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Okay so I’ve never submitted a request before lol, but yours made me smile and laugh so much I was just too tempted xD. 

How would the RFA group react if the MC told them she was a Sex-Repulsed Asexual, like she’s okay with cuddling, holding hands, kissing, but anything involving any kind of sex just bring her on the verge of tears. And she was even worried about telling them because she thought they wouldn’t want her if because of this. 


Author’s note: idk what’s going on with this format BUT here you go!!!


  • as long as you can cuddle
  • this child is perfectly okay
  • every time he kisses you or holds your hand he asks “Is this okay?”
  • he would NEVER want to something that makes you cry


  • at first it would hard for him bc he’s just a sexual person sometimes
  • but when he saw how worried you were 
  • and he just melted
  • “I love you, and that means every single aspect of you. There is nothing you could do to make me stop loving you.”


  • QUESTIONS!!!!!!
  • and also does her research and 
  • she makes sure to never ever ever make you feel uncomfortable


  • probably the hardest for him
  • bc daddy
  • BUT
  • he will listen to you and rack his emotionally sheltered brain trying to put himself in your shoes
  • and this giant child knows that he is so in love with you
  • you could be an purple alien from Neptune for all he cared
  • but he didn’t say any of this to you
  • he just kissed your forehead and smiled


  • “Asexual? I didn’t know you could produce on your own!”
  • “Seven don’t joke about this.”
  • “You’re right…”
  • for once he actually listened to you and shut up???
  • he came up with 10000000 different alternatives to showing his affection for you and just
  • he is so sweet when he wants to be

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Amber run - I found with Rhack ofc

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. 

Rhys is just a middle manager, just a cog in the great machine of Hyperion, and even though he’s trying to break beyond just that, he still knows that he’s not nearly a member of Helios’ elite yet. 

So why his idol had taken an interest in him is something that terrifies him beyond his wildest dreams. 

Because Jack wasn’t someone who was meant to be loved. Jack wasn’t meant to be someone that Rhys associated with tenderness, with affection. Rhys had been content with far-off adoration and secret idolatry, but now that everything is close and he can see the cracks, there’s fear and worry brewing in his chest with every press of a kiss and warmth of an arm–because now there’s something to lose rather than surpass. 

But his body and heart are like dogs, slobbering because they want him, and they drag his brain along over Jack’s desk, under the boardroom table, into his bedroom–and he chastises himself every time his fingers cling a little bit longer into the man’s flesh when he rises to clean himself off. 

And one day Rhys can barely hear through the blood pounding in his ears as Jack–full of fire, full of anger, madness that threatens he who has been too stupid not to leave the blast radius–is telling him he’s going to Pandora, that he’s going to finish this and wipe the people from the face of the planet. And one last time the drooling jaws of his heart and cock draw him in while his brain screams at him with the truth. 

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. 

every bioware animation
  • back of the head scratch
  • a character shaking their head in disbelief or disgust with hand on their forehead, looking down
  • that kiss animation used since origins and in every mass effect game where they very slowly go in, hesitate, bop their heads around, and really go in for the kiss 
  • when a character, usually female, talks and puts their two hands in front of them like a robot and shakes them to illustrate their point
  • a character leans back on one leg with their arms loose
  • the exit-stage-right an NPC does after a conversation ends
  • angry limp wrist pointing
  • neck/collar bone scratch 
  • a slow crossing of the arms in times of suspicion
  • that punch animation 
  • drinking alcohol and violently shaking head
  • a character gives a half smile with an eyebrow raised
  • pointing behind with thumb, body turns very slightly

lesbians of color are flawless
fat lesbians are flawless
trans lesbians are flawless
disabled lesbians are flawless
dark skin lesbians are flawless
neurodivergent lesbians are flawless
mentally ill lesbians are flawless
jewish lesbians are flawless
muslim lesbians are flawless
black lesbians are flawless
nonbinary lesbians are flawless
poor lesbians are flawless
questioning lesbians are flawless
young lesbians are flawless
lesbians all around the globe are flawless
lesbians 👩‍❤️‍👩 are 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 flawless 👭💖✨


“It’s a very personal struggle for Steve. Steve always tries to take his emotions out of the equation. When it comes to Bucky, it’s a very personal situation. Bucky represents something from his past that no one else can match.” Chris Evans