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They’ve got nearly the same hairstyle, because my headcanon for my fem!Lilly is that she is the one who makes Misono’s hairstyle every morning (◡‿◡✿)

And since you’re all waiting for that one particular character the next character sheet is going to be *drum roll please* …
TSUBAKI ・:*:・\(*^▽^*)/・:*:・ and Higan


so i started to play the sims 3 again a few weeks ago and i was (and still) so obsessed over bully that i made 3 of my fave characters: Jimmy, Trent and Gord ! (honestly i’m not so proud of how i made Trent, Jimmy looks okay (and cute) and i ABSOLUTELY LOVE HOW I MADE GORD i have a big crush on him i’d marry him but we’re not cousins)

just sharing a few solo shots for the moment, i’m gonna post more in the week !!

(* i do not own any cc content i used on my sims -??? i hope this makes any sense- nor the photoshop actions made by halcyonglow and i-like-teh-sims)

kiyoyachi; hitoka lets kiyoko play with her hair.

“Here, let me.”

Hitoka looks up when her bed dips with a new weight. Kiyoko sits behind her, her pajama top sliding off one shoulder in a way that can only be described as comfortable. She’s reaching for the brush in Hitoka’s hand.

“Oh, thank you.”

Kiyoko hums, settling at her back and gently tugging her hair into her hands. For a while, the room is quiet, and the steady rhythm of Kiyoko’s hand on Hitoka’s hair almost lulls Hitoka to sleep. 

“Your hair’s gotten longer,” Kiyoko says. She’s put the brush down, now focusing on running her fingers through the blond curls, soft and silky after a shower.

Hitoka shrugs shyly. “I’m considering letting it grow out. Though I guess I’ll look like my mother that way…”

“I like it.”

“O-Oh.” Hitoka knows she’s blushing, and she knows Kiyoko knows, too. But the other girl only gathers her hair behind her neck, smoothing it out across her shoulders.

“Can I braid it?”

“Of course.”

It’s quiet again, and Hitoka allows her eyes to close, concentrating on the gentle, sure movements of Kiyoko’s hands in her hair. It’s soothing, reminds her of when she was small, really small, back when her mother wasn’t gone so often and she’d show up to school in a new hairstyle every day. But Kiyoko’s touch is lingering, soft and familiar in the way that Hitoka can sink into so willingly, knowing that she’s safe and sound and can always return when she needs to.

When Kiyoko’s hands withdraw from her hair, Hitoka sits up. She turns, catching sight of her newly braided hair in the mirror by the desk, and smiles. Hitoka shifts on the bed covers until she’s facing Kiyoko. 

The kiss they share is sweet, softer than any comforter Hitoka has ever known, but Hitoka likes it. And, if the way Kiyoko smiles against her lips is any indication, Kiyoko likes it, too. And that’s good enough for Hitoka.


Literally none of my Xenoblade X friends/mutuals who know me inside and out would’ve expected anything less from me once I got my hands on FFXIV.

Now to coerce someone on my friends list into making her on their account so I can have Singto(Sergio) marry her in-game (SERGxHOPEWILLBECANONDAMMIT).

Take Care || Pt. 2

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Description : Namjoon fulfills his promise of taking you out and it’s getting harder for Tae to hide his… 

  • Reader X Taehyung X Namjoon
  • a/n : It’s like really late/early to update but i know y’all aint gone to bed, here it is!! reblog and and like if you enjoy :)
  • Word count : 3.2k

“You’re gonna leave me here why?” You rinsed the last two dishes in the sink left behind from lunch with Tae. It was his idea to have a gourmet serving of pizza rolls and fries.

“Your dad wants to have some sort of emergency meeting with all the security staff,”

“Why?” You flashed the water from your hands and turned to face him with a look of confusion decorating your face.

“There was…an incident, nothing to worry about,” The way he fiddled with his fingers and looked down made you know that there was way more to the story.

“Tae, come on, we’ve gotten closer than we thought in the past two weeks, you can at least tell me what’s going on,” You stepped towards him and lifted his head with your damp hands.

He held you by the wrists and brought your hands down gently. “It’s nothing to worry about; will you be okay alone here though?”

You frowned at the way he ignored your gesture, “Yeah, whatever,”

As if that was all he wanted to know, he grabbed a set of keys from the kitchen counter, gave you a half hug and disappeared through the door.

There was nothing to do at home after Tae left. Over the course of two weeks you both had only been out to a mall, the supermarket, a salon and back and forth to Incheon to visit your dad. Whenever you weren’t both on the road, you were inside busy with online classes and he was making calls and filing shit he’d never let you see. You definitely weren’t bored; there was nothing to complain about. You actually liked it there. Having him around kept you calm, sexually frustrated at times, but still calm.

You picked up your laptop from the dining table with the intention to go in your room but all your actions were interrupted with the ringing of the doorbell.

You place the laptop back down and went to answer it thinking it was just Tae that probably left something.

“Forgot me? –

“Hi,” Namjoon greeted you with his usual contagious smile.

“Oh, hey, um Tae isn’t here,”

“I know, I came to you…well, I came for you,”

“You what?”

“I’ll wait out here while you change, unless you want to go out in those shorts but then I definitely couldn’t promise I’d behave myself,” He winked at you and you couldn’t help but scoff in return.

“I’ll change,”

You returned to the door a few minutes later in the same button up top but with ripped jeans instead of shorts this time.

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see honey,” You playfully rolled your eyes pulling the door shut behind you and walked with Namjoon to the downstairs parking lot and to his car. He and Tae had identical vehicles; probably provided by the ‘company’.

Namjoon cruised along the streets, just at the right pace for you to take in the sites of the city. It was beautiful there, people crowded the streets buying a variety of different things from stands along the roads.

He pulled up in front of a building and got out quickly to come around and open the door for you, “Wow, he practices chivalry,” You joked while curtsying but he didn’t return the gesture with a bow. Tae would have.

Your mind ran on him while you followed Namjoon down the long stretch of pavement in front of the building and nearer to a field which wasn’t really crowded but crowded.

“Welcome to the Han river,” Namjoon outstretched his hands and you took in your surroundings vigilantly.

It was absolutely gorgeous. There were small ducks waddling along the bank, not getting too far in, people sitting in groups on blankets taking pictures or writing in books, parents playing with children and people playing with dogs. It was similar to scenes you had seen in America, but this was authentic happiness, you saw it on everyone’s faces and Namjoon sure saw it on yours.

“I know right?” He smiled at you when you realized you were caught staring at the scene completely mesmerized by all that was happening around you.

“It’s beautiful,” You stuttered out and sighed loudly looking at the river again.

“You are too,” He smirked at you and you looked down quickly to hide your blush, “Want to try something new?”

“Sure,” You smiled up at him and he took your hands in his and guided you to a food stall nearby.

The woman there moved faster than any worker you’d ever seen. She was placing these long dumpling looking treats on kebab sticks and placing them in a basket while serving and collecting money from customers.

“Oh this! This is nice,” Namjoon pulled out a note and gave it to the lady before grabbing two of the treats and handing one to you.

“Thank you…how do you um, eat it?” You felt dumb after asking him that but you genuinely didn’t know.

He laughed at you loudly after taking a bite of his, “Like this,” He lifted his stick and brought it up to his mouth to take another bite.

You took a whiff of the snack before deciding it smelt edible and took a large bite of it not expecting it to taste so soft and satisfying. You hummed in delight after the first bite and ate the rest of it all off before you and Namjoon made it back to the river.

Namjoon saw you playing with the stick left behind from the snack and laughed at how hungry you still looked, “Want another?”

“Yes please,” You answered with a broad smile secretly hoping he would’ve asked you sooner.

“Wait here,” He disappeared into a small crowd heading towards the stand you both had come from not too long ago and you became a little scared when you lost sight of him. Tae would have never left you.

You wondered what Taehyung was doing, if your dad was being too harsh with the staff again, too harsh with Tae. He was sensitive, you’d learnt that over the time spent with him and you weren’t sure he could handle your father and his choice of words. You were honestly enjoying the time with Namjoon, but you yearned for home with every minute that ticked by. You couldn’t wait to get home in front of your television and lay across the sofa with your head perched up on Taehyung’s lap again while you both indulged in an ice cream bar and a k-drama while he gave you every hairstyle he could think of.

You felt a pair of eyes almost piercing through your soul from behind making you suddenly uncomfortable and interrupting your thoughts. You spun around and your eyes made four with a short, middle aged, obviously Korean man dressed in a navy blue and white suit. He seemed startled when you first made eye contact but flipped his phone out, took another deep look at you then walked away.

“Everything alright?” Namjoon’s voice snapped you out of your Trans, “What’s wrong?”

“Oh, uh, nothing I was just…wondering what was taking you so long,” You lied. You decided to just tell Tae about it when you went home instead of spoiling the day with your paranoia.

“Oh good,” He handed you two more of the treats you fell in love with earlier and you took them happily.

You felt gluttonous but you couldn’t care less because when you looked around, there wasn’t one person out there that had less than two in their hands. The crowd began to get bigger and people started setting up their things closer to the river.

“What’s going on?” You turned to Namjoon who was already staring at you.

“You’ll see honey” He repeated his line from earlier at the penthouse.

“Why am I excited and not scared whenever you tell me that?”

A smile crept onto his face after hearing you say that, “You tell me,”

Namjoon shuffled closer beside you and slowly let his fingers lace through yours. At the time you didn’t know why you’d let him, but it would’ve been too embarrassing for him if you pulled away, besides, you weren’t doing anything wrong.

You looked down at your watch to see that it was already almost 5pm. Out of nowhere, red, blue, purple and every color you knew burst in the sky in a mixture of different patterns. Just when you thought the park or river or whatever Eden this was that Namjoon had taken you to couldn’t have gotten any better, the sky literally lit up. The colors of the fireworks were in heated competition with the orange and pink the sunset had brought with it.

Namjoon walked around to stand in front of you and took your other hand in his free one. You looked up at him and wondered why he was doing what he was doing but you went along with it seeing that it seemed harmless.

“You’re blocking my view Kim Namjoon,” You sassed but smiled to soften the blow.

Namjoon chuckled and let out a soft sigh, “Yeah, I know,”

Before you could ask another question or even utter another word, Namjoon’s lips crashed into yours. His eyes closed involuntarily but yours were wide open with surprise.

You gently pushed him off of you, “Whoa whoa, what was that for?” You kept your hands on his chest a foot away from you so he didn’t try it again.

He looked genuinely…sad, “Nothing, I thought you know?”

“No I don’t know,” You removed your hands and sunk them in your pockets, “I uh – I actually don’t feel so good, can you take me back home?”

“No problem,” Namjoon signaled with his hand for you to go forward and you wasted no time in heading back to the building you parked in front of.

You weren’t lying when you said you didn’t feel good, your stomach felt like a volcano that would erupt if someone gave it the slightest touch. You hadn’t felt this nauseous in years. There were a number of things that could’ve contributed to the weird feeling, Namjoon and his unexpected gesture, worrying about the time you were coming home, the cold air against only certain sections of your skin through the rips in your jeans and a little anxiety mixed with adrenaline from the thought of going home to see Taehyung.

You were well on your way back to the penthouse in a matter of minutes. The drive was silent, except for when Namjoon broke the silence once to ask if you still felt weird and you didn’t know if he was talking about the kiss or actually talking about your stomach ache so you just said no.

You opened the front door to a pacing Taehyung with his hands basically tearing through his hair. You closed it loudly so he would know you came through and it sure did stop him in his tracks and had him rushing towards you and grabbing your face in his large hands.

“Y/n!!! Where the fu – where the hell have you been!!!”

“I was out with Namjoon,” You struggled to get a proper sentence out because of the way he had your cheeks squished together.

“What? How? Where’d he take you?” He removed his hands from your face and squeezed your shoulders instead.

“Tae relax, he came by shortly after you left and we drove to Han River,” you spoke in your calmest voice hoping the tranquility in your tone would somehow transfer to him.

“What did you do at Han River?” Tae furrowed his brows and fully removed his hands from you to fold them across his chest; you were actually getting a little scared of his change in tone.

“Nothing we just walked and ate from this food stand and watched fireworks,”

“Do you have any idea how it looks knowing I’m in charge of making sure your safe and I don’t know where you are?”

“So I’ll just tell you before I go next time,”

“Next time,” Tae let out a genuine laugh and lifted his hand to rub your cheek smiling, “There won’t be a next time love,”

“He kissed me,” You blurted it out before you could stop yourself, not telling Tae felt like you were lying to him somehow but you instantly regret it as soon as you said it.

Taehyung’s face fell as low as it could go and his hand followed, “He what?” The deepness of his cold tone sent shivers down your spine and not the kind it normally did.

Tae knew the way he spoke scared you and he felt guilty for making you go stiff so sudden but his anger didn’t allow him to feel soft. He didn’t even have the strength to fold back his hands; all he wanted to do with them was strangle Namjoon until he saw stars. He needed to calm down if he wanted to have a decent conversation with you for the rest of the night so walking away from you seemed like the best option.

“Where are you going?” You held on to his forearm but dropped it when you saw how scornful he looked at where your hand made contact with him.

“Don’t do that, don’t touch me,”

“Tae why?” Your voice cracked and it took everything in him not to turn around and apologize.

“Go touch Namjoon,” Tae walked out of sight and you stood there in shock at what he just said to you. You had no idea he was even capable of getting upset.

Just then your stomach flipped over, it wasn’t just nausea, this was painful. You kicked off your shoes but the moment your bare feet came in contact with the cold floors it only made your stomach feel worse. You crunched and let out a cry of pain. Your shirt was buttoned up to your neck and practically strangling you but you didn’t have the strength to undo it.

You ran as fast as you could to the main bathroom when you felt everything from your day out coming back up and you fell on the floor in front of the toilet. You quickly pried it open lifting the second seat with it and as soon as you positioned your mouth over the open bowl, everything came up accompanied by the inevitable cringy sounds.

You were loud with your upchuck but you couldn’t help it. Tears welled up in your eyes out of pain and maybe even the fact that Tae had said that to you and you couldn’t understand why you actually thought about him with every moment you got to think, especially one as gruesome as this.

As if God himself tapped Tae on the shoulder, he came running into the bathroom and crouching behind you to hold back your hair when another puddle of disgust threatened to come up.

“Ah, y/n I was trying to be mad at you,” Tae held the lid for you so you could free your hands.

You coughed over the bowl and struggled with the button at the top of your shirt that was now choking you, “I can’t –I can’t b-breathe right,”

Tae pulled you backwards into his hold and quickly loosened the button and you let out a well needed exhale.

“What did you eat?”

“Some snack on a stick from some food stand,” You were still struggling to breathe easily.

“Ugh stupid Namjoon doesn’t he know you’re not used to Korean food yet,” He spoke mostly to himself, “Does it feel like you’re done?” He asked while gently brushing your hair to calm you down and you nodded yes.

“I’m sorry; I pushed him away I swear –

“Shh, no its fine please don’t worry about that,” Taehyung’s voice was laced with guilt and sympathy and everything that was apologetic, “Shit, it’s all over your shirt,”

He helped you sit up and you watched him undo the buttons of your shirt one by one and slowly remove it.

“Oh, Jesus Christ,” He stared at your chest and it actually concerned you the way his eyes were bulging.

You looked down at your chest to see if there was some bug or even vomit on it but then you saw the bra you picked out to wear this morning and you realized he was actually just staring at the way the lace clung to your skin hiding only your nipples and leaving nothing to his imagination.

“What’s wrong?” You smiled at him knowing the answer to your question already.

“Um - you - you need to uh, you should clean up,” He finally built up the strength to look back at your face and lift you off of the floor.

You walked over to the sink and washed out your mouth thoroughly with the water. The sink was low and bending over in front of Taehyung wasn’t doing him any good. You lifted your head to dry your hands and face and smirked at Tae when you saw him looking at you in the mirror. He looked away and flushed the toilet as if that’s what he’d been doing the whole time.

“I’ll get you a shirt to –

“Wait,” you unbuttoned your pants and danced out of them before handing them to Taehyung, “Can you put these in the laundry with it please?”

Tae couldn’t even lift his hands to take the jeans from you, he couldn’t do anything but stand there gawking at your half naked body standing so curvy and perfect for him. He walked over to you and stopped inches away from your face, “How do you do this to me?”

You smiled at him and bit down on your bottom lip knowing it would fuck him up, but you liked this game, “Do me a favor,”

“What’s that?” He almost sounded excited for your request.

“Put these in the laundry too please,” You unpinned your bra in a split second and removed it from your shoulders and handed it to him.

“Oh God,” He squeezed his eyes shut to avoid looking down at your now bare chest.

“Why’d you close your eyes?” You whispered to him.

“If I open them, I just might lose my job,”

You chuckled before silently moving from in front of him and out of the room leaving him standing there with his eyes still squeezed shut.

“You can open your eyes now,” You continued walking towards your room, completely out of his sight, “And I feel better, looks like I just had to get it out of my system,”

Tae stood in the bathroom dumbstruck. You hadn’t done much, in fact, you hadn’t done anything at all but still he found himself shivering, wishing he’d opened his eyes or held you or something. He looked down to take up your pants and bra but realized you had brought it out of the room with you.

His phone buzzed for the millionth time that day and he let out a low grunt of frustration when he pulled it out only to see ‘Boss’ light up across the screen, “Dom,”

“Taehyung! How’s my little girl doing?” He sounded fake happy like he was just asking so he wouldn’t sound like a dick by straight up asking a favor.

“She’s good I just –

“Great, I’m gonna need you to come in, now, and bring y/n,”

Marauders-era headcanons

- They actually went to Hogwarts in the late 80s/early 90s???? Sorry I’m not sorry for shitting on “canon”
- That means: Slip dresses, high waisted pants, oversized flannel, amazing hair, movies, good music, obsessing over the royal wedding (mostly Lily and Dorcas), MacGyver, The X Files…etc.
- Alice made the World’s Best chocolate chip cookies. They’re everybody’s favorite.
- Lily often braided Sirius’s hair. He usually left it in for the whole day. She taught him how to braid hers. James was a bit jealous, but thought it was charming.
- Frank Longbottom would write/paint on any surface a quote or lyric he felt that more people should know. No one ever removed his tags.
- Lily got everyone to sneak off and go see Jurassic Park when it premiered. It was a break from studying and also “Think of the DINOSAURS, Remus.”
- Mary has the most beautiful curls, the most beautiful singing voice, and the most beautiful brown skin. She’s enchanting, and sweet as honey.
- Remus came out to Lily during their sixth year, and she let him sleep on the window seat of her dorm for a week while he tried to sort himself out emotionally.
- James was the most physical person EVER. Constantly holding someone’s hand, or getting in their personal space, giving hugs when people needing them but didn’t ask for them, kissing foreheads, holding Sirius through his panic attacks and night terrors.
- Lily consumed any story she could. She read aloud in the common room the entire Chronicles of Narnia. Everyone loved it.
- Marlene and James grew up together, and though she had older brothers, she was always closer to James. Before Hogwarts, they snuck off on adventures, usually giving their parents heart attacks. They were a terrifying unstoppable duo on the Quidditch pitch.
- Regulus loved Sirius and Sirius loved Regulus. So much.
- Lily fell asleep in the common room half the nights.
- Dorcas was half-Chinese on her mother’s side. (FIGHT ME ON THIS, I DARE YOU)
- Dorcas was mostly an introvert, but loved the positive energy around the group​, so she was never uncomfortable.
- Sirius had the most infectious laugh.
- The girls loved Divination.
- Mary and Dorcas were usually the ones who snuck alcohol into group hangouts.
- One time someone made a slur about Marlene’s sexuality, James and Sirius opened a Boys-Only kissing booth the next day. The proceeds, (which was an impressive amount), went to starting an LGBT club. They met every Wednesday.
- Sirius and Marlene lost their virginities with each other in 5th year. Despite Marlene being gay, (and kinda knowing it at the time), they both still count each other as their “firsts.”
- Lily struggled with depression, before she was with James, Remus and Marlene were the ones who would hold her while she cried. When she would let it show, that is. She had a hard time being emotionally vulnerable.
- Frank and James loved any excuse for a party or game night. “It’s the Queen’s birthday! We need to celebrate!”
- Despite the group’s closeness, the only people who knew about Remus’s “furry little problem” were the other Marauders and Lily.
- Lily loved going on late-night walks. She would always find someone to drag along with her.
- The Potter’s didn’t ever have house elves, they had people who helped take care of the house and property and they paid them well for it. Their employees were basically family.
- Alice was a vegetarian.
- Through the years, despite every shitty thing that happened, on Regulus’s birthday, Sirius made sure his brother got to have spaghetti for dinner. It was their favorite, and they both always managed to get sauce in their hair.
- Dorcas was the last person on Earth you wanted to piss off. If she was mad at you, you had no one to blame but yourself.
- Frank and Alice being “childhood sweethearts.” Alice was referred to as “Alice Longbottom” years before they married.
- James not being Lily’s first, but being the first and only man she ever had.
- Marlene was an extremely spirited girl, and thought that Dorcas was the loveliest person anyone could meet. They were adorable and complete opposites.
- Lily got Sirius his motorbike.
- The Potter’s always threw an “End of Summer” extravaganza that lasted an entire weekend. Everyone was invited, everyone came.
- Lily, Sirius, and James all identify as queer.
- Remus has been dubbed 100% “Siriussexual”
- Alice and Frank identify as heterosexual.
- Dorcas and Marlene are both lesbians, Dorcas being a “lipstick lesbian” and Marlene being “soft butch.”
- Mary is asexual, but thought that Remus was the most handsome out of all the guys.
- Marlene and Lily worked at a salon in Hogsmeade during their sixth and seventh years. Lily, because she wanted to be financially independent. Marlene, because she liked to socialize; she also liked to change her hairstyle every few months.
- Remus’s favorite flavor of ice cream is actually strawberry, despite popular belief. He thinks it tastes like summertime, his favorite time of year.
- Sirius and Lily drinking together was the most dangerous mix. They wreaked so much havoc, and loved to obscenely dance together.
- Frank has never once been beaten at Wizard’s chess.
- Remus and Frank both played the piano incredibly well. They’d often play duets.
- James occasionally spoke Tagalog. He was proud of his father’s heritage. He also taught the other Marauders some particularly crude phrases.
- Lily first told James that she loved him in Tagalog.
- Did I mention how often the went out dancing and to karaoke bars?
- Remus and Sirius both figuring that Lily was pregnant with Harry before she did, because they could smell the difference.
- They ALL took Muggle Studies. It was so important. Dorcas, Remus, and Lily were always correcting the professor.
- James and Sirius being each other’s first (guy) kiss.
- Everyone was heartbroken when Remus decided to cut his hair between 3-4 year, because they all loved his cherub-like waves and curls. There was a petition for him to grow it back. Sirius Black started this petition because he didn’t know the meaning of the word subtle.
- Alice and James were everyone’s confidants.
- Lily was SUPER (geddit?) into comic books and the super hero universe. She got everyone somewhat interested, and one Halloween they all dressed up as their favorite characters. She was obviously Lois Lane, Sirius decided to be Catwoman. She thought James looked like an even handsomer Clark Kent though she’d never admit it
- Birthdays were always a big deal.
- During holidays, they all got together as often as they could to watch movies projected onto a bedsheet.
- James and Sirius may have been the most mischievous, but that’s only because Lily, Remus, and Frank never got caught.
- It’s embarrassing how often they played Truth or Dare, as well as sardines.
- Lily didn’t know that James was the stag for the longest time. They often went on walks around the grounds together, and she’d talk about things that she never opened up to anyone else about. James never let on. She didn’t discover that it was him until after a particularly bad full moon and a near-fatal accident that it had been James she’d been divulging her most private thoughts to. Lily had been falling for him before, but this is what completely sealed the deal for her.
- Despite his mother’s objections, Frank and Alice didn’t get married until after Neville was born.
- People who you do not want to cross before their morning coffee/tea if you know what’s good for you: Mary, Lily, Remus, Marlene.
- Though they all drove each other mad sometimes, they all loved each other and fought for each other’s happiness.

Fake Texts from Jungkook #4

So..Admin Smuttyfairy said some mean things to Jungkook and things got a bit intense..BEHIND THE SCENES OF 3&4 COMING SOON MY LORD GUYS.

Keep in mind this continues from #3

So heres the story of how Smuttyfairy & Jungkook almost broke up..


(P.S. No hate to Wonho, Jaefairy and I like to tease him about his hairstyle every now and then..^-^)

-Admin Kookfairy


This is a hairstyle timeline that is meant to cover the Taishō era (1912-1926). However the dates for many reference photographs were rather vague, so some might actually fall into Shōwa era (1926-1989). Regrettably I couldn’t cover EVERY single hairstyle from this period so please consider this to be a brief overview. There are no Geisha, Maiko, etc featured here; they will be covered in another fashion timeline someday.

Some interesting notes about Meiji-Taisho era from Liza Crihfield Dalby’s Kimono: Fashioning Culture (1993)

·         “Men and women of Meiji had gulped up Western culture with all the indiscriminate enthusiasm of new converts. By Taishō, Japanese sensibilities vis-à-vis the West were much smoother. This was Japan’s political equivalent of the … social scene of the American Roaring Twenties. Japanese born during Taishō would enter adolescence as modern boys and girls. Significantly, women opened their closets to Western clothing during this decade. Kimono has lost space ever since.” (pg. 124)

·         “By 1915 Japan was beginning to feel itself a world-class nation, more confident of its military strength and social development. Ordinary Japanese were inclined to look at their society in light of how life might be bettered by adapting foreign ideas, or made more interesting by acquiring foreign fashions. Borrowing from the West was of course not new, but it had now become a more reciprocal and respectable process.” (pg. 124)


·         In the Meiji era “a few women cropped their hair, but these courageous souls were simply regarded as weird” and indecent (pg. 75)

·         “If cutting the hair short was too radical [in Meiji Japan], as public reaction attests, women’s hair did gain a new option in the sokugami style, a pompadour resembling the chignons worn by Charles Dana Gibson’s popular Gibson girls. The further the front section, or ‘eaves,’ of the hair protruded, the more daring the style. The sokugami style bunched the hair, coiling it in a bun at the crown of the head. Unlike traditional coiffures, sokugami did not require the heavy use of pomade, pins, bars, strings, and false hair to hold its shape. Its appeal was promoted as healthier and more rational – hence, more enlightened- than the old ways.” (pg. 75)

Why Big Bang is my favourite boyband ever:
  • G Dragon: his talent for writing great songs that I can't stop listening, his unusual voice, his flying rap, made me interested in fashion and made me look for more fashionable clothes to wear, his charisma on stage, his professionalism, looking great in every hairstyle and any style of clothes, his gummy smile, his pretty baby face, his smooth dance
  • T.O.P: his deep voice, his rapping but also singing, his hilarious, weird personality, his cute smile, wearing suits and looking like a supermodel, his intense gaze, his jpg mode at times, the way he's teasing others
  • Taeyang: his vocal and the way it always sounds good live, his dancing skills, his dreads, his similing, small eyes, the way he silently looks at other members doing weird stuff and smiling sweetly, his calm personality that makes emotional balance between members, his American accent
  • Daesung: his strong vocal that makes songs more emotional, his cute smile, his squeaky voice when he's excited, his nose, being cutie in variety shows
  • Seungri: his interviewer skills, making good mood, talking weird, embarrassing things that are hilarious in the same time, being GD'S bae, his funny, poker face when other members are teasing him, always good vocal live