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How do you feel about...... Blaise and Ginny?




These two are amazing. I love them in almost any fic. I love sexy, rich, stylish Blaise who treats Ginny to the finer things in life. I love Blaise who’s shocked that a pureblood girl is as utterly shameless as Ginny, but Merlin, he’d never change her for anything. 

I love Blaise who speaks Italian to Molly, which bugs the shit out of every Weasley man, and Ginny thinks it’s hilarious. 

I love Ginny, who think Blaise’s mom is fucking insane, but she’s taking notes because as much as he loves his mother, Blaise isn’t stupid enough to NOT know that every man in the world should at least be a little afraid. 

He’s definitely afraid of Ginny. But it doesn’t stop him from being an absolute sarcastic ass, even if she hexes him for it. 

He never backs down when she wants to play Quidditch, even if they crash their brooms by the end of it, and she RUINS his brand new Quidditch shirt by purposely running him into the ground. And okay, maybe he did pull her hair, but she made his bat bogeys fly out of his nose, and surely that’s precedent, right?

They love each other desperately, but when confronted by their friends, Ginny says, “Ew.” She calls him “Arsehole” affectionately, and he has a plethora of pet names for her, all of which are far too feminine and adorable, and fucking grate on her nerves. He called her “princess” only once, and she dumped hot coffee into his lap. He was more upset about the stain than anything else. Then he stole her latte since she didn’t know how to drink it properly.

Random Fic Recs:

ANYTHING where this pairing appears in the background of a @colubrina fic.  The Ones Who Ran or my personal favourite, The Muddy Princess.
This pairing also appears in several of @captain-kittenwolf17 stories, including:  Chained to YouHowl for Me, and Little Do You Know.

The Signs As Shakespearian Insults
  • Aries: Thou art like a toad; ugly and venomous.
  • Taurus: Thou art a flesh-monger, a fool and a coward.
  • Gemini: Foot-licker!
  • Cancer: Methinks’t thou art a general offence and every man should beat thee.
  • Leo: I desire we may be better strangers.
  • Libra: Thou damned and luxurious mountain goat.
  • Scorpio: The tartness of his face sours ripe grapes.
  • Sagittarius: Thou mis-shapen dick!
  • Capricorn: Peace, ye fat guts!
  • Aquarius: You mouldy rogue
  • Pisces: A fusty nut with no kernel.
  • Virgo: Thou art a base, proud, shallow, beggarly, three-suited, hundred-pound, filthy worsted-stocking knave; a lily-liver'd, action-taking, whoreson, glass-gazing, superserviceable, finical rogue; one-trunk-inheriting slave; one that wouldst be a bawd in way of good service, and art nothing but the composition of a knave, beggar, coward, pandar, and the son and heir of a mungril bitch.

clois + supercat parallels: every minute…

Dear Anonymous,

Perhaps my less honest opponent would have done something like that, but I stand for integrity.

Each and every man and woman should be accountable for themselves, and that is why my staff should have deleted that email instead, as is their job.  I can ensure you, I will head an investigation myself into why those who work for me missed such an opportunity.

-Paul Atishon


The Danger of Party Favours

“Not because some marketing strategist in a skyscraper with a suit decided to make something pink.”

I believe in honor, integrity, discipline, leadership, and the greatness of man. I believe that man was once esteemed above the angels. I believe that woman was created to be loved, respected, and protected. I believe every man should strive to reach his greatest potential. I believe every man has the potential to change the world, he only needs the guts to do it. I believe man can be more than what we have accepted him as. I believe in heroes, greatness, and legends. I believe in the restored man.

If you, in any way shape or form, tell trans men not to “identify as” (be) men, or “discourage” them from “Identifying as” men, or try to “educate them” about how “identifying as” men is inherently harmful, you can fuck right off.

This both goes for “Oh no poor dypshoric females being brainwashed by the Trans AgendaTM” TERFS and for “Ewww men are gross be nb instead! Also be as femme as possible because masculinity is icky!” MOGAI hell.