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I got really excited about old man Corvo today


This is the first show where everyone can see my whole outfit. I’m so blessed and so grateful. I just had my period but I’m so happy my period had started and my ovaries…that I can just start producing again, that’s how happy I am. Anyway, back to my outfit. This whole album cycle, every time we get to the venue, I’m like, ugh, no one is going to see how I got my pants tapered at the tailor and got these great boots, and they were expensive, like, wait until everyone sees me. Then it’s basically my face and bad lighting. Probably should have saved the money on the boots and bought low-tops.


Jealously - Joe Sugg Imagine

A/N-  hiya! just wondering if you could please write an imagine where you’re best friends with oli and dating joe. you’ve just spent a whole day hanging out with oli, and when you get home joe acts a bit jealous?

“Hello everyone, today’s video i’ll be doing the best friends tag with one of my best friends Y/N” Oli started his introduction to his video.

“One of your best friends? I think you mean I am your best friend” I sarcastically added. 

“So she believes” Oli winked to the camera. 

“Just get on with the video”

“So i’m going to ask Y/N some questions and we’ll see how well she knows me. Every time she gets one wrong, a pie will be thrown into her face” 

“Ugh i didn’t agree to this” Mentally preparing myself because i was rubbish at these games. 

“Right we’ll start off easy, when is my birthday?” 

“I know this!! 26th January” I grinned knowing i was right. 

“Correct! If you didn’t get that right i wouldn’t of been happy. Next one what was my first youtube video called?” 

“Oh god, i dont know!”

“You don’t know? Thanks Y/N you helped me film it” 

“I remember but i dont know what you called it! Im going to have to guess.. Introduction to my channel?” That’s when i knew i was wrong as a pie was splattered into my face.

“It was A New Start” Oli laughed while i wiped pie out of my eyes. 

The video continued and i only ended up with 4 pies to the face. What can i say i’m a pretty good friend. I helped Oli clean up the mess which was made and help pack his equipment away. After all that was done we ordered take-away and watched a film. Loved having quality time with my best friend. Realising the time, 8pm, i knew it was about time i heard off back home so with saying my goodbyes off i went. 

“Babe i’m home” Closing the door behind me taking off my shoes and coat before continuing into the front room.

“Babe?” I called out again as there was no response the first time round. 

“Where have you been?” I saw Joe sitting on the sofa editing his new video, speaking without looking at me.

“I’ve been at Oli’s filming a video why?” I placed my bag on the table looking at him confused. 

“You went there this morning and its now night” Still no eye contact. 

“I got caught up with time” 

“You said before you left you would be back for dinner, i even cooked you a meal yet you never showed up”

“I’m sorry ok just got caught up ive already eaten but i can just warm the meal back up” 

“You already eaten? Well that was a waste of time cooking”

“What has gotten into you?”

“Nothing just that my girlfriend was meant to come home for a meal i specially cooked but she never told me she was eating out with another guy”

“That guy being Oli. Are you jealous or something?” 

“No? Why would i be jealous?”

“Because you don’t normally act like this” I headed over to the sofa taking a seat next to him. “You are jealous arent you?”

“You spent the whole day round there, you didn’t even tell me you werent coming home for dinner” Joe mumbled clothing his laptop screen down to finally look up at me.

“You’re jealous” I smirked, 

“If i agree will you shut up?” I nodded waiting for him to continue. “Fine yes i am jealous” I giggled and pinched his blushing cheeks. 

“Aww my babe is jealous, you don’t have to be jealous you know” 

“Yes i know but i missed you” 

“Well now i’m all yours” I smiled placing a kiss on his lips. 

One of my goals in life is to become well-known enough to be on panels someday. And when/if that happens, I would like to start a tradition that one person at every event (which allows questions) will ask me, “Quoth the Raven?”

And at every event, I will have something different and snarky that the Raven has said.

“Your decorating sucks, you emo bastard!”

“UGH, who even CARES about this stupid poem anymore?!”


“Thanks for ruining Eighth Grade English for everyone who can’t memorize, jerkwad.”

“Goth girls are going to tattoo me on themselves for centuries because of you…”

“Omg, it’s not Nevermore, it’s PHIL, okay? Fucking PHIL.”

“If you don’t stop moaning over this Lenore chick, I will literally go and get someone’s eyeball to throw at you. Might be hers, might not be. Write a poem about THAT.”

“You gonna share any of that absinthe, or….?”

“Wow, man, your posthumous biographer was a DICK!”

Life goals. Somebody make this happen.

I literally can’t get over Jake and Ezekiel this season. A lot of people have started shipping them this season now that the mutual frustration has been overshadowed by the bromance

whereas some of us where just shipping it since day one because we always knew they cared this much underneath all of that

but ugh it’s so nice to finally see them start to really flow easier as partners and friends while still maintaining their ~banter~

every time Jake touches Ezekiel I want to scream, why do they have to be so tactile?

Phoenix - Avengers X Reader(F)

Ugh this took forever to get out. I don’t even know why.. I had fun writing this one though, I hope you like it! Feel free to send me any feed back, I would appreciate it!!

NOTES/WARNINGS: Mentions killing people and  getting shot. Implies the loss of a parent.

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Boxing day. The day that made Friday suck. You hadn’t been with the Avengers long, which was why they were training with you non-stop. Every day of the week held a different form of training. Monday; flight patterns with Vision and Wanda. Tuesday; Guns and other weapons with Clint and Natasha (That day wasn’t so bad.) Wednesday; Hand to hand combat with Bucky. Thursday; Technology and computer hacking with Tony. And on the off chance that Thor was on earth; battle tactics. None of those days were as tough as training with Steve.

 The war vet pushed you to your max, making you do “one more set” at least five times in a row. Today was no different. You could feel your knuckles bruising even with the wrap Steve had covered your fist with. The Avengers Facility Boxing gym was nothing short of impressive. Decked out in red, white and blue, it was perfect for everything Steve wanted it for. Punching bags, a fighting ring and even a weights area filled the patriotic room.

 “Again!” Steve shouted at you from behind his hands.  You exhaled and rammed your glove-covered fist into the flat, blue glove that he wore. He swung a padded hand your way and you dodged the swing, hitting him in the side as you ducked.

 “Good!” He encouraged. “Now, again. Harder.”

 You swung again and again, hitting your small target until your lungs threatened to give out on you and even then, you kept going. Finally, he called it a day and ruffled your hair with a simple, “Nice work, kid.” and sent you to the showers.

 After getting dressed you headed over get your bag so you could leave. That’s when you noticed it wasn’t where you left it. You fumbled through your gym bag, pulling tee shirts and athletic tape out of the way. You huffed with anxiety. It was here when you started. Your eyes quickly darted around the dark bag hoping to catch a glimpse of a glimmer.

 “You okay?” Steve asked from behind you. Being the gentleman he was, he usually walked out with you and when you didn’t show up at the door he went looking for you.

 You didn’t even look back at him. “I’ve lost my necklace.” Your words rushed out of your mouth.

 “You mean this one?”

 You whipped yourself around to see Steve dangling the short chain in front of you. You snatched it out of his fingers by the small charm that hung from the thin silver links.

 “Where was it?” You examined the pendant and chain, making sure no harm had come to it.

 “Right, here,” He pointed to the ground under the bench. “On the floor.”

 “Thank you.” You finally looked up at him.

 “Sure,” He shrugged. “What makes that so important?” He asked while he helped you gather your things and shove them back in your duffle.

 “It was my mothers.” You said meekly. You weren’t ashamed that it was hers, but you were afraid that being sentimental would be seen as a weakness.

 Steve nodded and gave you a tight smile. “It’s nice. It suits you.”

 You looked down at the thin circle pendant. Inside the rope border was a raised silver phoenix. Your mother had the same abilities as you, pyrokinesis. Her flame had been small and only engulfed her hands and forearms. Nothing like you. When you lit up, your entire torso was covered in your bright orange and yellow flame. You had been given the nickname Zippo from Hawkeye. You resented it in the begining, and may or may not have set some of his things on fire as retaliation, but now that everyone called you by that name you let it grow on you.

 “Yeah, it suited her, too.” You smiled and clasped the chain around your neck. You ran your fingers over the pendant before you adjusted the strap to your bag on your shoulder.




 The bombs that exploded around the quinjet didn’t shake you, it was just another mission against Hydra. You pressed your headphones tighter to your ears and stared at the two bulbs above the back bay door. Both were dark, not yet lit. You bounced on your toes to the heavy dance beat, your eyes never leaving them. You waited with Bruce in the quinjet, the rest of the team taking point on this mission. You were young enough that they all agreed that you wouldn’t go out into the field unless they absolutely needed you. You didn’t have any say in the matter at the time but as you would soon find out, they almost always needed you.

 The red light flashed on and a twisted grin spread across your face. You ripped the headphones off your head and slammed your palm on the button that lowered the bay door.

 “Sorry, Doc.” You smiled at Bruce who sat and tried to be happy for you. “Looks like its my turn.” You flicked your wrists and a familiar warmth started in your hands and quickly ran up your arms and spread across your torso, finally engulfing your face and hair.  

 “Be careful.” He warned but you were already running out the door and towards your team.

 “Where do you want me?” You yelled into the com in your ear.

 “North wall.” You heard Tony instruct. “Lite ‘em up, Zip.”

 Your lip twitched up in a sickly sweet half smile. “I need to hear you say it.” You huffed as your feet began to lift from the ground, your flames projecting you faster through the trees.

 Tony sighed. “Come on, you aren’t over that yet.”

 “I’ll be over it when you let me burn that stupid contract you made me sign.” Your world was a beautiful orange tint from the flames that covered your face. You could see flashes of your team through the trees. The shine of Steve’s shield, the red haze from the Scarlet Witch and even a streak of Tony’s iron suit.

 “Just say it, Tony!” Falcon added, the stress in his voice apparent.

 “Fine! We need you, Zippo.”

 “At your service Mr. Stark.” You beamed as you flew past him, almost knocking him out of the sky.

 You spotted the cluster of Hydra agents who were huddled behind a man with a grenade launcher.

 “Aww hiding behind the big guy. It’s no fun unless we all play.” You smirked and flew straight into the group, sending the Hydra thugs in every direction. Tony and Steve took out a few before they even hit the ground. Wanda and Natasha took out the rest.

 “Woo! That’s what I’m talking about, Zip!” Falcon cheers.

 You laughed and cheered with him, pumping your fist in the air. “Who’s next?” You shouted.

 “On your six, Zip!” Clint warned. One of his arrows flew past your head and impaled itself into the chest of a Hydra soldier. You followed Clints gaze and circled back to take out another soldier who was pointing a rifle at you.

 “Pull back, (Y/N)!” Tony shouted as he flew towards you.

 “I can handle this one!” You spoke quickly, trying to dodge the bullets that were flying at you.

 “No, you’re not invincible, Zip. Pull back!” Steve agreed with Tony and ran at the soldier who’s attention was on you.

 “Stop babying me!” You shouted. You were only a few meters away, now. You pulled your arm back to send a ball of fire his way but before you could a sharp pain exploded in your shoulder and side. You screamed and plummeted towards the ground.

 Tony flew in fast and kicked the soldier into a tree so hard that there was no way he would survive the impact. He watched in horror as your eyes closed and your flames were snuffed out by the wind that rushed up beneath you. Steve ran as fast as he could and caught you, keeping your head from hitting the damp ground.


 Sounds were muffled. You could hear beeping and humming. There were voices, different voices. You kept your eyes closed and tried to separate the sounds.

 “She should have listened.”

 “We’ve been training her non-stop, what is she supposed to do?”

 “She had orders.”

 “Come on, guys. She’s going to be fine. We’ve all taken hits before and we all bounce back.”

 You opened your eyes and blinked until the world was no longer blurry. Sam stood with his arms crossed across his chest, beside your bed. Steve leaned against the arm of a chair and held the bridge of his nose. Tony paced the room with his eyes glued to a tablet.

 “I’ve watched this video a thousand times. She flies directly into his line of fire. We did not teach her that.” Tony snaps at Sam.

 “No, but we did teach her to take the enemy by surprise.” Sam defended you.

 “We also invited her to be on this team,” Clint spoke up. You hadn’t noticed him standing in the doorway. “That alone puts her in harms way. If you are so worried about her getting hurt you should send her home.”

 “She’s not going to go home,” Steve added. “She’s a fighter.”

 “She can speak for herself.” You finally joined the conversation. Everyone shifted their weight and turned to you.

 “Hey, Zip, how ya doin?” Clint grinned.

 “I’m ready for round two.” You smirked. You winced when you tried to sit up in the bed you were in.

 “Hold up,” Sam gently pushed you back down. “Your down for the count, for now.”

 “Nah, I’ll be healed up by tonight.” You smiled.

 “That may be so but you still need to rest.” Sam smiled. Of every one here, he seemed to be the most supportive of you regardless of age or experience.

 “I told you to pull back.” Tony said sternly. He stood away from the bed and his eye brows were pulled down in disapproval.

 “I know, and before you flip out, you were right and I was wrong.” You admitted , shamefully

 “Yeah, I know that.” He snapped.

 You sighed. He was in full ‘Dad-mode’, now. “I’m sorry.” You stopped smiling with the look he gave you.

 “You’re dangerously close to being permanently benched.” He threatened.

 You frowned and looked down at your fingers. “I get it, Mr. Stark.” You said to the blanket across your legs.

 Without another word he left the room.

 “He’s so mad.” You mumbled.

 “He’ll get over it.” Sam chuckled.

 “But seriously,” Cap stepped up to the side of the bed. “You need to follow orders. Sometimes we can see things that you can’t. You’ve got to trust us.”

 “I do, I just thought he was being overprotective.” You confessed.

 “For good reason.” Steve smiled as he poked your shoulder. You hissed at the pain but knew you deserved it. You touched your neck absent-mindedly but felt a surge of panic when your necklace was gone. You were confused when you looked up at Steve. At least, you were until you noticed the small velvet box that he held out to you.

 You opened it to see your phoenix had been cleaned and polished.

 “Bruce said it was in the way when he pulled the bullet out of your shoulder so I took it off and had it cleaned. It was a little bloody and I thought it deserved better.” Steve explained.

 “Thank you.” You grinned. “This means a lot to me.”

 Sam smirked and Steve squeezed your hand.

 “All right, let’s let her rest, she’s got work to do tomorrow.” Sam grinned and prompted Steve to leave.

 “Tomorrow, but I’ve been shot, twice!” You tried to escape your training. “And hey, tomorrow is Sunday. I don’t train on Sunday.”

 “You disobeyed direct orders from Iron Man.” Sam laughed. “He’s gonna make you pay.”

 You groaned and melted into your mattress. “Who’s training me?” You whined.

 Sam laughed from the doorway and you could even see Steve trying to stifle a grin. “Natasha,” Sam answered. “And she’s even more mad than Tony.”

If Hillary becomes President the white feminism will literally make me want to individually pluck every strand of hair from my body one by one. That’s how uncomfortable listening to people will get once white women have a reason to screech hysterically about how now there’s victory for women everywhere just because it’s a woman that makes all the decisions at the expense of Women of Color around the world and even here in our own country. Yay politics and American Imperialism but at least a woman is doing it amirite?? Whoo feminism! Pink drones for the air strikes and burning bras on the White House lawn. We did it!!

That feeling you get when some entitled asswipe, thinks themself in the right, goes and leaves the same review on many(30+) of your HP stories, demanding you update the fic they want, or else they’ll keep leaving the reviews on every chapter they see.

That feeling I got when I literally sat through every single one and reported them. Got @following-forever-friend to help me report them. Sent them a message telling them they were reported. And get a message from FFN apologizing. 


StacyLuteKatydid is no more. And the ‘reviews’ are gone.

Sweet sweet victory. *Mrs. Puff slides in, shredding the guitar*


And it’s a sure fire way to get the author to ignore that fic even more.

I’m awaiting someone to tell me I deserved the harassment and that the harasser was right though. Come on. 

The last time I played Eldritch Horror (which was way less fun and streamlined than Arkham Horror, ugh) my character ended up going through a portal to destroy it, only to fail miserably. This happened continuously. I never could get back to Earth, because every time I was given a task I just dropped the ball and disgraced everyone around me. I wandered haplessly through a series of alien worlds, being a fuckin’ loser in every one of them.

Pet Dogs.

In the dog world (especially the purebred dog world) these days we often hear the word “pet” said with a negative connotation. “Oh he’s just a PET puppy” “Pet people drive me crazy!”. I’ve had people ask me on numerous occasions why this is, so I figured why not make a post about it? (And I went to a dog show all weekend and had to listen to people say “ugh looks pet quality to me” or “pet people just don’t have a clue” - it gets to me.)

I’ll start with what I think of pet people: I believe the right pet owner is absolutely invaluable to a breeder. Truly there is nothing better than a good pet home for one of your puppies. Not every dog is cut out to be a Champion Show Dog, or a World Qualifying canine athlete. But what makes a good pet home vs a bad pet home?

The Good- Is prepared to have a dog and understands all of the care and training a dog requires. Picks the best suited for their lifestyle - Do they have time for a puppy ? Or would they prefer and older housebroken puppy or even an adult dog? They will spend a ton of time researching breeds and talking to breeders. (Or looking into a responsible rescue nearby). Are prepared to meet the emotional, physical, and mental needs of the dog- spending time with the dog daily, feeding a high quality diet, exercising the dog regularly, training and keeping the dog occupied to prevent bad habits.

The Bad- Not prepared for a dog. Thinks dogs require minimal to no training and will just behave on its own. Doesn’t research breeds - just picks a pup at random from a shelter or picks a purebred on looks alone. Is not prepared to meet the dogs basic needs- works long hours, doesn’t want to deal with unwanted behaviors, minimal training. I find many “bad” pet people don’t research food and just buy whatever is cheapest.

We’ve all seen that family that brings home a lab puppy because it’s a “great family dog” and “the kids will love it”. But it quickly becomes apparent that they had no idea that a lab is a high energy breed. They thought their puppy should be a couch potato and not a tornado with teeth. It happens all the time and unfortunately it’s giving all pet people and pet dogs a bad name. I

Through my breeder I know some wonderful pet people. They take their Aussies hiking multiple times a week, they are wonderfully trained and the people understand the breed. They may even dabble in a dog sport which is great!

But at work I see people who wonder why their GSD is leash reactive and fearful. They think because she’s in daycare she should be socialized. I have a client with an Icelandic Sheepdog. She’s wondering why the dog tries to chase cars and barks nonstop- but admits she leaves the dog in a kennel by the road for hours on end by herself. Seems baffled that a herding breed that is known to be vocal reacts this way.

This is what gives all pet people a bad rep. I personally feel that a lot of people just shouldn’t have dogs. If you’re rarely home, unable to exercise a dog or give it any sort of training- why should you have a dog? What’s stopping you from really researching a breed? Look into a lab, you’ll quickly find that they require a lot of physical and mental stimulation. Maybe a Lhasa Apso or a Shih Tzu is a better fit for someone who just wants a dog to hang out and cuddle. But guess what? Little dogs need exercise and training too! That’s another HUGE problem with people- thinking their little dog is content to sit home and do nothing and needs no training.

Honestly I could go on forever on this topic so I’ll wrap it up before I make myself crazy.

Personally I prefer Performance type dogs. I love that high energy that needs structured physical activity several times a week. I like a challenge. But I understand that isn’t the lifestyle for everyone. You will never ever hear me say the word “pet” like it’s a dirty word and something to look down on. It’s an insult to all of the great pet people out there. You simply cannot lump all pet people into one category. And my dogs are pets too. Sure they may be athletes by day but at night when they’re tired we still snuggle on the couch and watch Netflix. They aren’t somehow better, they aren’t made of gold. I really think it’s time people got off their high horse and stop putting themselves on a pedestal for having a “sport” or “show dog”. Anyone who is putting time and effort into their dogs is deserving of praise. Encourage others to do more with their dogs instead of patting yourself on the back for being better.

Sorry for the rant dogblr, you are all wonderful and encouraging to everyone. I just need to get these thoughts out there after everything I’ve dealt with this weekend.

oh boy i really need to finish lucky accident

The new tumblr mobile app update sucks! The reason I’m almost always on mobile, or at least I used to be, is because it is quicker. You can do everything in two clicks. Now you can’t! They moved everything around and now it’s ridiculously inconvenient to access the inbox and likes and reblog posts. Why the hell do you need two stages of reblogging??? Why not keep it in one stage? Ugh by now I should know better and not update the app at all cause with every update it just progressively gets worse.

@staff me not happy

Does anyone have a debilitating fear of talking on the phone or answering emails to the point where every call you don’t recognize goes to voice mail and your inbox is just stuffed with emails (even important ones that probably should be answered). This also pertains bills/letters/stuff you get in the mailbox. 

ABC Get To Know Me

Tagged by: @seiya-starsniper

a - age: 25. UGH I hate it…so old :(
b - biggest fear: Death, failure, not accomplishing what I want in life, utter solitude.
c - current time:  2:00 am
d - drink you last had: Coke 
e - every day starts with: My number 1 alarm, I have like 3-4, and me not wanting to wake up D:
f - favorite song: I can’t pick just one, but right now I am very obsessed with this one wish I could play it someday with more people.
g - ghosts, are they real: Honestly I cannot know, but I wish they were, it would be interesting. But please good ones.
h - hometown: Valladolid in Spain. I don’t like it very much, but it’s where I was born.
i - in love with:  Wooow this is difficult. Sherlock (NOT S4), Harry Potter, LOTR, Star Wars, music, illustration, winter, Johnlock, my violin, my graphic tablet, 90s, Asturias, sea. I’ve left many things unsaid for sure.
j - jealous of: People who learnt everything I want to learn right now (languages, music) when they were younger. People without mental illness, it must be easier to go through days like that.
k - killed someone: Nope, only in sims :D
l - last time you cried: I think on Thursday, I am trying not to cry much these days, but sometimes happens.
n - number of siblings: One old brother (he’s 11 years older than me) and I love him so so much!
o - one wish: Have more time to learn all the things I want. One lifetime is not enough.  
p - person you last called/texted:  @jawnlock-is-real (love our conversations <3)
q - questions you’re always asked: How old are you? (No one thinks I am 25, once a woman thought I was 14 okay….end me!!) Why are you not smiling? (specially in photos ughhh), are you okay? You’re too quiet (=___= bitch leave me be quiet alone pls!)
r - reasons to smile: A finished drawing, a good musical piece, the sound of the sea, talking to my friends and my brother. @jawnlock-is-real memes XD
s - song last sang: Caresse sur l’ocean (I am obsessed with that song right now, okay?)
t - time you woke up: Like 12 am…but I sleep very late, I am not that lazy….ok, a bit.
u - underwear color: Black
v - vacation destination: Asturias, every year, I never get tired of it, it’s so beautiful. I’d love to go to Scotland, Japan, and Canada.
x - x-rays you’ve had: Pfff a ton. My teeth, my hand (broken finger), my back (I had a huge surgery =_=).
y - your favorite food: I’ve never had a favourite food, anything with a huge amount of cheese is fine. I love anything with potatoes too. I like pasta and pizza a lot.
z - zodiac sign: Cancer.

I tag: @jawnlock-is-real @hotgothamite @cinnamonroll-rim @lookingforawaybacktonarnia @muser92 @sherchemistlock @swimmingfeelsinajohnlockianpool

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Eric lowkey being in love with Dylan's girlfriend.

this is so sad y do u want this

• it would totally break his heart to see you and Dylan holding hands/kissing/cutesy couple shit

• having to pretend like a totally Supportive Friend™ when Dylan would talk about going on dates w you

• defending you when Dylan would complain abt an argument you had

• ugh he’d want so badly just to wrap his arms around you and kiss you but he’s a good friend and cares about Dylan so he wouldn’t do anything

• always thinking “was she flirting?? does she like me back? was she trying to tell me something???” after every interaction with you

• getting pissed hearing Dylan murmur your name in his sleep and fuckin nailing him with a pillow to wake him up

• you jokingly suggest a threesome one day and his heart skips a beat

• “how shitty of a friend would I be if I just kissed her once”

• feeling so shitty about kinda almost halfway hoping y'all break up

• but knowing that’s a dick move to date your friends ex so he’d rather you to stay together bc at least then he still gets to see you

• staring up at the ceiling at night knowing you’re out with Dylan but wishing you were with him

Cooking (¬_¬)

I really wish I was one of those people who liked cooking.  I used to absolutely despise it…now it just annoys me.  It’s tedious and obnoxious.  

Still, I do it almost every day anyway.  And I’m getting good at it.  It’s a necessary evil.  I think I like it about as much as I like cleaning the kitchen:  I know it needs to be done, I feel better after I’ve done it, I know it’s a good thing in the long run, but…UGH.

Originally posted by delusioninabox

On the plus side, I have two batches of soup in the fridge, and a batch of chili in the crock pot that’ll be done later this morning.  So! I won’t have to cook for a few days, unless I want something other than soup or chili.

On the *other* plus side, making food for people makes them happy.  I like that.  Knowing that I’m making someone else’s life easier and more enjoyable (yeah, really! my cooking is that good sometimes!) makes cooking more palatable for me.


“You remember those two guys that brought us drinks and we snuck out the back of the club before they could get our numbers?”

I had been sitting in my living room surrounded by my closest friends as we sat around in our pajamas reminiscing on our most memorable moments together and sharing laughs. Every month we made the time to get together for a sleepover and tonight was my turn to host.

I had made sure the stock of snacks and drinks were plentiful and it seemed I did well as an array of chips and sodas all sat around us.

“Ugh, memories,” Alexa sighed as she threw her head back, her mouth half full with a partially dissolved large marshmallow. “Ever since this one over here got in a relationship, we’ve had to stop our little weekend rendezvous,” she stated as she pointed over to me.

Every weekend it seemed we all found our way to the liveliest crowd for a night out. It was always madness as we got to the tops of bars and managed to squeeze every free drink out of the men surrounding us. That changed though once I became serious with Leon. Now, the most I did with my friends was go out to calmer venues like dinners and shopping. Sometimes we’d go out to a party but for the most part, it was nothing like the old days.

“I can’t help it!” I exclaimed, grabbing for my soda beside me. “That’s not my scene anymore.” And it wasn’t. If I was given the choice, I would have easily chosen to spend the night in with my boyfriend rather than going out to some crowded bar.

With the sound of the door being opened, I looked over my shoulder to see Leon walking into the room, a confused look on his face as he dropped his training bag down by his side where he stood. “Uh…hey babe?” His tone resembled more of a questioning than a statement.

“Speaking of the devil…” Alexa jeered as she looked over at him. “Hi to you too, Alexa,” he purposely grinned. He walked over closer to me and bent down to kiss my lips, causing a groan to erupt in the room amongst all of my friends, turning their heads in disgust which only made Leo laugh.

“Your friends are always so jealous,” he joked. “What is this anyway? I thought I was coming home to peace and quiet.”

I lightly slapped my forehead, realizing I had forgotten to warn him of this. “I’m sorry. It’s ladies night at our place tonight. It’s our monthly sleepover and I’m the host. Oh, and I left your dinner out for you.”

His eyebrow raised. “So you’re going to make me eat dinner alone?” It was unusual for us to not eat dinner together. There were even nights I ignored the rumbles of my upset stomach craving satisfaction when Leon was late coming home for dinner.

“You can eat out here with us,” I volunteered but he immediately shook his head. “No thanks. I’d rather not hear about Joy’s issues with that on and off situation she calls a relationship and Alexa’s one night stands that won’t call her back.”

Alexa’s eyes immediately narrowed as the rest of us laughed. I was used to the two of them teasing each other. They were best friends, best friends who often embarrassed each other to no end. Alexa was the reason I was even introduced to Leon. As the two of us grew close, she decided to play matchmaker and “accidentally” leave us in her car while she ran into a store for 30 minutes.

It worked out the way she wanted as we spent that entire time laughing over our love of old cartoon shows. We had been inseparable since.

“You are a sick individual, Goretzka,” Alexa commented to which he simply took a dramatic bow and mouthed a ‘thank you’ before he turned his focus back to me.

“So where are you sleeping?”

“Out here. We bought an air mattress.”

“And it’s huuuuge,” my other friend Athena chimed in. “It’s going to take up this whole floor space.”

“You’re not sleeping with me?” A look of disappointment was apparent as I looked up at him which only made me frown back in response. “No. I’m the host. I can’t leave them down here.”

“See, this is why we should have just put it back at my place. Men. Always ruining ladies night,” Alexa scoffed. He immediately had a sharp response. “The only reason there’s no men at your place to interrupt is because they all leave before the morning.” And to that comment, Alexa sent a pillow sharply at his head.

He luckily ducked in time to avoid its impact but that didn’t stop everyone else from laughing.

“But really? I don’t get you for dinner or for sleep?”

I shook my head no as a smirk broke my face. I thought it was cute he was adamant about me being present but just for tonight, he’d have to do without me.

“Fine. Enjoy your stupid party,” he joked, putting on a dramatic pout as he began to walk away, leaving us to the rest of our girl talk.

I lay entangled in the blankets peacefully until I felt an arm nudging me in my side. At first, I figured it to be one of the girls sleeping wildly next to me but when the touching continued and I opened my eyes, I saw Le leaning over me.

“Get up,” he whispered.

“For what?” I questioned back, my tone groggy as I tried to wake myself up enough to not fall right back to my pillow.

“I need you in bed.”

My face immediately screwed in confusion, wondering what exactly he needed me for. “Why?”

“I can’t sleep without you.” A sincerely pitiful look plumped his lips and I looked to the other girls sleeping around me on the air mattress, still knocked out. If I planned on making an escape, it had to be now.

“Fine,” I whispered. I crawled off of the bed without making much noise or movement, at least as much as I could avoid. Once off, he took my hand and guided me back towards our bedroom. He took no time once we were in the room to pull me onto the mattress, his arms wrapped tightly around my waist as he snuggled me against him.

“I can’t believe you woke me up for this,” I giggled.

“I need you by my side at all times.” He lowered his lips to my neck and placed a kiss there before pulling the blanket over us. “Goodnight.”


The Video- Part 3 of 11 of Birthday Challenge- Fanart

Summary- You, Ethan, Tyler, and Mark had been living together for awhile, when Tyler forces you, Mark, Ethan and him to play spin the bottle.

Word Count- 911

Warnings- Cursing, Alcohol, Mark, SLIGHT fluff

Pairing- Mark x Reader

A/n- I’m finally writing more than just Ethan! Be proud!

And, Thanks to @lapseasteelis for drawing this amazing fan art! Love you fam!

Tags- @lapseasteelis @mycuddlycorner @acklesdowneyandhiddles-ohmy @not-moose-one-shots @dannnyphantomm

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