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So Zee tweeted that the convo between Red and Cooper reveals a lot (or something along those lines) Was wondering if you could do a break down of that scene to see what was possibly revealed or foreshadowed?

Sure. I actually wrote a little bit about it in my episode analysis that Zee liked :) LINK

It is pretty clear from this scene that Cooper knows a lot more about Red and Liz than we previously thought.

Let’s look at the dialog between them:

Red: When I turned myself in, I never imagined things could’ve turned out this… badly.
Cooper: What did you expect?
Red: I knew it’d be hard, but I… never expected that it would get… harder with every day.
Cooper: It shouldn’t be a surprise. You must have known there was a chance she’d discover Kirk was her father when you put him on your list.

Red: He was never on it. He never would’ve been if he hadn’t come after her first.
Cooper: If anyone belongs on that cursed list, it’s Alexander Kirk. Why the hell wouldn’t you put him there?
Red: I knew it would complicate things. I’d be forced to take security measures… Things she’d hate. Now all I see is the resentment in her eyes. I’m suffocating her, Harold.

Here is what I got out of the conversation:

  1. Cooper knows why Red turned himself in. He knows it was because of Liz. The only question is was Cooper in on Red’s plan from the start or did Red tell him after he turned himself in?
  2. I don’t think Cooper knows the whole story though. He does know that Red is protecting Liz - from someone or from something - probably an organization. He probably does not know the entire connection between Red and Liz, although he knows more than we the audience does.
  3. Cooper does assume Kirk is Liz’s father. Red does not correct him, although he corrects Liz all the time on this.
  4. Red clearly is treating Cooper like a close friend now. He shares with him his pain in doing what he thinks is right for Liz - taking security measures once Kirk came into play that caused Liz to resent him and for Red to feel like he was suffocating her. And Cooper can see that Red is suffering because of this. He knows Red loves her deeply. In addition Red and Cooper are on a first name basis - rare with these two characters (Raymond and Harold).

So what was revealed is that Cooper is in on the plan even though he may not know everything. He is on Team Red. We need to keep that in mind when Cooper talks to Liz, especially from now on. In the past Cooper has tried to be fair and understanding with Liz as a father-figure should, but now we know that underneath Cooper wants to help Red with Liz.

Anyway, people smarter than me can add to this.

Thanks for the question #Anon!