every god damn week

Me anytime I actually think about any of my abusers and what they did to me: but did all that actually happen because that all sounds like one big fake sob story

Jealous Blood

Title: Jealous Blood

Pairing: Dean Winchester x female!Reader

Word Count: ~2.6k (how did this happen?)

Warnings: angst, Dean’s a jealous asshole, sweet end

Request: Hey! Could you do a reader x Dean where the reader lets Benny drink some of her blood to help him heal after being seriously hurt and Dean gets super jealous? Thanks xo

A/n: Not one of my favourites, but I wanted to try and write some less fluff Dean and more canon Dean if that makes any sense. || Not my gif

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“Everyone alright?” Dean’s voice was out of breath after your little hunt that turned out not to be so small after all.

“Yeah” Both you and Sam replied, Sam had some small cuts on his arms where the vampire had to tried and hold onto him with sharp nails before Dean beheaded her from behind. The real fun began only after that, since the biter had been keeping company and quite a large one at that.

“F..  Fine” Benny didn’t sound fine at all, his voice a little chipped and a hand pressed to his heavy rising chest. He had helped to track the vamp down, his close personal experience in the field extremely valuable to you. However after you killed the leader chick, minions went wild on you and worst of all on Benny, ‘traitor of his kind’.

“You don’t look the part” Dean examined his friend closely. You never quite understood their relationship although you really liked Benny’s calmness and strength, it was good for Dean who could be restless and therefore reckless at times. They were like very different brothers, but it was nothing like the often playful brotherly bond that Dean had with Sam. In the end you had settled on calling him Dean’s best friend, it was the closest term you found appropriate.

“Let’s just head back to the car” His eyes averted from all of you “I need some recharge”

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unpopular opinion I guess ??

y'all I’m tired !! If I see one more post about how Kate is the best one and ur pissed that they didn’t give her more sketches this episode I’m going to scream !! How many times do I have to explain that there are more cast members on SNL than just Kate? Like this episode wasn’t that strong as a whole but Cecily had a great sketch, Melissa had a great sketch, and even Kate had a great sketch!! The cold open!! Like I try my best to see where ur coming from and to try to understand why y'all gotta act like this but I’m done !! You guys act like kate is the only one in any given project and it’s so annoying !! You did it with Melissa McCarthy and Leslie Jones in Ghostbusters, Vanessa Bayer in Office Christmas Party and ur doing it with SNL Every! God! Damn! Week! Kate is great but SNL was iconic before her, and it’ll still go on after she leaves.

genericfandomthing  asked:

Connor Murphy Headcanons???. In freshman year, he had hair that was really long (like mid-back) and Zoe called him a dirty hippie. He wears it in a man bun sometimes. He shaves EVERYTHING (because he can). He has like 13 fidget spinners, all different colors. He uses a fidget cube in class. He was like 5′6 in sophomore year and then he just gREW

Connor Murphy headcanons are always wanted and welcome! And !!!!! THESE ARE GOOD SHIT 

Freshman Connor’s hair was. SO. long. I adore it. He would of kept it that long but it honestly got completely out of control especially since his hair has curl to it and Connor didn’t put enough effort into his hair to keep it from becoming a knotted mess. Larry wanted him to fully cut it, and Connor was ready to grow it even longer. Cynthia had to mediate, and they agreed to cut it a bit below shoulder length. Zoe and Larry still want to cut the rest of it off. 

And the man bun is DEFINITELY a thing and that always makes me happy. I’m convinced he always has two elastics on his wrist, so he has easy access to put his hair up. He puts it up when he’s driving, exercising, or just really trying to focus. 

And him shaving EVERYTHING isn’t something I’ve considered before but I love it??!! I can imagine him just feeling, uncomfortable when he’s not shaved. But because he has really long legs shaving his legs tends to become an event that involves inventing a few new yoga poses. On Connor’s better days you can sometimes find him in the bathroom humming along with some music as he’s bent in half to shave behind the legs. 

So. Many. Fidget. Toys. His favorite spinners are a dark purple one, a black one, and a blue one. And I imagine the fidget cube is black? Just because he’s got to keep up the aesthetic. He really can’t function in class without it because his anxiety is so bad. And part of the reason he has so many fidget toys is they keep getting taken away by teachers, and occasionally another student tries to take it from him.  (connor may have punched the student who tried to take his cube). 

And the last one just is??? So perfect???!!! And makes me really happy honestly omg this is my favorite thing. Sophmore/Freshman Connor is so short, and probably being self conscious about it too. But he just. SHOOTS UP. It’s a total growth spurt that nobody saw coming. Cynthia feels like she’s buying him a new wardrobe every other week. And Connor’s grumpy because god damn it he’s sore from growing pains. But one day he walks into school and realizes he’s looking down on people now and fuck this is great??? He really loves his new height, and everyone else is just shocked by it. 

Skinny Dipping

Reader request:  Would you please do a Sam fic where he and the reader are in her hometown? She shows him a little secret lake and reluctantly admits she used to go skinny dipping in. They end up finally giving into their feelings when they take a dip. Thank you! (anonymous request)

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters: Sam Winchester x female reader

Word Count: 2013

Warnings:  language, nsfw, smut, unprotected sex

Author’s Notes: This was fun to write, a little Sam smut. I changed the prompt up just a little, which I have a bad habit of doing. Tagging: @oriona75 @winchestersinthedrift @jensennjared @aprofoundbondwithdean @anotherwinchesterfangirl @withoutaplease @climbthatmooselikeatree 

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They write poetry about eyes like yours
All I know is the moment she walked into my life everything changed. I now use up all my time trying to figure out a way to convey the beauty of her ocean eyes.
I’ve seen her every night this week and even more in my dreams but God damn I’m still stumped. I’ll stare into your eyes for what feels like hours going in with full intention of deciding if they’re green with blue or blue with green but all I come out with is been fucking hypnotized. Probably because when light hits them there’s a spark of yellow that seems to light my soul on fire. Which makes me melt all together.
I can’t tell what it is; her laugh, her smile, her voice, her touch. Maybe it’s the way she holds my hand or how her breath changes when she falls asleep on the phone. I honesty have no fucking clue but I’m so hooked on her.
I wanna make this pretty eyed girl mine.

TO/TVD starting 2015 with good ol' BS.

Today was CW’s day at the TCA panel’s and I just–*sigh*. We were thinking that they were going to announce something important, and instead they talked about absolutely nothing. Now obviously words were spoken, but seriously it was just a bunch of crap. They complained about their fans for like 10 minutes, and used this moment to address some of their most criticized aspects. Now, I am one for calling out the hypocrisy, so let’s get to it then, shall we?

Is that what you’re gonna go with, Julie? TO spends 90% of it’s air-time sending more and more mythology and canon down the toilet, but your reasoning is that you don’t notice until post production? That’s so embarrassing! WHAT KIND OF A WRITER ARE YOU?! When people were complaining that they changed the way Klaus killed Esther, ONE OF HER WRITERS ON TWITTER RESPONDED “OOPS”. THAT’S–THAT’S LEGIT, THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED. That is not things slipping through, IT’S INCOMPETENCE! Incompetence from her and her entire staff. “I get so mad” I bet you do, Julie. Mad that we’re not dumb enough to not notice.

Say’s the woman who gives the DE fandom whatever they ask for? And LOL, JOKES about the numbers. She should pass that info along to her twitter, maybe it’ll stop tweeting happy tweets when the ratings are good.

Because the show’s they are now, aren’t gobbledy gook? If that’s your story, Dries. A lot of the time people are trying to bring attention to genuine fundamental issues that the show’s have. It’s not about appeasing all of us, it’s about getting you to listen to us. We’re not complaining about what they’re doing to Caroline’s character for shits and giggles. They don’t need to appease everyone, but they should be taking response’s and concerns into consideration.

But waaait, I thought this was the more mature, and darker show, Joseph! You know, the one you keep yapping about where it’s so different from TVD because the characters embrace Vampirism? This is probably said because of the criticism that his character gets for being a PUDDLE OF TEARS EVERY GOD DAMN WEEK. But, congratulations JoMo, you’ve contradicted yourself. *slow clap. Nice going.

Hey, here’s an idea, Joseph. Have you ever thought about how we the viewers are very much aware that there are changes, but that we are just too smart to accept them? I as a Klaroline shipper only focus and care about that one element, because everything else is pretty fucking terrible. I’m sure it would be much more convenient if us viewers wholly accepted the blatant misogynistic/racial issues in the show. Sure, everything would be easier if we took to the disgrace to female characterization that is Hayley and Camille, BUT WE DON’T. We are smarter than that! Why can’t you just accept the faults where they exist, instead of shaming us for not embracing misogyny and the ruined characterization of our favorite characters! So yes Joseph, congratulations for acknowledging that there are changes every week, but I think it’s about time that you recognize that none of those changes are good. I’m still and will always be here for Klaroline, obvs. However, both show’s are trash, enjoy your demise into obscurity.

when i was a kid i would constantly fantasize about having THE dog. the dog that looks at you with an expression of complete love and dedication. the dog that will walk through hell at your side without batting an eye. the dog that changes your life. fox is all of that and more. he is the culmination of 20 years of dreams. 

I fucking hate my job sometimes. People are such assholes and don’t even think twice before being rude. Sometime I just want to bitch at my clients but NOOOOO I have to take every piece of bullshit they deal out at me otherwise we’ll lose their business. 


it's cool

the kids don’t know
what they’re doing,
and nowadays
it’s cool not to know.

it’s cool to dress like shit
(all is vanity, worry not
about your raiment).

it’s cool to be fourteen,
to try pot for the first time
then run through the halls
wearing tye-dye and
thinking you know
three fucking songs
by bob fucking marley
(one love, two love, three love, four).

it’s cool to fuck another
human being without caring
about whether or not
they want to be fucked
(in both business and _________).

it’s cool to deny someone their
god given right to breathe, love,
laugh, justice, just once, can we
take off the lenses of greed
but god damn if it ain’t
every fucking week now
someone is shooting
at someone else
and taking the life
of someone else
and the next day
they’re on the news
with a smile on their face
and the family is crying
and all that we do
is talk and talk
and nothing changes
and i don’t want to have kids
‘cause i don’t want them to grow
up in a world so self-centered and cold
and i tried to pen this
without sounding guilty
but i’ve looked away
when i should’ve reached out
and i’m part of that society
that doesn’t want to move


the saddest part
is that the kids don’t know
what they’re doing,
and nowadays
it’s cool not to know.