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5x08 review Guillotines Decide

How do you start writing about Guillotines Decide.

Highly anticipated.Murderous.Bittersweet. Emotional.

Some people hated it.Some people got upset.The majority has mixed feelings.

Personally i loved it.

Way too many things happened in only 42 minutes.I felt the episode was 1 hour and a half, not 40+ minutes.All the major ob characters made an appearance and that was lovely. I’m happy to see another female writer getting to tell her story.After 5x05 ( Jenn Engels ) and 5x07( Renée St. Cyr ), 5x08 came with Aisha Porter-Christie .

We’re 2 episodes before the end and 5x08 needed to be the episode that bridges the conclusion of this story with what each character has accomplished so far. Episodes 9 & 10 are gonna be a 2 parter (Graeme confirmed) so Ep 8 was the prelude of the ending.

Guillotines Decide, was more than a farewell to an amazing character. It was an episode about family- the family you choose to be a part of. In the constant battle between  nature and nurture it’s our choices that define who we are and who we want  next to us.

That’s why if i had to pick one quote from this episode that ultimately defines the whole series,it would be this:

We are all mysterious works of chance, of choice, of nature vs. nurture. So, to my galaxy of women, thank you for the nurture.

Fee’s speech was everything.Full of love, support and generosity. His brush  always a doorway through  expression and musing.


It was always about Sarah.His gallery-his own house- full of different versions of her.

She was the key of analyzing how liquidable identity trully is, how the same face can have  multiple personalities and traits, how social labels destroy our own complexity , restraining us from cherishing life the way we want to.

Felix’s art night brought Cosima,Sarah and Alison together as one person.The whole 1 person-multiple personas performance was a brilliant way  of getting the sisters together in one night and watching them happy and more importantly free.

-Alison, carefree, happy to help Fee and trying to wake her inner artistic self. Donnie always with her, supporting her, happy to be a part of this extraordinary family.

-Cosima  back in her own joyous self, more dashing than ever. Laughing,dancing having Delphine with her.

-Sarah, finally realizing that DYAD is going down once and for all, getting to chill and enjoy the night.

It was a well deserved night for them and for us the viewers.After all this angst and pain this joy was much needed and justified.After all, they are so close to freedom.


  • Helena


i loooooved this line, so utterly Helena!

Thank god Gracie didn’t betray Helena again even tho she was that close..

when i saw the gun pointed at G i kinda knew she’s a gonner. So the spoiler source was right 3 persons died in 5x08 indeed.

they’re gonna gag Helena with the Hannibal mask in the next ep jfc

i’m really hoping her character/centric episode will be as intense as Rachel’s was…also her journal and memoirs are gonna be a testimony of courage throughout the next generation of sisters…

  • Rachel

god Rachel Rachel Rachel…i was so scared about the way they’re gonna handle her…i was afraid about her backstabbing S but THANK GOD they did it the right way…

Rachel’s “Be careful” to Siobhan was so broken and authentic, like there was a micro/tiny-possiblity of her subconsiously believing S’s words…

-We do everything we can, each of us in our way

-And we do it for each other.

if you look closely to this scene Rachel is crying in here…jfc she’s a mess of emotions…

… is there a chance for her to be a part of this sisterhood after everything she’s done? Does she really wants to? Will she ever be accepted? Is Siobhan her only hope of ever feeling that she belongs to something??

I haven’t seen Rachel as vulnerable and soft as in 5x08…

and i am DREADING the 2 parter cause after Graeme’s newest interview he confirms that there’s a confrontation coming between Sarah and Rachel…

can you imagine the triumvirate  Sarah,,Helena and Rachel in one scene?

omg IT’S COMING AND IT WILL BE GLORIOUS… i wonder if Helena’s “i’m gonna kill Rachel” is foreshadowing or not…


ok i really wanna set some things straight..

Ferdinand never loved Rachel..neither do i believe that the show is trying to sell us that Fernisshole deeply loved her…i don’t know what the writers have said for him in interviews- and i don’t care tbh , cause from the show itself it’s clear to  me that this isn’t love, it’s just a  game of dominance and nothing more…if the writers wanted to glorify him then he would have helped Rachel bring down DYAD because the only thing she wants is freedom…and Ferdinand never listened to her..

what’s really REALLY sad- and that’s where people should focus- is the fact that poor Rachel thinks that’s real love.

imagine how fucking mentally abused  she was all her life that she believes this is love…can you actually imagine it? How distorted is her image about love because she has never experienced it? And when a human being (let’s pretend F/asshole is human being ) doesn’t betray her then she thinks that’s love…PROTECT RACHEL FUCKIN’ DUNCAN 

the struggling attemp…i read posts saying that Rachel is crying about Ferdinand?

i mean

?????/ whAT???

Rachel hit rock bottom she doesn’t give 2 shits about Ferd

at this point,she just wants so fucking HARD to die that F is literally doing her a favor…and the reason he left her live is because HE KNOWS HOW MUCH SHE WANTS TO DIE…so he punishes her that way…not even giving her the redemption she desperately seeks in death… it’s literally freedom or death for her..jesus Rachel’s story arc is one of the most beautiful things in season 5….

there’s only one thing that trully disturbed me in ep 8 and that was the “who’s your daddy” dialogue… i choose to believe that Rachel was just playing his game, leting him say whatever makes him feel good in order to continue with the plan and set herself free..especially the “go go ahead, daddy”..she really needed him to kill her jfc


at fucking LLLAAAAaaAAAaaast

about bloody time…this episode kept giving and giving i mean?!! I never thought we would have so many Delphine moments jfc

a lot of firsts…first skype call with the ledas…first time that someone openly acknowledged her worth in protecting the ledas in front of others (Ms S in the skypecall)


for YOU, especially you Cos babe..this girl is screaming her love to you for 5 seasons…

she gave everything…her body, her life, her safety,your relationship, EVERYTHING just to keep you safe- is there anything more pure than that?

and not only that even Adele that doesn’t know Delphine at all said it!!

And Delphine, all she did was whatever Siobhan told her too…

However strong and powerful Delphine might seem, in reality she was craving to hear those words and to feel accepted…imagine living in the shadows of doubt and accusations all this time..trying to ignore everyone’s distrust because you fucking love this girl that much..her smile says it all

Cophine was glorious in this episode.And it’s not about the cuteness or fluffiness.What really got me is the sentimentality of their moments. They were finally free.

To talk,to fool around,to stupidly dance  or to do nothing at all.Things that were ruthelessly taken away from them.Things that normal couples do.And now their life together is so palpable they can almost taste it.

-you like it that much?

Cosima darling , after all this time you still don’t have a clue huh?

what really does it for me in this scene, is how Delphine is lost in the painting and her realisation while Cosima’s whole world at this moment is Del..they’re in a crowded place only breathing for each other..at this point i can’t even tell who’s  more in love

and of fucking course she would buy the painting i mean D-U-H

totally loved the

-you own me

joke in regards to the painting.. it’s a too-soon-bad-kind-of-joke aka exactly so utterly Cosima-thing to say

however the ultimate cophine scene for me in 5x08 will be this

unscripted,bittersweet and so very intimate…tears of joy is something that ob doesn’t give us very often and i wanna thank Tatiana for that…i’m in awe with that girl and her performances…she is so.freakingly.good.and.so.devoted.to.her.characters that i have MAD respect for her….and Ebro totally went for it uplifting the scene even more….they are amazing together, their chemistry is magnetic.

imagine for how long did poor Cosima bottled up all those feelings and fears…she didn’t even dare to dream how it would be like to be free..and now it’s happening and she’s not alone, and she gets to share this moment  with the person she needed the most.

Delphine is cocooning her, always the rock and shoulder to cry on.Imagine the sex after this moment (cough COPHINE WRITERS U KNOW WHAT TO DO)



A glorious farewell to a badass character.A bittersweet goodbye to a woman of multiple roles. Warrior, mother, daughter, ally,  the head of the family .The person that glued the Manning household. The invisible pillar.

It fucking broke me that S is dead. But she did it on her terms. Her death was not meaningless.It wasn’t just a “someone had to die” fiasco. Ferdinad needed to die from her hands cause they had unsettled business.I even took pleasure that he died first.Siobhan won in every way possible.She achieved what was the most important task for her : keep Kira safe, her kids alive and bring DYAD down. She did everything she was supposed to do.Killed Ferdinand to get revenge for MK and even gave Rachel a chance to reevaluate her choices/ reengage with her sisters.

S needed to to die cause Sarah needed that final push to transform to the sisterhood’s savior.

Remember episode 4? It was 200% foreshadowing

of what it means to become you.

this is it.That is the moment of Sarah’s transformation. This is how she’s going to take responsibility for everything that’s to come. Her  bonding with S will finally make her realize how is she going to save her sisters and the next generations.

Cause if we go back to s5 ep 1 and Cosima-Sarah’s exchange, Sarah didn’t care about PT or  the implications of his plan to the future generations..she just wanted her family and sisters to be ok…now tho..she knows what’s at stake..she will be stronger,bolder and more ready to fight.She will carry on her mother’s plan.

And i can’t wait to see her arise from her ashes of sorrow and make Beth and Siobhan proud.

the night shift is such an underappreciated show yall need to stop sleeping on it and go go go–the seasons are short and there’s HELLA rep for poc (starting last season there’s a native american woman main–tanaya beatty–and she’s a fucking badass) and a main is a gay man who battles his inner homophobia in s1 and honestly his story is beautiful he now has a husband and an adopted daughter anyway go watch the night shift on nbc @ 10pm every thursday

Never Let Go

Pairing: Sam x Twin Winchester!Sister

Warnings: Torture, language, blood, implied rape, feeling like a failure, ANGST

Word Count: 1923

A/N: This was written for @impala-dreamer ‘s One prompt for all Sam Challenge. The prompt was “I promise, I won’t let go.” I’ve got to admit this took a lot more angstier turn than I was originally planning. This is very triggering so please be weary and read the warnings. I may do a part 2 but that’s very much in the air right now.

Summary: You are Sam’s twin sister and have always shared a connection beyond that of twin siblings. After Dean you think Dean has given himself up to the darkness you and Sam are captured by the British Men of Letters. You are both tortured for information, but what they do to you pushes the boundaries that even you can’t handle.

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Jimon Prep School AU

Simon only really decided to attend The Institute: Academy of the Finest because it would give him a boost come college admission season

The fact that his mom approved or that his best friend and her brother went there was irrelevant.

Simon isn’t like them though, no his parents aren’t rolling in money, sending their kids here doesn’t even make them bat an eyelash, no.

Simon is one of the scholarship kids, like Maia, and Raphael. They were on a tight leash. One screw up and it’s bye bye elite education.

Which is fine because Maia’s a badass with a sunshine smile and Raphael may be hella intimidating, but he’s actually a softie for people he cares about. And he has Clary!

Except, Clary doesn’t need him any more. Not with friends like Alec who practically runs the school along with Lydia, or Isabelle who is not only the smartest student in their year, but already has job offers in Washington, DC. And she’s a walking goddess.

And then there’s Jace. Golden Hair, Golden eyes, gorgeous, fit, smart, talented, makes every man and woman swoon just as he enters the door. There is nothing that Jace Herondale can’t do. Except get along with Simon.

He doesn’t really know why he dislikes Jace. The guy is a good guy. He treats his family right, he treats Clary right, and he has a book club! A book club, no one who is evil has a book club.

BUT they just can’t get along and they are always at each other’s throats. Snarky remarks are how they communicate he guesses.

But then Clary comes to him with fear in her eyes, saying that she might not be into Jace as much as she thought. Turns out Clary’s got her eyes set in one Maia Roberts, who “can’t understand the white girl’s constant drama” Yikes. Sorry Clary, you might need to work extra hard to get on Maia’s good side. (Which she does, to everyone’s surprise.)

Simon expects Jace to be put out by getting dumped, but he seems fine? Okay?

Until Simon finds him drunk on the balcony in the East Corridor. He looks so peaceful just watching the night sky with a bottle of Jack in his hands.

It’s there that Simon learns that Jace isn’t exactly straight. “I’m bi, actually, so you’re an ass for assuming.” Simon will deny he blushes, but he guesses that maybe he should stop assuming people’s sexuality.

“That’s cool. I’m pan.” “What the fuck is that?” Simon laughs because Jace’s face is scrunched up and he looks so confused. Oh well, what can you do when you’re a minority in a minority group.

That’s how they become friends.

Simon’s okay as friends, until he starts noticing how buff Jace’s arms are. And he wonders how nice it’d be to be held by them, wrapped around his shoulders. He starts thinking about how soft his hair look, especially early in the morning right before Bio, or how when he laughs, a real laugh, it’s captivating.

He realizes he has a problem when he starts fantasizing about hooking a finger around Jace’s Herondale family ring, conveninetly placed on a necklace, and bringing his face and consequently his lips down, close enough for him to reach out and-

Well, enough of that

Simon is screwed, because yes Jace is bi, but that doesn’t mean he’ll go for him.

Especially when Clary’s brother Jonathan is in the picture. Tall, nice and lean, and hella smart. Jonathan is the perfect son, minus some social skills. Then again when you live with Valentine for the beginning of your life, you may have some social deficiencies. Luckily Jocelyn won the court case and her and Luke secured custody over both morgenstern, fairchild children.

So no Simon can’t compete with Jonathan, who has always been like the cool, slightly introverted older brother that he never had. Plus he taught him how to play guitar, you can’t mess with the love life of the guy who taught you guitar, that’s just rude.

But Jonathan’s always been super perceptive and he confronts Simon.

Surprise, surprise, of course Jonathan is into dudes, but not Jace,

“I can’t date the guy who dated my little sister, Simon, it’s just weird.”

Apparently he’s also dating a dude named Albert? And they have a complicated History? Honestly, why was this never mentioned at the Fray-Garroway dinners?

Long story short, Simon has a chance. So he takes it. He gathers up what little courage he has. “You should have more faith in yourself Sheldon” “I’d have more if you remember my name Magnus.”

Anyway he gets his courage and goes to ask Jace out after his book club meeting on Tuesday. Well, he tries. He actually came out as “I…you…really food nice….together. Damn you’re hot…shit…I mean….date me?”

It takes Jace exactly two minutes and thirty eight seconds to stop laughing, and Simon is terrified. Until Jace looks up at him with soft eyes bursting to the brim with adoration and Simon swears his heart froze because no one has ever looked at him like that.

“That was such a you proposal, honestly, I didn’t think you could ramble about this, and yet.”

“Okay, that aside, are you saying yes?”

“Yes, I am”

So yea, he only went to The Institute: Academy of the Finest, to get into a good college. But his mom is proud, and he gets to hang with Clary and Jonathan. And he has the best, most Golden boyfriend anyone could ask (Alec will argue and say Magnus is the best, but to each his own, right?)

Dating Jasper Jordan would include:

- Being one of the 100

-Jasper being surprised that the crime you committed was stealing extra rations for your family; he thought it would be something badass, like you killed a man 

-him doing cute things for you, like bringing back flowers he found on a hunting trip (which consisted of him picking edible fruits and such while the others did all the hunting)

-cute kisses that make everyone else gag because you guys are just too damn cute

-having your first time together 

-giving each other massages which sometimes end up in a makeout session

-he literally gets jealous of every man woman or child that looks at you the wrong way

-you always kiss him before he leaves for whatever he needs to do in the morning and kiss him as a greeting when you see each other again. It’s kinda your form of saying I love you

-he gets super shy when he says he loves you

-he plans on loving you for as long as he lives, and you plan on loving him for even longer than that

How They React To Their GF Being Really Strong (BTS)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

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Author: Laymedown

NAMJOON: This man child would get so excited every time you showed your true strength. But being the weakling he is himself, I can also see him being a little insecure about his own strength as he wants to be able to protect you (as a man).

YOONGI: “What does any badass rapper like myself need…. A bad ass woman… swag~”
But no, he’d love that you could handle yourself, it would be incredibly sexy to him.

HOSEOK: He would keep your strength a secret until his bandmates passed the line in teasing the two of you. And whoever it was that passed that line was made an example of. There would be a few *cough Taehyung cough* who wouldn’t learn their lesson though.

SEOKJIN: I can see him being more relieved than anything. Learning of your strength would set his mind at ease knowing that you can take care of yourself. Also I can see him using your strength to his advantage when trying to deal with misbehaving kids bandmates.  

JIMIN: He absolutely loves everything about you, even your strength. He knew that that’s what made you you, and he wouldn’t want it any other way. That wouldn’t stop him though from trying to use your strength to get his jams back.

TAEHYUNG: With the both of you being maniacal little shits already, the day Taehyung learns of your strength is doomsday for his bandmates. The pranks he would pull with you against his bandmates would be priceless, and he knew they wouldn’t retaliate knowing how strong you were. But after your fun he would remember that you had to leave at some point, and that’s when he would take you and retreat.  

JUNGKOOK: I can see him being pretty excited despite how intimidated he felt. With him being into stunts (which require lots of strength), I feel like he would want to spend some time in the dance studio with you, trying to choreograph a duet with you that had lots of intimate moves that required a little more strength.

so many people in this new daredevil fandom are talking about matt murdock - and yes, I love his adorable face and complex characterization as much as anyone but there are other characters we need to talk about.

we need to talk about karen page, the secretary who refused to be just a secretary, refused to just sit back and accept injustices when she knew she could fight for change, the woman who either knows exactly what to say or will ask the right questions until she figures it out.

we need to talk about claire temple, the nurse with a clever smirk who dedicated her life to helping people but will question the hell out of their motives, the woman who laughs in the face of a painful beating because she knows those sons of bitches are about to get what’s coming to them.

we need to talk about vanessa marianna, the art dealer who will not be bought but will remember paintings as though they are her own children, the woman who will have dinner with a dangerous man, gun in her purse and smile on her face, insistent upon honesty and captivated by emotion.

we need to talk about madame gao, the leader of an empire built on hobbling feet and demands for perfection, the ancient kingpin, steady as a terracotta warrior, the woman who will only speak in her own language and expect others to translate if they want to be worthy of understanding her.

we need to talk about these fascinating, developed women.  we need to recognize their importance.

I just need to sing my love and praise for Felicity Smoak and her choices on every social media outlet possible. I just need to shout how amazing and strong and generally awesome she is, and how we need way more characters like her. Strong women who will take none of your shit and know their self’s worth. Strong women who are ready to stand up to you even if they had to walk all over their own heart in the process. Just strong women and how Felicity Smoak represents a portion of them in a very good way and how badass and awe-inspiring that woman is.. man I just love Felicity Smoak so damn much.

I see Victims wishing each other a happy International Women’s Day by making photosets of Brandon Flowers being sexy.

But now I think we should also dedicate this day to Tana Flowers, a woman who’s brilliantly raising 3 kids (sometimes by herself when her man is on tour), having a marriage for almost 10 years with the ups and downs every relationship has and still helping the others in need.

Congratulations Tana, you’re a badass.

To be honest, Supergirl is very – procedurally, formulaically, narratively, thematically – similar to The Flash.  Both shows are made from much of the same Stuff, both contain very similar storylines and methods, both have a lot of the same draws like their humor and characterization.  On the downside, both also tend to have a lot of the same drawbacks, like the periodic awkward dialogue and generally being about as subtle as a three-year old’s crayon drawings.

About the only major difference I can name is that Supergirl frequently lampshades its own status as a female-led superhero show, and all the double standards that come with such.  And I get the impression that this often annoys a lot of viewers.  Folks rag on how blatantly “meta” the show’s messages are, how “Supergirl,” both the show and the character, is constantly complaining about having to prove herself in ways others don’t and working twice as hard to be taken seriously.

But the fact is…that’s kinda exactly what’s happening.  Already this show has been blasted a lot for things that I know others would get a pass on.  The more similar that Supergirl is to The Flash – and it’s very similar – the more evident the double standard becomes.

People rag on Supergirl’s focus on romantic subplots and love triangles and relationship drama, calling it girly and forced.  But shall we measure the amount of air-time that has been devoted to Barry Allen’s love life? ‘Cuz that’s not gonna be a small amount either.  It may very well even surpass the amount of romantic focus Kara has had in the equivalent amount of time.  But no one would ever call The Flash a girly show for all its requisite CW drama.

People complain about Kara being a soft character, how she’s constantly belittled at work and isn’t able to do her job well without her male co-workers stepping in, and can’t beat bad guys without someone else having to help her.  They complain about her not being badass enough on her own, that she’s too vulnerable.  Too girly.

And it’s like…the first five minutes of The Flash features Barry getting reamed out by his boss and needing a co-worker to cover his ass. “Captain Singh chews out Barry for something inconsequential” becomes a running gag for the rest of the season.  And how many pep talks, per episode, does Barry Allen receive from every single man, woman, and child on the cast of the Flash before he’s able to bring down the meta of the week?  How many times has he stammered some variation of the phrase “I can’t do it!” “I’m just not fast enough!” “I’m failing you, dad!” “I’m failing you, mom!” leading to [rolls six-sided die with supporting cast’s faces printed on the sides] to have to talk him through whatever Flash-related challenge he’s faced with this Tuesday on his earpiece?

It reminds me a lot, frankly, of the flak Black Widow receives whenever she displays some kind of vulnerability or fear in her appearances.  Never mind that every single one of her male counterparts have filled up entire films’ worth of screentime of them being vulnerable and frightened and sad.

It’s not just centered on Kara, either.  The latest episode featured General Sam Lane, who’s pretty much just a stock stereotypical military antagonist who spews nonsensical military bullshit ad nauseam, and folks are already complaining about him being a poorly-written nonsense character.  Which may be all well and good, but where was this disdain when General Eiling – who’s even more cartoonish and nonsensical than Lane is – or even Amanda Waller were spewing nonsensical military bullshit ad nauseam on The Flash and Arrow?  How come with them it’s all “Ooh iconic DC Comics characters are appearing on my TV screens!!!” and with Lane it’s all “This makes no sense and it is bad for not making sense”?

This show really is held to different standards on a constant basis, on nearly every aspect.  I mean…folks don’t have to like it if they don’t like it, but they can’t possibly claim that they’re not taking it to task for things they wouldn’t even think twice about on other shows.

CARYL - "She's With Me"

If you go back and re-watch Season 5 you will see a steady constant of Daryl’s body language practically screaming - “She’s with me” whenever he was anywhere near Carol. 

Its not that Daryl thought Carol was helpless and needed guarding but that after everything they survived, it was as if Daryl had started to realize that he was a little more “helpless” without her next to him… 

Once she came back to him, he set off on a mission to never feel that kind of “helpless” again! 

Carol defied the odds by surviving “out there” on her own and then went on to singlehandedly destroy Terminus and save the entire group from what looked like certain death. 

Think about the implications here. 

This woman saved a sheriff, a hunter, a military trained man and a group of all-around badasses from an organized cannibal colony, which she essentially burned to the ground. 

Oh and she also kept a baby alive and safe on the road in the middle of a full blown zombie apocalypse. 

Mentally and logically Daryl had every reason to believe that Carol could handle herself now. 

Surely after all that, he had to know that she didn’t need him to hover over her and protect her at every turn. The group was now reunited and there were other, more vulnerable individuals he could focus his protective and defensive measures on. 

Except that he didn’t. 

He even told her himself “You saved us, all by yourself” and thereby we know that he was aware of her capabilities and how strong she really was…BUT his behaviour and demeanour around her after the reunion indicated exactly the opposite of that. 

Once he had her back, he seemed more than a little determined to make sure she stayed exactly where she was, not with the group but with him specifically .  

It seems that logic and reality were muddled by something else when it came down to how Daryl regarded Carol after Terminus and whether he understood what that was or not, his actions indicated an emotional shift aimed at drawing her closer and prioritizing her safety more than ever before. 

After she proved she didn’t need it as much… 

Hmm, I wonder what could cause this flawed rationalization in a Dixon? 

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pretty sure Bryce Dallas Howard pulled the biggest stealth “fuck you” of 2015

In all the discussion of Jurassic World’s woman problem, and especially Claire’s heels (heels are impractical! But some women are more comfortable in heels!), I wonder if we’ve missed something very important.

Bryce Dallas Howard fought for those heels.

Bear with me.

Imagine BDH reading the script. Imagine BDH reading the script and realizing that like the first half of it is people shitting on Claire for being a businesswoman instead of, idk, a woman-woman? For attending to investors and the bottom line (her job) and not dinosaur therapy (not her job). BUT THEN, when they quit shitting on her for not being feminine enough, she gets mocked for being TOO FEMININE in her dress.

It’s so bad that Claire’s nephews, after seeing her blast a dino and save Owen’s backside – the only heroic act they’ve seen so far – choose to be with Owen rather than her.

But maybe they just figure if they’re with Owen, Aunt Claire will save them? Idfk. 

Imagine BDH bringing this to the attention of the director, maybe asking if they could tone it down a little.

Imagine the director saying “but Claire-mocking is the national sport of Isla Nublar! Every year they have la Copa de Claire, using a soccer ball with Claire’s face! Casual Fridays have Claire pinatas and that one guy in accounting who always goes right for the tits!”

And then imagine BDH smiling.

Like that, basically

You see, she realizes who the hero of the movie is. It’s not Owen, though he tries his best and bless his heart. Tbh, it’s not even Blue, who is a precious terrifying carnivorous attack-muffin. Owen and Blue (and Charlie and Delta and Echo) couldn’t stop the I. Rex.

It took Claire to stop the monster.

Claire, and her knowledge of the park.

Claire, and her gonads of fucking steel.

Claire, and her goddamn heels.

If she’d taken off the heels – if BDH had bowed to convention and let Claire get a total disaster makeover that symbolically stripped her of everything she was before – then the message would be that women are never right and never capable, until they do what a man has told them. That Owen and Masrani and Lowery were right to criticize and mock her, that it was all above her pretty little paygrade, like Hoskins said.


Instead, we see Claire using the knowledge she already had, and doing it her way, in her motherfucking shoes.

Those shoes aren’t just about a pretty, patriarchy-complaint woman. They’re about a badass saving the day doing precisely the thing that she’s been mocked for. They’re about delivering a giant fuck you to every writer, character, and audience member who bought into the narrative that women need to be touchy-feely feminine, but not too feminine, and that everything a woman does is an excuse to belittle her.

Forget fuck-me pumps; these are fuck-you pumps

anonymous asked:

What do you think are the most faux-progressive (and resultantly offensive) changes on the show?

Oh god. The most? I think the most has to be the Faith Taliban and their homophobic crusade while simultaneously reducing Loras’s character to his sexuality. Because that was the most blatant “look how progressive we areeee” moment. But like, anachronistic strawmen do not a progressive narrative make. And it was incredibly offensive not only from the queer perspective, but an offensive interpretation of religion as well (which this show has always had an issue with).

Second most might be Karsi. Because she was supposed to be a man keep in mind, and they didn’t change her character to be a woman because they wanted greater representation. They changed her to be a woman because they felt they needed a mother to make her death more emotional. Though I don’t even know if we can claim progressiveness on their part at all in this case. It’s just that people in the fandom really latched to her character and made posts like “WHAT A BADASS” when her creation and inclusion was just…offensive. On every level.

There’s no dearth of these examples though. I mean I guess we can pretend that Sansa’s Season 4 ending could fit this category. It was definitely faux-progressivism given that they just propped her up so her fall this year would be that much more traumatic. But like, punishing her was very active on their parts. It’s different than making Brienne “more empowered” by having her kill without hesitation and essentially reducing her character to a brutish jerk.

How about giving Tyene daggers too? Or her creative use of bewbs? I’m rather loath to call Tyene’s scripting even faux-progressivism though, because I really think you’d have to have quite a warped view of the world to come away with that impression in the slightest. Maybe D&D thought they were writing a “badass”? That’s almost too pathetic to be offensive.