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Instruments as Violins see them
  • Viola: Lost but good friends with second violins and actually really nice
  • Cello: *glares because secretly a bit jealous* ok, I'll say it, you guys sound beautiful
  • Bass: How you guys holding out back there? Ya alright? I really don't see you guys that often...
  • Flute: Why are you screeching behind the second violins?!? Don't hurt their poor ears. Calm down
  • Trumpet: We get it! You're back there and want to be heard! Just take the volume down so people can hear us strings better!
  • Trombone: You're all slidey like a giant slide whistle but better obviously
  • Oboe: You exist... and get solos I think?
  • Clarient: Or is it you that gets solos? Ummm...
  • Bassoon: Aren't you that big, weird looking instrument?
  • Tuba: big noise maker that requires good lungs?
  • Piccolo: Why does autocorrect not tell me if I spelled your name right? Anyway you screech like first violins, we're screech buddies!
  • French horn: Sound better than the trumpets and are more chill
  • Percussion: Seem loud and proud
  • Saxophone: Jazzy therefore I never see you
P much every Crash Bandicoot intro
  • Cortex: Hey guys we should do the thing
  • Some other doctor: But dude the thing probably won't work how do you even do the thing
  • Cortex: lmao fool, let's just do it
  • Some other doctor: Okay fine lol
Boyfriend stuff. Cody Carson

A/N:i didn’t know who he was but i tried my best. also sorry i haven’t written in a while but school is wearing my out. anyways enjoy.

Carters P.O.V.

I was walking through the air port joking around with the guys. Tour had been hard but fun. It was amazing seeing all of our fans and just nothing beats it. I finally got my bagage and hugged them all goodbye. I was tired I had flown from England that was our last show home to Florida. Need less to say I was beat. I walked through the air port to the parkinglot I couldn’t help but smile when my girlfriend pulled up. I hadn’t seen her with out a computerscreen, along with millions of miles between us.

I put my bag in the back seat and got it and gave her a big hug and kiss. God I had missed her. We headed home and I couldn’t wipe a smile off my face. We got back to the apartment and I put my bag on the floor and gave her a real hug now. I picked her up in her spinkle form and held her tight. I hadn’t done that in a while. I had missed it. That is the one thing I hated about my job and lifestyle, I didn’t get to do all of those boyfriend things. Every normal guy should appreciate those things so much. I didn’t get to see her studying or attend her college parties or go on double dates. Mostly I just didn’t get to have that much time with her. I think it makes me appreciate it so much more but it still sucks not being able to see your girlfriend unless its Skype or an 8 hour flight.

I set her down and looked at her.

”Hi.” I said plainly she chuckled and answered.

”Hi” With that I just leaned in a let my lips touch hers.

I kept giving her small kisses all over her face and ended up on her lips again.

I smiled and hugged her. We decided not to do anything I was tired from the flight and she was tired from studying. We just plopped down on the bed and turned on the tv started watching how i met your mother.

It started of as her lying on my chest and just being all cuddly and stuff. I kept drawing small circles on her waist and giving her small kisses every now and then.

Later we switched positions so I laid my head on her stomach and she just ran her fingers through my hair and I relaxed. There was nothing better than just cuddling in bed.

I could feel her heart beat lying on her. I had soon been awake for almost 24 hour so I started to drift in and out of consciousness. I tried to stay awake with her but my eyes kept closing sooner or later I woke myself again and looked up to see her asleep already. I smiled at her small figure totally relaxed. I got up and laid down a bit more beside her and smiled. I gave her a gentle kiss on the top of her head and fell asleep myself. 

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Social media and the sugar bowl rant

I am getting so frustrated by the fact that sugaring is being plugged everywhere. I feel like I can’t go anywhere anymore without seeing sugar babies popping up as a topic for conversation or as an advertising ploy everywhere from Facebook to my local radio stations. Seriously this needs to stop. I have no problem or issue with newbie sugar babies whatsoever. I really hope they do well. The only problem is this new influx of babies and salt daddies is creating an epidemic of young girls being taken advantage of by predators. These news constant stories and articles on “Why to be a sugar baby” is making the lifestyle normalized, and like every girl and guy with an average income can and should do it. If that isn’t enough it is making it much harder for girls who have been in the game a bit longer who have more experience and aren’t located in cities or places with richer men to find actual sugar daddies. I’m sick of haggling with men on price points because they now believe 20 year olds should spend their time and energy with them for 50 dollars and dinner, or 100 dollars to sleep with their wrinkly arrogant asses



I’ve been wanting to draw these guys for years but never got round to it- getting an art request from a patreon follower gave me a chance to go back over the film and try it out. I have a really tough time translating things i have ref of directly into my style esp if I’m supposed to get the likeness right (Hurp derp samefaceprobs) so I tried one out first, hated it then had to step away and come back and draw the characters getting the essence right- but not entirely EXACTLY how they look. It worked out better and I feel happier with the % of naniiebim in this set!

I should do a Black widow drawing for every other guy character there is. She can do a bunshin thang.

Style is WEIRD- I’m STILL not entirely confident about my style in a professional situation (too manga for normal jobs, not manga enough for manga jobs)- but the fact is that I know 100% (or close) I am happy with it in terms of the way it looks to me when I draw. It’s always really hard to work out exactly what a client wants sometimes- but you CAN be entirely sure about what you want- so you might as well do that.

"Is he really like that?" - Yoongi Scenario - Part 7

“Yoo-Yoongi oppa, please come and save me. Please, I’m all alone and I have no one else to call. I need you, oppa.” Natalie’s shaky voice could be heard through Yoongi’s phone, as she was trying her best to sound dramatic and convincing. Damn this girl should be an actress, because she acts a bit too well.
Her words were sending shivers down Yoongi’s spine, as a knot was forming in his stomach. When he saw her name on his screen, he felt nothing but disgust with a little bit of annoyance, but once her scared tone reached his ears, he was weak to his bones.
“What happened? Natalie, what happened? Are you crying? Where are you right now?” He was already becoming really terrified, not being able to control himself. Natalie, on the other hand, was containing her laughter as she noticed how worried he was. Her plan seemed to work already.
“I-I just got robbed and I’m so scared right now, please oppa, come and take me home. I think I am next to that coffee shop, our coffee shop. Please, hurry up, I’m all alone.” She said trying to seem as innocent as she could, doing her best not to let any giggle out.
“I’ll be there in less than 5 minutes. Just stay right where you are and I’ll come to get you. Just hold on, okay?” He told her with his heart in his throat.
Natalie agreed and then hung up. She was everything, but robbed. This was all part of her stupid plan. She knew Yoongi was with you the precedent night and just couldn’t stand it, so she decided to make him be with her using other methods. Can she get any worse, you might ask. Yes, she can, and she does. Not only that he lied and played with Yoongi and his heart again, but she had some other things planned for you too. The last night was only the first one you were going to see that guy. His name was Joshua and he was going to become your greatest nightmare, just as Natalie wanted.
She wanted to keep Yoongi busy, as Joshua does his business with you. That way she got to have Yoongi for her, and also you hating on him for not being there for you. Let’s not talk about the damage you were supposed to be caused.
Luckily for you, Jimin was there, for the second time, and you were safe. He might be weak, but that guy’s full of injuries from their last fight and if anything was about to happen, you were protected and safe.
Her obsession was touching the biggest limits that ever existed. She wanted you destroyed, out of their lives and she was willing to do everything to get that.
She tried to damage her clothes a little, to look like she actually got robbed, so that Yoongi wouldn’t think she was lying. Little piece of big sh*t. She shed some crocodile tears again, her eyes looking red and a bit puffy right now as she was waiting for Yoongi in front of the coffee shop they met, where he fell for her masked personality, where his heart got broken to the point it became irreparable. Coincidence level: Natalie.
“Our coffee shop”
These words were travelling Yoongi’s mind as he got into a bus to get there faster. Memories of everything that happened in the past came back, just as his pain did. That bloody and cursed coffee shop. Where everything started and ended. That place was hiding his happiest moments and brightest smiles and at the same time the most painful and full of tears ones.
He was a mess right now as he had to get back into the past, but there was no way he could get back now. Natalie was there and she “needed” him, or at least that’s what he thought. He had no idea of what was behind her “scared” tears and voice. He was just another victim of her incredibly big ego and selfishness. He could not ignore her as her story seemed so real, he knew the right thing to do was go and help her, but he was afraid. What if things get a bit too far? What if he falls again for that stupid smile? Now that he made that promise to himself, to you that he will completely get rid of her and everything that meant Natalie from his life, he didn’t want to ruin everything. He finally got to make things better. Those little moments and things with you made his heart flutter and jump in joy and he did not want to lose that, and especially not because of Natalie, not after everything she’d done.
He was weak, he knew it. He was a fool for her and everything she was or did and he hated himself for that. How could the strong and careless Min Yoongi become the slave of someone like her? He couldn’t believe his own actions.
But then again, she needed him and he wanted to be there.
“You really are a stupid mess, Min Yoongi. Just go there, do what every guy should do, meaning helping her, taking her come, making sure she’s okay and then leave and go back to Kat.” He thought to himself as he went through his plan and he hoped his best that he would be able to respect it.
He got off that bus and started running towards the coffee shop she told him about. A big amount of pain ripped his heart again at the sight of that place, pictures of that stupid day rolling in his mind. He shook his head, trying to push them away and got closer, noticing Natalie on the stairs, sobbing and trembling.
Yes, she even started trembling only to get even more pity and “affection” from him. What she didn’t know herself was the difference between affection and pity. She didn’t care how or why, but people had to be next to her, giving her attention and so called love. Yoongi was not the only one she demanded that from. Everyone who got her attention or was around her had to do that or she would make them do so. In most of the cases she used her beauty and charisma to get what she wanted, but she could get dirty and dangerous too as you can see yourself. She was insane and deep down she knew it, but she didn’t give a flying f*ck. “Everyone has to love me and be beside me. I don’t care if they don’t want to. They will do so anyway, or they will pay.” This was her way of seeing things and it was wrong, terribly wrong, not only for her, but for everyone who had the unfortunate chance of meeting her. Once again, you, Yoongi and Joshua too were just another victims of her selfishness and insanity. The most important ones, well talking about you and Yoongi, because she was just using Joshua and his feelings for her. He was insane too and she knew it too well, so she decided to use that for her own pleasure.
You might think that after everything that happened she would get to love Yoongi. No, there was no such thing as love for her. She didn’t care about feelings or emotions. Love meant to her “I like you, you’re mine. You’re my new toy now and I love my toys.” Like those scary little kids we see in movies.
At the sight of her, the amount of pain he felt grew even bigger so he kneeled in front of her and hugged her gently, patting the back of her head, trying to comfort her.
“Shh, it’s okay now. We will get that thief and we’ll make him pay for everything he did to you, okay?” He whispered into her ear, trying to stop her sobs and trembling.
She nodded her head and sneaked her arms around his neck, holding so tight that she almost left him breathless. She smiled to herself when she saw him so worried, pleased that her plan was working once again.
He picked her up and put his arms around her waist, trying to help her walk on her own as he was waving for a taxi to stop and one did. He opened the door and carefully placed her inside, immediately sitting next to her. The moment he was next to her, she sneaked her arms around his waist, burying her face in his chest and he awkwardly placed his hand on her shoulders, patting her head again from time to time.
To Natalie’s happiness, the coffee shop was really far from her house, so she got to spend more time in his arms, but regardless this and much to her surprise, the whole ride there was only an awkward silence between them, Yoongi only looking through the window and not even for a second at her, his mind going back to you and comparing both of the situations he was a part of, noticing how alike they were. The moment he saw you in pain, crying, trembling and calling his name, he wanted to do everything in his power to stop your tears, to see you smiling and just make you feel safe. He wanted to stick to you forever and never leave your side, just to make sure you won’t go through that kind of pain ever again. Sadly, he didn’t know it was because of him that you had to go through all those things, it was because of your love for him that everything happened. Oh, screw this. It was not your fault, nor his that you fell for him. It was Natalie’s fault that all of this happened in the first place. Because of her Yoongi was hurt, and that ended up hurting you too, because of her you had to experience all those horrible moments. It was only her fault, because she was hurting everyone around her.
Going back, when he thought of the moment he saw Natalie there, on those stairs, yes, he felt pain, but not the same kind of pain he felt towards you. It was hard to see her like that, he had to admit it, but the pain was there because he felt wrong, he felt like what he was doing was wrong, like he was betraying you again and without knowing, he was, because Natalie lied about everything that happened to her. To be honest, what doesn’t Natalie lie about? Maybe, her own existence is a lie. Who knows?
When she knew it was the right time, she stopped sobbing and trembling, keeping her acting only on that fake scared expression and after 15 minutes of silence, they arrived at her house.
She pulled out the keys and gave them to Yoongi, claiming that she can’t open the door herself.
He opened it, closed it behind them and then helped her walk inside, until they reached the couch. He told her to sit there and wait until he brings her some water.
He was familiar with her house, knowing each and every part of it. Ah, another place that was holding a lot of painful memories. All of the movies they watched together and all of the moments they were laughing for the stupidest of things, their fights, their make-ups, all the nights they spent together.
Being in that house felt like a living hell for him, but he had no choice, so he made his way to the kitchen, grabbed a glass of water and brought it to her in the living room. She took it with both her hands, had a sip of it and placed it on the table.
Afterwards, Yoongi went in her room and searched for a blanket. As soon as he found one, he came back downstairs and covered her with it.
“But I have to go and change first, oppa.” She told him, looking up from the couch.
“You can change after I leave. I’m not staying too much. You can call one of the many friends you have.” He told her sitting next to her on the sofa.
“You know you’re the only one I trust, oppa.” She looked him straight in the eyes and at the sound of her own words, she felt this strange feeling inside her. Was she faking that too?
“Do you? How can you be so sure you can trust me after everything that happened?” He told her, his eyes seeming dark and dangerous.
“I just know you would never hurt me, because believe it or not, you still love me.” She said with a wicked smile plastered on her face. If tension was some material, you would be able to cut it with a knife right now.
He narrowed his eyebrows and left out a sarcastic laugh “Don’t you think you’re a bit too confident? Yes, I did love you, but for my own good and happiness, I stopped. I came today to help you, because that’s what any guy should do. Mean or not, you’re a girl after all.” And realization hit him. His words were no lie. Without noticing himself, the night spent holding you close to him, the giggles he watched you give him, made him slowly fall out of love with Natalie and in love with you.
“Stop lying yourself, oppa. Just accept the truth and come back to me. That’s the best and right choice.” She said, her tone sharp and still full of confidence.
“What will you do if I say I’m not lying, if I won’t ever come back to you? You’re the one who should stop lying herself, Natalie.” He told her with a little smile placed at the corner of his lips.
“Then look into my eyes and tell me you stopped loving me and there is no chance left for me.” She was pulling that card again, being sure of the answer she was going to get.
He positioned himself in front of her, facing her and looked straight into her eyes. “I do NOT love you anymore, Natalie, and there is no chance for me to get back to you.”
Natalie looked at him without saying a word, trying her best to figure out if that was a lie, but all she could see there was a dead stare and a cold tone of brown.
She couldn’t believe it. Maybe he was an incredibly good liar. There was no way for him to stop loving her. She looked away for a second and said with such a soft voice, that he could’ve sworn it was a whisper “You’re lying. I know you’re lying.”
He sighed and grabbed her chin, making her face him again. “You’re the one lying herself here, Natalie. Just accept this damn truth and move on. You made a mistake, you destroyed me and I can finally say I’m getting better and I can live without you. Just… leave me alone, please.” His voice sounded so harsh, but so warm at the same time, because he was thinking about you and how thankful he was that you were a part of his life.
“These are all lies, I know that. You’re lying. I won’t ever leave you, I know you need me.” She said, totally ignoring him.
Yoongi sighed again and closed his eyes in frustration “Believe whatever you want. I tried to tell you the truth. One day you will accept it and I honestly can’t wait for that moment.”
“That won’t happen, because you’re lying. One day, YOU will accept the truth, oppa.” She replied, still sticking to her own beliefs.
“Whatever.” He said, already tired of her sh*t and got up, ready to leave.
“What are you doing?” he heard her panicked voice and turned his head confused.
“I’m leaving. You told me to bring you home safe and that’s what I did. Now I should leave, don’t you think? I’m neither your boyfriend, nor your friend.” He told her as if the situation was obvious.
“But you can’t just leave like this. Stay with me a little longer. I-I’m scared. What if something happens again?” She said with a desperate tone, trying to make him stay. She had no idea what Joshua was doing anyway, so she could not let him leave and possibly come back to you.
“Fine, but I won’t stay for too long and you’ll have to describe me the thief, so I can announce the police.” He agreed, sitting back next to her on the couch
“Do-do I really need to do that? I didn’t see his face anyway.” She was already panicking. How could she describe a person that doesn’t even exist?
“Well, try your best to remember any of his features, because we have to tell the police. He won’t get away with that.” He said, deep inside starting to question Natalie, but he chose to ignore those thoughts.
“Let’s just watch a movie like we used to, so I can feel better, shall we?” he grabbed the TV remote, trying to change the subject as fast as possible, so there would be no more questions coming.
“Fine. You choose.” Yoongi carelessly said, while making himself comfortable. “But what did he exactly steal by the way?” He just couldn’t help it. Someone robbed her after all. This was a crime and he needed answers.
Natalie’s eyes widened in surprise and she took some seconds to reply “Oh, well, well, he stole my phone. I was in the front of the coffee shop and wanted to make a call, so he ran towards me, pushed me on the ground and grabbed my phone. He wanted to steal my purse too, but I was holding onto it too tight for him to get it. It was terrifying.” She answered him, closing her eyes to make it seem like she was remembering everything and trying to fake the pain.
“Oh, I see, but how did you call me then?” He noticed things were becoming really weird and questionable.
“Well, luckily for me, I was going to take it to the service and I had my number in another phone, so yeah.” Damn, she knew how to find excuses.
“Yeah…luckily for you.” He looked at her, smelling something, but she quickly turned the TV on and searched for some movie.
After a while, she fell asleep and Yoongi tried to leave, but she grabbed his hand and said “Don’t leave me. Stay a little longer.” So he had no chance of leaving anytime soon. He cussed something under his breath and stood back on the sofa, changing the channel once again.
Meanwhile, after you finally got into the can next to Jimin, you felt the shivers and fear coming back. That guy was so close to you that you could almost feel his dirty breath against your neck and see his lustful and dark eyes. You were terrified. How did he manage to find you again? Did he follow you? Were you ever gonna be left alone? Was he planning on ever leaving? You had no idea, so you held your bag tight, as you started playing with your fingers nervously and all you wanted was to arrive home, where you knew you were safe or at least away from him. Jimin noticed your trembling body and grabbed your hand with his own. You opened your eyes even wider and almost jumped in surprise at the sudden touch. You looked at your hand and then at him and he noticed your red and teary eyes, worry taking place all over his face.
“Noona, what happened? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost.” He said holding your hand even tighter.
You couldn’t hold your tears anymore and just let them slowly fall on your face. Your sudden gesture made Jimin come closer to you and cup your face in his hand, wiping your tears away with his thumbs.
“It’s okay, I’m here, you don’t have to cry, just tell me what happened and I’ll protect you. Stop crying, I hate seeing you cry.” He said, his voice so warm and protective that he made you feel safe, so you stopped crying, your tears being replaces by quiet sobs.
“I-I saw him again right now, when I got in the cab. He was so close I could feel his fingers on my skin again. I’m so scared, Jimin, why was he there? What have I done so wrong to him that he doesn’t want to leave me alone? I don’t even know him.” You said as the tears started coming back.
Jimin instinctively looked out the cab’s window, searching for that guy’s figure, but he was long gone out of his sight.
He was already having frowning expression, anger occurring his whole weak body, immediately feeling the need to punch that dude straight in the face again.
“It’s okay. He’s not here. He won’t harm you. Even if he comes closer, I’m right here to kick his stupid butt. Don’t worry.” He gave you a weak smile, trying to calm you down and then hugged you, as you buried your face in his neck , taking in his fresh cologne and once again you felt safe and at peace in his arms. Maybe it was because of his smell, but you didn’t care. He gave you safety once again and that’s what mattered the most right now.
He held you close the whole ride to your house and when you arrived, you helped him out of the cab and turned to pay, but the man stopped you and said “No worries, you don’t have to pay. I don’t take money from couples, especially cute ones like the two of you. Good luck.” He smiled and before you could say you were not actually a couple, he roared the car’s engine and left.
Both you and Jimin started to laugh as you entered your house and closed the door behind you.
You helped him sit on the couch and he chuckled at this side of you. He loved how caring and lovely you were and he made a mental note to himself that he should get sick more often, only to see you worried and taking care of him. He knew that was kind of wrong, but he didn’t care. These moments with you were priceless and he couldn’t help, but want more.
“Jimin, you should go and take a shower. You have a fever, so you’re sweating a lot. I’ll go get you some of the clothes my dad left here when they visited.” You said, trying to make your way upstairs.
“You’re living on your own?” He asked you surprised by the news and you left out a little laugh caused by his confused expression.
“Well I thought you would figure that out until now, silly. Yes, I’m living on my own, but they come and visit me sometimes, so I’m alive.” You replied and went upstairs, grabbing some clothes.
Meanwhile, Jimin made his was to your bathroom and turned the shower on, letting the warm water clean him and his feelings. He had to admit it was hard being here. Not only because he liked you and his body was asking for more, but because of the fact that he was at your house for you to take care of him and that felt really weird. He thought about lying to you saying he was okay and leaving, but he knew you were too smart for that, so he decided to give in and just let it be.
After he was done, he noticed he got in the shower before you had the chance to give him the clothes, so he wrapped his lower part in a towel and popped his head out the door, calling for you.
“Ah, noonaa, I forgot to take the clothes. Would you please give them to me now?” He said, a bit embarrassed of his own position.
“They’re on the couch, come and take them.” You yelled from the kitchen as you put a bowl of water on the stove.
“Oh well, I would, but I only have a towel on and it’s cold.” He replied, surprised by his own words.
You started laughing at his boldness and walked towards the couch to grab the clothes and then towards the bathroom and immediately widened your eyes and turned your head the other way at the sight of Jimin’s half-naked body and the way the water was still resting on his abdomen. “So these are the abs Taehyung was talking about, huh?” You thought to yourself and internally laughed.
He blushed at your reaction and quickly grabbed the clothes as he got back into the bathroom and changed.
As soon as he got out, he followed you into the kitchen and smiled to himself when he saw you struggling to make a chicken soup.
“Can I help?” He asked and you almost jumped in surprise at the sound if his voice.
“Ah, you scared me, Jimin. Learn to knock.” You told him, your heart still beating fast in your chest.
“I would, but there’s no door.” He laughed innocently and got closer.
“Ah, that’s right, my bad. But you mister should go back in the living room and rest until I get this soup ready. I would give you the dessert I prepared for you in the morning, but you need to eat actual food first, so get out of here.” And you started pushing him out of the kitchen and into the living room.
“You prepared a dessert for me?” He started grinning, not being able to contain his feelings.
“Yes, I did. I wanted to give it to you today as a ‘thank you’ for saving me last night. I’m really really thankful, Jimin. I really owe and this is my way of showing you how much I appreciate what you’re doing for me.” You smiled and got back into the kitchen.
Jimin sat down on the couch and couldn’t stop smiling because of you. How could someone so cute exist? Were you even real? These were his thoughts right now.
His mind was concentrating on you and as he waited for you to come, he fell asleep on the sofa.
After a while, you finished you soup, taking in its tempting smell and went into the living room, but you met Jimin’s adorable sleeping figure. He was all curled up on the sofa, his lips half-parted as he was hugging one of the pillows. Ah, this kid.
You left the soup on the table and decided to take a shower until the soup reaches the normal temperature and like that Jimin would get to sleep a little bit more.
You got back into your room, grabbed some shorts and a large white T-shirt to change into and got into the shower. As the hot water was touching you sensitive skin, you remembered your talk with Jin.
“It’s Yoongi, isn’t it?” he asked you, his eyes looking straight into yours.
“What do you mean?” you asked him, confused by his sudden words.
“You’re sad because of Yoongi, aren’t you?” he asked you once again, this time making it clearer.
“What? No.” You lied and turned your head to look the other way.
“Kat, you should know you can trust me. I’m your friend already and I care about you and your well-being. Tell me what’s wrong. I’m here to listen.” He told you with a big smile on his face.
“Ah, I don’t know why I’m acting like this. He did the right thing after all. You can’t just refuse or avoid a girl who has just been robbed. He had to go to her and help her, but I just.. I don’t know.. ” You sighed and looked dows at the floor.
Jin cupped your face with one hand and raised your head so you could face him once again “You really like him, don’t you? And you’re like this because you feel jealous.” He told you and you widened your eyes at how he could see right through you, even tho you didn’t even mention the idea of ever liking Yoongi. That moment you had to admit it was quite obvious.
You closed your eyes and sighed. “I guess I do. And I’m afraid it’s turning into more than that.” you said, your voice so down that Jin almost couldn’t hear it. You didn’t want to admit it, but you were starting to love Yoongi, even with his bad parts and the pain he caused you.
“Oh. You mean love?” He said that sounding so clueless, like love was something so little and not important.
“Ah, do we really have to talk about this?” You asked becoming frustrated by your own feelings and without noticing you sounded a bit too harsh on Jin. “I’m sorry, Jin, I didn’t mean it to sound like that. I’m just so frustrated, because I really love him and all these things just mess me up even worse. I just can’t understand him and his actions. Does he feel something for me? Does he want to go back to Natalie and he can’t because of me and the guilt? I just don’t get it.” You said as little salty tears were leaving your eyes.
“No, don’t cry, I didn’t mean to make you cry, I’m so sorry. I should’ve just kept my mouth shut. I’m sorry” He said while quickly wiping your tears away.
“No, don’t be sorry. This is not your fault, it’s mine. It’s okay. Crying is not something new or special to me. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” you said pulling his hand away and giving him a weak smile.
“Ah, just come here.” He said and pulled you in a big bear hug. His longs strong arms felt so good around you that you could’ve melted right there and then. He had this feeling of warmness within him and he was now sharing it with you.
“Just promise me you won’t tell a thing to Yoongi okay? He’s the last person I wish would know about this.” you said slowly pulling away.
“I won’t tell him, I promise, but I can’t say I won’t kick his lazy butt without telling him why.” He said throwing his hands up in the air.
You laughed and thanked him. You both chatted a bit more and he told you some of his worries too. Talking to Jin was better than you thought it would be and he was your confident right now. You had to admit it felt good to let everything out to someone and you were glad Jin listened to you.
With that last memory and a little smile, you got out from the shower and changed into the clothes you picked.
You went back into the living room and noticed Jimin yawning, sign that he had just woken up.
He smelled the soup and smiled. As you got closer, he thanked you and began eating. Judging by his pleased expression, he seemed like he really liked it and that made you feel so good about yourself.
After he finished, he helped you clean up and you gave him the dessert you prepared and he ate it too right away. He really loved it.
You turned on the TV and found a movie you both liked, so you decided you should watch it.
After a while Jimin started coughing ry bad and you noticed his sweaty forehead too, seeing that he still had a big fever, so you searched for some medicine and gave it to him. As soon as he took it, you told him he should rest in your bed to feel better, but he refused saying he will take the couch and you had nothing to do about that so you brought him a blanket and covered his weak body.
You sat next to him and watched him slowly fall asleep so close to you. You then remembered the other night when he was holding close to him and you felt this bubble of excitement build up in your stomach. He seemed so innocent and pure under that blanket. He was simply too adorable for you to handle, so you fell asleep next to him too.
As the night arrived, Yoongi finally managed to get out of Natalie’s house and make his way towards yours. He noticed the light was on so he took a peak out the living room’s window and he saw both you and Jimin sleeping next to each other on the sofa. His heart was aching again, both with jealousy and regret. He should’ve been the one next to you or at least that’s what he thought and for a moment he asked himself: was he starting to lose you?

Ok guys, so it took me some time to post this, because i’m at the country side right now and I have a really bad Internet connection. I’m really really sorry. I know this part is longer than usual, but I got a bit distracted. I just can’t help it XD.
This scenario is dedicated to this wonderful girl lovingthekpoplife I LOVE YOU KAT WHO HAS 3 NICE CATS
What do you think will happen and most importantly, DO YOU LIKE IT?

highpotential-lowmotivation  asked:

What should every guy do when having sex? (tips or something)

*disclaimer: not an expert you should ask your partner what they like/feel comfortable with & be open to trying new things with them to figure your bodies out together* THAT BEING SAID HERE’S MY ADVICE:

FIRST OF ALL, pls, know where the clitoris is please. Don’t be that guy that is about 3 centimeters off because that is really frustrating for us and will end up being a waste of your efforts. In case you didn’t know, the actual clitoris is covered by a “hood.” The clitoral hood to be exact. Some guys will want to kind of pull up this hood so they’re stimulating the clitoris directly. The clitoris is very sensitive, it consists of about 8,000 nerve endings after all, so that is unnecessary and might be uncomfortable/painful for the lady. So let’s just work over the hood unless she states otherwise, ok?

Foreplay will never hurt, and it will make her come faster once you do make mouth-to-clit contact. So do all that fun foreplay stuff first; smooching, touching, dirty talk, removing clothes, some rubbing, then kiss her going all the way down.

Now that she’s all revved up, and your head is in between her legs, give her some kisses or nibbles on her thighs. Kiss her over her panties. Tease. Gently run your fingers over her tummy, breasts, grip her ass underneath her.

One of the best female oral sex tips I’ve read is to imagine that she’s a really really juicy peach, that was just bit into, and you have to wrap your whole mouth around and suck and lick so the juices don’t run everywhere. Oh and speaking of juices, don’t be afraid of hers. If you’re going to go down on her, fucking commit to it. Get up in there. If by the end your face isn’t moist from the tip of your nose to the bottom of your chin, you’re doing it wrong.

Now, let’s break from the peach analogy unless you eat peaches in a really unusual, impractical way. It’s important to note that there are lots of different techniques, and variation is nice.
Your tongue should be moving slowly but consistently at first, up and down, around, or back and forth over her clitoris. But take breaks and wrap your lips around all of her, and gently suck. Spread her with your fingers if you’re so inclined. Finger her or tease her with your penis.

Avoid tongue jabbing and hard flicks. Also tonguing inside the vaginal opening doesn’t do anything for me, but maybe some girls dig it. Fingering isn’t necessary every time you go down on her but if you know where the g-spot is or you’re confident in fingering, the oral/fingering combo can be incredible.

Don’t expect her to taste like candy. We’ve got a lot going on down there, and a clean pussy doesn’t necessarily mean a flowery smelling, tasty pussy. Sometimes it’s a bit bitter, salty, metallic, but sometimes it’s kind of neutral or even a little sweet. It is the same as a guy’s cum in that the smell and taste is affected by the owner’s diet. And, like men, all women taste different. Some better than others. But chances are your cum doesn’t taste like ice cream either so get over it.

Tell her she tastes good, even if it’s not your fave flavor. Tell her you love eating her. Moan. Women are incredibly insecure about their vaginas and always worried about what their partner thinks of theirs. If she knows that you’re into her pussy and her, then she’ll be able to relax and come better.

Try different positions. I’ve never complained about receiving when I’m lying down, it’s always nice, but sometimes it’s good to switch it up a bit. Try doggy style, or even just gripping underneath her, pulling her up so she’s she’s lying down but up on her feet can be really sexy.

Listen to her and pay attention to her movements and moans. When you do something we really like, there is going to be some sort of reaction. Keep doing that. Like I’ve said before, variation is awesome but when you can sense she’s getting close to orgasm, get a rhythm down, maybe a little faster than before, and don’t stop. It can sort of be like wrangling a wild bull at this point, she might be squirming and thrusting, grip tightly her thighs/ass/hips and keep going.

Hopefully she’ll come at that point. If she doesn’t ask her what’s up (ok don’t say “What’s up?” say something like, “Are you close?” or “How can I make you come?”). Don’t worry too much if she doesn’t though. Obviously it’s the goal, but some ladies have to get used to it. It still feels good though! Don’t get discouraged.

If she does come, slow it down. We’re extra sensitive after orgasm.


Imagine...Going Through A Haunted House

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Pairing: Dean x reader

A/N: Happy Halloween!

“This has got to be the stupidest thing we’ve ever done,” said Dean as you stood in line. “I mean, you do know what we do everyday, right?”

You rolled your eyes as Sam laughed. Cas only shrugged but it had been a 3 to 1 battle and Dean had lost.

“Halloween should be a hunter’s holiday. We do something normal like go to a haunted house,” said Sam as your group approached the entrance.

“We were in a haunted house two days ago, Sam. An actual one,” said Dean, his fingers tickling yours as he reached out to hold it.

“Oh, I get it,” said Cas as the three of you turned to face the angel. You were at the front now, waiting to be told to go in. “Dean’s afraid.”

“Am not!” he said back. “Nothing in there is going to scare me.”

“I’ll hold you baby,” you laughed as Dean dropped his hand from yours. “Dean…”

“Come on, dude. It’s got clowns so you know both Y/N and I are going to be freaked out at the very least. It’ll be fun to get scared and know nothing bad is actually going to happen,” said Sam. You, he and Cas put on your best puppy dog looks and Dean broke.

“I hate you all,” he said, grabbing your hand more firmly this time as you were waved inside.

“Why didn’t we listen to Dean?” you squealed as you entered the clown section featuring every horrifying thing you could think of and then some.

“I don’t know, because we’re dumb,” said Sam, his voice abnormally high. Cas had popped out back in the hospital section claiming “angel business” was at hand and he had to leave. Dean however, was having the time of his life.

“You guys were right, we should do this every year!” he said as both you and Sam clung to him. “What’s the matter kiddos, scared?”

“Yes!” you and Sam said in unison as you felt one of Dean’s strong arms wrap around your and Sam’s shoulders.

“Don’t worry, Dean’ll protect you,” said Dean, more happy than he had any right to be. Thankfully he got you three through the section quickly, neither you or Sam caring anymore about acting tough as Dean took the lead for the remainder of the house.

“Oh thank god,” you said when you finally found the exit and walked out into the night air. Sam shook himself away, like he hadn’t just spent the past hour clinging to his older brother like a small child.

“See, I didn’t want to go in because I’d be afraid. I knew you two would be terrified and then I’d get to hold this over you for the rest of your lives. Just handing me this crap guys,” said Dean with a smile, throwing his arms over your shoulders as he led you over to Baby.

“At least we didn’t chicken out like Cas,” muttered Sam.

“Very good point, Sam,” you said as Dean squeezed you harder.

“Alright, we’ll mess with Cas too. Let’s go home and put in a movie, maybe let Cas know it’s safe to come home,” said Dean.

It didn’t take too long of being back at the bunker for Cas to say the “issue” had been resolved. The four of you bundled up in the living room when Dean turned on the TV, causing the rest of you to jump.

“Glad I picked out a horror movie,” said Dean with a chuckle. “Happy Halloween guys!”

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5 Rules Every Guy Should Live By

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Imagine drinking hot chocolate with Woozi to warm yourselves up after spending the day walking in the cold winter weather.