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Armie Hammer, it seems, can’t open his mouth to talk about Call Me By Your Name without some ridiculous newspapers making a story about it. As the UK and US release dates creep ever nearer, the promotional trail has picked up and every day brings a new tale… “This movie is, for some people, a really incendiary topic,” he explains. “There are so many quotes that are so easy to take out of context. Whether it be me saying that I was hesitant to take this role because I didn’t know if I would actually be able to perform this. As an actor, I didn’t know if I could make myself that raw, open and exposed. Because this is so much about the subtlety. And that can easily be taken into, ‘He was hesitant to take a gay role.’ This is not the first time I’ve done this!” he sighs.

Well, if they were educated on publications such as ourselves, they’d know that this is at least the third time that he’s ‘played gay’. “Yeah!” he agrees. “Whatever, if it was my 50th time. You know, it’s all just crazy. But at the end of the day, people have to make clickbait. I get it, I understand the nature of the beast…” Let’s go back to days before age gaps, and straight actors, and peaches – back to Armie’s first steps towards 80s Italy.

“I met with Luca at his house and had tea with him and we had wonderful conversations. Then I left and didn’t hear from him for three years,” he laughs, “then three years later Brandon, my agent, calls me and say’s, ‘Luca’s doing a new movie,’ and I said, ‘I’m in!’ and he goes, ‘OK, I would read it first, but OK, for sure…’

“I was blown away at how beautiful this story was. Just this story of two human beings falling in love in the most raw, honest way. It was just incredible, I don’t think I’d ever read a script like this. So after having a series of conversations with Luca about how scared I was to approach a project like this, he helped me understand that fear and desire are normally very part and parcel. The fact that I want to be an artist means that I will need to take things to challenge me and push me. That’s the whole point of this journey, to evolve. To change, to grow.”

He explains, quite openly, that he didn’t think he was a good enough actor to play Oliver. “This is what they talk about in acting class, this is the dream. I’m incredibly self-doubting and a borderline self-loathing person, so I was like, ‘I don’t know if I’m a good enough actor to be this raw on camera’. Like, I don’t know if I’ll do a good job.”

Fortunately ‘several great conversations with Luca’ later and we have the Oliver you’d never be able to imagine this movie without. Some of those conversations focused on quite specific parts of the script that Armie didn’t get…

“I didn’t understand, ‘Call me by your name and I’ll call you by mine,’” he reveals. “I’ve never done that. I’ve never participated in that. These two people share this one thing. They want so badly to be one with the other person. That’s why he wants to eat the peach, he wants him inside of him. It’s like there’s this need and urge to be one, hearts to heart – like one being. We’re soul mates, we are one. I think it all comes out of that. Of course, it’s art so it’s a subjective medium, so it’s up for interpretation, but that’s sort of how I came to understand it.” Ah yes, the peach. It’s mentioned everywhere – this magazine included – despite the film being so much bigger that that.

“It’s so much bigger!” he exclaims. “And then also when you see that scene, it’s so fluid, and natural and organic. It’s not a massive set piece in the movie, it almost comes and goes so naturally.”

So to speak…

Armie laughs again. “It’s all part and parcel with the way Luca did the whole thing, where no scene is meant to be, ‘This is a scene that has nudity in it, so it’s more precious.’ No, it’s all just everyone being honest and being there and being present and generous. And Luca pushing all of us as we did it, which was great.”

The intimate scenes are quite raw – there’s one where Elio grabs Oliver quite firmly in the crotch.

“It’s all acting,” he says, dismissing the notion that it could be uncomfortable. “And if we’re going to be fair, I think women have been groped on film for a long time and no one ever asks them how they do it, or how they get away with it,” he reasons. “In these moments, what it felt like was a completely organic and natural part of what these two characters were going through. It wasn’t like I was thinking about as Armie in the situation, it’s sort of like trying to lose yourself in that situation.”

That said, when we interviewed Timothée, he said that Armie gave him stubble rash… Armie laughs hard. “Yeah right! I don’t know, I was shaving pretty closely! I hope I didn’t, but hey man, anything’s possible, I guess!” Still in good spirits, he chuckles again when asked if Timothée’s a good kisser.

“We never actually kissed outside of rehearsals and making the movie, so I couldn’t tell you what Timmy actually kisses like,” he cleverly replies with a smile. “But I can tell you that Elio as a kisser is so much about sort of unbridled and borderline unexperienced passion. Not Timmy, but it’s very much Elio. I’m sure Timmy is a better kisser than Elio!” We float the notion that his off-screen relationship with co-star Timothée could, if we were going to be lazy about it, be a bit of a bromance.

“It was fantastic,” he grins. “I would come home from work and I would be bike riding around a little tiny town just like the one we were talking about shooting the movie in. In fact, the exact one. And then I’d ride to go and get dinner with Timmy. We’d go and have a fantastic time. We’d go back to his place or my place, we’d watch documentaries or we’d listen to music or we would work on our scenes for the next day. We would spend all of our time together, just having an amazing time. It just felt like the amazing summer that we’ve depicted on screen. It was idyllic.”

At 31, he’s several years older than Oliver’s intended age of 24 yet the relationship – which is well within the law of the country it’s set in – has inevitably drawn criticism. Armie himself famously called out actor James Woods for doing just that, reminding Woods that he’d dated a 19-year-old when he was 60. Ouch. We remind Armie of that little-known film about a summer relationship between a 17-year-old and 24-year-old – Dirty Dancing.

“Yeah!” he laughs. “Yeah, exactly! Nobody mentioned that or Lolita, or anything like that… By the way, I blame most of the problems in the world on social media!”

It’s from social media, and word of mouth, that Call Me By Your Name has been given life – with an ardent fan base before it’s even been released. “It’s pretty intense,” Armie considers. “Very few people have anything but the most positive things to say, so it’s really hard to have a problem with that. I think also it does make me a little bit apprehensive because expectations can be the root of all suffering. If we spend so much time building this up, people are going to literally expect the most perfect movie of all time, which is impossible. It makes me excited, but it also makes me nervous at the same time…”

Longass ask answer bc I’m stupid


If the Midnight Cinderella boys had blogs what would they blog about? What are their urls? Who would have the most followers? Who spends the most time on it? Do they follow each other?”

I got carried away >.> this is ridiculously long, I seriously apologise to the person who asked. 

 Anyway, here we go, huehuehuehue… Just some ideas, and collating the answers for each character together to make it more organised ;) this is assuming that they’re with and/or like the MC, including her as a potential followed blog bc I want to ahahaha :D

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My Love/Hate Relationship with Chikage Kazama

A few weeks ago a good friend of mine and fellow linguist visited and I got to show him my subtitles for Kazama-hen. John is one of my friends who always has a very interesting perspective on things and ever since he let it known to me that he was watching Hakuouki (I still refuse to claim credit–you did that to yourself Mister) we’ve had many discussions about the series and it’s characters–especially Kazama, since he seems to really enjoy our grumpy Demon Leader of the West. I asked him to write up his opinion on Kazama based on what he’s seen but since he axed his own Tumblr he’s given me the permission to post it on mine. 

Disclaimer: This is not my own opinion and while I agree with much of it, this was not written by me. Also, it’s just an opinion so just keep that in mind when you read. If you don’t like it, maybe just agree to disagree and leave it at that. I’m not looking to post this to start a debate but I just find different insights on Kazama interesting, especially since he’s not my favorite of the romanceable characters. 

In a lot of ways, Kazama is the Mister Darcy of Hakuouki. Not nearly as perfect a representation of that character type as Hijikata (who might as well have been played by Colin Firth), but he definitely has his moments. Kazama is arrogant and prideful, but his arrogance comes more from nurture and his aristocratic upbringing, I think, than any sort of in-born inclination towards being an ass. I feel like the guy would have some real capacity and potential to be a solidly heroic figure, if the storyline gave him that chance.

But there’re still several times where he acts like a massive ass, and that’s where my conflict with him comes in.

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anonymous asked:

hey so i realize you are a big fan of all time low (from what i have gathered) and i just started listening to them quite recently. any suggestions on what to listen to/ watch?

Okay. I’m about to take you on a ride. Grip that bar and strap in to your seat belt.

All Time Low is a band that, when it hits you, you usually run ramped and listen to whatever you haven’t and watch whatever you haven’t. I’m here to guide you on a little journey on how my descend took place, which is more than likely how yours will and many others:

•Start off listening to Dirty Work for that pop-punk, catchy vibe from them. That whole album has the best lyrics I believe they’ve ever written, including the most “get out of your seat and dance” songs they’ve performed.

•After Dirty Work you’ll probably want to watch a couple music videos. So, go ahead and look at “Time Bomb” and “I Feel Like Dancin”, these videos are completely different from each other and will show you the two sides of the band. DONT watch “Merry Christmas Kiss My Ass” it’s a waste of a video, but the song is very decent.

•After “I Feel Like Dancin” you’ll more than likely want to listen and find more music videos of this band. You’ll start wanting to know the names of all the members, the front man especially. I suggest going to “So Wrong It’s Right” (album) and listen to that album until you can recite it in your sleep. BEST ALBUM. You’ll see the sudden change of vocals and song sound between Dirty Work & So Wrong It’s Right. There’s a few music videos off that album that I suggest you take a gander at before moving on. “Six Feet Under The Stars”, “Dear Maria”, and “Poppin Champagne”

•You’ll realize none of these videos make any sense and this band is basically a big “what are you” joke.

•You’ll love that album so much that you’ll google the names of the band and read each description of them and try to remember name to faces. Chances are you’ll get Jack and Alex mixed up a whole bunch.

•Nothing Personal is the next big winner for album listens. This album is sorta a “summer whatta summer” album and it’s full of angst but also “I don’t give a fuck” party songs. It’s real pop-punk but not as much as Dirty Work.

•Around this time you’re probably ready for some interviews and also some random funny moments of the dudes to get a better feel of all of them. I suggest any old “Jack and Alex” interviews first of all to get yourself ready for their bromance and how gay they acted when they were younger. If you see an interview of Jack on top of Alex, that’s the first interview you need to view. The ATL blog videos are a big one to view, as well as typing in any “All Time Low” funny moments, that will link you to other funny band videos. Don’t forget performance videos

•The Jack and Alex interview in a bed together basically ties the whole video montages together.

•Don’t watch any Bryan stars interviews of them. It’s a waste.

•By this time you probably have a massive boner for either Alex or Jack, since they are the front man. That’s perfectly fine. Rian and Zack will grow on you if they already haven’t.

•Now you’re ready for their newest album “Don’t Panic”. I didn’t suggest you start with this because it’s a lot different as in, more punk and more angsty. Like Dirty Work makes you want to dance, Don’t Panic makes you want to punch kids in the face. You feel on top of the world. This album is a sorta “Fuck You!!” Album. Listen to the “Don’t Panic (it’s longer now!)” to get all the acoustics as well as newer songs they came out with.

•By this point you probably believe Alex Gaskarth is a lyrical genius. You’ll end up googling Alex Gaskarth quotes and seeing all the knowledge, yet also stupid things he’s had to say. This will take you to his tumblr. Read all of his poetry. Beautiful beautiful scribbles

•Now, go watch all the “Don’t Panic” music videos and interviews promoting the album. This shows more ridiculously funny yet no sense videos, and their true intentions behind being musicians and how big this album really was for them.

•You’ll realize that Rian Dawson is a fucking babe

•You’re wanting more, craving more by this point. You are going to google all of their albums and start listening to their older older stuff. This is quite different but also my favorite ATL album era. You’re gonna end up knowing every album by heart, I swear.

•Now, you are ready to watch STD (their docu-concert). Illegally download it or buy it for about 8 bucks on Amazon to watch instantly. You will be changed, nudity will arise, and you will feel a bit of nostalgic, warm-heartedness for this band by the end of it.

•You’ll also realize that Jack is the biggest man-child, perverted, sweetheart on the planet. He just really likes genitalia.

•You will realize Zack is a mega babe, who is the most precious being on the planet

•By now this band is just a big dick joke but you’re into deep and you’re sorta repulsed but you can’t help wanting more

•Listen to as many “Full Frontal” episodes that you want on iTunes. It’s mainly Jack & Alex’s radio show. It takes you on a joy ride of things you probably didn’t want to know, but now you do. You also feel like their best friends. It’s full of entertainment for about two hours.

•Watching the “Guitar Center Sessions” segment they did will give you an even deeper backstory of the band, as well as how they view themselves and how they want the public to view them as musicians and guys.

•You’re either pro-jalex (as an actual ship) or pro-jalex (as a bromance)

•Your life will spiral continuously out of control until you are wanting to buy their Merch, follow them on all social sites, learn everything about each member, watch any new videos you can find, look up any photos you haven’t seen before on photobucket, and wait for their next tour to see the dummies in the flesh.

•Fanfiction of the band (especially jalex) is up next, and once you read one, you read all. It’s a disease. I suggest you start with fluff (all friendship/cuddly stuff) before moving on to the deeper archives named smut (downright sex and the dirtier the better) Kinks are the final throe before you know you’re too far gone.

•I hope you have your favorite member by now, because that starts the beginning of the end. You will be ripped to the core will your admiration and love for this guy, until you wished you never started listening to this dumb band in the first place. You might cry a bit over the member or just the band in itself.

•Who knows, this band might also help you out tremendously in your hard times. I know they did for me.

•By now you know every hair era, every relationship, and every story behind each popular song of them, so you’re too deep for any other bands now. You’re just stuck.

•Maybe now you’re craving a M&G because you just realized that they have those for the hustler club which you also just found out is their fan site!! So you sit and wait for presale tickets to try and get to meet your now favorite band.

•The crew is now your second family.

•There’s nothing left to do but analyze all the lyrics and pick out favorite songs and what you really relate to. You find out how beautifully crafted their music is and get sorta angry that they aren’t more well known.

•You’ve gotten to the point of viewing other artists music videos to see Alex cameo to sing

•You start finding quirky things about each of them that make you want to squeal but you keep your cool ie. Jack’s lisp

•You are more than likely in love with Cassadee Pope by now and want Rian and her to already get married because they are your otp until you die.

•Have you bought anything from JAGK or AWG on Glamour Kills? Bet you’re gonna go do that now.

•Now you’re in denial. This band isn’t that great. They’re just four dudes. You try to pull yourself away a bit, you think you’re getting too invested

•It doesn’t work. You watch 29 more interviews of them you didn’t know existed. You stalk each of their tags on tumblr. You laugh until you cry because of how dumb they really are.

•You love this band.

•You hate this band.

Fan Report |OTRA Manila | Day 2


Okay I will try to be more coherent now! I’ve been waiting for them for 4 years and I cant believe it’s finished.  My seat were right in front of the end of the runway I’m just about in the fourth row so I was able to see their faces so so clearly it was unbelievable as you can see from my photos!!!! I DIEED. Also I’m probably gonna ramble a lot so bear with me.

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