every natsume is the best natsume

natsume yuujinchou is so good because even when i’m feeling down and awful and stressed it’s just so peaceful and sweet and comforting. even if it’s bittersweet or there’s pain, it’s ultimately a story of healing and love and acceptance. every time i watch an episode or read a chapter i feel good and it doesn’t matter how i felt before, at least for a little while i’ll feel okay again

and also: natsume is SUCH a good antithesis to the usual kind of character we see with mental issues/psychosis like…. there’s the typical “crazy schizo” villain who the audience is meant to fear because of their “insanity” that we see time and time again in literally every form of media, and then there’s natsume, who in the eyes of others breaks things and gets into trouble and hurts himself and lies about it all, but the audience knows that he’s actually kind and gentle and not at fault for the trouble he gets into despite his best intentions to be “good” and stay out of it

like, his issues are still THERE, but instead of getting the outsider pov where we’re meant to think of him as crazy and dangerous, we get to see natsume alternately struggle to deal with & accept and love his entirely unique life experiences, and see the people around him love and care for him because of that kindness and gentleness and unique worldview, which! is honestly the most refreshingly sweet way i’ve seen mental illness, let alone psychosis, handled in like. anything ever