every name in this game is an innuendo

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Okay but Hannah - consider the following: TOG AU where Nehemia, Aelin, Rowan, Lysandra, Dorian, Aedion, Kaltain, and Chaol all go to a fancy prep school because their parents are all part of a huge corporate conglomerate - except for Chaol, who is a scholarship kid, and Lys, who Arobynn pays for through illegal means - and the witches are their own all-girls academy, and the squadre were the boy's academy Rowan used to go to, and Elide's divorced parents are fighting over which school to put1/2

her in, and manon’s grandma is the headmaster of the all-girls’ academy and manon fucks shit up just to piss her off, even though she’s a top student and star of their soccer team or whatever, so she can’t be expelled, and just imagine the rich kid parties and the parental drama and chaos that would ensue!! I need it in my life!!


Dude. It could be similar to the Raven Boys but set in like the Hamptons where everyone is filthy rich and cares too much about old money, family names, and keeping up appearances. Or maybe set in California, like that old show The O.C.

And Manon and Dorian come from two of the richest families, but their guardians have competing business interests. So there is decades of bad blood between them. But something happens and suddenly the Matron and Dorian’s dad see it to be mutually beneficial to team up against a common business enemy (Maeve Inc.?), so Manon and Dorian suddenly find themselves having to endure luncheons and polo games and fundraisers together. And as much as they want to hate the other, every time they talk it devolves into witty hate-banter, sexual innuendo, and loads of challenges. 

Manon questions Dorian’s ability to beat her in a drag race one day, and he has no other option but to accept the challenge. If Manon wins, she gets Dorian’s car. If Dorian wins, he wants Manon to go on a date with him.

They race. It’s the dead of night. Manon kicks his ass (her cars license plate is “Abraxos” after her favorite guard dog—duh). Dorian hands over the keys to his car, and Manon tells him to keep the keys. They he realizes that Asterin is pulling out of the trunk of Manon’s car—gallons of gasoline. And yes, Manon raced with those in the trunk. Manon’s gang “The Thirteen” open Dorian’s car doors and dump gasoline all over his car. Then Manon sets it on fire. 

Dorian doesn’t care about the car. He has plenty. All he cares about is how he’s going to win Manon’s heart because holy shit no girl has EVER challenged him the way she does. And the night ends with The Thirteen leaving Dorian stranded in the desert. The last thing Manon says is something like, “Cell service starts about three miles that way. Better get walking Havilliard.” She winks, and then peals away. The Thirteen howling out their windows until they’re nothing but tail lights in the distance.

Akane Kurashiki was a child she was a child who refused to let herself be a victim a child who reached though time and through every reality to find a way to survive. Akane Kurashiki was a child who bent lives and universes around her will to live, who can map out a multiverse of possibilities and still enjoys making silly innuendos about “getting wet down there”

She’s a little girl and an old woman she’s world weary and hopeful and naive and so so wise she doesn’t just defy fate she picks up the pen and learns who to write it.