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Praise Kink

In which Harry is incredibly nervous and y/n knows just how to calm him down.

A/N: WELL I did it. Barely.  I managed to get this finished before Harry’s single dropped so that I’ll be able to freak out in peace tonight.  I hope you enjoy because this is… kinda filthy.  LOVE YA BUY SIGN OF THE TIMES ON ITUNES!

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The skam fandom right now:
  • Even: Take desperate to a whole new level.
  • The skam fandom: -season three entirely in gifs
  • -overanalysing every scene
  • -about 1000 different theories
  • -every evak kiss ever as a wallpaper, gif, drawing or compilation

anonymous asked:

can you do a what kind of gf each sign is

Aries: the adventurer, she will be your human alarm clock and morning coffee all into one, she will tease you a lot and say ‘just kidding!’ at the end of it, she is very touchy-feely, warm and has a heart of gold. her love is priceless and strong. you’ll wake up with her in a tent in a foreign country as she sleeps nosily next to you and you’ll pull her in closer with a smile on your face.

Taurus: the poet, the one that relates every song she hears, movie she watches, and poem she reads, to you. she cares for you like no other with every empathetic bone in her body. she will love you through the very roughest of times. you can never win an argument against her though. when she is sad, when she is happy, when she is angry: everything she says will sound like a poem and you’ll wonder how you got so lucky.

Gemini: the kitten, 
she will make every day different, her kisses will slow time, her laugh will echo through your bones and sometimes you will get annoyed that she is so loud but when she is gone, the silence will feel like torture. she is playful and erratic, she studies you every day and leans you slowly. she guards her heart like a game but gives you whispers of walkthroughs in her smile.

Cancer: the daydream, the one that isn’t afraid to tell you how much she loves you every single day. will avoid confrontation like the plague. she will want to do every romantic thing in the book with you like slow dance in the kitchen at 2am while you make dinner together. she could write you a novel about the little things she loves about you that no one else even notices. she feels like home.

Leo: the pleaser, she will want to share her life with you, will be very open, loving and generous. her friends become your friends. will not stop taking selfies of you two together though. she will indulge in your happiness. she will make time for you through her busy day as if you two are the only sole survivors of an apocalypse. she will protect you from the things she had to endure.

Virgo: the submissive, likes to pretend she is tough and in control but she is willing to do anything you ask of her tbh. she likes to make you happy and see you smile. she wants to be your best friend and the love of your life at the same time. she can get snappy when she’s having a bad day but most of the time is very chill and humorous. she’s the type to drop all her work and show up for you when you most need it.

Libra: the mediator, the intellectual, the flirt. she will wake you up with rose petals but make you chase her all day. she loves to just talk to you 24/7 and keep the peace. she’s the type to plan a busy day for the both of you tomorrow but she won’t wake you up because she thinks you look too perfect and you’ll both spend the whole day cuddling instead.

Scorpio: the warrior- will never want to leave you no matter how badly you treat her but can make your life a passive aggressive hell instead. she will respect you, always listen to you and court you- she’ll want to tell you her deepest pains at 3 in the morning while you sleep as if you are her own personal diary. she’s the type to show up in the rain at 2am after a fight and angrily kiss you without saying a word, it’ll feel like heaven and hell collided.

Sagittarius: the traveller, she’ll travel your mind in ways you never thought someone could- she’ll ask just the right questions to known you better than you know yourself. she always knows what’s wrong and she always knows what to say. she’s the girl to tell you how it is, she doesn’t live in a fairytale but she makes reality seem like a dream. when you lay in bed with her at night you’ll be pinching yourself to make sure.

Capricorn: the teacher, she’ll teach you how it’s like to live as her, she’ll teach you how to be a better person. she’ll teach you so many things about yourself that you feel lost without her. she puts her walls high, but she expects you to make the effort if you care about her. she is deeply romantic and compassionate: her love with soothe any pain you face throughout your days and she’ll teach you that you’re never alone in anything you do if you have her.

Aquarius: the stranger, she’s so wonderfully unique and insane you’ll never find a love like hers again. she’s like flirting with a stranger on the train. she’s the most interesting conversation you’ve ever had. she’s like a once-in-a-lifetime photo captured, right in front of you. she will detach much like a stranger, then go all in like you’ve known her your whole life. she’ll make you question everything about love and it’s purpose, you will decide it is painful and strange, and yet you will still fall madly for her.

Pisces: the princess, once you slay the dragon and make her yours, she will sacrifice a lot for you and work to keep you happy. she will introduce you to her perfect dreamland and provide a place at the throne. to her, you are royalty and she treats you like you are irreplaceable. she is a princess: graceful, friendly, strong. she loves to be loved, by you, and everyone. she dreams of a prince who can make her feel as loved as the heroines she constantly reads about.

Fake ah headcannon

Gavin with impulse control who covers himself in stickers or band aids even if he’s perfectly fine. Gavin who has to have his closets organized and refused to let anyone do his laundry. Gavin who impulse busy things in bulk like toilet paper and bandaids. Gavin who wakes up at the same time every morning no mater how late he fell asleep the night before. Gavin who has to wear gloves when handling a gun. Gavin who wipes his lips after kissing someone. Gavin with autism.

Jack who helps Gavin take the stickers and band aids off when he looses control. Jack who helps him wax so they don’t stick to his hair. Jack who gladly packs away all the bulk items. Jack who wakes up with him. Jack who will kiss Gavin and not get upset at Gavin wiping the kisses away. Jack who buys new stickers every week for gavin always different in some way to shake it up a bit. Jack who helps Gavin calm down when he has panic attacks. Jack who always carries gloves on her person at all times no mater what.

Geoff who pays for everything. Band aids? He’s got you. Stickers? Here jack. Bulk items? No problem. Clothes? Here. Gloves? Have this wad of cash. Geoff who only kisses Gavin on the cheek cause he gives wet kisses. Geoff who will cuddle Gavin when he is putting stickers or band aids on. Geoff who will shoot anyone who judges his baby. Geoff who donates a shit tone of money to autism foundations that actually work towards helping. Geoff who tears down foundations who false advertise their “help”. Geoff who eventually starts his own charity.

Michael who let’s Gavin put band aids and stickers all over him when ever he wants. Michael who literally punched someone so hard he nearly killed them because they called Gavin retarded. Michael who treats Gavin like he’s a normal human being. Michael who spends once a mouth helping special needs kids with physical therapy. Michael who blew up someone’s house after seeing them try and bully Gavin. Michael who is always up before jack an Gavin because he’s a morning person. RIOT PUNCH AND SWIMMIES WITH GAVVY~

Ryan who also treats Gavin like a normal human adult. Ryan who doesn’t put up with anyone’s shit not even Gavin’s. Ryan who is always willing to help even if he grumbles the whole way about it. Ryan who has ocd. Ryan who organizes their game stash at least once a week and doesn’t look at it at any other time. Ryan who once stopped mid heist to fix some pamphlets on a display rack and the others just provided cover fire for him. Ryan who likes to say he has a handle on his ocd. Ryan who also has to turn the safety off and on, on his gun twice before he can use it.

Jeremy who, when he first met Gavin giggled at his band aids and nearly got decked by Michael before he chimed that he likes the little ducks and he wanted to know if he had anymore. Jeremy who will sit with Gavin putting band aids on just because he can. Jeremy who whines when it comes to taking them off cause he refuses to wax. Jeremy who sometimes walks away in the middle of conversations with no explanation what so ever. Jeremy who spaces out a lot also with no explanation. Jeremy who once fell asleep in the middle of a meeting. Jeremy who does a lot of random things with no explanation. Jeremy who once choked someone out after they had looked at Gavin wrong. Jeremy who is the most protective of gavin.

experiment sixteen (m)

pairing: reader x park jimin

genre/components: smut // jimin’s a rich boy with a kink; dirty sex in a classroom with an angel is a must

count: 3802 words

a/n: my first smut with bts l o l i hope you like it also recommended to listen to [ take me to church by hozier ]

Park Jimin liked to live his life peacefully. He preferred to avoid complications and confrontations, which was the reason why he tended to steer clear of attachments. Expectedly, he was the heir to the biggest corporation in Korea that monopolized a greater part of the economy, including electricity, water, technology, you name it. It wasn’t surprising either that he was the top-achieving student in the most elite private school in Seoul.

Polite, gracious, and forgiving, he was adored by students and professors. It was disgustingly cliché at times but nobody could really despise Park Jimin for his success. He worked his sweat and bones to reach that point after all. No tears though, because he never cried a day in his life. Not when his mother passed, not with his father’s absence. If heaven gave its blessing to anyone, it would’ve been Jimin.

Though, it didn’t imply that he was a complete saint.

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Marauder’s Headcanon #11

Some Remus Lupin things:

-He was sure that he was going to be sorted into Ravenclaw, like his dad. He had been told all of his life that he was bookish and clever, traits that he thought could only belong to Ravenclaw house. When the hat told him that he wasn’t bookish by nature, but by necessity, he started arguing with it mentally, but in the end the hat got it’s way.

-He was the mastermind of the Marauders. While James and Sirius normally brought the ideas to the table, Remus was the one who made them work. For example, when a slap-happy 3 AM James suggested that they release hedgehogs into the great hall at dinner, Remus asked how many. James, after a moment, told him ‘like at least twenty’. Remus proceeded to plot and plan until he had managed to steal no less than 150 hedgehogs from McGonagall’s office, and then somehow wiggled out of detention for it.

-He loved physical contact. He would hold Sirius’ hand constantly, or prop his feet up on Peter’s lap, or sit with his shoulder and tight pressed against James. He was constantly touching someone, and he had no concept of personal space.

-In first year, the Marauders discovered his love of chocolate, and it became a running joke to tease him with it in more and more ridiculous ways. One morning towards the end of the year, he woke up to find that the wall behind his bed had been papered with old honeydukes wrappers. Remus rather liked it, though, and it ended up staying up for all their years at Hogwarts.

-When the Marauders confronted him about being a werewolf, he denied it, obviously. And when they kept pushing, he tried to leave. Sirius grabbed his arm to stop him, and Remus turned around and punched him square int he nose. That was when the Marauders decided that Remus was not someone to cross.

-When they were in third year, Remus started to notice that he wasn’t like the rest of the marauders. James fancied Lily, and Peter kissed a new girl just about every week, and took a different one to hogsmead every time there was a visit. Sirius flirted with all the third year girls- especially Marlene McKinnon because it made her mad- constantly, but Remus never noticed anybody like that.

-Except towards the end of third year, he started to notice his mates like that. During the Christmas holidays, which the Marauders all spent at his house, he noticed that he liked the way James whooped when he was on a broomstick, the way his cheeks would flush in the cold. In February, he realized that he was jealous when he watched Peter kiss Emmaline Vance behind the greenhouse on valentine’s day. In March he found himself hating James when he talked about Lily, because he couldn’t help but admire the way Lily’s hair flew about in the wind, or the way she would leave little notes for him in his books when she borrowed them, and his heart would drop out of his chest when she kissed him in the cheek. And at Easter holidays he began to notice the way Sirius’ eyelashes sat against the curve of his brow, the way his dark hair fanned out across the pillow, the way his hands looked when they danced across piano keys, the way he held his quill between his teeth when he was thinking, the way his dark eyes shone when he teased, the soft way he would toy with Remus’ hands at night when they shared a bed, unable to sleep, the recklessly free laughter that would burst out in peals.

-As they started fourth year, he found that he didn’t hate it when James mentioned Lily anymore, and he only rolled his eyes in exasperation when he found Peter kissing Greta Catchlove in the boy’s bathroom. But when Sirius pulled Marlene’s hair, or told Alice that her butt looked good in that skirt, or blew teasing kisses at Emmaline Vance in charms, he saw red. And when Sirius would climb into James’ bed instead of his on the sleepless nights, or put his head on Peter’s lap, Remus would feel so jealous that his heart would thud far too fast and a flush would come to his cheeks.

-And he hated it.

-Especially because after The Prank, his feelings didn’t change. But he was so angry at Sirius, so, so angry because how could he? Remus had trusted him. And he had tried to reveal the secret to Severus Snape, of all people. Remus was so angry and so hurt that he pretend Sirius didn’t exist for a month, and then straight up refused to speak to him for another five.

-And then one day Sirius burst into tears in the dormitory.

-As mentioned before, no one really knows what happened that night, but the next day Remus was holding Sirius’ hand again.

-In fifth year, Remus’ symptoms got worse. He was darker and moodier around the full moon, his senses would sharpen so that simply walking past the great hall or the potions classroom made him feel sick to his stomach because he could smell everything, and his ears would ring from any sharp, sudden sound. Sunlight would give him terrible migraines. In cold weather, his joints would get so swollen and stiff that he had to walk with a cane for the weeks around the moon.

-Of course, being a fifteen year old with a cane wasn’t enjoyable, and neither were the looks he got for it, so he would push himself to walk without it.

-In an effort to help, the Marauders would walk with their arms wrapped around his waist, allowing him to lean against them and share some of the weight. He knew what they were doing, of course, but they were so sweet about it, and Remus’ heart skipped a beat every time Sirius said, “We’ve got to make sure everyone knows you’re taken, Moony” so he let them do it.

-In October of fifth year, Remus told Sirius that he was demi-bisexual in the owlry late at night. Sirius grinned at him lopsidedly and then kissed him. From that night on, Remus considered Sirius his boyfriend, though he didn’t formally ask until they were alone in the three broomsticks during a November hogsmead trip.

-It became a regular thing for the Marauders to sneak down to the shrieking shack with him and stay until he started to turn. One day in Januray, they told him they had a surprise for him and that they would meet him there. When he arrived, he found a large black dog, a stag, and a rat waiting for him.

-The next morning, he came to under a blanket,the Marauders sitting in human form a few yards away for him. He burst into tears at the sight of them, because for the first time in years he hadn’t had to spend the night alone.

-Summer after fifth year he got an urgent floo message from James at 1 in the morning, babbling about Sirius being hurt. Remus worked himself into a panic because oh god, oh god, oh god, Sirius was hurt. When he flooed in the next morning with his parents and saw Sirius lying on the couch, bruised and bandaged, hair half-grown back by sheer force of will, he was so overwhelmed with relief that he simply grabbed him and kissed him, not caring who was watching.

Sex with Jefferson Headcanon

Could you do like a headcanon thing about sex with Thomas Jefferson? Love your writings btw💗💗


-AFTER A LONG DAY OF DEALING WITH HAMILTON, Thomas comes in and everyone around him is on thin ice
-“Thomas are you-”
-Spankings // paddles-belts-bare palms are rarely ever used they don’t crest enough welts
-Hair pulling
-“Good girl,”
-“Hmm, such a good slut choking on my cock.”
-His cock swells in size at the bodies you make- the whimpers and the pleas
-Has you refer to him as Mister
-Loves edging
-May be into choking, depends how close he is
-“Can I cum on that pretty little face of yours?”
-You wake up the next morning, bruises covering your ass, body covered in love marks
-Intense aftercare, and a day of pampering


-When Jefferson is having a good day the sex is completely different
-He’s slow to the point
-Kisses every inch of your skin
-Constantly reminds you of how beautiful you are
-Goes down on your first, his tongue-his fingers-making you cum again and again
-He holds you hands while he makes love to you
-Whispers sweet nothings into your neck
-Your legs are wrapped around his waist, teeth buried into the skin of his shoulder
-Makes sure you cum first
-Draws a nice hot bath for you, and another day of pampering

Paper Hearts (Part 12)

Originally posted by tbhobi

Genre: Angst/fluff

♡ Pairing: Reader x Jungkook // Reader x Jimin

♡ Length: 4.2k

♡ Summary: It has been nearly a year since you started writing anonymous letters to Jungkook, giving him words of encouragement behind the thin mask of a paper. He never considered you as a possible suspect behind these letters, because you were nothing more than a best friend. And you couldn’t put all the blame on him either, after all, you were too afraid to confess in fear of tarnishing your precious friendship.

1 ♡ 2  ♡ 3  4   5   6   7   8   9  ♡ 10  ♡ 11  ♡ 12  ♡ 13

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i literally reblog almost every variation of the stydia kiss. like woah zoomed in versions hell yeah. different themed colours gimme. when it’s paralleled to their first kiss *hits reblog every damn time* CINEMATIC . used in gif sets with a cute quote or song lyrics *the need to spam my dash intensifies and i lose control* INTENSE. sees gifs of the kiss being 0.001% brighter than the last gif set of the kiss that i reblogged THIS IS AN ORIGINAL MASTERPIECE. graphics???? can’t stop won’t stop. what i am trying to say is that there won’t be a day that goes by without me hitting that reblog.


In no practicular order:

1. You got no jams
2. “Scale is International playboy.”
3. “Beach!” “ Bitch?”
4. Snakeu
5. “What is difference between popo and kiss?”
6. Every coreography ever
7. MAMA 2014.
8.“My speciality is rolling around in bed on our days off”
10.Excuji mee~~
11. “ I want to be a rock in next life”
12. Jungkook vacuuming fruit flies
13. 21st century girls coreography
14. Dirty water
15. Cyphers
16. Tae playing saxophone
17. Sexy porn star
18. Jimin ft. Suga - Tony Montana
19. Army house
20. Jungkook becoming adult
(feel free to add your own)


Imagine being the first and only girl in the Penetrator Russ bus.

Author’s note: HEY IT’S HERE, DON’T NEED TO HATE ME ANYMORE. Once more time I need to tell you guys how grateful I’m for having Alyssa as my beta writer! Please, please, go to her page @imyourliquor-youremypoison and tell her how much you’re thankful for making me suck less. And about the fic, it’s coming to an end guys :) THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD. You guys are the best! ♥ my ask is always open to hear about what you guys think.

Part 1.

Part 5.

Part 7.

Masterlist ❁


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inimitableoriqinal  asked:

Olicity "Pitch" au - Oliver is the hot shot baseball player who's time is almost up and Felicity is the rookie & the first woman in the league. Instead of being a tech wizard she's a star athlete. Or Oliver is a baseball star who thinks too much of himself and Felicity is the agent who has to rein him in.

(Went with the second prompt–thanks!)

Felicity’s heels clicked against the painted concrete floors of the warren of rooms and hallways underneath Petco Park.  But she didn’t notice that, over the video she was streaming on her tablet and the sound of her cell phone calling another phone.  

When she got voicemail, she bit back a curse.  “Okay, if that’s how you want to play this, Oliver, then I’m gonna play,” she spit out into the phone.  “See you in five.”  

She ended the call and shoved her phone into the pocket of her purse, while she hit replay on the video that showed her top player engaging in a game of strip baseball with three other players and several models.  

“Damn it, Oliver,” she muttered.  

Yeah, the whole ‘strip baseball’ element wasn’t great.  Not when she had been trying to make Oliver’s public image match reality and his private image.  When he had come up, he had been a playboy and a douchebag.  But after sixteen years in the majors, it was well past time for Oliver Queen to be seen by his fans and the general public as who he really was: a man who had put his body through incredible abuse, all in the pursuit of a championship.  A pursuit that his team kept falling short in, a pursuit that Felicity knew Oliver wanted to win more than anything.  

Most of the time, Oliver wasn’t what she had expected before she had met him.  When they had started working together at the start of the season, Oliver had wanted help negotiating his final contract and knew he needed to improve his image to get what he wanted.  Felicity, for her part, had been intrigued.  The Oliver Queen she met was thoughtful, serious, tactical.  Not the drunk, flirtatious asshole she had heard he was.  

And she had liked the man she met.  The man she saw interacting with fans, with his teammates.  Liked him enough to violate the boundaries she had set for herself when she started in this business.  

Which was the last thing she should be thinking about right now, Felicity told herself.  No, she had to be focused on this problem.  Figuring out why Oliver had gone off the rails like this.  Because this stunt was so out of left field, Felicity acknowledged, even as she winced at the baseball pun.  

This kind of behavior?  Oliver had left it behind, she thought.  Ever since his best friend and teammate Tommy Merlyn had been killed in a car accident five years ago, Oliver had been different, according to other players and his coach, John Diggle.  So she didn’t understand what was going on with him–and she was going to get to the bottom of it.  Even if she had to use her Loud Voice.  

Finally she reached her destination and knocked on the door of the trainers’ room.  “Is Oliver Queen in there?”

No one answered, but Felicity could hear voices behind the door.  Lifting her fist, she pounded on the door.  “Open up or I’m coming in!”

She thought she heard a muffled “No!” but Felicity didn’t wait.  She opened the door and stepped inside, striding along with all the determination and confidence that had let her succeed twice in male-dominated fields: computer science and sports agent.

“What were you thinking?” she snapped as she stalked over towards Oliver, who was ensconced in an ice bath.  “Strip baseball?  With girls who barely look legal, putting aside the fact that they are way too young for you?  I thought you wanted to change your image, Oliver, not continue to feed this idiotic idea that you’re some spoiled rich kid who doesn’t give a damn!”

He wasn’t really looking at her.  He was hanging his head, acting like he was ignoring her, which stoked her ire.  “Look at me!” she demanded.  

That got a reaction.  His eyes met hers, fiery blue on fiery blue.  “You sure you want to do this, Felicity?”  

His voice was honey over gravel and she felt her insides twist.  But she shoved aside that flutter of lust and lifted her chin.  “You’ve been ignoring my calls and texts, acting like you could care less how I’m trying to help you.  So the mountain is coming to Mohammed.”  

“Okay, then.”  With that, Oliver hoisted himself up, revealing that yes, he had been naked in that tub.  

Unconsciously, her eyes flicked down and marveled at how little a reaction the cold water had on that part of Oliver’s anatomy, before she wrenched her eyes up to meet his.  

“You say I’ve been ignoring you.  How about how you’ve been ignoring me?  For a month, I’ve been trying to get you to talk about us.  And you’ve been ducking the conversation every time,” Oliver said, his hands on his hips, apparently not caring that he was standing naked in front of her, his body–scarred and rugged and completely, incredibly beautiful–on full display.  

“So I pulled a stupid kid move and did something to get your attention,” he continued.  “It was dumb and the last thing I needed, but, Felicity–I don’t give a damn about my contract anymore.  I almost don’t care about winning a World Series.  I just want to win you.”  

Felicity felt her heart pound.  Oliver had done this because of her?  Because she had been too scared to consider that she was falling for a baseball player–for a man–like Oliver?  

Licking her lips, she whispered, “I’m not a prize to be won.”  

Oliver clumsily got out of the tub to be closer to her.  In spite of the designer dress she was wearing, Felicity couldn’t move, couldn’t back away from his wet body.  

“It’s not like that, Felicity,” he said, reaching out and clutching her hands.  “I know you’re not a prize, not like that.  But … everything’s changed for me.  None of what I do on the field matters like it used to, none of it will matter, if you won’t give me a real chance.  If you won’t give us a real chance.”

She didn’t know what to say.  She kept searching his face, trying to find her answer in his eyes.  And she thought he sensed her dilemma, her struggle, because he moved even closer and leaned forward, resting his forehead against hers.  

“Please, Felicity.”  

That was all it took.  Oliver Queen, the man who never said please, said it to her. 

Going up on her toes, Felicity kissed him.  Kissed him slowly and sweetly, her hands coming up to cup his stubbled cheeks, feeling his arms come around her, pouring herself into a kiss that was different from all their other kisses.  From every other kiss she had ever had.  

Because this was the first time she kissed someone without thinking about anything else but him.


anonymous asked:

you know despite the events last chapter 125, touka and kaneki didn't strike me as two people who are lovers lol

She gave him her parents’ wedding ring… What did you expect them to do, anon? Kiss and fuck every 3 panels lmao?? I think there’s a clear difference in the atmosphere around them. It’s warmer and more comfortable. I’d find it weirder if they suddenly changed their behaviour around each other. It’s nicer that they’re still acting the same, just a bit happier… especially Kaneki. 

Remember, they’re still at war~ 

Rude Awakening ~ Chanyeol Scenario

Rude Awakening ~ Chanyeol Scenario

Word Count: 751

Type: Fluff

Brief: It’s a cold, Winter-injected Sunday morning but it’s also yours and Chanyeol’s rare day off together. All you want to do is sleep but with Chanyeol as your boyfriend, that was (and never is) going to happen.

Request for this can be found here.

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Hot, steamy breath hits your nose and lips.

You stir in your sleep, refusing to let yourself wake up when those soft lips you love and know all too well found their way to to your forehead.

“Are you awake yet?” You died every morning, though it was hard for you to complain; your ears were lucky enough to be blessed with Chanyeol’s deep, groggy morning voice. You groaned and mumbled slightly, still drowsy and half-asleep; it was still fairly dark due to the cold winter. Honestly, waking up is the last thing you wanted to do. You just wanted to snuggle back into the covers and return back to Dreamland, even if it was your beloved boyfriend who was next to you.

“How about now?” Chanyeol took it a step further, giving you a peck on your nose. He knew you loved it when he did that but it proved ineffective as your eyes quickly shut again. Chanyeol wouldn’t go defeated that easily. Not a chance. The both of you were lucky enough to share a day off on the same day and he wasn’t just going to sleep through this rare opportunity. Your boyfriend pouted but knowing full well you couldn’t see his adorable, puppy-like face, he leaned foward, hovering above you with one arm on your other side to support himself. “Still asleep? Hmm…” He hummed, pretending to be in deep thought. You could imagine him stroking his chin but the image of that was cut off immediately when his lips landed on yours.

Your eyes shot open in surprise. Trust Chanyeol to pull a stunt like this. After a few seconds of allowing your brain to process what is going on, you kissed him back – you weren’t just going to refuse it, were you? No. You’re weren’t. Feeling Chanyeol smile against your lips almost made you hit him. You knew this was his plan all along and Chanyeol, knowing he succeeded, only became more prideful and confident.

Chanyeol knew he had control over you now. There was no hiding it.

He pulled away from your frankly pleasant wake-up call, though you would never admit that to him. Not like you needed to however; he knew anyway. A subtle smirk was plastered on his face as he stared at you. ‘Morning Chanyeol is hot as hell though’, you thought to yourself. His brown hair was messy, sticking up in various directions and he was topless. That’s how he slept and you thought you had come to terms with that and have gotten used to it but apparently not. Your heart was pounding against your chest – you were sure it could jump out any second. Because Chanyeol is leaning over you with the most irresistible smirk, topless.

He was still staring at you and having just woken up, you were getting insecure. You began to sit up, just to switch up the moment and go do some chores, only to be stopped by Chanyeol placing his arm firmly around your waist. He gently pushed you back down.

“Yeollie, it’s…” You look over to the digital clock resting on the bedside table next to you. “…10:07. I need to get up and get the laundry going.” Needless to say, Chanyeol wasn’t having any of it. At least, not today. Any other day, he’d let you go, following you around whilst you completed various chores like a lost puppy, pouting until he got comforted with a kiss every once in a while, but today. Today was different.

“It’s Sunday morning…” Your boyfriend whispered, tightening his gentle grip around your waist and pulling himself closer to you. “Stay… just for a bit.” He pleaded. “But Chanyeol…” you started but he’s not taking no for an answer. He nuzzled his head into the crook of your neck, breathing in your scent and planting delicate, little kisses along your jawline. The kisses trailed up to your ear, where Chanyeol stopped, whispering “stay…” once more. He pulled back slightly, gazing into your eyes lovingly. “I hate you.” You whispered back, a smile accompanying your soft morning voice. You were defeated and he had won. 'Anyone able to resist him is simply inhuman’, you attempted to justify your actions. “No you don’t.” Chanyeol retorted, his low chuckle vibrating the air around the two of you. “Shut up.” You smiled back and stopped any more of his witty comebacks by kissing him, to which he gladly returned the gesture.

You hated how he could see through you like it was second nature to him but you also loved it. He knew you so well. You loved it and most of all, you love him. Even if he did so rudely wake you up from your sleep.

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Honestly things have been such a mess lately and looking more and more like it's going to be a long term battle. Not even sure if there is still a band left anymore. I still care about the guys but if we have to continue with the bullshit then I don't see the point really. Now we got two fake babies and a bunch of fake girlfriends and the most shady promo. I would rather give my time and money to someone else. Still gonna be here for your writing though :)

Who would’ve thought this shit would stretch for long and get even worse, eh? I certainly wouldn’t. But we’re here, and that’s the current situation. *sighs*

I don’t even worry about the band TBH. All this shit we’re seeing traces back to money. We’re seeing the result of a predatory industry preying on young talents (literal kids when the boys started). So, even if it takes 20 years, 1D will still come back because it’s profitable. (New Kids on The Block have returned, so why not 1D?).

Even if they were at each other’s throats (like the press wants us to believe), at one point they would still come back because $$$. Remember how everyone got excited about the prospect of some dude suing 1D and how that would mean all five reunited in court? That only proves that, despite the fuckery in this fandom, people would nut for a reunion. End of. 1D are a big name. It doesn’t matter that many think they’re a band for kids. Pretty much everyone knows about 1D, even if just to mock them as “kiddies stuff”.

(And here I don’t have much to say because 1D’s team targets grown men making all kinds of lewd jokes and singing innuendos at kids. If you go back to UAN tour, you’ll know a bunch of hormonal teenage boys were NEVER appropriate for little kids. “Blow a kiss, blow a job”? “Different dick every night”? PLS!)

But back to the subject. Yeah, it feels like everything will drag for some time. We see all those babies around, and it doesn’t seem like we’re getting any denouement soon. We can’t enjoy anything about the boys’ solo careers without some kind of fuckery, or being used to promote their so-called “girlfriends”. Everything is normal and people break up and get cheated and go back again.  Yup, nothing to see here. Celebrities are fickle and so are the normal people associated to them. :)

Many don’t care for facts and roll with it. Some even want you to dumb down to their level when logic and facts tell you otherwise. Fandom life is more and more complicated because you don’t know who to follow, the friend of yesterday is the heterosexuality-loving anti of tomorrow blocking you and pretending like they’ve never seen the shadiness they turn a blind eye on now. Many of your blog friends are deleting or changing blogs completely; everybody and their nan are a Kpop blog now.

I agree with you in that we don’t have many positive things right now. Haven’t had them for years now TBH. It’s just no fun. I can see why investing time in other thing would be nice, or even just enjoy casually the music that (hopefully) comes out. I’ll probably do that at one point, too. I’m not interested in drama. When I want drama I watch Soraya Montenegro try to kill three different characters in the same scene★. Now That’s What I Call Drama™.

All that said, I still want to see the boys emerge victorious. It won’t be easy (we’re seeing it now), but one day something good must happen, right? We’ve never asked for much.

We wanted nice merch? Have dolls, bags and 256 perfumes!

We wanted OT5 content? Too bad, they’re all mortal enemies now. Their securities actually are to protect them from one another.

We wanted the rumoured collabs with other artists like FOB? Get rekt! There’s no ‘team’ in ‘featuring’, and have I mentioned that all 1D boys hate each other?

We’re honestly starved of everything we’d get from a normal band. I’ll be blunt here: I don’t give a single fuck about personal lives, naming their families members or whom they’re supposedly banging. I never did. But what did we get? A bunch of “relatable” canvas girlfriends to supposedly makes us squee. Aww, see that? The boys date normal girls! Older girls! That means you too can be a 1D girlfriend!!! Yeahhh… there’s not a single thing surrounding 1D that had been aimed for typical fans. Everything had been done like we all want to bone them. (And many do, but that’s not everyone. They’re not pieces of meat and we’re not fucking pumas!)

1D success has been DESPITE their team. The boys are loveable and their bond is what has drawn most of the people in. I still think we don’t have many 1D fans as we have “I’m [1D boy]’s fan and I’m stick with the other 4” around here. Too many hateful stans that thrive on tearing the others down to elevate their fave. When I think about that, it’s not hard see why 1D shitty team got away with the putrid stuff they try to feed us: too many scavengers.

Anyway! I have no idea where I was going with this (it’s mostly 1AM ramblings), but yeah. We can only hope for something good in less than 20 years. I wish all five the best and want to see them succeed. I hope I can see it happen before we’re all 50-somethings. And thank you for the kind words. :) Glad my writing can add something positive to this hellhole of fandom. I’m here for the music, the boys’ friendship, to support them and fandom content. Sadly those are the things we don’t get any more. *sighs*

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frustratingly like the other one, but whatever.

Your everyday Saturday night was not spent sitting at home like you’d like it to be. You’re usually with the boy you love but doesn’t know it, Jack. You and the rest of your friends, party with Jack at a nightclub. Although, you personally, don’t party a lot. Not when you started to see Jack kissing some other girl.

It’s a different one every single week. Give it a break. You know it’s not your place to say but do you really think that you’re not going to be effected by this? At the start, you’re jealous. Then you’re hurt and the jealousy goes. Because no matter how upset you get, you know that you and Jack are never going to happen.

Why would it, anyways? You know that he’s into all types of girls as long as they have one thing in common; seduction. You don’t do a lot of that with him…at all. You don’t want that all the time. Yes, there are moments of those kind of things along the lines of sex. You want someone to love you and you want to know that you’re cared in the way that you want to be cared for. You’ve cared for Jack no matter what, now you only want it to happen to you.

So here you are. You’re in a nightclub, you’ve had a sip of beer and no more. You’re driving, as always. In your view, Jack is whispering things into some redhead’s ear and she is giggling. Most people say that Jack’s a one-night stand kind of person and the sad truth is that he is, he really is.

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Donald Pierce sleeping?

Donald Pierce sleeping would include:

  1. Him lazily wrapping his arms around you and pulling you close
  2. You curling up on his chest
  3. Donald sprawled out on top of you when you wake up, the warmth of his body and his weight making you feel safe
  4. Sometimes his machine hand would dig into your side but you’d be too comfortable to readjust yourself 
  5. Donald nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck and just breathing you in
  6. Donald gently running his [human] fingers through your hair as you fall asleep
  7. Donald getting boners while spooning you because you shift in your sleep, accidently rubbing against him 
  8. Donald not being able to get good sleep so sometimes he’d wake up and watch you instead. 
  9. Donald carrying you to bed when you fall asleep on the couch waiting for him to finish work, despite his protests. 
  10. Neither of you being able to sleep without each other so when you’re away from each other, you always facetime, running your battery the whole night. 
  11. You spooning Donald despite the size difference
  12. Lazily kissing each other every morning
  13. Donald holding you really tight because he’s subconsciously afraid of you leaving him
  14. When you have nightmares, Donald would wake you up with soft kisses and hold you until you calmed down
  15. When Donald has nightmares, you’d have to climb on top of him and hold his face, holding him down because his nightmares are always really bad. 


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