets idol boy bands. Also one of the first few to incorporate a classroom setting: LA-LA-LA

Another good one with Park Bom’s mini debut, LOVE her voice. Which also sparked the BomGD ship for me: We Belong Together

Going on to some of GD’s amazing talent as a writer. Here’s just a small few:

GD showing his artistic flair in writing music, doing a mix up on Maroon 5′s This Love:

My personal favorite that talks of how he remembers his past, A Boy:

Remember Heartbreaker? The one almost every Kpop idol loooves to dance to and the era of The “Golden GD” lol

His song Butterfly. Beautiful video.

GD & TOP’s skills in producing a trendy sound as a Duo with Oh Yeahfeat. Park Bom and Knock Out with Diplo

Let’s not forget Taeyang’s SKILLS in writing his own music with the legendary I Need a Girl feat. GD and Dara:

His other legendary song Wedding Dress:

Back to Big Bang’s epic history

The real Big Bang in KPOP came with their legendary hit Lies  A song that rocked the whole country w/it’s piano melody (which should have over 50 million views, but got re-uploaded for some reason…)

The next legendary heartbreaking hit Haru Haru:

Released in Japan and topped Oricon charts,  GARA GARA GO! Where TOP ruined my bias list

The Incredibly done Heaven, Epic.

Who could EVER forget Lollipop era with the intro of 2NE1? It’s immense popularity and intro to new fashion was a HUGE wave in South Korea

A remake of Lee Moon Se’s Red Sunset which became immensely popular as a dance song

Big Bang’s song that showed the world that they weren’t goin’ nowhere after their dark era with Tonight:

They weren’t leaving especially after feeling Blue:

The first few to bring The Dougie fad into Kpop with Bad Boy:

And of course the forever reigning “anthem” of S.K. that gets err’body on they feet Fantastic Baby:

Then of course you have the newer songs today like, Ringa Linga, Eyes Nose Lips, Crooked, Crayon, Bang Bang Bang, Loser, etc.  I’m sure I’m missing more, especially Seungri, Top, and Daesung’s skills in producing.

From the old to the new, Big Bang has always set the bar in being a group of boys that knows how to bring fun to the table as well as an artistic sound. They appeared as a “comet” in the second half of 2006. They are the representative group of popularity and music fused together. These boys don’t rely on paid producers as much as most boy bands do for their music. 

They helped spread KPOP internationally with their music.They are five lovable dorks that have been through hell together and have stuck together, none of them daring to leave the group that makes them one. That’s one big reason why VIPs love them. Despite their many years together, they have not broken up. And each one is a producer with their own style and sound from R&B to hip/hop, to dubstep and rap, to whatever they choose to mix up new. They are a group that many idols look up to because they have started from the bottom, opened up a platform for hip hop to be freely added into boy bands, and have created a trend within their songs. They are artistic, dorky, yet very humble individuals that stand out whether as solo acts or as a group. Even if they come off as arrogant, I believe that it’s only what people are looking at from the outside instead of through the actual window. Versus being “showy,” they love to put on a show. They’ve never forgotten their humble beginnings.

 And that’s why many idols feel that it’s an honor to meet them, take pics with them, or dance to their music. VIP’s have seen their struggles and have watched them crawl out of that dark hole and stand up tall. We love that about Big Bang. Granted in the ever changing era of music, and that of KPOP, there will always be someone better. But never forget, without the old, the new would not exist.