every little detail in their history tells a story

i feel like gatiss and moffatt didn’t really get what they signed up for like…. they should have realised that if you’re going to write a sherlock holmes adaptation, then you’re naturally going to attract fans who can be counted on to pull apart every tiny detail of a show. every word that the writers will say about it, every little tiny bit of info we are provided with, we’re gonna use them to theorise.

LIKE: if you tell us ‘it’s a love story,’ and have always dreamed of the day when a tv show will have a gay detective and his boyfriend and be considered completely normal, and if you tell us that he’s a man out of his time, and if you tell us to ‘be part of making history,’ and if we are told ‘oscillation on the pavement always means there’s a love affair,’ and that ‘neither of us were the first you know’………………………….there are literally too many examples to even fit into one post but like, come on??!?!?!!! we deserved better