every little things gonna be alright

“It’s all gonna be okay. Trust me, I’m a Doctor. But it’s up to us to make it okay. It’s time to be positively rebellious, and rebelliously positive. As long as we stand up for what we believe in… don’t give in to anger or violence… look out for the little guy… keep an eye out on the big guys… refuse to keep our mouths shut… just generally trying not to be dicks… every little thing is gonna be alright.”  (❤️️)

Baby, Just Dance

Pairing: Steve Harrington x reader
Characters: Steve, the reader, Billy, randos at a party
Warnings: swearing, drugs, alcohol, Billy’s an ass, protective!Steve
Summary: At Tina’s halloween party, the reader has a run in with Billy- after a few too many drinks. 
A/N: currently OBSESSED with stranger things, and (no surprise) Steve Harrington!

Tina’s halloween parties had always been the best. Seriously, ever since freshman year, she’d have the biggest kegs, the wildest music, and absolutely no parental supervision. It was at one of Tina’s halloween parties where you’d lost your virginity, gotten drunk for the first time, and learned how to tap a keg. 

They’d always been completely wild, and this year’s was no exception. So, when you’d gotten the invite, you’d immediately picked out a costume and gotten excited for the weekend’s events.  

Upon arriving, you’d already been pretty drunk. You and your boyfriend, Steve, had gotten ready together- sneaking his parent’s liquor until both of you were buzzed and giggly (you definitely more so than he was.) So, when you’d strutted into the party, everything had that special layer of haze that only too much alcohol could produce. 

The two of you had walked in together, arm in arm, past the new kid Billy doing a keg stand. Honestly, you’d never been impressed by him. Not only did he seem like a real jack ass, but you’d seen the way he looked at you throughout the halls too. Almost predatory-like. Every time you passed him, his eyes roamed up and down, it had gotten to the point that even Steve was noticing it. 

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#MyParentsAreLosers - Batmom x Batfam

I couldn’t bring myself to write a “depressed Batmom” story today, and I really wanna write it well and all so…here’s a silly thing for you, to “wait” for an actual story. Warning : it’s stupid and not greatly written, probably a bit of a mess (I wrote that in three days, with 5 minutes available each day to do it so yeah…messy) This was requested (anonymously), a story about the Batboys introducing Batmom and Bruce to Instagram and Snapchat, but I can’t find the original message anymore so…Here, if you read this anon’, I hope you’ll like it :-) (I hope all of you guys will like it) :

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It’s Alfred who discovered it. 

He read it in the Gotham Daily (neither you nor Bruce ever had time to read any newspapers, besides, both of you were getting a bit tired about the fact that almost every “news” was about you and him…). 

As he was reading the article, for the first time in years, Alfred let it go. Thanks God he was alone in the house that day, as he bursted out in a loud and ridiculous laughter ! 

It made him laugh for hours, in fact (Damian and Tim coming home from school ruining his fun), and oh he had to tell you guys but…his majordome ways kept him from plainly coming to you and outright telling you. 

At first, he tried to leave the actual article in places you could see it. 

On the kitchen counter, for example, while you took your breakfast…But you never paid attention to anything before your third cup of coffee, even if it was right there in front of you, and by then Bruce would have joined you and you and him would be too focused on each other to realize that this damn article was on the kitchen counter !! AND OH MY GOD COULD YOU STOP KISSING AND LOOK AT THIS DAMN PIECE OF PAPER RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU ?! But it was too late, your kids were coming in and your focus would slightly shift from Bruce to them, the article would fall into the Oblivion as you just completely ignored it while doing your traditional conversation with your family. It was an old routine Alfred knew by heart. 

He tried to put it in the bathroom, and found it soaked and teared…It was something, really, how you and Bruce could be so observant sometimes, and yet so blind some others. 

He also tried the bed, laying it on your pillow where he’d be sure you’d find it…But the day he did that, Bruce came home early from patrol and you rushed upstairs rather fast and…Alfred found the sticky and…oh he’d rather not think about it, and just imagined that you guys were very sweaty when sleeping and…Let’s just never mention that episode ever again. 

He put it on the computer in the Batcave, and found it, days later, under Bruce’s seat. How did it got there ? He had no idea, but what was sure is that the greatest detective in the World, the Goddamn Batman, didn’t notice that stupid piece of paper RIGHT ON HIS KEYBOARD ! 

His last resort was the library, where you spend most of your free times when the boys and Bruce weren’t around…He placarded it everywhere, putting it in every single books you were most likely to read that day and…What did you do ? Enter the damn library reading something already, so of course you didn’t pay attention to any of the articles, and you even used a few articles as bookmarks…Oh dear…

Alfred decided that it was time to stop trying to be subtle (though he could admit that his poor attempts at making you read this particular newspaper articles weren’t really “subtle”). 

He gave up one morning, after three weeks of trying to make you guys read that damn article, and just shoved it in your face, right in front of the cup of coffee you were about to drink, so that you just HAD to read it. 

“The children of the Wayne households post a series of pictures of their parents, and it goes viral” was the title of it.

What ?

It was early in the morning, and it took you a while before starting to understand what was happening. 

To understand that your sons apparently kept posting pictures on the internet, of you and Bruce, with the caption (or “hashtag” as they called it) : #MyParentsAreLoosers, followed by the sentence “But I still love them”. 

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Jelly Star

Alright so me , a brand new member of the Star vs. The forces of Evil just watched Just Friends. And I got to say it didn’t give much hope to the Starco shippers with at least 3 more cannon kisses between Marco and Jackie.

But the thing that got me was when Star was walking from the concert.

Look at the way her eyes seem, even though animated are distant and cold. Star is a very emotional person as shown throughout the series. Usually when she smiles it meets her eyes, so for her smile to be so out of place with the look in her eyes it just makes you think that something bad is happening inside of her due to the relationship of Marco and Jackie.

Just after this she goes to cast a spell. And look what comes out of her wand, A GREEN BLAST. Now sure I’m new but I’ve cached up and when a spell it means its dark magic. Now of course Star has used dark magic even without being dark but ever since her evaluation and the comparison between her and Eclipsa, you have to presume that there is something dark inside of her. But here is the thing, What would cause such a dark reaction like this to someone as cheerful as Star? answer; she’s jealous. She walked away when she saw Marco and Jackie kiss during Just Friends, she lied to Marco when he went looking for her. The only explanation to all of this, jealousy. Because let’s all face it, Star is completely and irreversibly in love with Marco. And that just might be her down fall.   

Bts reacting to you being scared of turbulence !


*Holds your hand* “Hey it’s okay. Okay?” You don’t say anything. He turns to grab your face gently and pulls your foreheads together. “Baby just look at me. We’re okay, we’re fine. Nothing’s going to happen.”You nod your head. “Good.” He leans in to kiss you. 

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“I knew you’d act like this, here I brought you this.” He handed you a bad of your favorite candy. “Now please calm down, we’ll be fine.” He moved your head so it’d be laying on his shoulder. 

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“Aww jagi it’s okay, just go to your happy place. Close your eyes. Breathe in, breathe out. Just imagine how nice the hotel and beach are going to be.” He rubbed your arm until you fell asleep. “Goodnight princess.”  

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“Aish baby again? Here take this…” he put his headphones on you, “Better?” You nodded your head. “Good. We’ll land in no time now, I promise.” He rubbed your thigh and smiled down at you. 

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“Honeybuuuuun come on! Let’s turn that frown upside.” *tries to make you laugh with different facial expressions, which it does* “See, just keep smiling. Everything’s going to be fine." 

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*Side hugs you while rubbing your arm* "Hey it’s okay. Let’s watch a movie yeah? I downloaded your fav on my phone!” *Takes it out and passes you an earbud* 

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*Sees your scared and uncomfortable* “Hey sugar mama, everything’s fine.” *Face expression changes into ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)* *starts singing Bob Marley in an attempt to make you laugh* “Singin’ don’t worry ‘bout a thing~ cuz every little thing~ is gonna be alright~”

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okay, psa really quickly, we as a community kind of need to stop being incredibly hypocritical about media that has our representation. like this post made me really think,, it’s like the incredibly popular mostly straight viewership tv shows that can get away with a ton of bad shit bc of it’s incredibly large viewership, but the shows in our community, like the bold type and wynonna earp, really don’t have huge numbers and when we do this thing where we scrutinize every little detail of the show and start talking about how we are betrayed, etc. when one of the characters that represents us cheats, etc. and then people stop supporting the show as a whole, that kind of makes a huge impact. 

i’m not saying that we should settle but most of the stuff that they do in shows is just to create angst because if the relationship is fluffy and happy-go-lucky the whole time it literally becomes uninteresting for people to watch. and i know you’re thinking, “Well I wouldn’t be sad seeing a ton of fluff on my screen every week”, and i feel that, but also tv shows are dramatic bitches and have plot and shit and they take us down twists and turns,, like it realistically just doesn’t stay fluffy all the time. they don’t even do that with straight couples on drama shows,,, like they’re always breaking up n shit and it’s just bc drama tv shows want drama like that’s just what they do… 

if we get livid about every little thing we’re gonna round up every show that dares to represent us into the ground and then we’ll have 0 shows that represent us and will be willing to in the future. like take shit with a grain of salt, okay? if it’s REALLY offensive, DROP IT, like when lexa died after the creators telling us for months she’ll be alright? THAT is really fucking bad and terrible and deserves dropping bc it’s incredible mistrust, but i mean? like waverly kissing another girl? it’s literally… not worth driving another show that represents us into the ground bc of it. 

and like i read this post about how this bitch hated orphan black to death bc delphine and cosima weren’t together in season 3? like, really bitch? really? have you fuckin seen that show they all clones running for their got damn life every fuckin second they boutta have freaky shit done to them in their sleep and all dat like of course their lives and relationships are gonna be . A LITTLE COMPLICATED. a little ROCKY.. oh my god like. i’m done now just please if you’re gonna drop a show they better have actually fuckin messed up bc if i hear y’all whining about angst one more time and start dropping shit bc of it i’m gonna fight y’all.

like. if y’all literally kill my show the bold type that has a muslim WLW that explained ON SCREEN why she wears the hijab and was also shown PRAYING on screen (which like. ISN’T SOMETHING THAT HAPPENS ON AMERICAN TV.) just because of some gay angst (or if my little idiots end up breaking up for one episode down the road for some stupid ass drama reason) i will literally get a mother fucking pitchfork and hunt y’all down my girl adena is breaking borders and i WON’T let you guys kill it

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This is a female s/o body. So in this one there is a formal event and the reader gets dressed up by Allura and Pidge he do the paladins react


-Oooo la la

-Will get red as a tomato

-Can’t take his eyes off s/o for even a second

-Poor Keith will be absolutely mesmerized

-Power couple™

    -Even if they’re not together he’s gonna make it look so

-Compliments galore 

    -”That color really suits you… I’d suit you better, buuut—-.” 



-No one gets near her

    -That’s his date 

-Body guard Keith (not in a douchebag way, of course) 


-We always type asdghjkl 

    -Hunk actually says it


-Squeaky whispers of compliments 

-He was not ready for this. Not prepared. LAWD HELP. 


-Worships s/o from that day on

-Examines every little thing

    -Her perfume, the killer eyeliner, how the dress compliments her…

-If they’re wearing makeup he’ll make sure it never smudges

    -Picks up their dress if needed when she’s walking 

    -Takes care of his Queen 


-Where was I? What was I doing? What is this? 

    -It hurt itself in confusion!

-Lance is gonna be absolutely stunned

-S/o is the only person who exists right now

-The kinda guy to pull one of those long whistles

    -Wraps his arm around s/o like it’s totally not slightly creepy at all, whatsoever, nope, not at all, nuh-uh 

-”What do ya say–” 


-Alright, get this girl the best seat, best food, best drinks, etc.

    -Otherwise, you’re dead meat

-Will make the night like a Disney Movie™ for her 


-Will definitely, but low-key, spit out that damn drink


-If he wasn’t in love enough before, oooh BOI 

-Definitely has those annoying ass butterflies 

-Will go out of his way to be next to her 

-If Allura/Pidge know about his little crush he’ll just be like:

    -”You two… are ruining my life…” 

-Keeps his hand at the bottom of her back all day/night

    -Poor guy wants to touch s/o but he can’t be weird ugghhh 

-”You really should wear *blank* more often.” 

-Goes out of his way to step his game up tonight and look good for her 

James Potter singing don’t worry about a thing cause every little thing is gonna be alright to Harry and to himself is one of the many reasons that man deserved better.

He had hope, damn it. He believed they would get out of this fine. Even when Evans was in pieces James thought there was no reason for them to not survive. 

He had hope.


Here’s to my friends in America; a message from David Tennant reassuring you that every little thing is going to be alright. Courtesy of The Last Leg.❤️