every house is haunted


chapter five: heart of darkness

Every town has one. The house on the haunted hill all the kids avoid. Now that Jason was buried in the earth, it would only be a matter of time until something poisonous bloomed; in that long, cold shadow cast by his death. Whatever grew in the rich black soil of the Blossoms’ garden always found its way into the town. Whether it was murder or love, or secrets… or lies.


Every town has one. The house on the haunted hill all the kids avoid. Now that Jason was buried in the earth, it would only be a matter of time until something poisonous bloomed in that long, cold shadow cast by his death. Whatever grew in the rich black soil of the Blossoms’ garden always found its way to the town. Whether it was murder or love or secrets or lies. 

Michigan Gothic

• M-59 is a wasteland of traffic. The lights change, but no one moves. Your foot never touches the gas pedal, only lifts off and then returns to the brake. You don’t know how long you’ve been out here. You think you see a break in traffic, but it’s just a mirage provided by the heat rising off the engines.

• Every October, you can’t help but feel that the haunted houses and haunted farms dotting the mile roads may not just be costumes and red corn syrup. The metallic scent of blood is at the tail end of every deep breath of fresh air. You smile at the woman in the ticket booth, but there’s nothing behind her eyes.

• You stare out over lake St. Clair, huddling deeper into your jacket. Just past the horizon, you see something rising from the gray, muddled water. It takes you 20 minutes to convince yourself that nothing lives there anymore. But you know what you saw.

• The pot holes, God the pot holes. The grow and change at night, always just inches from your wheels. You grip the steering wheel and pray that you aren’t the unlucky soul they take as fresh blood tonight. Where does one go if they’re swallowed by something so unholy?

• You walk into Tim Horton’s. You could’ve sworn that yesterday this was a Starbucks. No, the barista replies, this has always been a Tim Horton’s. Her smile is just a a little too wide for her face. You fear it will stretch right off and onto yours. You apologize. Of course it’s always been a Tim Horton’s. You do everything you can to make her stop smiling.

• It is October. The Red Wings are playing. It is April. The Red Wings are still playing. They are always playing. They are always playing. They descend on the city, a cacophony of Languages that seem vaguely European, but fill you with dread. The playoff beards are older than you are. There is red. So much red. Everything you see is red. Everything you are is red. Where is it all coming from?

• Children play in the residential streets. They ride bikes, scooters, skateboards. They play hockey. They stand and stare you in the eye as you attempt to drive up their street. They don’t move. They never move.

• The sirens are going off. It’s the first Saturday of the month. The screams almost drown out the sirens. You don’t know where they’re coming from. They are miles away but in your basement.

• The sun is a myth. Heat is a myth. Shadows are myths. They are all simply elements of a ghost story told around a bonfire. The clouds part. Steam rises off of everything. Cold is a myth. Winter is a myth.

Since it’s October, can we just talk about SFX makeup artist!Grantaire?

  • Grantaire who’s played around with his mother’s makeup behind his parent’s backs since he was 7. Who hid some in his closet when his father threw it all out.
  • Who helps his other friends with their student film projects.
  • Who has a giant tub of latex in his mini fridge (Bossuet almost ate some once)
  • Who has caused Joly into nearly having a heart attack on multiple occasions with some of his gorier pieces.
  • When he is going through a depressive episode, he just sits there and paints scales or something on his hands.
  • He and Eponine have sleepovers where they spend the entire night just doing each-others normal makeup.
  • He and Jehan are obsessed with Halloween.
  • Les Amis volunteer every year to do the community haunted house.
  • They once walked in on Grantaire painting Jehan’s belly to look like he had been dissected. Grantaire couldn’t stop laughing because Jehan looked fucking ecstatic.
  • One Halloween night Grantaire had the idea to scare the shit out of Bahorel while he was sleeping, Feuilly and Courfeyrac were filming. Long story short Grantaire ended up with a fist colliding into his gut, while the  others ended up with a hilarious viral video.
  • He comes into a Halloween party in an beautiful skeleton facepaint, and Enjolras hid from him the entire time. He just couldn’t stop staring at him! Since when were his eyes so god damn blue?!
  • Halloween is the one night were Grantaire truly feels proud of himself and his work.

some random domestic arthur/eames halloween-inspired headcanons:

  • eames is all about couples costumes when he can convince arthur to go with him to a party, but arthur will only agree to it if it’s something classy/intellectual (although one year eames convinced him to agree to go as batman and robin, it was a huge hit)
  • every year eames volunteers at a big popular haunted house or hay ride and he usually ends up playing some demented doctor who does fucked up experiments on patients or an unhinged chainsaw murderer or something but he gets a huge kick out of flirtatiously scaring the shit out of people 
  • arthur’s into celebrating by making brandy-spiked cider or mulled wine and putting on old 1930′s horror movies
  • eames always buys the best candy for trick-or-treaters (we’re talking like the big reese’s cups or like whole snickers, but also gummy vampire teeth and snakes and shit) and arthur always feels guilty about it and, when he answers the door, slips a granola bar and a tiny puzzle in their bags along with the candy
Every town has one. The house on a haunted hill all the kids avoid. Now that Jason was buried in the earth, it would only be a matter of time until something poisonous bloomed. In that long, cold shadow cast by his death. Whatever grew in the rich black soil of the Blossom’s garden always found its way to the town. Whether it was murder. Or love. Or secrets. Or lies.
—  Jughead Jones (Chapter Five: Heart of Darkness)

Things To Imagine Pegasus Doing In Fall (in case you have not)

oPegasus carving Jack O'Lanterns with children, and, similarly, Pegasus giving an unplanned sneak peek of new monster cards by using their designs on his pumpkin.

oPegasus unabashedly judging pumpkin spice lattes. “This belongs in pie and nothing else.”

oPegasus dressing in ridiculous fall sweaters, especially for interviews.

oPegasus relieving the imminent stress of the holidays by gathering giant piles of leaves and jumping / rolling around in them.

oPegasus doing tours of his castle the entire month of October, during which it’s a haunted house and the grounds a series of haunted mazes. Every employee has to participate.

oPegasus hoarding all things apple. Apple donuts, apple pie (yes, the moonshine too,) caramel apples, you name it.

Croquet stares at him upon seeing the table filled with sweets and cider, “Sir I understand indulgence but isn’t this a bit excessive?”

“I will be healthy when I’m dead Croquet.”

oPegasus turning into a pinterest mom and making boards of fall fashion trends.

oPegasus stopping people on the street to compliment their burnt orange sweaters, burgundy dresses, and maroon lipstains.

oPegasus making sure stray black cats are safe, especially around Halloween.

literally every house my parents have ever lived in has been haunted and now they’re realizing their apartment is also haunted and my mom is like

“I’m 68 this shit doesn’t even phase me anymore, oh shadows? yeah fuck off, I’m watching hulu and I ain’t got time for your shit”

me: *minding my own business and getting the mail*
kid: excuse me, are you the lady from halloween house?
me: uh, oh yes. we make this a haunted house every october. did you visit us last year?
kid: yeah
me: oh, nice. did you like it?
kid: yup but who was that creepy lady that was crawling around, she was scary.
me: haha, that was me. i was the girl from the Ring. i hope i didnt scare you too bad.
kid: oh no im fine but my dad liked you alot.
me: haha, thats rad
kid: i guess, i heard him saying something to my mom about how he wished she could walk around like you? saying something about being able to bend her back like that? I hope he doesnt want her to dress up like that for next halloween

Modern AU: 

Aelin drags Rowan into the haunted houses because she likes to be scared. Rowan adamantly refuses to go in because “it’s a silly and wasteful activity in which people dress up in cheap costumes.” He gives in to her demands when she gives him the puppy dog look. 

 Flash forward to the two of them in the haunted house: Rowan is literally about to piss his pants out of fear. He is practically piggy-backing on Aelin’s back. Aelin on the other hand is ready to piss her pants from laughing too hard. After the haunted house experience, Aelin takes every opportunity to hide in dark shadows with a Scream mask on to scare the shit out of Rowan. It never fails.

Holdover and Held Breath

Like widdershins we dither,
coldcocked outsiders of dawn,
verdigris upchuck of the odd grass, grout of the tarmac,

and there, a mist opportunity, cold breath
like huddled wretched cattle bobbing cragged heads
in that empty air, fog a growth industry,

every dream job to haunt a house,
tied to the bannister and third to last stair, board
and earthen basement, our spectral wristwatch

turned back and walked like a pet zeitgeist,
tapping ripples into milk, glass glow headlights
going somewhere other, our low cloud

returned among the myth of cows,
of grasses sufficient to sustain a herd, what was heard,
like we’d let the oxygen in CO2 escape.

- B B Pine

Karasuno in a haunted house
  • Hinata: *every time he gets scared he starts to climb in Kageyama*
  • Kageyama: Calm down, dumbass, everything is going to be... n-affs... niff... n-n-ICE
  • Noya: Pffff, this is not even sacry, a men never gets sca- JESUS CHRIST
  • Suga: protecthimallthecosts2K15
  • Daichi: Gotta keep the dad posture gotta keep the dad postre gotta- *sweats*
  • Tsukishima: Outside: tch Inside: holy shit I was not ready
  • Yamaguchi: *you know that souns when we step in a rubber ducky? Well that is him screaming*
  • Asahi: *his life is going through his eyes also he is going to scream like a dying whale so better prepare your ears*
BTS Reaction to You Crying At a Haunted House With Them

I honestly am half and half when it comes to haunted houses. I could never get through a really scared one. But I have done the make up for a few. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy these reactions <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Jin: “Jagi, I promise you will enjoy it. I will be right here.” He promised you as he took you towards the haunted house. You had tried to get out of it the whole day. But eventually Jin managed to talk you into joining him for a quick run through the haunted house. Every jump scare got you, causing you to scream and coward again Jin. After finally getting out, Jin started laughing to help relax. He looked down at you and noticed the tears on your cheeks. “Ah! (Y/N), I am so sorry! I shouldn’t have made you go!” He said in a concerned voice as he held you tightly.

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Suga: You could feel your heart racing. You stared up at the creepy building that was decorated to look like an abandoned hospital. Inside though was even worse than you could have imagines. Suga held your hand tightly as he brought you through the haunted house. “Ah! I saw that coming! I knew it as we rounded the corner.” He would shout loudly in order to keep from looking like he was scared. He brought you out, chuckling a bit every time you screamed. When you finally got out, Yoongi was still yelling about how boring it was, but he shut up quickly and pulled you again him. “Jagi, don’t worry. It was all just fake costumes. And bad ones. No need to cry.” He said as he rubbed your back lovingly.

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J-Hope: He was just as scared to go as you were, trying everything he could to avoid it. But the boys had already dared him to go and you had reluctantly promise to go with him to hopefully help him relax a bit. The two of you stared at the house in terror as you slowly started to approach the haunted house. The two of you entered and managed to get through maybe a room or two before you were running towards the exit together. You held hands tightly, not sure who was squeezing harder, and finally found your way out. The two of you were crying, holding each other as you continued to scream at every shadow in the parking lot. “Let’s never do that again!” He cried as you held him against you.

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Rapmon: He tried to talk you out of going, knowing that you were not happy about it. He could see the hesitation in your eyes, but you were insistent on trying to get passed your fear. He had been the one to bring it up after all, saying that the best way to get through things is to face them. He held your hand tightly and kept his arm around you as you walked through the haunted house together. You continuously pushed against him as you tried to move away from the dark walls. As soon as you were gone, Namjoon felt your shoulders shaking and saw that you were crying. He quickly brought you to the car and hurried to an ice cream shop to help calm you down and apologized for taking you.

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Jimin: He wasn’t thrilled about going just as you. But he wanted to prove to the rest of the maknae line that he could do it. He managed to talk you into joining him, saying that it would be a cute date. Although you knew it was merely so he had someone who he could hold on to during the walk. The two of you walked slowly, screaming and jumping back at every monster or hand that popped out to grab you two. You couldn’t even get through the entire house as you fell to the floor in tears. All of the fear in Jimin vanished as he picked you up and held you tightly against him. He quickly brought you out of the building and to a brightly lit place. “Jagiya, I’m so sorry I brought you with me. I promise I will make it up to you.” He promised as he kissed your tears away.

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V: He was excited at the thought of going to a haunted house. He thought that it would be a great chance for him to show you his manly side. He saw the haunted house at the amusement park that you were visiting, and now that it was getting late, he thought it would be sure to be like a movie scene of a damsel holding tightly to her boyfriend for protection. However, as the two of you entered the haunted house, he could tell that you were more than just a little scared. Your hands were shaking in his and getting sweaty instantly. You pulled him against you and whispered reassurance in your ear that everything was going to be okay. As soon as you started crying, he quickly found a side exit and brought you on the Merry-Go-Round. “Jagi, look! They have a unicorn. You like unicorns, right?” He asked as he desperately tried to cheer you up.

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Jungkook: You knew that there was no getting out of it with the excited smile on his face. He was looking forward for the new haunted house to open for at least a month now and he was already hinting that he was going to take you. He told you that he wanted you to come with him because it would be ‘so much fun.’ After a while of pestering, you finally agreed and let him drag you with him to the haunted house. “Jagi, isn’t this fun?” He asked you as you got half way through the maze. You were shaking terribly and holding on to him tightly as you tried to get your legs to continue to move. He looked down at you and noticed the way your eyes gleamed with tears and he quickly stopped, taking your hand and hurrying you out. “Ah, jagiya, you should have told me you were too scared. I never wanted you to cry.” He said in a sad voice as he kissed you over and over again.

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