every house is haunted

Don’t dress up as mental patients at Halloween. Mental illness is not a costume and you’re demeaning and mocking severely mentally ill people when you make mental patients into a scary/funny costume.

Don’t dress up as psycho/insane/crazy killer for Halloween. Doing that will reinforce the association that mental illness and violence is related, a myth which harms mentally ill people with stigmatized disorders like schizophrenia, personality disorders and bipolar disorder every day.

Don’t make a “mental asylum” themed Halloween party or haunted house. Doing that is making a mockery of all the mentally ill people who have suffered and been abused in asylums in the past and those who are still going through psychiatric abuse today.


Every town has one. The House on The Haunted Hill all the kids avoid. Now that Jason was buried in the earth, it would only be a matter of time until something poisonous bloomed. In that long, cold shadow cast by his death. Whatever grew in the rich black soil of the Blossom’s garden always found its way to the town. Whether it was murder, or love, or secrets, or lies.

“Riverdale” Chapter Five: Heart of Darkness

Types as Fun Spooky Halloween Things to Do

INFJ: Marathoning all the Halloweentown movies on Family/Disney Channel

ENFJ: Buying seven million bags of chocolate for the trick -or-treaters, then eating half of it before Halloween even starts

INFP: Driving eight hours just to find a Starbucks so you can drink a pumpkin spice latte

ENFP: Having the actual best Halloween costume
(all the ENFPs I know have the best costumes how do y'alls do it????)

INTP: Forgetting that it’s Halloween and just wearing your pyjamas as your ‘costume’

ENTP: Ghost hunting in the woods behind your house at 3am becAUSE YOU CANT PROVE GHOSTS ARENT REAL DAMMIT

INTJ: Nothing. Halloween is for toddlers. You haven’t celebrated Halloween since second grade when you dressed up as Alfred Hitchcock.

ENTJ: Haunted houses. All of them. Every. Single. Haunted. House. Ever.

ISTJ: Drawing pentagrams n other spooky stuff on any available surface just because you can


ISTP: Saying you’re “too cool” for Halloween costumes but knowing inside you’re heart that Halloween is the best holiday and it’s all a front to impress that girl you like who quotes poetry and listens to obscure indie bands and is basically the love interest from any John Green novel

ESTP: Defying physics and watching every Saw movie AND all the Paranormal Activity movies in only like five hours

ISFP: Annoying everyone you know with the spooky scary skeletons song

ESFP: Planning an amazing costume with your best friend and buying like $50 worth of awesome stuff for the costume but it’s all ruined because your friend forgets it’s Halloween and just shows up in their pyjamas

ISFJ: You’re never too old for trick-or-treating

ESFJ: Getting your nails painted with cute lil skeletons on them aww how adorable


Every town has one. The house on the haunted hill all the kids avoid. Now that Jason was buried in the earth, it would only be a matter of time until something poisonous bloomed in that long, cold shadow cast by his death. Whatever grew in the rich black soil of the Blossoms’ garden always found its way to the town. Whether it was murder or love or secrets or lies. 

Movie idea: realtor and ghost dynamic duo where the realtor gets rich off of reselling the haunted house every few month because the ghost scares the owners off so she just keeps getting commission for selling the house and when she’s made enough to retire she buys the house herself and moves in with her ghostie friend and idk paint each other’s nails and stuff

Prompt from @LauraConnolly on AO3: FenHawke - Post-adamant before Hawke goes to Weisshupt Fenris appears with their kid (age up to you I imagine a toddler being carried on his back) at Skyhold teary reunion ensues also angry Fenris that she was gonna go to anderfels without them and maybe a comedic comment to the kid from Varric when fenris and hawke inevitably disappear for a private reunion

“You.” His voice thunders across the hall, over sudden hushed voices, and the cacophony outside. He stands in the doorway, holding open the doors, white and wild swirling behind him. He stands as fierce as the storm, all snow and fury, dark clouds on his brow, a snarl at his lip. It takes four guards to close the door again, pushing against heavy and battering winds. She stops mid-step, halfway across the hall, turning her head towards him. Eyes wide, sudden pink in her cheeks.

“You left. With only a note!” Each step punctuates every word, pointing at her as he marches toward her. Varric has his arms crossed, one hand reaching upwards to cover his mouth as he laughs. Prodding her with his shoulder as she stands still as stone.

“You are in so much trouble,” he snickers. It seems to break her out of the spell, Hawke glaring down at the dwarf. She pushes him away with a hand on his face, rushing towards Fenris. The cold is evident in his rosy cheeks, and that nose of his, the snow yet unmelted in his longer hair, dusted on his cloak. She lacks the restraint not to run. Fenris instantly stops walking towards her.

“No. No! I am furious with you, do not – Hawke, I swear –” None of it stops her. She throws her arms around him, wrapping around his neck as she crashes into him. Standing on her toes to crush a kiss against his lips, hands fisting in his cloak. Peppering kiss after kiss, muffled noises in between each one as he tries to speak to her. Her hands move to his face, brushing thumbs over cheekbones, beaming at him, eyes sparkling with unshed tears. Then she is moving again, going to his back.

She moves fur and cloak, revealing the tiny face hidden under the many layers. Laughing and crying all at the same time as she slowly takes the sleeping babe in her arms. “She’s gotten so big,” Hawke hoarsely whispers as Fenris turns. His hands on her arms, moving up and down in soothing motions as he presses a kiss to the crown of her head. Hawke is cooing, rubbing a finger against a chubby little cheek. “I’ve missed so much.”

Fenris is running a hand through her hair, tucking a lock behind her ear. Studying her intently, all the dark circles under her eyes, the ribs underneath his fingertips. He should have been here. He should have been here with her, they should have stayed together. They had been apart for too long. Twisting a strand of hair in his fingers, kissing her head once again. Knocking his forehead against hers when she looks up at him, closing his eyes as he takes in her warmth.

“We have missed you,” he tells her. Taking her face in his hands, pressing a gentle kiss to her lips. She is warm and wet, salt and lavender, everything he’s ever wanted, ever needed. He had felt her absence keenly, from the cold in the bed to the silence at the table. She haunted every corner of the house when she left, her presence felt although unseen. It made the missing worse, the empty feeling in his chest, the hole where she should have been. It’s slowly starting to fill, from each kiss to every touch, the whispered word and longing looks.

“Hey,” Varric says, “I want to see this baby of yours.” He takes her gently in his arms when Hawke bends down to pass her to him. “I’ll look after her. Now get out of here you two.” A watery laugh escapes Hawke as Fenris brushes the tears away. She takes his hand, squeezes it tight, and pulls him along with her as they leave for her room. Varric grins after them, shakes his head. She’s stirring in his arms, bubbling as her eyes blink open. She looks at him in confusion, as though wondering where her parents have gone.

“I’ll tell you when you’re older kiddo,” Varric says, off to show the Inquisitor their new esteemed guest.

Ten terrifying ghost stories

1. You are a ghost. You have to give a presentation on leopards to a ghost conference. You do not know enough about leopards to do this.

2. You are a ghost. You have just materialised in a public place without any clothes on.

3. Your car is made of ghosts. In the unlikely event of an accident, you know that they will offer significantly less protection against injury than more conventional cars which are equipped with airbags.

4. Since becoming a ghost, you are unable to lift your household cleaning equipment. Lots of spiders have moved in and you cannot do anything to get rid of them other than making ‘ooo’ noises, which they rather like.

5. Your country has no regulations about paying the undead a minimum wage. As a result, your employer is considering firing you and hiring a ghost as your replacement.

6. Your nightlight is a small ghost which is inexplicably on fire. You find evidence that it has sent off for a mail-order fire extinguisher. If the ghost stops being on fire, your room will be dark at night.

7. You are a ghost who has committed to haunting a fairground house of mirrors attraction. Every time you catch sight of yourself in a mirror you jump, and your head goes part-way through the ceiling, which is disconcerting. You contacted a vampire for help with this problem, but they were unwilling to visit you to assess the situation.

8. You are a ghost. You have to make a phone call.

9. You promised to look after a pet ghost for someone you admire, and now that ghost has dematerialised and you do not know where it is.

10. You are a ghost. Your previous belief system did not include the existence of ghosts. You realise that the axioms by which you lived your prior life were likely incorrect, and as a result you may have committed atrocities without realising it.

Gerame Headcanons

If I’M and awkward virgin, and YOU’RE an awkward virgin, then WHO’S FLYING THIS GAY PLANE?

Seriously though these boys both have very limited experience but they’re figuring it out together.

Together, they are The Dorkiest Couple. America makes sure they’re tricked out to the max for every holiday and Germany would love crafts and activities like scrapbooking and letterboxing.

Behold, THE NO FUCKS GIVEN DUO. Find two people who give fewer shits about what you think of their relationship and what they do together. I dare you.

Ludwig listening to Alfred bouncing and talking incredibly quickly and waiting patiently for him to finish and paying very close attention to his boyfriend.

Germany knows better than anyone that his lover is not an idiot. America blows him away with his (incredibly selective) intelligence sometimes.

America loving and respecting Germany’s need for space and his discomfort with PDA and defying everyone’s expectations for how a couple SHOULD act in public and being totally willing and happy to do so.

America does not have an automobile kink, he has a Germany working on automobiles kink.

Germany uses direct translations from German to English sometimes, especially when he’s tired. The first time he called his pillow a “head kiss” America was just… blown away by how cute his lover is. Wow.

They are both terrified of ghosts, and every time one of them becomes convinced the house is haunted, they both abstain from sex just to be safe because that’s who the monster always comes for first, it’s a simple fact!

Simple, dependable happiness and stability are what they both want most out of a relationship and they will bend over backward to give it to each other.

Neither of them really get jealous, possessive, controlling, or demanding and the older nations don’t really understand how these young kids can do that.

The Signs On Halloween

Aries: Goes into every haunted house possible 

Taurus: Eats most of their candy before they even get home 

Gemini: Is competing in the “best costume” contest 

Cancer: Gives out the king size candy bars to trick-o-treaters 

Leo: Eggs people’s houses but gets caught 

Virgo: Is the judge for the “best costume” contest 

Libra: Wakes up early to watch a scary movie marathon 

Scorpio: Is scaring as many people as possible in the haunted house they are hosting 

Sagittarius: Steals a bowl of candy when the person giving it looks away

Capricorn: Has a map of which houses give the best candy

Aquarius: Tries to summon a ghost in an old abandoned house 

Pisces: Gets lost in a neighborhood because they were too busy eating candy to pay attention 

Halloween Horror Nights - Dean Ambrose Imagine.

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Dean Ambrose x Reader

Summary: You and Dean have been in a relationship for four years now, and you know better than anyone else that Dean absolutely HATES anything horror/haunted related. Every October you would find yourself going to haunted houses with either Rollins, Reigns or any of the other divas that want tag along with you. But this year, Dean wants to conquer his fear and walk through at least ONE horror themed attraction with you.

“Babe, are you sure you want to go?” You ask reassuringly as you, Dean, Seth and Bayley head into Universal Studios California.

“Y-yeah. I’m sure. Besides, how bad can it be?” Dean asked with a nervous smile.

As you all stepped closer to the entrance, you could hear the screams of the hundreds of people as they all walked around in the several haunted houses. Dean looked in horror and froze in his steps. You knew Dean wasn’t a big fan of any horror or haunted things, matter of fact it was the one thing he hated about the entire month of October. But he knew how much you loved these kind of things and he hated the idea of you going to haunted houses and watching scary movies with someone else. So this year, he made it his mission to get through at least one haunted house with you. This was a big step for Dean, so you weren’t going to pressure him into it. Just the fact that he wanted to at least try for you was more than enough.

You stopped beside him and smiled as you intertwined your fingers with his. “We can go somewhere else if you want? I don’t want you to do anything you don’t wa-“

“No, no. It’s fine. I want to do this.” He looked down at you and smiled before planting a soft kiss to your lips.

“Are you two gonna make out in the parking lot all night, or are we gonna do this?” Seth interrupted from the distance.

“Yeah come on! We can’t miss the new Walking Dead attraction!” Bayley added.

You and Dean broke the kiss and looked at your friends with a smile. “We’re coming!” You shouted before looking back at Dean. “It’ll be okay. Just remember, they’re just a bunch of actors in costumes doing their jobs.” You tip-toed to give him one last peck on the lips before continuing to the entrance of the theme park.

Along the way, all four of you were greeted by fans and even took some pictures and signed shirts. All of this was enough of a distraction to calm Dean down, and for the moment he forgot why he was even here at the park, until you finally reached your destination.

Dean didn’t actually notice how far all four of you made it through the beginning of the maze until the theme of The Walking Dead started getting louder. By this time, nothing scary was happening. You all were just walking through the line of a well lit up airport theme.

“This isn’t so bad. Don’t know what the hell I was so scared of.” Dean chuckled.

Seth couldn’t help but laugh. “It hasn’t started yet my brother. I’m sure it’ll get worse from here.”

You slapped Seth on the shoulder with a bit of force. “Shut the hell up Seth.”

On the outside, Dean tried to keep a cool, calm, and collected look on his face. But you could tell he was a bit nervous because his grip on your hand started getting tight.

The line started moving faster and security were trying to get the line moving as much as possible. Being that the four of you were WWE Superstars, you were allowed to go further ahead into the maze than anyone else. It was the way security had it set up.

Bayley walked behind Seth and you stood side by side with Dean. Everything was going smooth until the first walker popped out at the four of you.

“Jesus!” Dean yelled as he pulled you closer to him. At the same time, you and Bayley screamed and Seth continued walking forward.

“Seth! You’re my human shield. No pun inTENDED!” Bayley screamed as she stood behind Seth and wrapped her arms tightly around his waist. Burying her face in his back as another walker popped out and reached for her.

You screamed and Dean pulled you back a bit. Wrapping his arms around you tightly. You let out a laugh before the two of you rushed forward to rejoin Seth and Bayley.

“You okay baby?” You asked over the loud noises.

He was going to answer you until he heard a walker growl behind him from a chain linked fence and that made him jump. “Oh shit!” He laughed.

You and Dean moved in front of Seth and Bayley and that surprised you. You figured Dean would want to stay behind them this whole time. He still looked scared out of his mind, but he was trying.

After what felt like the longest five minutes ever, the four of you actually made it through the entire maze.

“Well, that was better than last year’s. I actually liked it.” Seth commented.

“Yeah it was pretty cool. I’m excited to see The Purge maze next. Wanna go?” Bayley asked Rollins.

“Let’s do it.” He chuckled and then looked back at you and Dean. “You guys comin’?”

“We’ll be there in a minute.” You replied. Then you looked up at Dean and smiled widely. “You did so good! I’m so proud of you!” You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss.

He leaned forward and returned the kiss to your lips and snaked his arms around your body. “I did it for you. I didn’t want you to feel like I can’t do these things with you. It’s just you know how I get when it comes to this stuff.”

You nodded. “I do and I’m proud of you for at least trying. But you know I’m not going to force you to do anything you don’t want to do.”

“I know.” He kissed your lips one more time. “I love you.”

Your smile returned to your lips. “I love you too.” You then looked to your right until you found the attraction to The Purge and saw Seth and Bayley already in line. “Wanna go through another one?” You asked Dean with a light chuckle. “Or we can do something else?”

Dean followed your gaze to The Purge attraction and thought about it before looking back at you. “Yeah… let’s do something else.” He chuckled.

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Prompt: The Chocobros and The Haunted House

Author’s Notes: This one was fun to do. Hope you don’t mind a bunch of silly fluff, prompter. :)


The Chocobros and the Haunted House


It opens on the edge of Prompto’s neighborhood, out where the sleepy, low income family homes start edging into the high rises of Insomnia’s inner city.

It’s a house Prompto used to pass every day on his morning jog, and it’s stood empty just about forever. He’s watched the vines creep up its side, and the paint peel, and the grass get scraggly and overgrown. When he sees the SOLD sign on the lawn, he thinks, “Someone’s got their work cut out for them.”

But no one fixes it up.

They just add a big, ugly, dead-looking tree to the front yard. Then there are a bunch of spider webs. It’s when he catches sight of a skeletal hand poking up out of the ground under a newly-installed gravestone that he finally catches a clue.

And sure enough, the fliers start appearing around Insomnia, promising the best haunted house the city’s ever seen.

“Check it out,” says Prompto, the next day at school, twisting completely around in his chair so that he can face Noct, who sits behind him in chemistry. He slaps the flier down on the desk, and he waits, expectant, while Noct read through it.

“A haunted house, huh?” he says.

“It’s gonna be awesome,” says Prompto. “Can we go? You wanna go, right?”

“I guess,” says Noct, reluctantly. “But it better be cooler than that one in the strip mall downtown. That thing almost put me to sleep.”

“Dude,” says Prompto. “Everything puts you to sleep. It’s kind of your thing.”

Noct snorts and lifts an eyebrow – starts to reply. But that’s when the school bell rings to herald the start of class.

It’s still two weeks to the grand opening, and Prompto spends them enthusing about the haunted house, in great detail, every chance he gets.

Ignis hears about it one afternoon after school. Prompto waves around a new flier, the one that says kids under thirteen years old aren’t allowed. It seems like the ultimate promise: this thing is so scary that they need an age limit.

By the end of the conversation, Prompto bright-eyed and enthusiastic, Noct wondering avidly what they could put in there that’s so terrifying, Ignis decides they need a chaperone and announces he’s going with them. 

If either of them suspect that the real reason has more to do with the fact that he’s all of seventeen years old and perhaps just wants to go to the haunted house, they are wise enough not to say anything.

Gladio hears about it from Iris.

Predictably, she’s heartbroken. At ten years old, she’s officially banned.

“I have to wait three years, Gladdy,” she tells him, tears standing in her eyes. “I’ll be an old woman by then.”

Gladio pats her head, and says, “Looks at it this way. If it’s good, it’ll keep showing up every year. If it sucks, it might not be back, but then you won’t be missing anything, anyway.”

But she sulks and mopes and acts like someone shot her puppy, right up until the day when Gladio says, “Look. I know some guys who’re going. How bout I go, too, and do some reconnaissance?”

She rounds on him, fiercely, and says, “Don’t you dare hide your eyes! I want to know about every single drop of blood.”


The line stretches for blocks.

Plural. Three of them. It wraps around the first one, and snakes onto the second, and twists idly around the third.

Any reasonable person might have said, “Why don’t we come back another day?”

But Prompto is wired, practically bouncing on his feet, and Noctis has caught some of his excitement, eyes bright and a smile playing at the corners of his mouth.

So they wait in line. And wait. And wait.

They play charades, and twenty questions, and I spy.

And finally – at nearly two in the afternoon – they reach the front door.

“Welcome,” says the cadaverous woman at the entryway, face makeup making it seem as though her skin has begun to drip off. “You may enter, if you choose. But be advised: we cannot guarantee your safe return.”

“We got this, lady,” says Gladio. “But thanks.”

And he pushes in the front door.


“When I’m king,” says Noct, thirty long minutes later, in a voice that’s harrowed and unsteady. “I’m banning haunted houses.”

Ignis adjusts his glasses. “Come now,” he says. “Surely it wasn’t as bad as all that.”

“I had a good time,” says Gladio. “Not every day you get to hear your next king shriek like a little girl.”

“What?” says Noct. “No way. That was Prompto.” His eyes dart away, and his cheeks go a dusky sort of pink. “Right, Prom?”

Prompto is still wrapped around Gladio, arms and legs clinging for dear life. He looks like a man who has discovered the only tree in a vast plain inhabited by rabid voreteeth.

With great reluctance, he peels himself free and climbs down. His face is pale as milk, and he’s shaking and unsteady on his feet – but he’s grinning when he says, “Guys. Guys. We gotta go again.”

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So get this: buzzfeed unsolved but Michael and Gavin.

OKAY SO i’ve been thinking a lot about this and i can’t decide which of them should be the skeptic and which one should be the believer?

on the one hand we can have skeptic!michael and believer!gavin – gavin getting scared at every tiny incident that happens in a haunted house, hiding behind michael as he cries, “save me, michael,” and michael exasperatedly turning towards him and yelling, “it’s JUST A TABLE LAMP, GAVIN, IT DOESN’T EVEN LOOK REMOTELY LIKE A GHOST, WHAT THE FUCK.”

but on the other hand imagine how fun skeptic!gavin and believer!michael would be – gavin questioning every single thing about the ghost stories (”so the haunted dolls float towards them on the river” “wait a second, can dolls even float on fresh water?” “who fucking cares, gavin, they are goddamn haunted dolls.”) and michael rage-quitting every single haunted places they visit, storming out as he screams, “go fuck yourself, go fuck yourself, go fuck yourself, i’m out of this place, do not fucking haunt my ass.”

The Sale Creek Goat Man

Goat Man. Not exactly the most intimidating of names, but it’s a popular urban legend. Creepy ass half goat half men who roam the forests, out to murder your ass with an ax. Just an urban legend though according to most.

However, there was a Goat Man here. Or Goat Men. They’ll probably be long gone by the time I post this, so take what you will from my experience. Anyone who has a rational explanation for what the fuck I saw, you’re welcome to share.

The sightings started up a month or two ago, and I kept an eye on it all. I run a blog on the weird shit in the US. Haunted houses, aliens, and every sort of cryptid that crawls, swims, or flies. If there’s a story, I’ll be chasing it. So of course when I heard there was a legit Goat Man walking the forest, I knew I had to have a camping trip.

I dug out my cameras, dusted off my old tent, invited my friends Cecil and Roxanne, and we set off for a weekend of fun chasing a Goat Man.

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Date a Girl That...: SF9


  • Eye smile;
  • Cooking;
  • Like to read;
  • Romantic.


  • Looks good in glam but better in casual;
  • A cutesoo;

  • Can kick someone’s as sin record time;

  • Fluffy and smol.


  • Aegyo better than his;
  • An actual evil;

  • Bakes and cooks;

  • Likes cuddling a lot.


  • A very active person;
  • Funny;
  • Motherly;
  • Strong willed.


  • Naturally sexy
  • A very soft person;

  • Sentimental;

  • Can cook good.


  • Someone soft;
  • Who likes cuddles;

  • Someone whom he could protect;

  • And also tell all of his burdens to without being afraid to burden you even more.


  • A very cute kind of person;
  • A lot of aegyo;

  • Loves dancing;

  • Also kind of clumsy/ shy/ that cliche kinda thing.


  • Someone who likes going out a lot;
  • But also someone who is chill;

  • And ain’t scared of haunted houses;

  • And generally every ride in amusement’s park.


  • Someone that is a genius because he needs that knowledge for school atm;
  • Good sense of humour;
  • Someone who can bake;
  • Someone with a cute smile.
Haunted House

Summary: Harry hates Halloween more than anything.


Harry was an absolutely miserable mess and there was simply no other way to describe it.

He was one zombie pop up away from having a heart attack and there was no one to blame but himself. It was his idea to come to the fucking haunted house, he was the one that bought the tickets to get in and paid the parking fee, he was the one that had driven them there, he was the one who’d walked into the house with two excited girls hanging from his arms, jumping around with large smiles on their faces because they’d been waiting to come here forever and he’d always said no because he knew it’d be like this; He’d be scared to death of every gust of wind and they’d laugh at him along with everyone else who noticed him nearly jumping out of his skin and squealing like a little girl whenever somebody popped out in front of him.

Y/N and his daughter, Gwen, had been begging him for the last three years to take them to the haunted house that everyone was buzzing about every single October, and he’d always refused. He would’ve said no this year as well and they would’ve done the same thing they did every Halloween; Stayed at home, dressed in matching costumes like the three bears or even some Disney Characters and handed out candy to the little kids that came by in hopes of getting some of Harry’s famous homemade granola bars that were healthy yet delicious, as he always reminded them in that tone that always made Gwen cringe, and then they’d watch the one scary movie Harry’s heart could (just barely) handle, scary movie, and then it was off to bed. At 10:00. On Halloween.

Boring and too safe, as Gwen always reminded him, and just as it should be, as he always said. They would’ve been at home doing that right now! If only he hadn’t forgotten Y/N’s birthday three nights ago and said no to Gwen going on what was supposed to be her first date with her so-called ‘boyfriend’…

He hadn’t heard a word from either of them until he announced that they were finally going to the haunted house. And now here they were.

“You’re doing so good, sweetheart.” Y/N rubbed his arm in a comforting fashion and spoke in the softest tone she could muster up. Harry’s face flushed as he heard the sound of two little boys snickering behind him, along with his own daughter. “Make them stop.” Harry whined. Y/N rolled her eyes and then narrowed them at her daughter. “Quit laughing at your dad, you know he’s easily scared-” “Traumatized.” Harry corrected her. “I’m traumatized.”

“Sure, right.” Y/N nodded in agreement, trying to end the conversation before it started. She and Gwen had heard the story a billion times and now it was etched into her brain.

When he was four and a half years old-Or maybe just entering the sweet age of five, as he always said- he’d been knocked over by a group of kids who were all running to get candy from the best house in the neighborhood, the house that always had the good stuff. The snickers, the Twix, the paydays, the candy apples. It was like a candy shop over there, not that the expectations were really high. Every other house always gave out mints and laffy taffies, if they were feeling generous.

Harry had laid on the ground crying for a whole five minutes, his elbow bruised and his cheek feeling sore, and one of those kids had stepped on his finger too! He swore off Halloween from that day on.

Until he was ten when he decided to give it another try.

Mischievous, as every other ten year old boy is, he’d dressed up in the scariest costume he could find, a white sheet with holes in it so he could see because 'what could possibly be scarier than ghosts’, and headed out with his friends with hopes of scaring some girls to death, or at least to the point of peeing their pants and running home to their mommies, never leaving their houses again because if they did they’d be in constant fear of seeing the scariest ghost in town, Harry.

Instead, he’d run up to the girl he wanted to scare the most, his secret crush, Jessica Valentine, screamed 'Boo!’ Right in her ear, and got smacked to the ground in front of all his friends and hers. When he got up and turned to run away, he ran into the leg of a tall, bloody clown. He’d screamed until he lost his voice and wet his pants right in front of everyone. And then he swore off Halloween for good.


He was seventeen years old, down in the basement of his mother’s house, deciding that this Halloween he’d watch scary movies with a few of his friends, and his sister, who just refused to leave. It’d gone well for a while. Sure, he was jumping and screaming more than the others, but he managed to play it cool. Sure, he was a little iffy about the noises he swore he kept hearing coming from the closet behind the couch that they were sat on, but he was ignoring it fairly well. Sure, he wanted to just go upstairs and sit with his mum and grandma and watch old soap operas and bake cookies, but he was hiding those feelings pretty well.


“The fuck was that?” His friend, Matthew, had asked as he paused the movie and looked toward the closet door. Harry was relieved for only a second because thank god he wasn’t the only one hearing that noise, but then the panic set in. What was that noise? Was there a monster in his closet? Was someone hiding in there?

“I don’t hear anything, turn the movie back on.” Gemma brushed it off, annoyance lacing her tone before she shoved some popcorn in her mouth. The movie had just been getting good when he’d paused it and she was eager to see what would happen next.

“I’ll check it out so we can get back to the movie.” Robert, his other best mate, sighed. He swiftly removed himself from the couch, stepped in front of the door, and without a moment’s hesitation, pulled it open.

Out fell a skeleton and a witches costume, and Harry ran screaming and crying up the stairs. He didn’t know that his cat had been in the closet scratching at the door, she’d gone in there to take a nap as she usually did for some odd reason, and they’d completely forgotten that she was in there and closed the door. He didn’t know that the items that had fallen out of the closet were merely Halloween decorations that weren’t in use this year, and not some closet monster plotting to kill him. He didn’t know any of this until his mum managed to get him to stop crying and explained it to him. And then, for good this time, he swore off Halloween forever.

“It’s been like forty years.” Gwen muttered. “Build a bridge and get over-” “Forty?” Harry scoffed. “How old do you think I am?” “Your looks say thirty, the way you act says seventy-two. Who knows.” She shrugged. “Can we continue now?” She asked as she watched everyone else walking by. They’d stopped in one place, gathered in a corner as they tried to get Harry to calm down.

“Be sensitive. Your father is very shaken up from what happened to him…Almost twenty years ago.” Y/N sighed as she continued rubbing his arm. “I can hear the judgment in your tone, and the fake sympathy is oozing out of you. If  you don’t want me around ruining your fun, just say so.” He huffed.

He really wasn’t mad, but now was the perfect time to get the hell out of this damn house for good. Gwen smirked as she noticed what he was doing and then sent her mum a look. “We want you around, Harry. It’s why we never came without you. If you’re not going to go through this house, we’re not going to go through this house.”  Y/N told him, giving him a small smile. “Um-” Gwen started to object but decided to be quiet after receiving a look from her mum. “Yeah, we’re only going if you do.” She sighed.

Harry thought for a moment before mentally groaning. “Yeah, I’ll continue on. I know how much you guys wanna experience this. ’S not so bad, I suppose. I’m scaring myself more than the scarers are.” He chuckled a little. “This will be fun when you loosen up.” Y/N nodded, rubbing his shoulders. “Trust me, this will be the best hour and a half of your life!”

“Hour and a half?” He squeaked.