every little polish

For the record by the way, in the battle between 4 coats of gel nail polish + top coat VS. 3 surgical scrubs + ~10 hours of gloves, the decided winner was not the nail polish.

I commissioned @lissinator to make some art for @ladydanya‘s Midnight at Skyhold. If you haven’t read it before I strongly recommend it!

Me & my dad

As the only woman of color in a religious community that has its roots in Poland, I’ve gotten quite a few interesting questions and remarks.

“Wait, I thought those Sisters were only Polish.”

“How come you don’t speak Polish?”

Sometimes people think things can only be a certain way. But there have been others who pave the way with me, if not in color, then in thought.

“I used to teach in the heart of Detroit, where I got to see color every day,” one little Polish nun told me. “I’m so glad you’re a part of our community. I wish we had more like you.”

I live for people like that. People with open minds and hearts. Without them, the world doesn’t change.