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Written for a request by @winchesterswoonathon​. John Winchester wants you to follow his orders.

Warning: smut, spanking kink, dom!John if you squint

Word Count: 1650ish

A/N: It’s been a long time since I’ve written John. Enjoy! XOXO

The bed isn’t the most comfortable in the world. Of course, you’re used to that. Motels aren’t known for their mattress quality. They always make your back ache and your muscles sore.

Even so, you aren’t moving.

Not until you know you’re allowed to.

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Professor Moony and the Scarlet Minx

Request: “Hey can I please get a v smutty/teasey sub!remus x reader??? I know how he’s mostly portrayed as dom but I’d like to see one of my favourite writers write him as sub, please <3”

Pairing: Remus Lupin x Reader

Word Count: 2.3k

Warnings: Smut

A/n: this is in an AU Remus started teaching at Hogwarts in his mid-twenties thank qqqqq

Remus entered your shared apartment with a tired sigh, carrying his suitcase which had become filled with your owl-sent notes in amongst all the paperwork he had to finish marking tonight. He smiled at the thought of seeing your face after such a difficult day; a day he only got through because of your sweet little letters. It had started in the morning when Snape made a snide remark about Remus’ bad mood.

“That time of the month again, Lupin?” He scorned.

“I’m afraid so, but at least I know I’m not pregnant.” he replied with a purse of his lips. “Wait, we’re talking about my menstruation, right?”

Snape had given a distasteful huff, dramatically walking away.

I don’t think I’ll make it through today, he had written to you on his first lunch break, I want to punch everyone, and it’s not even reached third quarter moon.

His owl had then returned with a box of chocolates and a note attached: Thinking of you. Send for me if you need more motivation to survive the day. Love you xx

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“Worries” Daryl Dixon x Reader

Word Count: 1,355

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Request from Anon: Could you please write an imagine with Daryl where the reader is 19 and they’re in love but he feels insecure about the age difference between them?

Warnings: Fluff, slight smut (barely)

Originally posted by kinneyandreedus

You wake up in bed, Daryl’s bare chest pressed up against your back, heat radiating between the two of your bodies in the cold air. His arm is around you, holding you tightly as he sleeps. You smile and scoot yourself closer, happy to be in his arms.

You try to go back to sleep, but the sunlight coming through the window made that impossible. Not wanting to wake Daryl up, you try and slowly lift his arm off of you, but fail as every little movement made his body twitch- he is a light sleeper. You try and stay there as long as possible, but the need to pee eventually overruns your want to not wake him up. You try to be as gentle as possible as you squirm out of his grasp and slide out of bed.

“Don’t go.” Daryl mumbles, half asleep.

“I’ll be back, give me a minute.” You kiss his forehead. You exit the room and walk down the hallway, entering the bathroom. Something nice about Alexandria is having running water to be able to flush a toilet and brush your teeth. Personal hygiene has come to be a luxury in this world, so it was like heaven to be able to have this.

You pee and brush your teeth quickly before getting back in bed with Daryl. He immediately pulls you back into the position that you were in before you got up. You can feel his erection pushing into your back, making you laugh.

“Better get rid of that thing before you go on that run of yours today.” You teased, making Daryl groan.

“Unless ya wanna help me, I’ll just wait for it to go away on its own.”

“Mm, Daryl, if you wanted me to help out, all you had to do was ask.” You smirk, rubbing your butt up against him. He stifles a moan, grabbing your hips to guide you. “But unfortunately, I promised Rick I’d watch Judith this morning. Sorry.” You get up.

“You’re such a tease.” Daryl groans as he watches you slid your pants on.

“You love me.”

“Ya lucky that I do.” He smiles up at you. You lean down and give him a kiss before leaving and heading over to Rick’s place.

You and Daryl started dating back at the prison. You had been in their group since the start, and there had always been this thing between the two of you going unspoken. At first, he was being overly protective of you, acting more of a big brother figure than anything. You were only fifteen at the time and both of your parents had died from turning into walkers. For some reason, he felt like it was his need to protect you. He didn’t trust Shane to do it. It then turned into more of a friendship once you got to the farm, and you two could talk about anything with each other. He was your rock, and you were his.

You had turned eighteen at the prison, and you had feelings for Daryl that you didn’t think you ever would. Not to mention, Daryl was starting to see you differently as well. He finally stopped thinking of you as a little girl.

There was a lot of sexual tension between the two of you, but both of you were hesitant to make any moves. Neither of you knew exactly how the other felt and you didn’t want to risk your friendship over anything. But, one night, the two of you were sharing a cell together because you had a nightmare. The threat of the governor was all too real and that fear was leaking into your dreams. You ran into Daryl’s cell at some hour in the night and lied down next to him. He didn’t even need to ask you what wrong- he immediately knew. You were cuddled up next to him, feeling safe in his arms, and somehow that gave you the spark of confidence you needed. You pressed your lips to his, him immediately kissing you back. Ever since that night, you two had been together. You love him more than you could ever imagine.

You smile as you reminisce about your past with him, walking into Rick’s house to see Carl feeding Judith breakfast.

“Hey.” You wave, walking over to him so you could take over feeding duties.

“Thanks for watching her.” Rick came into sight. “I was going to have Carol do it but she had something to do, I don’t know.”

“It’s no problem, I don’t mind hanging out with this cutie.” You smile at Judith.

“Daryl, Glenn, Michonne, and I should be back by tonight. If we ain’t, go find Carl and tell him to watch Judith so you can come find us. We’ll just be in the next town over getting more medical supplies.” Rick grabs his gun, ready to head out the door.

“Okay, be safe. And tell Daryl that I love him.” Rick and Carl both leave the house, leaving you alone to take care of the little girl.

The day goes by rather quickly and before you know it, Rick is back at the house, relieving you of your babysitting duties.

“Be careful, Y/N, Daryl’s in a mood.” Rick warned you before you left his house.

“Why?” You frown.

“Glenn was makin’ some comments that upset him. You talk to him about it yourself.”

You walk back over to your house, and find Daryl sitting on the couch staring blankly at the wall. You open the door, taking off your shoes before you go sit next to him. He relaxes when he sees you but something is still obviously bothering him.

“What’s going on?” You ask him, putting your hand on his knee.

“I just, I don’ know, I’m gettin’ old.” He frowns.

“You’re not old, Daryl.” You laugh, not believing that he’s even upset about that.

“Old to be datin’ a nineteen year old, yeah.”

You frown at hearing this. He’s never even once voiced his concern about the age difference between the two of you. Yeah, it was a pretty big difference, but you didn’t really think it mattered. The two of you were in love, nothing else mattered.

“Age has nothing to do with anything when it comes to relationships.” You frown, making him face you. He had been avoiding looking at you the entire time.

“I don’ want you to leave me for someone younger. Someone who aint double your age. Shit, Y/N, you’re closer to Carl’s age than you are mine.”

“If this is about whatever Glenn was telling you today-“

“It’s not.” Daryl cut you off. “It’s somethin’ I been thinking about for a while.”

“Daryl,” you sigh. “I’m never going to leave you for anyone. I promise. I don’t care about the age difference between us. You make me incredibly happy, happier than anyone else could. I love you.”

“I love you too,” He smiles. You love seeing him smile, you don’t get to see it often enough. “I’m sorry for freakin’ out. Just been bothering me for a while.”

“It shouldn’t. And you should have told me sooner. I would have rather not heard that from Rick.”

“Yeah, I think Rick’s kinda annoyed at me. I yelled at Glenn for givin’ me shit.” Daryl admits.

“You gotta have known that Glenn was joking, though.”

“I did, but like I said, just been botherin’ me for a while.”

You don’t respond, you just start kissing him. He pulls you up onto his lap, putting his hands underneath your shirt as your hands grasp his hair. You start grinding your hips over his lower area, feeling it harden underneath you.

“Now, I do believe I owe you back for this morning.” You pull away from the kiss.

“Eh, maybe tomorrow.” Daryl teases.

“Oh shut up and kiss me.”

Part Two HERE

Elevator Games

Pairings: Chanyeol x Reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff CEO!AU

Word Count: 2K +

A/N i really hope you enjoy this! it didn’t necessicarily turn out how i wanted it too, but i still hope you like it :)

Originally posted by jonginssoo

Late. again. 

this was the seventh time you were rushing towards your work building.

You had just started your new job and you were stuffing up already.

 Today you and the other new workers were meant to be introduced to the CEO of the building; if you were late to that, you were screwed. 

Why were you always late? Simple. You simply couldn’t wake the fuck up.

This had been a problem for you for ages, but never to this extent.

You quickly checked your watch as you repeatedly pushed the up button for the elevator.

As you rushed into the elevator you tried to fix your hair that had been blown harshly by the wind, however, it was in vain as your curls had been wrecked and your hair was a complete mess.

The doors to the elevator were closing painfully slow, but just before they closed a large hand found its way between the two of them.

You tried to keep a sigh from exhaling out your body as the doors started to open again. You were for sure, getting fired.

“sorry” a husky voice spoke as he entered the elevator. He was tall and his shoulders were broad yet his body was slender; you took a deep breath as you examined his god-like smile.

You nodded your head before the elevator doors finally closed again. You prayed to Jesus that no one on the way up would press the button, further digging you into your grave.

Just as you finished your prayer you felt the elevator come to an abrupt halt; you and the man both grabbed onto the railings on the side of the elevator to try and regain your balance.

“What happened?” you asked quietly as a few seconds had passed but nothing had happened.

Both you and the male moved closer to the elevator doors, you looked at the button panel and the lights seemed to of gone out. Crap. The elevator was broken.

“Hello?” the man spoke into the emergency phone. His voice was calm and collected where as yours would have been frustrated and scared.

“oh…ok, thank you” he said before hanging up the phone. You eyed him as he turned towards you, he didn’t need to speak because his captivating eyes said it all. You were fucking stuck.

“well shit” you sighed as you rested your back against the side of the elevator; you slide down until your ass hit the floor with a small ‘ough’ sound.

As the male sat opposite you, you watched him eyes you up and down, instantly making you feel self -cousicous.

“I’m chanyeol” he smiled when he noticed he had been caught.

“Y/N” you sighed as you played with your bracelet depressingly. Of course, today of all days is the day you get trapped in the elevator with a devilishly handsome stranger.

“you look a little tense?” he asked as concern graced his face, he tilted his head to the side leaving you with a clear view of his perfect jawline.

“I was supposed to be in this really important meeting with the CEO of this company, but im probably getting fired so” you trailed off as a humorless laugh followed your comment.

“I heard the CEO was rather nice, stern, but nice never the less” he shrugged as his eyes trailed towards the floor.

You sighed again before adjusting your white blouse that was tucked into their skirt. You watched as his eyes zoomed in, focusing on every little movement of yours.

You smirked before narrowing your eyes at the main playfully.

“you can’t blame me, you are extremely hot” he said as he ran his hand through his shiny ass hair as your smirk extended.

“Well, I guess were going to be here for a while” you said as he moved over so he could sit directly in front of you.

You bit your lip as you looked him up and down. His suit looked extremely expensive and the Rolex on his wrist gave it away that he was an extremely important person.

“so, what are you doing here?” you asked him as he drew small circles on the bottom of your leg, just below your knee.

“Just some business deals, not really that interesting” he shrugged as his eyes never left your leg. He bit his lip before his eyes drifted up to meet yours.

“do’ya wanna play a game?” he asked seductively as his hand slowly traveled up your skirt. Pushing it up your leg.

“what kind of game” you whispered as the feeling of his cool hand gliding up you already heated body sent shivers down your spine.

“You seem pretty innocent, so I guess we should start with something simple” he said sending a cocky grin your way. You lightly gasped at his statement.

“me? Innocent? Sure” you said before winking back at him.

“you aren’t? then prove it. How about you wrap those pretty little lips around my cock?” he asked as he leaned back, resting on his hands.

“I see you don’t beat around the bush” you scoffed before pulling your lip in-between your teeth.

He softly groaned before chucking his head backward in need “please baby girl, all you’ve done is sit there and look at what you’re doing to me” he groaned; You gaze followed his hand as he palmed himself through his pants.

“okay here’s my game proposal” he said as a mischievous glint twinkled in his eyes. “blow me and if I cum in under 5 minutes, when we get out of here ill eat you out each night for a week” he said running his tongue across his bottom lip as he stared at you as if you were his prey.

At the statement, you felt a small pool of arousal rise inside of you. The time stamp he gave you was almost a challenge, if only he knew you could have him shivering in 3.

You let out a hum of interest before staring him down; his stares were crazy intense, you could feel the dominant power radiating off him.

You crawled forward pushing his chest down as he undid his pants hastily. Time starts now.

You started trailing kisses along his neck as your hand gently grazed over his shaft causing him to let out a breathy moan. As you sucked harshly on his neck you gripped him in your hands not easing into it; your hands quickly went to work, one fondling his balls while the other moved up and down, his shaft rock hard in your hand.

Chanyeol suddenly let out a string of whiny moans as you slowed your pace down before speeding up again, only to slow down once more.

‘what’s wrong baby?” you asked sweetly, our voice dripping with innocence as you lowered yourself, keeping eye contact with him the whole time.

He drew his bottom lip between his teeth as he watched you, his eyebrows furrowed and his eyes narrow. A soft groan emitted from his throat as you placed your lips around his tip, letting your hot breath fan over it.

With a sudden change of mind, you quickly slid down his length until you hit his base. Chanyeol screamed out as his hand came up to grab your hair harshly.

As he lifted his hips repeatedly, you let him face fuck you, his shaft hitting the back on your throat with each thrust.

While he did so you massaged his balls with your now free hands, sending him into complete bliss.

His groans and shouts of your name had you dripping for his touch, but right now you were focused on him.

“Y/N…I-i-“ he stuttered not even able to finish his sentence when you suddenly sucked harder, his head flew back before he moved your head.

As he filled your mouth with his fluid you swallowed eagerly, taking in his taste.

You hummed in delight as you pulled away from the huffing boy. Sweat glistened off his face as you sat up and looked at you.

“congratulations, 2m34s” he said as you nodded your head knowingly, he looked at you in awe before shaking his head.

“it’s probably because I could see straight down your shirt as you choked on my dick” he spoke boldly causing you to roll your eyes.

“chocked?” you asked as your raise your eyebrow.

He chuckled before running a hand through his perfect hair.

“take that top off, it’s pissing me off” he growled lowly as his tongue ran across his lip.

“you didn’t ask very nicely” you said playfully sending a wink his way.

He leaned forward with a dark look in his eye. “I wasn’t asking” with that sentence he skillfully ripped open your blouse ripping off two of the top buttons.

You gasped before untucking it from you skirt and letting him undo the rest of it. As he placed you down and hovered over you, your breath got caught in your throat.

You watched carefully as his head lowered down to your neck, his full lips explored your neck leaving love bites.

You moaned softly as you entangled your hand in his hair trying to bring him closer to you.

“will you let me fuck you” he whispered in your ear as he unzipped your pencil skirt and running his cold hands on your warm exposed skin.

Your poor underwear was soaked and your heart was beating so hard against your chest you could only bring yourself to nod.

“please, oh god please fuck me” you whined. That’s all he needed to hear. He quickly pulled your skirt off as he trailed kisses down you chest and down your stomach. He was clearly in a rush and to be honest, so were you.

As he pulled off you underwear a smug smirk came onto his face.

“you got this wet from sucking me off?” he asked as he lined himself up. You took a shaky breath in as you felt his tip in your entrance.

“shut up an-Oh!” you started saying before he slammed himself inside you. You moaned in satisfaction as you felt him stretch out your walls.

He started off slowly, pumping in and out of you with a stable pace. He swallowed your moans with his mouth as you both fought for dominance.

You moaned his name as he sped up, his eyes sharp and focused and his lips slighted parted letting out frequent groans.

“you’re so tight” he stated before grabbing your leg and throwing it over his shoulder.

At the sudden change of position, you moaned loudly as he hit spots he wasn’t hitting before; your hands flew to his shoulders as he pumped harder, almost growling with aggression.

“chanyeol! Fuck!” you screamed out as he hit your G-spot.

“There! Right there! Keep going” you pleaded as your started breathing harder; he chanted your name as you drilled into you.

You were both coming close to your finish, you let out one last moan before releasing all over him. As your walls clenched tightly he let out a gasp before joining you and riding out your orgasms.

“fuck” he chuckled before pulling out of you “I was meant to pull out” he confessed causing you to laugh while you pulled your underwear up.

“it’s okay, I’m on the pill” you stated as the both of you started fixing yourself up.

“do you want to go get something to eat after this?” he asked sheepishly as he scratched the back of his neck. A complete 180 from the way he previously reacted.

You wanted to answer ‘yes’ but you suddenly remembered what you missed.

“err, I should probably go explain to my boss why I wasn’t there” you sighed “I really want to though” you added just in case he thought you weren’t interested.

“oh! Don’t worry about that. His boss is fine with it, so he has to be fine with it too” He smiled as he pressed the help button for the second time.

“his boss?” you asked confused; he just smiled at you until you finally pieced everything together.

“I just fucked my boss” you whispered more to yourself but he still heard. He laughed before nodding his head happily.

“so, what do you feel like?” he asked when we felt the elevator start to move again “Chinese? Mexican?”.

“Mexican sounds good” you said as you realised how hungry you actually were.

“okay, but I won’t eat that much, my dinner tonight deserves all my attention” he said winking out you.

As the two of you walked out of the building you couldn’t help but wonder where your relationship was going and to think, but if this was going to be a normal thing, you sure as hell didn’t mind.

The Holster

Summary: Endverse!Cas is missing Endverse!Dean, and goes to visit him in his cabin.

Word Count: 2100

Warning: Smut, drug use, a little angst (because it’s Endverse and it’s all angsty)

A/N: I love Endverse. I hope you do, too.

Cas fucking hates the thigh holster Dean wears.

It’s sexy as all hell, of course, just like everything else about Dean. It clings to that thick muscle in just the right way to show off just how strong Dean’s legs are. It tells anyone around Dean just how prepared, steady, and dangerous he is. Most of the women sigh and bite their lips when he walks by, staring at the damn thing like it’s his cock.

But Cas fucking hates it.

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hufflepuff edits (1/?): luna lovegood & newt scamander; magizoologists

gift for @auroremus

phazerstorm  asked:

I just adore your art style, it's so cute! I'm thinking of making comics myself. Do you think you could give me some tips on angling or facial expressions or overall detail?

Thank you so so much! I really appreciate that! Like, a whole lot. ^^

I’m not exactly sure how much I’ll be able to help you, though I can at least give you some pointers on expressions! I’ll do my best. I’m sorry this is coming a bit late! 

I’m going to use Bendy for my examples, just because he’s super easy to draw and I have him on hand/mind at the moment. But! These can be used on just about anyone.

Keep in mind: this is just my way of doing things. There isn’t one “set” way to create great art! There’s a lot of experimenting, testing and growing when it comes to artwork.

When it comes down to expressions, there are a few things to consider: what are they feeling? How intense is this feeling? How far can, or should you push it? How can you make this feel realistic? In visual storytelling, showing what a character is going through is far more important than telling the reader. In a comic setting, there’s a very fine balance–since you have images to go with the words, but you can’t convey each minute action… At least in a reasonable amount of panels, the dialogue and the images have to work together when they’re used in tandem.

When a character is shouting, you have to push their expression further–it won’t be enough to show them with their mouth slightly open, or with a flat face. Give them wide eyes, or shut their eyes completely with frustration. Open their mouth wide, maybe even get their body language involved if you have enough room. Throw their arms in the air, have them pulling at their hair!

Likewise, if what they’re saying is quiet or somber, soften their expression. Have their gaze ill-focused, or looking to the ground. Their shoulders could be slumped, their brow could be low. Their mouth could be almost, or entirely closed. Or are they happy? Raise their eyebrows, widen their eyes with joy! Bring out that smile! Use as much variety and as many shapes as you can!

Because I’m a visual person, here are a few examples to give you a better idea of what I mean:

(I’m sorry if my handwriting is hard to read)

Which facial expressions are more interesting? Sure, the ones on the left are going through the motions of emoting, but the ones to the right REALLY show how the character is feeling!

Body language is also immensely important when it comes down to expressiveness. Every part of the body can be used to convey a message. The crossing of arms can indicate disgust, or even put a small barrier between two people. Slumped shoulders show disappointment or sadness. Every little movement a character makes can have a massive impact on their overall tone. Here are a few examples like the above:

Even minute changes to a static pose can make a BIG difference! Test around and see what works best.

I’ve noticed that some animators have mirrors near their desk. This is so they can look up at their reflection and make a face into the mirror. They project their character’s feelings onto themselves, that way they can see what sort of facial expression would be best suited to that emotion. Nowadays we can just google this, but it’s still a good idea. Don’t be afraid to look up references whenever you need them. I know I do frequently! There’s no shame in using references!

My friend linked me to this wonderful guide, which goes more in-depth than I did here. Take a look!

I’m sorry I can’t help you quite as much with angles. I feel that I’d need to do a little more research in order to be able to articulate this more fluently. Perhaps some other time I can try and revisit this and go more into depth about perspective and foreshortening, but for now, here’s another great guide that might help you along in the right direction. I use a similar structure for my own drawings! 

Speaking of foreshortening, here’s another tutorial! I don’t use this particular method, but it may work for you!

I know you didn’t ask for it, but I’d like to give you some tips about comic making. If you don’t want them, then I guess you can just stop reading, pfff. Either way I’ll put it under a cut so this post doesn’t take up so much of the dashboard.

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anonymous asked:

okay so ever since yesterday's live happened i've been in need for someone to write something about (drunk maybe?) jikook playing twister and them falling over each other or being in really awkward positions and things heating up somehow pls make my dreams come true

in hindsight, jungkook shouldn’t have said yes. but he’s never been one to back down from a challenge, and with park jimin smirking at him, betting that with his flexibility, he could’ve been both seokjin and jungkook at twister, jungkook couldn’t help but raise his hackles - puff up his chest and all that - and accept.

he really, really should not have agreed to this.

seokjin had agreed to be the judge, but is currently staring at them with vapid, blinking eyes, hand poised to spin the dial, very evidently regretting having decided to be dragged into this. jungkook shares his sentiment.

“left hand red,” seokjin says. it sounds more like a whimper than anything.

jimin places his hand down. 

jungkook swallows. because right now, in front of his face, park jimin has both palms to the ground, ass in the air.

right up in jungkook’s face.

and jungkook still hasn’t put his hand down.

“give up, kookie?” jimin teases, sounding a little breathless from the blood rushing to his head. jungkook scowls, taking the bait immediately.

“you wish.” he masks the choked quality of his voice with a scoff. very gingerly, he leans down, bringing his left hand to the circle next to jimin’s hand. this puts him in a terrible predicament, forcing him to bend over jimin’s back to reach.

seokjin makes a strangled sound at the back of his throat. “can we just end this with rock-paper-scissors?”

“no way,” jungkook says. jimin’s arms are shaking a little, and jungkook knows he won’t be able to last much longer. it’s only a matter of time. jimin challenging him had only been perfunctory anyway. unlike jungkook, the game isn’t ever what jimin intends to win. “not until jimin falls.”

“who says i’m gonna fall,” jimin wheezes. then he shifts, and his ass pressing back against jungkook’s crotch. “oops.”

jungkook uses his free arm to grab his waist. “stop moving around.”

“that’s not in the rules,” jimin says petulantly. “hyung, can you just spin?”

seokjin obliges, still looking pained. “right hand green. god, i can’t watch this anymore. i’m sorry jiminnie, but i really hope you fall down.”

“why me?” jungkook doesn’t have to see his face to know he’s pouting. but jimin’s reaching under himself, seeking the green circle. jungkook follows suit with his free hand, face burning. god, they’re so close right now. every little movement jimin makes underneath him sends a jolt up his spine. and it always gets his blood rushing south, whenever he sees jimin display his incredible flexibility - a fact that jimin never fails to exploit.

“lift your right foot,” seokjin says. “also, just as a warning, if you don’t fall now, i’m going to push you.”

“hyuuung, shouldn’t you be on my side?” jimin whines. whines. the edge to his voice makes jungkook get the strangest urge to grab him and throw him down somewhere - wreck him - “jungkookie’s the one who beat you the other day.”

shit. where the hell did that come from? 

“my hair would turn white before i lived to see you beat jungkook,” jin replies. “right foot, both of you.”

jungkook does, with relative ease. jimin huffs a little, lifts his leg a little, and the moment he loses his balance, jungkook feels it before he sees it. he squeaks, a sound that jungkook files away for later perusal and teasing, and topples over, his flailing catching jungkook in the leg and jungkook lets himself fall.

crushed under his weight, jimin wriggles and laughs. “oh my god - oh my god, jungkookie, i can’t breathe - ”

jungkook eases off a bit so jimin can turn over, but keeps him caged in with his arms. “i win,” he says, smugly.

“only because you cheated,” jimin argues. “you didn’t have to choose the circle behind me.”

he’s right - jungkook just wanted that excuse to lean over him; to pin jimin down to the ground. not that he really needs one. it’s just for appearance’s sake. “you didn’t have to choose the circle in front of me, hyung.”

“you - you - ” jimin sputters. he finally settles on shoving at jungkook’s chest rather pitifully. “brat. don’t forget who’s older here.”

“anyway,” jungkook says before jimin can get into it. “what was that punishment you made earlier? a kiss on the cheek?” jungkook pauses before tacking on, “hyung.”

jimin rolls his eyes, but his cheeks bloom pink, betraying him as usual. “if you wanted one so badly, jungkookie, you only had to ask.”

“i don’t want one - ”

jimin leans up, pecking him so quickly on the lips that jungkook barely feels it. it feels like he’d dipped his face in flames, with how quickly the temperature rises.

“um… that… that was - ”

“again,” jungkook demands.


“i didn’t feel it, so you have to do it again.” 

as jimin babbles incredulously, jungkook takes the opportunity to grab him by the face, leaning down close until their breaths mingle. he belatedly realises that seokjin had made his escape somewhere in the midst of their collapse. jungkook knows they’ll suffer his complaints and poorly-timed jokes later, so they might as well make the best of this now. jimin’s pupils are blown wide, flushed and pretty, but it’s his little whispered jungkookie that makes jungkook feel like his heart is lodged in his throat.

“i won, so you have to do the punishment properly.”

then he leans down, presses their lips together right. 

jimin clutches the red circle with his right hand, his other going to jungkook’s hair. “actually, i think i won,” he murmurs, grinning against jungkook’s lips. then he goes in for his prize.

Stereotypical (5) first date

Bucky Barnes x reader AU (short series)

Notes: swearing, flirting, implied smut, fluff, Bucky is a hopeless romantic.

A/N: Here’s the first date! Hope you enjoy! xxx

Oh, that feeling of your heart skipping a beat and your stomach flipping at the sound of the doorbell.. it’s been a while. But tonight is your first date with Bucky, as he’s now forced you to call him, and you’re excited. After that talk with him, after him asking you if he could court you, you’re incredibly excited and intrigued to see what he’s got up his sleeve.

He’s taking you out to dinner, called two days in advance to confirm —again— and give you notice that it’ll be something formal. So, evening wear required.

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Shawn Mendes x Reader

Summary: You and Shawn have been friends for years.  All you have ever wanted was to be the one he called his, but he keeps pushing you away.  You try to move on by flirting with other guys but is tonight finally the night he let’s his jealousy get to him?

Warnings: cursing, and SMUT!!!!

AN: hey guys so I finally wrote that Shawn smut that I promised!! this is my first Shawn fic so I hope I did well!!! let me know if you want me to write more Shawn stuff!!

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“You? Shameless?” Valerie mock-gasped. She gently poked Dani’s tattooed chest. “You mean you have ink in even more shameless places than here?”

Instead of pulling away, her finger lingered there, very lightly tracing the pattern of clock- just at the edges of the scar, as though she could smear and swirl the ink into something post-modern.

Dani surprises her by leaning into it, and practically purrs. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” The piercing on her lip made every syllable, every little movement much more noticeable.

Valerie looked down between them again. Dani’s hand was on her knee, dangerously close to hem of her dress, tapping a nervous little tempo that perfectly matched the thumping in Valerie’s chest.

Oh God help her, she kind of did. She really really did.

-Spirit of Music @shinobicyrus

why is he your friend?

author’s note: i haven’t been writing fics for ages, at least not on tumblr because of life. i missed it, though. and dear even hansen pulls me right back in that i just [clenches fist] anyway. tree bros are #lyfe, even if i disagree with the name a little aha. 

ps: anyway if you haven’t read jump, i fucking 100% recommend it. 

Evan likes everything about Connor. 

Well, no. Not really. That’s not true. Sometimes Evan really doesn’t like it when Connor gives that glare? That hateful glare, you know? That makes his blue eyes turn — sharp. Like knives. Like it could cut you. Like Evan could feel it everywhere down his skin and it’s. God. It’s awful, like Evan’s stomach would twist and turn and wishes he could just tell Connor to stop. Don’t do that to him. What did he do wrong? What did he fuck up this time? Or when Connor fights with Zoe. He’s so. Terrible. It’s so terrible. The way they talk. And sometimes it makes Evan feel so— so angry. Because Evan doesn’t understand, even though he does. 

No, he understands that Connor is lonely and afraid and—he. He gets it. Not like how Evan feels, but the spectrum of their sadness is almost on the same level, and Evan — Evan at least knows it, and he gets that, but he’s still. Angry. Because. Connor shatters a lot of this image of Zoe in Evan’s head that he’s made up and that’s not cool but it isn’t Connor’s fault and why would Evan ever think Zoe’s so immensely perfect anyway when she really isn’t, because she’s human, because if she is perfect, then that’d be weird and wouldn’t that make her, like a robot? And what is the definition of perfect anyway? And it’s all strange and why do they even exist, and why does it even matter and—

Off topic.

But. Evan generally likes Connor. Not when he’s glaring or arguing or sneering or — or when he’s high. Because Connor’s level of angriness shoots up really badly when he’s not focused and there, and. He gets paranoid a lot and one time he gets really angry and it’s scary, and Evan really couldn’t remember much except his lungs can’t work well when Connor was staring at him like that, like knives were digging into Evan’s whole body and he feels like he could explode and melt all at the same time (in a very bad way, of course, and not in a gay way because Evan is not gay, because Evan is in love with Zoe and not Zoe’s brother) and Connor was seething about. About something. Maybe about Zoe. Or Larry. Or Cynthia. Evan couldn’t remember, but he’s apologising, Evan's saying sorry and Connor is still so mad, oh no, Evan wants to reach out, wants to soothe this whole mess but he’s making it worse because why wouldn’t he, because he’s such a mess himself, and why would Connor even care and—

A week later, Connor’s sprawled over (or on?) Evan on his bed and it’s weird and it’s — Connor’s heavy, heavier than Evan expects — and he’s crying, a little, saying he’s sorry and, “My drug dealer fucking punched me later, that piece of shit.” And Evan doesn’t get it, not really, but all he knows is that they might be okay, and Connor explained more that he’s sorry. He’s sorry that he fucked up. That he’s — crazy. And no, Evan was telling him, no he’s not. Not crazy. Just a little sick, maybe. Like Evan is. And Evan was so scared that Connor will punch him for categorising them on the same level, but all Connor did was snort-chuckle a little against Evan’s chest — where his snot and tears have all wet the area and Evan felt sticky and weird and was this okay? Was he breathing too hard? Was his chest too hollow that his bones felt like it’s prickling Connor back? — and stayed there. And maybe hummed. Like, he agreed. Which was crazy. Because in what world had Evan thought that Connor Murphy, the school’s resident delinquent and stoner, would ever agree with a lonely and pathetic loser like Evan?

“Anyway. Point is.” Connor was still sniffling and Evan can feel it — swear to God — just everything , every little movement, and it shook him to his core that they’re this close, that Connor wanted to be this close with Evan Hansen, the weirdest kid in school who hyperventilates on a daily basis like a goddamn career, and just. It’s weird. And it irked Evan a little that he’s not able to pick on his shirt, played with it, just do something — all he had was Connor’s own shirt on top of him (Connor’s own body and hair and everything, just everything) and he. All he’s left was to touch a little on the area of Connor’s shoulder. Petting. God, Evan’s a disaster. “I’m glad he did. One, I’m never gonna fucking buy anything from him again, fuck him. Second… I… I want to stop, anyway. Hansen. Fuck. I scared you, didn’t I? It—” 

Connor was shaking his head, and again. Evan. Evan felt it. Everything. Suddenly it’s like Connor was so expressive, even if Evan can’t see his face. “I can’t scare you again. So I’m gonna stop. Probably.” And then slower, “Slowly.” Like it’s a promise. Like it’s an attempt. Like Evan mattered.

And all anxiety aside, Evan… just likes that moment. 

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brookevs  asked:

Could you do prompt 1 with peter? Btw I love ur writing❤️

Anon: hi! I love your writing! could you mabye do prompts 1 and 4 with peter? 💫

did sOMEBODY ASK FOR MORE PETER???? I AM HERE TO DELIVER. (thank u so much both of u I’m so happy you enjoy my stuff 💗)

#1 “You’re n-not, um, w-wearing anything under that, are you?”
#4 “Are you trying to turn me on right now or are you really just that oblivious?”


for this one I was imagining those comfy red leather seats that AMC theaters have (if u ever been to AMC u might know what I’m talkin about). I did my best to push through this brain fart and finish this one, I hope you like it 💞 

Just Be Quiet | One shot

“Are you sure you want to see this?” Peter asked, his brows furrowed as he looked at the poster for the movie his girl had pointed to. He didn’t know this movie even existed, and it didn’t look like anything that would be of interest to her. They’d been dating for months and had plenty of movie nights for him to know what her taste in cinema was like, and it sure as hell wasn’t some fluffy wannabe ‘Notebook’ film.

“Yes,” his girl said, wrapping an arm around his waist. “My friend saw it last week, she said it’s got some pretty…intense scenes.”

Rolling his eyes, he slid a twenty under the window and read off the film title to the cashier.

“Meet me in the theater with popcorn?” she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Sure thing,” he grinned, giving her one quick smooch before heading towards the concession stand.


He walked into the theater to see only two other couples in the theater. This movie must be terrible, he thought to himself. She had picked the seats in the very back row, against the wall. She was already propped up comfortably with the footrest out, waiting for him. Careful not to drop their popcorn, he made his way up the steps in the dim theater and plopped down in the seat next to her.

“Got us a large,” he offered her the bucket. “But with you I’m sure it’ll be gone before the previews are over,” he joked.

“You know me so well,” she snickered, grabbing a handful of popcorn.


Thirty minutes and half a bucket of popcorn into the movie, she peeked over at Peter from the corner of her eye. Despite the poor quality of the film hew was totally engaged, of course, and didn’t seem to notice when she adjusted herself in her seat and edged closer to him, until she was against her arm rest. Snuggling up as close as she could, she rested her head on his shoulder and felt him give her a light kiss on top of her head.

A few minutes later and she was growing even more restless, and rested her hand on Peter’s leg, drawing circles over the fabric of his jeans with her finger. She paused for a few moments, waiting to see if he had noticed or cared, before taking it a bit further. Glancing up at him, she began slowly rubbing her hand up and down his thigh, getting dangerously close to his dick.

Feeling where she was going with her hand, he snapped out of his concentration on the movie and looked down to see her staring up at him.

“Are you trying to turn me on right now or are you really just that oblivious-” he said before she leaned up and cut him off with a deep kiss. Terrified to draw attention to the two of them, he sat still, feeling her tongue in his mouth as she nearly devoured him. When she finally broke away he stared at her with wide eyes.

“Are you crazy?!” he mouthed to her, to which she bit her lip and carefully slid out of her chair and climbed into his, settling in next to him with one leg propped over his, causing her already short skirt to slide up even more. Trying to save her the embarrassment of flashing anyone who might glance back at them, he grabbed the material and tried to recover her crotch area when she held his hand still over her.

“You’re n-not, um, w-wearing anything under that, are you?” he stammered. Smirking, she pushed his hand underneath her skirt and his fingers slid over her clit. She was already soaking wet for him, and suddenly her begging to see some shitty movie that no one had heard of, on one of the slowest nights of the week, made sense now.

But he didn’t get a chance to pull her into the hallway and confront her about it, before he could utter another word she was unbuttoning his jeans and slipping her hand under his boxers. He gripped the armrest as she wrapped her hand around his length, slowly stroking and preparing him for her.

“A-Are you sure this is a good idea?” he whispered, his voice cracking as her thumb brushed over his slit.

“Relax,” she purred in his ear. “Just be quiet.”

Carefully pulling his jeans down a little further, his cock sprung free from its cloth confinements. Reaching into her purse, she pulled out a condom, unwrapping it and sliding it on for Peter before grabbing the armrests and lifting herself off the chair to position herself over him. Peter pressed one hand against her back to hold her steady, positioning the head of his cock against her entrance. She slowly lowered herself down on him, biting her lip to hold back her moaning as she felt him fill her.

Peter’s mouth fell open and his head fell back against the seat, praying to whatever higher power that was above them that he wouldn’t slip a moan and get the both of them banned from the theater forever. She remained still on top of him for a moment, adjusting herself before she held his hands on the armrests, and began slowly rocking her hips.

She started out slow, painfully slow. Just enough for him to feel the smallest bit of friction inside her, but nowhere near enough for him to get off. She focused on carefully moving her hips over him, spreading her legs open a little more to accommodate more of his length and clenching herself around him. Her eyes repeatedly darted between the two couples in the theater, watching for the moment one of them might hear something suspicious and turn around. She wasn’t exactly sure what she’d do if someone saw them, she was only banking on not getting caught.

After many agonizing minutes of incredibly slow thrusting, she felt Peter’s hands gripping her hips. Turning her head to get a look at him, she almost moaned and blew their cover right there. His head was laid back against the plush leather of the seat, eyes closed as he focused on every little movement she made over him. His mouth hung open, the smallest breaths escaping every now and then as he tried to hold his composure, and god he was struggling. She reached back and brushed her hands through his hair and his eyes fluttered open, glassy and silently pleading with her.

Steadying herself on the armrests, she began thrusting a little faster, the heat pooling in her abdomen the moment the friction between them picked up, finally enough movement for both of them to feel something. Peter’s grip on her loosened, his hands rubbing up and down her sides and her head fell back as she felt herself getting closer to her climax. She clenched herself around Peter again and felt him wrap his arms around her, gently pulling her back into the seat with him, his hips beginning to move underneath her.

“Be careful,” she whispered between breaths. 

“Don’t worry, I got you,” he murmured, tugging her earlobe gently with his teeth before he resumed thrusting up into her ever so gently, feeling bolder and reaching down to play with her clit. She slapped her hands over her mouth, immediately looking around to make sure no one had taken notice of them.

“That feel good babe?” his voice rasped in her ear, and she nodded in response, a small whimper rising in her throat.

Minutes later, her orgasm began to overtake her and he felt her walls clamp down on him as her body shuddered against him. He sunk his teeth into her shoulder to stifle his groaning, and she gripped his thighs, her mouth falling open and she squeezed her eyes shut, trying not to scream. He slowed his thrusting as she finished her orgasm, leaning back into the seat with him. He trailed his hand up and down her forearm as he felt his heartbeat slow back down.

“You sneaky girl,” he mumbled, smiling against her skin.

“Don’t pretend you didn’t enjoy that more than the movie,” she chuckled in response, turning her head to plant a kiss on his cheek.

“Wanna blow this popsicle stand then and do some more enjoyable things at my place?” he grinned.

“You’re such a dork,” she snorted, sliding off his lap and adjusting her skirt, checking over her shoulder to make sure she didn’t moon anyone. “Let’s get out of here.”

Thank You Mistress

Genre: Smut 

Length: 3,700+ words

Kink(s): Mistress/Dom Reader, Sub/Baby boy Wonho, brat taming, sub training(????), oral sex

Originally posted by minpoong

You looked over your precious baby boy as he snuggled you close in his strong arms. “Baby..” You said softly, grabbing his hand only to trace little hearts up his forearm with your fingernails. 

“Yes, my love?” He replied instantly, his full attention on you just as you taught him. You looked up at him, only to be greeted by those dazzling eyes of his; god, they could the stars to shame. 

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BTS Reacts - Meeting Someone Cute At A Fansign

Jimin: Jimin would be minding his own business, but he’ll quickly take notice of your face at the corner of his eyes. Jimin is usually shy around fans that adore him, but the sight of your body edging closer to his own starts to get his heart pumping. After countless fan meets, it is a rarity that someone would make him as feel restless as you do - some part of him couldn’t wait to introduce himself. He’d start to fidget in his seat, nervously pondering to himself as he observes your every little movement: how would I be able to make a lasting impression on you? He doesn’t want to be just another forgotten face to someone that appeals to him so. When the time comes, he would force himself just a tad out of his timid shell to ensure that someone as comely as you would remember him by. He would butt his head in front of Min Yoongi, in attempt to pull you away from him, sending you a wholesome smile as he interjects:

“Hey, it’s my turn already, don’t you want to talk to me?”

Seokjin: Jin would want you to stay at his own corner for as long as he can possibly keep you, just so he can admire you for a little longer. The problem is that he would be so taken by your appearance, that he would often forget to keep the conversation between you two going. As you speak to him, he would enjoy watching the little things surrounding the way you talked - your fiddling fingers, the curl in your lips whenever the both of you manage to catch each other’s stares, the rosy tinge in your cheeks as you smile at him. Seokjin would have preferred that you did most of the talking - after all, that meant that he could spend more of his energy focused on just appreciating your good looks. He listens to you intently as you speak about whatever comes to mind first, tossing you a loose smirk while he enjoys the view of you before him.

“You have a really nice voice, you know? Just keep talking; I’m listening.”

Namjoon: The leader of Bangtan would already be trying to think of ways that he could get closer to you, not as an idol, but a person you’d want to meet on any regular day. Namjoon would probably try to be as friendly as he could possibly seem, wanting you to feel at ease with him. He is a good conversationalist, so any exchange of words always seem to flow naturally. He would grin every so often, shamefully flashing off the dimples in the sides of his cheeks - he knows the fans go crazy over them, and he hopes that it’ll affect you just as well. He’ll look to the members every so often when he talks to you, not because he’s uninterested in your chat, but mostly to make sure that they weren’t aware of his attempts at wooing you. They do eventually poke fun at him when they find out, especially during your conversation - ‘Kim Namjoon makes a good husband, just for your information!’

“Ignore them, they’re just teasing us. What were we talking about?”

Yoongi: This member is particularly quiet during fan signings, saving his energy for later when he needs to address the crowd before him, or whenever he spontaneously decides to act silly. He’s always watching the fans silently, examining their faces from afar. Soon, his gaze falls on you, and he is instantly attracted by your looks, subconsciously giving you a favorable pout. He rarely takes a romantic interest in his fans because he’s so focused on his career, but he seems to be unable to shake the feelings of intrigue stirring within his chest. He can’t help but periodically look your way as you line up. When you finally reach Yoongi, his fingers would flick gingerly at one of his ears, trifling with the ring that hangs from it. As tempted as he would be to straightforwardly address your attractiveness just to get it out of the way, he would be the kind to play it cool, just so no one can call him out on his fascination.

“So.. is this your first fan-signing?”

Jungkook: Kook is passionate about finding and being in love. He wouldn’t let this chance to speak freely with a cute fan slip by him so easily. He would want to make sure that he is in the center of attention, for you in particular. He makes sure to put on an aloof act as you saunter in front of him, pretending not to be bothered by your appearance in the slightest, before gradually becoming more chummy with you, bringing forth his hidden charms. He would pick at your fingers on the table playfully, coyly brushing his against your own as he assumes a boyish, laid-back persona. There was a time when he would have had his face turn bright crimson from the thought of spending time with someone as delightful as you, but Jungkook is older now - he’s seasoned into a person that is aware of his own charisma. He notices Taehyung trying to whisk you away with his chipper attitude, which results in him getting shoved out of the way by the maknae himself.

“Yah, get out of my way and wait your turn! I’m not finished yet!”

Taehyung: Taehyung wouldn’t handle his act very well if he sees a pleasant-looking fan coming his way. He would want to be the member of Bangtan that will be remembered by you, as the one who can make your heart stop. His brain would go into overdrive as he wondered how to captivate you, which results in him striving to pull of a cute and seductive disposition in one go. Tae would probably go overboard with his hyperactivity, trying insanely hard to get your attention, even though you’re already standing before him and speaking to him. Your talk with each other would be fraught with impulsive facial expressions that snap back and forth between comical grins and sultry, mischievous looks. You can’t help but ask if he’s alright, as he suddenly appears to be so sprightly; he almost seems like he’s itching to jump out of his seat from sheer excitement.

“Huh? No, I’m not okay - do you know how hard it is to keep up with someone as cute as you?”

Hoseok: Expect a lot of happy looks from the bubbly rapper. All that would be on his mind is how pretty you look. He would try to appeal to you similarly - as he listens to you, he’d innocently nibble at his thumb, watching you as if you’re the only person in the room that’s visible to him. Hoseok has the potential to be very forward with his feelings if he wants to, expressing himself openly with his provocative body language, especially since he’s an experienced dancer, skilled in translating his passions into reality. The corners of his eyes crinkle as his lips twirl into a smile, noticing your delicate features twinkle under the lights. Before you leave the table, he would most likely initiate some form of skinship to send you off - patting your head, holding your hands in his, leaning in close so that he can gaze dreamily into your eyes before you go, so that you’d be more in favour of him rather than the other members.

“We’d better see you at another fan signing, okay? I want to talk with you some more.”

I’ve made it so that the cute people in question are - as always - my lovely readers. Please enjoy this reaction! Thank you for the request and your compliment! <3

Jealousy (M)

Genre: Fluff & Smut

Length: 4,387 words★

Kinks: A bit of sexual sadism, Master! kink, impact play, etc.

Notes: y/c = your color~

Originally posted by zelonwonho

Kihyun had always been one of your best friends. You had known each other since high school, and were always practically inseparable. 

Well, you were, until recently. His friend, Wonho and you started having a thing. You weren’t in a relationship, but you two would occasionally hook up or go on date if you both felt lonely. 

And, with this thing you and Wonho had going on, it sort of disrupted your friendship with Kihyun. You had to constantly reschedule plans you two had, if Wonho wanted to go out, and other stuff like that. It always made you feel terrible, but every time you asked if he wanted to come with or just stay and hang out with you two, he’d refuse and just leave.

A few months passed since you and Wonho had your thing. It eventually evolved into the two of you dating, so that was a plus, since he treated you like royalty. Your friendship with Kihyun had improved, but you couldn’t help noticing how jealous and bitter he got when Wonho was around.

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Chanyeol half-smut

Originally posted by catpjm

You wake up early in the morning, earlier then usual and just lie there for a while, watching your perfect boyfriend asleep beside you. Watching as Chanyeol’s lips parted and light snores came out, his hair ruffled, and his arms wrapped tightly around your waist, securing you in place. Slowly you try to move out of grip, but every little movement caused him to stir and groan a little. Sighing in defeat, you stay in bed tracing Chanyeol’s tattoos, going further down each time till you reached his abs and slowly started tracing them. A light moan escapes through Chayeol’s lips looking up you realise that his eyes were screwed shut. “Mmm, jagi. What are you doing up at this time? It’s 6:35 in the morning.” His raspy morning voice just overloaded your brain with all kinds of thoughts so decided to tease him instead of actually doing anything. Slowly you moved your hand down his muscular torso and dipped your hand into his shorts, palming him through his boxers causing a string of moans and profanities to leave his open mouth. “(y/n) mm…. d-don’t stop. Babe, fuck, k-keep going.” He manages to stutter out, after 5 minutes you could tell he was close, “Fuck, (y/n), i-I’m about to c-.” His sentence cut off but moans and your sudden actions of you pulling your hand out of his shorts and walking downstairs to the kitchen.

Accidents Happen (Part 6/?)

Peter Parker x Pregnant!Reader

A/N: Little fun fact: the cologne I mention is Tom Ford Neroli Portofino and I thought it was funny because Tony Stark mentions wearing a Tom Ford suit in CA:CW! LOL!

Warnings: Panic attack, teen pregnancy, swears, angst, etc.

Masterlist // Accidents Happen Masterlist

Originally posted by agresje

“Dad?” Tony asked, shocked, “What the hell do you mean, ‘Dad’?”

You couldn’t answer him.

You couldn’t think.

You couldn’t breathe.

The only thing you could feel was the terror and pain that monster had caused you. The memories that you had – apparently – repressed. You had only remembered the arguing, the fighting, and the violence directed at your mother…

You didn’t remember them being directed at you, but you could see his face in your memories. The memories that were bubbling under the surface were not the good ones that you had previously remembered. They weren’t the ice cream dates that he had brought you to. They weren’t of him bringing you a teddy bear on valentine’s day, or a chocolate egg on Easter.

They were memories of a monster with your father’s face.

“Do it!” Your father would scream at you, holding a gun to your head. “Heal it!”

“I can’t, Daddy, I can’t!” You’d cry – shaking – holding a broken, tiny mouse in your little hands.

“Do it, or I shoot!”

“Daddy, please!” You sobbed, cradling the mouse to your chest in terror, “I don’t know how!”


You screamed, jumping back as a bullet hit the wall - right next to your head.

Suddenly, you could feel the warm, tingling sensation that happened any time you used your ability, and the little mouse was shivering in your hands. It was going to be okay. You had healed its wounds.

“Very good, baby girl. Well done.” He would sneer. “Go get ready and daddy will take you out for some ice cream.”

You felt your body swing around, as Peter moved the chair. There was anxiety laced within his voice, “Y/n, baby, talk to me!”

Your hand flew to your chest. Your breath was stuck in your throat. Your head was starting to swim with lack of oxygen. You felt your heart palpitating in your chest. The pins and needles in your fingers and toes. You were pulled forward, into Peter’s chest and onto the floor. You couldn’t hear him, but you could feel him. His hands were shaking, but they were holding you tightly against his warm body – pulling you onto his lap. One hand was pinning your body to his chest, and the other one was running up and down your back, like he did any time you cried.

His voice sounded like it was underwater, but you could hear him talking to you, “Baby, you need to breathe. Calm down. Listen to my voice. Y/n, please. Calm down.” He turned your head, pressing your ear against his chest, “L-listen to my heartbeat. Concentrate. Come on.”

Suddenly, you felt the usual fluttering of your child inside your belly.

The baby!

Everything came into focus.

You could hurt the baby! Breathe! Properly, goddammit! You focused on the feel of your baby in your belly. Every little twitch, every little movement. You focused on the arms, pinning you to Peter’s chest. You counted his heartbeats, trying to slow your breathing. You felt yourself able to breathe, again. The pain was still there, but you could breathe.

You moved your arms, burying yourself into the safe warmth of Peter’s chest. You could smell the light scent from the Tom Ford cologne you bought him for Christmas, and the smell of your laundry detergent. It was calming you down, a little more. You always loved how he smelled. Your arms wrapped around his middle, and you pulled yourself as close as you could with your belly in the way.

Then, the hysterics began.

The sobs that racked your body were a sound that you didn’t recognize. All you could see was the memories. All you could feel was the terror. You couldn’t get it to stop. All you could do was try to focus on Peter’s voice in your ear, the feel of his chest raising and falling, and the smell of him.

“Shhh. Y/n.” His lips were pressed against your hair, whispering near your ear. “Take deep breaths. He can’t hurt you. He’s contained. That cell is made for Banner, when he turns green. He can’t get to you. He doesn’t even know you’re here.”

“H-he will.” You sob, tears soaking his sweatshirt. “He’s g-going t-to hu-hurt me, again.”

“Anyone else confused, right now?” Tony’s voice came from behind you, “Because I’m lost.”

Peter tensed, arms wrapping around you tighter. He whispered in your ear, “You don’t have to tell them, if you don’t want to.” One hand moved to your belly, and the other was still firmly wrapped around your body. “Are you okay? Is the baby okay? Has it passed?”

You sniffed, nodding after a deep breath, “y-yeah.” You pulled back, laying your hand on top of his, “It passed. I-I’m okay. Baby’s okay. Still kicking my bladder, in there.”

He brought his hands up to your face, thumbs brushing the tears away. His eyes were still a little wild, but he sagged in relief. He pulled you up, helping you sit in the chair and handing you a bottle of water, “Drink this.” You took a small sip, and he sighed, “Babe, you need to drink more than that.”

You heard the door to the meeting room open, and Dr. Cho came in with a frazzled looking Bruce. “Miss Y/L/n. I’m just going to check your vitals, quick, okay?” She walked over, setting a bag down on the table and pulling out a stethoscope and other doctor equipment.

“In the meantime,” Tony said, sitting in the same chair from before, “What the hell just happened?”

“That’s my dad.” You said quietly, flinching at the tightness of the blood pressure cuff Cho was currently inflating. “I haven’t seen him since I was seven.”

“You’re telling me that this man,” Tony waved an arm to the screen that you refused to look at, “is your father? Why the hell is he not on your birth certificate?”

“I don’t know.” You shook your head, taking another swig of the water and leaning your head against the back of the chair – exhausted. “He knows about me. He’s the reason I am the way I am.” You turned to Peter with watery eyes, “I remember, now.”

He leaned down, kissing the crown of your head in comfort.

“What can you tell us about him?” Steve asked, taking a seat in one of the chairs at the front of the room, “Did you know he was HYDRA?”

“No. I didn’t know.” You shook your head, “But I knew that he was bad. He used to-” You stopped, clamping your eyes shut and grabbing Peter’s hand, “He used t-to hold a g-gun to my head… To make me train my ability.” Peter’s hand tightened, and you kept going. “I think I repressed a lot of it, because I only remembered him being awful towards my mom. Then, when I saw his picture, it all sort of came back.”

“That happens.” Bucky said from the chair behind you, “It happens to me, sometimes, about my time with HYDRA.”

“Where did you guys find him?” You asked, not sure if you wanted to really know.

“Near Montauk, New York.” Steve replied. He had been in New York? “He was trying to transport weapons from sailboats to a ship waiting a few miles from the coast.”

“Now he’s here?” You asked, feeling calmer. Numb. Exhausted.

“Why don’t I bring you back to the apartment?” Peter asks, rubbing his thumb across your knuckles, “The stress can’t be good for the baby.”

“I need to-” You felt tears leak out, again. “I need to talk to my mom. I need my mom. She needs to know.”


You felt a sense of déjà vu as you stood outside the door to your old, decrepit apartment with Clint and Peter. It felt the same as the day that you told your mother you were getting emancipated, and packed what little things you had in that apartment. She had not taken that very well. You just hoped that she would listen to what you had to say, now.

“Yeah?” Your mom answered the door, looking worse for the wear. Her hair was greasy, face pale, and her robe barely covered how skinny she was getting. “Y/N? What the hell do you want?”

You looked down, swallowing down your nerves, “We need to talk.”

“About what?” She snapped, pulling her robe tighter, “About how you abandoned me?”

“Dad’s back.”

Her face turned white, eyes wide in shock. “No. That can’t be.” She opened the door wider, staggering over to the couch and picking up a bottle of something clear. She took a swig, “Where is he?”

“He’s being held prisoner by The Avengers.” You replied. “He’s part of a bad organization.”

“How do you know all this?” Her hands were shaking as she pushed her greasy hair from her face.

“I work with them.” You sat down on the other end of the couch, “I work in Med Bay at the Avengers tower.”

She shook her head. “Bullshit. Don’t fucking lie to me. I know about your little secret.” She took another swig. “They wouldn’t accept you, otherwise.”

“Hey, now.” Clint defended, “She’s one of the smartest kids I know.”

“Obviously not.” Your mom rolled her eyes, gesturing to your swollen belly, “Got herself knocked up, didn’t she?”

“Anyways.” You cut them off, “So you know about me? When did you know?”

“I’ve always known.” She waved you off, “I’m your mother.”

What the fuck? How the fuck? She never said anything. “Why didn’t you say anything?” You asked, confused, “How did you know?”

She leaned back into the couch, pulling her feet up. “You used to heal me, you know.” She smiled to herself, “When your father would go into one of his rages and would… You would come into my room, after. You would come snuggle up next to me, and run your hands over any wounds I had. I felt this warmth, and they would just…heal.” A small tear leaked out of her eye, “I think that’s why your father used to be like that, to me. To make you heal me. He was never like that when I married him.”

“I don’t remember that.” You frowned, “I don’t remember a lot of things.”

“I paid good money to keep it that way.” She grabbed a pack of smokes from the coffee table, lighting one up and blowing it away from you. “You shouldn’t be trying to undo it. It won’t be pretty.”

You could feel Peter twitching about her smoking around you, “Mom. I’m pregnant. Wait to smoke until I leave.”

She shook her head, taking one last drag before stubbing it out.

“What do you mean you paid good money to keep it that way?” Clint asked. “What did you do?”

“There was this professor.” She started, crossing her arms. “A good man in a wheelchair. He said that he could help me make her forget.” She shrugged, waving a hand in your direction. “Obviously, that didn’t work, and I wasted my time and money.”

“Why did you blame me?” You asked, needing to know the answer to the question you’d always wondered. “Why did you say it was my fault that we left?”

“You were the reason.” She huffed, “He tried to sell you to some guy named Pierce.”

“Alexander Pierce?” Clint asked, lines forming on his brow in confusion. “He tried to sell her to HYDRA?”

“I don’t know.” Your mom sighed, running a hand through her hair, “I left before anything could happen and hid us.”

This was too much information to take in. You were officially overwhelmed. You needed time to process all this information. “Peter, can you take me home, now? I need to go lie down.”

He nodded, pulling you up from the couch. His hand went to the small of your back, leading you around the coffee table.

“You may hate me.” Your mom said, staring down at the bottle with a sad look on her face, “I don’t care. I tried to save you as best as I could. Even if I have been a piece of shit mother, and I hurt you. I’m sorry.”

“I know, mom.” You sighed, leaning into Peter. “I wish things could be different.”

With that, you walked out the door


You woke to the sound of a phone blaring on the night stand.

“Babe.” Peter groaned next to you, shaking your shoulder, gently. “That one’s yours.”

You looked over at the clock. 3:34 AM. Who the fuck is calling a pregnant woman at this fucking hour? You slid the little answer key over without looking at your phone, putting it up to your ear. “Hello?” You answered confused, voice thick with sleep.

“Y/N!” It was Natasha. She sounded like she was in the middle of a shootout. You could hear gunfire, and Natasha’s strained breathing. You sat up immediately, slapping peter awake. “You need to have Peter bring you and May somewhere safe. Now.”

“What? Why? What’s happened?” The alarm in your voice had Peter sitting up, immediately, “Are you in a fight, right now? Natasha?”

You were not prepared for Natasha’s response.

“Sean Morris has escaped.”

Part 7

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Imagine being Jax’s old lady and him feeling the need to claim you 

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You’ve been Jax’s Teller old Lady for quite a long time now. It was rough, let me tell you, staying up until 3:00 AM waiting for him and even not sleeping some days, he always told you not to stay up but you always did. Just in case.

You took care of Thomas and Abel, who you’ve learned to love as your own; This was the best part. You also had to deal with Gemma Teller, of course, you loved the woman to death but you also had a temper, other than that, being Jax’s was a dream come true.  Because you were his, and everyone knew it. You’ve recently had his crow in your sternum, it’s wings wide under your breasts, which made you feel like you finally belonged, coming from a broken home and all. 

Jax loved claiming you as his. You were the missing piece that made his whole life complete now, and he took care of you like you were. But lately, he had been so caught up in the club business you haven’t been able to see him in a while. It’s been a week, waking up alone next to an empty cold space, and when he came home at midnight, you were fast asleep, tired from dealing with a running Abel and a demanding Thomas.

You didn’t felt like a wife anymore, you felt more like a babysitter. 

That day, Jax called home. 

I’m sorry - he had said- I’m staying in the clubhouse tonight. Call if you need anything” 

That drove you over the edge. You took Thomas and Abel and drived them directly to Gemma’s explaining the situation. She took them cheerfully.

“I’ll pick them up tomorrow morning.” You said, waving the kids goodbye. Clay took Thomas in his arms and Abel followed him inside. Gemma looked at you. 

“So you’re going to confront him?” You nodded. She smiled at you, proudly.

“My living image.” She said before kissing your cheek and closing the door. You drove to the TM, and when you got out of the car, Happy, Kozik and Ratboy were outside, hanging around with some crow eaters. You smiled at them and went inside, finding everyone in their usual place; But Jax was nowhere to be seen. You puffed and looked around, finding Chibs sitting with Tig, talking to some hang around. 

The Scotsman looked at you and smiled. “Hey, lass! Looking for our VP?” He asked, walking closer to you. You nodded. “He must be in his old room. He seemed pretty tired.”

“Not tired enough.” You said starting to walk away. “He rather sleep here than with me and his kids.” You walked over to the dorm you knew too well. You knocked on the door but got no response, which you took as a positive response. Opening it slightly, you saw Jax Teller sitting on his old bed, motorbike magazine on his hand, bare feet, sweatpants hanging low on his hips and tired dead eyes. You looked back at him, and closed the door behind you. 

“Hey. Are you alright?” He said closing the magazines and getting up. You nodded, dryly. “Are the kids alright?” You nodded again and watched him relax. “What’s up?” You strolled around the room and sat down in bed, a frown on your face the whole time. “(Y/N)?”

“Is there something wrong?” 

“What do you mean?” Jax talked club business with you, it was a thing you both had but lately, he’s been distant, and you missed him to death. 

“Did i do something wrong because…” you looked down. “I don’t feel like your wife anymore.”

“Oh shit…” you heard him say. “No, (Y/N)…”

“I just don’t feel yours anymore.” You looked at him and bit your lips, sighing and falling down on the bed, looking at the ceiling. You felt the bed shift and a hand cover your stomach. You looked aside and stared at Jax’s blue eyes for a few seconds before talking. “I know club’s important, and i know you’re tired as hell but i miss my husband. I miss feeling you.” He closed his eyes for a moment. 

“You’re still mine.” Jax said, looking at you and kissing your cheek as you closed your eyes. “You’ll always be mine, you like it or not.” He started to caress circles on your stomach. “Your love is mine, i know that. Your time is also mine, because i’m also yours.” You nodded, feeling yourself slowly turning on due to the caress Jax was giving you. Without any notice, he cupped your pussy, making you gasp and lift your hips. “This is mine too.” He leaned closer, unbuttoning your shorts slowly, while kissing your sweet spot under your ear.


“I’m sorry.” He said, your belt down as he adeptly pulled your shorts down until mid thigh. You felt like a couple of teenagers, your pants down on his dorm. “I’m sorry you’ve been feeling so alone.” He said, kissing your neck and caressing you over your blue panties. You gasped when he started to rub his fingers against it, making them damp. You grabbed his arm, digging your nails in them out of pleasure making him smirk. 

He ended up  pulling your panties down and lifting your shirt. You looked at him, heavy breathing as he got down on this knees in front of you. “But you’re mine…” he added, spreading your legs and kissing the inside of your knees slowly, going up to your chore. You moaned out in pleasure bitting your lip. He looked up as you looked down and winked before spreading you open and licking through your fold in long, constant licks. You arched your back and held yourself up with your hands, looking down at him. You were in heaven now.

“Oh dear god…” you said, biting your lips, trying not to scream. “Oh baby, Fuck” you said feeling him go at it like a pro. You had missed this. “Fuck, Jackson.” He pulled back, licking his lips and holding you still while introducing two fingers, scissoring you open, making you throw your head back.

“Say you’re fucking mine.” He said while looking down and biting his lip. “Say you’re mine, (Y/N)…” he looked at your sweet and wet pussy, heavy breathing. “Fuck…” he muttered. 

“I’m yours…” you blurted out, watching his fingers disappear in you. “Fuck, i’m yours,  Jax.”  He went down on you again, this time sucking on your clit while still fingering you. You were sweating and you were ultra sensitive now so every little movement he made was magic. “Baby…”

“I know.” He said, guessing your orgasms. “I know you enough, (Y/N)…let go. Cum for me..” he said sucking on you again, not wanting to miss the unique taste. You came on his mouth, sucking in sharps breaths. He kept licking through your orgasm making you shiver. “You taste so good, baby.” He said, giving you one last long lick. You were staring at the ceiling when he laid next to you, a hard on visible on him. “I’m sorry. I promise to fix this shit and go back to you every time.” You sighed and nodded, leaning closer and kissing his lips, tasting yourself in them. 

“Round two?” You asked, looking down, seeing how his pants had a tent now. He smirked, licked his lips and nodded.