every little detail in their history tells a story

pros and cons of dating nomi webster

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  • nomi loves baking so expect brownies, fudge bars and pastries on the regular
  • when it comes to others she either doesn’t care at all or cares extraordinary amounts. which means if she does cares for you, those feelings are intense and genuine.
  • always has stories to tell if you bring her to parties
  • never fails to make you laugh
  • will go the extra mile to help someone she cares for
  • will remember every little detail in hopes it will make you feel important


  • a long dating history, although nothing serious, every other girl you meet would probably have something to say about nomi webster
  • sometimes her efforts can be deemed as inappropriate or badly timed, shes not entirely attuned to regular norms and values
  • has a habit of sneaking up on you
  • she snores
  • if nomi is angry or upset and you are caught in the crossfire, she unintentionally blurts out mean or hurtful things simply to be left alone
  • unless you are willing to go on protest dates, she has a pretty busy schedule
"What do I know?" Finding the truth in spirit worker stories.

While I was yet again trying to reason out what actually happened spiritually last year and what was just gaslighting from an outside party, Tif finally cut me off. I’m glad, because I was rambling too far into conjecture and not really coming to any useful conclusions. She said she didn’t care whether ANY of the spiritual stuff last year was real. And while I personally don’t feel the same, I remembered that it’s not really important whether it was real. What matters is how I let it impact me, and how I let it impact the rest of my spiritual life. Also, once you stop worrying about whether something is real, you actually are (sometimes) in a better position to analyze it.

For instance, if someone is claiming to have a relationship with an entity that you work with, your first step doesn’t have to be to figure out whether it is real. I’ve found that focusing on “realness” doesn’t help much in these situations. It’s not really important for you to police that person’s spiritual perceptions. What you really want to know is whether this person is going to carry on a relationship with this entity in a way that harms or manipulates you. See, starkly obvious cases of manipulation can easily be discovered if someone is pretending to have a spiritual relationship and they’re not cleaning up their tracks on the fraud. (Perhaps they don’t report consistent details about the entity, or they say the entity said something way off from what’s expected of that entity.) But if a person is using gaslighting tactics, then pointing out inconsistencies in their spirit work isn’t the best step, because it’s so easy to explain away that sort of thing.

The problem with spirit work and with spirits in general is that it’s not a consistent field and spirits themselves are not consistent. This is my experience and my observation, and also the only conclusion I can come to after finding plenty of genuine spirit workers whose accounts of the spirit world and how it works still conflict with each other. I could go into my theories on why that is but for now I’m just going to state outright that neither the spirit worlds, nor humanity’s perceptions of them, are 100% consistent. I don’t think it’s entirely explainable by methodology differences or paradigm differences or belief differences. I think honestly the spirit worlds are not all the same thing and that we’re gonna take awhile to figure out what they ARE, if we ever manage to at all. So inconsistencies in spirit reports, as it were, are too explainable by the very inconsistencies in the spirit world.

So instead, a different litmus test: what purpose does the story you’re hearing serve? Because that’s measurable no matter whether the story is true. You can test a spirit world story out with these questions, though this is just a start and a suggestion. If you decide to use this technique long-term you’ll likely develop your own questions. Also, I suggest keeping a journal or keeping a digital record of what someone says over time if you suspect they’re manipulators. It will help you keep track of things and it will help reduce the amount of work your memory is trying to do by squaring up conflicting accounts. Draw charts or use post-its if you need to work things out in detail to prove to yourself that someone isn’t square in their dealings. Organization usually outs a lot of inconsistencies that can’t be explained away by the nature of the spirit world.

Some example questions to ask yourself in these situations are below the cut to save your dash.

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i feel like gatiss and moffatt didn’t really get what they signed up for like…. they should have realised that if you’re going to write a sherlock holmes adaptation, then you’re naturally going to attract fans who can be counted on to pull apart every tiny detail of a show. every word that the writers will say about it, every little tiny bit of info we are provided with, we’re gonna use them to theorise.

LIKE: if you tell us ‘it’s a love story,’ and have always dreamed of the day when a tv show will have a gay detective and his boyfriend and be considered completely normal, and if you tell us that he’s a man out of his time, and if you tell us to ‘be part of making history,’ and if we are told ‘oscillation on the pavement always means there’s a love affair,’ and that ‘neither of us were the first you know’………………………….there are literally too many examples to even fit into one post but like, come on??!?!?!!! we deserved better