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Because compiling data is a thing that I do sometimes, and making things pretty is a thing I do all the time, here’s a nerdy Pokémon infographic breaking down the distribution of types among the different generations.

• Water is far and away the most common type, yet the generation that added the most new Pokémon (Gen V) has the lowest number of water Pokémon.
• Gen I has half of all poison Pokémon. HALF. The next closest percentage is 30% of all dark Pokémon in Gen V.
• Every generation - even tiny little Gen VI - has the most of at least one type (some are tied for most).


FaOI Chopin Ballade No1 CLEAN VERSION

(aka the reason i’m losing my mind rn holy shit)


Henry’s alliances with Ferdinand & Isabella of Spain, and the Emperor Maximiliam had led hostilities with the King of France Charles VIII. In October 1492, Henry invaded France and formed the siege of Boulogne. For the duration of the war, the Queen and their children remained at Eltham, near Greenwich. But Elizabeth wrote the King so many anxious letters with ‘tender, frequent and loving’ lines, that they influenced him in his early return in November.
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Of ghouls, vampires and other monsters- AUs

“I accidentally bit you and I’m so sorry are you okay? Though you’re kinda tasty tbh" -au 

 "You just saw me in my true form and it turns out you’re the really well known journalist please keep this a secret I swear I’ll do anything!“ -au 

 "We’re both immortal beings and living forever is the fucking worst you feel me bro.” -au 

“I got lost in the woods and found this mansion where you live alone and it seems so lonely so I’ll come again even if you tell me to stay away, wait are those fangs?” -au 

“I’m not human and I need a place to hide so I snuck into your basement and it’s actually kind of cosy here so I won’t leave for a while.” -au 

 "You have watched too much movies and no, I don’t sparkle in the sun.“ -au 

"Your blood tastes really good and I really just want one tiny little sip but you refuse every time fml” -au 

“I need inspiration for a novel and I just found the perfect material so please stop running away I only want to touch your fangs I swear *cough*” -au 

“You’re really hot and keep asking me over for cake and I really wanted to go so here but actually I can’t eat human food and I there’s no way I can tell you these brownies taste like concrete” -au 

“I’m a succubus that accidentally made you fall head over heels with me and make it stop, or not because hot damn.” -au 

“I’m a monster that looks really scary and people run away when they see me even though I only want friends, but you stayed.” -au 

“You may be a man-eating monster but I’m in a really bad mood today and if you even breathe in my direction I will smash your pretty face with my metal bat.” -au 

“I sort of turned you into a vampire and now I feel kinda bad so I’ll make it up to you, somehow.” -au 

Angst edition 

“If I’m seen by a human I’ll disappear but I once passed your room and heard you crying, so I tried talking to you and the more we talk the more I realize I’m falling in love with you.” -au 

“I’m a monster that crave human flesh and right now I’m at the edge of starvation so please don’t come closer, I don’t want to hurt you.” -au 

“There’s no way to turn a human into an immortal and all I ever wanted was to grow old with you but that’s impossible for me.” -au 

“You’re a person that can see beings like me but on your 18th birthday you’ll loose your power and there’s only one month left.” -au

Bundles Of Joy

Pairings JensenxReader

Warnings: None

Summary: You and Jensen realise having 3 kids isn’t exactly the easiest.

A/N: Alittle one shot to celebrate the announcement that Jensen and Danneel are having twins! Also because I know I’m not the only one secret wishing that it was me having Jensen’s adorable babies;). Anyone want a Part 2 with Uncle Jared and Auntie Gen???

You signed as you throw your whole body down on the bed, the mattress bouncing underneath you slightly. To say you were exhausted was an understatement.

You loved all of your kids. Of course you did, each and every one of them was a tiny little miracle to you. But that didn’t mean at times they didn’t drive you to insanity.

“Peace at last.” Your husband mumbled as you felt the bed dip beside you, the warm skin of his arm briefly brushing against yours as he climbed in. You opened your eyes just in time to catch a quick glimpse of his tired face before he caught your lips with a peck.

“Good, I don’t think I could take another minute of crying.” You hummed your response, your eyes shut tight again as you body finally began to relax.

“Now that we’re alone, we could always… you know.” You could hear the smirk in his voice and you couldn’t help but laugh.

“Not a chance Ackles, the only thing I’m doing tonight is sleeping.” You felt his whole body sake beside you as he chuckled and you had to cover his mouth with your had to ensure his laughter didn’t wake anyone up and stop you from getting what you’d wanted all day.

“Thank God, because I was kidding anyway. There’s no way I could do that with how tired I’m feeling.” You smiled at him, silently agreeing as you began to get comfortable. Within a few minutes your body was nestled against Jensen’s, his right arm wrapped around your shoulders, his finger tips drawing lazy patterns on your back to soothe you as your legs tangled together.

The silence through out the house was perfect, an extremely rare sound and just as you were drifting off your body was jolted awake by the sound of a crying baby.

“Knew it was too good to be true.” You mumbled as you forced yourself to sit up, mentally preparing yourself to solve what ever it was that was wrong this time.

“No I got it.” Your husband generally pushed you back down, understand that you needed the sleep more than him. You knew you should have probably protested a little, said that both of you should go because that was fair but as soon as your head hit the pillow once more you couldn’t bring yourself to speak let alone get up.

Jensen smiled down at you before quickly making his way to the twins nursery before the crying woke everyone up.

“Hey buddy, what’s wrong?” Jensen cooed at his son, the crying instantly stopping as son as his father picked him up.

“Ah I see, you just wanted some attention from Daddy.” Jensen laughed as he gently bounced the now giggling baby in his arms.

“Oh you think this is funny? Trust me you don’t want see Mommy when she’s over tired.” Joey continued to giggle, flashing a toothless grin at Jensen who couldn’t help but smile back. At first, when you’d found out you were having twins Jensen couldn’t quite wrap his head around it. One baby was hard work, he knew that from experience with JJ, which made him doubt that he’d ever be able to cope with too. Yet when the twins were born all his worries somehow vanished and he instantly knew he’d do what ever it takes to raise these kids the best way he could.

“So how about we make a deal huh? I’ll sing for you and you’ll go to sleep and we never have to wake your sissy’s up? Does that sound good?” Joey responded by clapping his hands excitedly, random gurgling coming from his mouth.

“ I’ll take that as a yes.” Jensen quickly made his way to chair at the side of his crip, readjusting the baby so he could slowly rock him back and fore. “Momma told me when I was young, come sit beside me, my only son.”

It didn’t take long for Jensen to finally get him asleep again, in fact he hadn’t even finished the song before Joey’s eyes were closed again and the only sound that could be heard was his quiet breathing. The smile on his face was automatic as he looked down at his peaceful son, his heart practically bursting with the amount of love he felt. How had he gotten so lucky?

“You’re so good with him.” You whispered, just loud enough as Jensen set your son down in the crip.

“You’re meant to be asleep.” Jensen turned around to find you leaning against the door frame, your arms wrapped around your torso as you watched him.

“I wanted to see what was taking you so long.” You wrapped your arms around his shoulders, grinning into his neck and the scent that was all too familiar to you filled your scenes. “Besides, you know I can’t resist hearing you sing.”

“Let’s go back to bed Mrs Ackles, before these monsters wake up again.” You suppressed a giggle as your husband grabbed your hand and pulled you towards your room.

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My main team consisted of Jakob, Lyn, Maria, and Cordelia. Not sure if any of that is funny, but whatever. (I say 'consisted' because I made them my secondary team after a while. Maria's still on my main team, so she's been replaced by Serra on my secondary team.)

I can imagine Jakob being awful to every single one of these ladies except tiny little Maria… 

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Gah, I love these babies so much, it’s not even funny T___T

Okay, so I just watched Zootopia and I can honestly claim that it is officially my new favourite Disney movie. I was BLOWN away. I loved the animation, the storyline, every single one of the characters and all the tiny little details. A huge huge shoutout to Disney, and a huge thank you for making my year haha. 

Smiles (Spamano)

“I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

Antonio had the gall to laugh after that and I felt the unfortunate heat of a blush rise in my cheeks. I huffed and crossed my arms, turning away so he wouldn’t see my embarrassment.

“Impossible,” I spat, “I don’t look at you in any special way.” Antonio only laughed harder and danced around me, following whichever direction I turned my head until I gave up and looked at him, alighting my face with an aggravated glare. I refused to admit to him (and a little to myself) that I looked at him at all, let alone in some sort of way that would stir up a conversation like this.

“Lovi, you’re so cute when you’re flustered!” I felt my cheeks burn brighter and I pinched the bridge of my nose in exasperation, taking several deep and calming breaths.

Dio dannato...” His hands were suddenly on mine, pulling them away from my face, drawing them to his chest. He smiled brightly at me and I felt my chest flutter, much to my great annoyance. I tried to ignore the butterflies stirring in my gut, determined to mentally squash every single one of them into tiny little pancakes for noticing how damn handsome he was when he smiled.

Antonio doesn’t just smile with his mouth, he smiles with his entire being. His eyes light up, his face brightens, his whole person seems to just vibrate with happiness, and he was focusing it all on me. The eternal sunshine was shining down on the eternal rain cloud and I was entirely uncomfortable with so much brightness invading my familiar darkness. How could any mortal being’s eyes sparkle like that? He wasn’t good for my health when he turned his full attention to me, my blood would run thick in my veins and my head would suddenly feel like it was fully of helium. Was that normal? Did he have that effect on anyone else? Part of me hoped he did, that would make what I was experiencing normal; however, there was a part of me that so desperately desired for him to only look at me like that, for him to only make me feel like this. It was impossible not to get sucked into his felicity, whisked away to Neverland where problems melt away into a puddle that no longer matters and dreams really do come true.

His smile slid from his face and my heart ached with the sudden disappearance of happiness, his mouth forming a surprised ‘O’.

“That’s the one!” He said suddenly, “that’s the face!” I scowled.

“What is this face?” I demanded to know so I could stop if from turning up in the future. He released my hands and skipped back, making a grand display of inspecting my features.

“Your eyes soften,” he said, looking at me between his thumbs and forefingers like he was framing up a potential photograph. “They glitter,” he added, tilting his head, “your cheeks get all rosy and,” he dropped his hands and approached me again, his lips pulling into another easy smile that left my heart racing away. He stared at me for what felt like an eternity, drawing out his sentence and leaving me hanging, waiting with my breath caught somewhere between my chest and my throat. Finally, “you smile,” he said at last.

I felt dizzy.

“I don’t smile,” I whispered, torn between backing away and leaning in as he inched closer; mio dio, I could feel the heat rolling off him and crashing into me like comforting waves – could waves be comforting? I was mildly irked somewhere in the back of my hazy mind that I felt entirely too comfortable with Antonio leaning in so close, looking for all the world like he was going to kiss me.

He did kiss me; my heart stopped for a split second before it thundered so hard in my chest I could feel it behind my elbows and knees and in my temples. I froze against him, one of his hands warm against my cheek as he held it, the other snaking around my waist and tugging me against him before my instinct to flee could kick in. He was kissing me, Antonio was kissing me.

That jerk bastard didn’t even ask for my permission, he just leaned in and put his lips to mine – where they still were presently and oh, it was hard not to respond when he turned his head and I felt myself melting into him. Every single thought in my brain flushed out of my ears and pooled somewhere on the ground at my feet; I no longer cared and I trampled all over those thoughts as I shuffled my feet so I could press into him further.

Why hadn’t he done this sooner?

He stopped kissing me and only one thought resounded in my recently emptied skull, ’that jerk bastard didn’t ask my permission to stop’ and he smiled, pressing his forehead to mine.

“But you do smile, Lovi,” he said, “you smile at me.”

I suppose I did, if I gave it any sort of consideration. Of course, I didn’t have time to consider smiles and my own feelings of happiness because he was leaning in again and I was ready for it this time.

AN: I wrote this for the request prompt thingy I posted and then I realized THAT THIS WASN’T EVEN THE RIGHT PAIRING?! Omfg. Anyway, I am slowly working through those… next time I’ll make sure I write the right thing haha…!  (I considered revising it, but changed my mind. That’d be cheating hahaI was supposed to write PruMano. Back to the drawing board!)

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Magnets. Magnets. Every one of those pieces has got a little tiny magnet at the bottom to…hold it on the board like when you’re driving so they don’t rattle off…anyway…every one of those magnets has a little electrical field around it. That’s how she was able to manipulate it. Magnets.

- Window of Opportunity, Point of No Return, Rites of Passage │ Stargate SG-1 │ s04e06, s04e11, s05e06

Jack O'neill and magnets. + reaction of the others

a year of matilda, part 2 - the newtildas

now that i’ve discussed at length everything i loved about the original quartet of matildas, it’s time to move on to the newtildas.  i was so sad when the original girls left - i knew the new girls would be good, but i think most of us had a really special place in our hearts for oona, milly, sophia and bailey, and ripley, paige, ava and gabby had a big job ahead of them.  but they captured our hearts and now we’re just as sad to see them move on to other things. 

best paige moments:

- paige’s voice is enormous.  i don’t know how such a big, full sound can come out of such a tiny little girl.  she shakes the rafters every time she hits one of the big notes.

- she’s an incredible dancer.  usually i don’t notice matilda in bruce, because i tend to sit to the far right - it makes it easier to see matilda’s expressions during the scenes with her family, which i like to watch for.  but paige was really attention-getting during that number. 

- maybe it’s because of her dance skills, but her body was very expressive during the stories.  if i got sick of holding up my binoculars and put them down, i could still get a great sense of what was happening onstage by paige’s body language. 

- she was also really graceful - usually when the girls imitate the acrobat during the beginning of the first story, it’s a bit of a jerky motion as they try to balance on one foot on the narrow block.  but paige really looked as though she were embodying the acrobat who was so skilled it seemed as if she could actually fly.

- she brought the SASS.  i prefer the more damaged matildas, but paige was bold and tough, very different from the others.  i like when the girls aren’t afraid to be a little different and take their own approach to the role, even if it’s something i don’t personally respond to.  a lot of people loved this aspect of paige’s performance!

- sometimes when she was reading in the corner, she’d make faces like she was responding to what she was “reading."  i never saw another matilda do that.

- i didn’t notice this until someone else pointed it out, but when mr. wormwood rips up her book, paige would do the flinches along with the accompanying notes, but where a lot of girls made it a but noteworthy gesture, paige would just slightly cringe away from him while staring longingly at her book.  it really made you think about the battering - if not physical than emotional - matilda took every day living with her family.  it seemed like a genuine fear response and it was heartwrenching.

- when mrs. phelps told her they had no revenge section, paige just slumped over in this hilariously defeated posture like "welp, there goes that.  library, how could you fail me?!”

- usually the girls look thoughtful or mildly curious when miss honey gives them the scarf.  paige looks FREAKED THE HELL OUT, which i think is  a really great response.  i mean, think about it - wouldn’t you be the tiniest bit scared to realize what she’s realizing just then? 

best ava moments:

- ava is another matilda with a huge, expressive and unusually mature voice.  her control is great and i’ve never heard her miss a note or a breath.

- whenever she bobbled a line - i saw her a few times very early on in her run; it happens - she never reacted, just kept on speaking, and it never interrupted her performances at all.  it just made her sound like a little kid.  during one show she for some reason just couldn’t get out “maybe you used some of mummy’s peroxide by mistake” but if you didn’t know the show inside-out like we do, you’d have thought that’s how the line was written, to sound like matilda is nervous and stammering, because ava never lost focus for a second and just stayed in character and kept going.  i thought it was really impressive for such a young actress in front of such a huge crowd. 

- ava has some unique line deliveries that make her really seem like she doesn’t know she’s special.  for example, how she says “i love books,” she sounds so beside herself with excitement to talk about her favorite thing you kind of expect her to fall over with joy. 

- ava’s stories were truly spectacular, especially the third story.  she had be on the edge of my seat in suspense, even though i knew how the trick ends!

- the fourth time i saw her, earlier this month, was one of the greatest performances i’ve ever seen from any matilda.  everything came together for her.  i’m providing a link to that review, because if i raved about everything that went right that show, i’ll just be rewriting the entire post, but please do take a look if you haven’t read it.  as an added incentive, there’s an audio download link. please do read it. 


best ripley moments:

okay, those of you who read my posts regularly know that ripley is my favorite matilda of all time.  she’s a brilliant little actress, and also very special to me personally, as a friend of mine has a professional relationship with the sobos and constantly talks about how wonderful they are (i’ve had a few conversations with her dad and i totally get it - he is indeed wonderful.  he just adores ripley so much; he’s like a real-life magnus!  and he’s such a sweet, friendly guy.  i’ve only spoken to ripley once briefly but she seems like a delightful kid; i assume her mom and brother are just as great), especially ripley.  so i’ve had a soft spot for ripley long before she was matilda, but i honestly don’t think it affects my feelings about her matilda.  

- ripley is present in EVERY MOMENT she is onstage.  she reacts to everything.  she makes a face like “this seems like flawed reasoning” when she sings “dad says i should watch more tv,” she makes hilarious WTF? faces when her parents praise michael’s brilliance, you can see the light bulb go off over her head during the naughty reprise when she sees the hat rack.  she shoves tea and biscuits into her mouth like a child who isn’t fed regularly; she leans into miss honey like a child who’s never felt a loving touch in her life.  she’s just genuinely living every moment as matilda and makes sure to telegraph every thought and emotion to the audience.  it’s truly remarkable for any performer, but especially a ten-year-old child.

- she sometimes delivers “that’s not right” like she genuinely thinks her father doesn’t understand these things and she wants to help him out, and she seems truly hopeful that her mother might want to hear a story this time. 

- she rocks every moment of naughty.  her poses, movements and expressions are just hilarious and made even more endearing by the fact that she’s so little she can barely reach the spot she’s meant to lean on on the doorframe.  she makes me laugh out loud every time when she sings the first “sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty.”

- she looks ready to burst into tears when miss honey offers to bring her books.  ugh, my heart.

- her “that’s not right!” at the end of bruce is always awesome.  she comes out snorting and heaving and charging like an angry bull and she bellows the line with such conviction the audience always responds.

- likewise, her “big fat bully!” gets cheers and applause every time.  as it should - she’s fierce. 

- she and jill have a really sweet relationship as miss honey and matilda.  jill will sometimes nudge her shoulder or touch her forehead to ripley’s, and it’s very sweet, and ripley gazes at miss honey with complete adoration, giving the cutest little smiles when miss honey shows her attention.  it’s just so heartwarming to see them realizing that they’ve finally found a loving family. 

the rest of these are pulled straight from other reviews because they’re specific ripley moments i loved and don’t want to rephrase.  i would just put links, but unlike the ava review, this is just bits and pieces pulled instead of the full review:

- during the scene where she’s trying to get miss honey to call the police, she seemed PISSED.  the entire show she’d been playing it angry from the get-go, but WOW.  i actually felt really horrible for miss honey, because ripley was practically up in her face screaming at her, not in confused or frustration, but FURY.  it made sense - matilda of all people knows damn well that justice will never be served if you don’t stand up for it and ripley seemed completely outraged that miss honey was willing to let herself be treated that way and let magnus’s murderer get away with it. 

- when miss honey put the scarf around her neck, she was working it through her fingers and whispering to herself like she was trying to put it together.  it was a nice touch.

- when she said “i’ve seen your life - i’ve seen your life!” she gave it a really different spin.  usually the girls just shout it twice like they’re trying to give the idea emphasis, but ripley’s delivery was more like “it’s real, i’ve seen your life!  …i’ve…seen your life?”  like “okay, this…this is unexpected and kind of terrifying.” 

- another line she delivered differently than usual was “watch, please.”  usually the girls lean heavily on the “please” because they’re getting a  bit frantic and frustrated.  ripley very softly said “…please?” like she was totally anticipating being denied.  it was so sweet and sad.

- when miss honey held out her hand to matilda to help her up the steps into her house, ripley broke into this huge delighted grin like that tiny gesture touched her greatly. 

- when everyone was stunned after the times table recitation, ripley looked around the classroom with an odd expression, like “what’s everyone staring at?”  it really brought home the idea of matilda having no idea that she’s exceptional.

- when she first spotted miss honey at the library, she ducked behind one of the shelves and peeked her head around so miss honey wouldn’t notice her looking at her. 

- her delivery of “i don’t know yet; i’ll tell you tomorrow” after the second story was incredibly funny.  she just seemed so totally unconcerned and oblivious to mrs. phelps freaking out behind her. 

- her sheer panic when her father rips up her book and threatens to ban her from the library are sincerely upsetting.  she’s furious but also terrified, and seeing her matilda that helpless is heartbreaking. 

- likewise, she was trembling and sobbing on the ground when miss trunchbull was bawling her out before quiet.  coupling that with ripley’s impossibly small size and christopher sieber’s giant and genuinely scary trunchbull, that moment crossed over into being actually difficult to watch.

- her “spain, but why?” delivery was again different.  she started off confused with “spain, but…?” and then her voice dropped and she very suspiciously said “why?” like she was thinking “oh what have you done now you IDIOT?” 

i truly am going to miss each and every one of these girls, but ripley is one in a million.  i wish they announced final shows so i could see hers. 

best gabriella moments:

- it’s not a moment exactly, but gabby is just so serious.  with those big brown eyes and giant shock of dark hair in that pale, owlish face, it’s hard not to feel immense sympathy for her.  she just seems like an unhappy child who’s resigned herself to a crappy childhood.  you really do want to run onstage and rescue her, even though you know she’s going to do a damn fine job of rescuing herself. 

- during one show she got a little dreamy smile singing “was written in the stars before they’d even met” - it was a really cute touch.

- she gets so lost in her stories - she appears to get startled and jump when mrs. phelps speaks to her and shakes her down to reality when she reaches the ends of the stories.  it gives the impression she’s really channeling these stories from somewhere rather than just reciting them. 

- during one show, the actor playing miss trunchbull (i think it was ben that day, but not sure) flubbed a line matilda responds to, and gabby covered like an expert.  

- gabby’s “quiet” rivals bailey’s in terms of flawless acting as well as beautiful singing.  when she sings “like silence, but not really silent” etc, you can see her searching her mind for the right words to express what she’s experiencing.  and when she hits “anymore” it’s absolutely beautiful. 

- gabby’s best moment IMO is “i’m here."  i’m quoting a past review again because i don’t think i can explain it better:

the other moment i noticed specifically was during i’m here when she sang “let me wipe away your tears.”  there was something all at once so childlike and so maternal about the gesture; it so perfectly embodied the relationship i always envisioned between little jenny and magnus.  again, i can’t describe it, but it broke my heart in the best possible way. 

- gabby’s matilda is really desperate for an adult to care about her.  she gets so excited by mrs. phelps’s attention, and from the moment miss honey walks onstage, her matilda is completely besotted with her, staring at her, (very occasionally) smiling at her, with every fiber of her being begging this woman she adores and respects to return those feelings.  she looks so sad for miss honey during my house, and downright confused whenever miss honey shows her kindness, like she wants to be loved but at the same time she doesn’t understand why she’s getting it, and she looks really upset and nervous when she asks miss honey what "this thing with her eyes” is, and when she confesses to miss honey that her father hates her, like she’s waiting for miss honey to realize that she’s really not worth any of this niceness and there’s something wrong with her.  you just want to hug this kid and tell her it’s everyone else who’s wrong and she’s truly a miracle.  it makes the final moments with miss honey even more wonderful. 

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N°122 in the series “wild spam of random caps” - SN: 09x23
I was looking for a breath of life a little touch of heavenly light
Breath of life - Florence + the machine


That’s all thanks to you guys for supporting me for so long and being cool people in general!! I’ve gotta share the love for all those that have stuck by me through my months-long hiatuses and all my complaining and ranting about Sid, so here’s to you guys! I don’t where I would be, and I don’t know how I would’ve coped without this wonderfully safe haven that I have here on Sid’s blog. My dash is full of inspiring writers and the nicest people I’ve met in my life, and I am honestly!!! so glad!!! to be here with everyone!!! 

You inspire me every day to be a better writer, a better friend, and a better person!! I appreciate every one of you and I hope that maybe?? maybe, this will brighten up your day a lil!! I mean look @ those Siddos. They’re so cute they’re so fluffy, imagine them all of ‘em sliding on you and just being warm and fuzzy, like how GREAT IS THAT? I love Sid and I’m glad you guys love him too!!!!!

Anyway, under the cut will be..as usual, me being sentimental and gushy about some people that I really really really love in my life!! And tbh I hope they stay in my life as well, but EVERYONE !! I HOPE EVERYONE INTERACTS W/ ME AND BECOMES MY FRIEND!! I want everyone to feel loved and welcomed, especially if you’re interacting with me!! So!! 

Without further ado,,,,

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happy 21st birthday, harry styles 💚

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haha yeah ^^ I only began when I was 17, towards the end of my junior year in highschool. My brothers are tattoo artists, so I saw them sketch sometimes but what really motivated me to draw was the idea that I can just…MAKE whatever my mind imagined. I’ve always just had ideas n stuff but I never saw them be done s I just thought ‘well, why dont I just make it myself?’

Then I got SUPER annoyed with how much I SUCKED at the beginning (as every artist does) so I made myself a challenge (because Im a competitive shit lol)

I would draw at least ONE thing EVERY SINGLE DAY. Even if its a tiny little doodle, I will draw one thing everyday, and so far I haven’t broken that challenge! I fund that it REALLY helped me out!


in sehun’s totally wise and 4.75 gpa scholarly opinion, huang zitao is public enemy number one, the campus miscreant, and therefore should be treated as such.

everything from the blazing red hair, topped off with buzzed sides that sehun would rather die a gruesome death by repeated soccer ball bludgeoning than to ever admit he thinks is rather attractive, to the raggedy pair of unlaced chucks that huang zitao refuses to tie just pushes at every single little button inside sehun, even those teeny tiny, remote ones he never even knew existed.

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Honestly after 6B , i want an episode where marlene just sits and tells us every tiny little detail since episode one like i wanna know all the evil stares all the shadows every sound behind the bushes every person who wore red or black