every night i look up at the freckled sky and fall in love with the universe

when the moon found the sun

The wonderful @sketchxhunter requested a quote prompt so of course I accepted ^-^ Thank you Sketch for being so awesome and such an amazing person, talking with you is a joy <3 I hope you like this!

Modern au with killugon. The boys are in boarding school in this drabble

Word Count: 1451 (whenever I write something for Sketch it always turns into this super long thing haha)


If the moon smiled, she would resemble you.
You leave the same impression
Of something beautiful, but annihilating.
— Sylvia Plath, “The Rival”

Killua was half expecting the text when his phone buzzed under his pillow. He yanked it out and smiled to himself when he saw the message typed out in neat little letters flashing across the screen:

Do you want to go?

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SMALL (Bellamy Blake x Reader) 

Request: Hello! Can I please request a Bellamy Blake imagine where since the reader got to the ground she can’t stop looking up at the stars because she loves them so much and Bellamy notices and finds it cute and starts looking at them with her and overtime it becomes their thing and they fall for one another, also if she could be shy that’d be great. Thank you! Sorry if it’s a bad idea or anything I just think it’s cute lol :)

A/N: Aww no I think it’s really cute :) Thanks for requesting! xx


You’ve always loved how the night sky was never completely alone. Stars always filled the darkness in litters of bright dots that never failed to leave you in awe. As the polar diamonds gleam and glitter from above, Bellamy keeps his his eyes on you and a smile on his face. For many weeks he’s watched as you take time to sit alone and admire the stars. But tonight was different - he felt different. Taking in a breath, Bellamy makes his way to you and takes a seat beside you. 

“Oh, um, s-sorry.” You stutter, your eyes wide with bewilderment as you look at your leader, “I know I should be keeping an eye out for grounders… but the stars, they’re -" 

 "It’s okay,” he interrupts, the sky reflected in his brown eyes as he looks heavenward, “I understand." 

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for @itsokaylittlepuff


“Close your eyes”

“I can’t”

“Just close them”

“I- i swear i’m-”

c’mon baby” he gently mutters.

It’s silent for a while.

“I’m just scared of falling back into my nightmares.” It comes out as a weak whisper.

But he was already fast asleep as i whimpered those words into his ears.


“put out these fires in my head babe. cause i’m wide awake. why am i awake?”

I feel a light shuffling next to me and tired yawn.

I try my best not to move an inch.

I don’t want him to know i haven’t been sleeping.

I just don’t want to bother him. He doesn’t need this.

He would care. A lot. Too much.

He’s probably going to feed and head to university right after.

I can hear him dressing up. The sound stops for a while.

He makes his way towards the bed and I stop breathing.

He kisses the top of my head before going out and closing the door.

I finally decide to release my breath. I fucking love him.

and i feel like i’m ruining the trust he has in me.


“The city sits below and we take, shots at the moon
I wanna give it to you”

On my 19th birthday, i saw the sun rise over the ocean for the first time.

It wasn’t as movies or books told me it was like.

No, not at all…

It was on the first days of June and the cold wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be at six a.m. when I arrived to the beach. I took off my shoes and walked straight to the sea, or the sky; at that moment, when the colors melted so perfectly, no one could see the horizon line defined.

It started very subtle, as it was afraid to rise. Bit by bit, it covered the pearl morning haze with a pale, pure white light. The past few months seemed to disappear, and all the bitter moments of those bad times I’d just been through washed away with the soft lullaby the waves sang along as the daisy sun finally showed up in the porcelain sky.

Since that day I’ve been obsessed with sunrises. And every morning around 6a.m , after my sleepless nights I go up to the rooftop and sit on the edge. Today’s the same.

The black sky gradually turned into dim grey and the illumination of stars got languidly lusterless. Millions of stars in the ebony sky started hiding their brightness and got slowly dissipate, as if someone was going to coming. Divergent birds were gently flying in manifest sky and their dulcet dawn chorus was easily audible.

The first orange hued rays appeared on the skyline, which went through the clouds and the prodigious sky was easily visible. The sun came out of its abode across the brilliant orange horizon and glimmered in the sky. The sparkling sun started slowly rising up the scarlet skyline, which clearly differentiated the sky and the land.

Now the warm breeze can be felt and the plants made a beatific smile towards the sun.


“Tell me is it so bad cause it hurts like that when I think about it
We’re both cynics now and it kills me but I’d die for you anyway”

Baz isn’t here tonight. He told me he had some business with Fiona. I haven’t seen her in a while. I don’t think she hates me as much as before. At least I hope so. We’ve hung out once or twice. Surprisingly.

Eleven o'clock morphs into twelve and then one. The time trickles by, marked only by those changing glowing numerals. My mind is blank; where there should be dreams is a heavy blackness. My eyes are as stationary as the silhouette of my bedside lamp, which is where they rest. When the sallow glow of the streetlamp behind it becomes white, I know my night is over. My mind flickers to the bedside table and the sleeping pills the doctor prescribed. I don’t want them, I don’t want chemicals.

I tried to go to the doctor. I mustered up all of my courage and went to a psychologue on my own. I wanted to fix all of this. All on my own without anyone’s help, without troubling anyone. I’d do anything to save Baz from the trouble of convincing me into going to therapy and to see the doctor about my insomnia. But I just can’t seem to do this.

I close my eyes and they almost sting, open too long I guess. After some moments I recall an old tale Penelope told me about and let it mull around my head. Perhaps this old story can pull my thoughts into the randomness that is a prelude to sleep and dreams.

“Sasha is in the snow, the bitter wind whips at her as she trudges to the lodge-”

It didn’t work.


“Are you so scared when it hurts right there’s no way around it
In too deep now and we’ll never be the same.”

I tried to sleep today. I really did. And I even managed to end up sleeping for an hour or so. But the nightmares came back for me and they don’t leave either. Riddle me this. How can I call it a nightmare, if it doesn’t leave my presence when I awake?

Baz’s spot is empty beside me. My heavy wheezing is the only thing audible in the room. I cradle up to a corner of the room.

A salty fluid dripped over my small, cracked lips. My knees buckled as the marble tiles collided with my knees.

Crying is how I understand myself best. When I cry I know who I really am. I cry when others hurt as well as myself. I cry at the brutal world news and stupid soft movies. It’s my strength and my weakness. Strong because it brings understanding and weak because who wants the listener to weep when they are looking for a strong shoulder? I wish I could turn my tears off, I do. Or perhaps just save it until I’m alone, but I’m not wired like that. My emotions swirl like ocean currents, deep and strong. Sometimes I’m scared to dive in incase I don’t make it out again, but I can’t be anyone else, I don’t suppose any of us can.

I head towards the bathroom, to clean my face, before baz comes back. He can’t see me like this.


“Wearing my heart beneath those rolled up sleeves.

Where my eyes can’t see, tell me what my dreams could mean”

There were times I felt like the world was slowly disappearing in front of me. Or maybe it was just me who was fading away. Those moments it didn’t mattered anyway. Because my empty burning lungs and my heart hitting my chest so hard I thought it will break my ribs and rip apart my skin were the only thing I could think about.

And the void. The black hole in my head, deep inside my soul, slowly swallowing all my hopes and dreams. That was the worst of those moments. The realization of the vacuum, the nothingness, the absurd of my existence.

Those times kept me awake all night and made me wonder: why am I living for anyway?

Maybe for me. Maybe for him. For the others  Did it really matter?

And when I couldn’t find my answers on the ceiling, the anxiety turned into panic.

Now red, tear-rimmed eyes stared back at me, with watery streaks falling down my freckled face. I smoothed my now chaotic hair and wiped the tears from my cheeks which were now blotchy and mottled. My whole face was now washed with a dull red, including the very end of my nose.



“When my love won’t sleep, love won’t sleep”

I’ve been out feeding for almost an hour or two now. My mind’s somewhere else tonight.

I think about Simon. He seems different. The blue in his eyes doesn’t look the same.

I’ve been busy with university these past days, as finals are coming in. I feel like I haven’t been here for him. Not enough. It’s October now. Almost a year after everything happened.

Penelope tells me he’s okay some days. And others, he isn’t.

I hurriedly get back to our flat, wanting Simon in my arms at this moment. I gently open our room’s door, expecting Simon to be sleeping. To my surprise he’s sat on the floor in a ball, with dozens of pills around him. My heart starts beating faster. I think my hands even start shaking.


Simon turns, but too slowly to be normal. When he speaks his voice trails slowly, like his words are unwilling to take flight. There is a sadness in his eyes and fright, the blue too glossy.

As soon as he sees me, all of the emotions he’s been holding crumble down. Two fresh tears start rolling down his rosy cheeks before he lets himself break down. My heart breaks at the same time.

When he cried there was a rawness to it, like the pain was still an open wound. He would clasp onto something for support, anything, a table or the back of a chair, and then his whole body would shake. The sobs were stifled at first as he attempted to hide his grief, then overcome by the wave of his emotions he would break down entirely, all his defences washed away in those salty tears. When he at last turned his face to me he was a picture of grief, loss, devastation. It was the face of one who had suffered before and didn’t know if he could do it again. Then, just when I thought the breakthrough would come and he would trust me with his vulnerability, the shutters would come down, his emotion walled off behind a mask of coping. He would just wear it until everything was right again, he didn’t know another way.

I rush to his side, take him in my arms. Soothe him. I wrap my arms around his waist, feeling him calm down instantly at my touch. I rub the tears away with my fingers and started rocking back and forth. Soon nothing but the night time noises filled the room.

In the darkness our cuddles are feel like a little touch of heaven, warm, together, cozy. I wish I could extend the night just so I could stay close to him for longer, safe in your embrace. His arms wrapped right around me bring a peace I’ve never known before, a calming of the storms in my heart. I think it’s him  that gives me hope for the future. In his embrace I start to believe that there is nothing out there to fear, that all there is is sunshine, beautiful trees and kind people - friends to be. His cuddles are the only medicine I need, they are the light in the darkness, a lone star in an otherwise empty sky.

“I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry Baz. I didn’t want to bother you. I know you have a lot on your mind. I tried to do things on my own. But it was for your sake. I didn’t want you to find out this way. I wanted you to be proud of me. But all I do is fuck up. I’m so sorry. I’m such a shitty and untrustworthy boyfriend. I don’t deserve you do I. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

I looked up at him. The swirls of emotion I saw there made me gasp. Lust and desire. However, before I could ponder about it further, he yanked me to him and covered my mouth with his in a hungry kiss. As our lips crushed together, I felt like i was walking on air. It was magic, the way his lips connected with mine. His mouth was so warm, the caress of his lips softer than I could have imagined and I opened my mouth with a low moan.

Then I felt his hands shake behind my back. I broke the kiss and embraced him in a hug once again.

“Shh. Simon. Simon. Listen to me. I love you. I’m sorry too. I love you. That means I would defend you with my life even if the odds were insurmountable. It means I will comfort you in the difficult and painful times. It means I will dance and rejoice with you when times are good. It means I will never betray you, never give up on you. Tell me anything and everything. Trust me with everything. You will never be a bother to me. I’ll do anything for you. Understood? You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me. There is no perfect lover, we are all flawed, but knowing those flaws and still loving with all your heart creates perfect love. I will never look further than you, my love. If my heart is a flower waiting to bloom, your love is the only sunshine it needs. I’m sorry my love won’t sleep. We’ll fix all of this. You and me. Together.”


there we go! surprise surprise! i’m your secret valentine! i really hope you liked your gift! based off ‘my love won’t sleep by lostboycrow’ and also lots of inspiration from daisy, one of my favorite writers! but anyway this was really fun to write! happy valentine’s day <3

Feel It in the Space Between

For @rebelprincessbellarke who asked me to write the following:  “Clarke is new to the dance studio and Bellamy doesn’t like her but they have to work together." 

And now I’m contemporary dance trash. What is life?

Also on AO3

April 2016

When Clarke dances with Bellamy, the rest of the world falls away. It’s just the two of them, skin to skin, heartbeats in sync and music. Nothing else matters at all.

There is wild grace in his movements, from the first jeté to the last arch, and he pulls her in like he’s pulled in the rest of them – the world is Bellamy Blake’s sparkling toy and he’ll do whatever the hell he pleases.

But it hasn’t always been like this, falling to the floor with sweat sticking to their skin and laughing even though their throats are dry, muscles bound to hurt in the morning. It hasn’t always been sunset high in the windows and their bodies low.

“We did good, huh?” he asks, squeezing her hand a little where she’s sprawled on the floor next to him. The wood still pulsates with their erratic movements, push and pull. This choreography suits them.

Clarke hums in confirmation and runs her hand through her hair, finds him doing the same. “We’re better together.”

The smattering of freckles across his cheeks dances when he beams at her, his smile putting creases in his skin and in her heart, too. Just a little bit. It doesn’t matter, that he makes her feel like flying even when her day has been shitty and the rain won’t stop falling.

“Took us long enough.”

It hasn’t always been like this.

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we might fall {a gallavich one-shot}

ian x mickey || rated r for mickey milkovich-approved profanity

synopsis: Ian doesn’t have a breakdown in 4x12. Mickey takes his lover and runs.

Lying on the grass now, dancing for the stars.

Maybe one will look on down and tell us who we are.


The roadtrip is Mickey’s idea, but don’t fucking remind him of it. 

“I wanna do something nice,” Mickey had dropped casually, pretending that it didn’t feel really fucking fantastic to see his carrot top’s face light up the way it did. “You know, since your whiny ass is constantly nagging about us being a couple." 

Ian bit down on his bottom lip, and Mickey nearly dropped his cigarette. Jesus.

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Patience ~Original~

Oneshot. In an alternate universe where everyone has a tattoo of their soulmates first words to them, it’s still pretty hard to find your other half. Louis wishes that his wasn’t something quite so average- or at the very least, he wished it wasn’t something he’d heard every day for the past six years.

Based on this post.

Rated K+ Contains some swearing and negative thoughts, but is mostly cute romance.

Reviews will help us to defeat evil aliens so please tell me what you thought ^_^

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Something About The Stars

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Prompt from anon: Dean getting all shy about his freckles, cas showing him how much he adores them

I turned it into a minific, if you wants something longer let me know.


Freckles. That’s all Dean’s eyes could settle on as his fingers lightly stretched out his skin over areas of his face where the annoying brown dots were the most prominent. There were no hunters he could think of ever meeting that had freckles. In Dean’s mind, they were girlish. If he wasn’t so adamant on being a tough guy, he might’ve looked into buying make up to cover them. Freckles didn’t make him look like a man, they made him look like a dorky boy. He hated his freckles, and he hated even more when people pointed them out. If those goddamn freckles could just melt away Dean would be the happiest man on earth.

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i will be both your shield and sword

Amara’s fury set entire continents afire, leaving nothing but ashes falling down onto the quiet ruins. 

Her cries made the ground tremble, oceans part and her rage - slowly but surely turning into grief - uncaged tremendous storms, each hurricane for each tear silently rolling down her cheek. Her dark dress was soaked in the blood of millions slaughtered mortals and it wouldn’t take the universe long to see its destroyer’s own blood on it. It ended where it started; where once lighting hit a field and black smoke erupted from the ground.

A seemingly ordinary angel looked down at God’s own sister, whose gaze fell upon her bruised skin. She didn’t care to look up at the one her brother chose. At the one God chose over her and even over Lucifer. (She didn’t feel better after tearing apart the already fallen archangel’s feathers one by one.) The angel raised one of her Brother’s holy weapons above her head. “I’m so sorry He didn’t teach you how to love“, Castiel said with such honesty, it almost made Amara raise her head. Almost.

One last sorrowful battlecry escaped her throat as a white force pierced through her like one of her own thunderbolts. And that’s how the universe was kind enough to give mankind a new chance, a new beginning for a new world. After months of uncontrollable shaking of the earth, the war against the Darkness came to a final and brutal end.

Castiel titles his head towards the star-speckled sky. Dawn has already begun to chase away the stars but there are still billions of them hanging above and shining brighter than ever, as if they were awoken by someone after years of sleeping. It makes the angel think of times before he was a soldier, before his wings started wasting away, when his grace was more than just a flickering flame.

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"Freckles like stars" - jily

Lily Evans. Dancing Lily Evans. Partying Lily Evans. Drunk Lily Evans was bopping around awkwardly in the large living room of a large house with a large plastic cup of what looked like beer in her hand when it was probably something toxic… Her wild fiery curls were bouncing up and down with her, getting messier as the rock music blared through the stuffy house full of hormonal, sweaty, dunk teenagers.

The music bled through the walls of the house, into Lily’s head although everything was blurry to her now, she was completely plastered. Her friend Marlene had snuck off somewhere with a dark haired boy upstairs, leaving Lily to dance by herself wildly. The beat had picked up and her flowery blue dress was waving around her freckled knees, she took a large gulp from her cup, sloshing some over her hand

“Hey, I think you’ve had enough of that stuff?” A deep, scruffy voice questioned faintly, as though it were miles away. Lily opened her eyes to find herself looking at someone’s chest. Up, up, up to the face of an extremely talk boy with a tanned face, broad shoulders, thick square glasses and extremely messy hair. Bloody hell

“Uhm?” Lily could only stutter out in reply as she barely heard him the first time and now she probably looked like a fish, gaping at him but he was staring at her too, looking over her hair and her face and her dress and back to her face again “s-sorry”

“I said” the boy leaned closer to her face and she could feel his hot breath on her cheek “don’t you think you’ve had enough of that stuff for one night?” He pulled his head away and stared down at her, shoving his hands in his pockets and wincing at the sudden blast of a new and equally atrocious song come on

“Oh, you mean this” Lily raised the freckled hand which held her cup, swirling it in the air and moving it to her mouth teasingly but unable to take a drink before it being lifted from her hand

“Yes I mean this” the corner of the boy’s mouth curling at the corner as his eyes widened

“Hey! I was drinking that!” Lily went to grab for her long lost drink but it was being held at an incredible height and she stumbled forward, arms flailing, smack straight into the sturdy chest of the incredibly handsome boy who she was sort of trying to make an impression on but was failing rather epically because 1) she was drunk and 2) she’s just couped over and they were now both on the floor, drink forgotten at the other side of the room

“Fuck” he sat up and shook his head, messy dark curls becoming even more tangled, his face had gone completely red but it didn’t seem to be from embarrassment… Lily had landed in his lap..like properly sitting on his hips…like, on it. Her eyes widened and she cursed under her breath but didn’t move because it was so awkward and she didn’t know where to go anyway, she wished Marlene had been here to drag her away and she’d never have to look at the oh so incredibly rugged and handsome boy ever again, or listen to the laughter of the other people at the party. But no. This was not happening.

Lily scrambled off him and onto her knees, jumping up rather abruptly and wobbling again with an extremely red face that was probably the colour of her hair by now “jesus I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean-” she shut her eyes tightly as a massive cloud of wooziness settled over her head and it was as though she’d stepped into the sky and was floating but she couldn’t come down. She was jolted back to reality with two firm hands on her shoulders to steady her quaking knees “it’s fine, honestly, my fault, shouldn’t have denied you that drink, can I get you another one? Water perhaps?” The boy grinned although his face was red too

“Well…” Lily started with hesitation, then it suddenly occurred to her that she didn’t actually know his name and that you’re meant to know someone’s name right? If they’re getting you a drink? Even if it is water “I’ll need to know the name of the person who broke my fall and is now planning on getting me a drink” Lily nodded, triumphant that her words actually made it out of her mouth in one piece and not as a jumble

“Oh! Bloody hell, yes Uhm, no that’s not my name…shite.. I mean..my name…” He seemed to have forgotten his own birth title and it made Lily laugh, biting her lip to stop because it was clear he was nervous and she knew completely how it felt right now because she was anxious too “James Potter” he stuck his long arm out and Jesus Christ look at his hand! It’s bloody beautiful. Lily stop.

“Lily Evans” Lily stuck her hand out and shook his weakly, it would have been firmer but intoxicated minds don’t really think logically. They also hiccup when you Definitely don’t want to. Oh shit. Lily cursed in her head “sorry” she shut her eyes tightly at the gentle brush of their hands, opening one after the other, not really wanting to look up at James, expecting some sort of atrocious, disgusted look on his face but it was just a massive grin. And jesus what a grin…

“Well Evans, care for a drink?” He turned to his side and hooked his arm out for her to take it, granted he was nervous that she might not

“It would be my pleasure Potter” Lily grinned and linked arms as they both headed for the kitchen

Most of the rest of the night was spent laughing and drinking water and confessing their love for different films and shows and food, what they did in their spare time, who their friends were and how they’d managed to get here.

Lily found out that James worked at the coffee shop down the road and had promised to visit him sometime because he was new and she was a regular so that was why she hadn’t seen him before. She learned that he studied at the University of Arts and that he was studying the concept of painting and drawing and how he would love to draw her because her hair was like a river of sunsets and her eyes were like the most brilliant emeralds he had ever seen and her freckles reminded him of stars because they were everywhere and he made a mental note that he had to draw her. It was an essential that he just had to and when he did get a chance to draw her, he had to get every single freckle right. Lily learned that the two lonely sods in the corner were Remus and Peter and that they seemed to enjoy each other’s company more than the party vibe because they were awkward bastards who always had their noses in books…well..Remus did anyway because Peter’s nose was always in a sweet bag. Lily learned that Marlene had run off with Sirius and they were probably doing the dance with no pants right now because that was Sirius and “Marlene is Marlene” Lily noted. Lily too notice of how he ran his hand through his hair and messed it up more but it was still beautiful. Lily noticed how he jigged his knee up and down when he looked at her face. Lily noticed how he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

James found out that Lily didn’t currently have a job but she sort of helped out at the science lab when she had spare time because particles and cells and organisms were simply fascinating. James found out that Lily attended the Scientific University a few minutes away and that everything she learnt was so brilliant. James learnt that Lily liked his jawline but “she shouldn’t have said that because I sound like a creep” but it was alright because “nobody has ever mentioned my magnificent jaw before, thank you”. James learnt that Lily had the most wonderful smile and that drawing her would be absolutely wonderful because nobody had ever drawn her before and that, he thinks he’ll be completely magnificent at it". James learnt that Lily thought his eyes were the most intense hazel she had ever seen and that she thought they looked quite like galloping storms. James noticed that Lily bit her lip. A lot. James noticed that Lily’s smile was truly beautiful and he simply had to draw it so he sketched it on his thigh with his forefinger over and over again so he wouldn’t forget. James noticed That Lily was beautiful.

They both learnt that it was getting rather noisy and cramped

“Well” James inhaled deeply once they stepped outside “at least we aren’t suffocating anymore” he grinned down at Lily and she was just staring at him completely dumbfounded. And shit why did the moon have to shine on her bloody gorgeous face like that? And why does she have to be bloody wonderful?

Lily shook her head “Uhm, yeah, sorry”

“Don’t be” James cleared his throat and Lily looked up again to find him inches away from her face, he’d bent down slightly so he could reach her and his hands were making their way to her cheeks and bloody hell what is he doing? Oh shite James potter your hands really are brilliant

“You don’t mind do you?” James asked as Lily shook her head and bit her lip, pretty sure she was drawing blood

And then they were kissing. and it was the best thing Lily had ever experienced in her whole life because James potter knew what he was doing with his hands when he skimmed his thumb over her cheek. When he exhaled through his nose. When she could feel his body pressed against hers in the awkward moments it took for them to be able to really stand together because he was just so tall and she had to stand on her tiptoes. And then her hands were tangled in his bloody gorgeous curls and she bunched up the hair at the bottom of his neck, pulling him closer because she was snogging James Potter and it was wonderful.

“Good. Because I’ve wanted to do that all night” James rasped breathlessly as he pulled away reluctantly

“Then don’t stop” Lily tugged his shirt back down and once again. They were gone.